Modern Slavery Statement

CRYPTO CURRENCY GROUP LTD Modern Slavery Statement for the year 2023

Date: November 2, 2023

At CRYPTO CURRENCY GROUP LTD, headquartered at 45 Chatterton Road, Finsbury Park, London, N4 2EA UK, we stand committed to conducting business responsibly. This commitment extends to identifying and addressing potential risks related to modern slavery in all its forms within our operations and supply chain. This statement is aligned with our core business ethics and demonstrates our dedication to acting ethically and with integrity throughout our entire operational landscape.

We believe that every individual has the right to freedom, respect, and dignity. We rigorously oppose any form of modern slavery, servitude, forced labour, and human trafficking. Through our business processes, practices, and partnerships, we are dedicated to ensuring that these inhumane practices have no place within our business or our extended supply chain.

Our Business & Supply Chain

CRYPTO CURRENCY GROUP LTD, operating through our main portal, is a leader in the domain of binary options software. Our expansive operations necessitate dealing with numerous suppliers globally. Recognising the vast nature and complexity of our supply chain, we are proactive in ensuring that partners, irrespective of their geographic location or size, share our commitment against modern slavery.

To ensure an understanding of the risks related to modern slavery, we provide training to relevant members of our team. Our focal point for these efforts is Patrick Simons, reachable at Patrick’s commitment to eradicating modern slavery resonates through his active presence on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. His continuous efforts set the tone for our broader team’s commitment.

Similarly, our team members like John Smith, Paul Jones, and Tony Graham actively participate in our endeavours to ensure the entire business operation remains free of any taint of modern slavery.

Policies in Place

Our Legal Statement, Gender Pay Gap Statement, and Recruitment Policy and Careers clearly outline our stance on modern slavery. Our approach is further supported by various other policies, such as our LGBTQ Policy, Accessibility Digital Services Policy, and Anti-Racism Policy.

Due Diligence and Risk Assessment

To uphold our commitment, we conduct due diligence on our suppliers and partners. This includes evaluating the nature and location of their operations to identify potential risk areas. Our Net Zero and Sustainability efforts further highlight our holistic approach to responsible business practices.

We acknowledge the evolving nature of modern slavery risks, and as such, we periodically review and update our risk assessments, ensuring that our protocols remain effective and relevant.

Performance Indicators

We continuously evaluate the effectiveness of our modern slavery prevention measures. This involves tracking and assessing any incidents reported to our management team, our Complaints Policy and Procedure, and feedback received through our Contact Us channel.

Engaging with Stakeholders

Stakeholder engagement remains crucial. Our Community and Charity Statement and platforms like Meet the Team and Press and Media Contact ensure that we remain connected, receptive, and transparent.

For more insights into our ethical stance and efforts, please explore our Editorial Policy, Guide to Responsible Trading, and Testimonials.

At CRYPTO CURRENCY GROUP LTD, our commitment against modern slavery remains unwavering. We invite all our stakeholders to join us in this endeavour, ensuring that our business operations always reflect our shared values and principles.

For any queries or further details regarding this statement, please contact us directly at

This statement was approved by the Board of Directors of CRYPTO CURRENCY GROUP LTD on November 2, 2023.