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The truth behind Puskás Akadémia FC - How Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán stole a legend, built a stadium in his backyard and guided his team to Europe

The 2019/2020 season of the Hungary’s National Football League (NB1) – being one of the first leagues to restart play - came to an end on 27 June. If a casual observer (for whatever reason) decides to check out the final standings, he would be not surprised at the first two positions: record-champion Ferencváros defended their title, while regional powerhouse Fehérvár (Videoton) came in second. However, the third place team, Puskás Akadémia FC might seem unusual and one could think that there is a story behind that. Is there a team named after Ferenc Puskás? Did some academy youths make an incredible run for the Europa League qualification? Well, the observer is right, there is a story behind all this, but it’s absolutely not a fun story. It’s a story about how one powerful man’s obsession with football stole a legend, misused state funds and killed the spirit of Hungarian football. (Warning: this is a long story, feel free to scroll down for a tl;dr. Also, I strongly advise checking out the links, those images are worth seeing).
Naturally, political influence in football has been present ever since the dawn of the sport and we know of numerous state leaders who felt confident enough to use their influence to ensure the successful development of their favored clubs – Caucescu’s FC Olt Scornicesti and Erdogan’s Basaksehir are well-known examples of such attempts. However, I fear that very few of the readers are aware of the fact that Puskás Akadémia FC is nothing but Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán’s grandiose project for establishing his hometown’s club as one of the country’s top teams. Considering that Orbán managed to achieve this goal using state funds in an EU member democracy in the 2000s, one might even say that it might be one of the most impressive attempts of cheating your way through Football Manager in real life. Now that Puskás Akadémia FC escaped the desolate football scene of Hungary and is getting ready for the European takeover, I feel that it’s high time to tell its true story.

Part 1: Part time striker, part time PM

Our story begins in 1999 when the 36-year-old striker Viktor Orbán (recently elected as the country’s Prime Minister) was signed by the sixth-tier side of Felcsút FC residing in rural Fejér County. It might sound surprising that an active politician would consider such a side job, but given that Orbán has been playing competitive low-level football throughout his whole life and has always been known as a keen football enthusiast, people seemed to be okay with his choice for a hobby. Orbán spent most of his childhood in the village of Felcsút (population: 1,800), so it seemed only natural that he would join the team after one of his old-time acquaintances became team president there.
Orbán’s arrival to the club seemed to work like a charm as Felcsút FC immediately earned a promotion to the fifth league. The Prime Minister’s busy program did not allow him to attend every training session and game but Orbán did make an effort to contribute as much as possible on the field – there is a report of a government meeting being postponed as Orbán was unavailable due to attending Felcsút FC’s spring training camp. The 2001/2002 season brought another breakthrough for the side as Felcsút was promoted to the national level of the football pyramid after being crowned the champion of Fejér County. Sadly enough for Orbán, he suffered a defeat on another pitch – his party lost the 2002 election and Orbán was forced to move to an opposition role.
No matter what happened on the political playing field, Orbán would not abandon his club. Just before the 2002 elections, Felcsút was surprisingly appointed as one of the regional youth development centers by the Hungarian FA. Orbán continued contributing on the field as well (he had more spare time after all) but his off-the-field efforts provided much more value for the team as he used his political influence to convince right-wing businessmen that they should definitely get sponsorship deals done with the fourth-division village team.
Club management was able to transform the influx of funds into on-field success: Felcsút FC was promoted to the third division in 2004 and achieved promotion to the second division in 2005. Although these new horizons required a skill level that an aging ex-PM is not likely to possess, Orbán regularly played as a late game sub and even appeared in cup games against actual professional opponents. The now-42-year old Orbán did not want to face the challenge of the second division, so he retired in 2005 – but this did not stop him from temping as an assistant coach when the head coach was sacked in the middle of the 2005-2006 season.
Success on the playing field did not translate to political success: Orbán lost the elections once again in 2006. However, this was only a temporary loss: the ruling party committed blunder after blunder and by early 2007 it became absolutely obvious that Orbán would be able return to power in 2010. Now confident in his political future, Orbán opted for the acceleration of football development in Felcsút – by late 2007 he took over the presidency of the club to take matters in his own hands. Sponsors seeking to gain favor with the soon-to-be PM were swarming Felcsút FC, so the club was able to stand very strong in an era where financial stability was a very rare sight in the Hungarian football scene, accumulating three medals (but no promotion) between 2007 and 2009.
On the other hand, Orbán realized the value of youth development as well, and started a local foundation for this purpose back in 2004 that gathered funds for the establishment a boarding school-like football academy. The academy opened its doors in September 2006 (only the second of such institutions in the country) and Orbán immediately took upon the challenge of finding an appropriate name for the academy.
He went on to visit the now very sick Ferenc Puskás in the hospital to discuss using his name, but as Puskás’ medical situation was deteriorating rapidly, communication attempts were futile. Luckily enough Puskás’ wife (and soon to be widow) was able to act on his incapable husband’s behalf and approved the naming deal in a contract. According to the statement, naming rights were granted without compensation, as “Puskás would have certainly loved what’s happening down in Felcsút”. However, there was much more to the contract: Puskás’ trademark was handed to a sports journalist friend of Orbán (György Szöllősi, also acting communications director of the academy) who promised a hefty annual return for the family (and also a 45% share of the revenue for himself). Ferenc Puskás eventually died on 17 November 2006 and on 26 November 2006 the football academy was named after him: Puskás Academy was born.
Orbán shared his vision of the whole organization after the opening ceremony: “It’s unreasonable to think that Felcsút should have a team in the top division. We should not flatter ourselves, our players and our supporters with this dream. Our long term ambition is the creation of a stable second division team that excels in youth development and provides opportunity for the talents of the future.” Let’s leave that there.

Part 2: No stadium left behind

Orbán became PM once again in April 2010 after a landslide victory that pretty much granted him unlimited power. He chased lots of political agendas but one of his policies was rock solid: he would revive sports (and especially football) that was left to bleed out by the previous governments. The football situation in 2010 was quite dire: while the national team has actually made some progress in the recent years and has reached the 42nd position in the world rankings, football infrastructure was in a catastrophic state. Teams were playing in rusty stadiums built in the communist era, club finances were a mess, youth teams couldn’t find training grounds and the league was plagued by violent fan groups and lackluster attendance figures (3100 average spectators per game in the 2009/2010 season).
Orbán – aided by the FA backed by business actors very interested in making him happy – saw the future in the total rebuild of the football infrastructure. Vast amounts of state development funds were invested into the football construction industry that warmly welcomed corruption, cost escalation and shady procurement deals. In the end, money triumphed: over the last decade, new stadiums sprung out from nothing all over the country, dozens of new academies opened and pitches for youth development appeared on practically every corner. The final piece of the stadium renovation program was the completion of the new national stadium, Puskás Aréna in 2019 (estimated cost: 575 million EUR). Orbán commemorated this historic moment with a celebratory video on his social media that features a majestic shot of Orbán modestly kicking a CGI ball from his office to the new stadium.
Obviously, Orbán understood that infrastructure alone won’t suffice. He believed in the idea that successful clubs are the cornerstone of a strong national side as these clubs would compete in a high quality national league (and in international tournaments) that would require a constant influx of youth players developed by the clubs themselves. However, Orbán was not really keen on sharing the state’s infinite wealth with private club owners who failed to invest in their clubs between 2002 and 2010. The club ownership takeover was not that challenging as previous owners were usually happy to cut their losses, and soon enough most clubs came under Orbán’s influence. Some clubs were integrated deep into Orbán’s reach (Ferencváros and MTK Budapest club presidents are high ranking officials of Orbán’s party) while in other cases, indirect control was deemed sufficient (Diósgyőri VTK was purchased by a businessman as an attempt to display loyalty to Orbán).
Pouring taxpayer money into infrastructure (stadium) projects is relatively easy: after all, we are basically talking about overpriced government construction projects, there’s nothing new there. On the other hand, allocating funds to clubs that should be operating on a competitive market is certainly a tougher nut to crack. The obvious solutions were implemented: the state media massively overpaid for broadcasting rights and the national sports betting agency also pays a hefty sum to the FA, allowing for a redistribution of considerable amounts. However, given that the income side of Hungarian clubs was basically non-existent (match day income is negligible, the failed youth development system does not sell players), an even more radical solution was desperately needed. Also, there was definite interest in the development of a tool that would allow for differentiation between clubs (as in the few remaining non-government affiliated clubs should not receive extra money).
The solution came in 2011: the so-called TAO (“társasági adó” = corporate tax) system was introduced, granting significant tax deductions for companies if they offered a portion of their profits to sports clubs – however, in theory, funds acquired through TAO can be only used for youth development and infrastructure purposes. Soon enough, it became apparent that state authorities were not exactly interested in the enforcement of these restrictions, so some very basic creative accounting measures enabled clubs to use this income for anything they wanted to. Companies were naturally keen on cutting their tax burdens and scoring goodwill with the government, so TAO money immediately skyrocketed. Opportunistic party strongmen used their influence to convince local business groups to invest in the local clubs, enabling for the meteoric rise of multiple unknown provincial teams (Mezőkövesd [pop: 16,000], Kisvárda [pop: 16,000], Balmazújváros [pop: 17,000]) into the first division.
Although it’s not the main subject of this piece, I feel inclined to show you the actual results of Orbán’s grandiose football reform. While we do have our beautiful stadiums, we don’t exactly get them filled – league attendance has stagnated around 3000 spectators per game throughout the whole decade. We couldn’t really move forward with our national team either: Hungary lost 10 positions in the FIFA World Rankings throughout Orbán’s ten years. On the other hand, the level of league has somewhat improved – Videoton and Ferencváros reached the Europa League group stage in 2019 and 2020, respectively. Too bad that the Instat-based top team of 2019/2020 Hungarian league consists of 10 foreigners and only 1 Hungarian: the goalkeeper.

Part 3: Small place, big game!

As seen in the previous chapter, Orbán did have a strong interest in the improvement of the football situation Hungary, but we shouldn’t forget that his deepest interest and true loyalty laid in the wellbeing of Felcsút and its academy. Now that Orbán had limitless means to see to the advancement of his beloved club, he got to work immediately. Orbán handed over formal club management duties to his friend / protégé / middleman / businessman Lőrinc Mészáros in 2010, but no questions would ever arise of who is actually calling the shots.
First of all, no club can exist without a proper stadium. Although in 2011 Orbán explicitly stated that “Felcsút does not need a stadium as stadiums belong to cities”, no one was really surprised in 2012 when the construction of the Felcsút stadium was announced. Orbán was generous enough to donate the lands just in front of his summer home in the village for the project, locating the entrance a mere ten meters away from his residence. Construction works for the stunningly aesthetic 3,800-seater arena (in a village of 1,800 people) started in April 2012 and were completed in April 2014, making Felcsút’s arena the second new stadium of Orbán’s gigantic stadium revival program.
The estimated budget of the construction was 120 million EUR (31,500 EUR / seat) was financed by the Puskás Academy who explicitly stated that they did not use government funds for the project. Technically, this statement is absolutely true as the construction was financed through the TAO money offered by the numerous companies looking for tax deduction and Orbán’s goodwill. However, technically, this means that the country’s budget was decreased by 120 million EUR unrealized tax revenue. Naturally, the gargantuan football stadium looks ridiculously out of place in the small village, but there’s really no other way to ensure that your favorite team’s stadium is within 20 seconds of walking distance from your home.
Obviously, a proper club should also have some glorious history. Felcsút was seriously lagging behind on this matter as though Felcsút FC was founded in 1931, it spent its pre-Orbán history in the uninspiring world of the 5th-7th leagues of the country. Luckily enough, Orbán had already secured Puskás’ naming rights and they were not afraid to use it, so Felcsút FC was renamed to Puskás Academy FC in 2009. The stadium name was a little bit problematic as the Hungarian national stadium in Budapest had sadly had the dibs on Puskás’ name, so they had to settle with Puskás’ Spanish nickname, resulting in the inauguration of the Pancho Arena. But why stop here? Orbán’s sports media strongman György Szöllősi acted upon the contract with Puskás’ widow and transferred all Puskás’ personal memorabilia (medals, jerseys, correspondence) to the most suitable place of all: a remote village in which Puskás never even set foot in.
While the off-field issues were getting resolved, Orbán’s attention shifted to another important area: the actual game of football. Although academy players started to graduate from 2008 on, it very soon became painfully obvious that the academy program couldn’t really maintain even a second division side for now. In 2009, Orbán reached an agreement with nearby Videoton’s owner that effectively transformed Felcsút FC into Videoton’s second team under the name of Videoton – Puskás Akadémia FC. The mutually beneficent agreement would allow Videoton to give valuable playing time to squad players while it could also serve as a skipping step for Puskás Academy’s fresh graduates to a first league team. The collaboration resulted in two mid-table finishes and a bronze medal in the second division in the following three seasons that wasn’t really impressive compared to Felcsút FC’s standalone seasons.
It seemed that the mixture of reserve Videoton players and academy youth was simply not enough for promotion, and although Orbán had assured the public multiple times that his Felcsút project was not aiming for the top flight, very telling changes arose after the 2011/2012 season. Felcsút terminated the Videoton cooperation deal and used the rapidly accumulating TAO funds to recruit experienced players for the now independently operating Puskás Academy FC (PAFC). The new directive worked almost too well: PAFC won its division with a 10 point lead in its first standalone year which meant that they would have to appear in the first league prior to the completion of their brand-new Pancho Arena. Too bad that this glorious result had almost nothing to do with the academy - only two players were academy graduates of the side’s regular starting XI.
Orbán did not let himself bothered with the ridiculousness of an academy team with virtually no academy players being promoted to the first division as he stated that “a marathon runner shouldn’t need to explain why the other runners were much slower than him”. Orbán also displayed a rare burst of modesty as he added that “his team’s right place is not in the first league, and they will soon be overtaken by other, better sides”.
The promotion of PAFC to the first division made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move. Supporter groups were united in hatred all along the league and not surprisingly, away fans almost always outnumbered the home side at PAFC’s temporary home at Videoton’s Sóstói Stadium (demolished and rebuilt in its full glory since then). One of the teams, however, possessed an extraordinary degree of anger against PAFC: supporters of Budapest Honvéd – the only Hungarian team in which Ferenc Puskás played – felt especially awkward about the transfer of their club legend’s heritage to Felcsút. Tensions spiked at the PAFC – Honvéd game when home security forced Honvéd supporters to remove the “Puskás” part of their traditional “Puskás – Kispest – Hungary” banner – the team answered the insult with style as they secured a 4-0 victory supported by fans chanting “you can’t buy legends”.
Despite Orbán’s prognosis, other better sides did not rush to overtake his team, so PAFC, now residing in their brand new Pancho Arena, came through with a 14th and a 10th place in their first two seasons. Naturally, conspiracy theories began to formulate, speculating that government-friendly owners would certainly not be motivated to give their best against PAFC. However, as the league size was reduced to 12 for the 2015/2016 season, PAFC found themselves in a dire situation just before the final round: they needed a win and needed rival Vasas to lose against MTK in order to avoid relegation. PAFC’s draw seemed to be unlucky as they faced their arch-enemy Honvéd at home, but Honvéd displayed an absolute lackluster effort – fueling conspiracy theories – and lost the fixture 2 to 1 against a home side featuring four academy players. Vasas, however, did not disappoint, their 2-0 victory resulted in PAFC’s elimination and a very relaxed sigh all over the football community.
PAFC’s relegation seemed to be in accordance with Orbán’s 2013 statement, so public opinion supposed for a while that Orbán’s project came to a halting point and the Academy would go on to actually field academy players in the second division (especially as rostering foreign players was prohibited in the lower leagues). However, if you have read through this point, you know better than to expect Orbán to retreat – obviously, PAFC came back with a bang. With a ballsy move, PAFC didn’t even sell their foreign players, they just loaned them across the league, promising them that they would be able to return next year to the newly promoted team. The promise was kept as PAFC went into another shopping spree of experienced players (easily convincing lots of them to choose the second division instead of the first) and easily won the second league.
Orbán – now aware of his negligence – opted for the doubling the team’s budget, making PAFC the third most well-founded club in the whole country (only coming short to his friend’s Videoton and his party minion’s Ferencváros). With an actual yearly influx from TAO money in the ballpark of 30-40 million EUR, PAFC management had to really work wonders in creative accounting in order to make their money look somewhat legitimate. The books were now full of ridiculous items like:
Naturally, in the country of no consequences, absolutely nothing happened: PAFC went on with its spending and signed 35 foreigners between 2017 and 2020. They did so because they could not hope to field a winning team in the first league consisting of academy players, despite the fact that Puskás Academy has been literally drowning in money since 2007. This seems to somewhat contradict Orbán’s 2013 promise, stating that “Puskás Academy will graduate two or three players to major European leagues each year”. To be fair, there have been players who managed to emerge to Europe (well, exactly two of them: Roland Sallai plays at Freiburg, László Kleinheisler played at Werder Bremen) but most academy graduates don’t even have the slightest the chance to make their own academy’s pro team as it’s full of foreigners and more experienced players drawn for other teams’ programs.
Despite their unlimited funding, PAFC could not put up a top-tier performance in their first two years back in the first division, finishing 6th and 7th in the 12-team league. Many speculated that the lack of support, motivation and even a clear team mission did not allow for chemistry to develop within the multinational and multi-generational locker room. Consistency was also a rare sight on the coaching side: club management was absolutely impatient with coaches who were very easily released after a single bad spell and there were talks of on-field micromanagement request coming from as high as Orbán.
Even so, their breakthrough came dangerously close in 2018 as PAFC performed consistently well in the cup fixtures and managed to reach the final. Their opponent, Újpest played an incredibly fierce game and after a 2-2 draw, they managed to defeat PAFC in the shootout. Football fans sighed in relief throughout the country as ecstatic Újpest supporters verbally teased a visibly upset Orbán in his VIP lounge about his loss.
Obviously, we could only delay the inevitable. While this year’s PAFC side seemed to be more consistent than its predecessors, it seemed that they won’t be able to get close to the podium - they were far behind the obvious league winner duo of Ferencváros and Videoton and were trailing third-place Mezőkövesd 6 points just before the pandemic break. However, both Mezőkövesd and PAFC’s close rivals DVTK and Honvéd fall flat after the restart while PAFC was able to maintain its good form due to its quality roster depth. PAFC overtook Mezőkövesd after the second-to-last round as Mezőkövesd lost to the later relegated Debrecen side. (Mezőkövesd coach Attila Kuttor was fined harshly because of his post-game comments on how the FA wants PAFC to finish third.)
PAFC faced Honvéd in the last round once again, and as Honvéd came up with its usual lackluster effort, PAFC secured an effortless win, confidently claiming the third place. PAFC celebrated their success in a nearly empty stadium, however neither Orbán, nor Mészáros (club owner, Orbán’s protégé, now 4th richest man of Hungary) seemed to worry about that. While Orbán high-fived with his peers in the VIP lounge, Mészáros was given the opportunity to award the bronze medals (and for some reason, a trophy) to the players dressed up in the incredibly cringe worthy T-shirts that say “Small place, big game!”. Big game, indeed: in the 2019/2020 season, foreign players’ share of the teams playing time was 43.6% while academy graduates contributed only 17.9%.
On Sunday evening, less than 24 hours after PAFC’s glorious success, György Szöllősi, now editor-in-chief of Hungary’s only sports newspaper (purchased by Orbán’s affiliates a few years back) published an editorial on the site, stating that “the soccer rebuild in Felcsút became the motor and symbol of the revitalization of sport throughout the whole country”. Well, Szöllősi is exactly right: Felcsút did became a symbol, but a symbol of something entirely different. Felcsút became a symbol of corruption, inefficiency, lies and the colossal waste of money. But, hey, at least we know now: you only need to spend 200 million EUR (total budget of PAFC and its academy in the 2011-2020 period) if you want to have a Europa League team in your backyard. Good to know!

Epilogue: What's in the future?

As there is no foreseeable chance for political change to happen Hungary (Orbán effortlessly secured qualified majority in 2014 and 2018, and is projected to do so in 2022 as well), PAFC’s future seems to be as bright as it gets. Although consensus opinion now seems to assume that Orbán does not intend to interfere with the Ferencváros – Videoton hegemony, we can never be really sure about the exact limits of his greed. One could also argue that entering the European theater serves as a prime opportunity for making splashy transfers who could be the cornerstones of a side challenging the league title.
However, as all political systems are deemed to fall, eventually Orbán’s regime will come apart. Whoever will take upon the helm after Orbán, they will certainly begin with cutting back on the one item on Orbán’s agenda that never had popular support: limitless football spending. Puskás Academy, having next to zero market revenue, will not be able to survive without the state’s life support, so the club will fold very shortly. The abandoned, rotting stadium in Felcsút will serve as a memento of a powerful man who could not understand the true spirit of football.
But let’s get back to present day, as we have more pressing issues coming up soon: PAFC will play their first European match in the First qualifying round of the Europa League on 27 August. We don’t have a date for the draw yet, but soon enough, a team unaware of the whole situation will be selected to face the beast. I hope that maybe one of their players does some research and maybe reads this very article for inspiration. I hope that the supporters of this club get in touch with Honvéd fans who would be eager to provide them with some tips on appropriate chants. I hope that other teams gets drawn as the home team so Orbán wouldn’t get the pleasure of walking to his stadium for an international match. But most importantly, I very much hope that this team obliterates PAFC and wipes them off the face of the earth. 5-0 will suffice, thank you.
And if this team fails to do that, we don’t have to worry yet. Due to our shitty league coefficient, PAFC would need to win four fixtures in a row. And that – if there’s any justice in this world – is a thing that can’t, that won’t happen. Ball don’t lie – if I may say.
Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán redirected some 200 million EUR of taxpayer money over 10 years to fuel his ambition of raising a competitive football team in his hometown of 1,800 people. He built a 3,800-seater stadium in his backyard, expropriated football legend Ferenc Puskás’ trademarks and heritage and built up a football league where almost all clubs are owned by his trustees. His team, Puskás Akadémia FC was originally intended to be a development ground for youth players graduating from Orbán’s football academy, but eventually the team became more and more result-orianted. Finally, a roster full of foreign and non-academy players came through and finished third in the league, releasing this abomination of a team to the European football theatre. Please, knock them out asap!
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9 Tips to Identify Your Bad Sports Betting Habits

Even the most successful punters in the world develop bad habits.
But, the difference between them and the large majority of punters is that they are aware of what those habits are, and when these habits return, they immediately do something about them to ensure they don’t become a problem.
If you have been betting for a long time then you too have probably developed some bad habits.
Here are nine of the more common sports betting habits that can be a problem for punters. What they all have in common is that they can be easy traps to fall into, and they can be very costly if they are not identified and corrected.
Let’s take a look at each sports betting habit in detail.

1. Betting without a goal

If you have no idea what you are trying to do as punter, then you are just wandering the desert with no direction. Your goal could be anything as small as betting on major sporting events like the Super Bowl or FA Cup or as grandiose as “to win enough money so you can quit your day job and never have to work again!
Without a goal, you’re just throwing money at a sports betting site with no idea when to cash out – or more importantly, when to stop adding funds to your online wallet.

2. Believing your own hype

Punters typically have an ego.
They need one to make the riskier bets and believe they are smart enough to outsmart the sportsbooks and the betting public.
When your winning bets are successful, then that’s great. The problem, though, is that when you have an ego it is easy for that ego to become inflated. If you have some success and make a profit then it can be easy to believe that you can’t lose. That could mean that you take risks that you don’t have the bankroll for, or make bets on sports you know nothing about.
It is crucial for punters to remember that they are only as good as their next winning bet, and that every winning streak they have just brings the next losing streak that much closer. If you lack that humility and self-awareness – or if you misplace it for a while – then you are going to be in trouble when it comes to sports betting.

3. Cutting corners

Once people have been betting for a while – and when they start to enjoy their success – they begin to try to cut some corners to make the process a bit less troublesome. And this leads to spending less time conducting research or watching games.
The problem not following your trusted methods is that when you cut corners you are no longer practicing what you were doing when you were winning! Getting lazy means you will not be able to guarantee your success as with your previous bets.

4. Blaming others for your losses

You ask your betting mate who he likes. You scour Twitter for hot picks. You visit forums in search of sports betting tips and finally settle on the one you like with the best logic of winning. Then, when you lose, you blame others and not yourself!
This is sinful sports betting behavior. You picked your bet, stick by it. Blaming others leads you down a dangerous road of making bets against your better judgement. Better to determine what went wrong so you don’t repeat the same sports betting mistakes in the future.

5. Failing to innovate

The world of sports betting is always changing and advancing.
New betting options are always available, and new information can be easily found to help you understand and interpret games. With the amount of online information available, punters are becoming smarter, betting on sports the bookmakers know little about, or cashing out when results are not going their way.
Punters who fail to innovate and take advantage of every option are going to lose ground against the bookmakers and betting profits will inevitably decrease.

6. Chasing Losses

Let's assume you lost $1,000 on a bet that you were sure was going to win. It doesn’t so you decide that the best thing you can do is get a quick $1,000 win to make up for that loss. And the following week, you have calculated that your new bet has an even better chance of winning - so you bet high to be able to recoup the losses from the previous week.
As nothing is guaranteed, now you're facing possibility of going completely broke if the bet does not happen as you expected - and you lose even more money because you were chasing your losses. This might work some of the time, but it won't work every time. You're embracing a high risk strategy when you chase your losses like this.
Eventually, you'll wind up going broke. A broke punter doesn't win any money, so don’t chase your losses.

7. Following the Crowd

The general public is almost always wrong.
In fact, you should take any chance you get to bet against the general public. If you only get into this one habit, you could turn around the entire future of your sports betting career.
This strategy is called "fading the public". The public loves a winner, and wishes to be in the winning camp with the media inflating this view. The public do not do their research like you do - so there is a better chance your bet will be correct (and no doubt with better odds) than what the public is going with.

8. Making Too Many Bets

Effective punters only bet when they have the best of it. In other words, if a bet doesn't have a positive expected value, they just walk away from it. This means that some weeks you'll place more bets than others.
Think about poker. The players who fold their bad hands make more money. Passing up bad sports bets is like folding bad hands in poker.
You're better off increasing the amount you wager on fewer bets that you're more confident in. Spreading your bets may sound a logical strategy but then you’ll require nearly all of them to win to obtain any profit.

9. Sticking to same teams or sports

There are punters who only bet on certain teams, leagues, or sports.
Or for some, they only place bets on live betting.
These punters do this because it is what they know, and what they are comfortable with. Unless you can be sure, though, that those teams or leagues offer the best possible betting opportunities for your skills (or interests) then you could be missing out.
It could be that another conference or league offers much better value because there is less media attention. As we mentioned earlier, failing to innovate and experimenting with different teams and sports can be counterproductive to your betting profits.
During the 2015/16 football season, punters who always bet on Premier League favorites Chelsea FC had their hopes and subsequent bets suddenly dashed as the club lost game after game. Innovative punters who bet on Leicester City FC saw an unfancied team (who were favorites for relegation) win game after game - outsmarting the bookmakers and increasing their profits.
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The Truth About Igor Štimac ( Part 1 )

A lot of Indian football fans have seen my negative comments about Igor Štimac and asked me to elaborate. I understand the doubts some of you have, when a new manager comes in, it is only natural to be excited about the coaching change, new playing style and so on. Besides, if there is one thing Štimac is good at, it is lying to the hopeful football fans and getting them excited for no reason. It always fails in the end, no exceptions. Trust me, us Croatians have seen it all during the years he was managing our national team and three clubs in Croatian First Division. This guy has no clue about coaching. In fact, it is doubtful that Igor Štimac wants to be a football coach in the first place. Just look at all the things he has done since finishing his playing career ( only thing he was ever succesful in ):
disclaimer: all the links in this thread are in Croatian, use Google translate for a rough translation. If people are particulary interested in certain link just tell me in the comments and I will clarify it for you guys
Why the hell am I talking about all this, you might wonder ? Well, ask yourself this...Does this sound like a man that is focused on his coaching career to you ? A man that is focused on keeping up with modern football tactics, trends, bettering himself and progressing his knowledge ? Or a football Kardashian ? You have all heard of other, more prominent Croatian coaches such as our current manager Zlatko Dalić, former manager Slaven Bilić, former assistant manager Robert Prosinečki and so on...I just listed nine things, off the top of my head, that Štimac was doing which are completely unrelated to football coaching. I dare you to find just one other thing like that, about these other men . You cannot, I guarantee you that. Why ? Because being a football manager is a serious profession, just like being a player. You have to constantly educate and improve yourself, you have little to no time for dumb stunts and other functions Štimac seems to love so much. You cannot aspire to be the president of FA one day, then a manager the next day.
India has serious football potential, being a country with the largest population in the world. However, if you are going to realize this potential, you have to find a good coach, not a moron like Štimac who is even worse than your previous manager Constantine, quite a mediocre manager himself ( found that out by reading Indian fans comments about him ). Now it is time for a detailed analysis of Igor Štimacs coaching career, every managerial spot he has ever held. If you are a hardcore, passionate Indian football fan, you might want to stop reading here, because it gets real ugly.
This is what Hajduk fans, one of which I am myself, think about Igor Štimac .This is deeper than his coaching career at our club, but I wont bother you with that. In this thread, we will just focus on the 2005 season. You have to realize, Igor Štimac was a former legendary player for Hajduk .Since 2001, he was the Director of Football in the club, but the way he was acting, Štimac was basically the owner. With 8 games to go, Štimac decided to sack the coach Blaz Sliskovic, another club legend ,and appoint himself as the manager. At the time, Hajduk was first in the league with 4 point advantage over the nearest rival. Why the hell would anyone fire a coach with great results like that ? Well, so Štimac could "win" a title by himself ( he claims this, seriously ) nevermind that Slišković coached 24 games and Štimac only 8. But just wait, here is the best part.
Look at the league table. Read Hajduks results over the last 8 games. Mind you, Hajduk is one of the 2 biggest clubs in Croatia ( the other is Dinamo Zagreb ), so these results are an absolute disgrace when you know that context. That reminds me, during his interview with AIFF, didnt Igor say his success rate was low because he always managed underdog teams ...LOL. Managing Hajduk in Croatia is like managing Barca in Spain. Be honest Igor, AIFF hired you because you demanded the lowest salary. But hey, some money is better than nothing when you are broke and having tax problems like our hero here. AIFF needs a cheap coach, Igor needs some quick cash, Indian football fans need...who gives a crap what those suckers need, says AIFF, hiring a dumbass like Štimac. Anyway lets look at those glorious results:
Now look at the results of the other title contender, Inter Zaprešić, the team Hajduk was 4 points ahead of when Slišković was the coach ( Dinamo Zagreb was bad that year, they were not title contenders ):
Now I am far from a maths expert, but even I know: 15>13
You read that right, Igor Štimac actually won LESS points that the second placed team, but "won" the title since the guy whom he fired built a 4 point advantage. Mind you, this was when Hajduk had proven stars like Croatian national Niko Kranjčar in the team, whereas Inter lost their best player, the nowadays world-famous Luka Modrić, when Dinamo recalled him from loan during the winter break. Realistically, a good coach would have increased that 4 point advantage, Idiotic Igor almost lost it all ( he probably would have, if the league lasted 2-3 more games ). Oh and under the former coach Hajduk also reached the domestic cup final, but Štimac fucked that up too . After "winning" the title, Štimac was back to his familiar Director of Football position, then he installed his old coach Ćiro Blazević as the new Hajduk coach, which is a move Hajduk fans hated then and now. Oh and he named Blazević the new coach during the TV show right after the crucial, season ending-game between Štimac-led Hajduk and Blazević-led Varteks which Hajduk won by 6:0. Can you say match fixing ? Later that year, a team assembled by director Štimac and coach Blazević suffered the worst loss in Hajduk history .Thanks a lot, Igor. Jackass...
Igor left Hajduk in 2006 after some big-shot politicians told him to fuck off, because the club was knee-deep in all kinds of shady shit under his rule, but we wont really get into that here. He rebounded by taking control of Cibalija , a weak team fighting to avoid relegation. Let us look at the league table. Štimac took control on April 4th. which means:
For an underdog team, this is actually not bad. Štimac did manage to save them from relegation, although there were rumors about refeeres favoring Cibalija in the last 7 games, because of Štimacs connections to Croatian underworld. These are only rumors, I do not have any sources for those claims, but sadly my Croatia was / is a deeply corrupted country and the same thing applies to our sports, so me personally, I believe those rumors. Anyway, this is probably the best coaching job of Štimacs career, which says a lot about his coaching skill. Notice the extremely small sample size yet again ( 8 games in Hajduk, 7 games in Cibalija ). Almost like this dude does not want to be a serious, full-time football manager or something...
After 3 years of not coaching at all, because hey thats what 40 year olds serious about coaching do all the time, Igor decided to try his hand at this football manager thing yet again . His new club was HNK Zagreb ( not Dinamo Zagreb, the powerful team from that town), again a small team fighting to avoid relegation to the Second Divison. As always, Igor was full of bullshit quotes and fake promises after taking over a team. Whats that thing he said the other day ? Indian players are like Maradona in training but weak when games start ? Yeah, sure...Anyway, he promised to save the club from relegation and promote young Croatian players in the squad. I do not know about you guys, but his first signing did not look like a young Croatian man to me... . What followed was a similar poor season from Igor with lots of losses and lots of shameless lies to the fans, as always-they got smoked in that game . To be fair, Igor did manage to save Zagreb from relegation (yay, 2 in a row, Cibalija and now this!) but these do not look like the results of a man worthy of leading international teams :
Igor left swiftly as soon as the season ended, claiming he was onto bigger and better things . Unfortunately for every single Croatian football fan, that meant he had his sights on our national team...
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The Monday After: Thursday Edition GW35-36

Hey guys,
It’s been a few weeks of premier league madness since the last ‘Monday After’ post. Hopefully you all managed to get through the doubles unscathed and out the other side with a green arrow! As the hysteria dies down, we look towards GW36 with fresh eyes, a fresh team (for those who recently used their WC) and still loads of points to play for. So this post is going to highlight the teams we should have in our thoughts, the teams we definitely shouldn’t, and what to do with the Triple Captain Chip for those that are still to use it.
Here’s my team and OR update. After GW34 I had 2 suspended players, 2 Brighton defenders and no Sterling. To fix these issues I decided to gamble on a huge -12 that didn’t quite pay off. Foster lost out on a clean, whereas Ryan managed a goalless draw against Wolves. Eriksen scored the only goal against Brighton whereas Sterling managed just an assist. So I’m actually 16 points worse off than I would’ve been! A calculated risk but a risk all the same. I’m not down and out just yet, though. My OR is just over 2k.
If you’re interested, I use my twitter to go over all of my transfer ideas, fixture planning processes, captaincy options and thoughts on FPL news. I’m quite active and my DMs are open so if you’re looking for more info than just these posts, you know where to find me!
Here’s some useful links that help me write-up these TMA posts:
Premier League Fixtures – A great way to line up the fixtures for the specific gameweeks you want to see. Orders the teams from best fixtures to worst.
Player Analysis by Performance – Amazing tool that compares every player based on Shooting, Creativity and Attacking involvement. Options for looking at any combination of teams too.
Player stats per Game – Great for looking at team stats per player for Offensive and Defensive plays. Also shows heat maps!
Teams to Look At
Liverpool - Every week that goes by I wish more and more for the chance to own 4 or 5 Liverpool players in my team. There are so many great options and I want them all! Sadly, we can only have three, and because we're so close to the end of the season, the ones we choose now will probably be with us until the end, for better or worse. Salah (13.2) is still the highest priced player in the league, but his current ownership % is nearly half that of teammate Mane (10.0), who has been playing extremely well, particularly at home. With his slump now over, however, Salah is quite enticing for a home game against relegated Huddersfield, but if his cost is just too much for your team without taking hits, then maybe it’s best to stick with Mane. For less than the cost of Salah, you could get Robertson (6.8) and TAA (5.6) in your team, which may actually be a better choice than two attackers based on how consistent they’ve recently been in defence. The only caveat in that is the rotation before the Champions League games. Trent and Robbo did look quite tired during the last match, so you could opt for Van Dijk (6.6) instead for the guaranteed starts. Last but not least, we have Firmino (9.3), who in the last 3 games has been 2nd highest striker for Shots, Shots on Target and Chance Creation. He’s first for Key passes too. If you can’t afford Salah, and have cash to spare for a striker, he is always an option. Maybe not captain-able over the midfielders, but a decent option none-the-less.
Man City - With the Champions League out the way, and another KDB injury, it’s actually easier than ever to predict the Man City line up. Sterling (11.6) has played every game in recent weeks and continues to return for his owners with no signs of slowing up. Aguero (11.8) is much the same as he’s been all season: Played when fit. The only difference now is he isn’t getting subbed at 60 mins. Bernardo Silva (7.6) continues to improve and has looked good recently, getting into the box more, and taking more shots than he usually does. Could be an option for those looking to triple up in City attack. Other attackers are less nailed and so may be worth avoiding so close to the end of the season, but Ederson (5.6) has played out of his mind recently and deserves a look in here for those wanting a way into the City defence. He's managed save and bonus points due to his efficiency between the sticks, and is the main reason for the Cityzen's recent cleansheets. Other options include Laporte (6.1), the DGW God, who has a bit more attacking threat for half a million more than the Goal Keeper. Mendy (6.1) is unfortunately still a rotation risk and should be kept at arms length. If you’ve got nothing to lose, though, he might be fun to own. You could even get Alonso in as well for a Holy Trinity reunion.
Wolves - If City win the FA Cup, 7th place means a Europa League spot (I think!). Wolves are currently sitting in 7th, exactly 1 point ahead of Watford who they play next. We all know what happened to Burnley this year with Europe troubles, but a newly promoted team getting European football is surely an amazing achievement worth fighting for. Wolves have two good fixtures before playing LIV in GW38, so those with just one asset could think about bringing in a few more. The usual suspects are still contenders for your starting XI: Jimenez (6.9) is highly owned and is still a rank killer despite his recent dip in form. Jota (6.2) has came leaps and bounds since the start of the season and has been giving it his all these last few games. Passes the eye test and has amazing stats to back it up. He’s some player! Doherty (5.3) has been playing well recently, managing to get on the end of a set piece for his goal against Arsenal, but more importantly kept a clean sheet against Brighton! If you don’t already have him, though, it may be best to go for Jonny (4.3) who’s been showing some real promise these last few games. One to consider if you aren’t feeling like holding on to a Dunk or Duffy. The rest of the Wolves midfield are a bit hit and miss, and with so many decent ways to spend your money, it may be best to look elsewhere.
Everton - What a turnaround ending to their season! We all ditch Everton, casting them to the fire, and they rise like extremely frustrating phoenixes that we wish could have started this incredible form before we got rid of them. But then if that happened it wouldn’t be FPL, would it? Regardless of the past, their recent form surely must be considered. Despite his recent knock, Digne (5.3) is set to play this weekend and looks like the best asset on the team. Set pieces, clean sheet potential, loves a cross and loves a goal. What more can you ask for? A better GW38 fixture maybe, but with Spurs potentially locked in 3rd place by GW38, it shouldn't be a terrible match up. Siggy (7.3) is another player in form, and has found the consistency we’ve been waiting for all season: 6 returns in 8 games. With Richarlison (6.4) flagged for injury, our Siggurdsson will be looked to as the teams main goal threat, and hopefully won’t be dampened by Richarlison’s absence. Either way, he’s been a monster lately and you could do a lot worse than grabbing him for the last 3 games of the season.
Teams to be Wary of
Tottenham - Spurs are currently in a great position. They’re sitting in 3rd, 3 points ahead of 4th place Chelsea. They’re unable to catch Liverpool and City, but they have much better fixtures than Chelsea and Manchester United (6th) who play each other in GW36. They also have better fixtures than 5th place Arsenal who play Leicester away and Brighton who are fighting to stay in the top flight. The only difficult fixture for Spurs is Everton, but like I said above, with a win against West Ham and Bournemouth, 3rd place will be confirmed before the Everton game even starts. So what does this mean for FPL? It means uncertainty. It means rotation. If it wasn’t for a few injuries and a suspension, I’d wager that no Spurs attacker was safe from a benching against West Ham considering they have just two days to rest before Ajax on Tuesday. As it stands, we know that due to his yellow card against City, Son (8.8) won’t be playing in the first round of the Semi Final, so he’s safe for now. Eriksen has played 90 minutes in every game since GW20, so he should be okay too (we hope). Every other player has been rotated often enough to be concerned, so keep this in mind if you’re planning on transferring anyone in. There is definitely points to be had with Spurs assets, we should just be wary of who we’re choosing.
Man Utd - Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s ‘New Manager, New United’ hype is now officially dead. The 4-0 loss was hard to watch, and the defensive errors leave very little to be desired. Add in the rotation we’ve seen in the last few games and Man United have now become an FPL minefield. With only the Chelsea game to show improvement before their tasty fixtures in GW37 and 38, we may have to just avoid the Red Devils altogether. We can usually count on Huddersfield and Cardiff to botch their attempts on goal, though, so if you really want a piece of the Man Utd action, you could wait for GW37 and then go for a cheeky punt on Shaw (5.0) or Lindeloff (5.0) perhaps. Just don’t go selling the whole farm for under performing, lowly owned players who’ll just end up hurting your rank. We’ll reassess after Chelsea.
Leicester - Now I know this may be controversial, but I’m not sure that Vardy (9.0) does like playing against the bigger teams. He certainly has played well against the top 6 in years past, but in this season his ratio of returns against bottom teams vs top teams shows a Vardy who loves pushing around the little guy. We haven’t seen Rodgers take on the big dogs either, so that coupled with the huge price tag; I don’t think I’d want to own Vardy much longer. Arsenal’s horrible defensive form is pretty enticing I’ll admit, but after that it may be a good idea to look for another way to spend your cash. I don’t think I need to mention Leicester defenders here, and other than Vardy, there isn’t much to say about other attacking assets. Not worth taking hits to get rid of anyone before the Arsenal game, but certainly plans to move them to other assets might be worth while.
Plans And Strategies
Triple Captain Chip - What a headache! At least with our Wild Card and Bench Boost we knew roughly when to use them, but the TC can be such a minefield! It’s a good time as any to remember to be mindful that a captain can always blank despite the odds, and we shouldn’t be too disheartened if the TC doesn’t pan out (RIP Sane GW25). Having said that, let’s take a look at the options. You’ll notice I’ve only highlighted Liverpool or Man City, and that’s because I feel that they have the highest ceiling for points this close to the end of the season and with such a close title race.
Mane/Salah home vs HUD (GW36)
Sterling away vs BUR (GW36)*
Aguero/Sterling home vs LEI (GW37)
Aguero/Sterling away vs BRI (GW38)**
*No Aguero due to poor away form
**Only if BRI are already safe/relegated
Any of these games has the potential for big hauls, but just know that the vast majority are going to be picking Mane/Salah vs HUD for GW36. It’s the best fixture on paper and a must win game for the Reds. If you’re looking to stay the course and coast through on a similar OR to what you have now, then maybe your best bet is to follow the pack so as not to fall behind. If you’re looking to get ahead and need a differential pick, even picking GW37 or 38 would provide an opportunity to jump up in the rankings, but only if GW36 turns out to be a dud. It’s a risk that could pay off big or see you fall even further back than you are now. Good luck!
End of Season Guide - A few key points kept cropping up while writing this article today, so I’d thought I’d include them in case it’s useful to know. First off, hits are a lot more costly now, as the players you bring in only have 3 games to recoup the loss of the -4 + player transferred out. It’s important to add this to your calculations whenever you’re doing a pro/con on a transfer between now and the end of the season. If possible, avoid hits even more than usual. Second, please keep in mind that the teams fighting to avoid relegation are going to be much tougher to beat. Sounds like an obvious tip, but a lot of the time we glace at the fixtures without really checking who is where in the league and what we should expect. Games like Arsenal vs Brighton or Cardiff vs Crystal Palace in GW37 are now no longer easy to call in favour of the top half team. Brighton showed us against Spurs that they are willing to do whatever they can to stay in the premier league. Cardiff, Brighton and Southampton should all be playing much better than their current table placing suggests, so remember this when thinking about Captain options and potential transfers. Lastly, the exact opposite effect can take place on teams no longer fighting for anything. Keep in mind that teams already ‘on the beach’ might be more inclined to take it a little easier at the end of the season, so bringing in their assets can turn out a little frustrating. It’s always best to target players who still have something to lose!
And that’s a wrap! Good luck out there with your GW36 picks. We’ve not got long left to go now so it’s one final push to cement that OR you’re hoping for, or a few weeks of punts if you’re already miles behind and just going to have a laugh from here on out. As always, thank you so much for reading, and following these posts! There is a tonne of amazing, encouraging managers in this sub and it makes such a huge difference when making content. Without the feedback in my first few posts, I might not have continued, so cheers guys. You’re all awesome!
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Pre-Match Thread: Spurs vs Newport County (FA Cup Replay)

FA Cup 4th Round Replay
Wednesday February 7th, 2018
Kick Off: 19:45 (GMT), 2:45 PM (EST)
Venue: Wembley Stadium
TV: BT Sport 2 (UK) Fox Sports 1 (US)
Referee: Stuart Attwell
Evening Standard Preview
"Newport County head to Wembley on Wednesday hoping to secure another FA Cup shock after almost dumping Premier League giants Tottenham out in the fourth round. Harry Kane scored a few minutes from time at Rodney Parade to force a replay and prevent one of the biggest cupsets in recent memory. Newport now take a third trip to Wembley, losing once and winning once on their previous visits, as Tottenham juggle a fixture schedule which has Arsenal visiting less than 72 hours later." - Evening Standard
-Newport County are 11th in League Two. Last time out, they lost 2-0 to Colchester United.
-Here's the match thread from the last time we played Newport, a 1-1 draw which forced this replay.
-The winner of this match will face Rochdale in the 5th Round.
Team News
-Lucas Moura is ineligible to play, as he was not registered when the first match was played in Newport.
-Danny Rose, Toby Alderweireld, Serge Aurier, and Harry Winks are all available for selection after recently returning from injuries.
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EFL League One Club-by-Club analysis

With League One not usually mentioned round here (unless it's laughing at sunderland being there), figured that for people who aren't aware of the clubs playing that I'd start a club-by-club analysis over on /leagueone: unfortunately that subreddit's dead as fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.
If anyone here is watching and can provide info on their club, I'd greatly appreciate you following this link and submitting a write-up.
Firstly, my favorite club, Sunderland:
Club: Sunderland AFC
Nickname: The Black Cats (Formerly/Minor Nickname: The Roker RoaThe Lads/Coal Cats/The Rokerites)
Stadium: The Stadium of Light (Formerly: Roker Park)
Major Honours:
17/18 Finishing Position: Fuck/24 (Relegated) (Again, Fuck)
Transfer Market Squad Value: £32.36m
Manager: Jack Ross. Managed Alloa Athletic from 2015 to 2016 (Couldn't prevent their relegation), but the REAL meat of his managing career (which is admittedly a small 3 year one, though he played football for 16 years prior) is at St Mirren. He managed St Mirren, who had been relegated to the Scottish Championship in 2014-15, and got them promoted to the Premiership in 2017-18. He's got intelligence, experience and has turned St Mirren around. He was named the PFA Scotland Manager of the Year the same year St Mirren was promoted.
Best player(s)/talisman: Oh. Oh dear. Yeah, this one is NOT a easy answer, because half the team last year were mercenaries, and hence most of them have been sold or free-transferred. That said, here's the ones to watch:
Rising Star: Honeyman has just become captain thanks to his excellent attitude. He will be important in the future, but I'm personally REALLY excited for Luke O'Nien. The guy's ridiculous at times. Watch the video I linked for him please!
What happened last season?: We completed our downward spiral, basically. The reason these downward spirals happened was fairly simple: Ellis Short hadn't a clue what football was about. The managers failed to motivate their players because they were mostly mercenaries as Sunderland kept purchasing bad players while those that were good ended up just getting poached by the bigger clubs (Pickford to Everton, Darren Bent, , and when we brought players in, we picked up failures at the PL league and tried to polish turds like Rodwell, Ndong, Djilobodji, Jozy Altidore (SERIOUSLY WHAT EVEN HAPPENED THERE), Kone and Lens. This plus the Manager Revolving Door problem:
  1. Arrived and firmed up the team, usually just before we got relegated
  2. Prevented relegation
  3. New season, new hopes
  4. Hopes dashed
  5. Manager fired, back to step A lead to an eventual situation where nothing could be done to save us.
Summer Transfer Business: We've cut almost all the mercenary p-league castoffs out of the team and have replaced them with fresh faces or pre-existing young players. I'm going to point you towards the SAFC Transfer Window Megathread for more details, but notable names: Luke O'Nien, Jon McLaughlin, Chris Maguire, Charlie Wyke and a loaned Jerome Sinclair.
Starting XI: Here's my rough idea. (Might be total arsecandle, so don't put much faith in it. I'm not the manager for a reason.)
Best Case: Promotion. Jack Ross says himself that the only thing he considers a success is promotion, so that's one hell of a sign.
Worst Case: Losing in the playoff final. That would hurt more than Darren Bent's relegation securing header did. And I was in attendance for that match.
What will happen to your closest rivals?: Newcastle are going to implode because Mike Ashley is a cunt, Middlesborough are going to continue to exist.
Club: Luton Town (By vJamyy)
Nickname: The Hatters (The Town is also acceptable but not very original)
Stadium: Kenilworth Road predates the dinosaurs but one of few remaining classic football league grounds, we have had talk of a new ground since the 1960s and currently have plans submitted for a 17,500 capacity stadium with expansion to 22,500. However we submitted these plans when Sunderland were still in the premier league (Sorry) and still have not got a decision. Plans
Major Honours:
17/18 Finishing Position: 2nd (Promoted) Sky bet League 2.
Transfer Market Squad Value: £3.17M
Manager: Nathan Jones. Regarded as one of the best young managers in the football league at just 45. Is his first job in management and has been with us since January 2016. Was signed to Luton as a player but never got a game, moved onto Spain and still speaks the language before coming back to play for Southend, Brighton and most notably Yeovil which he only left in 2012. Since then he was a highly rated coach at Brighton taking over a handful of first team games in between managers.
Best player(s)/talisman:
Danny Hylton - You'll hate him, we'll love him. Wasn't really known for his goal scoring at Oxford but just being a fabulous player, now he does both. Think he is bang on 50 goals in 100 games for us. Loves a yellow card though so misses our first game of the season.
Alan Sheehan - Club captain and centre back. Was our player of the season last year. Has a wand of a left foot will be on free kick and corners. If there was a league 1 fantasy football he'd be essential.
Jorge Grant - On loan from Notts Forrest and was on loan at Notts County last season where he nearly propelled them to automatic promotion. 4 goals in 3 pre-season games from midfield means i'm very excited to see how his season goes.
Dan Potts - Was worried he would not sign a new deal and we'd lose him for nothing in the summer but confirmed today he has signed a new 3 year deal. The season before last I wouldn't have cared if he was released but what a turn around. One of the top scoring fullbacks in football, He'd out jump most Olympians and from the sounds of it he is not anywhere near his ceiling yet.
Rising Star: Might have to put this as star(s)
James Justin (20) - Right back whose been part of our set up since 2005, he's reportedly attracted a lot of interest over the summer and has done for the last few seasons. Largely frustrated last year by the form of Jack Stacey whose only 22 himself but most fans still consider Justin to be the hotter prospect.
Arthur Read (18) - Had not heard too much about him until this pre-season where he has slotted into midfield as if he were a regular first team player scoring one beautiful goal in the process. He's still young so there's no rush but I'd love to see him get a few minutes this season.
What happened last season?: Goals, Goals, Goals and more Goals.
It all started with an opening day 8-2 win over Yeovil, add to that a 7-0, 7-1 and we were the first football league side to score 7 or more goals 3 times before Christmas add in a couple of 5-0s for good measure and we were laughing. Looked like we would cruise to the title. But in true Luton fashion a couple of stumbles and Accrington winning very game 1-0 for about 4 months meant we were happy enough to take the runners up spot. I would not say we bottled it completely, it was more down to Accrington's unstoppable run of form
Summer Transfer Business: One of our best transfer windows in recent memory, we've been recruiting for League 1 for the last couple of seasons according to Jones and he's stuck to his word. We've only lost one player we wanted to keep so far; Olly Lee who rejected a new contract in order to make the step down to the SPL (easy money i guess?) personally I think he'd only be getting on the bench this season anyway so no big loss - did score from his own half last season though. Plenty of club have been sniffing around our full backs, with rumours of 7 figure bids coming in for all 3 of them. So far we've been strong but West Brom look like coming back in for Jack Stacey.
As for incomings we've made a few brilliant signings:
Andrew Shinnie - a creative midfielder we had on loan last season now made permanent, not too fussed either way as he fell off the wagon a bit when it came to swamp like conditions in the winter
Sonny Bradley - Proper coupe this one, the centre back was a target for almost anyone that could afford him in league 1 and quite a few championship clubs too. Loves a goal from corners but apparently can be slow at the back.
Matty Pearson - Another defender this time from Barnsley, by all accounts not quite good enough for the championship but should be solid enough in league one
Jorge Grant - Already mentioned.
Not sure we are quite done yet, no secret but we were set to sign O'Nein from Wycombe before Sunderland swooped in. So think we will be in the market for another midfielder.
Starting XI: Should be close enough, centre back pairing is the real guesswork as Sheehan and Bradley are both left footers which would usually mean they are competing for one place as Jones likes one right footed and one left. However i just can't see them both not playing. Was talk of us going 5 at the back but we've been working on the diamond for years so we aren't going to ditch it now.
Best Case: A few people tipping us for a back to back promotion challenge, we're 5th favourites too according to the bookies
Worst Case: Straight back down, would feel like a waste of 3 years.
Prediction: 13th - I really aren't in a rush to get promoted i doubt we could sustain ourselves at that level whilst still at Kenilworth Road so as long we aren't fighting relegation i'll be content. We are under no pressure to get promoted for the first time in around 10 years so maybe we'll do well. No chance of automatics in my opinion and if we finish in the playoffs we'll only lose them anyway.
What will happen to your closest rivals?: Watford are going down, its their year. Like every other year.
Edit: Spelling
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Who is the next Saraz1 ?

Yeah, who is the next saraz1? The next hero of this sub ? I know guys, you love me, i'm not leaving. I can't leave all your upvote for my view on ruben and cesc. That's my drug. But how can you shut my mouth, how can you know about x ? Here some help.
Now, do a who is Fekir.
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Regarding Fixed Matches

Hey guys,
I’ve seen a lot of people post recently about “fixed matches” and I’d really like to clear some stuff up.
Fixed football matches are out there, just as there are fixed boxing matches, fixed tennis matches, it’s not nice because it ruins the sport, but it’s there.
Now, if you had 99% assurance that, let’s say Aston Villa will beat Arsenal in the FA Cup 3-2, why would you tell everyone about it? Not only is it illegal to bet on a match you know is fixed, it is treated as a serious offence.
The chances of general punters knowing about a fixed match is very, very slim unless you know someone on the inside i.e. a player, a coach or whatever and even then how can you be 100% sure it’s fixed? You don’t know until the final whistle.
I got caught out, with a scam, I believed it because I looked at the guys history, he hit 11 in a row right and when I jumped on, I had to pay him a lot of money for his tips. And he had a very convincing back story! His dad knew the owner of a team with poor financials blah blah blah. I fell for it! I had a good run for a while, but then lost a lot more than I’d care to mention! I mean, c’mon, when a match is “fixed” you’d throw all the money you have on it right? Thankfully, I didn’t do this and only played with winnings, so I’m no better off or worse off than what I was.
Mostly all the people online claiming “fixed matches” is a scam, people who want your money. It works (more or less) like this -
You have a “fixed match” information. Say you have 30 people. 10 people you tell it will be a home win, 10 people you tell it will be an away win and 10 people you tell it will be a draw.
The game is an away win. You have 10 customers back, the rest are angry, complain or some will buy the next fixed match info. The next game you do the same, 3 people you say home win, 3 people an away win and 4 people a draw. It’s a home win.
Now you have 3 customers, you do the same process again until you have one customer left and then you advertise again “Fixed matches!!! First one for free! Guaranteed £££!!!!” And who can pass that up?
An amazing example of this is Derren Brown’s The System where he has a “Guaranteed way to beat the bookies and win on the horse races”. Check it out. It's on YouTube.
At the end of the day, gambling is a risk, every time you put your money on a team or back a horse, it’s a risk. So please, DON’T BET MORE THAN YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSE.
And as the old saying goes "If something seems to good to be true, it usually is!"
The best way to beat the bookmakers is to have a system, LSSN had a system, essbeck has his own system. A lot of regulars on here have systems. But none of them is 100% perfect, because how can they be?
However, personally, I do believe that there’s a gap in the market. Poker was this relatively boring old game before the new kids came in and started 3betting and C-betting, doing a lot more pre-flop action. For me, I think there’s something out there, that no one has found yet, that will either exploit sports betting or change it, just like the new kids did for poker.
TL;DR - Go back and read this, it's important if you want to know more about fixed matches. But, let me burst that bubble and say it's probably a scam.
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Manchester United vs Aston Villa odds, preview and predictions 04/04/2015

Saturday 04/04/2015, 16:00, England Premiership, Round 31 Manchester United vs Aston Villa Preview Manchester United was eliminated from the FA cup and they have no chance whatsoever of winning the domestic championship either. Nevertheless, there are plenty of reasons for them to keep fighting in the remaining rounds as they need to secure a place in the Champions League groups next season. This is one of the easiest games scheduled for the season and they need all three points against Aston Villa. Manchester United vs Aston Villa Odds At Winner Sports Manchester United 1.30, Draw 3.50, Aston Villa 9.20 Manchester United vs Aston Villa Tips Manchester United managed to win on the road against Liverpool and scored twice, but the hosts were forced to play with one man down for plenty of minutes. On the bright side, the Red Devils now have home pitch advantage and take on a depleted foe that misses no fewer than seven players. Aston Villa has played shorthanded for most of the season and that's why they are dangerously close of the relegation area. Six footballers are ruled out for this fixture, so the visitors will rely on a makeshift starting formation that will try to defend the scoreless draw. Past performance shows that when they barricade themselves in their own half, the Villains can cause opponents plenty of headaches. Manchester United vs Aston Villa Prediction Manchester United failed to win the last head to head game, but this time they have their best players fit to play and will be aiming for a convincing victory. The odds on them to cover the -1.5 goals spread sit at 1.85 which is not a great deal but accurately reflect the difference between the two teams. Bet: Manchester United -1.5 goals @ 1.85 with Winner Sports
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Arsenal vs Liverpool odds, preview and predictions 04/04/2015

Saturday 04/04/2015, 16:00, England Premiership, Round 31 Arsenal vs Liverpool Preview Both Arsenal and Liverpool are still alive and kicking in the FA cup, but the top priority is to finish among the top four teams in the Premiership. This will grant them a place in the Champions League next season and at the time of writing, the Gunners are well-positioned to fulfill their goal. Arsenal vs Liverpool Odds At Winner Sports Arsenal 1.85, Draw 3.50, Liverpool 4.20 Arsenal vs Liverpool Tips Liverpool suffered a disheartening defeat against Manchester United at home last weekend and they will need to play without Steven Gerrard and Skrtel who are serving a one-game suspension. Two more players are also injured, hence missing from the starting lineup, so the Reds will have few options up front. They have an impressive record in games played on the road, with eight victories, but take on a team that prevailed 10 times at Emirates Stadium. Arsenal is also playing without four footballers, but they've been without them for a long time and their absence went unnoticed. The elimination from the Champions League came as a shock and the only way of salvaging the season is by securing a berth in the most important European competition. Arsenal vs Liverpool Prediction Arsenal is going to throw everything its got at Liverpool and won't settle for one point, because the visitors are depleted and failed to win back-to-back games in more than a month. The odds offered by Winner Sports are far from spectacular, but 1.85 is good enough to justify the risks taken. Bet: Arsenal @ 1.85 with Winner Sports
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Everton vs West Brom odds, preview and predictions

Saturday 13/02/2016, 16:00, Premier League, Round 26 Everton vs West Brom Preview Everton is finally winning points both at home and on the road, after dropping so many of them against weaker opponents. It's well past time they start winning back-to-back games and after their recent victory, they have another chance to prevail, this time in front of their fans. West Bromwich is not going to give up without a fight and their recent performances are both encouraging and frightening. Everton vs West Brom Odds At Expekt Everton 1.60, Draw 3.50, West Brom 5.75 Everton vs West Brom Tips Everton is playing offensive football and throughout the season it strategy was to score one more goal than the opponent. The last three games were simply impressive and the team managed to win all of them while scoring a combined nine goals. Perhaps the most important aspect of these victories is that they actually kept a clean sheet in all these fixtures while scoring three goals on each occasion. Maintaining this ratio is not going to be easy, but the good news is that West Bromwich comes to Liverpool without a couple of key players. Injuries have been plaguing them throughout the season and the recent results are not encouraging either. The visitors will focus on the ninth the home side a chance to take an early lead, because they rarely managed to come from behind and win games. After avoiding defeat in four consecutive games, they were defeated on the road by Newcastle. The match took a turn for the worst despite the fact that West Bromwich was the better side and after 90 minutes they had to concede all three points. One reason for concern is the fact that West Bromwich has to play an FA cup match against Peterborough before traveling to Liverpool. The previous round ended undecided, so they need to make another attempt at securing passage to the next stage of the domestic cup. This will only add unnecessary pressure on the roaster, one already stretched thin by the current injuries. Key Facts Everton is firing on all cylinders and for the first time this season managed to win three games in a row. West Brom had a busy schedule and with five players missing, the backline is badly affected. Everton vs West Brom Prediction Punters shouldn't need too many arguments in favor of siding with Everton in this fixture, as the home side is clearly the better one. Home pitch advantage will also matter in this context, with the only reason to pass on this bets being provided by the relatively low odds. Expekt offers the best value at 1.60, so this is the best place to bet on the hosts. Bet: Everton @ 1.60 with Expekt
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Manchester City vs Dynamo Kiev odds, preview and predictions

Tuesday 15/03/2016, 20:45, Champions League, Last 16 Manchester City vs Dynamo Kiev Preview Manchester City somehow managed to stay alive in all important competitions except for the FA cup in which they were eliminated by Chelsea. The top priority is to win the Champions League and they can consider themselves lucky to be playing against Dynamo Kiev. The English side took advantage of the first leg and scored three goals on the road, so qualification shouldn't be too difficult to secure. Manchester City vs Dynamo Kiev Odds At Bet365 Manchester City 1.60, Draw 4.00, Dynamo Kiev 6.00 Manchester City vs Dynamo Kiev Tips The Champions League has long been a dream of Manchester city fans and at least for the moment they have a good chance to advance to the bar the finals. They've played offensive football in Ukraine and this strategy paid off brilliantly, because they managed to score 3 goals. It is most unlikely to fail miserably in front of their own fans, against a team that no longer believes in his chances. Dynamo Kiev is simply focusing on the domestic championship, where they have a three-point lead over Shakhtar. The runners-up have one game in hand and there are very likely to win it, so the two teams are actually tied for the lead and anything can happen in the remaining rounds. Manchester City had an easy match over the weekend on the road at Norwich and they are credited with the first chance in the upcoming Derby of Manchester. The visitors struggle with numerous injuries and their best players are not going to featuring the starting formation, which makes them a short of victory. The odds of winning the Premier League are slim, as Manchester city travels the leader by six points, but they got a gaming hand which should help. Four players are still injured but they can return at any time and none of them are of critical importance for manager Pellegrini. Key Facts The last time the two teams met in a European competition, Dynamo Kiev advanced to the next stage. Manchester city won't take any chances that hope against the team willing to settle for one point. Manchester City vs Dynamo Kiev Prediction The fact that Manchester won so easily on the road give them plenty of breathing space ahead of this fixture, since they can settle for a draw. That's why bookies are offering odds of 1.60 on the home side to prevail, significantly more than what punters would expect. The hosts are not going to play defensive football and will try to present the fans with an agreeable show, so it's worth taking Bet365's offer. Bet: Manchester City @ 1.60 with Bet365
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Manchester City vs Manchester United odds, preview and predictions

Sunday 20/03/2016, 17:00, Premier League, Round 30 Manchester City vs Manchester United Preview Few football games in the English Premier League generate as much enthusiasm as the Derby of Manchester. Back in the day, Manchester United was favorite to prevail both at home and on the road but things have changed and now their city rivals are credited in the first chance. Both teams have plenty to fight for, in addition to glory and tradition, because the winner will have a better chance at securing a Champions League berth. Manchester City vs Manchester United Odds At 10bet Manchester City 1.85, Draw 3.40, Manchester United 4.20 Manchester City vs Manchester United Tips Manchester City announced its intention to focus on the Champions League this season, a competition that they have never won. So far they are on the right track after causing the Swiss elimination Dynamo Kiev, but the most difficult opponents lie in wait. Until the European competition resumes, they need to focus on the Premier League and defend their position. The stakes are as high as they get, because if Manchester City fails to defend the fourth place, it won playing the most important European tournament next season. Not only Manchester United but also West Ham are trying to unseat them, so there are plenty of threats and tonight the hosts have a great opportunity to address one of them. Manchester United was eliminated from Europa League by Liverpool yet there is a silver lining to the entire story. Many of the players have returned to fitness and the starting formation features some of the veterans for the first time in many weeks. Even so, playing on the road is going to be problematic, as the Red Devils have won very few games when they didn't have home pitch advantage. They've lost back-to-back games against West Bromwich and Liverpool before splitting points with West ham and pushing the FA Cup into an additional round. As key players return to fitness, many of those who had to play plenty of games in 2016 are suffering from fatigue. They will need to play at highest potential if Manchester United is to avoid defeat at Etihad Stadium. Key Facts Overall the two teams are evenly matched with City winning 25 games at home and losing 26. Just two all the last 13 games ended undecided, with Manchester United winning six. Manchester City vs Manchester United Prediction This is not the kind of game in which the teams will play pragmatic football and they won't stop at attacking the opposing net regardless of score. It's a great opportunity for punters to bet on Manchester City to win outright, even though the odds offered by 10bet don't exceed 1.85. Bet: Manchester City @ 1.85 with 10bet
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Aston Villa vs Liverpool odds, preview and predictions

Sunday 14/02/2016, 15:00, Premier League, Round 26 Aston Villa vs Liverpool Preview There is very little that Aston Villa can do to salvage the season after losing so many points both at home and on the road, yet the team from Birmingham won't stop trying. They sit in the last place and only managed to accumulate 16 points after 25 rounds and only a miracle can help them avoid relegation. Liverpool doesn't fare much better and they were recently eliminated from the FA cup as well, with the Europa League looming. Aston Villa vs Liverpool Odds At Betfair Aston Villa 4.70, Draw 3.50, Liverpool 1.80 Aston Villa vs Liverpool Tips Since Klopp took over, Liverpool was unable to return to the top and is on the verge of sleeping in the second half of the standings. Both at home and on the road the team has been mediocre to say the least and they are currently mired in a four-game winless streak. Even when they managed to score, their opponents somehow found the resources and energy to rebound and deprived them of victory. Perhaps the most frustrating result of this month is the 2-2 draw against Sunderland, in a match that Liverpool lead from start to finish. It was a shining example of how a better team can lose points due to the fact that players were not careful enough in the second half. They should learn from those mistakes and exercise constant pressure against Aston Villa regardless of the score. Football fans from Birmingham always flock into the stadium when Aston Villa is playing against one of the most prestigious teams in the English championship. Even though Liverpool is struggling both at home and on the road, their visit is not going to go unnoticed. It's very likely that the home side will throw everything his got at the visitors, knowing that next year they will probably play against mediocre teams. This presents Liverpool with a rare opportunity of scoring more goals, because they have a hard time winning against teams that defend with all lines. They will need to address a couple of pressing matters, such as the injuries sustained by for players including Brazilian star Coutinho. Key Facts Liverpool hasn't won in five games and the fans won't settle for a single point against Aston Villa. The home side has the worst record in the entire Premier League and home pitch advantage means little. Aston Villa vs Liverpool Prediction Liverpool will be playing offensive football despite the fact that they don't have the support of their fans and will settle for nothing less than outright victory. Odds of 1.80 are not that great given their recent results, but you can't hope for better value than these odds currently offered by Betfair. Bet: Liverpool @ 1.80 with Betfair
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Arsenal vs Leicester odds, preview and predictions

Sunday 14/02/2016, 13:00, Premier League, Round 26 Arsenal vs Leicester Preview Arsenal got lucky and doesn't have to play against Barcelona until the end of the month, so they can focus on the task at hand. Winning the Premier League is their top priority and so far they are still within striking distance of the leader. Unfortunately for them, they have lost precious points against weak opponents and they are now trailing the leader by five points. There is no better way to recuperate them than by winning at home against Leicester on Saturday. Arsenal vs Leicester Odds At Betsson Arsenal 1.70, Draw 3.50, Leicester 4.75 Arsenal vs Leicester Tips Arsenal has scored plenty of goals recently, but they were unable to defend narrow lead and quite often their opponents clawed their way back in the game. They had plenty of players injured throughout the season but now the list has been reduced to just three footballers, so their absence shouldn't be that difficult to deal with. Stoke, Chelsea and Southampton stripped Arsenal of some valuable points but even so they are not far behind and home pitch advantage means a great deal for the Gunners. They are still alive and kicking in the FA cup, a competition they been dominating for many years, but this is not exactly good news. The players that are fit to play had died for their attention and with their energy to be competitive in all these competitions and the results speak for themselves. It's no coincidence that Arsenal players suffer more injuries than most of their counterparts and few strikers last for 90 minutes. Leicester is a more pragmatic team and under Ranieri grew into a serious contender for the trophy despite the relatively low budget. Currently they are writing a winning streak of three games and down this path, they defeated Manchester City, Stoke and Liverpool. They scored a combined eight goals during the streak and are well capable of scoring again against Arsenal, although this is not their priority. Key Facts Leicester lost just two games the entire season, the best performance of all Premier League teams. Arsenal won seven out of 12 games at home and allowed only seven goals. Arsenal vs Leicester Prediction It's always hard to resist the temptation of backing Arsenal at home when bookmakers offer odds of 1.70 but this is exactly what punters should be doing right now. Leicester has proved is quality over and over again and those who underestimate this team so at their own peril. It would be a mistake to pass on odds that exceed even value, since Betsson is pricing Leicester to win or draw at 2.10. Bet: Leicester or Draw @ 2.10 with Betsson
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My fall from grace and the slow climb back

I'm not sure if I am posting this in the right place but this is my story of how I made over £2000 under a month and lost £3000 in under a month.
I was an absolute newbie to gambling but started gambling in December after seeing my friends making tidy sums. Initially it started off as simple bets £10 here and there for fun just to spice things up when watching football. This slowly went to £50 and started getting good returns on BTTS and score predictions. Within my first week I was roughly £300 up from about £50.
Then I lost my first bet on Basel vs Liverpool, bet the whole £250 on a Liverpool win, they drew. As my first loss it hit me hard, couldn't sleep and played on my mind a lot. In a desperate attempt to win it back I did something brave/stupid by betting on Chelsea to beat Lisbon the next game, as I thought it was certainty, I bet £500 and got £300 profit. I was back up, following this and bit of confidence I bet £500 on a few more "certainties" mainly on Chelsea and Man city ACCAs. So within 2 weeks as I was betting £500 at time I was getting good returns however with big risk. Either way this method led me to winning £1000 in roughly 2 weeks. Then came my first big hit. I bet £500 on Man u to beat Aston Villa, they ended up drawing I lost it all. Even though I lost my winning I still felt like collapsing, I couldn't think straight and with the help of alcohol I made the rookie silly mistake of betting straight away on another game to win it back. I bet another £500 on a random game in the Spanish league based purely on odds, no research no tips nothing. I lost that bet, another £500. I had lost £1000 in 4 hours. These games were just before the xmas break so I spent the next few days depressed and in a very dark place over chirstmas. Even though I had only lost my winnings and not my own money I was distraught and wanted to win it back immediately.
I saw my next chance as the boxing day games, I got an acca on man city and Liverpool, betting £700 winning about £600. I was back up, I followed this up by betting £900 on arsenal to beat QPR and then I was back up to roughly £900 in winnings. The feeling was unbelievable, a rollercoaster of emotions but I felt like a new man. This is were I should have stopped...
I went a few games without betting until I got to the FA 3rd round, I got an ACCA on man city, man u and Chelsea to win, betting £600 for £400 profits, they were all playing lower league teams, I did my research and felt this was a definite certainty. Man city gave me an initial scare only scoring in the last minute by which point I thought I had lost my money, this scare led me to cashout as I would only lose £2 and was scared on losing my £600 if man u or Chelsea lost. Unfortunately man u and Chelsea went on to win, effectively I lost my £400 as I cashed out early, well that's what it felt like. Feeling like I lost £400, I did the stupidest move to date, I bet £1000 on barca to beat Real sociedad for £400 profit, as I felt I had to win it as I lost it on the FA cup games. Barca lost. Back to square one. I am an idiot for not learning my lesson.
Following this I was too scared to bet for awhile and all sense went, I started betting on good looking odds not what made sense. with this tactic I bet a few more stupid bets and I was currently down £800 of my own money. In total losing £1800, but right now I don't even care what my previous winnings were just my own money losses £800. I really thought about quitting for good, doing a few overtimes, not buying a new phone or clothes to make up for the money I lost. My mind was constantly clouded and thought about the losses and the lead up daily, effected my studies, my relationship, my diet and literally my whole life.
Well the new chapter of my betting life started, after I managed to overcome my fear I started back up betting £500 on "sure win", I guess you could say I didn't learn my listen. I bet £500 on man u, Liverpool and Chelsea to win a few weeks back, returns were £1500 (£1k profit). Chelsea and Liverpool were winning at half time with man u yet to score, I cashed out to take home £200, but man u went on to win and I effectively lost £800. Either way I was content, this game can go either way and cashing out was better than losing £500. Yesterday I bet £500 on a Man u win and after my initial scare they came through, only pocked £150 as cashed out in fear of a late equaliser. I am currently £500 down of my own money.
I am sharing this story 1. Betting big has amazing rewards and if you play this way you should when to quit. My target was always £1000 and I reached it but I got greedy. I feel the only way out is to have exit strategy, bookies will always win in the end.
  1. Im sure otherwise have lost money too, maybe more maybe less but it all feels the same. Its hard dealing with the emotions, the stress and the anxiety. Sometimes you need to lose big to appreciate the smaller wins.
  2. My lesson is once and if I make my money back then I will only bet small, this gives me the rush but the come down if I lose is much more bearable.
  3. I have been an idiot, I don't think my tactics are brave more desperate than anything.
I am also wondering if people have any advice for me ? Perhaps I have an addiction but I feel the only way out for me is to break even then I can forget about this chapter of my life. Or should I bet sensibly and win the £500 back slowly but surely ? Anyone else have stories of how they lost it all and came back on top ?
Edit: Grammer
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Daily Transfer News Thread - 07/28/2018

Auto-Refreshing Transfer News Thread from Sky Sports
Auto-refreshing reddit comments link


That's all we have time for in the Transfer Centre this evening, but we'll be right back here from 7am tomorrow with the latest transfer news, rumours and done deals.
See you then!


Crystal Palace winger Wilfried Zaha put on a superb display in a friendly against Reading earlier today - scoring two and assisting another - and says he is targeting more goals this season despite transfer speculation around him intensifying.
“It was good and we are getting back into shape so hopefully we can start the new season how we ended the last one," he told the club's official website.
“This season I am trying to score a lot more goals and I am just happy that all the hard work I am putting in is showing on the pitch. I always try and stay ready so if there was a game tomorrow I would make sure I am ready.”


Brighton youth goalkeeper Tom McGill has completed his season-long loan switch to Worthing.


Manchester United fans in the USA are unhappy with Jose Mourinho as manager...
Head here to follow Man Utd's game with Liverpool in the ICC.


Claude Puel is confident that Harry Maguire and Kasper Schmeichel will still be at Leicester when the transfer window closes.
"I think we can keep both players. It is crucial for us," he told reporters after a 2-1 friendly loss to Udinese in Austria. "We cannot lose players just a few days before the beginning of the season. We would not be able to find a solution and we cannot be behind.
"Kasper and Maguire are so valuable for us. It is important to maintain our structure, our squad and all our valuable players for the team."


Sky sources understand that the fee Newcastle have agreed with Fulham is £22m, in a deal which could rise to £27m with potential add-ons.
Head here to read the full story.


Napoli are not interested in bringing Mario Balotelli to the club, according to president Aurelio De Laurentiis.
"[Dries] Mertens will not leave, [Angel] Di Maria will not come and as for Balotelli I've been saying no for years. It's very false that he will come to Napoli," he told Radio Kiss Kiss.


West Brom midfielder Nacer Chadli could be moving Turkish side Besiktas on loan, according to Turkish-Football.com.
Chadli missed the majority of last season for the Baggies through injury, but impressed for Belgium at the World Cup.


Gary Rowett hopes to speed up transfer business to get more players in before Stoke begin their Sky Bet Championship campaign next weekend.
“We hope to [bring in players this week],” he told the Stoke Sentinel. “It’s ongoing and of course we want to do things as quickly as we can. That’s not always possible for different reasons.
“I know the importance of getting your group together quickly and I’ve said that right from day one. You want the group together as quickly as you possibly can and unfortunately we haven’t quite been able to do that."


Nigel Clough hopes to bolster his squad with a loan signing before Burton start the Sky Bet League One season.
Speaking after their last pre-season game against Cardiff, he told the club's official website: “Hopefully we can get a loan player or two in over the next seven days before the season starts – we are going to try very hard.”


Not confirmed where yet though! Keep those eyes peeled...


Charlton Athletic caretaker manager Lee Bowyer says more players will be coming in rather than leaving the club although Josh Magennis is set to leave The Valley.
“We might lose one more, probably not anyone that anyone is thinking but I think we’ll be bringing in a lot more than we’ll be losing," he told the club's official website.
“We have to bring a 'keeper in to have competition for Dill [Dillon Phillips]. You have to have healthy competition in every position and goalkeeping is no different.
"We need a centre-half, a right-sided centre half, we’ve only got Pat (Bauer) in the building. Maybe another midfielder and maybe another striker.
"We knew that Bolton were interested in Josh [Magennis] in January, so I thought they would come back in. I’m pleased for him because he’s a good pro and he gives everything. If it has gone through I wish him all the best and thank him for the services he’s given us.”


Derby are "in limbo" over Matej Vydra with manager Frank Lampard determined to sort the striker's future before the start of the season.
Hit play below or head here to read...




Ipswich manager Paul Hurst said he left Martyn Waghorn on the bench for their friendly against West Ham in the best interests of all concerned. The striker didn’t feature for the second successive game amid speculation over his future.
“There is no getting away from the fact that there is a lot of talk about Waggy,” he told iFollow Ipswich. “I just think it was the best decision for everyone concerned that he didn’t play today.
“We will see what the next week or so brings. Will he be here for the Blackburn game next week? Honestly I’m not sure.”


Sky sources understand Newcastle have accepted a bid from Fulham for striker Aleksandar Mitrovic.
The Serb has left their Portuguese training camp to finalise his move to Craven Cottage. We understand the fee to be in the region of £20m.


Sky sources understand Leeds United have agreed a fee with Middlesbrough for striker Patrick Bamford.
We understand that to be £7m rising to £10m with add-ons. Leeds also today completed the signing of Wolves left-back Barry Douglas.


Richarlison has started for Everton in their pre-season friendly against Rennes and has scored his first goal! Reaping back that £40m fee already...


Aston Villa manager Steve Bruce says his main target for the remainder of the transfer window is to keep his best players, with speculation surrounding the futures of Jack Grealish, James Chester and Jonathan Kodjia.
He told the club's official website: “We don’t want to lose our best players. We all know in football that unfortunately these things happen.
"But we will now be doing our utmost to make sure these things do not happen and not let them go anywhere."


Andre Schurrle is currently making his Fulham debut as they take on Fiorentina in a pre-season friendly tournament, and he looks to be doing well...


Leeds United have confirmed the signing of Barry Douglas from Wolves, joining the club for an undisclosed fee and has signed a three year contract.
Douglas joined Wolves last summer and made 42 appearances in all competitions, providing 14 assists in the Sky Bet Championship - no other player in the league provided more.
He also netted five goals during the campaign, including a spectacular free-kick against the Whites in Wolves’ 4-1 victory at Molineux last November.
Douglas becomes Leeds United’s first permanent transfer of the summer, following the loan arrivals of Jamal Blackman and Lewis Baker and will wear the number three shirt.


It is only pre-season, but France U20 international Matteo Guendouzi caught the eye with his performance for Arsenal today against PSG.
Arsenal signed midfielder Guendouzi from French Ligue 2 side Lorient and he has impressed in the holding role.


Cardiff City assistant manager Kevin Blackwell took on the club’s post-match media duties as Neil Warnock had to leave the win over Burton Albion early to meet a transfer target.
However, Blackwell wouldn’t reveal the player Warnock is chasing.
"I’m talking to you because Neil has had to catch a flight to see a player," said Blackwell.
"We’re still looking at possible signings but in terms of preparation, the lads showed how much fitter they were second half and that’s what we’ve been looking at.
"I can’t tell you who he’s gone to talk to as I think there will be other clubs looking at him as well.”


Leeds United are in talks to sign Middlesbrough striker Patrick Bamford, according to Sky sources.
It is understood that the fee being discussed by the clubs is £7m.
The 24-year-old joined Boro from Chelsea on a permanent deal in January 2017 after having previously enjoyed a successful loan spell at the club during the 2014-15 season.


Davy Klassen has bid farewell to Everton after joining Werder Bremen yesterday...


Boss Neil Harris, speaking after a 1-0 pre-season win over Bochum, says the club are working "tirelessly" on new recruits.


Mexico head coach Juan Carlos Osorio has stepped down from his role after three years in charge.
The 56-year-old led the country to the last 16 of the World Cup in Russia where they were knocked out after losing 2-0 to Brazil.
The Colombian won 33 of his 52 games in charge of Mexico but has rejected offers from the Mexican Football Federation (FMF) to extend his contract.


Bradford have signed former Cardiff goalkeeper Ben Wilson, subject to EFL and FA clearance.
The 25-year-old, who started his career at Sunderland, moves to Valley Parade after a four-year spell in south Wales, which featured four loan deals, came to an end.
“I was absolutely delighted when I got the call from such a big club like Bradford,” Wilson said.
“I cannot wait to get started and am really looking forward to the season ahead.”


West Brom have signed Scunthorpe full-back Conor Townsend for an undisclosed fee.
The 25-year-old, who has also been linked with his former club Hull and Ipswich this summer, has signed a three-year contract at the Hawthorns.
He told WBA TV: “As soon as I knew the club was interested in me it was always the place I wanted to go.”
Townsend follows goalkeepers Sam Johnstone and Jonathan Bond, centre-back Kyle Bartley and midfielder Harvey Barnes as new arrivals at West Brom this summer.


Barcelona have informed Munir El Haddadi that he will form part of their first-team squad this season, reports Mundo Deportivo.
Munir, who spent the past two seasons on loan at Valencia and Alaves respectively, was informed by Barca’s sporting director Eric Abidal that he will have playing opportunities as part of Ernesto Valverde’s squad in 2018/19.
In addition, Barca are considering extending his contract, which expires next June, by a further five years.


Theo Hernandez is on the verge of leaving Real Madrid to join Real Sociedad on loan, reports AS.
Real Madrid will travel to the USA today (Saturday) for the start of their pre-season tour and there is a strong possibility that Theo will not be joining them.
The 20–year-old is closing in on a loan move to Real Sociedad, who will pay part of the young defender’s salary.
The loan deal, which does not include a purchase option, is expected to be made official soon.


Swindon manager Phil Brown is keen to tie up a deal for striker Marc-Antoine Fortune.
The former West Brom and Celtic frontman, who played under Brown at Southend, has been training with Town and played as a trialist in Friday night’s 4-1 friendly win at Swindon Supermarine, where he won a penalty.
Asked whether he would like to make Fortune’s signing permanent, Brown told the club website: “I would. The chairman isn’t here but he’s well impressed with the pedigree of the player, but we just wanted to have a look at the fitness levels.
“He hasn’t been working with anybody, he was promised a deal at Southend that didn’t happen so he’s an angry man at the moment.
“He is such a professional. He conducts himself impeccably off the field and a lot of the young lads can learn from him, whether he is playing or not. He did fantastic for me at Southend and I would like to get him on board.”


Fresh from completing the signing of Jack Baldwin, Sunderland manager Jack Ross told the club’s official website said: “Everybody knew we were looking to strengthen again in this area of the pitch and now we’re comfortable with where we’re at in terms of central defensive options.
“Jack is proven in this league and he’s at a good age with his best years ahead of him, and he has a hunger to improve and do well.
“He sees this as a big opportunity and has the core attributes we have been looking for.”


Sunderland sign Peterborough captain Jack Baldwin on two-year deal, the Sky Bet League One club have announced.


Inter Milan are closing in on the signing of Sime Vrsaljko from Atletico Madrid, reports Gazzetta dello Sport.
The 26-year-old full-back, who impressed during Croatia’s run to this summer’s World Cup final, will initially move to the San Siro on loan with a permanent deal set for next summer.
Once the Vrsaljko deal it tied up, Inter will turn their attention to signing either Bayern Munich’s Arturo Vidal or Tiemoue Bakayoko from Chelsea.


Juventus midfielder Miralem Pjanic insists the speculation over his future this summer is untrue.
Pjanic has reportedly been the subject of strong interest from Manchester City and Barcelona, while other reports have suggested that Juve will cash in on him following the big-money arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid.
But the Bosnia international has dismissed most conjecture as false and says he is happy in Turin.
“I listen to a lot of things that are not true,” he told ESPN. “I'm cool. I'm preparing my new season. That's what's the most important.
“What I did the last two seasons for Juventus was really great, and I am happy what I'm doing here.
“I am cool – and I don't care about what they are writing because I listen and I read a lot of things, and a lot of things are not true."


Lucas Moura says he has fully settled into life as a Tottenham player and is raring to go for the new season.


Paris Saint-Germain have dropped their interest in Bayern Munich defender Jerome Boateng, reports Inside Futbol.
The Germany international’s wage demands, coupled with a potential transfer fee of between £45m and £53m, is understood to have deterred the Ligue 1 champions.


Wolves are weighing up a move for former Real Madrid defender Pepe, reports Fanatik.
The newly-promoted Premier League side would be willing to offer Besiktas a fee of nearly €7m to land the Portugal international.


A look at the hottest transfer stories, courtesy of our friends at Football Whispers...


Manchester United defender Cameron Borthwick-Jackson has joined Scunthorpe on a season-long loan.
The 21-year-old made 14 appearances for United in the 2015/16 season but has not played for the first team during Jose Mourinho’s Old Trafford reign, and has had loan spells with Wolves and Leeds.
Borthwick-Jackson now takes a step down into League One but said of his new challenge: “I’m buzzing to be here and can’t wait to get started.”


Hector Bellerin has hit back at those who have questioned his commitment to Arsenal, insisting he does not want to play for anyone else.
Bellerin has been with Arsenal since he was 16 but that longevity has not stopped talk of a transfer, with Barcelona and Manchester City linked with the right-back in recent seasons.
Speaking to Sky Sports News, the 23-year-old has moved to put an end to the speculation surrounding his future.
"It is crazy that people ask me these questions all the time," he said. “A few years ago I signed a very long-term contract.
“I have never said that I have wanted to be anywhere else. I am very happy in London. I am very happy at this club.
"The club have made me who I am and gave me the chance to be the footballer I am today. So I don’t want to be anywhere else."


Manchester United could turn their attentions to Colombia international Yerry Mina if they fail to bring either Harry Maguire or Toby Alderweireld to Old Trafford, reports the Daily Mirror.
Like Maguire, Mina impressed at this summer’s World Cup, scoring twice, including a dramatic stoppage-time equaliser against England in the last-16.
Mina is expected to leave Barcelona this week despite only joining the La Liga champions in January.
Everton and Lyon have been touted as a possible destinations for the 23–year-old, but the Mirror claim United could rival them for Mina’s signature.


Crystal Palace have stepped up their efforts to sign Liverpool striker Danny Ings, according to the Guardian.
Eagles boss Roy Hodgson is keen to bolster his attack with the acquisition of the forward, who has reluctantly decided to leave Anfield after an injury-plagued spell at the club.
If Ings is to relaunch his career at Selhurst Park, Palace will have to meet Liverpool’s £26m valuation for the 26-year-old, who they signed from Burnley in 2015.


Leeds United are in talks to sign Middlesbrough striker Patrick Bamford, according to Sky sources.


Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino is in relaxed mood ahead of the new season but admits the early closure of the Premier League transfer window is 'not going to help’. With just 12 days to go until Deadline Day, Spurs are one of two Premier League clubs yet to make a signing.


Besiktas have made contact with Liverpool over a deal for Simon Mignolet, Sky Sports News understands.
The Turkish club need to sign a new goalkeeper after selling Fabri to Fulham for close to £5m last week.
Mignolet is potentially available after the Reds signed Alisson in a world-record £67m deal for a goalkeeper.
The 30-year-old Belgium international has played 202 times for Liverpool since joining from Sunderland in June 2013 but has had to battle Loris Karius for a starting place since he joined from Mainz in 2016.


Arsenal cannot afford to lose the leadership qualities of Aaron Ramsey, according to team-mate Alexandre Lacazette.
Ramsey has entered the final 12 months of his current deal and admitted earlier this week he is uncertain about his Arsenal future, with his agent locked in negotiations over a new deal.
Head coach Unai Emery has made it clear he wants Ramsey to stay and, speaking at the launch of Arsenal's third kit in Singapore, Lacazette told Sky Sports News: "Aaron has been there for about 10 years, he is like a legend at the club.
"We have to be respectful for everything he has done and of course with his quality he can help the team to be better. He brings stability, quality and leadership.
"He is an example for all the young players too, so of course we need Aaron in the team."


Real Madrid will not sign Eden Hazard this summer as new coach Julen Lopetegui wants to make Isco a key part of his project at the Bernabeu, reports AS.
Madrid have been linked heavily with the Chelsea forward since the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus earlier this month.
However, AS report the European champions have definitively ruled out a move for the Belgium international due to Lopetegui’s confidence in Isco.
Madrid are admirers of Hazard but are not going to sign him and are aware that he would cost around €200m this summer.
They are also keen to avoid blocking the first-team path for Marco Asensio, and have dismissed the prospect of making a ‘Galactico’ signing this summer.


Liverpool midfielder Marko Grujic says he appreciates interest from Cardiff, where he spent the second half of last season on loan.


Manchester United are prepared to jettison Matteo Darmian and Marcos Rojo in a bid to raise funds for a move for Leicester defender Harry Maguire, the Daily Mirror reports.
United are keen to bring the England international to Old Trafford after impressing at this summer’s World Cup.
With reports claiming United will have a pay a world-record fee for a defender to get their man, the Mirror claim United are preparing to offload Italy international Darmian and Argentina international Rojo to facilitate Maguire’s transfer.
The Independent claim Wolves are keen on bringing 28-year-old Rojo to Molineux.


James Rodriguez has no intention of returning to Real Madrid this summer, reports Marca.
The Colombia international is in the middle of a two-year loan at Bayern Munich, but he still harbours ambitions of succeeding at his parent club.
Madrid want him back and new boss Julen Lopetegui has informed the playmaker that he wants him at his disposal in the Spanish capital.
However James, who recovered his best form at Bayern in 2017/18, believes it would be a bad move to abandon the Bundesliga club now.
Bayern have him on loan until next summer and have previously been tipped to activate a €42m purchase clause to secure his services on a permanent basis.


Newcastle have reached an agreement to sign Japan forward Yoshinori Muto from Mainz for a fee believed to be £9.5m.
An agreement has been formalised and the player has had a medical and agreed personal terms.
The transfer is now subject to the player being issued with a Governing Body Endorsement which will be determined at a hearing to take place later next week.


Good morning and welcome to Saturday on the Transfer Centre! Stay tuned as we scour the globe for the latest news and rumours, with just 12 days to go until Deadline Day.


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Introducing League One's automatic promotion race going into Sunday's final game of the season...

Introduce me the two sides, please?
If you're looking for two clubs that are polar opposites in terms of their history in English football, then you'll be hard-stretched to find two that are as diverse as Preston North End and Milton Keynes Dons. Yet, the two find themselves in a situation where their respective games on Sunday afternoon will both be crucial in deciding the others' fate.
Preston Norh End have just about achieved everything there is to achieve in domestic English football. As one of the founding sides in the inaugural Football League campaign in 1888-89, they became the first club to win the Football League and did so without losing a single game, a feat achieved just once since then in 2004-05 by Arsenal FC. They then won the second Football League the season after, and since then have came runners-up on multiple occasions throughout the 19th and 20th Century, while also winning two FA Cups in 1889 and 1938. True legends of the British game such as the late Sir Tom Finney and Mark Lawrenson have featured for the Lilywhites in what has been a competitive and successful side since the very first Football League season. Now, sitting in 2nd place in League One, they are just a win away from marking their return to the second division of English football, and their fans believe that one day, the top flight shall see Preston North End once again.
Just one place and one point behind them sit the MK Dons, one of the most despised teams in world football, but with fair justification. To put it into perspective, while Preston were winning their first FA Cup and League double in 1889, Milton Keynes didn't exist, and in its place were several towns separated by empty plains which are now the site of housing estates. In 2004, with Wimbledon FC in financial trouble and playing their home games 50 miles from their home in South London, the decision was made to rename Wimbledon to MK Dons, and in the place of Wimbledon FC was formed a protest club, AFC Wmbledon. The Dons' successes have been limited to a League Two and JPT double achieved in 2007-08, and multiple play-off failures, but the foundations for a successful club have been laid by Chairman Pete Winkleman, and now it is a case of hoping they can capitalise on a Preston slip-up on Sunday to reach the Championship for the very first time.
Who stands in their way?
Preston North End must overcome a Colchester United side away from home, who, depending on their result on Tuesday night, may be desperate for the 3 points to escape relegation and remain in the 3rd tier.
Meanwhile, the Dons will be playing at home against a relegated Yeovil Town. While this sounds like a guaranteed 3 points, Yeovil have recently hit a good run of form, and would love to be the team to spoil the fun for the team commonly known as the Franchise.
What are the scenarios?
If Preston win, they are promoted. Simple as that. Their one-point lead over MK Dons puts them in pole position. However, the Dons boast a much stronger GD. This means that if Preston do fail to win, and the Dons win, then it'll be them who leapfrog Preston into 3rd. If Preston lose then the Dons can settle for a draw and still be promoted, but this scenario on paper looks highly unlikely.
Who do everybody in England other than Burnley fans want to gain automatic promotion?
Where and when?
12:15PM on Sunday afternoon, which puts the millions of potential followers around the world in a tricky situation. But let's not pretend that you'd miss this for the world.
If you want to watch it live then Sky Sports will be showing Preston's game and will be feeding back from Stadium:MK regularly.
Can you give me a safe betting tip?
Gladly. If you back Joe Garner, Preston's top scorer, and Will Grigg, MK Dons' top scorer, each to score braces, then £10 will return £200 according to Bet365. Grigg has already put two past Yeovil once this season so it looks plausible.
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F.r.e.e. @[email protected] Soccer on BT: Liverpool vs Stoke City E.n D.i.r.e.c.t

Liverpool vs. Stoke League Cup Second Leg: How to Watch Live Stream Online For Free Stoke City have never beaten Liverpool in a Cup fixture, and they'll need at least two goals if ... Capital One Cup preview and betting tips: Liverpool v Stoke City | Football News | Betting Tips, Live Scores, Transfer ... Reds look to reach Wembley final – Liverpool vs. Stoke City, League Cup Semi-Final Preview More news for Liverpool vs Stoke City live free Watch Liverpool vs Stoke City live stream free Watch Liverpool vs Stoke City live stream. Watch this game live and online for free. Capital One Cup: January 26, 2016. Watch Free Live Sports Tv Events Online Watch NFL Live Streaming Football, Watch Premier League, and all world wide football and different ... 11:45am Football League Cup: Liverpool vs Stoke City. Watch Liverpool vs Stoke City live stream free | Future Harvest Watch Liverpool vs Stoke City live stream free. Tue, 01/26/2016 - 10:45am -- kataur2. Alessandria vs Milan Coppa Italia Semi-final, Game 1 today, 3:00 PM Liverpool vs Stoke City Live S-tream Online Soccer 26/01 ... 3 hours ago - [email protected]||)>Liverpool vs Stoke City Live S-tream Online Soccer 26/01/2016. Watch,,Liverpool,,vs,,Stoke,,City,,live,,stream,,free,,online,,capital, ... Liverpool vs Stoke City live stream - Reddit 1 hour ago - F.ootB-all.game.27.01.2016 Liverpool have lost their last four ... Man Utd Live Liverpool vs Man Utd | Liverpool vs Stoke City - Stream for Free. Stoke City vs Liverpool Live Streaming - Cricfree Stoke City vs Liverpool Live Streaming, Watch Stoke City vs Liverpool Live Streaming, Watch Online Stoke City vs Liverpool Live Streaming, Cricfree, Cricfree.sx. Watch MK Dons vs Chelsea Live Streaming free | Premier ... Watch MK Dons vs Chelsea The FA Cup Live Streaming - Date & Time: 31 Jan 2016 - Free Sports ... Liverpool Logo Stoke Logo ... Man City Logo Everton Logo. Liverpool vs Stoke Liverpool vs Stoke City Live Stream Capital One Cup 2016 1 day ago - Watch Liverpool vs Stoke Live Streaming Capital One Cup 2016 match highlights Tuesday, 26 January 2016. Goals Video and extended replay ... Watch Liverpool vs Stoke Live Streaming free | Barcelona ... Watch Liverpool vs Stoke Capital One Cup Live Streaming - Date & Time: 26 Jan 2016 - Free Sports Live Streaming - Channel 1. ... Man City Logo Everton Logo · Man City vs Everton 1453923900000 2016 Jan 27 Wed - 19:45 GMT. : : : days.
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Watch-(Yeovil Town vs Carlisle United)-L.i.v.e S.t.r.e.a.m.i.n.g

Yeovil Town vs Carlisle United live Striker Francois Zoko is a Yeovil doubt against his former club after taking a blow to the nose Carlisle United | Latest | Yeovil Town v Carlisle United team news News & Star‎ - 16 mins ago Football News | Betting Tips, Live Scores, Transfer News Sportinglifecom‎ - 1 day ago More news for Yeovil Town vs Carlisle United Live BBC Sport - Carlisle United 2-2 Yeovil Town wwwbbccouksport0football35216416 BBC Jan 10, 2016 - Shaun Jeffers' late strike sees Yeovil force an FA Cup third-round replay against fellow League Two side Carlisle Yeovil,,,Town,,,vs,,,Carlisle,,,United,,,Live,,,Stream - Reddit https:wwwredditcom41q1g4 Reddit 26 mins ago - Yeovil Town vs Carlisle United Live Streaming (selfittSOk) submitted just now by sdfg46tregsd Sport,,,,,,Yeovil,,,Town,,,v,,,Carlisle,, Yeovil Town vs Carlisle United live streaming - Reddit https:wwwredditcom41q0a2 Reddit 33 mins ago - {LivetV}_ Yeovil Town vs Carlisle United live streaming {LivetV}_ Yeovil Town vs Carlisle United live streaming Yeovil Watch Yeovil Town vs Carlisle United Live - Allrecipes Dish dishallrecipescomblogswatch-yeovil-town-vs-carlisle-united-live 2 hours ago - Watch Yeovil Town vs Carlisle United Live Streaming online FA Cup Third round Game Today Don?t miss Yeovil Town vs Carlisle United live [email protected] Town vs Carlisle United Live Soccer Tv dishallrecipescomfa-cupyeovil-town-vs-carlisle-united-live-soccer-tv 4 hours ago - Jan 10, 2016 – SoCCeR:Live]]Carlisle United vs Yeovil Town Live StreamingNorwich,,City,,v,,Manchester,,CityCarlisle,,United,,vs,,Yeovil, BBC Sport - Football - Carlisle United - BBCcom wwwbbccomsportfootballteamscarlisle-united BBC Yeovil Town v Carlisle United Preview followed by live coverage of Tuesday's FA Cup third-round replay between Yeovil Town and Carlisle United {HD} Yeovil Town vs Carlisle United Live Stream Online Video for Yeovil Town vs Carlisle United Live ▶ https:wwwyoutubecomwatch?v=1r33Jq7LQJQ 9 mins ago - Uploaded by Stream Available Free Live Stream Link: http:googl8u5GEc Free Live Stream Link::http:googlEM5rxA Free Live Stream Yeovil Town vs Carlisle United live score Jan 19, 2016 FA Cup wwwlivefootballcoukfa-cupyeovil-town-carlisle-united-2185749 Yeovil Town vs Carlisle United on Jan 19, 2016 in FA Cup Live score, match events, lineup, statistics, head to head, and more information Yeovil Town - Carlisle United live score - SofaScorecom wwwsofascorecomcarlisle-united-yeovil-townDbsGc Yeovil Town - Carlisle United live score (and video online live stream*) starts on Here on SofaScore livescore you can find all Yeovil Town vs Carlisle United
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Watch-(Newport County vs Blackburn Rovers)-L.i.v.e S.t.r.e.a.m.i.n.g-(Blackburn Rovers vs Newport County)-L.i.v.e G.a.m.e O.n.l.i.n.e

Newport County vs Blackburn Rovers Live live coverage of Monday's FA Cup game between Newport County and Blackburn Rovers Newport County vs Blackburn Rovers betting preview with bet365 odds and our tips and prediction AllSportsNews‎ - 17 hours ago Sport - Warren Feeney: No major changes at Newport County, says new boss BBC Sport‎ - 1 day ago More news for Newport County vs Blackburn Rovers Live BBC Sport - FA Cup: Newport v Blackburn off because of wwwbbccouksport0football35211486 BBC Jan 9, 2016 - Newport County's FA Cup third round tie against Blackburn Rovers is postponed because League Two side County and Newport RFC had games postponed last weekend due to Sun 17 Jan, 18:10 GMT, BBC Radio 5 live [[[[[soccer]]]Newport County vs Blackburn Rovers Live 8 hours ago - Sun 17 Jan, 18:10 GMT, BBC Radio 5 live Newport County v Blackburn Rovers, Football - BBC Radio tdtdtdbbccouk › Sport › Football BBC Newport County v Blackburn match LIVE: FA Cup clash wwwwalesonlinecouk › › Newport County AFCWestern Mail Jan 9, 2016 - Newport County v Blackburn match LIVE: FA Cup clash called off amid safety of the match between Newport County and Blackburn Rovers LIVE Newport County - Blackburn Rovers - FA Cup - 18 wwweurosportcouknewport-county--blackburn-roversliveshtml Newport County Follow Newport County Blackburn Rovers · Blackburn Rovers RefReferee Charles Breakspear • Newport Stadium • Monday, January 18, Newport County vs Blackburn Rovers live stream - audioBoom https:audioboomcom4041068-newport-county-vs-blackburn-rover Jan 9, 2016 - 40 mins ago - Click Here Enjoy Today Online Soccer LIVE HD! Soccerlive#tv]] Newport County vs Blackburn Rovers live streamingFA Cup (self Newport County vs Blackburn Rovers betting preview with wwwallsportsnewscouknewport-county-vs-blackburn-rovers-bettin 17 hours ago - Back Newport to earn a draw Newport County vs Blackburn Rovers betting preview with bet365 odds and our tips and prediction Newport County vs Blackburn Rovers Live Stream wwwstream2watchconewport-county-vs-blackburn-rovers-live-strea Watch Newport County vs Blackburn Rovers live stream online We provide you with High Quality Streams only, Use Google Chrome Browser for best MATCH OFF: Newport County v Blackburn Rovers (From wwwlancashiretelegraphcouk14193631MAT Lancashire Telegraph Jan 9, 2016 - This live event has finished BLACKBURN Rovers' FA Cup clash at Newport County has been called off an hour before kick-off due to a Newport vs Blackburn - Preview, Live Match | 18 Jan 2016 wwwskysportscomfootballnewport-vs-blackburn352448 Sky Sports 7 hours ago - The FA Cup match Newport vs Blackburn (18 Jan 2016) Preview and stats Blackburn Rovers manager Paul Lambert is aware of the potential banana skin Blackburn boss Newport County v Blackburn Click here to bet
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FA Cup, Premier League - Soccer Betting Picks and Predictions  Winning Free Picks FA Cup Semifinal Picks & Premier League Matchday 37 Tips - Soccer Betting Predictions, Winning Picks Football Betting Tips Today - 19 June 2020 - Premier League, La Liga Predictions Leicester vs Chelsea FA Cup Betting Preview  Football Tips and Predictions  BettingOdds.com FOOTBALL BETS, TIPS & PREDICTIONS – FA CUP SEMI FINALS: ARSENAL VS MAN CITY, CHELSEA VS MAN UTD

FA Cup Football Betting Tips FA Cup Final Betting Preview. What a game of contrasts this is. For Chelsea, winning the FA Cup would be the particularly sweet icing on a cake that, since October at... The Soccer Betting Tips from the System and the FA Cup Tips should show interesting Matches and give Hints for your own Analysis, Comparison and Betting Estimastions. There are FA Cup Betting Tips up to the 01/08/2020 in our Database. The newest one of the Football Betting Picks was added on 19/07/20. For today there are currently one new FA Man Utd vs Chelsea- FA Cup, Sunday 5.30pm. This has the potential to be an absolute cracker. Man Utd's fortunes have changed for the better since January and they actually resemble a football team Our FA Cup tips are split into accumulators, correct score doubles and general betting tips. These are available for every single match-up from the first round onwards. Our FA Cup accumulators are posted on the Friday night before a set of Saturday fixtures, and on the Saturday night before Sunday’s fixtures. FA Cup betting tips fired off by our team of experts. Get the best football betting advice every day, from banker bets to value outsiders.

[index] [11155] [1333] [14009] [11118] [2916] [13445] [9203] [13655] [10460] [9760]

FA Cup, Premier League - Soccer Betting Picks and Predictions Winning Free Picks

Football Betting Tips Today - 28 June 2020 - Premier League, Serie A, FA Cup, La Liga Predictions - Duration: 3:58. SureBets - Free Betting Tips Daily 453 views 3:58 Leicester vs Chelsea predictions and betting tips as we preview the FA Cup quarter-final clash that has a place in the last four up for grabs Leicester City will turn their attention to the FA Cup ... English Football will heat up the soccer pitch this weekend with the FA Cup Semifinals and also select games for Matchday 37 of the Premier League. Vegas Insider Toby Maxtone-Smith is providing ... A huge weekend of football with the FA Cup returning and the lads are back with a Betting Show special... The show includes the usual NAP challenge, a huge 15/1 acca and as usual, the Match in ... WagerTalk TV: Sports Picks and Betting Tips 1,428 views 36:22 ⚾️ Korean Baseball (KBO) Picks and Predictions for Thursday, July 2nd, 2020 - Duration: 37:43.