sql - How big is an Oracle XMLType when stored as BINARY

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Does anyone have any good guidelines as to when to use the different storage options for SYS.XMLTYPE? Specifically, I am looking for some ideas as to when it is good to use STORE AS CLOB vs STORE AS BINARY vs STORE AS OBJECT RELATIONAL. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. XMLType is a system-defined opaque type for handling XML data. It as predefined member functions on it to extract XML nodes and fragments. You can create columns of XMLType and insert XML documents into it. You can also generate XML documents as XMLType instances dynamically using the SYS_XMLAGG SQL function.. This chapter contains the following topics: The descriptions of storage listed below, explain the various storage options in the XMLType datatype, which is XML aware so this means that it can process XML data efficiently. There are benefits and disadvantages for each storage type, so the decision which is the most effective for your company will depend on your needs and data content So in case of Binary XML storage document fidelity is maintained? Currently our table structure is like CREATE TABLE clob_table (x SYS.XMLTYPE,y VARCHAR2(30)) XMLTYPE x STORE AS BASICFILE CLOB; and we are planning to move to new table CREATE TABLE binaryxml_table (x XMLTYPE,y VARCHAR2(30)) XMLTYPE x STORE AS BINARY XML; Oracle Binary XML format corresponds to "Compact Schema Aware XML Format" abbreviated as CSX. Encoded data stored as BLOB field. Details about binary XML format available from Oracle documentation (here and here).Real size of data field depends on LOB storage parameters of XMLType column.

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