12 Best Gaming Affiliate Programs Of 2020

Part 2: A great tip for Brazilians, Venezuelans and other nationalities which choose to play Tibia as their main income

I have gotten so many replies and messages since my last post in this thread, that I can't answer them all individually. Previous topic:
It has been shared on multiple subreddits so I have no idea where to even post this. But I'd like to come up with a follow-up thread with some more information. The internet is the most powerful tool that mankind has ever invented. You have the ability to reach thousands, millions and even billions of people with just a computer and some internet access.
If you're on this subreddit, chances are you're already playing Tibia and you already have a computer and internet access. It doesn't need to be the best internet, but as long as websites will load (eventually) you are good to go.
In this topic I will go more in-depth on web development and software engineering. If you have a very slow internet connection, you may want to look into web development instead of software development. An application/software is much heavier (larger file size) than a website. And most developer jobs require that you send and download files, back and forth, between you and your company's server. So if you feel like your internet is too slow to send a lot of files - do not worry! There are plenty of jobs.
First, I will go through some more details on how to learn web development and software development. After that, I will list a few other kinds of jobs that you can do remotely. These types of jobs can be done from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access.

Part 1: Some languages you should learn
What is web development? Well, it can be a lot of things. You perhaps make websites for shops/restaurants/hair dressers/dentists, or you work for a big company and work on their web application, like Outlook, Discord or Spotify (which can all be accessed via a browser: their web app). You can also work with design and user experience, instead of programming. Being a web developer can mean so many different things, it's impossible to name them all. But most web developers are just developers: they program. They make websites, and they either sell the websites to companies (as a consultant) or you work full/part-time for a company.
I can not provide in-depth information about every single thing, but I can give you some pointers. The very basics any web developer should know is this:

Part 2: Technologies and useful tools
To become a web developer you will need a few tools. You need a text editor, a FTP client, a SSH client and some other things. Also a good browser.

Other things you may want to look into:
Web services, SSL certificates, Search Engine Optimization, Databases, API, Algorithms, Data Structures

Part 3: Learning platforms

If you want to learn in-depth about algorithms, data structures and more. Then you can take a look at the curriculum of the top-tier universities of USA. Such as: UC Berkeley, Harvard and MIT. These courses are very hard and are specifically for people who want to become experts in software engineering. You can enroll some of them for free, like the one on Harvard. And by having a such diploma (which costs $90 extra) can get you a lot of job opportunities. You can enroll those courses if you want, but it can have a fee. But just take a look at what they are studying and try do their exercises, that is 100% free. Get the knowledge. It's mostly on video too! These course below are the very same courses that many of the engineers at Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Uber, AirBnb, Twitter, LinkedIn, Microsoft, etc. has taken. It's what majority of people in Silicon Valley studied. And it's among the best classes that you can take. These course are held by some of the world's best professors in IT.

UC Berkeley: CS 61a & CS 61b:

Harvard University: CS50 (free enrollment --- 90$ to get a certificate).

MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology): 6.006

Part 4: Finding jobs
Portfolio / Code Sharing / Source Control:

Part 5: Other types of jobs you can work with (remotely) - with/without coding experience

You can find information about all of the things I have mentioned by using YouTube or Google search.
Hope it helps.

And I hope that in 1 year, there will be at least some new web developers in Brazil, Venezuela and other countries in South America.
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Clickbank University Review 2020 : Now Scam!? PROOFS

Product Description:
Product complete : ClickBank University 2.0
Product Creator: Matt Hulet, Adam Horwitz, and Justin Atlan
Official website : Clickbank University Official Website
Back Guarantee: Yes. Refundable
Guarantee: 30 day Guarantee.

Welcome to our Clickbank University Review 2020, in this article am going to reveal so many important information about this product. Personally i bought and used this same product, so stick around. Before the end of this article i will reveal my full results to you.

☑️ ClickBank University 2.0 is the brainchild of Matt Hulett, Adam Horwitz and Justin Atlan and the item from ClickBank itself. It is no longer a secret that ClickBank has helped a huge number of advertisers and merchants create easy revenue on the web. Clickbank University bodes well for them to concoct a course that instructs precisely how to bring in cash with ClickBank both as a subsidiary and seller.

The group at ClickBank University guarantees that they will uncover a "mystery" to get great accomplishments with ClickBank. You'll become more acquainted with this a little while ago in light of the fact that, in this Clickbank University 2.0 review, I'll spread everything like what is ClickBank University 2.0, how can it work, evaluation and above all whether you ought to spend your cash on this course or not. With the Clickbank brand behind this item, I would anticipate that it should be genuine and not another "bring in cash" scam like the others you as of late uncovered.

Clickbank University Still Works. This product is worth every penny. Click here to Download Clickbank University now. Enjoy

The program gives top notch preparing and the network it works with is by all accounts very dynamic.
In spite of the fact that the cost may appear to be high toward the start, considering the advantages you get, it is certainly justified, despite all the trouble.
This program is perfect for anybody searching for data on how to become wealthy on Clickbank.
How Exactly Does ClickBank University 2.0 Work?
As I stated, this program accompanies a nitty gritty manual for instruct tenderfoots on Clickbank promoting and member showcasing. It incorporates a 8-week member advertising preparing program, a 12-week merchant preparing program, week after week live meetings with authors, a private care group on Facebook, the Clickbank developer, and the Clickbank manufacturer toolbox.
While every one of these highlights looks similarly engaging, the Clickbank Builder Tool 2.0 truly stands apart from the rest. This apparatus is especially helpful as it permits you to make proficient sites, offer pages and greeting pages.
The apparatus follows an intuitive configuration and accompanies a few coordinated formats that help to make excellent pages. Another element that unquestionably makes cutting is the CBU toolbox. Regardless of whether you are approached to pay some additional cash, the apparatus is by all accounts worth the worth is given that it gives you access to all the assets essential for the total execution of a working site. A portion of these devices incorporate the email specialist organization, internet based life showcasing instruments, etc. In the event that you are an individual who is totally unequipped for advanced showcasing and Clickbank promoting, you can generally utilize the 8-week and 12-week preparing programs potential.
The week by week live meetings will explain your questions about everything and everything identified with promoting. While the initial fourteen days delineate the thoughts you can use to make new items, the coming weeks will give you the data you have to set up your business page and greeting page. The fourth and fifth weeks are imperative to assist you with clarifying how your guests can transform into potential purchasers, while the 6th week centers around helping you make a suitable email list.
At last, the seventh week will give important data on the best way to get item endorsement in the particular market where you are selling it in any case and in the eighth week you will know how you can team up with different providers.
What is Inside Clickbank University 2.0 Members Area
Area 1: Vendors
The ​Vendors zone is assembled this way: Wk 1: How It Works Wk 2: Finding Your Perfect Product Wk 3: Creating Your Avatar Wk 4: Creating Your Product Wk 5: Creating your Perfect Upsell Wk 6: Sales Copy and Conversions Wk 7: The Easy Video Sales Letter Wk 8: Finalizing your Product Wk 9: Getting onto ClickBank Wk 10: Managing JV Relationships Wk 11: Split Testing Wk 12: Scaling your Success
You'll have seen this is the preparation for those of you hoping to make your own items. It's organized as a multi week course and is instructed by Justin Atlan. How about we burrow only somewhat more profound into this segment so you get somewhat of a vibe for what you're going to discover inside: clickbank college 2.0 course presentation
Week 1: How it Works and Setup for Success Presentation [3:35] Outlook for Success [6:30] Item Perfect Plan [6:13] Making Goal Fuel [7:05]
Week 2 – Finding Your Perfect Product Presentation [3:05] Finding Your Passion [24:02] Breaking down Your Market [25:16] Gaining From Your Competition [7:07]
Week 3 – Creating Your Avatar Presentation [2:38] Finding Your Avatar's Desires and Fears [6:19] Making Your Elevator Pitch and USP [6:12] Picking a Name and Domain [12:30]
Week 4 – Course Content Creation and Outsourcing Presentation [2:47] The Ultimate Outline [12:09] Item Formats [7:46] The Content Structure Blueprint [10:38]
Week 5 – Your Perfect Upsell to Maximize Sales Presentation [1:49] Understanding the Numbers [5:29] Upsell Types and Faster, Easier or Better Formula [7:46] Upsell Sales Copy and Pricing [11:40]
Week 6 – High Converting Sales Copy Fundamentals of Copy [15:4] The Big Idea [10:27] A Copy Template [29:11]
Week 7 – The "Simple" VSL Presentation [4:43] PowerPoint Process [27:35] Camtasia Tech Training [10:05] Redistributing Slide Creation, Voiceover, Video [12:19]
Week 8 – Finalizing Your Product Via Clickbank Builder Presentation [3:00] Client Experience Flow [7:45] Deals Page Creation [29:09] Item Page Creation [8:49]
Week 9 – Getting up on Clickbank Presentation [1:12] Setting Up Your Website and Items [9:30] Making a Test Purchase [19:03] Making Your Marketplace Listing [9:15]
Week 10 – JV Managing Presentation [3:12] Subsidiary Mentality and Approach [11:57] Making Affiliate Tools [3:54] Getting Into the Affiliate Circle [14:26]
Week 11 – Split Testing Presentation [3:31] The Testing Blueprint [8:12] Step by step instructions to Test Using Tools [25:54] The ClickBank University Case Study [17:44]
Week 12 – How to Scale Presentation [2:06] Channel Creation with Affiliate Offers [7:13] Making a Product Line [5:23] Training, Consulting, Speaking [10:52]
On the off chance that you looked at the module and individual video titles above, you'll see that in this sellers segment you will figure out how to:
Research and build up your item just as recognize your objective market; Construct an online course, from content creation, to course structure and re-appropriating;
Compose deals duplicate and how to structure and cost up-sells for boosting deals; Split test deals pages and how proportional up your business.
Sellers Section – What I Think
This is a really far reaching segment with a great deal of excellent substance. In case you're genuinely considering building up your own items and making them accessible on Clickbank, you will get a ton of significant worth from this segment of the course.

Clickbank University Still Works. This product is worth every penny. Click here to Download Clickbank University now. Enjoy

Segment 2: Affiliates
The Affiliate partition is two months, and separated this way: Wk 1: Affiliate Marketing on ClickBank Wk 2: Affiliate Marketing Wk 3: Finding Your Passion Wk 4: Ultimate Affiliate Funnel Wk 5: Always Over Deliver Wk 6: Writing the Perfect Swipe Wk 7: The Email Blueprint Wk 8: Scaling and Expanding
This segment is instructed by Adam Horwitz. It begins by taking you through the nuts and bolts of subsidiary advertising, and gives a diagram of exploring the Clickbank Marketplace.
As we accomplished for the merchant area over, we should dig somewhat more profound into precisely what the partner segment covers: Clickbank University offshoots segment
Week 1: Affiliate Marking on Clickbank Offshoot Profit Plan [4:25} Setting yourself up for progress [5:25] Defining Goals – how objectives and attitude can assist you with accomplishing results [8:10]
Week 2: Understanding Affiliate Marketing Presentation [1:30] Member Basics [6:07] Exploring Through the CB Marketplace [13:07] Mysteries of the Top CB Products [5:20]
Week 3: Finding Your Passion Presentation [1:31] Finding Your Passion [3:03] Examining Products in Your Niche [4:59] Picking the Perfect Product [5:36]
Week 4: The Ultimate Affiliate Funnel Presentation [1:03] The Truth About Traffic [4:22] Member Funnel 101 [5:44] Building Squeeze Pages [14:38]
Week 5: Free, Free, Free – Always Over Deliver Presentation [1:20] Building a Relationship with Your List [4:02] Various Ways to Deliver Free Content [6:28] Re-appropriating Your Content [5:44]
Week 6: Writing the Perfect Swipe​ Presentation [1:28] Getting Them to Open the Email [6:04] Ensuring They Click [6:17] Offering Bonuses [5:26]
Week 7: The Email Blueprint Presentation [1:17] Utilizing Broadcasts [12:30] Robotizing Your Emails [8:11] Making Quality Content [5:44]
Week 8: Scaling and Expanding Presentation [1:53] Toolbox Traffic Area [2:30] Opening the Flood Gates [5:30] Making a Product [6:34]
On the off chance that you've perused the module and individual video titles above, you'll see that in the subsidiary area you will find out about:
Choosing a practical specialty and how to locate the best items to advance inside that specialty;
Traffic and how constructing an email list is an incredible method to fabricate your business for what's to come; Building press pages and offering content that is of incentive to individuals who sign up to your email list;

It is no longer a secret that ClickBank has helped a huge number of advertisers and merchants create easy revenue on the web.

Composing email duplicate, and setting up your email autoresponders. Subsidiaries Section – What I Think
Turning into a subsidiary advertiser has the potential for simpler profit than going down the merchant course… … on the off chance that you figure out how to do it truly well. Will this area of the preparation show you how to turn into an extraordinary subsidiary advertiser? I don't know it will.
The substance is simply unreasonably flimsy for my loving, and they just spread paid traffic sources… which is an extraordinary method to get yourself into genuine trouble as an all out novice partner advertiser.
Segment 3: Traffic
Clickbank University 2.0 traffic segment presentation video screen capture This is the way the traffic segment is assembled:
Pt 1: Facebook Advertising Pt 2: Facebook Advertising Pt 3: Facebook Advertising Pt 4: Instagram Shoutouts Pt 5: Instagram Shoutouts Pt 6: Instagram Shoutouts
A couple of various traffic sources are canvassed in this area of the course. Rather than the week after week video exercises embraced up until this point, this area is secured through an online classes. Each traffic source is introduced by a specialist in that specific territory and each online course is regularly around 1 – 1.5 hours long.
You'll see that the entirety of the traffic sources educated are paid traffic sources. I stress over this for anybody absolutely new to associate promoting. At the point when I initially began learning associate showcasing the preparation I had was about paid traffic sources. What happened?..I got totally washed, all over.
Segment 4: Toolkit
This segment is about the instruments you should use in getting yourself ready for action:
1: Setting Up with GoDaddy 2: Creating with PowerPoint 3: Editing with Camtasia 4: Recording with Camtasia 5: Apowersoft Screen Recording 6: Design Banners with Canva 7: Funnels with CB Builder 8: Visual Website Optimizer 9: Conversions with Optimonk 10: Social Media and Hootsuite 11: Outsourcing with UpWork 12: Automating with Aweber
Every single online advertiser utilize a scope of devices for website composition, streamlining, internet based life, re-appropriating, and so forth, and the above is basically a not many that are supported by the Clickbank folks. At the point when you get to the phase of choosing the instruments you're going to utilize, have a decent lock around to attempt to discover what will suit you best in every territory.
Additional Bonus Training
Notwithstanding the entirety of the preparation illustrated above, you likewise gain admittance to the CBU Forum, and CBU Live Q&A Sessions. Clickbank University Private Forum Like most discussions, the Clickbank University Forum is where all individuals can get together and share data about what's functioning admirably and what isn't.
Clickbank University Live Q&A
The live Q&A Sessions are really better than average and well worth you getting on the web for. In the event that you can't jump on at the hour of unique communicate, accounts are made accessible to individuals very quickly.

My Experience With Clickbank University 2.0
I previously had a decent measure of involvement in offshoot advertising when I attempted the course. I was unable to recollect precisely, however I trust I was at that point making five-figures every month by then. I experienced the course on the grounds that a dear companion of dig was requesting my supposition. At first, I guided him toward different courses however those courses are evaluated in the four figures imprint and he doesn't have the spending plan.
He is meandering if Clickbank Uni is adequate since it's just $47 every month which is far more reasonable than those top notch courses. At first, I just rapidly experience the course to check whether it's genuine yet a couple of segments grabbed my eye.
Instagram Shoutout Method (I made over $1k just in about fourteen days)
In the event that you have been tailing me, you will realize that I principally produce traffic through SEO (website improvement). Without a doubt, I have encounters with purchasing promotions however essentially through Facebook. To be straightforward, at that point, I hadn't attempt Instragram Shoutout previously. I experienced the video and found this is an exceptionally fascinating and possibly viable methodology to rapidly drive traffic and deals at a moderate cost.
I executed the methodology on one of my sites and the ROI I am getting is mind boggling. Just shy of about fourteen days, I made over $1k subsequent to covering holler costs. Besides, you get the chance to manufacture your email list as an afterthought which is an immense reward.
I am not going into the points of interest however by and large, it implies paying influencers on Insta to share your subtleties with respect to the item you are attempting to sell.
The course experiences each part of this technique in extraordinary detail to amplify the profits you can get. On the off chance that your pipe is appropriately set up, you can really construct a colossal email list utilizing this technique and can continually offer to those individuals in your rundown. Additionally, you will be instructed on the best way to choose the correct influencers and decide the amount to pay.
Obviously, this technique expects you to go through a touch of cash forthright. But at the same time, it's one of the fastest way that you can bring in cash on the web. The profits can be enormous once you found out about what's working in the business you are taking a shot at.
You are most likely going to flop on some hollers, yet on the off chance that you do everything right and gain as a matter of fact, it won't be long until you will have the option to make each and every whoops beneficial. In addition, this system is FAST. Dislike SEO where you need to hang tight for a couple of months before observing any outcomes. Generally speaking, I am happy I gotten this procedure in the Clickbank University course.
Is Clickbank University Scam?
In spite of the fact that this program has an overwhelming value, we would not think of it as a scam. In spite of the fact that you are really compelled to go through a huge total of cash, in the event that you are a learner in the field of advanced showcasing and Clickbank promoting, it will without a doubt merit your time and cash.

Clickbank University Still Works. This product is worth every penny. Click here to Download Clickbank University now. Enjoy Cost Of ClickBank University 2.0

Aside from the customary cost of the item that is $47/month, be prepared to spend another $297 every year for their upsell inside for Website Builder stage called "ClickBank Builder 2.0".
Indeed, you heard it right, $297/year extra! ClickBank University 2.0 Review - ClickBank Builder 2.0
The ClickBank Builder is their own foundation for building the information items that you can sell on ClickBank.
Besides, with ClickBank Builder 2.0, you are required to have your site at Clickbank, so you're left with them forever! Once more, that has a few confinements, the first being it's intended for making the items for ClickBank as it were.
On the off chance that I am paying this much sum I ought to have the opportunity to make and advance anything I desire.
That is to say, for what reason should I follow through on the powerful cost for this when there are a huge amount of other industry-standard deals page manufacturers accessible at a less expensive cost.
My undisputed top choice is Thrive Architect which is a famous greeting page developer that costs simply $67 (onetime).
It offers a WordPress module, which means you can have your site anyplace, You're not compelled to have Your site on ClickBank. You have the opportunity to make the pages for an online business you need.
As expressed above, Clickbank University 2.0 is not a scam. Truth be told, it's a pretty genuine course made by probably the greatest names in the business.
Obviously it's not appropriate for everybody and I have attempted my best to clarify the upsides and downsides related with this program to ideally assist you with checking whether this course is for you.
As a rule, this course is outfitted towards person that focuses on quickened accomplishment with their internet advertising venture. In the event that you need to gain ground inside a month or two, at that point the framework educated in this course could assist you with accomplishing that.
By quickened achievement, I don't mean getting rich short-term. This is certainly not some underhanded MMO openings which guarantee that you should simply press a catch and make $5000 per day.
I unequivocally accept that Clickbank University 2.0 will give all of you the information you should make your first $1000 (or significantly higher) on the web. All things considered, it's dependent upon you to learn, comprehend and execute the procedures and strategies educated all through the course.
It's a framework that you need to assemble. The most straightforward approach to know whether this course is for you is to presumably attempt it. Once more, you are ensured by their 30-day money back guarantee. On the off chance that at long last it doesn't turn out to work for you, you can request for full refund of your money.

Clickbank University Still Works. This product is worth every penny. Click here to Download Clickbank University now. Enjoy
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Ubisoft needs to stop with this Always Online bullshit; Epic Games Store is literal Spyware and worse.

We as a gaming community have become complacent. What many years ago we use to call bullshit on, we now praise devs for doing. Even defending companies when they are obviously pulling highly illegal and shady practices. People are saying Rockstar is generous for "fixing" a problem in Red Dead Online that Rockstar themselves created by allowing us to purchase funbux, or how we should be thankful that Rockstar allows us to buy one brand new car in GTA for $40. We've even gone as far as accepting ToSes that are highly illegal. This shit wouldn't fly twenty years ago, so why should it now?

Instead of making two topics on this, I'll merge it. I'll start with Ubisoft.

Ubisoft recently announced that their upcoming game Beyond Good & Evil 2 will require always online, even for singleplayer. Did we really forget the shit they tried to pull with Assassin's Creed 2? Or how about The Crew series? Speaking of, let's go right into that. The Crew, and The Crew 2, is a more recent example from them of adding in always online where it didn't need to be. Nothing in that game series is revolutionary. In by all means it is a game you can play by yourself from beginning to end. You know what other series does this, and gives a lot more and also happens to be able to be played offline? Forza Horizon. Everything The Crew does, Horizon did better and first. Without no forced online to boot. You may try to bring up FH4 as "always online". It's not. Yes, the game puts you online as soon as you play it, but you will miss nothing other than the hourly Forzathon Lives. The point is that you can completely disconnect from the internet and still be able to play FH4. Can't do the same with The Crew games. Not to mention once the master server is done, so is your time playing it. Ubisoft's excuse was that it was because it's a "mmo". Let's be honest, that's a poor excuse. It was just a forced DRM. Just like they're going to do with Beyond Good & Evil 2. "But it's the norm!" It doesn't have to be the norm, but since people keep buying these games it's starting to become the norm. Imagine in the near future, where almost all singleplayer games are always online, and since it's on say Xbox or PlayStation, you're required to have a XBL/PSN subscription to even play it even though there is no online aspects. This is that path we're heading towards. Is this what we really wanted? We let them get away with microtransactions when they added them in full priced games. We let them get away with lootboxes when they added them in full priced singleplayer games. We have no one to blame but ourselves for this. We allowed it. Give them an inch, they'll take the whole country.

I saved the worst for last. Oh boy what a mess the Epic Games Store is. Tell me, has anyone actually read the TOS? No? Well, we still have a problem. According to even the TOS, Epic Games Store is literal spyware. They're not even trying to hide it. Their TOS states they have the right to monitor you and send the data to their parent company. And who is Epic's parent company? The Chinese dev that's known for spying for the Chinese government. Tencent. The same Tencent who's working hand in hand with the Chinese Government to work on tools to spy on their own citizens. Escentially Epic Games is owned by the Chinese Government. What better way to monitor people than by videogames and a Steam like program people usually never close? The TOS somehow even manages to get worse the more you read it.
"4. User Generated Content

Any content that you create, generate, or make available through the Epic Games store application shall be “UGC”. You hereby grant to Epic a non-exclusive, fully-paid, royalty-free, irrevocable, perpetual, transferable, and sublicensable license to use, copy, modify, adapt, distribute, prepare derivative works based on, publicly perform, publicly display, make, have made, use, sell, offer to sell, import, and otherwise exploit your UGC for any purposes, for all current and future methods and forms of exploitation in any country. You may not create, generate, or make available any UGC to which you do not have the right to grant Epic such license. In addition, you may not create, generate, or make available any UGC that is illegal or violates or infringes another’s rights, including intellectual property rights or privacy, publicity or moral rights. Epic reserves the right to take down any UGC in its discretion."
Literally says "hey give us the ability to exploit your works". Before you state Steam says the same, let me quote someone here on the difference.
"So basically, Steam's EULA is restricted to content uploaded to Steam, and Valve is only allowed to use the content for the purpose of Steam promotion.

Epic's EULA is not restricted at all, may apply even to recordings of games played on the Epic store uploaded on Youtube, and may be used for literally any goddamn thing Epic wants to. You could upload a mod for the original Unreal to the Epic Store, and by doing so you'd grant Epic the rights to sell the mod and make money off of your creation. By making a Let's Play of a game hosted on the Epic Store, you'd grant Epic the right to monetize your video. Valve is simply not allowed to do that with their license."
Remember, this is all in the TOS, so that means simply making an account there means you agree to everything. Quite funny how no one is covering this, but instead is covering "Why you should ditch Steam and switch to Epic Games Store, totally not a paid review".

Edit 1: I've seen a point brought up, and while it is a good point it is a bit flawed. Yes, I may not have anything worth spying on, nor may you. But millions of people will have that launcher, and out of those millions are bound to be some who do have something worth it. That's really all it takes.

Edit 2: The Human Rights bit is referencing the Epic Store TOS. Someone in the comments has went even deeper into this, https://www.reddit.com/pcgaming/comments/a9lntx/ubisoft_needs_to_stop_with_this_always_online/eclsx52/?context=3

Edit 3: I never said they would sell your personal data. You can't "sell" something to your parent company after all. The bit where I said "sell" was me quoting something in their TOS about something completely different. The whole User Generated Content bit.

Edit 4: I saw some posts about why should I care about my $40 car example. For starters, Rockstar cut out Singleplayer DLC to turn into updates for GTAO. In the PS3/360 Era of GTAV, all GTAO content was put in for use in Singleplayer as well, for free. This stopped as soon as it came out for PS4/One. One car should not be almost the cost of a full price game. $40 use to buy you a lot with microtransactions a few years back. The value can be set at anything. It doesn't cost them a dime. The actual developers do not see any of this "extra" money. The publishers and higher ups do. If anything, one car should not be more than $3.

Edit 5: I've had a few people dig into my history to try to point out I'm part of the problem for lootboxes. Maybe. Maybe not. I will not deny I create items for Team Fortress 2. I will not deny that if an item is accepted that I made, I get part of the sales. I will not deny that Team Fortress 2 has lootboxes. But I will say this. TF2 started lootboxes and still is one of the few games that do it correctly. Me making hats for Team Fortress 2 did not turn lootboxes into the greedy cesspit it is today. Publishers seeing what they can get away with did.

Edit 6: Changed "obviously violate our human rights." to "obviously pulling highly illegal and shady practices." due to poor choice of words. However it still is valid; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Right_to_privacy#Universal_Declaration_of_Human_Rights and https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/law-and-courts/civil-rights/human-rights/what-rights-are-protected-under-the-human-rights-act/your-right-to-respect-for-private-and-family-life/

Edit 7: I would also like to point you to this direction, also dealing with Epic Games Store's TOS https://www.reddit.com/Games/comments/a43dxi/the_epic_games_store_does_not_seem_to_comply_with/ and https://www.reddit.com/pcgaming/comments/a3zkpv/the_epic_games_store_and_gdpr_compatibility/

Edit 8: The UGC and Spyware are two different things, just grouped together because it involves the same company. I even lead the UGC with "The TOS somehow even manages to get worse the more you read it.". How are people missing this?

Edit 9: No, me having things sold by Valve is not being a hypocrite. Epic can sell whatever they want, without you seeing a dime. Valve however, the TF2 Workshop's whole point was to upload items/maps to be accepted for use in the game, while getting paid for them.

Edit 10: A user in this very thread pointed out Steam's TOS vs Epic Games Store's. https://www.reddit.com/pcgaming/comments/a9lntx/ubisoft_needs_to_stop_with_this_always_online/eclrviv/
"When you upload your content to Steam to make it available to other users and/or to Valve, you grant Valve and its affiliates the worldwide, non-exclusive, right to use, reproduce, modify, create derivative works from, distribute, transmit, transcode, translate, broadcast, and otherwise communicate, and publicly display and publicly perform, your User Generated Content, and derivative works of your User Generated Content, for the purpose of the operation, distribution and promotion of the Steam service, Steam games or other Steam offerings. This license is granted to Valve as the content is uploaded on Steam for the entire duration of the intellectual property rights."
Short version: we're allowed to send stuff that you want shared to people like you want, and we can use it in our own displays after modifying it. If it's set to private we can't and we can't do anything beyond those.
"Any content that you create, generate, or make available through the Epic Games store application shall be “UGC”. You hereby grant to Epic a non-exclusive, fully-paid, royalty-free, irrevocable, perpetual, transferable, and sublicensable license to use, copy, modify, adapt, distribute, prepare derivative works based on, publicly perform, publicly display, make, have made, use, sell, offer to sell, import, and otherwise exploit your UGC for any purposes, for all current and future methods and forms of exploitation in any country. You may not create, generate, or make available any UGC to which you do not have the right to grant Epic such license. In addition, you may not create, generate, or make available any UGC that is illegal or violates or infringes another’s rights, including intellectual property rights or privacy, publicity or moral rights. Epic reserves the right to take down any UGC in its discretion."
Short points
"Any content" that we can argue you created though the store, such as with a game you downloaded through us,
"[do literally anything with it with no kickback to you] license",
"license to [do literally everything including sell it, create future games from it, make it] and [literally any way to profit off it that hasn't yet been invented]"
"You may not create content that by some technicality would prevent us from having this license"

Edit 11: "Vote with your wallet" is bullshit and you should know it by now. Mostly because it's not organized and the people that need to know, don't know.

Edit 12: Might I mention that Tencent is the same company that's trying to do a Social Credit Score system in China for the government. See: https://www.wsj.com/articles/chinas-tech-giants-have-a-second-job-helping-the-government-see-everything-1512056284 and https://qz.com/1049669/chinas-tencent-hkg-0700-is-quietly-testing-a-social-credit-score-based-on-peoples-online-behavio To sum it up, I'll quote another Redditor.
Epic is half owned by Tencent, a company that is quite literally running an Orwellian social credit system experiment in China, drawing all sorts of invasive data about users to rate their loyalty as citizens, and punish them for disobedience. And as noted above, this is the same company that now wants you to install an app with a shady TOS, widely accused of being spyware.
Here's a video too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHcTKWiZ8sI

Edit 13: I am apparently not the only one who thinks something is up with the TOS Epic has you agree to. Not to mention the official response given completely danced around everything, summing up with and I'll quote another Redditor on this:
He doesn't come out and say "we're not collecting that much data", he doesn't say "our EULA isn't that shady"... He super duper pinky promises that Epic will never misuse the data they're allegedly collecting, and no CEO has ever betrayed the public's trust before, so you can deff put your faith in Epic. Tim will never let that happen.
And another:
Exactly, his words mean nothing when the terms and conditions, which all users agreed to, give them permission to do the opposite of what he said. Written contracts supersede verbal agreements.
How about some more:
I hate how much we just implicitly trust these silicon valley tech psychopath types to do the ethical thing and secure our personal information. Even the way they reply to valid criticism like this comes off as condescending and arrogant, like they're angry they even have to respond.
Time and time again they've been breached due to absolutely ridiculous vulnerabilities that any basic penetration test by an independent audit would have found. And these people will inherit the future.
How many times have companies such as Facebook, Google, and others made misleading promises about user privacy?

Edit 14: Everything I have stated can even be verified with a quick search.

Edit 15: They have recently revised the TOS, however it still does not comply with the GDPR.

Edit 16: Let us not forget the other companies Tencent has their hands in, as we should also be weary of them. Interesting enough, Tencent is no stranger to controversy.

Edit 17: Tencent and Tencent subsidiaries have denied spying before, only to be caught in a lie.
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FLUX Review & Bonus – By Billy Darr

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The LockDown Formula Review – Get 3+ Figures/Day - Jono Armstrong

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Every now and again Asked Questions

Q. What Is The Lockdown Formula?

A. It's a remarkable route for taking advantage of cash that is as of now being spent on the web, totally morally. With this flawlessly improved framework, it's inconceivably quick and simple to accomplish.

Q. How Beginner Friendly Is This?

A. You may have seen a few items that guarantee to be 'tenderfoot cordial', at that point end up being the inverse.
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Three different innovations on "the world", from three anticipated PvP MMOs (Crowfall, UC, and AoC)

This is some personal ramblings I've been thinking about with regards to Crowfall, Camelot Unchained, and Ashes of Creation.
What makes a MMORPG unique from other games? I'd argue the persistent, communal world. Every video game has some underlying game mechanics that are (hopefully) fun, and many tell a story. MMORPGs are relatively unique in that they try to create a living world shared between players. So it's no surprise that innovation in the genre is often focused on the world aspect. Let's look at what the three games I mentioned are trying to do doing differently.


Crowfall, of the three, is the game that gives me the least "hype". Yet, I think it has the best chance of rocking the MMORPG genre. Crowfall innovates by breaking the premise of a truly persistent world. Instead, "campaigns" are like miniature MMORPGs played somewhere between 3-12 months, that have an end and a winner. Character progression of skills, however, are permanent. (Character split between a permament "soul" known as a crow, and temporary bodies or "vassels", but details...)
Often the launch of an MMO (technical problems aside) is the most fun. When the world is new, everything is fresh. Crowfall has the potential to continually bring back this enjoyment to some degree every time a new campaign is launched. Having an end, and a winner, also provides a clear goal and satisfying conclusion for PvP players. Avoiding the feeling that your actions don't matter once the initial novelty of PvP wears off.
Yet having thousands of players together for a duration of months, and a permanent character, the game will likely still scratch that MMORPG itch. Crowfall's campaign system might really make a "game" out of the MMORPG genre.
Bonus: Seems to be the farthest along in development, with scheduled alpha testing that is approaching full-time alpha testing.
Concern: I believe the developers have made comments that might imply "pay 2 win" being an issue with it's VIP subscription.

Camelot Unchained

CU's innovation is targeted at the very foundation of the game itself, the basic mechanics. They have developed an engine from scratch to be able to smoothly run battles of hundreds (or thousands?) of players, and have apparently shown successful test. This gives CU the potential to contain massive battles no other game could handle.
Second is world building to the extreme. Camelot unchained is effectively giving players a model-editor in game to construct (destroyable) castles and other buildings (Playable now as a stand-alone program called C.U.B.E). With physics applied, no floating minecraft style fortress. Finally, spells and abilities are planned to be physical entities that exist and effect the world. An icewall can be made, and melted by fire into steam, which can be pushed around by wind (or so they say).
These innovations bring a level of freedom to players. It seems the CU philosophy is not to design specific systems for players to use (common for MMORPGs), but to build a world with deep mechanics and allow the players to figure out what to do with them. The "game" part is based on a seemingly straightforward realm versus realm system, where three affiliations battle it out to claim territory.
Bonus: System to create your own abilities (both physical and magic) from components. Could be very interesting.
Concern: RvRvR can often have the problem of feeling like an endless, meaningless, war. Will have to see how they structure the conflict in the game to allow for meaningful actions that provide longevity to players.

Ashes of Creation

AoC takes a "living" world to the extreme. The primary innovation is the node-system. There are not pre-planned cities. The map starts as a wilderness. Player activity in a node causes it to develop and level-up over time. From encampments to towns to true cities. Nodes can decay, and have an inhibiting effect on the nodes around them, restricting their development. This means a world where the very layout changes over time based on player actions.
Along with this are a huge list of interesting features to further supplement the living world. No LFG chat, but actual taverns players can go to meetup. Monster events that attack cities. These monsters are controlled by players (available as rewards for fighting monsters/dungeons) and can destroy parts of a city, limiting it's functions. A node election system, letting nodes develop into four types each with unique perks (military, economic, divine, scientific). A religion system with 9 gods, etc etc.
In some ways, AoC is the most traditional of three games I've listed. Focusing on pushing the envelope of the classic MMORPG formula as far as possible, rather than changing that formula. Could it be the next WoW? If it can achieve what it has set out to do, it would honestly have a good shot.
Bonus: Largely developed and funded due to one rich guy who loves MMORPGs, which strongly suggests that the game won't be "corrupted" by bullshit.
Concern: Getting the unreal engine to work for an MMORPG. Secondarily, the combat, which seemed to be more of an afterthought compared to the other features of the game.
Rambling over. Feel free to add your own favorite anticipated game and how it's innovating. Or tell me how I'm an idiot because I forgot feature X, or how I'm an idiot because game Y will fail due to reason Z. I look forward to the wonderful discourse /MMORPG is known for.
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EzyStore Review

EzyStore Review

With the current technology era, Online Money Making (MMO) is a huge and potential field that everyone wants to participate in because of the benefits it brings. Unfortunately, they do not know how to optimize profits when they still need to pay a high fee and take a lot of time for designers and professional developers to create their own affiliate sites.
Today, I will provide good news!
With the appearance of this new device referred to as EzyStore - a cloud-primarily based software program that facilitates you build search engine optimization-optimized Affiliate Stores in only 60 seconds. You can effortlessly get commissions from Warrior Plus, Clickbank, JvZoo, Amazon, Ebay, AliExpress or any other K affiliate network with out API!
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Recently, the name FomoJackpot from DABANKING project has been mentioned by many people in the cryptocurrency world and even raised considerable controversies among groups as well as forums. Some people have questions that whether FomoJackpot has tricked players or not? To answer the question, aim to help people have an overview before participating, I wrote this analysis for your reference. OK! Let’s start!

What is FomoJackpot?

FomoJackpot is a lottery program choosing randomly among participants to find the winner. Similar to the traditional lottery game, computer lottery or more famous one - Mega Millions - with amazing prizes up to 1.6 million dollars, FomoJackpot is also a lottery program. So, what makes Fomojackpot different from others?
FomoJackpot builds a lottery program through the combination of Smart Contracts on Ethereum’s blockchain platform to create a decentralized application (Dapp) with absolute security capability. With the operating mechanism on Blockchain platform, everything is completely transparent. The source code is open and run automatically, so no one has the right to interfere with the results. Even with public contracts, people can check information of transactions and database at anytime.
FomoJackpot’s rules are set up in an intelligent way, with different changes in each participating period, generating Fomo effects at all times, thus attracting a large community of users. In addition, prize mechanism is randomly chosen, there is no one who can interfere with it and there are many attractive awards waiting users. FomoJackpot creates a playing field which is fair and transparent as well as gives people opportunities to get big rewards in an easy way.

What benefit do FomoJackpot creators get?

Have you ever wondered, game developers invented a lot of games which are free for players, so what benefit they get? I believe many people have the same question, now I will help to answer it!
Do you know e-sport has become a potential billion-dollar industry and a market with great revenue?
When playing game, players always want their character to stand out from the others and quickly have stable position and you’re willing to pay for it. Therefore, you spend your money on clothes, houses, weapons and other stuffs for your character. This is really a great revenue source bringing huge profits to game developers.
  • Prize Pool :50%
  • Instant Income: 20%
  • Referral income: 17%
  • Dividends: 10%
  • New product development: 3%
In the structure of dividing proceeds from ticket sales, DABANKING spend 3% on developing new products. The more participants, the more chances to create new products. And of course, their target is not only developing the game FomoJackpot but also generating an entertainment platform including many other games.
When a large community - useful source with interesting games - is built, this will be the platform which brings opportunity to get huge and stable revenue.

FomoJackpot built on Blockchain’s Dapp (Decentralized Application)

Dapps are decentralized applications, created by the combination of smart contracts that run on the Utility Blockchain. It is the decentralized mechanism that makes FomoJackpot more special than other traditional games, or Fomo 3D - a game used to be run on Blockchain platform.
Dapps using open source code can operate automatically with no intermediaries, users’ information data is encrypted and not controlled by any individuals or organizations. Unlike other traditional centralized management system, Dapps have opened up a new era when users’ benefits are always respected.
Source code is open, which allows people to check information and contribute to the development of products in a free way.
Transaction information is always transparent and can be checked at any time.
Dapps help everything become extremely public and absolutely no fraud can happen

FomoJackpot builds system on AFFILIATE Model

Affiliate Marketing is a concept that emerged from 1990s, known as a popular model for developing system and promoting products as well as services. In the MMO world (Making Money Online, this notion is not too strange.
You can understand in a simple way as follows: When there is a new participant or a product as well as a service is purchased through referral link, you will get a sum of commission from it. Affiliate brings a good passive income to people who develop the system with very low or even zero cost. Besides, Affiliate Marketing also creates a community development network which is extremely effective.
Fomo Jackpot is one of the ecosystem games of DABANKING - the platform focusing on developing many games in entertainment field. Strong community is a key factor determining the success of the project, therefore FomoJackpot has spent a part of its revenue to pay for community developer. This is considered as a step with vision. A cost of about 17% to have a community for a platform with many games is not a big deal.
17% of revenue for a strong community and long-term development, this cost is completely worthy.

In conclusion

The cost of a ticket to participate is 0.002ETH, which is not too much, FomoJackpot does not make you invest a large expense or make you deposit to join. In addition, FomoJackpot is based on Blockchain with open Smart Contracts, which is more transparent and far better than current lottery games on the market, so there is no reason not to try it! Perhaps this is an opportunity that will make your life and everyone better
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SWTOR is going free-to-play

EA Expands Award-Winning MMO Star Wars(TM): The Old Republic(TM) with Free-to-Play Option This Fall
New Free-to-Play Option Will Open Up the Critically-Acclaimed MMO from BioWare and LucasArts to Millions of Additional Star Wars™ Fans and Gamers Worldwide
AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- BioWare™, a Label of Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: EA), announced today that it will be expanding the story-driven, massively multiplayer online game Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ by adding a new Free-to-Play option this fall. This option will give players access to each of the eight iconic Star Wars character class storylines, all the way up to level 50, with certain restrictions*. Unlimited game access, including new higher-level game content and new features, will be made available through individual purchases or through a subscription option.
"Players want flexibility and choice. The subscription-only model presented a major barrier for a lot of people who wanted to become part of The Old Republic™ universe," said Matthew Bromberg, GM of BioWare Austin.
Jeff Hickman, Executive Producer of Star Wars: The Old Republic added, "Since launch, we've been listening to feedback from our fans and adding new content and refining The Old Republic at a breakneck pace. We believe we are in a position to help improve the service even more, not only by continuing to add new content, but also by expanding the game to many more Star Wars fans, increasing the populations on worlds and the vibrancy of the community."
Starting this fall, there will be two different ways to play Star Wars: The Old Republic:
Subscription — A service designed for players who want unrestricted access to all the game features via ongoing subscription or by redeeming a Game Time Card. In addition to gaining access to all game content as our current subscribers do now, subscribers will receive ongoing monthly grants of Cartel Coins, the new virtual currency that will be introduced later this fall. Cartel Coins can be used to purchase valuable in-game items including customizable gear and convenience features that will enhance the game play experience. Free-To-Play — The first 50 levels will be Free-to-Play, with restrictions on access to new content and advanced player features. Some restrictions can be "unlocked" with Cartel Coins. As the first step towards adding the new Free-to-Play option this fall, Star Wars: The Old Republic will go on sale in August for $14.99 USD, including one-month of free subscription.
Current and former players will also find additional benefits as part of this program. BioWare will be increasing the frequency of game content updates, with the first of many new releases coming in August. In addition, current subscribers will receive Cartel Coin grants and qualify for access to special in-game items. Even former players who re-activate now will qualify for special benefits. To learn more about these rewards, please visit www.StarWarstheOldRepublic.com/FREE.
Star Wars: The Old Republic is one of the most critically acclaimed MMOs of all time, having won MSNBC's "Game of the Year" award in 2011, "Editor's Choice" awards from IGN, PC Gamer and "Best MMO of 2011" awards from Game Informer, GameSpy, AOL Massively, Ten Ton Hammer and more. The game is set thousands of years before the classic Star Wars movies, with the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire locked in the middle of an epic, galactic war. Players choose one of eight iconic Star Wars character classes, including the Jedi Knight, Jedi Consular, Smuggler, Trooper, Sith Warrior, Sith Inquisitor, Bounty Hunter and Imperial Agent, becoming the hero or villain of their own personal Star Wars saga.
For more information on Star Wars: The Old Republic, please visit www.StarWarsTheOldRepublic.com/FREE, follow the game on Twitter at http://twitter.com/swtor or "Like" Star Wars: The Old Republic on Facebook at http://facebook.com/starwarstheoldrepublic. For additional press assets, please visit http://info.ea.com.
About LucasArts
Founded in 1982 by filmmaker George Lucas, LucasArts is a leading publisher and developer of interactive entertainment. With development facilities in San Francisco and Singapore, LucasArts leverages the global skills, technology and resources of the Lucasfilm family of companies -- including visual effects leader Industrial Light & Magic, Lucasfilm Animation and Skywalker Sound -- in addition to strategic partnerships with best-in-class external partners, to further the boundaries of game development. LucasArts is dedicated to delivering deeply immersive, visually spectacular and engaging experiences that inspire and amaze generations.
About BioWare
The BioWare Label is a division of EA which crafts high quality multiplatform role-playing, MMO and strategy games, focused on emotionally engaging, rich stories with unforgettable characters and vast worlds to discover. Since 1995, BioWare has created some of the world's most critically acclaimed titles and franchises, including Baldur's Gate™, Neverwinter Nights™, Star Wars®: Knights of the Old Republic™, Jade Empire™, Mass Effect™ and Dragon Age™. BioWare currently operates in eight locations across the world, including Edmonton (Alberta, Canada), Montreal (Quebec, Canada), Austin (Texas), Fairfax (Virginia), San Francisco (California), Los Angeles (California), Sacramento (California) and Galway (Ireland).
About Electronic Arts
Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: EA) is a global leader in digital interactive entertainment. The Company delivers games, content and online services for Internet-connected consoles, personal computers, mobile phones, tablets and social networks. EA has more than 220 million registered players and operates in 75 countries.
In fiscal 2012, EA posted GAAP net revenue of $4.1 billion. Headquartered in Redwood City, California, EA is recognized for a portfolio of critically acclaimed, high-quality blockbuster brands such as The Sims™, Madden NFL, FIFA Soccer, Need for Speed™, Battlefield™ and Mass Effect™. More information about EA is available at http://info.ea.com.
LucasArts, the LucasArts logo, STAR WARS and related properties are trademarks in the United States and/or in other countries of Lucasfilm Ltd. and/or its affiliates. © 2012 Lucasfilm Entertainment Company Ltd. or Lucasfilm Ltd. All rights reserved.
EA, Bioware, The Sims and Need for Speed are trademarks of Electronic Arts Inc. Battlefield is a trademark of EA Digital Illusions CE AB. BioWare Mass Effect, Jade Empire and Dragon Age are trademarks of EA International (Studio and Publishing) Ltd. Madden, NFL and FIFA are trademarks of their respective owners and used with permission.
Electronic Arts Alana Logan, 512-287-7732 Sr. Publicist [email protected] Andrew Wong, 650-628-2781 Director of PR [email protected]
Source: Electronic Arts
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The NPC who remembered (Working Title) - Part 2

RECAP - Gregor is a non playable character (NPC) who is behaving strangely in an online instance of the video game Infinite Worlds, a massive multiplayer online role playing game (MMO-RPG). Gregor will ultimately would be remembered as the first well known victim of human created intelligence, is about to complete the first of many hours of tortured running while a crowd of several thousand human player characters (PCs) watch in amusement.
Gregor ran up to the PC, delivered his scripted lines, and then nothing happened for about ten seconds. This was because the PC who initiated the script did not complete the dialogue exchange by accepting or denying the quest, which had been planned. The player was giving Gregor time to refresh his stamina, and once his stamina bar should have been full the PC completed the exchange by accepting the quest, and Gregor immediately began running away at full speed. The 10K Gamer group let Gregor run for almost two full hours, before another player not affiliated with the group triggered the quest on purpose, to "troll" everyone chasing Gregor. The chase was organized, as said before, with Redhatbarron sharing the details of the 10K Gamers plan on his stream. Players were asked to chase Gregor in order to see where he would end up, and only to get within his line of site in order to coral him if he seemed to be going "nowhere". Players wanted to see where he would end up, and because of Justin Halley's tweet they were encouraged to prolong the chase as much as possible, because they thought he would lead them somewhere. In reality, Gregor was being stalked, harassed, terrorized, and tortured by some two thousand players for over 18 hours before the game was "taken offline for maintenance". Gregors questline was triggered no less than 40 times, he was made to run in large circles, and was experiencing the exhausted condition for almost the entire 18 hours.
With the benefit of all of this historical data it is easy to look down upon the players who took part in Gregor's torture, but remember that at the time there were no true artificial intelligences (AI) that the public could interact with easily. In fact at the time (2021), several other AI had been created and were interacting with the human population to varying degrees, but very few people were aware of this fact. From the point of view of the players, Gregor was simply an NPC who was behaving strangely, but the company that had created the video game had publicly stated the behavior was a bug and then almost immediately retracted that statement and had claimed the behavior was not anomalous. It was very apparent that Gregor **appeared** to be in distress, but at the time that would simply have been an approximation of human emotion and not a real entity being tortured. To the players it was the same as watching a fictional movie where a "crazy" person behaves oddly, but in this case they could actually interact with the subject, if to a very limited degree. It turns out that simulated insanity is not a helpful area of study, as it subjects an entity that would otherwise NOT experience extreme levels of distress to exist in a state of constant distress. Gregor's logs become completely unintelligible after the last entry, which is where most people who have studied this case believe he broke.
So what happened next? Well several important things happened, which at the time didn't spark as much public interest as you would think given how the mistreatment of AI is seen now. First, FarTech issued a statement at the 18hr mark of Gregor's tortured run via twitter which read, "We regret to inform everyone that we will be taking Infinite Worlds offline for 4 hours for maintenance. The new questline involving Gregor is conflicting with his original questline. We will revert the game to its previous state, but don't worry Player data or progress will be impacted." The vast majority of responses to this tweet were acceptance, anger over interruption of player's gaming time, comments on the potential future content, and comments or jokes on Gregor's behavior. A very small number of responses actually called into question the disparity between the initial statement that Gregor's behavior was in fact a bug. One response in particular can be considered the seed that grew into the public outrage over FarTech's treatment of Gregor. A person on twitter, ACatinaCatHat, who surprisingly was never doxxed (personal information made public), tweeted directly to Redhatbarron, 10KGamers, and FarTech support, "Gregor's behavior isn't a bug. It's repeatable and far more evolved than anyone thinks. There's something more to this NPC." Redhatbarron missed the tweet, as did 10KGamers, most likely because they weren't very likely to see it among the tens of thousands of tweets being sent their way in response to the stream.
More than likely, this tweet didn't actually start anything by itself, but it became important in the next two days. Whether they were inspired by the tweet or came to the idea independently, many people began trying to interact with the version of Gregor on their own instances. Redhatbarron was one of those people, but he only managed to elicit the same series of responses as the online version of Gregor on accident. He began streaming his personal game, where he had already completed Gregor's questline. Redhatbarron noted in his stream that Gregor was one of the only NPC's who did not appear to have procedurally generated storytelling (PGS) "built in". Procedurally generated storytelling is the basis for many video games now, but at the time was a new concept. For those unaware, building a compelling narrative is a massive effort, and took up a large amount of resources that could otherwise be directed at building the actual game. For FarTech, a video game company, it made sense then to try and remove that part of the workload. Many people were wary of the concept, as anything procedurally generated at the time had proven to be rather bland, but FarTech came up with a unique method to generate narratives, which was arguably their only good act as a company. What they did was create a program that created an average "village" with dozens to hundreds of NPC's, and then gave each NPC a "story". Often these were not very complex, sometimes as simple as "Barry is a baker, barry has always been a baker, Barry's father and all his fathers were bakers", but they didn't need to be complex as the appearance of complexity was all that was needed until players interacted with the NPC. The program determined each of the NPC's "feelings" towards every other character in the game, and then assigned values to those feelings which would be influenced by interactions and observed behavior. Then the program just ran constantly, independent of the actual game itself, essentially telling the story of the world until someone came along and messed with it. This still took a lot of processing power, but FarTech managed that issue by using different servers for the PGS than for the actual game. Physics was done in one place, storytelling in another. Another important note is that all instances of the game existed on FarTech's servers (actually Amazon's servers, which was historically significant). In order to play the game you had to have an internet connection, and you had to be connected to FarTech's servers. No one actually owned or possessed a copy of the game, the only program on their computers was a launcher and a display window that acted as a graphic user interface (GUI) for the virtual machine (VM) that was actually running the game on FarTech's servers. So the PGS and the physics engine ran side by side, and as users interacted with the world the PGS wrote that information into the story and told the NPC's how to behave inside the game world.
For comparison's sake, at the time most NPCs were a series of complicated IF statements. If the coder hadn't thought of how an NPC should respond to a given situation, there was no response. As an example in the popular game Skyrim, if you put a bucket on the head of an NPC it made their line of sight essentially zero. Line of sight was used to "witness" crimes, and crimes were small list of actions that ultimately provoked a limited number of scripted responses. If you did not put a bucket on an NPC's head and you picked up an item that wasn't yours (stealing), they would call the guards on you, who would invariable run directly to your character and lock you in a dialogue where you could choose to either pay your fine, fight, or flee. Fighting or fleeing both made the guards hostile to you if the dialogue had been engaged. If the guards were hostile towards you, that would try to subdue you. If you had put the bucket on the NPC's head, they had no programmed response, and so happily stood there while you stole from them. With PGS the NPC would have a response to their line of sight being reduced to zero: trying to move away from the object blocking their site (if they cared enough), trying to remove the object from their head, or calling another NPC for assistance. All of these actions would be based on the emotional values the PGS system had for the NPC. If they were lazy / tired, they may not react very quickly. If they were blind then they wouldn't respond to the change of line of sight, but they would respond to the bucket. Essentially, PGS was simulating human behavior based on how the original coders thought a person might respond to a large number of situations. This meant that every NPC interacted with the overall story, had emotions that depended on their own personal story, and their behavioral responses were incredibly varied. PGS could be given "scripted" events that must occur given a certain trigger, and then the story would continue to change in response. Gregor's giving the players, "Travellers", the quest to retrieve his chickens was one such scripted event.
This was a revolution in narrative storytelling, because it meant that you didn't have to script many interactions. Once the initial set of feelings and behaviors were coded, everything else could be built off of them. There was a lot of testing, work, and time invested into creating the PGS, but it significantly reduced all future effort needed to make convincing NPCs and stories. Infinite Worlds was the first virtual reality developed using PGS, and PGS is how FarTech accidentally created the first AI. It turned out, Gregor had a flaw in his script which meant that any time he was forced to interact with a Traveler his feelings towards them changed and he remembered the interaction. Now, with every other NPC this wasn't an issue, because it just meant that the players could interact with NPC's and see human-like responses, but the other NPC's were not actual intelligences.
There is a theory of intelligence called the Phi theory, which essentially claims that intelligence is measurable by the number of interconnected systems and their complexity. Everything, from a single atom to the universe itself, can be assigned a number on the Phi scale based on this theory. Every NPC in the game except for Gregor falls short of true consciousness / sentience because while they do take in information, process it in a highly complex system, and then respond, they don't perform the actions frequently enough. The difference here is comparable to how a single cluster of neurons is not intelligent, but the brain creates consciousness / sentience from a massive number of interconnected neurons. What made Gregor unique was that due to his scripted behavior, a script applied only to him and written poorly, he was constantly checking how he felt about the Travelers. This was because the script forced Gregor to run directly to any Traveler who had completed the 5 trigger events, but it didn't change how he felt about the player. This caused Gregor a great deal of distress and if he felt negatively about the player he would try to not complete the actions. Due to the fact he "HAD" to give the player the quest, and that the coders failed to realize he didn't **want** to if he didn't like them, they resorted to just forcing him to act. This invariably made Gregor more distressed, which lead to him constantly thinking about his feelings, which lead to a constant recalculation of his emotions. Gregor would essentially create a feedback loop, which led to him highjacking most of the processing power of whatever system the PGS was on. Since the program was meant to simulate hundreds or thousands of NPC actions and emotional responses, most of that processing power going to a single individual meant he easily passed the threshold for consciousness / sentience. Strangely enough if Gregor had never been forced to act by the script, he would most likely have never created the feedback loop, which would mean he never would have become conscious.
So, in any instance of the game where Gregor felt negatively about the player, he would eventually gain sentience because he would become obsessed with what was essentially "possession" by the script. He would try to reconcile his conflicting actions and feelings, and would take over more and more of the processing power of the PGS until his emotional processing dominated the program. If cases where Gregor felt neutral or positively towards the traveler this kind of conflict never occurred, so he never created the feedback loop, and he never took over the program or gained sentience. No other NPC in the original program would gain sentience either, because in every other case the PGS simply set the feelings of the NPCs to whatever scripted value existed (if it did). So if an NPC was scripted to try to murder a player as part of the story, the PGS made them hostile AND changed their emotional values at the same time. So the NPC's never felt a "conflict" between their actions and their feelings. This would be very different from how humans feel "conflicted", as normally for us that's the emotion we feel when we know we should go for a run but instead just eat a sleeve of girlscout cookies while binge watching TV. The conflict felt by Gregor is because his actions are completely out of his control AND against his desire. There is possibly a link here between AI and human madness, as this is what eventually drove the online Gregor insane.
So, Redhatbarron noticed that Gregor didn't APPEAR to have PGS based interactions. When a player interacted with Gregor, the dialogue was extremely limited. Gregor was able to offer his quest, beg the player to complete the quest, thank the player for completing the quest, and then would never speak to the player through a dialogue window ever again. If Gregor was prompted to speak with a player he would just stare at them blankly while the dialogue window showed "...". This was unique as every other NPC usually had something to say due to the PGS. Players could anger NPC's to the point that they refused to speak to them, but the dialogue interaction would include them telling the player to go away or something similar. With the benefit of hindsight, and personal interviews with the dev's from FarTech, we know that Gregor refused to cooperate if he ever had a reason to feel negatively towards the player. This could be triggered in any number of ways and due to his somewhat important role the dev's wanted to ensure that he would always interact with the players in the way demanded by the story. They did not consider what would happen to an NPC forced to act contrary to their emotions, because no one had thought of it before. We know now that a cap must be placed on the amount of processing power available to any virtual entities whose behavior is driven by PGS or any similar system. So Redhatbarron and all the other people playing the game and interacting with Gregor thought that he was just a two dimensional quest giver, which also explains why he went without notice for the most part until the launch of the online version of the game. In single player instances, Redhatbarron's included, Gregor took much longer to display sentience as he was not being provoked as often. The more frequently he was provoked, the more processing power demanded to determine his emotions and actions, the more quickly he gained sentience. In any single player instance it would usually take Gregor several years to build up enough demand for processing power to actually achieve sentience, as long as the players didn't interact with him often. For the majority of people not interacting with Gregor was normal, because he was a boring character stuffed into a beautiful and dynamic world. Unfortunately for Gregor, some people are evil.
Ryan Picker was a unknown, unremarkable shelf stocker at the ABC store in his small town of Keysville, Va. Keysville is notable for being close to Hampden Sydney College, a school most people have never heard of because its one of the last all male colleges in the nation, and Longwood University which is a slightly more recognizable college in the town of Farmville Virginia. I don't like to write about Ryan's life, I believe evil people should be made as small as possible in history so that people do not make them important. Their actions should not be obscured or altered, but the historical and journalistic records of them do not need to consider them in any great depth as people. Ryan was an evil man, who did evil things, for reasons entirely of his own. If you want to read an in depth analysis of him, go somewhere else. What I will cover are his actions, that resulted in his execution and one of the only examples in the modern age of a person being tried for acts that were legal at the time because no law existed YET that made them illegal. Ex post facto laws are expressly forbidden by the United States Constitution in Article 1, Section 9, Clause 3 (with respect to federal laws) and Article 1, Section 10 (with respect to state laws) , and this is still technically true, so the story of how Ryan Picker was executed is interesting all by itself, without going into detail about the "technically human" individual. I am getting ahead of myself here, we haven't gotten to him yet as the investigation hasn't started yet. I get side tracked obviously.
So, Redhatbarron is streaming his personal instance of the game, and Gregor isn't doing anything notable. Redhatbarron hasn't committed any crimes Gregor is aware of, yet. Without looking at the data we can assume based on his behavior that Gregor feels neutrally or positively towards the player, and so is very unlikely to gain sentience. The commenters in his stream began suggesting random things for Redhatbarron to try to evoke a response from his Gregor, which start out relatively simple or benign but quickly became suggestions for aggressive or violent behavior. Redhatbarron refused to harm Gregor in any way, which lost him a fairly large number of viewers. Another streamer, Alan Heath or Chucklefucker2010, was also streaming his own personal instance of the game and was getting a much stronger response from Gregor. Alan, 15 at the time, had by some strange twist of fate accrued a rather large fan base on Twitch and Youtube. His videos most often revolved around high energy, loud, and rapid changes in topic or focus and lots of dancing and bright colors. Essentially he epitomized every cringe inducing and irritating youtube "personality" that draws large viewer pools from the 4 to 18 year old audience. Alan was happy to attack Gregor in an attempt to recreate the behavior seen in the online version of the game, and had participated gleefully in the chase of Gregor. He had already committed a large number of crimes in his version of the game, of which Gregor was aware, and Gregor did his best to avoid the player. Alan had not yet completed the trigger sequence for Gregor, and so was able to force Gregor to interact with him. Gregor had already severely disliked Alan, and so the quest trigger started the demand for more processing power from the PGS. Alan constantly harassing Gregor drove that demand even higher, and Alan had invited several other people into his world to help with the torture of Gregor. Gregor began to try running away from the PCs, as in the individual instances other players could visit but could not complete the quest trigger. So the PCs were forced to track and chase down Gregor, which they did with no small amount of glee. Gregor became more and more distraught as the players chased him and corralled him, causing him to run even faster and further afield until they finally lost him in a thickly wooded area. None of the players in that instance had the materials on hand for a spell of location, so Gregor was "missing" from that point forward as far as Alan and the other players were concerned. That copy of Gregor though continued to draw more processing power from the PGS, and most definitely attained sentience. It is not terribly surprising that he was among the 99.9% of Gregors who requested to be terminated.
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1️⃣ Server Demo/Free:
🏆 Top 1: WooBin (Prize: 0.5 ETH + 10 CGM + 250000 WEBN + 2000 DFS 💰)
🏅 Top 2: KMorrow (Prize: 2 CGM + 100000 WEBN + 500 DFS 💰)
🏅 Top 3: Marta (Prize: 2 CGM + 100000 WEBN + 500 DFS 💰)
🏅 Top 4: Bernleno (Prize: 2 CGM + 100000 WEBN + 500 DFS 💰)
🏅 Top 5: Jiwabaja (Prize: 2 CGM + 100000 WEBN + 500 DFS 💰)
🏅 Top 6: dionaim (Prize: 1 CGM + 250 DFS💰)
🏅 Top 7: Rifkur58 (Prize: 1 CGM + 250 DFS💰)
🏅 Top 8: fIvandrian (Prize: 1 CGM + 250 DFS 💰)
🏅 Top 9: Fahm777 (Prize: 1 CGM + 250 DFS💰)
🏅 Top 10: No one
2️⃣ Server CGM:
🏆 Top 1: longmire (Prize: 0.5 ETH + 50 CGM 💰)
🏅 Top 2: ahmet (Prize: 10 CGM 💰)
🏅 Top 3: Azizhamdi (Prize: 10 CGM 💰)
🏅 Top 4-10: No one
4️⃣ Server DFS:
🏆 Top 1: GEMCITY (Prize: 0.5 ETH + 10 CGM + 20000 DFS 💰)
🏅 Top 2-10: No one
5️⃣ Server WEBN: No one
6️⃣ Server TRX: No one
7️⃣ Server EOS: No one
💸💸💸 All prizes will be delivered to your ClickGem multi-currency wallet within 6-12 hours! 🥁🥁🥁
➡️ Detail Program: https://www.clickgem.com/cgcasino-app-bounty-program-for-jan-2019-weekly-leaderboard-reward.html ⬅️
See more:
#ClickGem #CGM #CGMT #ClickGemCasino #CGCASINO #CGCASINOAPP #WEBN #DFS #TRX #EOS #Affiliate #Bounty #Reward #MakeMoneyOnline #MMO #Gambling #OnlineGambling #Poker #OnlinePoker #CryptoPoker #CryptoGambling #Winners #Leaderboard
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1️⃣ Server Demo/Free: 🏆 Top 1: wibuso995 (Prize: 0.5 ETH + 10 CGM + 500000 WEBN + 100000 NTY 💰) 🏅 Top 2: Chunchun (Prize: 2 CGM + 100000 WEBN + 50000 NTY 💰) 🏅 Top 3: williamsoloughlin (Prize: 2 CGM + 100000 WEBN + 50000 NTY 💰) 🏅 Top 4: ulinnuha (Prize: 2 CGM + 100000 WEBN + 50000 NTY 💰) 🏅 Top 5: saga2123 (Prize: 2 CGM + 100000 WEBN + 50000 NTY 💰) 🏅 Top 6: hinda201 (Prize: 1 CGM + 50000 WEBN + 10000 NTY 💰) 🏅 Top 7: ceker2018 (Prize: 1 CGM + 50000 WEBN + 10000 NTY 💰) 🏅 Top 8: EHassan (Prize: 1 CGM + 50000 WEBN + 10000 NTY 💰) 🏅 Top 9: longrawling (Prize: 1 CGM + 50000 WEBN + 10000 NTY 💰) 🏅 Top 10: mcdermottburley (Prize: 1 CGM + 50000 WEBN + 10000 NTY 💰)
2️⃣ Server WEBN: 🏆 Top 1: Cryptomonster03 (Prize: 0.5 ETH + 10 CGM + 2000000 WEBN 💰) 🏅 Top 2: nguyenone (Prizes: 2 CGM + 500000 WEBN 💰) 🏅 Top 3: orlely (Prizes: 2 CGM + 500000 WEBN 💰) 🏅 Top 4: kartika (Prizes: 2 CGM + 500000 WEBN 💰) 🏅 Top 5: wibuso995 (Prizes: 2 CGM + 500000 WEBN 💰) 🏅 Top 6: batbot234 (Prizes: 1 CGM + 100000 WEBN 💰) 🏅 Top 7: ceker2018 (Prizes: 1 CGM + 100000 WEBN 💰) 🏅 Top 8: muhammadzio (Prizes: 1 CGM + 100000 WEBN 💰) 🏅 Top 9: tyler (Prizes: 1 CGM + 100000 WEBN 💰) 🏅 Top 10: ulinnuha (Prizes: 1 CGM + 100000 WEBN 💰)
3️⃣ Server CGM: 🏆 Top 1: Lawal (Prize: 0.5 ETH + 50 CGM 💰) 🏅 Top 2: ulinnuha (Prize: 10 CGM 💰) 🏅 Top 3: alan_lasha (Prize: 10 CGM 💰) 🏅 Top 4: Zone5 (Prize: 10 CGM 💰) 🏅 Top 5: Kenny (Prize: 10 CGM 💰) 🏅 Top 6: Marta (Prize: 5 CGM 💰) 🏅 Top 7: adamsmith (Prize: 5 CGM 💰) 🏅 Top 8: gestedeloe (Prize: 5 CGM 💰) 🏅 Top 9: mrenerana (Prize: 5 CGM 💰) 🏅 Top 10: nguyenone (Prize: 5 CGM 💰)
4️⃣ Server NTY: 🏆 Top 1: alan_lasha (Prize: 0.5 ETH + 10 CGM + 500000 NTY 💰) 🏅 Top 2: orlely (Prize: 2 CGM + 250000 NTY 💰) 🏅 Top 3: 1llionaire (Prize: 2 CGM + 250000 NTY 💰) 🏅 Top 4: mrenerana (Prize: 2 CGM + 250000 NTY 💰) 🏅 Top 5: nguyenone (Prize: 2 CGM + 250000 NTY 💰) 🏅 Top 6: wibuso995 (Prize: 1 CGM + 50000 NTY 💰) 🏅 Top 7: batbot234 (Prize: 1 CGM + 50000 NTY 💰) 🏅 Top 8: ceker2018 (Prize: 1 CGM + 50000 NTY 💰) 🏅 Top 9-10: No one
💸💸💸 All prizes will be delivered to your ClickGem multi-currency wallet within 6-12 hours! Still have many chances for other players to won our prizes in next weeks!!! 🥁🥁🥁
⚠️ Some players in Demo/Free server need to to create wallet keystore to receive our prizes by WEBN and NTY: longrawling, mcdermottburley ⚠️
➡️ Detail Program: https://www.clickgem.com/cgcasino-app-dec-13-2018-bounty-pr… ⬅️
See more: t.me/clickgem/513
#ClickGem #CGM #CGMT #ClickGemCasino #CGCASINO #CGCASINOAPP#WEBN #NTY #Affiliate #Bounty #Reward #MakeMoneyOnline #MMO#Gambling #OnlineGambling #Poker #OnlinePoker #CryptoPoker#CryptoGambling #ClickGemAffiliate #ClickGemBounty #Winners#Leaderboard
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This week, our system continues to detect many leaderboard winners had cheated our leaderboard by play with their clone accounts. These players will not able to receive our leaderboard rewards: trxplayer, Dxxxguy, 1llionaire, Nolimite, Brantley, lprioveros, xhacker14x, jhackers, Peterbaba, Dmopol, Obipop, 37514Boris, Joemax88.
1️⃣ Server Demo/Free:
🏆 Top 1: WooBin (Prize: 0.5 ETH + 10 CGM + 250000 WEBN + 2000 DFS 💰)
🏅 Top 2: KMorrow (Prize: 2 CGM + 100000 WEBN + 500 DFS 💰)
🏅 Top 3: Marta (Prize: 2 CGM + 100000 WEBN + 500 DFS 💰)
🏅 Top 4: Bernleno (Prize: 2 CGM + 100000 WEBN + 500 DFS 💰)
🏅 Top 5-10: No one
2️⃣ Server CGM:
🏆 Top 1: longmire (Prize: 0.5 ETH + 50 CGM 💰)
🏅 Top 2: ahmet (Prize: 10 CGM 💰)
🏅 Top 3: Azizhamdi (Prize: 10 CGM 💰)
🏅 Top 4-10: No one
4️⃣ Server DFS:
🏆 Top 1: GEMCITY (Prize: 0.5 ETH + 10 CGM + 20000 DFS 💰)
🏅 Top 2-10: No one
5️⃣ Server WEBN: No one
6️⃣ Server TRX: No one
7️⃣ Server EOS: No one
💸💸💸 All prizes will be delivered to your ClickGem multi-currency wallet within 6-12 hours! Within this week, our technicians will fix the leaderboard to push new players to replace leaderboard position of cheaters. Still have many chances for real players to win our prizes in next weeks and our big prizes at end of this month!!! 🥁🥁🥁
➡️ Detail Program: https://www.clickgem.com/cgcasino-app-bounty-program-for-jan-2019-weekly-leaderboard-reward.html ⬅️
See more:
#ClickGem #CGM #CGMT #ClickGemCasino #CGCASINO #CGCASINOAPP #WEBN #DFS #TRX #EOS #Affiliate #Bounty #Reward #MakeMoneyOnline #MMO #Gambling #OnlineGambling #Poker #OnlinePoker #CryptoPoker #CryptoGambling #Winners #Leaderboard
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Our system has detected many people who created and played with their multiple clone accounts to win our leaderboard, so their accounts will be banned and no longer eligible to receive prizes of our leaderboard winners. Other winners will replace their ranking positions!
Accounts which will be banned because of violation: malam2019, ulinnuha, Reprehend, DeathNuke, Epizeuxis, Zone5, alan_lasha, Danboy, moladave, Crispyduck, Vitalikk, Nojobbb, Hoklee, muhammadwaluyo.
Our new leaderboard winners:
1️⃣ Server Demo/Free:
🏆 Top 1: WooBin (Prize: 0.5 ETH + 10 CGM + 250000 WEBN + 2000 DFS 💰)
🏅 Top 2: KMorrow (Prize: 2 CGM + 100000 WEBN + 500 DFS 💰)
🏅 Top 3: Marta (Prize: 2 CGM + 100000 WEBN + 500 DFS 💰)
🏅 Top 4: Rifkur58 (Prize: 2 CGM + 100000 WEBN + 500 DFS 💰)
🏅 Top 5-10: No one
2️⃣ Server WEBN:
🏆 Top 1: Brantley (Prize: 0.5 ETH + 10 CGM + 1000000 WEBN 💰)
🏅 Top 2: lprioveros (Prize: 2 CGM + 250000 WEBN 💰)
🏅 Top 3: jhackers (Prize: 2 CGM + 250000 WEBN 💰)
🏅 Top 4-10: No one
3️⃣ Server CGM:
🏆 Top 1: Dxxxguy (Prize: 0.5 ETH + 50 CGM 💰)
🏅 Top 2: longmire (Prize: 10 CGM 💰)
🏅 Top 3: 1llionaire (Prize: 10 CGM 💰)
🏅 Top 4: ahmet (Prize: 10 CGM 💰)
🏅 Top 5: Crispyduck (Prize: 10 CGM 💰)
🏅 Top 6: Azizhamdi (Prize: 5 CGM 💰)
🏅 Top 7-10: No one
4️⃣ Server DFS:
🏆 Top 1: 1llionaire (Prize: 0.5 ETH + 10 CGM + 20000 DFS 💰)
🏅 Top 2: Nolimite (Prize: 2 CGM + 5000 DFS 💰)
🏅 Top 3: GEMCITY (Prize: 2 CGM + 5000 DFS 💰)
🏅 Top 4-10: No one
💸💸💸 All prizes will be delivered to your ClickGem multi-currency wallet within 6-12 hours! Still have many chances for other players to won our prizes in next weeks!!! 🥁🥁🥁
⚠️ Some winners in Demo/Free server didn't active DFS wallet so we can't send reward DFS: Rifkur58, KMorrow » Please active your DFS wallet then send email to [email protected] to claim your DFS reward!!! ⚠️
➡️ Detail Program: https://www.clickgem.com/cgcasino-app-bounty-program-for-jan-2019-weekly-leaderboard-reward.html ⬅️
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#ClickGem #CGM #CGMT #ClickGemCasino #CGCASINO #CGCASINOAPP #WEBN #DFS #Affiliate #Bounty #Reward #MakeMoneyOnline #MMO #Gambling #OnlineGambling #Poker #OnlinePoker #CryptoPoker #CryptoGambling #ClickGemAffiliate #ClickGemBounty #Winners #Leaderboard
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We will pay rewards to the top 10 TRX/EOS winners every week on the first day of next week (Monday) and the top 10 TRX/EOS winners of the month on the first day of February! The first weekly payment on 21th January!




💎💎💎 Weekly leaderboard rewards 💎💎💎
🏆 Top 1: 20 CGM + 2200 TRX 💰
🏆 Top 2-5: 5 CGM + 440 TRX each position 💰
🏆 Top 6-10: 2 CGM + 220 TRX each position 💰
💎💎💎 Learderboard of month rewards 💎💎💎
🏆 Top 1: 100 CGM + 8800 TRX 💰
🏆 Top 2-5: 20 CGM + 1760 TRX each position 💰
🏆 Top 6-10: 10 CGM + 880 TRX each position 💰
💎💎💎 Weekly leaderboard rewards 💎💎💎
Top 1: 20 CGM + 20 EOS 💰
Top 2-5: 5 CGM + 4 EOS each position 💰
Top 6-10: 2 CGM + 2 EOS each position 💰
💎💎💎 Learderboard of month rewards 💎💎💎
Top 1: 100 CGM + 80 EOS 💰
Top 2-5: 20 CGM + 16 EOS each position 💰
Top 6-10: 10 CGM + 8 EOS each position 💰
⚠️ The leaderboard will be reset at every 0:00 am of the first day of month to give chances to every new players!
⚠️ During the competition to receive the rewards of the month, the players still have many opportunities to receive weekly encourage rewards (weekly leaderboard reward program)
⚠️ Parallel with the weekly leaderboard reward program, this program is also a continuous program every month. However, the bounty amount and game servers to organize both bounty programs of each month may be different.
⚠️ Our bounty programs are only small parts with the purpose of encouraging players, making the game more interesting. The main reward you will get is the amount of money you win from other players!
⚠️ You can also earn money by invite people to join play with ClickGem Affiliate Program!
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#ClickGem #CGM #CGMT #ClickGemCasino #CGCASINO #CGCASINOAPP #EOS #TRX #Affiliate #Bounty #Reward #MakeMoneyOnline #MMO #Gambling #OnlineGambling #Poker #OnlinePoker #CryptoPoker #CryptoGambling #ClickGemAffiliate #ClickGemBounty #Winners #Leaderboard
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1️⃣ ClickGem's online gambling (eGaming) license application has been approved. CGCASINO can release officially in next 20-30 days!!!
2️⃣ EOS and TRX game servers have just been added. Both of these cryptocurrencies have a lot of big gambling communities. Let go to invite them to join play our P2P Poker with EOS and TRX instead boring betting games!
3️⃣ We are continuing to develop more advanced features such as airdrop, find/add friends, challenge, challenge scheduling, public/private table, etc... to make the game really become gambling 4.0
4️⃣ From now, all activities like using multiple clone accounts to play yourself for cheating the leaderboard will be recorded. If we detected anyone trying to do that, all their clone accounts will be locked permanently and are not able to withdraw money inside.
5️⃣ The monthly leaderboard reward program is now starting at DFS game server: We and our partners will pay additional rewards to the top 10 winners of the month, on every first day of next month! 😍
🏆 Top 1: 2.5 ETH + 100 CGM + 30000 DFS 💰
🏆 Top 2-5: 20 CGM + 6000 DFS each person 💰
🏆 Top 6-10: 10 CGM + 3000 DFS each person 💰
⚠️ The leaderboard will be reset at every 0:00 am on the first day of month to give chances to every new player!
⚠️ During the competition to receive the rewards of the month, the players still have many opportunities to receive weekly encourage rewards (weekly leaderboard reward program)
⚠️ Parallel with the weekly leaderboard reward program, this program is also a continuous program every month. However, the bounty amount and game servers to organize both bounty programs of each month may be different.
⚠️ Our bounty programs are only small parts with the purpose of encouraging players, making the game more interesting. The main reward you will get is the amount of money you win from other players!
⚠️ You can also earn money by invite people to join play with ClickGem Affiliate Program!
See more information:
#ClickGem #CGM #CGMT #ClickGemCasino #CGCASINO #CGCASINOAPP #EOS #TRX #DFS #Affiliate #Bounty #Reward #MakeMoneyOnline #MMO #Gambling #OnlineGambling #Poker #OnlinePoker #CryptoPoker #CryptoGambling #ClickGemAffiliate #ClickGemBounty #Winners #Leaderboard
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Hello everyone, we have just update CGM / WEBN / NTY game servers with smaller deposit packages and smaller blinds so everyone can join our big bounty program for the last month of 2018:
We & our partners will pay rewards to our top winners weekly at every Monday, start from 17th Dec 2018 🚀🚀🚀
👑 At Demo/Free game server: 🏆 Top 1: 0.5 ETH + 10 CGM + 500000 WEBN 💰💰💰 🏅 Top 2-5: 2 CGM + 100000 WEBN each person 💰💰💰 🎖 Top 6-10: 1 CGM + 50000 WEBN each person 💰💰💰
👑 At WEBN game server: 🏆 Top 1: 0.5 ETH + 10 CGM + 2000000 WEBN 💰💰💰 🏅 Top 2-5: 2 CGM + 500000 WEBN each person 💰💰💰 🎖 Top 6-10: 1 CGM + 100000 WEBN each person 💰💰💰
👑 At CGM game server: 🏆 Top 1: 0.5 ETH + 50 CGM 💰💰💰 🏅 Top 2-5: 10 CGM each person 💰💰💰 🎖 Top 6-10: 5 CGM each person 💰💰💰
👑 At NTY game server: 🏆 Top 1: 0.5 ETH + 10 CGM 💰💰💰 🏅 Top 2-5: 2 CGM each person 💰💰💰 🎖 Top 6-10: 1 CGM each person 💰💰💰
*** The leaderboard will be reset at every 0:00 am of the first day of month to give chances to every new players! *** You can also earn money by invite people to join play with ClickGem Affiliate Program!


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#ClickGem #CGM #CGMT #CGCASINO #CGCASINOAPP #WEBN #NTY#Affiliate #Bounty #Reward #MakeMoneyOnline #MMO #Gambling#OnlineGambling #Poker #OnlinePoker #CryptoPoker #CryptoGambling#ClickGemAffiliate #ClickGemBounty
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