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The Ringer and it's Relationship to Entertainment Companies

Long time listener, first time caller.
I’m not sure how many of you also listen to The Watch pod hosted by Chris Ryan and Andy Greenwald, posts on the board seem to be few and far between but the most recent episode has really perked my interest in a few different ways. Forewarning, this post has a solid conspiracy bill tint, (partially inspired by the Wasserman post earlier) focused on the general state of media companies both massive conglomerates producing content (particularly high valued IP) and new media journalist/blogging outlets coverage of them, particularly the ringer.
In hopes of streamlining this post I will try to keep the post as concise and focused as possible.
Many recent episodes of the Watch have detailed the upcoming Streaming Wars. (Increased competition to Netflix by way of HBO MAX, Disney Plüs, the Peacock, AppleTV) This increased competition has garnered an extreme sense of a looming bubble in the media content space, primarily movies and tv. Meaning that these content providers are desperate to keep goodwill up amongst consumers and to find ways to keep customers engaged with their product and keep their subscription numbers and watching hours as high as possible as new competitors enter the field.
Furthermore, as this competition becomes fiercer amongst the elite groups of streaming giants and they try to fight for the average consumers discretionary entertainment outcome* it will become extremely important for them to have strong relationships with content creators.
Queue, the general state of HBO, Disney, Star Wars, and Game of Thrones, and the overall handling/future of the careers of Benioff and Weiss, adapters of the GOT tv series. Look, it is my general belief based on all in person conversations that I have had and the general reception online, the last two seasons of GOT were a catastrophic failure that totally abandoned most everything that made the series successful.**
However, there has been an absolutely massive disconnect between reception of the show between fans and critics. I think the last season of thrones did manage to be bad enough that some mixed to negative reviews seeped in, but particularly The Watch and The Ringer coverage if memory serves me correctly were considerably favorable. They were in particular supportive of writers Benioff and Weiss, saying that they were tasked with an insurmountable task of finishing a work that has plagued it’s original writer for over two decades. Though this may be true, ultimately there was a noticeable failure in honoring the quality, attention to detail, character development/engagement that made the show so noticeable.
Why then has there been such a disconnect between fan response to entertainment and critics? Why does it seem to continue to grow? This is even more noticeable in the reception of Star Wars, we don’t need to relitigate that whole fiasco. Though it does seem even more present because there is an added political element to some of the criticism (I would say mainly from media proponents but to a lesser extent from some of the online commenters***)
Like I said, it is in the best interests of these companies to have good relationships with writers, creators, and artists. I think I have fully put the tinfoil on and believe there is a undoubtable coordinated effort for companies like Disney and HBO to provide some value Journos to get good reviews. I’m not saying they are necessarily handing over briefcases of cash but they could taunt access to interviews along with backstage/industry gossip or scoops that could help them down the line. Furthermore, because new media companies like the ringer are also facing a perilous existence with the advent of more and more free content.****
I think there is undoubtedly some sort of deal with the devil where these institutions are trying to prop themselves up and there is almost surely a content/entertainment bubble. I think it is undoubtedly present with The Ringer, who used to make a caveat on every article and comment on every pod that HBO was an initial investor.***** I think it ultimately behooves them to keep HBO and other media companies willing to grant them interviews/access in their good graces and to effectively toe the company line.
Conspiracy Bill Time - In my opinion there is no question that Benioff and Weiss were shitcanned from the latest Star Wars Trilogy. The deal must have been reneged months ago and they used the convenient bad press from the convention where they had some particularly bad quotes to make them look incompetent to pile it on them and hit them with all the bad news at once. Andy and Chris were particularly defensive of the writers and were able to comfortably trash Disney and the struggles they have had keeping directors in the franchise.
Disney is ultimately a behemoth, no matter what you say against them they will continue to mass produce huge movies with outrageous budgets. They are definitely successful in at least two major sectors, comic books and kids movies. Star Wars is undoubtedly an asset of theirs that is under duress by over expanding the franchise too fast and not producing both critically and commercially universally regard films. Yes, the bar is that unbelievably high for a massive piece of IP like Star Wars. But, ultimately Disney as an institution is largely untouchable. It is ok for them to have critics like Chris and Andy lambast them as mega corporate overlords leeching off all of us consumers.****** Disney is effectively untouchable if they continue to make hits, no bad press will ever undo them if their large entertainment portfolio is still tremendously successful in the US and abroad. It makes more sense for Disney to encourage critics to be positive on Benioff and Weiss,`who they fired and say that they left on their own accord. Disney keeps a reputation that they are still a great place for writers and creators, “We will have your back even if we fire you, we will use our contacts in the press to still give you good coverage and make it seem like we are the bad corporate guy.”
This preserves both their reputation and saves the potential coming of the entertainment bubble. It also preserves Benioff and Weiss, as a writing duo who still has a relatively high Q score and name recognition to their next opportunity. Allowing consumers to still have faith in giving money to streaming services and keep the industry growing.
Specifically in relation to the podcast, Chris and Andy are usually very open when they are about to take a break for an ad. After they spent twenty minutes mostly shitting on Disney’s handling of Star Wars as an IP with growth in the Film market (though propping up their bet on Star Wars streaming shows), comes an advertisement for a Star Wars game.
^ long drag from a cigarette ^
Now that company is not owned by Disney but they definitely licensed Star Wars to them, and if they are doing targeted ad placement when discussing Star Wars, they could very well be aware what kind of coverage they are giving of their IP. And also letting them know if you want this ad revenue for a star wars product tie in to a podcast that is covering star wars, this is what part of the narrative you need to provide “any creator we work with or potentially work with is absolutely great, we could care less what you say about us to customers because if we continue to produce they will always come back” Now I really believe there is a lack of accountability and transparency between media companies and journalists and what their relation to each other is. I think there is also a self preservation and career element from guys like Chris, Andy, Bill or any other media member to tow not the company line but the industry line to preserve their future. It’s also why I think there is so much group think and almost every single one of these blue check marks have the same opinion. They are part of an industry that is definitely in jeopardy going forward and they have to maintain positive relationships at all costs or they can cut each other out.
Look I respect Bill, and even Chris and Andy. These guys are trying to make the best possible situation for themselves and are selling themselves and hocking products/entertainment to us. I get why anybody would continue to operate the way they do, they have to preserve not only their careers but also others around them. They do not have the benefit or ability to honestly call out what their industries have turned into for risk of being blackballed or ostracized, losing a bunch of people in their company money/jobs and torpedoing their careers. But I can’t shake the feeling that there is some unholy alliance between the HBO’s and Disney’s and media companies to keep us watching. It might not be the housing bubble, or Netflix’s House of Cards, or The Ringer’s House of Carbs, but there is intellectual fraud and the construction of this house is shoddy.
*I believe I read/listened somewhere that the average person will spend $100 bucks on entertainment for the month between streaming (video and music) as well as trips to the movies.
**Caveat being, I was a deeply engaged fan of the tv show, though never reading the books did more than a fair amount of research into Westerosi lore.
***Though I wouldn’t put it past some blue check marks might go so far as to accuse star wars trolls/fanboys to be originating from a click farm outside of Skopje.
****Look the ringer unionized for a reason, people in new media are definitely concerned about the future sustainability of their careers, particularly those who don’t fall under the pareto principle and wouldn’t be able to exist on their own.
***** This has definitely been removed from their podcast coverage.
******Funnily enough Andy is happy to virtue signal against Disney and their practices in one breath while also jokingly promoting and advertising Universal properties, where he is now a creatowriter.
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Group Rewatch of 2019 - the first arc: 1.01 to 1.13 up to the little hiccup of Anslo Garrick

So, we need a little steam, so find the rewatch master thread here. Have at it. This are my own impressions.
1.01 Ranzo Zamani
The introductory episode featured little ballerina Bethany Ryker in danger because of the actions of her father as a NATO officer, because of who her father was. But also about revenge, failing justice, for Zamani’s children: “This is about much more than one girl. This is about the children.” A theme.
Protecting and avenging children, and the danger they face because of actions of their parents. As Liz would say in season 2: “the sins of the fathers”, a phrase also used in season 3 ("For I, the Lord thy God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquities of the fathers upon the children"). While on the other hand Red is said to have abandoned his wife and daughter, a fact Liz highlights for us twice. Liz's father is said to have been a criminal who abandoned her.
Bethany had a photo in a nightgown of the same design as Liz would have been in the fire, something a season and a half ahead.
We have 5 instances of father stories:
  1. General Ryker, whose job put his child in jeopardy;
  2. Zamani, whose children died because of Ryker’s actions;
  3. Reddington, who abandoned his wife and daughter;
  4. Sam as an adoptive father; inc. the confusion about Liz having at least 2 fathers when Ressler thinks the criminal father is him.
  5. Liz’s career criminal father who abandoned her.
It also introduced the identity theme, in the form of the aliases as in the briefcase of aliases Red uses, the one he gave Zamani, and the passports Liz finds in Tom’s box.
We have our first fake death, as Zamani was presumed dead, and or first doppelgänger or double, this one an electronic version off it when Red puts his tracker into Zamani’s pocket.
The apple theme is present in the T-shirt that first Liz and then Tom wears. Red makes his first comment about hair as soon as he meets Liz.
We have flags in 3 occasions right behind Red, and Red’s progression towards the FBI are notable: in front of the building, facing it, his home, as Phillips remarks, kneeling over the seal, under the seal in the commanding position of the table at the end. Cooper has a pin, Liz has a pin.
There are a lot of moments highlighted with Cooper. I feel Cooper knows exactly that this man is RR, he knows who Elizabeth Keen is when Ressler asks who is Keen, and Cooper has 2 moments in which he is seeing Red interacting with Liz and smiles: when he is teaching her to think like a criminal, when he tells Liz to find the Innkeeper. And there is a highlighted moment with a sticky note reading “ordered June 27″
Liz rubs the scar when she is nervous and specially when Red says that they will be a distraction and they will “grab the girl”. A foreshadowing of the abduction (s) in 1991?
I noticed the first of three people wearing a mustard jacket: Tom and Dom (both young Dom and present time Dom) and the stranger is also wearing a mustard coat in suede, not corduroy.
When Red puts the tracker Zamani, they also look similar from behind, both balding, but Zamani’s coat has a belt, Red’s has not. This will go to the fire recall in which the tall blonder man has a belted coat, and the man in the hat has not.
Newton Phillips has a very military bearing. He carries Red’s bag (the bagman in the British Army), he addresses him as “Sir”, and he calls the FBI Red’s home, but was not in Red’s inner circle of trust.
It is a very packed episode that basically lays out themes, symbols, and stories, including Red’s first charade, as involving the FBI guaranteed the procedures they would follow in moving the girl to safety, which was the best chance to grab the girl.
1.02 The Freelancer
This is the second charade Red designs. He waits for a case of The Freelancer to hire him under the guise of learning the hit, when he was setting the hit, and the payment in his hat was for the hit, in order to kill Floriana himself.
This is the first shapeshifter, a bad person appearing to be bad, likely a contrast to Red who seems to be bad but also does good.
Red tells Liz that all about her is a lie, and phrases a suggestion to end up in “You can be my daughter” the first time Red would use that phrase even if he denies being Liz’s father. Liz hits the Freelancer with a car and seems quite pleased of her handiwork and she trusts Red with the information about Tom’s box. She is lying to the FBI already, quite easily.
Meera is the CIA, attractive but treacherous would take a special significance as we meet Peter Kotsiopolus, and as the CIA first says Katarina was a myth, then accepts she existed, and then it turned out they had a person who investigated her, and they had also investigated her father, but not that closely.
In the next block of episodes Red, after getting started and disposing of Floriana Campo, gets to the business of identifying Berlin, via one of Berlin’s trackers, Lucy Brooks AKA Jolene Parker, who used the Alchemist to fake her death when Red wised up to her.

1.03 Wujing
We have now learned that Red had been steering Liz’s life towards the FBI, and he also hired Tom to protect her, something that backfired. In this episode Red thrust Liz into a dangerous circumstance, more training for her. Time to take the training wheels off. Red is peeling back the protective layers he had erected around her as a child to keep her safe. Now is time for her to be trained in the dangers she will face as we see Liz saying about Agnes in season 6.
Under cover, they rely on each other to read complex signals. He has begun to teach her to think like a criminal, to improvise, and to keep secrets (advises not to tell Cooper about Tom’s box & not to tell Tom).
We continue with the theme of children in danger because of who their parents are, this case is a formerly honest architect who gets tapped to spy in the country of his ancestors, resulting in his child being in danger. Now translate to Rostov, Russia, and Liz. Also Red having a mother with Russian origins. Meera gets schooled in the tech stuff by a Chinese American tech to spy on a Chinese spy-killer hunting a Chinese-American firmer honest businessman now a de-facto spy.
This is the first appendage cut, the hand of the dead CIA agent. The countdown started in 1.01 is now under way.
And Red explains his philosophy: “We do it for real, or we don’t do it at all” and his directive to what is important to him about Liz: **“I believe I will always do whatever I feel I have to do to keep you alive*.”* That eclipses even the truth if need be, in my opinion. The line about doing it fore real and the chase that happens afterwards, they trying to save the agents and the bad guys trying to save them will come back in Tom giving the list to Fake Berlin, but somehow Fitch knowing about it.
if he needed to be a criminal, appearing to be a criminal did not cut it. He had to become a criminal, even though that is not who he is. He does it for real.
The first cryptic conversation about Liz’s father:
Because of your father.
I wish the answer were as simple as the question seems. But the truth is, the question isn’t simple, either. I share your frustration.
As a u/wolfbysilverstream commented, this does not fit at all with Dom’s tale in Rassvet. It should have been "because of your mother", and the “I have you” does not fit with a protector.
This is the first time Red quite literally steps in front of Liz to protect her with his life. As we get to season 6 we have learned that Red has been protecting and directing Liz’s life, preparing her for what she will have to face, cobbling a fabulous fortune for her, and yet at death door, he told Liz that his own mother would have known she would be ok because she had people who loved her.
We also have the second apple in the apple theme in the form of apple man, the notion that people are always watching,
I think that Red always had planned to do this. Tom was the precipitating factor when Red's plan to hire a minder backfired when he failed to consider that he should have asked for something different than a straight man of the appropriate age who predictably fell for the daughter of a famous honey trap. He had trained her for the life that was hers since she was born. But he never told this to Kate or even to Dom, who accuses of not being able to stay away from her.
1.04 The Stewmaker
A happenstance of a case Liz was a profiler in. The fact that Berlin knew what the particular photo was and that Red was able to trace it means that The Stewmaker's mementos were known to people. In particular that Berlin, still in the USSR, knew what getting that picture meant, means inexorably that Stanley Cornish or whatever his name really was, was a cleaner for the Soviet regime, whose Memento Morti would be known to the apparatchik. Berlin got the picture of his daughter and knew what had happened to her, and then bones appeared, he believed they were of his daughter.
I remain convinced in this rewatch that the parable of the farmer is about Cornish. Cornish seems to have married late because he has a young son, which gives him time to have had another family who disappeared or was murdered. So, that first family could have been Stanley first family in the USSR. When they were killed, he became a cleaner, as Liz suggest something horrible happened to him, something he was trying to dissolve like his past:
You know what I think? I think this idea of you vanishing people to aid nature is a lie. I think you’re trying to dissolve something else. Your past, maybe? Whatever the horrible thing was that twisted you up inside and made you into the freak that you are!
and then she tells Red that Cornish could not have helped becoming who he is: No, Red. He couldn’t help it.
When Liz had asked about Cornish being a father, he stopped, and went to the jars of teeth as if to soothe himself, and it took him a while to remember about his new son: My son. He’s 11. I married late.
And the parable is about Cornish:
everything that gives meaning to his life is gone. … Everything that he loved, taken from him. His children. … A life’s work erupts from his knotted mind.
Cornish has a record player, and musical instruments including players are symbols of grief and loss.
Red calls Liz sweetheart, and she did not like it. Princess, sweetheart, etc, are not things Liz likes to be called. The first chronological instance is the man who puts her in the closet, which will be seen a season and a half from this.
Sweetheart, not really the most convenient time for me.
I don’t give a rat’s ass. Where are you?
This is the second instance of a moment that we know was off camera but have indications it was there. The first is Liz doing the logical thing, a DNA test, which I was able to piece together in 2015 when I examine her flip-flops, and the conversation with Stanley is the second because we take Liz’s view and she faints for a portion of it. When we come back Cornish is tied by the tub and Red had injected him with the same substance. The third needle in the neck we have had:
  1. Liz stabs Red in the neck with a pen in 1.01
  2. Liz performs a tracheotomy to Floriana with a pen in 1.02
  3. Liz gets an injection of the neck in 1.04 and then Stanley gets one too.
this episode also has the second Christmas reference, besides Red disappearing on Christmas Eve 1990 in 1.01: I’d say my meeting with Lorca might be the equivalent of you falling on your ass and landing in a pile of Christmas.
All that Christmas stuff, and Red telling Liz she is a Winter, not an Autumn, makes me think, what if Liz was born around Christmas?
This time is Ressler who gets thrown in the deep ed of the pool to see if he swims when he insists on going to Lorca with Red. Red also gives us indication of what to avoid in solving the puzzle: emotions blind us:
You let your emotions get the best of you, which is how people wind up in jail, Hector. Stupid people. I need the name and location of the man holding Elizabeth Keen.
Lorca: Are you sure it is not you who’s acting on emotion? It sounds personal.
Red will always use the truth, hidden in the lies: it is personal You got me. It is personal. I want your man. and when Lorca calls him on it, he accepts that part with a truth: it is personal (because he cares for Liz) and he wants The Stewmaker. And he creates a plausible explanation, an alternative history for what he wants: So let me spell it out for you. You get away. Agent Ressler here saves Agent Keen. He looks good.
This is the first teeth and dentistry theme in the show: Cornish is a dentist, and he keeps teeth in jars. And the first time a communication system is set through a PO Box rented under an alias. The second one would be The Travel Agency and the third would be how Lena and Dom communicate.
Also gives us the extent to which Liz can fool Tom who believes he can read Liz: Nice try. But I always know when you’re lying. Nothing is obvious about Liz.
I also think it has the first rule for solving the puzzle given to us: When confronting complex equations, the simplest solution is most often the correct one.
There may be complicated circumstances, but the story will be simple.
The next batch of episodes is one instance in which Red deviates from the plan of finding Berlin. He could have by using Seth’s favor, and end it all before it even began, but instead, despite his admonition to Lorca, he uses it to enlighten Liz on the gun found in Tom’s box. His anger about Tom, his worry about Liz overtakes finding Berlin. He also tries by pointing out Gina as Tom’s lover (which was not true anymore as Tom ditched Gina for Liz as we find out in season 3). This lands him having to do damage control as Tom outmaneuvers him on this round, and he wasted time by having to use Frederick Barnes and General Ludd as trading cards to get talking to Liz again and look at the ViCAP number for Lucy Brooks).
In this batch I think he is tying up lose ends by killing Sam, who sick and facing death is considering spilling secrets, which will come back in Samar and her dementia; and in blowing up a house.
It is interesting that so far we have seen Luli and Newton do not know the whole truth. Newton had no idea who Liz was, and Luli did not know why was Red buying that house. Kate I think also did not know Red’s relationship to Liz.
I personally think Red was eliminating anything and anyone who could tell Liz anything before he was ready to do it himself. Like Liz remembering the swing in The Summer Palace in season 4, and the 20 steps to the sand in the Reddington's burnt beach house in season 6.
1.05 The Courier and the first important sibling story.
In Wujing we saw a second child who is invisible. Wujing sibling made him a secret, given away, become invisible. In The Courier the sibling story is that of an abusive father, whose son has a innate condition that makes controlling him impossible through pain. The brothers remain close. Think Red and his moralistic father who excommunicated him because Red acted out. Red who idolized outlaws. Did he have a brother that remained in contact with him, besides his mother who understood him, but who passed away at an unspecified time by 2016? This theme will come back in 11 siblings stories, nine of them about brothers.
  1. The Courier: An abusive father, who cannot control a wayward child via pain, because he cannot feel it, resort to brutality. The child grows up to be a criminal, but still cares about his little brother.
  2. Mako Tanida: and his brother, killed by a cop and his identity stolen to run his empire.
  3. The Pavlovitch brothers, a band of mercenaries;
  4. The Mombassa Cartel: had a secret family and within that secret family a secret son,
  5. Earl King: two brothers compete for the tight to live and the family fortune as their father watched.
  6. Quong Zhang: and the ghost brother who haunted him after dying in a fire.
  7. Lady Ambrosia: and her two sons, the “perfect"one dying, the "imperfect” living;
  8. Russian Dennison: had a brother who died.
  9. The Djinn: a father whose eldest son did not conform to his expectation takes drastic measures to sideline him, effectively eliminating him as a son.
  10. Lord Baltimore: who killed her good sister who was not abused.
  11. Zal Bin Hasaan: Samar and her brother Shahim, presumed dead and in reality becoming a criminal, a terrorist under a different name
I do wonder if The Stranger would end up being Red’s brother, I got that feeling from them.
It is the first time we hear about rabbits. In 1.09 Liz finds the rabbit in a box of things from Sam’s house, and the rabbit references will trickle down:
This is hilarious. Fredrick wrote to the editor of the Washington Post almost every day thank you about any and every subject. Listen to this one. “Dear Mr. Bradley, what is up with all the rabbits”
And finally Red would not take from many people yanking a paper off his hands. Liz, however by now must have received the test result about the DNA test and throws it out without seeing it.
1.06 Gina Zanetakos
Tom played this round masterfully: upon finding out Liz found his box, he dons a plaid shirt, and bets the double wide as Brimley would put it. Meanwhile Red gives Liz his former girlfriend, except that Gina had it for Liz.
That scene where he says in an almost empty room “that’s my girl” sealed it for me. Only Newton is there, that was no show for anyone. Add the scenes with Dom and it is clear to me.
While I do not doubt Red and Tom are playing a f*ck you game, I felt that when Red said Gina was Tom’s lover, there was a “I’ve been there” look in his eyes, that then goes into telling her she is chest deep in filth, telling her that “I understand what it’s like to be drawn to something that is unhealthy, to a part of yourself that you are afraid of. But I want you to remember what your life really was with him, and imagine all that it could be without him.” and he thinks Liz and Tom are playing house in 2.08 and was horrified to find the chains. I feel he gave Katarina a chance and paid for it dearly. As when he consoles Liz in 2.08: “When you love someone, you have no control. That’s what love is: Being powerless.
The guy Tom “recognizes”, however is Newton Phillips in a meeting with Fokin, so I am not entirely sure what happened there. Was Tom an innocent victim in this? Was he placing the blame on Red? Was Newton to blame for this?
Or was Tom there for a CIA mission, like when he went for his “bachelor party” to Vegas? or as we learn in Redemption that in 2012 Tom was hired by the CIA to hunt a former agent who had begun to kidnap his own and extract secrets to sell?
Was he hired to protect or to kill Fokin? Why would the cartridges have Gina’s prints? He would have cleaned the gun but why on earth would he have kept a gun used in an assassination of a Russian defector? He had a small arsenal in his hideout. It had to be that he did not know the gun was used, which means he is not the guy who killed Fokin. On the other hand Gina was surveilling Fokin, and this murder had suspected connections to an unsanctioned double agent.
Tom’s identity was able to withstand at least 2 full blown investigations on season 1: one on this episode, and again in 1.22 when he was part of the scene of a crime investigation. None of them seemed to stick, his cover held tight, his prints were like teflon. He got a teaching job in season 3 which Red took away, and then again in season 4 when he gets called to NYC for a reading of his father’s will.
Meera Malik, a retired CIA covert agent with experienced in enhanced interrogation does not get anything strange. But then we have to add that Tom did work for the CIA at least sometimes, as a freelancer, and then when he gives the list to Fake Berlin, almost immediately Fitch knew about the task at risk, when only Tom, Fake Berlin and Fake Berlin’s assassin would know about it, and Fitch took a very short time learning Fake Berlin’s location, unless he already knew it. (”we do it for real or not at all” & “the race begins .We try to save him. They try to kill him.”)
Tom’s prints had a permanent and very professional scrub. They never signaled anything, not even in his hideout. So all in all I think that Gina had been hired to kill Fokin which is why she had a picture of him, and Tom had been hired to protect him, and somehow Tom ended up with that gun, not knowing it had been used to kill Fokin.
1.07 Frederick Barnes
A father story, one in which he tries to save his son, and a very clear parallels as u/Desdemona1231 and u/J-Kaz with a modest contribution from yours truly:
A father, who has to see his bio child being raised in a marriage that he’s not a part of, would burn down the world for his child, become a criminal to try to save the child’s life.
both men described as rising stars and lover of puzzles:
He [Barnes] was brilliant, ahead of his time. He he was a rising star at at work.
Reddington was once a rising star at the Pentagon
First memory of Bubble girl, in the Tacoma Park house. The hidden growth chart has to be for a hidden child, the child he remembers in that house. . But he seems to have found those home movies in the cabin he takes Carla in 2.03/04 because in 2.05 he is splicing them together. So the cabin and the Takoma Park house are both tied to Red and tied to Bubble girl, and the implication is that Liz is bubble girl. So, if this is true, Liz visited that house and the cabin likely. Is the first time we hear about puzzles:
Every research problem was like a puzzle that he had to solve
Borakove, I hate sarcasm and I love puzzles.
I find interesting this is the first time Red actually gets angry at Liz, hanging the phone at her: I’m not a gumball machine, Lizzy. You don’t get to just twist the handle whenever you want a treat
And as we go along this was answered:
Say what you will about Frederick, but someone who’s willing to burn the world down to protect the one person they care about, that’s a man I understand.
Is that meant to be directed at me?
Aren’t you presumptuous?
but in season 6:
All those years spent worrying about you, fancying myself your guardian angel she would’ve taken one look at you and known you’d be fine.
1.08 General Ludd
After blowing up the house, Red goes to the hospital where Sam is. He is appalled that Liz is not hurrying to Sam’s side. For all Liz professes to care, I find her very detached.
Sam also has a look of fear about him when he first sees Red. I think this has to do with his want to tell Liz, and Tom rush to get there, ahead of Liz. I think Sam called Tom wanting to tell him, and is now feeling guilty. The proof for me is that Red hangs around, way more than an hour, because Sam is discovered one hour after he died, and when Tom arrives they already know Sam is dead. So Red knew that Tom was coming and waited for him, giving me the idea that Sam confessed to calling Tom. I still maintain that Red and Sam agree that Red would kill him, spare him the pain, and Red would ensure Sam did not say anything under pain killers, bringing me back to Samar and her dementia.
I think the woman they are talking about is Katarina, I have always been convinced about it, way before we knew there was any connection between Sam and Katarina: Oh, my God. I’ve never been more scared of a woman in my life. She was thrilling in bed. What a pair of legs. I think she played field hockey in college.
Red promises Sam: You will always be her father, Sam. I can only hope to love her and protect her as you would have. He cannot ever say he is her father, because Sam is. He can and says Liz is his daughter, but not that he is her father.
Red also willingly takes Luz to Maltz when he could have given her the new name. And he even asks in front of Liz: what other secrets have you just given away?.. Who knows about the work I’ve had done?
And Maltz talks about elasticity, so it would seem Maltz worked on Red’s burns: Ray, look at you. You look great. I mean, the elasticity is amazing. You been juicing?
Red basically tells Tom that he is Liz’s father: But I’m sure she’ll be fine. He’ll always be there with her, standing in the shadows to keep her safe. Laughing with her in the light. Watching through her eyes all those who get close. He’ll always be there. She will be fine.
By having surrendered to the FBI the cabal is nervous. Peter and Fitch are on opposing ends: Fitch is really protecting Red, holding the others back, convincing them Red had the fulcrum, while Peter is waiting to get rid of Red and Fitch and go back to the Cold War.
These episodes are a big disruption in Red’s plan. He no longer feels safe in the Post Office, he gets Liz in contact with Kate, risking her remembering things, and he has to kill everyone who knew he had been taken from the Post Office, meaning that they knew he is working with the FBI.
1.09/1.10 Anslo Garrick
The information about the attack that allowed Resselr and Cooper to believe it was real was given through Meera Malik: My contacts at the CIA were sitting on an Egyptian sleeper cell.
We meet Kate, and who she was should have been clear in her handbag, reminiscent of Mary Poppins's.
Another character we meet was Alan Fitch, as he appears first interrogating Red, wearing a maroon scarf and double plaid. Fitch knew Red as Raymond and calls him Ray. They refer to a last meeting 20 years prior, in 1994.
Fitch was protecting Red, regardless of what it looks like in that first scene. I have always found useful to watch all the scenes he is in in succession, skipping stuff unrelated. Remembering people were always watching. Compare that scene with this: Listen to me, Ray. I don’t know how much time we have, so you need to pay attention. I’ve been able to hold everyone off, convince them that it’s in their best interests to let you live; with the call: I want this mess cleaned up. Get rid of him or ruin him. Just get it done by Christmas, and the comic book in which Red is at Fitch tombstone with a photo of Liz.
Fitch was keeping the cabal off Red, without really knowing if Red had the fulcrum. There were 2 versions of Fitch: the public persona, in which he appears to be Red’s enemy barely held ack by the fulcrum, and the private, “safe” persona, in which he is holding back the cabal to protect Red. He created the fulcrum, which had the power to destroy the cabal, so, his intent was to use the cabal to end the Cold War, then destroy the cabal, but with the Bubble Memory missing that was not possible. Peter’s faction wanted to go back to the Cold War, finding it kept the world more stable. see the letter
Anslo was another one of the failed executions by Red, because of a betrayal.
Cooper, once more demonstrating he has a shared history with Red believes Red immediately: Harold, do not make a stand. Get your people the hell out of here.
Anslo is the first one who tells Red: As with everything involving you, things are more complicated than they may appear.
and then Marvin says the same thing: And now you’re gonna start in with me about how, oh, with you, there’s always more than meets the eye.
The FBI confirms Red was there because f the blood, which tells us they had a way to identify the man who surrendered in 2013, and confirmed he was there. It does not mean they would have submitted it to CODIS, because he did not meet the requirement and was a confidential informant. So, at this time
At the end of it Liz asks Red is he is her father. After a really long pause he denies it. But:
1.11 The Good Samaritan Killer
The Marnie Peterson story should be true. He was planning to kill Fyodor, so there was no object in lying: The first time I ever smoked a cigar was with Marnie Petersen in fifth grade. Funny, little, bat-faced girl.
Aram, in the first open parallel to Red, gets set up with a false name and accounts open for him: : It’s an alias, for you. Someone is attempting to implicate you as a mole by creating a money trail that leads directly to you. You’re obviously far too clever to have accepted payment that was so easily traceable.
We have the first domestic violence in an abusive parent and Liz’s reactions to it. There is definitely something about domestic violence that affected Red, Liz, Katarina (in Rassvet) and Kate (n Requiem).
Liz asks if he is back and what did he bring her. Feels like such a daughter comment to ask daddy what did he bring her, like when he brought her the guava pastry.
1.12 The Alchemist
DOUBLES: This is the first episode that deals with the idea and identification with DNA and teeth. The theme was briefly introduced with the electronic doppelgänger in the form of the tracker in Zamani’s pocket, but this is the first serious look at someone who creates a double.
Two bodies at the wife’s house– a woman and a girl– doubles for his family.
The doppelgängers did not have to be perfect, he chose people whose facial features were similar enough, that with the teeth fixed and DNA introduced the normal DNA identification procedures would fool the “experts”.
But The Alchemist could NOT change DNA, he could fool experts until they went in the bone marrow and extracted DNA. That is why it was introduced just before the doubles were killed, usually with disfigured faces, or burned bodies, so the ID was done by perfunctory margins of error in the teeth, and general appearance of hair style and color. There would not be much less of bodies after a plane crash. Reddington said these people were gonna disappear. Now they’re burned beyond recognition.
So they would be forced to rely on teeth or DNA.
We got the autopsy results back for the male victim on the plane. The dental plates pulled by the ME were within the margin of error– not perfect, but close enough to determine a match. Then, when they inspected the teeth themselves, they found they’d been altered…. His teeth had been surgically replaced, some of them filed, modified.
The Alchemist knew that, based on a forensic procedure, we wouldn’t run tests necessary to distinguish between synthesized and natural DNA. Now that we know what we’re looking for, we pulled the bone-marrow sample, ran it against our database.
Teeth are also prominent: in
Borakove solves the puzzle with technology: It scans the fragments and treats each scrap as if it were part of a huge jigsaw puzzle
It’s all just pieces of a much larger puzzle, and until all the pieces are laying in front of you, it won’t go together
Haskell’s quite a puzzle man. ... He’s found a way to read between the lines.
Red has a puzzle in his Bethesda apartment, and he solves the white puzzle in season 4; Tom finds a Rubik cube in a drawer, he incorporates in his cover to Asher Sutton: their lips are locked like a jigsaw puzzle; the 100th episode had a puzzle in the coins that had to be read together, and the Vesco one had another code to break, a form of puzzle. Red has a crossword puzzle in 1.01, refers to the plot of season 6 as a puzzle, Liz refers to his search for the traitor as “a puzzle he can’t solve.”
HAIR: Red makes the second of his hair obsession comments to compound the general true obsession with it:
  1. Agent Keen, what a pleasure…. You got rid of your highlights. You look much less Baltimore.
  2. You’ve changed your hair.
  3. You see, Borakove? You do have a head underneath all that hair
  4. Kate Ellison had blond hair and blue eyes
  5. If I was interested in having an affair, I’d find a man with hair.
  6. That guy over there Don’t look….With the hair.
  7. That stuff you use in your hair*– is that Brylcreem?
  8. Does that even look like real hair?
  9. Yasiel! God, that hair. Beautiful hair.
  10. Then Dolly goes in for hair plugs.
  11. I don’t care if you get fat. I don’t care if you lose your hair.
  12. I figured it out….What you’re doing. The hairline. Guys don’t get it– most women don’t care if men go bald.
  13. With the great teeth and that hair ...William Devane! It was William Devane with those marvelous teeth and that great hair! Ohh, I love William Devane.
  14. I must say, your hai, the way it frames your face is very becoming.
  15. I, uh, dyed my hair to hide.
  16. Nice hair.
  17. I pay you girls to dance, not stand in the back clucking like a bunch of hens in hair extensions.
  18. Not a Kleenex in the trash or a fingerprint in the barn or a hair in a drain.
  19. Says the man who never jaywalked. Or had a hair out of place or even a wrinkle in his suit.
  20. I’m told she’s a young woman, white, with red hair.
  21. It was a white woman. Dark hair.
  22. Red hair, green eyes, no heart.
  23. Maybe it’s the red hair.
We also have a line that is important, and the reason for abandoning Carla and Jennifer’s Reddington: Go back to the wife and daughter. He’s not alone anymore. You have to look to their lives in order to find him. They’re the ones that matter. They are his vulnerability.
1.13 The Cyprus Agency
This is the first time we meet Brimley, and his funny expressions: “Cleaner than a duck’s fart” and “don’t bet the double wide.” .
The way the cabal set things up was to get Diane to get Meera in, as a willing or unwilling mole. A second mole was created in the form of Aram right in the same form as the KGB set Reddington: with a fake account and money deposited in it. But Meera was a second tier patsy, as she is the one who signed the authorization to get the blueprints into Garrick’s hands.
So, when she realized this, she served Diane Fowler in a platter. I think her usefulness was done after her contacts were used to provide the intel to get Cooper to authorize bring ing Red into the Post office in 1.09. I have always suspected that Fake Berlin managed to kill her and only her, and injure Cooper just in time for the fake diagnosis to be done, which means that at that time, in 1.21/22 Andropov was already in the picture, even if we do not see him until 2.21, a full season later. With Cooper as a mole, Meera was a lose end.
Liz’s willingness and desire to have a child was already very thin. She was uninterested in talking to the adoption agency, skipping meetings and sonograms, and when she went to ask for free time, and Meera gets a admonition from Cooper about work being first, Liz just lets it go. Cooper will pay a high price for it later on as his wife was feeling second and always alone and had an affair with the neighbor that ended with the fake diagnosis. Lovely little ironies as Red says.
I think Liz was rethinking the whole thing, but definitely hearing about how Owen was “returned” was a key.
I was also struck by the Lassiters returning a difficult child who acted out, now knowing about Red being excommunicated by his father for being difficult and acting up, as well as Tom’s difficult childhood:
ABOUT OWEN: we knew Michael was troubled. But nothing could have prepared us for T-the therapist called it severe attachment disorder. Uh A-and there– there– there were many therapists, all kinds. We tried. I know– I know how that sounds. But– but when Michael began threatening to hurt himself and– and us, then the doctors stepped in and felt uh for, uh For Michael to return to foster care.
ABOUT TOM: I’m surprised you haven’t stolen more, considering the situation with your foster home. You know, we’ve been watching you, Jacob…. According to our research, you have some remarkable talents…. You ever stop to think that the reason you have trouble relating to other people is because you’re special? That it’s not you, it’s everyone else that’s the problem? …Good old social services Bureaucrats trained in missing the point. We believe that your delinquent inclinations are exactly what makes you invaluable. It takes a certain kind of courage.
ABOUT RED: I was a difficult child. People saw me one way I saw myself another. I felt misunderstood acted out. My father fancied himself a disciplinarian. Very moralistic. Instead of trying to understand me, he excommunicated me.
Liz was so uptight! that scene at the drug dealer was hilarious.
why there sooo many bad guys, usually the goons to help that have facial hair, especially goatees? does it all go back to the earliest one chronologically, the man in the fire?

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Infinity Inc. #3 - Vintage

Infinity Inc

Issue Two: Vintage
Written by PatrollinTheMojave
Edited by AdamantAce
Arc 1: Pupation
Thunder cracked in the distance as Todd Rice walked towards his target. Tonight was the night he’d put his hard-earned skills to good use. The museum was locked up tight for the night, but he had ways of getting in. Todd stepped into an alleyway and an inky blackness began spreading across his otherwise pale skin almost instinctually. In seconds, his entire body had turned dark like midnight with only the white of his eyes betraying any sort silhouette.
As if he was melting, Todd slowly sank into the shadows below him, losing form. He slithered through the darkness created by the cloud cover, slipping entirely past the security cameras. Todd was pretty sure he heard in a movie one time that light didn’t have any mass, he figured darkness must not have any either, which was why he managed to slip under the locked double doors of the museum.
Todd poked out of the shadows in his physical form, using his arms to pull the rest of his body onto solid ground and out of the blackness. Although he was still wreathed in shadows - you never know when a camera might catch you, after all. As he worked his way further into the museum, he held out hope they’d actually have what he was looking for. His past three leads had been duds - his only prize from them were a few wasted nights and practice he didn’t need.
Todd’s doubt vanished when he spotted it in the center of the exhibition room. Against the far wall was the name of the collection, etched into a large metal sign: ‘The Justice League’. Sealed under glass was Todd’s prize, an actual Batarang! He grabbed a hammer from his bag and brought it down on the glass, instantly fractured into tissue paper. An obnoxious alarm filled the building and Todd quickly pocketed it. Behind him, he heard,
“No, not lethal! Set it to stun or something.”
Todd slowly turned around to see a strange blue robot pointing a fancy taser at the ground, a woman with a dark red fashion statement clamped around her arm was holding a pistol made of light, and a medieval knight swinging around a sword made of lightning.
The knight took a step forward and Todd shouted, “Wait!”
“Are you guys superheroes?!”
The knight spoke, “We are the defenders of the righteous and the punishers of the guilty.”
The robot quickly chimed in, “No - uh - yeah, we’re superheroes.”
Todd dropped the hammer, “Awesome! I didn’t know San Fran still had a team.”
The woman fired her pistol into the ground, but it didn’t leave a mark - blanks? “You’re under arrest for breaking an entering and theft.”
Todd wasn’t phased, “Oh yeah, totally. You’re the mean, protective one right? And the robot is the funny, naive one?”
The robot stepped forward and shackled Todd’s wrists together before leading him out of the museum.
Todd was sitting in the lobby for an R&D house called Infinity. This was strange - usually when he got caught doing something he wasn’t supposed to, Todd was taken to the police station, not Fortune 500 companies. Although, he was still shackled, which was too familiar. Sitting across from Todd was a man who introduced himself as Ted Kord, alongside the knight named Azrael, the woman who went by Red Lantern, and the robot who was apparently a not-robot called Blue Beetle. Standing behind them was a teenage girl named Cassidy.
Todd was confused, “So how’d you guys catch me anyway? Can one of you teleport? I bet it’s the chick.”
Cassidy squeezed past Jaime, “I compiled a list of all the break-ins with no obvious sign of forced entry in Palo Alto and barring a few outliers, found each of them were in some way related to League technology. Then I created a likely timeline for your break-ins-
“...Your break-ins, and found the next nearest location from a possible origin point of the thefts.”
“Be cooler if you could teleport.”
The room went silent and Todd realized he had to ready himself for the pitch of a lifetime, “So, hear me out. You seem like a cool multicultural team of varying identities and motivations, but you’re B-listers. Great superhero teams always have the lovable rogue. What do you say?”
Cassidy seemed annoyed, “We go through all the effort of tracking him down then let him join the team?”
The Red Lantern didn’t respond, instead taking a step closer, “What is a metahuman thief doing breaking into museums, leaving everything untouched? Except for tonight where you steal an ordinary piece of metal from a Justice League exhibit.”
“It’s no ordinary piece of metal. It’s a Batarang, they’re vintage! They don’t make ‘em anymore. Not how they used to, at least! And how can you know for sure I was the one who broke into those other places.”
“You just told us.”
Ted leaned forward, “He’s not wrong.”
Red Lantern turned around, “Pardon?”
“We do need a fourth member.”
The girl, Cassidy, took issue there, “Mr. Kord? Infinity Inc. already has four members.”
Ted nodded, “Oh, right. I mean field members.”
The Red Lantern fumed, “We are not taking another stray onto this team. He’s a criminal!”
Infinity Incorporated,” Ted smiled, “Reforming the world one criminal at a time!
Todd was standing just outside the emergency exit of Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco trying to get his navy blue cape to fall properly. The whole costume - the dark blue vest, boots, and of course the cape were fantastic - but getting a six foot length of fabric to billow properly could be tough. He tapped the side of his ear, “Is this thing working? I was thinking for my codename I could be Obsidian.”
The Red Lantern - whom he had learned to be Kat - spoke from the other end, “Non-mission critical chatter is at a minimum during missions. If you’re sticking around, take this seriously. Sitrep said four hostages.”
“Yeah, sure.” Being a superhero was a nice gig and all, but Todd wasn’t so thrilled by Kat being such a hardass. Not to mention Cassidy giving him the evil eye. Todd spoke again, “So are we doin’ this or...?”
“Breach!” Kat shouted over comms.
Todd suspected she did that on purpose, but he didn’t say anything, instead diving for the small shadow at the base of the bank. Like an Olympic swimmer, Todd broke the surface of the darkness and pushed through to the side of the door.
More than a dozen thieves were firing pistols towards the main team. Cassidy’s voice filled Todd’s ear,
“Jean-Paul, behind you!”
With effortless execution, the knight - known to those who pissed him off as Azrael - drew a broadsword crackling with electricity from his back and dropped to a knee before smacking the blade’s side into a thief. Before the thief could even raise his weapon, the electricity surged through him, leaving the poor guy a spasming mess on the floor.
Jean-Paul’s voice came over the comms, “...Sufficient.”
“Don’t sound too happy. And watch your back - CCTV can’t catch everything.”
Beside him, Jaime was holding a carapace shield as tall as him while Kat peeked out from the side to fire off shotgun blasts. Based on the lack of gore flying through the air, Todd intuited she was going easy on them.
While the main team held attention, Todd repeated his task in his mind. Find the hostages, make sure they’re safe. Find the hostages, make sure they’re safe.
Unfortunately, the bank floor was pretty sparse of hostages. No high-pitched ‘Save me Todd!’ Behind the teller’s counter, one of the thieves was hurriedly stuffing cash into a sack. Todd was more of a lover than a fighter, but figured this was the best chance to find the hostages. He silently slipped out of the shadows and slammed his head just a few inches away from the bag.
“Hostages, where?!”
“V- Vault! They’re in the vault.”
Todd noticed blood trickling from the thief’s nose, “Oh, sorry about that man. On the other hand, head for the front door with your hands above your head and you’ll have made out better than your friends.”
Todd signaled comms, “Could use somebody in the teller’s office to pick up a straggler, I’m headed for the hostages.”
The gleaming steel bank vault was sealed up tights. Todd briefly considered heading back to double check his information, but he’d already been everywhere else. Either they were in there or out of the building. Todd pressed his fingers against the seam of the vault and tried to force his way into the small patch of darkness. He felt the steel around him constricting, but tried to push forward. After a few seconds, it was clear using his power to get through was futile.
Todd rapidly glanced around, trying to focus despite the sound of gunshots on the periphery. Then he spotted a vent - they had to send air to the vault right? That way it didn’t get all humid - or something. Todd took a few steps back and narrowed his gaze on the darkness just past that metal grate. Then, he sprinted for it, leaping into the air with his eyes squeezed shut. As the air rushed past him, Todd hoped he wasn’t about to hit a wall head-first. Fortunately, no impact came. Instead, Todd found himself again in shadow form within the vents. He shot through them as quickly as he could, ricocheting off each dead end in pursuit of the vault.
Eventually, Todd spotted one of the thieves waving a gun over four people bound in zip ties. Behind him were a few pallets full of hundred dollar bills. Yes! Todd broke through the vent screen, throwing himself onto the thief and tackling him to the ground. He noticed a handful of leftover zip ties on the floor and nodded, “Nice.”
Todd tightened the zip tie around the thief and stood back up. Then through comms a robotic voice,
“Private communications from...Cassidy Rey.”
She spoke, “Don’t even think about pocketing anything. I’ve got the camera feed from the whole bank. You might have fooled Mr. Kord, but I know this is a trick.”
Todd’s face scrunched, “What?”
The robotic voice again, “Private communications ended.”
With that, the vault slowly started to pull open. On the other side, Jaime was standing with the suit retracting to his neck. Kat walked up from behind him, glancing down at the bound thief,
“Not bad rookie.”
Ted Kord’s seconded over comms, “Welcome to the team! Alright, after this wraps up take a quick break then we’re wheels up to Central City. You’ve been invited to a gala. Don’t change from your costumes. And Cassidy, I’ve sent you a few files for review, check them out tonight while the team’s away.”
Todd smiled. It felt to have his skills be appreciated and fancy parties were great too. Stepping out of the vault, Todd saw police streaming into the building and slapping handcuffs on the many battered thieves across the bank. Todd glanced to Kat nervously,
“Do we need to be going?”
Kat shook her head, “Mr. Kor- Ted wants us to greet the reporters and give Infinity a good image.”
Jean-Paul slid his blade back into its scabbard, “The work is done. I have spared the wrongdoers as per your wishes and now you’d like me to put on a show for the masses?”
Todd could see Jean-Paul’’s eyes beneath his mask burning with irritation. He tried to defuse the situation, “Hey, if you go out there, show those...wrongdoers what they’re up against, maybe you won’t have to deal with them in the first place.”
Jean-Paul paused for a few seconds before joining the rest of the team outside. Immediately, a flurry of bright flashes blinded Todd.
“I think I blinked.” He whispered to Jaime.
From the crowd of policemen, onlookers, and reporters, one of the latter asked, “Who are you?”
Todd saw Jaime take a deep breath and step forward,
“I’m Jaime Reyes, The Blue Beetle. And we are Infinity Incorporated.”
Jaime felt like a fish out of water. He was sitting with the team at a table specifically reserved for Infinity Inc’s appearance at the Twin Cities Storm Foundation gala. It was a good cause, trying to raise money for those hurt by the storm in Central and Keystone City, but Jaime was uncomfortable being around so much money. Not to mention an added bit of anxiety from Ted’s announcement that they were representing Infinity.
The Scarab seemed to pick up on his worries, { Palo Alto to Central City. Flight duration three hours. Activate thrusters? }
Jaime felt a faint heat coming from his back. He was already suited up, bar the helmet, so it wouldn’t take much more than a second to take off,
“No.” He hissed.
An outside voice broke him from his conversation with the Scarab, “And any for the lady?”
Jaime noticed a waiter holding a cheese grater above Kat’s plate. He buried his face in his hands for a second. This thing attached to him was becoming - no - it had long since become a nuisance. Most teenagers had to deal with cliques and managing their social media. Not Jaime, he got to contend with a robot with murderous intent bonded to his spine!
“You good, Blue? Blue?” Jaime looked up to see the team’s newest addition - Todd - speaking to him.
“Oh, sorry. Just not all that used to people calling me that.”
Todd pressed mashed potatoes through his fork, “Something I was curious about, why are we using our real names?”
Jean-Paul looked up from his ganache and nodded, “Seconded. The name Azrael is meant to be known to the world as that of a purifying avenger.” WIth the mask off, Jaime could see tufts of blond hair coming down his forehead.
Kat seemed to have an answer, “I would let Ted explain this, but it seems he’s busy making Infinity a household name.” She took a breath, “Things are still rocky after what happened in Coast City. People want to know that their heroes are accountable - and that means knowing their names.”
Jaime understood, “Yeah. I mean - people are putting a lot of faith in us. It’s a little worrying. Like, what if we mess up?”
Jean-Paul’s eyes seemed to narrow on Jaime, “Caution, preparation, and fortitude are my only words of advice.”
Todd snickered, “You got shot what? A half-dozen times today? I seriously doubt you have anything to worry about.”
Jaime pursed his lips. He wondered if he should tell them about the Scarab speaking to him. Or at least Mr. Kord? Then again, telling everyone about it might just make things worse.
Kat spoke, “You’ve got nothing to worry about, kid. We’ve got your back.”
A woman in a sparkling red dress stepped up into the stage and spoke into the microphone, "Thank you everyone for coming to the Twin City Storm Foundation gala. I’ll keep things brief for you all, so you can get back to enjoying the wonderful gala we have tonight. My name is Cecile West and I am the District Attorney for Central City. I would like to begin by thanking Mr. Kord for the many generous donations he has made. The money to rebuild the countless homes damaged in both Central and Keystone City will go a long way, as will the money contributed to the Emergency Services Fund. As for everyone else, I thank you on the behalf of the foundation for your donations and hope that you will spread the word of our cause. The twin cities are only just starting to recover and each dollar speeds along that process."
As Cecile West stepped down from the stage, Jaime noticed Todd’s phone light up and chirp with a quirky ringtone. Todd’s eyes flicked down to the phone and he quickly stood up,
“Wha- Sorry, I need to go take this.”
With that, Todd put the phone to his ear and asked “Hello?”, while making his way into a more private corner of the gala.
Jean-Paul slid his own chair back before standing abruptly, “I also need to step away. Excuse me.”
Kat glanced at both figures, heading off from the table and spoke, suspicion clear in her voice, “Hm. I wonder what that could be about.”
“Indigestion?” Jaime tried not to consider any of the less friendly possibilities of where his teammates had gone - or what drove Jean-Paul to excuse himself. He didn’t expect to see the guy who held his own with Kat using a sword to conduct himself so well at fancy dinners.
Just then, Jaime felt a pressure on his shoulder. He turned to see Ted dressed in his signature blue suit. Close in tow behind him was a girl dressed in a shimmering purple dress with raven black hair. Jaime quickly got out of the chair for introductions, which Ted provided,
“Jaime, meet Helena Wayne, daughter of philanthropist Bruce Wayne. From Gotham City. And Miss Wayne, this is Jaime Reyes, the new Blue Beetle.”
Jaime slowly went for a handshake - not totally confident of proper gala procedure. Fortunately for him, Helena went along.
The Scarab buzzed in his mind, {Rising levels of adrenaline detected. Initiate combat procedures?}
No cough cough cough” Jaime quickly held a fist up to his face to cover up the command.
Ted cocked his head slightly before patting Jaime on the shoulder and heading off, “You two feel free to mingle for a bit.”
Jaime tried to make conversation, “So you’re from Gotham. What’s that like?”
“You mean other than the rampant crime, structural poverty, and stagnant economy?”
“Oh, well - yeah. Sorry, I wasn’t trying to - y’know.” Jaime flushed red. He felt like the dumbest person alive and figured Helena probably agreed.
Helena broke into a small laugh, “I’m kidding. You know, it isn’t often I’m representing the second wealthiest person at these events.”
“I’ve never been to a gala before, so first time for everything, I guess.”
“So, you’re a superhero. That must be fun.”
Jaime wanted to scream about how much he’d been through over the past few weeks, but settled on, “It’s actually a lot of hard work. Y’know, working with teammates and trying to figure everything out. You might be surprised.”
Helena grinned, “Yeah...you’re probably right.”
A British gentleman’s voice cut into the conversation, “Miss Helena?” An older man with a pencil mustache stepped around one of the gala’s guests, “A Mr. Lord wishes to speak with you.”
Helena nodded, “Nice meeting you Jaime. Good luck.” She stepped away from the conversation with a smile on her face.
{Initiating analysis of endocrine response…}
Todd sat outside San Bruno Correctional Facility drumming his fingers against his black Kord Kommodore. After passing the ‘test’, Todd jokingly asked for a bonus and was glad he did. Today though, he was using the bonus to take care of a call he’d gotten.
After not hearing from him for years, Todd got a call out of the blue from his foster-
About thirty feet away was a thin man in state-issued jeans and a t-shirt. More obvious however, was the pair of opaque round glasses and the walking stick. Todd felt a small pressure on his eyes - most people didn’t, but he’d been around him long enough to pick up a sense for it. His brother was blind, but you’d never know it because could see through other people’s eyes.
“Hey Lee!” Todd waved.
Lee folded his walking stick and went in for a bro hug with Todd,
“So, what’ve you been up to?” Lee asked as he finished the hug and got in on the passenger side.
“Well, I’ve got this new job.”
“Man I knew that was you! With that superhero team, right?”
Todd started up the car and pulled off, “How’d you know?”
“I hear about a guy who can turn into shadows joining up with a bunch of capes? I know it has to be you.” Lee chuckled.
“Yeah, it’s a pretty sweet gig. Definitely interesting. Few hours ago I was at one of those fancy dinners - I think they call it a gala. Even got a costume made.”
“No shit. I was thinking...”
“Don’t hurt yourself.” Todd grinned.
“Yeah, yeah. So look, I was talking to some guys on the inside and I’ve got a job for us.”
Todd shook his head, “This is a good gig I’ve got. I don’t want to screw it up.”
“Ten million dollars.”
“Ten million dollars?! Christ. How many ways?”
“Ten million dollars each. Forty total. Fifty percent between us, fifty for my friends.”
Todd kept silent, so Lee continued,
“I figure you’d got to know how to get inside that billionaire’s place without drawing attention. You get us in, held us load up a few boxes, then we’re out. Easy peasy. That’s all you gotta do.”
“They’ll know it was me.” Todd reasoned.
“Go cares what they know? You’ll be a millionaire! This is it man. No more fighting for scraps or stealing to survive. We’re not kids anymore, this is the real deal.”
Todd sat at a red light running his hand through his hair until finally, “I’ll do it.”
Jaime sat in the room Ted had set aside for him. Since Jaime met Jean-Paul, Ted had been hard at work converting a wing of Infinity into the team’s headquarters. Jaime’s own room was somewhat plain, a bit like his old room minus all the water damage and dead bugs. Outside of the usual furniture, the only thing to serve as decoration was an old Blue Beetle poster from the 70s Ted had given him. If there was one upside to having the Scarab attached to him, it was not having to wear that jumpsuit. Tight in all the wrong places.
“Alright, here we go, this time’s the charm...Activate stun batons!” Jaime leapt off his bed and raised up his arms. The suit quickly washed over him, enveloping his body in black and blue metal as usual. This time, however, it went a step further with one foot rods stretching out from his arms and sparking with electricity.
Jaime said, a bit prematurely as the rod on his right arm quickly sharpened itself into a long blade. “Scarab! Stun batons! We don’t kill people? If you’re so advanced, why can’t you figure that out?”
{Jaime Reyes of Earth, Alternate Designation: Blue Beetle correct?}
{Previous Blue Beetle Dan Garrett was a warrior and made use of this unit’s limited capabilities.}
Jaime’s sat down on the bed, “Dan...killed people?”
{Total sentient lifeforms neutralized with previous host...eighty-nine.}
“W-what? Why?”
{Lethal force required due to host’s assets in jeopardy. Assets such as...companions, bodily well-being, planet. Jaime Reyes of Earth Alternate Designation: Blue Beetle correct?}
“I am the Blue Beetle.” Jaime stood, trying to come to terms with his new role, “But I’m not Dan Garrett. I’m sure he had his reasons, but I’m not gonna kill anybody. That’s the only way this works or I’m done. I don’t care what Ted said, you kill someone and I’m not your host anymore. And it’s just ‘Jaime’, understand?”
{Understood, Jaime.}
Suddenly, the sound of an alarm filled the halls. Jaime was caught off guard - another mission - so soon? Regardless, he hurried down the hallway to the briefing room - the same high-tech conference he’d been in before meeting Jean-Paul. Surprisingly, Cassidy beat him there - maybe she’d hit the alarm? Still, the entire team had assembled in less than a minute.
Todd asked, “What’s the deal?”, but the room kept quiet.
Once Ted entered, Cassidy cleared her throat and addressed the entire group,
“Sorry everyone for the alarm, but I’ve just discovered something disturbing. Firstly, Todd, would you like to say anything?”
Todd didn’t say anything, instead just rapidly shaking his head.
“Two days ago, our teammate Todd met with known supervillain Lee Hyland, better known as Blink.”
Cassidy pressed a button on the table and the image of a pale man in dark-rimmed glasses appeared being processed as a prisoner appeared, projected on the wall. She continued,
“Todd and Hyland were together for more than an hour immediately after his release from San Bruno Correctional Facility. Hyland is known to still be actively associated with multiple villains such as Roulette and Scythe. So, Todd, what do you have to say for yourself?”
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Making the "Hero Bet" on a late Daily Double (long)

Yesterday's episode (March 5, 2018) had the leader uncover the Daily Double as the very last clue in Double Jeopardy. This is an immensely strategic decision point: Some say to bet big, aim for a runaway, essentially turn the clue into a Final Jeopardy just for you. Is that truly statistically superior? This time I decided to crunch some numbers. In competition, you don't have time to do much more than eyeball the scores and apply much more than a hunch - or ideally, a rule of thumb. Let's see if we can figure one out.
You: $12000. Her: $9800. Him: $9600. Let's look at three strategies. I'll call them (S)mall, (M)edium, and (L)arge.
To estimate which strategy has the highest chance of winning, we need to consider the probabilities of Daily Doubles as well as Final Jeopardy rounds. J-Archive provides DD and FJ statistics by season. I'm too lazy to sum all 34+ seasons into one statistic, so I'll just go to Season 33, the last complete season, and see what it says.
For DDs: http://j-archive.com/ddstats.php?season=33
It says contestants in Season 33 answered DDs correctly 61% overall, but only 50% (30/60) when it was in the bottom row (as it was in our real-life example). that's a small sample size, though, so I don't want to treat 50% as gospel. Let's say 55%.
(So right off the bat we know Strategy L has at least a 55% chance of winning - plus some small chance of coming from behind from a distant third in FJ.)
So there are six possible outcomes of the DD:
What should you bet in FJ? This is a game-theory question especially when if you chose Strategy S to keep the scores close. This analysis is going to multiply in complexity if I start looking at all possible strategies, so let me just pick one that I think is the most realistic: Because both your opponents have similar scores and are practically in the same boat, I wouldn't bother getting tricky or underbetting. With two almost-tied opponents to consider instead of one, the chances of at least one of them betting big is huge. And since all three of you are using this same logic, chances are they're both betting big. You can't count on them both getting it wrong. You gotta bet to cover them if you can, is what I say. So let's say your FJ wager is:
Final Jeopardy is not three independent weighted-coin-flips. There is a high degree of correlation between two contestants being right or wrong in FJ (as you would expect - after all, they're getting the same question).
Distribution of Final responses by score position out of the 217 games in which all three players played Final:
WWW = 43
WRW = 35
RWW = 31
RWR = 28
RRR = 26
RRW = 19
WWR = 19
WRR = 16
This is a pretty small sample size so I don't want to read too much into the 1st-place vs 2nd-place stat breakdown. Instead, let me aggregate them:
So from your perspective, there are six FJ outcomes which I'll label A through F.
At long last, let's put it all together. Again, She has $9800 and He has $9600.
Going back to our DD statistics, we're using 55% as our chance of getting the DD right. So remember the question? Should you choose Strategy S, M, or L? Let's finally find out.
Looks like betting big on the DD is the winner!... but hold on. Not only did I make several assumptions along the way, about your wagering and your opponents' wagering, and about your right/wrong chances. In addition, the analysis depended a lot on your opponents' scores - the results may not hold if their scores are just a little bit different. What is putting Strategy L over the top is the "second chance" value, your ability to still win even if you bet big on the DD and miss. If this real-life example were just a little bit different, then betting big and missing would give you no second chance at all. Like, if your lead were just a little smaller, or if She and He weren't almost tied. Without the "second chance" appeal, Strategy L success rate falls from almost 70% to just 55% which is essentially no better than Strategy I. So it's precarious.
Furthermore, contestants take note, this real-life example had the DD as the very last clue. Even one or two more clues left on the board would change things - because you can't 100% guarantee a runaway unless you take into account what happens if your 2nd-place opponent collects all the remaining clues. You might not even have enough money to wager enough to guarantee a lock, even if you're in the lead. If you can only give yourself, say, an 80% chance of a lock instead of a 100% chance of a lock, that also neuters a lot of this strategy's appeal. So, contestants, I would not march into the studio memorizing "always bet the farm on a late DD." The conditions have to be just right.
On top of all that, remember when I noted that DD success rates on the bottom row are only 50% in season 33. I said, yeah but it's a small sample size and the overall rate is 61%, so let's call it 55%. But what if it really is 50% on the bottom row and 61% on the fourth row? That might actually be enough to make Strategy L look much worse or much better, based on how important it is to get the DD clue right.
So, when betting big isn't ideal, what is?
What hurts Strategy M is that the benefits from pushing your opponents below 2/3 aren't actually that great. The benefits get outweighed by the risk of falling into 3rd place. That's why Strategy M has a lower overall winning percentage than Strategy S.
But again, this is based on a particular real-life scenario where your two opponents are very close to each other. If instead, one of them were in a distant third, then they'd be much more likely to have disparate strategies, and I'd have to rerun all this analysis again, and we might very well find Strategy M on top. If your crush over 2nd place is big enough to lock out 3rd place, for instance, then I would definitely expect Strategy M to improve.
Finally, remember all these empirical probabilities are based on just one season's worth of historical episodes. Small sample sizes! Who knows if FJs are still this hard/easy as they were in 2016.
So I'm afraid I haven't come up with a "rule of thumb" for this situation. Too many things could change the analysis. If anything I'm tempted to advise betting small - because that way minimizes your chances of making an error and wagering a wrong amount.
(I bet nobody is still following this.)
I think I learned the following through this:
Please let me know if I screwed up any of my probabilities or strategy assumptions!
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Want to share an amazing post: What do I remember?

She wanted to talk to her mother, and hear her mother tell her from thousands of miles away that I was sleeping in the guest room in his crib, and that it was hard to make out what she was saying. Could she speak up And that she would feel better when she woke up in the morning, and then ask her mother to stay on the line while she sang herself to sleep.
"Tell me things I won't mind forgetting," she said. "Make it useless stuff or skip it."
I began. I told her insects fly through rain, missing every drop, never getting wet. I told her no one in America owned a tape recorder before Bing Crosby did. I told her the shape of the moon is like a banana—you see it looking full, you're seeing it end-on.
The camera made me self-conscious and I stopped. It was trained on us from a ceiling mount—the kind of camera banks use to photograph robbers. It played us to the nurses down the hall in Intensive Care.
"Go on, girl," she said. "You get used to it."
I had my audience. I went on. Did she know that Tammy Wynette had changed her tune? Really. That now she sings "Stand by Your Friends"? That Paul Anka did it too, I said. Does "You're Having Our Baby." That he got sick of all that feminist bitching.
"What else?" she said. "Have you got something else?"
Oh, yes.
For her I would always have something else.
"Did you know that when they taught the first chimp to talk, it lied? That when they asked her who did it on the desk, she signed back the name of the janitor. And that when they pressed her, she said she was sorry, that it was really the project director. But she was a mother, so I guess she had her reasons."
"Oh, that's good," she said. "A parable."
"There's more about the chimp," I said. "But it will break your heart."
"No, thanks," she says, and scratches at her mask.
We look like good-guy outlaws. Good or bad, I am not used to the mask yet. I keep touching the warm spot where my breath, thank God, comes out. She is used to hers. She only ties the strings on top. The other ones—a pro by now—she lets hang loose.
We call this place the Marcus Welby Hospital. It's the white one with the palm trees under the opening credits of all those shows. A Hollywood hospital, though in fact it is several miles west. Off camera, there is a beach across the street.
She introduces me to a nurse as the Best Friend. The impersonal article is more intimate. It tells me that they are intimate, the nurse and my friend.
"I was telling her we used to drink Canada Dry ginger ale and pretend we were in Canada."
"That's how dumb we were," I say.
"You could be sisters," the nurse says.
So how come, I'll bet they are wondering, it took me so long to get to such a glamorous place? But do they ask?
They do not ask.
Two months, and how long is the drive?
The best I can explain it is this—I have a friend who worked one summer in a mortuary. He used to tell me stories. The one that really got to me was not the grisliest, but it's the one that did. A man wrecked his car on 101 going south. He did not lose consciousness. But his arm was taken down to the wet bone—and when he looked at it—it scared him to death.
I mean, he died.
So I hadn't dared to look any closer. But now I'm doing it—and hoping that I will live through it.
She shakes out a summer-weight blanket, showing a leg you did not want to see. Except for that, you look at her and understand the law that requires two people to be with the body at all times.
"I thought of something," she says. "I thought of it last night. I think there is a real and present need here. You know," she says, "like for someone to do it for you when you can't do it yourself. You call them up whenever you want—like when push comes to shove."
She grabs the bedside phone and loops the cord around her neck.
"Hey," she says, "the end o' the line."
She keeps on, giddy with something. But I don't know with what.
"I can't remember," she says. "What does Kübler-Ross say comes after Denial?"
It seems to me Anger must be next. Then Bargaining, Depression, and so on and so forth. But I keep my guesses to myself.
"The only thing is," she says, "is where's Resurrection? God knows, I want to do it by the book. But she left out Resurrection."
She laughs, and I cling to the sound the way someone dangling above a ravine holds fast to the thrown rope.
"Tell me," she says, "about that chimp with the talking hands. What do they do when the thing ends and the chimp says, ‘I don't want to go back to the zoo'?"
When I don't say anything, she says, "Okay—then tell me another animal story. I like animal stories. But not a sick one—I don't want to know about all the seeing- eye dogs going blind."
No, I would not tell her a sick one.
"How about the hearing-ear dogs?" I say. "They're not going deaf, but they are getting very judgmental. For instance, there's this golden retriever in New Jersey, he wakes up the deaf mother and drags her into the daughter's room because the kid has got a flashlight and is reading under the covers."
"Oh, you're killing me," she says. "Yes, you're definitely killing me."
"They say the smart dog obeys, but the smarter dog knows when to disobey."
"Yes," she says, "the smarter anything knows when to disobey. Now, for example."
She is flirting with the Good Doctor, who has just appeared. Unlike the Bad Doctor, who checks the IV drip before saying good morning, the Good Doctor says things like "God didn't give epileptics a fair shake." The Good Doctor awards himself points for the cripples he could have hit in the parking lot. Because the Good Doctor is a little in love with her, he says maybe a year. He pulls a chair up to her bed and suggests I might like to spend an hour on the beach.
"Bring me something back," she says. "Anything from the beach. Or the gift shop. Taste is no object."
He draws the curtain around her bed.
"Wait!" she cries.
I look in at her.
"Anything," she says, "except a magazine subscription."
The doctor turns away.
I watch her mouth laugh.
What seems dangerous often is not—black snakes, for example, or clear-air turbulence. While things that just lie there, like this beach, are loaded with jeopardy. A yellow dust rising from the ground, the heat that ripens melons overnight—this is earthquake weather. You can sit here braiding the fringe on your towel and the sand will all of a sudden suck down like an hourglass. The air roars. In the cheap apartments on-shore, bathtubs fill themselves and gardens roll up and over like green waves. If nothing happens, the dust will drift and the heat deepen till fear turns to desire. Nerves like that are only bought off by catastrophe.
"It never happens when you're thinking about it," she once observed. "Earthquake, earthquake, earthquake," she said.
"Earthquake, earthquake, earthquake," I said.
Like the aviaphobe who keeps the plane aloft with prayer, we kept it up until an aftershock cracked the ceiling.
That was after the big one in seventy-two. We were in college; our dormitory was five miles from the epicenter. When the ride was over and my jabbering pulse began to slow, she served five parts champagne to one part orange juice, and joked about living in Ocean View, Kansas. I offered to drive her to Hawaii on the new world psychics predicted would surface the next time, or the next.
I could not say that now—next.
Whose next? she could ask.
Was I the only one who noticed that the experts had stopped saying if and now spoke of when? Of course not; the fearful ran to thousands. We watched the traffic of Japanese beetles for deviation. Deviation might mean more natural violence.
I wanted her to be afraid with me. But she said, "I don't know. I'm just not."
She was afraid of nothing, not even of flying.
I have this dream before a flight where we buckle in and the plane moves down the runway. It takes off at thirty-five miles an hour, and then we're airborne, skimming the tree tops. Still, we arrive in New York on time.
It is so pleasant.
One night I flew to Moscow this way.
She flew with me once. That time she flew with me she ate macadamia nuts while the wings bounced. She knows the wing tips can bend thirty feet up and thirty feet down without coming off. She believes it. She trusts the laws of aerodynamics. My mind stampedes. I can almost accept that a battleship floats when everybody knows steel sinks.
I see fear in her now, and am not going to try to talk her out of it. She is right to be afraid.
After a quake, the six o'clock news airs a film clip of first-graders yelling at the broken playground per their teacher's instructions.
"Bad earth!" they shout, because anger is stronger than fear.
But the beach is standing still today. Everyone on it is tranquilized, numb, or asleep. Teenaged girls rub coconut oil on each other's hard-to-reach places. They smell like macaroons. They pry open compacts like clam-shells; mirrors catch the sun and throw a spray of white rays across glazed shoulders. The girls arrange their wet hair with silk flowers the way they learned in Seventeen. They pose.
A formation of low-riders pulls over to watch with a six-pack. They get vocal when the girls check their tan lines. When the beer is gone, so are they—flexing their cars on up the boulevard.
Above this aggressive health are the twin wrought-iron terraces, painted flamingo pink, of the Palm Royale. Someone dies there every time the sheets are changed. There's an ambulance in the driveway, so the remaining residents line the balconies, rocking and not talking, one-upped.
The ocean they stare at is dangerous, and not just the undertow. You can almost see the slapping tails of sand sharks keeping cruising bodies alive.
If she looked, she could see this, some of it, from her window. She would be the first to say how little it takes to make a thing all wrong.
There was a second bed in the room when I got back to it!
For two beats I didn't get it. Then it hit me like an open coffin.
She wants every minute, I thought. She wants my life.
"You missed Gussie," she said.
Gussie is her parents' three-hundred-pound narcoleptic maid. Her attacks often come at the ironing board. The pillowcases in that family are all bordered with scorch.
"It's a hard trip for her," I said. "How is she?"
"Well, she didn't fall asleep, if that's what you mean. Gussie's great—you know what she said? She said, ‘Darlin', stop this worriation. Just keep prayin', down on your knees'—me, who can't even get out of bed."
She shrugged. "What am I missing?"
"It's earthquake weather," I told her.
"The best thing to do about earthquakes," she said, "is not to live in California."
"That's useful," I said. "You sound like Reverend Ike—‘The best thing to do for the poor is not to be one of them.' "
We're crazy about Reverend Ike.
I noticed her face was bloated.
"You know," she said, "I feel like hell. I'm about to stop having fun."
"The ancients have a saying," I said. "'There are times when the wolves are silent; there are times when the moon howls.'"
"What's that, Navaho?"
"Palm Royale lobby graffiti," I said. "I bought a paper there. I'll read you something."
"Even though I care about nothing?"
I turned to the page with the trivia column. I said, "Did you know the more shrimp flamingos birds eat, the pinker their feathers get?" I said, "did you know that Eskimos need refrigerators? Do you know why Eskimos need refrigerators? Did yo now that Eskimos need refrigerators because how else would they keep their food from freezing?"
I turned to page three, to a UPI filler datelined Mexico City. I read her MAN ROBS BANK WITH CHICKEN, about a man who bought a barbecued chicken at a stand down the block from a bank. Passing the bank, he got the idea. He walked in and approached a teller. He pointed the brown paper bag at her and she handed over the day's receipts. It was the smell of barbecue sauce that eventually led to his capture.
The story had made her hungry, she said—so I took the elevator down six floors to the cafeteria, and brought back all the ice cream she wanted. We lay side by side, adjustable beds cranked up for optimal TV-viewing, littering the sheets with Good Humor wrappers, picking toasted almonds out of the gauze. We were Lucy and Ethel, Mary and Rhoda in extremis. The blinds were closed to keep light off the screen.
We watched a movie starring men we used to think we wanted to sleep with. Hers was a tough cop out to stop mine, a vicious rapist who went after cocktail waitresses.
"This is a good movie," she said when snipers felled them both.
I missed her already.
A Filipino nurse tiptoed in and gave her an injection. The nurse removed the pile of popsicle sticks from the nightstand—enough to splint a small animal.
The injection made us both sleepy. We slept.
I dreamed she was a decorator, come to furnish my house. She worked in secret, singing to herself. When she finished, she guided me proudly to the door. "How do you like it?" she asked, easing me inside.
Every beam and sill and shelf and knob was draped in gay bunting, with streamers of pastel crepe looped around bright mirrors.
"I have to go home," I said when she woke up.
She thought I meant home to her house in the Canyon, and I had to say No, home home. I twisted my hands in the time-honored fashion of people in pain. I was supposed to offer something. The Best Friend. I could not even offer to come back.
I felt weak and small and failed.
Also exhilarated.
I had a convertible in the parking lot. Once out of that room, I would drive it too fast down the Coast highway through the crab-smelling air. A stop in Malibu for sangria. The music in the place would be sexy and loud. They'd serve papaya and shrimp and watermelon ice. After dinner I would shimmer with lust, buzz with heat, life, and stay up all night.
Without a word, she yanked off her mask and threw it on the floor. She kicked at the blankets and moved to the door. She must have hated having to pause for breath and balance before slamming out of Isolation, and out of the second room, the one where you scrub and tie on the white masks.
A voice shouted her name in alarm, and people ran down the corridor. The Good Doctor was paged over the intercom. I opened the door and the nurses at the station stared hard, as if this flight had been my idea.
"Where is she?" I asked, and they nodded to the supply closet.
I looked in. Two nurses were kneeling beside her on the floor, talking to her in low voices. One held a mask over her nose and mouth, the other rubbed her back in slow circles. The nurses glanced up to see if I was the doctor—and when I wasn't, they went back to what they were doing.
"There, there, honey," they cooed.
On the the morning she was moved to the cemetery, the one where Al Jolson is buried, I enrolled in a "Fear of Flying" class. "What is your worst fear?" the instructor asked, and I answered, "That I will finish this course and still be afraid."
I sleep with a glass of water on the nightstand so I can see by its level if the coastal earth is trembling or if the shaking is still me.
What do I remember?
I remember only the useless things I hear—that Bob Dylan's mother invented Wite-Out, that twenty-three people must be in a room before there is a fifty-fifty chance two will have the same birthday. Who cares whether or not it's true? In my head there are bath towels swaddling this stuff. Nothing else seeps through.
I review those things that will figure in the retelling: a kiss through surgical gauze, the pale hand correcting the position of the wig. I noted these gestures as they happened, not in any retrospect—though I don't know why looking back should show us more than looking at.
It is just possible I will say I stayed the night.
And who is there that can say that I did not?
I think of the chimp, the one with the talking hands.
In the course of the experiment, that chimp had a baby. Imagine how her trainers must have thrilled when the mother, without prompting, began to sign to her newborn.
Baby, drink milk.
Baby, play ball.
And when the baby died, the mother stood over the body, her wrinkled hands moving with animal grace, forming again and again the words: Baby, come hug, Baby, come hug, fluent now in the language of grief.
post from Novni.com
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Jeopardy! recap for Thur., Jul. 20

Jeopardy! recap for Thur., Jul. 20 - Once again, champ Deborah had a tight battle on her hands, as with three clues remaining she was tied with Justin at $13,400.
Justin scored on the $1,200 clue, found DD3, preserved his lead by only losing $1,000 and Deborah had no guess on the last $2,000 clue. So going into FJ it was Justin with $13,600, Deborah at $13,400 and Doug with $3,400.
DD1 - GEOGRAPHICA"L" - This island whose name means “big light” represents around 35% of the area of the Philippines (Justin won $1,000)
DD2 - KING JAMES BIBLE - Lamentations 4:9: They that be slain with the ______ are better than they that be slain with hunger (Justin won $2,000)
DD3 - STAMP COLLECTING - Every collector knows the French identify their air mail labels with this 2-word phrase (Justin lost $1,000)
FJ - STATE CAPITALS - In 1932 a 4,700-pound piece of the object that gave this capital its “small” name was moved to City Hall
Everyone was correct on FJ, with Justin predictably betting big, adding $13,500 to win with $27,100. Deborah continued her string of non-optimal wagers by betting $12,000, which unnecessarily set up the possibility of Doug winning if Justin and Deborah missed.
That's before our time: In a category about composers on-screen, song titles "I Dream of Jeannie" and "De-Lovely" didn't lead the players to Stephen Foster and Cole Porter.
This day in Trebekistan: That "Baby baby baby oh" Triple Stumper might have been the textbook definition of going a long way for nothing, and Alex didn't seem to want to discuss why Deborah is a fan of Georgia O'Keeffe.
Correct Qs: DD1 - What is Luzon? DD2 - What is sword? DD3 - What is par avion? FJ - What is Little Rock?
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Jeopardy! recap for Wed., Feb. 22

Jeopardy! recap for Wed., Feb. 22 - Gary (Navy) wisely protected his lead with a minimum wager on DD1, then opened up a big advantage with a strong performance in a poetry category.
In DJ, Mari (Stetson) and Natanel (Yeshiva) both gained on DDs but Gary was too strong and held first place into FJ with $22,995, while Mari and Netanel were tied at $15,000.
DD1 - (video) - FINANCIAL LITERACY - The two guys seen here, or the 2010 law named for them meant to reduce the risk of bank failures (Gary lost $5)
DD2 - HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES - Technically, June 17 in Massachusetts should be called Breed's Hill Day instead of this (Mari won $5,000)
DD3 - ELEMENT-IUM - Got milk? Yes? Then also got atomic no. 20, this (Netanel won $6,000)
FJ - PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN YEARS - Year The New York World lamented, “The age of statesmen is gone…the age of rail-splitters and tailors…has succeeded”
For the second straight game, FJ was a Triple Stumper, which worked to Gary's advantage, as he dropped $7,006 to advance with $15,989. He'll face Viraj (Stanford) and Lilly (MIT) in the two-day championship final.
Wagering strategy corner: Both DDs in DJ called for all-in bets by the players, as they would have been virtually out of it anyway if they missed with the amounts they did wager. Also, on FJ Mari wagered $10,000 when she should have bet everything (as Natanel did), since there was no realistic chance for her to win with $5,000 if she missed.
Financial illiteracy: The players didn't recognize definitions of a stock "bubble" or a "vested" pension.
Missing the layup: In the category "S.A.", after Mari was ruled incorrect with "smoke detector", no one jumped in with "smoke alarm".
This Day in Trebekistan: Alex turned "You're right! Go again!" into an impromptu cheer, and helpfully informed Gary that "you can't land a plane on a submarine".
Correct Qs: DD1: Who are Dodd-Frank? DD2: What is Bunker Hill Day? DD3: What is calcium? FJ: What is 1864?
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Minor League Season-In-Review (Season 4)

1 Nova (21-7) Furthest Playoff Position: Quarterfinals
The Challenger Conference title winners. This season 4 expansion team, piloted by Hydro, formed itself entirely of newcomers: Novakade, Wam, and Archeopsor (Arco). Amidst all of the apparent interest of old, known talents in the conference, these new kids on the block came out running, quickly establishing themselves in the top 8 power rankings and earning Sky’s designation: dark horse. With a few stumbles along the way (Nova vs Meme Squad, Average Joe’s Gym) and other close, but understandable, losses to top teams, Nova finally went full stride with a 9 game win streak to clutch the conference title.
And yet, amidst all the new found hype, Nova made their playoff exit in the quarterfinals to Century, a top team that they seemed to have finally figured out at the end of the season. A 4-1 loss in the Bo7, Nova held most of the games close, with the mechanically skilled Hydro facilitating most of the attack. Nevertheless, it would seem that Nova was somewhat outplayed by the team play of Century and the versatile ability of RookieMistakez.
It’s tough to say how this team would have fared against different opposition, but in hindsight the strong season finish will most certainly raise this teams stock as a destination for free agents and hopefully further their playoff opportunities. That said, Nova will be finding itself in a difficult situation as the new major league cut-off will probably move Hydro up to Paradox. With this in combination with a low draft pick and the potential of other current members to leave the team, expect Nova to be an active recruiter in the free agency.
2 OWA (20-8) Furthest Playoff Position: Semifinals
A team continually lauded throughout the past few weeks (mostly by their major affiliate), OWA had an overall successful season and a strong playoff attempt. Comprised of mostly old (Poke/Meconium, Extreme Gamer, Kemperson) and one new (LuckyPayDay) player, OWA quickly distanced themselves from a 1-3 start and grinded their way into the hellish 6 team death group of the top Challenger Conference. Ultimately, in the final weeks of the season, OWA found a second place finish after being edged out by Nova for the title. A great finish for both morale and reputation.
Now for the controversial shit: Extreme Gamer. As the top goal scorer (90) and spiritual leader of the points per game column (2.04), this boyo appeared to single-handedly lead OWA to numerous wins against top teams such as CO2, Century, B Squad, and Snowmen with many other close victories in between. However, the apparent difficulties of this player were made known with his outstandingly salty loss to Century (2-4) in the semifinals. In what shouldn’t be considered anything but a great season for the team, Mr. Gamer has now sadly capped his RLPC career with a double ragequit (the semis and the entire fucking league) to the amusement of the onlookers.
However, to not overshadow, the good-spirited core of Kemperson, Meconium, and LuckyPayDay remains. I am interested to see how this team changes without His-most-excellent Gamer, and am hopeful that they will stay together. Call it a hunch, but I feel as though Extreme had a bit of a stifling effect on team play and his absence may allow for a more interesting dynamic to develop. Similar to Nova, look for their off-season activity in the free agency with a bit more potential for a draft pick.
3 CO2 (20-8) Furthest Playoff Position: Quarterfinals
Rough. I can personally say that, when playing at their best, this team is one of the, if not THE, best team in the minor league. With a preconceived group of King Sikk, FreshoutofLuck, and TDS Richard, this team was ready to continue CO2’s legacy of joint-minor league champions (and maybe get rid of that silly old “joint”). Straight from the get-go, it became clear that this front 3 had great balance and excellent chemistry as they put up outrageous offensive (72% Goals Assisted, 162 Total Goals, 2.96 Goals per Game) and defensive stats (Second lowest GPG Against and lowest ShotsPG Against).
With some reasonable, and some head-scratching, losses, they achieved a strong third-place finish but ultimately exited the playoffs in a 7 game quarterfinal against OWA. Obviously, there are a lot of factors that contribute to a team playing well, but one thing I’ve heard that would continually plague this team was their rotation. In review of the quarterfinals, the goals and assists were there but so too were the goals against, a good sign that this team needs to find a more careful balance of defensive rotation while still maintaining their dynamic offense. This would, of course, be best achieved through practice and more play time together.
While I would ideally love to see this team stay together and grow, there are some troubling signs on the horizon. Recruitment from TDS Richard points to a split up for next season. If this plays out, the team may be tasked with finding players that makes up for King Sikk’s outstanding ability to put the ball in the net (63 goals) and FreshoutofLuck’s equal ability at keeping the ball away (62 saves).
P.S. Sifzy, you are not forgotten. 2.5 points per game (yes, with only one series played) has snuck him into the top spot on the leaderboards. Incoming 200+ points next season. All jokes aside, I would be interested to see how CO2 operates with some more Sifzy in their game.
4 Century (18-10) Furthest Playoff Position: Minor League Champions
The hardest one to write about for obvious reasons, Century won the entire minor league championship quite handily despite being the 4th seed in the conference. Freshly formed from current league players OkaySpiderman, SquirtinBurton, and RookieMistakez as well as draft pick Whiskers (Whiffskers), the team put on dominant performances from quarters to finals that put both championships in the Aerial Aces franchise.
When analyzing this team, it’s easy to look to the outstanding player that is RookieMistakez. Minor All-Star Player, nominated (and probably deserving) League MVP, second in goals, third in points per game, this player was the largest part of Century’s season. However, it is also very important to look at the team behind him. The constant pressure of Whiskers, defensive play of Squirtin, and disruptive ability of Spidey really allowed Rookie to play his game and advance Century to and through the playoffs. Obviously, there can be much speculated about some of their more interesting losses (Century vs Boost over Ball, Toxic Waste 2.0 X2), but results are results and winning it all doesn’t give a big opportunity to criticize.
Logically, winning teams tend to keep their players barring any personal life issues, however, Century will have to prepare for the certain loss of RookieMistakez as he moves up to the majors next season. There shouldn’t be too much trouble though: that open spot will be a hot commodity for many incoming free agents. Expect Will to sign a comparable replacement.
5 Newton’s Law (16-12) Furthest Playoff Position: DNQ
As the closest team from playoffs in the Challenger Conference, this team understandably had some of the most heartbreak. After our one series against them accumulated almost 10 minutes of overtime, I would have liked to see them get in to that top 4. I couldn’t pick who’s place they would take though as this season’s Challenger Conference was chock full of excellent competition.
With a frequently rotating front line of Zack, Casey, ItsAloof, and GRYNN (DATBOISD), this team made it clear that the whole was greater than the parts, putting up big fights against those top 4 teams and even taking wins against CO2 and Snowmen. Interestingly enough, all of their losses throughout the season were to top 4 teams in either conference (barring the final two FFs as playoffs were out of reach). Sadly, their one chance of getting in to the playoffs was cut off as Century (who had a 2-0 record against them) was the only team in position to drop. It seems as though if anything had gone differently for those top 4 teams, Newton’s Law may have found their way in. Alas, excuses can only go so far and at the end of the day, Newton’s Law just couldn’t get enough crucial wins out despite their excellent consistency.
It’s unclear how this offseason will affect the team. The optimistic outlook is that this team stays together, improves, and achieves better results next season. However, maybe this team would better benefit from some new talent. It’s definitely tough to point out a weak link, so I won’t. Either way, I do boldy predict that, if no players want to leave on their own accord, the roster will stay the same.
6 Toxic Waste 2.0 (13-15) Furthest Playoff Position: DNQ
The runner up for most pre-playoff heartbreak in the conference, Toxic Waste 2.0 did also find themselves in that horrible 6-way run for the top but sadly emerged at the bottom. With more diverse losses to lower and higher teams, and yet two wins against Century, this team shows promise amidst inconsistency. While not an expansion team for this season, Toxic Waste formed mostly in the draft (MF Problem, Vit Heskey, WickedHemroid) with one returning player in Truecl3ver.
While their 6th seed in the conference can draw some quick conclusions, it’s a bit harder to analyze Toxic Waste as 7 of their series results were forfeits (and another three were missing game logs…). There is clearly some talent on the team, namely MF Problem and Vit Heskey, but it definitely seems like this team struggled a bit more with chemistry and team play as their goals per game (1.97) and goals assisted (55%) were somewhat lower than the teams finishing above them. Their team stats weren’t totally bad, however, as their defensive goals per game against (2.04) was still quite competitive with the higher teams (OWA; 1.94 GPG Against) and significantly better than the team below them (Meme Squad; 3.02 GPG Against). These stats indicate that the team had established a fairly steady foundation of defensive rotation, but lacked the necessary buildup play and finishing to give them the edge over opposition.
As is the usual with these middle-table teams, it’s very difficult to predict how Toxic Waste will change in the off season. If the team can retain their more rotation-oriented players and find other play styles (or build up current skill) that are conducive to generating offensive pressure, I’m sure the team will find better success next season. Additionally, common sense says that not forfeiting to other teams throughout the season generally allows more success. Regardless, look for primary activity in the draft with the possibility of some free agent pulls.
7 Meme Squad (9-19) Furthest Playoff Position: DNQ
Despite a lower finish in the table, Meme Squad is actually quite fun to analyze. An interesting thing to note, the team played quite a few series with a minor sub; however, with an official team of draftees H3LSENB3RG, Nman420, Arctic wolf327 (Craftingtime27), and NaNix (who took i7 Shando’s place) the team had apparent skill, but not enough to totally compete with the rest of the league.
This didn’t stop them from living up to their name, though, as random wins against Nova and Toxic Waste helped form that stupid 6-man group of death and wins against the 5 lower teams in the star conference served to raise the stock of their own as well. The fact that they had the lowest stats of the conference in almost every category, except saves per game (highest; 1.02), and yet still finished above 3 other teams shows that there could be something to salvage from this group. I personally feel that the stand-out ability of NaNix and the commitment of both him and Nman420 are good places to start.
Equal chances are that this team will totally split up or stay together, but important tasks for the team in this offseason are to keep their talent (NaNix, Arctic wolf327) and develop the skill of their less experienced (Nman420, H3LSENB3RG). Their biggest ticket for success next season will be their high draft pick, so I do expect some players to be let go. Overall, though, I do see potential for this team.
8 Insight (8-19) Furthest Playoff Position: DNQ
Another team with a similar season to the one above them, Insight took the current talent of SkunkInABlender and combined it with draftees Wulfee, MF Cyphon, and Froala. It’s important to note that Insight originally drafted Neja but ended up trading him for Snowmen’s Wulfee, which, with no knowledge of the reasons why (and not to disparage Wulfee), didn’t seem advantageous in hindsight.
Regardless, to speak from personal experience, this team surprised me quite a bit in our one series against them. A lot of confidence, physicality, and decent-as-fuck rotation made this team quite a challenge at first. With a healthy amount of demoing, boost-starving, and pressuring, the team seemed to have fleshed out good team play: buildup through Froala or Wulfee with a typical finish from Skunk. However, as i suspect occurred in other series, their morale and tenacity was the first to go when down a game and led them to quite a few close losses.
Much like others, Insight would benefit from critically analyzing players with the best potential and making a few changes around them. Their best bet is in keeping at least one or two players and bolstering the lineup with a high draft pick. Another hopeful future for another high potential team.
9 Boost Over Ball (7-20) Furthest Playoff Position: DNQ
While an older team in the league, Boost Over Ball took all four members from the draft: Duel, Steelypanda177, SgtPorkPieJM, and ChickensRCool (replaced with IWoS Thanatos off the waiting list). With plenty of talent, both on paper and in stats, this team was unfortunately held themselves down with just too many forfeits. It seems as though, while some issues were due to scheduling, morale played the bigger part of their problems as the silent exits of SgtPorkPieJM (earlier on) and Steelypanda177 (later on) stifled the potential of this team.
The season wasn’t totally bad though, as wins against OWA and Century helped show the team’s ability. Perhaps even bigger, though, was Duel who proved his ability on even the major level by helping Four Cars One Cup to win against numerous major teams including the big Fatal Strikers.
It is obviously hard to analyze this team, as their high number of forfeits seems to be their largest obstacle to get past. However, I personally have seen the skill present in their two remaining players (Duel and IWoS Thanatos). Assuming their retention, these players will be lined up for next season to team with some top prospects using their high draft pick. It’s hard to see, but this season has yielded better results than their 1-17 finish in season 3. Hopefully, Boost Over Ball will continue to build.
10 Eclipse (4-24) Furthest Playoff Position: DNQ
So far, it has been easy to write these post-season team reviews with an air of optimism. I’m not going to do that here though as, quite frankly, Eclipse has had a dismal season. Comprised of current players Scoutbret, BIONICJPSTORM17, and MightHaveDone and draftee Mr. Gage (quickly replaced by Biggie J), this team finished last in the conference with 14 forfeits to other teams (half the season).
As witnessed by much of the league, the specific reasons for all of these forfeits seemed to come down to simple bickering, miscommunication, and stubbornness. Yes, it’s clear that this team’s combined skill could win against a few of the lower teams and get close in some others, but their frequent private and public finger pointing did nothing but result in a season of tilt. Call it a maturity thing, but it’s important to value your image to the rest of league (especially if you’ve made it clear that you will be leaving your current team).
I’d naturally assume that Eclipse will entirely split in the off season; however, there is a chance that one, or maybe two, will stay and capitalize on the first/second draft pick. I also wouldn’t rule out some executive decisions from their GM for how to begin to fix the team. Best of luck to the individual players in the future, but it’s clear that Eclipse itself needs to focus on rebuilding.
1 Animosity (24-4) Furthest Playoff Position: Finals
Talk about an amazing turnaround season. After a dismal season 3, earning a record of 1-17, the squad completely rebuilt them from ground up, trusting in the draft gods to help them, and it did, getting future Minor League All-Star Little Guy. It was all calculated picks from there, getting Squeal, future “Ultimate Playmaker” Zoidburglar, and dependable sub Go WRZD. Despite all this fresh and new talent, a lot of teams and analysts didn’t have them on their radar considering their previous record, and it seemed to be justified with a slow 1-3 start. That was only the team warming up as they won their next 14 games, destroying all competition regardless of record and earning Sky’s distinction as the Team of the Season. Even with a loss to CO2 around the mid part of the season, this team wasn’t fazed as they finished with a strong 10 game win streak.
To be honest, they were my team to watch coming into these playoffs and they did not disappoint, taking out B Squad and Snowmen 4-1 and 4-3 respectively. I thought it would be a rather easy championship for them after Century had made it through to the final, considering they beat them two times before in the regular season. But, as you may know, they faltered, letting Century take the series in 5 games. Even with coming up short after being so close, this team has definitely surprised me, and I hope they will stay together for next season and give it another go for the title, but with the rumors flying about around this team, I think there may be some changes before we get season 5 underway.
2 Lucky Sevens (21-7) Furthest Playoff Position: Quarterfinals
I elected to write this one, since I feared Sky would be too pessimistic about what was a truly excellent season. Lucky Sevens, with all of its (Sky’s) self-perpetuated hype both before and throughout the season, actually did well. Considering their 6-12 finish last season, 21-7 is absolutely no joke, not to mention the constant juggling of minor subs throughout.
With a front line of Hova, Dom, and Sky, this entire team put up stats that would make each individual a top player on half the other teams in the league. Not only did they achieve a 15 game win streak, they also were the only team to win every single matchup in the other conference. With an outstanding number of goals, assists, and saves per game, the Minor League All-Stars Dom and Hova brought fire down on everyone all the way up until their exciting playoff exit. And right alongside them was, of course, Sky, who proved that he was something quite more than a league personality.
Whatever happened, whatever WILL happen, most everyone will agree that this was a big season for L7. Maybe the only fault was putting too much pressure and hype on themselves, but the positives are there and plenty. After this season, I’m most excited to see Sky return as a Champ and dominate the majors and win literally everything ever. All jokes aside, be proud because it was fucking fun to play y’all. GO L7.
3 Snowmen (21-7) Furthest Playoff Position: Semifinals
The minor affiliate expansion of Frosty, the Snowmen tried out the draft and won VisionedPython, SuDDen iZ OTF, Advertisement (Officer Ad), and Neja. This quickly proved to be one of the most lethal random combinations of players that the minor league saw this season.
Right out of the gate, Snowmen began dominating other teams with a consistent two spots held by Neja and Python and a rotating third in Sudden or Officer Ad. The excellent thing about this team is that no matter who played, the front lineup was always strong enough to compete with any other team. With the highest goals per game (2.94) and assists per game (1.95) in the entire Star Conference, it’s easy to see why this team ran their way through the opposition. It’s harder, though, to see why sometimes they didn’t. Newton’s Law, OWA, Average Joe’s Gym, B Squad, all teams that overcame the Snowmen’s vicious attack yet don’t really follow a pattern of play to indicate where the weak spot was. Not to take any credit away from those teams, but it seems that the Snowmen were simply out of form at the wrong times. Of course we saw the rest, a 4-3 win over Lucky Sevens in the quarterfinals and a 3-4 loss to Animosity in the semis gave the league an incredibly exciting playoff tournament.
While I’d really like for this team to stay together, several players will part ways, I have little doubt. Depending on the major league cutoff, Neja may move up. But be sure to watch the movements of Sudden, Python, and Officer Ad as well as they are sure talents that would definitely bolster other teams. These aren’t big deals though, Dog will move down to the minors and bean his way to the championship.
4 B Squad (17-11) Furthest Playoff Position: Quarterfinals
An expansion team, the B Squad was made up of franchise GM Boca and draftees the Cake Icer (who mains a merk), Salmon, and Greencamo27. Another successful team, this squad qualified for playoffs in the last week with a 17-11 record.
In the beginning, the B Squad came out strong with a 5-0 record that scared the shit out of those in their way. Unfortunately, they were unable to keep that record going and succumbed to quite a few losses to both high and low teams that, as previously mentioned, held their playoff chances in jeopardy right up until the last week. With a surprisingly strong focus on rotation, the team looked to achieve quite a few underdog wins by staying just close enough to their opposition to allow individual effort (mostly Boca) to win out (see Snowmen vs B Squad, 2nd series). Ultimately, their shortcomings did hold them back, however, as defensive hesitation caused them to give up too much possession and goals, especially in those crucial quarterfinals. That said, B Squad has a lot to be proud of, especially from their very first season.
Word is that Boca will indeed be leaving the team for next season. As the GM, his exit will cause some administrative confusion to be sure for both major and minor teams. I’m unsure about the other team members’ plans, but it does seem that the first step to success as a new team is staying together. Hopefully they follow suit.
5 Hydra (12-16) Furthest Playoff Position: DNQ
While yet another expansion team, Hydra was actually piloted by experienced minor veteran Brydus and supported by former major player Illumin8me and minor teammate Sniper 2842. With the addition of draftee ZeroOne2, Hydra was off to a somewhat rocky but definitely promising start.
With the defensive backbone of Brydus and the chemistry and experience of Sniper and Illuminate, Hydra took big wins against Snowmen, Lucky Sevens, B Squad, and CO2 that seriously advanced their playoff hopes. It’s sad then that their season was seriously hampered by the loss of both Illuminate and ZerOne in the middle of the season. Not to say that their replacements of Mass20033 and TzKrall lacked ability, but the magic and experience were no longer there. Their record slipped and their season came to a quiet 12-16 finish. I, and I’m sure Brydus, would have liked to see Hydra get in to the playoffs, but, to very little fault of their own, the team just couldn’t make it work. Shout out to Brydus and Sniper for quietly sticking with it.
Word is that Brydus will be staying on for another season as GM of the team to give it another shot at the playoffs. While their mid-level draft pick could still yield talent, I’d look more to Brydus’ reputation and knowledge of the league to supply him with his winning combination of players. I look forward to the day where we can all hail Hydra as our minor league champions.
6 Rainbow (12-16) Furthest Playoff Position: DNQ
I’m probably totally out of the loop and ignorant, but I was horribly confused when I learned that there was a Qf Yeti55 and Qf Yeti96 in the discord and that only one of them had anything to do with Rainbow, but I now know that Yeti the 96th managed Rainbow. That is, all the way up until his somewhat ragey quit from the league which left behind veteran Sharpb10, ViolenceWars, Johnkid123, and replacement CaptainHands (no not Mr. Hands).
With a wide variety of wins and losses, Rainbow went throughout their season funnelling a lot of offense and defense through SharpB10 (Minor League Angel Savior). At 2.55 saves per game, this team obviously took the underdog position in a lot of their series and locked down their own goal before focusing on the other. While contentious at first, whether by lack of skill or chemistry, Rainbow eventually fell alongside Hydra in finishing just off the playoffs at 12-16. It seems that if this were the arena of any of the season before, the team would have found more success but the skill pool looked too large this time around.
I think it’s safe to say that Rainbow will go through a few changes next season. SharpB10 has sadly declared that he is leaving the league and the “LFT” in JohnKid and CaptainHands’ discord names means they will move elsewhere. The remaining ViolenceWars (if he actually remains) will indeed have draft options but would be advised to recruit at least one free agent. I look forward to seeing what happens.
7 Quantum Theory (8-20) Furthest Playoff Position: DNQ
A team piloted by veteran player, T0XIKV1RU5 (/ˈtäksik vīrəs/), Quantum Theory went for a more fearsome wildlife-based lineup by drafting Dingo (DingoHXC), Death Penguin (Deathpenguin777), and Animal (Animal9773). Sadly, the team appeared to have a troubled season in figuring out how to play together that was only worsened by the loss of T0XIKV1RU5 a few weeks into the season.
With seemingly plenty of skill available, including that in Lt. Coffee Bottle (replacement for Toxic), it’s hard to reason out exactly where their shortcomings were. The easy conclusion seems to lie in their low goals, even lower assists, and high goals against, indicating problems in rotation and teamwork. On the plus side, despite being beyond playoff qualification, the team put up an interesting effort in the final weeks, even going so far as to beat a playoff qualifier, B Squad. An additional spotlight should be on Death Penguin, who frequented quite a few other series as a minor sub and even helped win some matchups for other teams. A hunger to play regardless of position, on both a team and individual level, says a lot about the good-spiritedness of these players.
No players have indicated an intent to go to other teams, however, Animal (their highest mmr player) has said he is taking a season off. One open spot and a high draft pick has big potential for the team to build themselves up. To those Quantum Theory players now looking for direction, if you at least enjoyed your current team, I’d advise sticking it out for another season.
8 Solar (8-20) Furthest Playoff Position: DNQ
When joining the minors, one of the most common things I heard was that minor players are fickle and come and go on a whim. For the most part, this season didn’t have too many of those problems...except for in the case of Solar, who lost 3 players within the first couple weeks (SundriedSwine, Mary Jane Hash, and Singulartooth54) . Left behind was JerradTaylor, who was then given Darealmarkmyers, Swerve Trippin, and WestMesa920 off the waiting list. Furthermore, Swerve Trippin left after another couple weeks to be replaced by Trix Static. Suffice it to say, this team has had a rough road.
Obviously, there are a lot of factors that went into their season’s finish. It seems like difficult lineup choices, frequent changes of playstyle, and tough opposition weighed in heavily. However, I can say from personal experience that there was some excellent ability in the combination of JerradTaylor and Darealmarkmyers. From what I’ve heard, the addition of Trix Static showed some additional promise (however too late).
I’m currently unsure of how the team will change in the offseason, but, from what I understand, there will indeed be some changes. The high draft pick will give them a boost, and with at least two players staying, signs seem positive for next season. Lets hope Solar makes a return to their seasons 3 form.
9 Average Joe’s Gym (8-20) Furthest Playoff Position: DNQ
The last team in an 8-20 three-way tie, Average Joes’ Gym would probably agree that their season didn’t match expectations. With former major players, Trippingonme and Catman, moving down to their minor affiliate to join veterans StickyPasta and ThoughtSoda7335, it seemed as though this team would have the experienced edge over the other teams. However, much the same as the majors, this season’s minor league become quite a bit more competitive with the influx of a lot of new talent.
That’s not to say they were outclassed throughout the season though, as wins against Hydra, B Squad, Nova, and Snowmen showed ability that was absolutely taken seriously. With a higher goals per game (1.67) and lower GPG against (1.94) than other teams around them, this team showed a bit more ability both in front of the other teams goal and their own. That said, losses to lower teams such as Meme Squad, Insight, and Quantum Theory indicate a problem with consistency. Regardless, it is still exciting to have players like Catman and Tripping still present and fighting until the end as competition only improves the league.
From what I know, there will be some changes to AJG in the off season. Personal knowledge and the “LFT” in a certain player’s name tells me that there could be at least 2 open spots on the team. As usual, watch their draft pick, its high and good and stuff.
10 No Boost (4-24) Furthest Playoff Position: DNQ
No Boost is the only team in the minors with absolutely no changes from their season 3 lineup. With a somewhat lower mmr lineup of Sharpmeerkat969, Everydeath663, TheYoungAndOnly, and Sash00 (Asasshen), one would be tricked into thinking this team was easy opposition. I was: we lost.
At first glance, No Boost’s stats are quite similar to those around them: low goals per game, high goals against. However, on an individual level, both Everydeath and Sash had a decent amount of goals and a formidable number of saves. Their wins, though few and far between, include B Squad and yours truly which, from an objective standpoint, added a bit more competition for the playoff hopefuls.
I would have liked for this team to stay together once more, but it seems as though both Sash00 and TheYoungAndOnly have left the league. It’s obviously unfortunate to lose one of your more skilled players, but their (i think) 1st pick in the draft should give them a lot of opportunity. Ideally, their best bet for improvement would be one in the draft and one off the free agency (as I personally feel concerned for any team with multiple draft members), but it’s always difficult to predict the future for teams like this. Best of luck guys!
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132+ Teams in 132+ Days: Washington State University

Welcome to Washington State University! Orientation will begin now, so please take a moment to observe the first minute of our finely edited video! Once the classic Palouse radio single is firmly stuck in your head, continue on down the page and learn about the wonders of Ol’ Wazzu!
Pac-12 North
Location: Pullman, WA
Total Attendance: Total - 27,008, Undergrad - 21,016
Mascot: 2006 Mascot of the Year Butch T. Cougar
Live Mascot: Represented by a live Cougar from 1927 - 1978. In 2008, the “Cougar Pride” Statue was placed in honor of our live mascots
Cheerleaders: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
WSU PSA against TV Violence
WSU Fight Song:
Stadium: Martin Stadium, Capacity: 33,552 Record Attendence: 40,306
Stadium Location: 1775 NE Stadium Way Pullman, WA 99164
All-Time Record: 500-526-45
Conference Championships(4): 1917, 1930, 1997, 2002
Number of Bowl Games (10): 6-4 record.
  • Rose Bowl : 1916 (W) Video (WSU v Brown in the first ANNUAL Rose Bowl), 1931 (L) Video, 1998 (L), 2003 (L)
  • Holiday Bowl: 1981(L) , 2003 (W, against #5 Texas) (WSU went to Rose and Holiday in 03)
  • Aloha Bowl: 1988 (W)
  • Copper Bowl: 1992 (W)
  • Alamo Bowl: 1994 (W)
  • Sun Bowl: 2001 (W)
National Titles: Soon...
  • U of Washington: The Apple Cup
From the Cougar standpoint, the annual Apple Cup against the loathed in-state rival
University of Washington is the most heated game on the schedule each year. This
classic rivalry first met way back in 1900 which resulted in what I am sure was a
killer match ending in a 5-5 tie.
The game became the "Apple Cup" in 1962. Since then both sides have fought whole
heartedly for the right to display the trophy and to have bragging rights that year. This
electrifying game occurs around Thanksgiving, often setting the mood for the offseason.
Holding the advantage, the Huskies lead the all time series 67-32-6. However, it seems
ultimately whenever one side has a strong year, the opposing team finds a way to
shut down their dreams. One of these games happened in 1982 when a considerably
klutzy 2-7-1 Cougar team hosted the 5th ranked Huskies who were poised to enter
into their third straight Rose Bowl. The Cougs dug deep and pulled out a 24-20 win. An
ecstatic cougar fan base stormed the field, tore down the goal posts, and marched across town
slinging them into the Palouse river. Since then, the rivalry continues to be a bitter battle between the schools.
  • Idaho: The Battle For The Palouse
The University of Idaho is located only 8 miles away from the WSU campus and thus a natural rivalry was born. The overall record is 70-18-3 in favor of the Cougs but we still take the rivalry very seriously. The proximity of the rivalry has spawned at least one funny tradition over the years, if the visiting team loses it’s said the fans have to walk home from the game. The last Battle between these two school was in 2007 while the next is set for 2013. This will be the first “Battle for the Palouse” in 6 seasons!
2012 Season
Record: 3-9
Coach: Mike Leach
2012 Roster
Key Players:
  • Andrew Furney #49 K - nuff said. While you often don't hear much about a teams kicker, Andrew Furney has developed a cult following at WSU. This individuals leg has produced 42 points this season alone, including one amazing 60 yard field goal and two crucial field goals during the 2012 Apple Cup - one of which brought the game into overtime, and a the second leading us to victory.
  • Deone Bucannon #20 S - 98 TOT, 59 SOLO, 39 AST, 1 Sack, 3 INT While notorious for his collection of penalties this season, Deone boasts an outstanding record compared to his under performing team. Deone is an integral part of WSU’s defense as both a play stopper and play maker. Bucannon vs Oregon interception
  • Ioane Gauta #95 NT – 29 TOT, 15 SOLO, 14 AST, 3 Sack, 1 INT Dubbed, “the Monster in the Middle”, Gauta’s rugged presence in the middle has helped the Cougars climb to 30th in the nation in rushing defense. Gauta can often be identified by his hair exploding from the rear of his helmet. Gauta and Sagote team sack on Keith Price
  • Travis Long #89 LB – 61 TOT, 44 Solo, 19 ast, 9.5 sack, 1 int Before his injury, Travis managed an impressive senior year. He was named to the Pac-12 All-Academic Second Team and also was named WSU's defensive MVP following his Senior season.He was the recipient of the Laurie Niemi Award in his Senior season. Travis Long vs BYU
  • Gabe Marks #84 WR 49 Rec, 560 YDS, 11.4 AVG, 52 LONG, 2 TD and Isiah Myers #88 WR 42 Rec, 438 YDS, 10.4 AVG, 36 LONG, 4 TD - Both receivers had to step up last season to fill the void left by Marquess Wilson. While each has their own particular talents - according to CougarNation - Myers may be the most prominent receiver on the Cougars current roster.
Honorable Mentions
  • Jeff Tuel #10 QB – 221 CMP, 332 ATT, 2087 YDS, 8TD, 8INT, 119.5 Rating (Could’ve used an O line)
Dishonorable Mentions
  • Marquess Wilson #86 WR - Both a star and smudge on WSU’s history. over 3200 yards on 189 receptions totaling 25 TD’s... then this crap
  • The Whole O Line - 35 Sacks on Jeff Tuel, 22 on Connor Halliday Basically this video...
2013 Season:
2013 Schedule
@ 8/31
@ 9/7
@ 10/5
@ 10/19
10/31 (Halloween Thursday Night on ESPN in Pullman. You’re going to want to watch this one)
@ 11/16
@ 11/24
Greatest Games:
  • 1992 Apple Cup - the Snow Bowl: One of the most cherished moments by our fan base occurred in what possibly might have been the worst weather conditions the Apple Cup has even seen. The Cougs, who hadn't won an Apple Cup since 1988, were hosting the 5th ranked, defending national champion husky team led by Mark Brunell. However, neither the huskies or the fierce -18 degree wind whipping weather could stop Drew Bledsoe and the Cougars as they put together a 29-point third quarter. This barrage of scoring included one of the most replayed highlights of cougar football.. The lead provided a cushion that UW would not be able to overcome the rest of the game resulting in a 42-23 victory for the Cougs. The win led to a berth to the Copper Bowl where the Cougs maintained their momentum and defeated Utah.
  • 2003 Holiday Bowl: The 15th ranked Cougars entered the Holiday Bowl heavily unfavored against the 5th ranked Texas Longhorns. Battling a team that contained RB Cedric Benson and RS QB freshman Vince Young, the Cougs stumbled early and ended the first half down to the Horns 10-7. In the second half, the defense decided to show up in a huge way, allowing the Cougs to go on a 19-0 run in the third quarter. Texas responded in the fourth quarter with two scores to pull within 8 points, but the cougar defense displayed their dominance once again denying the Longhorns on two separate drives late in the game to secure a victory. The comeback allowed the cougars to hit the 10-win plateau for the third straight year, going 30-8 in that time span.
  • 1997 Apple Cup: Entering the game, WSU was on the verge of it's first Rose Bowl berth in 67 years. Led by Ryan Leaf, the cougars battled back and forth with an unrelenting husky team looking to smash any hopes the Cougs had for roses. It was a tight 7-7 game in the middle of the second quarter when Leaf connected with Chris Jackson who took it 57 yards to the endzone. This play was the beginning of 17 unanswered cougar points. Refusing to quit, the huskies crawled back to within 3 and threatened the cougar’s lead. Leaf then connected once again with Jackson for a 50-yard TD pass showing he had his sights set on the Rose bowl. The Cougs held on til the end eventually winning 41-35. They then went to Pasadena where they unfortunately fell to #1 Michigan.
  • 2008 Apple Cup - The Crapple Cup: It may not have been one of the greatest games, but it was definitely one of the most memorable ones recent history. Gaining national attention, these two teams met in Pullman with a combined 1-20 record on the season. The only win between the two schools was a 48-9 WSU victory over the powerhouse Portland State. Despite having the only win between the two schools, WSU entered the game as an 8.5 point underdog to the 0-10 Huskies. The match was a bit painful to watch for the first 59 minutes of game time, but with less than a minute left in the fourth quarter, QB Kevin Lopina hit WR Brandon Gibson to convert a third-and-1 and led the Cougs on a 69-yard drive that would result in a FG to send the game into overtime tied at 10. During the first OT, the Cougs went up a field goal only to be matched by the Huskies. In the second OT, Husky K Ryan Perkins missed wide right from 37 yards setting up a chance for victory for the Cougs. After only advancing a mere 5 yards, WSU K Nico Grasu drilled his attempt from 37 yards sending the team, and the fans, into a frenzy on the field. The defeated Huskies would eventually lose their final game against Cal to become the first team in the Pac-10 to go 0-12 and the only team in the country to finish the season without a win in 2008.
Greatest Plays:
Greatest Players:
  • Drew Bledsoe - 4x Pro Bowl, 2x All-Pro, 2x AFC Champ, Super Bowl Champion QB. Also the owner of Doubleback Winery in his hometown of Walla Walla in Eastern Washington (which is a great wine region) The only time I have seen this wine for sale, it was $100 a bottle at Wine World. So it’s likely quality.
  • Mark Rypien - Super Bowl MVP, 2x Super Bowl Champion, 2x Pro Bowl QB from Spokane. A local Cougar hero and legend. His daughter Angela played for the lingerie football league (NSFW?). And his nephew Brett Rypien is breaking his uncle’s records in the Greater Spokane League and already holds offers from Wazzu, Idaho and Colorado State going into his junior season.
  • Mel Hein - NFL Hall Of Fame, 4x Pro Bowl, 5x All-Pro, 2x NFL Champion, The only OL to win MVP, 1930s All-Decade Team, NFL 75th Anniversary Team. Mel Hein was a beast among men. He lead the Cougars to an undefeated 1931 season and into the Rose Bowl against Alabama. He was an All-American at WSU and also played Center on the WSU basketball team. His number is retired by both Washington State University and the New York Giants.
  • Marcus Trufant - The 11th overall pick by the Seattle Seahawks sealed Trufant’s legacy in history as not only an all time great for the Cougars and Seahawks, but as a Northwest sports hero in general. Trufant was born in raised in Tacoma, Washington and stayed here his entire football career until he signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars this offseason. He was Pac-10 All-Freshman, First-Team Pac-10 and Second-Team All-American during his years with the Cougs. He allowed zero TDs against him in his final two season at WSU.
  • Jason Hanson - Hanson is another Spokane native that played for WSU. He holds the record for longest kick in WSU history at 62 yards. An All-American in his Sophomore season he also holds the WSU records for points scored (328) and most field goal related records. He had one of the longest NFL careers of anybody and retired this year after 20 seasons. He is the #3 all time leader in points in the NFL as well as the #3 leader in field goals made. Hanson is a 2x Pro Bowler and 3x All-Pro.
  • Ryan Leaf had a magnificent career at WSU, but he is more widely known for being one of, if not the biggest, busts in NFL history. He was selected 2nd overall in the 1998 draft behind Peyton Manning by the San Diego Chargers. Once his NFL career ended, he entered into a coaching position at West Texas A&M. Here, not only his coaching career, but his life spiraled out of control as it became evident he had a serious drug addiction problem with painkillers. After years of probation, rehab, burglary, threats, and continued drug abuse, Leaf ran out of second chances and now resides in the Montana State Prison. It is definitely a darker side of cougar athletic history, and many fans are touchy about the subject, but Leaf remains one of the most prominent athletes to have played WSU. In his junior year, he averaged 330.6 yards passing per game and threw for a then Pac-10 conference record 33 touchdowns. Everyone hopes Leaf will pull his life together, but some wonder what more can even be done to help.
Greatest Coaches:
  • Mike Price (1989-2002) 83-78 - Price was good friends with Dennis Erickson and when Erickson left WSU for Miami he recommended Price for the job. Price rented Erickson’s home and ended up staying in Pullman for 13 years. During that span he won 3 bowl games and led two Rose Bowl squads in 1997 and 2002. Price coached many famous WSU players including Drew Bledsoe, Ryan Leaf, Jason Gesser and Marcus Trufant. Fuck you Alabama.
  • Jim Walden (1978-1986) 44-52-4 - Jim Walden will always be great in the eyes of Cougar fans because he loved spoiling the Huskies’ season. He also ended a bowless streak that had gone on for 51 years by leading to the Cougars to the 1981 Holiday Bowl against the BYU Cougars. He also coached Cougar greats Jack “The Throwing Samoan” Thompson, Mark Rypien. and Reuben Mayes.
  • ”You bet your ass I’ll be here someday!”
Cougs Currently in the NFL:
  • Husain Abdullah - Kansas City Chiefs - Safety
  • Chris Ivory - New York Jets - Running Back
  • Jed Collins - New Orleans Saints - Fullback
  • Eric Frampton - Dallas Cowboys - Safety
  • Brandon Gibson - Miami Dolphins - Wide Receiver
  • Rian Lindell - Buffalo Bills - Kicker
  • Ropati Pitoitua - Tennessee Titans - Defensive End
  • Marcus Trufant - Jacksonville Jaguars - Cornerback
  • Jeff Tuel - Buffalo Bills - QB
  • Zack Williams - Carolina Panthers - Guard
  • Marquees Wilson - Chicago Bears - Wide Receiver
Wave The Flag
The GameDay Wave The Flag movement first began back in 2003 when the Cougs were ranked 6th in the nation. It started off as a simple showing of school pride and spirit but quickly evolved into a campaign to bring GameDay to Pullman. It has since then become a tradition to have a cougar flag, nicknamed Ol' Crimson, to be a part of every broadcast until GameDay decides to grace Pullman with their presence. Ol' Crimson has not missed a GameDay since it first started and is looking to continue the streak (which currently sits at 132 consecutive shows) this upcoming season. The Flag has grown into something much bigger and has become a viral campaign with fans flying the flag in crazy places all over the world. You might have been here when avboden posted pictures flying the flag at a sunken ship.
Undefeated Fans/Wave the Flag Extra: GameDay with WSU Pirate Flag
As I assume it is with all college towns homecoming weekend is pretty special. Once you graduate there really aren’t a whole lot of reasons to go to back Pullman besides sporting events and homecoming, of which the latter draws a HUGE alumni crowd.
Homecoming day celebration and Bonfire
Students have been given the ability to choose our uniform combinations for both our Homecoming game and any home Apple Cup matchup.
Glenn Johnson
The man who has made himself tradition. Not only is Glenn Johnson the voice of Cougar football, he’s also a professor at WSU and the Mayor of Pullman. Every first down is met with “And that’s another Cougar first down!” with a Cougar growl at the end. He has been our voice since the 1980s and sadly he may be stepping down soon (they already have a new announcer for some of the more minor basketball games).
Campus and Surrounding Area:
City Population: 31,359
Iconic Campus Buildings/Skyline:
Local Dining:
  • Cougar County - While it is far from being on campus, Cougar Country Drive In is currently one of the most popular “fast food” restaurants in Pullman. With a menu ranging from the “Cougar Super Basket” (two ¼ lb patties with all the fixings), Chili Dogs, BBQ Beef sandwiches, and even Fish and Chips. The Store is completely manned by students, including many WSU athletes. Cougar Country has a great connection to the city of Pullman, and often uses their giant sign to advertise everything from “Important Sporting News” to Homecoming Proposals
  • The Coug - Located right off campus at the end of Greek Row, The Coug - or Cougar Cottage - contains good food, cold drinks, low prices and is a very popular game day attraction. Along the walls of the Coug, students have the opportunity to help contribute to the decorations. Fun Fact: The Coug was featured as a question on College Jeopardy
  • Sella’s Calzone and Pizza - Sella’s is located at the end of campus located closest to the dorms. Like many Italian restaurants, Sella’s has giant servings, of which many are reasonably priced. Sella’s leaves crayons and paper on the tables for kids to draw on. However, many students take advantage of the crayons to express their artistic side. The best of these artworks are posted on the walls throughout the Restaurant
  • Munchy’z - Munchy’z is a hookah bar located on Greek Row. While they are known for their hookahs, Munchy’z most popular contribution to Pullman would be their late night Hot Dogs. During the Weekends, Munchy’z opens an outdoor grill where they make their famous hot dogs (which are a must have if celebrating in Pullman!) Also they deliver cigarettes.
Random Trivia:
  • Mike Leach has an incentive in his contract for $25,000 every time he beats Washington home or away. Last year when the Cougs won, it was rumored Leach paid the entire bars tab for the night at Valhalla located on Greek Row a block away from The Coug.
  • The Palouse refers to the agricultural region that encompasses parts of southeastern Washington, north central Idaho, and extending into parts of northeast Oregon. The region was a popular end destination for those who did not die of dysentery along the Oregon trail. It is home to both WSU and U of Idaho.
  • The very first football game for our school took place on Nov 10, 1894 against University of Idaho. At that time, our school's name and mascot were the mighty Washington Agricultural College Farmers. We won 10-0
  • The first school colors were pink and blue, said to be chosen by the first WSU President when he was so in awe of the blue and pink sunsets of the Palouse. It is unknown when the official colors changed, though Crimson and Gray are thought to have been the colors by 1916, when we won the first annual Rose Bowl (thank god)
  • The cougar wasn't adopted to be our mascot until our 1919 victory over Cal when a San Francisco newspaper cartoonist depicted the game as a bear trying to free itself from a northwest cougar
  • Our logo was created by Randall Johnson, an art student at then called Washington State College in 1936, who wanted to incorporate his art in lettering to produce a logo that would include the letters WSC. Once the president saw it, he immediately decided to make it the official logo of the state college. In 1959 when the school became a university, the president sent a request to Johnson to revise the logo and change the C into a U. Johnson happily obliged and sold the rights for his logo to the school for $1.
  • On the weekend before classes begin each year at WSU, Pullman holds the annual National Lentil Festival, an event celebrating everyone’s favorite legumes. It was started back in 1989 to promote both tourism and the locally grown lentils. At the time of the original festival, 98% of the United States crop of lentils were grown in the Palouse.
  • Popular non-athlete alumni from WSU include Timothy Leary (acid icon who coined "turn on, tune in, drop out"), Bill Nye (the science guy), Paul Allen (co-founder of Microsoft and owner of the Seahawks and Trailblazers), Edward R. Murrow (father of broadcast journalism), and Gary Larson (author of the comic the Far Side) who created a mural that is currently displayed on campus in Beasley Coliseum
  • In the 1930's, the US government provided funds to WSU to research new ways to store cheese. WSU created a way to store cheese in tins and during the process, ended up creating a cheese so wonderful that they dubbed it "Cougar Gold." The WSU Creamery was established and currently produces over 250,000 cans of cheese each year, 80% of which being Cougar Gold (which is fucking delicious), as well as 18,000 gallons of ice cream.
  • Washington State University currently is the home of a 1MW Nuclear Reactor. The Reactor was the brainchild of Harold W. Dodgen, a former researcher on the Manhattan Project, and a WSU Alumnus. Video of a Reactor Pulse
  • WSU also boasts a Bear Center on campus, hosting both adult and cub grizzly bears. The bears cardiovascular systems are studied during their hibernation cycle due to the similarities to a resting bear heart and a human heart facing heart disease. Here is a delightful gif.
What Is and What Is to Come:
As the offseason lags on, the mood of the Cougar fan base for the upcoming season remains excited, yet a bit more reserved than it was last year ripe with the hiring of Mike Leach. The team will have quite the different feel to it with the departure of star senior athletes QB Jeff Tuel , linebacker Travis Long, and estranged WR Marquess Wilson. However, despite these losses, WSU will not be lacking in experience. Wazzu leads the PAC-12 in returning career starts with 359, including up and coming players such as QB Connor Halliday, WR Gabe Marks, WR Isiah Myers, S Deone Bucannon, and husky killer K Andrew Furney.
This recruiting season may not have been a flashy one (ranking between 9-11 with Rivals, Scout, ESPN, and 247) but Leach bulked up on where we needed improvement the most: both the offensive and defensive lines. One of the most exciting prospects 4* AZ QB Tyler Bruggman led WSU into a bit of a panic on signing day when he flip flopped between ASU and WSU, but he eventually confirmed his committed with the Cougs at the end of the day. When asked about the drama on signing day, Leach stated he was unaware of any offers to Bruggman from ASU, but that he did receive an excellent lasagna recipe from Bruggman's mother the night before.
The schedule this upcoming season provides WSU ample opportunity to improve on last years record of 3-9. The non-conference line up includes games at Auburn, and hosting both Southern Utah and old Palouse rival Idaho. This season's conference games will include home matches against Stanford, Oregon St, Arizona St, and Utah and will travel to play USC, Cal, Oregon, Arizona and UW. Worst case scenario would be a repeat 3-9 record, with only being able to scrounge a single conference win and having two close calls against nonconference foes S. Utah and U of I. Best case scenario (in my completely biased and homeristic opinion) would be a 10-3 record and an appearance in the Rose Bowl, as summarized here. However, becoming bowl eligible would be welcomed warmly by a fan base who hasn't seen the Cougs in a bowl for a decade.
  • Steve Gleason - Former WSU LB that was a part of the 1998 Rose Bowl team who later become well known for his blocked punt while playing for the Saints in 2006 reviving a city’s fan base that was still recovering from hurricane Katrina. He also was a 4 year starter for the WSU Baseball team and continues to hold the school record for triples to this day. In 2011 he revealed he was battling ALS and launched his campaign Team Gleason No White Flags promoting public awareness and striving towards a cure. Check out his website http://www.teamgleason.org/ to find out more.
  • Whether it’s to escape the summer heat or blow off some stress, students often flock just outside of Pullman to hang out at dunes along the Snake River.
  • Hey Cougs in the Seattle area! There is a organization called CougsFirst that’s dedicated the spreading the word about Cougar owned and operated businesses. There is a yearly trade show in Bellevue with 60+ Cougar alum owned and operated business and they organize other events with the Alumni Association. Check them out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cougs-First/243934019073869
  • Also make sure to check out the WSU Alumni Association page for viewing parties and other events all around the country: http://alumni.wsu.edu/olc/pub/WHG/aevents/page_aevents_5.jsp
Well I sure hoped you enjoyed your stay here, and maybe even learned a little something or two about our home, Ol’ Wazzu! Have a safe trip home, enjoy the memories, and we look forward to having you again!
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