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Interested in the home rebate processor program? This is the hottest new work at home opportunity, and was even presented with the award of being the #1 work at home opportunity in 2007. Many people looking to become a home rebate processor have usually been through other types of data entry jobs or type at home jobs. Basically like many of those typing and data entry ebooks that cost $39.95 on clickbank, rebate processors opportunities are just another misleading rip off. I can't call it a flat out scam because what they're teaching you can work but they're totally misrepresenting the information. Here's What You're Promised As A Rebate Processor Rebate Processor Review by David Harris “Rebate Processor†, by Debbie Teague and Andrew Gaswint and found at rebate-processors.info, is another rebate processing scam, as old as the internet, in a new package contrived to lure people looking to work from home. Rebate Processor claims that it places want ads to process rebates for their third party companies. However, they charge a Rebate processor jobs are just one of the many famous work from home job opportunities, that can possibly earn you a reasonable amount of money. But the scams that are associated with this job, have made it ambiguous. While affiliate marketing is definitely not a scam, you shouldn't fool with any site or ad posting offering you a “rebate processing opportunity” because they are misleading you big-time. They aren't telling you that what you're actually doing is affiliate marketing — they're making you believe you're doing an easy job from home.

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