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New and updated fanfic in the week of 2018-Nov-03 to Nov-09

This week we saw eighteen new fics, one completed fic, two new one-shot fics, nineteen snippets collections#snip), nine revived fics, and eighty-four updated fics. We also saw three new quests, and nineteen updated quests.
Feedback can make or break a fic. Please take a moment to give the authors you read a reply!
In particular, please note the new [New Author] tag on fics and give these folks a warm welcome to writing in our little fandom!
Check out the permanent listing of all the fic tagged as having ships in my database: Worm Shipfic!
It isn't magic, though. If the fic wasn't posted on FFNet or AO3 with shipping metadata, I'll never know. That's where YOU come in! If you read a fic and it ends up ship-focused and it's not on the list? Let me know! I'll get it updated so everyone else can share in the shippy goodness!
As always:
My fanfic reading this week has been Cowboy Raava, a space opera prison AU for Legend of Korra. It is, primarily, a Korra/Asami relationship fic. It also has a spinoff Mako/Prince Wu fic. I would link to it but while IMO it's frequent sex scenes don't pass R-rated, they are rather NSFW. No other comments this week, but today I've been distracted from this by happily hacking on a discord bot again.

Fanfic updates for Nov 3rd to Nov 9th

Concise list of updated fics:
New Fics
Title Author Links Added Words
Changing Possibilities ExtraChronal FF 1 new chapter 812
Chaos Bringer SotF SB 9 new chapters, 3 informational posts and 1 apocrypha 6.1k
Coffee, Code, and Chrysalis BeaconHill SB 6 new chapters 9.6k
Comes the Thunder Xero Key SB, SV 1 new chapter 2.3k
Devilman Worm challenge WBXtreme234 FF 1 new chapter 91
[NSFW] A Different Sort of Punishment HereticZAKU 1 new chapter and 1 extra 4.4k
Displaced War Veteran Akallas von Aerok SB 5 new chapters and 1 informational post 7.6k
Fantastic Tales Deviatesfish SB 2 new chapters 2.1k
I'm a Kamen Rider (And So Are You) The Evil Within SB, FF 3 new chapters 4.1k
[NSFW] The Multidimensional Miseducation of Taylor Hebert Swordchucks 3 new chapters 9.7k
Native Spktr Alpha SB 2 new chapters 2.4k
Pantheon pteradon SB, FF 2 new chapters 6.9k
The Seraph And The Cambion Hogg4 SB 2 new chapters 1k
Slick Dusky SB, SV 1 new chapter 4.9k
Space Whale Patronus Chums PencilMonkey SB, FF 1 new chapter 6.8k
Sunspot misha906 SB 2 new chapters 10k
Tripartite Slab SB, AO3 1 new chapter 1.3k
Worm Tale IAmARobot SB 2 new chapters 3.8k
New Quests
Title Author Links Added Words
Hello, Commander. Envy34 SB 1 new chapter 1.9k
Powerless FwiffoForce SV 1 new chapter and 3 informational posts 1.7k
Wait, What’s Your Power Again? Monk Penguin SB 9 new chapters and 2 informational posts 32k
Completed Fics
Title Author Links Added Words
A Dovahkiin without Dragon Souls to spend freebiewitz SB, SV 2 new sidestories: What if 6 (Fate Stay Night again!) 141k
One-shot Fics
Title Author Links Added Words
How Abuse led to Cuddle Time TresHornyBoys AO3 1 chapter 3.1k
[NSFW] Relaxation Methods voiderling 1 chapter 2.8k
Snippets Collections
Title Author Links Added Words
BeaconHill's One-Shot Series BeaconHill SV, SB 2 new chapters: 65-2 "Curry and Confessions" 52k
Betta Fish and Other Worm Stories Numen SB, SV 2 new chapters: FATALITIES (Worm/Mortal Kombat) 34k
[Ward] Bits of Fluff Juff SB 1 new chapter: Greg Saves The World 14k
Consolidated Snippets Thread QAI521 SB 1 new chapter: Perspective (Nomad of Nowhere/Worm SI) 27k
FacelessDoll's Snippet Theatre FacelessDoll SV 6 chapters 18k
Heretical Zed Shorts, Snippets, and So On HereticalZed SV 1 new chapter: Worm/Pokemon Untitled 14k
Jack's ADD Stories Repository Jack of Olives SV 8 new chapters 6.9k
Jaune Pendragon's worm snippets and ideas. Jaune Pendragon SV 2 new chapters: Puealla Magi Homura Gamer 1 6.2k
*Meeko's stash *FuryouMiko SB 3 new chapters 7.9k
PlasticSoldier's Army of Snippets PlasticSoldier SB 2 new chapters: Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies (Worm) 12k
Plot Bunny Ranch TheBeardedOne FF 1 new chapter: AFfV Scenelets 3 - Worm & Star Wars 3.3k
Powers That (Shouldn't) Be billymorph SB 1 new chapter: Zappity! 6.9k
SeerKing's Asylum for Plot Bunnies That Won't Stop Bugging Me SeerKing FF 1 new chapter: Worm: The Rise of Skitter Chapter 2 30k
A Shadow, an Eon, and a Worm ShadowVulpix SV, FF 1 new chapter: Chapter 4- Exploring, talking and teaming 2.3k
Somewhat Disinterested's Discarded snips Somewhat Disinterested SB 1 new chapter: Not Your Normally Scheduled Bank Heist (War Paint) 2.3k
T0PH4T's One-Shot thread T0PH4T SB 1 new chapter: Victoria's Secret 49k
Tascion's Snippets Thread Tascion SB 1 new chapter: 18. Passing Thoughts 18k
Thesaurus' House of Whimsy Thesaurus SB 1 chapter: Worm Noir 1.9k
Vaults Of Mars Snippet Thread Omnissah SB 1 new chapter
Revived Fics (last update was ≥ 3 months ago)
Title Author Links Added Words
[NSFW] Bootleg Power Trip Adudefromthesea 1 new chapter: Chapter 6 24k
Fan Service Pericardium SB, AO3, FF 1 new chapter, 5 informational posts and 2 apocrypha: Chapter 5: Give LeviaThirst to Your Babies and They'll Be Good at Sports 4.3k
Formerly Known as Aquilla Wafflethorpe SB 1 new chapter and 2 informational posts: Interlude D.A.T.A. 82k
Invasion Ridtom SV, SB, FF 1 new chapter: Invasion 1.5 9k
No good deed... Ld1449 SB, SV 1 new chapter: 5.1 2.5k
Reconciliation: Post snips Ld1449 SB, SV 1 new chapter: Promise 986
Technomage Illuviar FF, SV, SB 1 new chapter: Chapter 3 Part 3 31k
There's No Way My New Little Sister Can Be The Simurgh! ensou SV, FF, AO3 1 new chapter: Chapter 7: Taylor asks some questions 19k
Unsung Heroes: Scorched Earth Zaralann SB 1 new chapter: 1.5 41k
Updated Fics
Title Author Links Added Words
Abaddon Born(e) PublicLee Speaking SB, FF, SV 1 new chapter: Leak 9.2 464k
Adaptation ShayneT SB, AO3, FF 1 new chapter: Rage 99k
Any Means Necessary Eiri Fllyn SV, SB, FF 1 new chapter: Discretion 2.3 49k
August Bravery JonBerry SB 4 new chapters and 1 informational post: 043 - Element.07 73k
BIND Amanuensis SB, AO3 1 new chapter: Identification 1.9 45k
Bloody Stars SirWill SB 1 new apocrypha: X-Files starter 13k
Brawn and Brains Belial666 SB 3 new chapters: Sudden Drop 1.05 10k
Breakdowns and Tow Trucks Tale Swapper SV 1 new chapter: Chapter 6 10k
Broken Mirrors, Black Cats, and Other Wonderful Things T0PH4T SB 7 new chapters: 12: Method 19k
C’est La Vie PseudoSim SB, FF 1 new chapter: C’est La Vie (Worm/MtG) #04.3 75k
Camera Shy TheGreatGimmick SB 1 new apocrypha: Triumph's First Encounter [could be canon?][references the PHO interlude] 45k
Cazador NemotheUnknown SB, FF 1 new chapter: Chapter 8 26k
Celestial Worm Ack SV, SB, QQ, FF 1 new chapter: Part Five: Going Native 41k
The Curious Tale Of Doctor Ophiuchus HorizonTheTransient SB 5 new chapters: Chapter 28: Unnatural Disaster, Part 3 47k
Danse Macabre Potato Nose SB 2 new chapters: Chapter Twelve: Medicus, Equitis 40k
A daring synthesis Ironypus SB, FF 1 new chapter: Delusion Express 4.5 74k
Demon Lord of the End TheAuraKing SB, SV, FF 1 new chapter and 1 apocrypha: Genesis 1.3 10k
Deputy Director Reyemile SB 1 new chapter: Chapter 12 52k
Digital Helix ellfangor8 SB, SV 1 new chapter: Egg 1.6 Dragon 21k
The Driver of Brockton Bay Tale Swapper SV 1 new chapter: Chapter 10: Leaders and Lieutenants 26k
The End Bringer Materia-Blade SB 2 new chapters: POISON 35k
The Endless Pursuit of Perfection Nitramy SB, FF 2 new chapters: Chapter 4, Snippet 2 25k
Ex Machina Trekki859 SB, QQ 2 new chapters: Worlds Collide pt2 55k
Excur Dusky SB, SV, AO3, FF 1 new chapter: Pack 1.3 6.7k
A Father's Rage Ten Tailed God SB 1 new chapter: He Who Paints the Earth Red 5.8k
Greg Veder vs The World ZFighter18 SB, SV, QQ, FF, AO3 1 new chapter: Cutscene: Mission Control 258k
Hebert Family Values ellfangor8 SB, SV, AO3 1 new chapter: Facio 2.1 19k
How to Train Your Endbringer RavensDagger SV, SB 4 new chapters: The Great Picnic Panic - Part One 29k
Howl the Wolves S0ngD0g13 SB 1 new chapter: 76, Part 4: Chaos 126k
Hunt LacksCreativity FF 1 new chapter: Envoy to Disaster 91k
I remember Touch MarekGutkowski SV, SB 1 new chapter: Chapter 45 140k
In the Traveler's Light SniperFrog SB 1 new chapter: Morning 3.1 98k
Isn't It A Drag Scrypt_of_Zealot SB, SV 1 new chapter: Nitrocellulose - 3.1 33k
[NSFW] Joyride bearblue 1 new extra: Informational: Some House Rules that Impact the Jumps/Taylor's Life 186k
Lean Idiom Alpha SB 1 new chapter: 2. Menu 6.4k
Let’s Play a Game Shadow Archon SV, FF, SB 1 new chapter: Chapter 13 54k
Mauling Snarks CmptrWz SV 2 new chapters and 1 apocrypha: Chapter 146 768k
Mend stabbyunicorn SB 1 new chapter: Chapter Twelve: Fire Burn 36k
Metastable Tascion SV 1 new apocrypha and 1 chapter: 10.4 How to Hide the Bodies 149k
Methuselah SquiddlePitch SB 1 new chapter: Interlude - PHO 43k
Mirrored Eyes FantasticalContrarian SB 1 new apocrypha and 1 chapter: Bond 1.5 (Ruby) 9.8k
My New Life as Taylor Hebert Amazingking14 SB, SV 1 new chapter: Chapter 4 4.9k
Necrosis MoragTong SB, SV 1 new chapter: Chapter Three 3.4k
Northern Light Taliserian SV 2 new chapters, 1 sidestory and 1 informational post: Cruise 2.3 17k
NYC Continuum Zacatigy SB, SV, AO3 1 new sidestory: Beating - Kim Fung 39k
Officer Hess freebiewitz SB, SV 1 new chapter and 1 apocrypha: Chapter 13 (Aka visiting Hebert's house) 37k
The One RoyalNoises SB 2 new chapters: Chapter 7.1 31k
Phantasmic Forge EiriFllyn SB, SV, FF 1 new chapter: Honour 2.2 19k
PHOverlord ThoughtsOfDeath SB 1 new chapter: 3.a 31k
Pick A Card Glazt SB 2 new chapters and 4 apocrypha: 2.6 Pertinacity 38k
Progenitor metaldragon868 SB, SV, FF 1 new chapter: Chapter 3 preview 4k
Propa in Worm The Propa Orky Reda SB 1 new chapter: Returns 20k
Queen Of The Cards Catamboc SB, FF, SV 2 new chapters: Chapter 23: A Mission Of Their Own 148k
Rank The_Incorruptible SB 1 new chapter: Trigger 5.6 112k
Reprieve ManMagnificent SB 2 new chapters: Pentacle: 5.3 108k
Ring-Maker LithosMaitreya SB, AO3, SV, FF 1 new chapter: Resplendent 12.6 285k
Royal Gold Milos SB, FF 2 new chapters: Beam 2.04 21k
Screw the Rules, I have Escalation! Stewart92 SB, SV, FF 1 new chapter: 46: The Queen and the Players 150k
A Shard of Chrysalis Jaesten SB 1 new chapter: Imago 2.12.1 59k
Silicon TigerTitian SB 1 new chapter: 1.5 7.4k
Sink Wellwick SB 2 new chapters: Chapter 4 10k
Split The Laurent SV 1 new chapter: 12A (Contessa) 527k
Suffer No More Eiri Fllyn SV, SB 1 new chapter: Spirit 1.3 3.4k
Summoner Akallas von Aerok SB 1 new chapter: 0.4 Mo' Training! + Spiders 5.6k
Survival brian edner SB 1 new chapter: Honeymoon 1 10k
Taylor Hebert and the Portrait of what Looked Like a Large Pile of Ash Gourmet SB, SV 1 new sidestory: Simurgh is Getting Kind of Desperate [Non-Canon] 9k
Taylor Hebert, magical girl At your service Aurora Moon SV 2 new chapters: Chapter Six: A Day out on the town 4.2k
Taylor Made Venom Storm0fCrows SB, AO3, FF, SV 1 new chapter: Touch 2.1 18k
Taylor Varga mp3.1415player SV, FF, AO3, SB 1 new sidestory: Omake - Getting stuck in 1.5m
Taylor's Adventures at the Bay a_ghost SB, AO3, SV 1 new sidestory and 2 chapters: Taylor talks with Riley (II) 94k
Thaumaturgic Awakening Xylix SB, FF 1 new chapter: Chapter 23 220k
Titanfall Selector FF 1 new chapter: Chapter 5 5.4k
The U-Men: First Class Murmur SV, SB 1 new informational post: X-Men Powers; Fan Casting; and Rogue as Villain; and more 17k
The Uncertain Predictions of Oliver Hebert Adogdayz SV 1 new informational post and 2 chapters: Chapter Five 5.3k
An Unfortunate Insertion BreezyWheeze SB 2 new chapters: 2 2.2k
The Universe Cracks Up... Jaune Pendragon SV, QQ, SB 1 new chapter: UNICRACK 14 (RWBY) 24k
A utopian dream yanzak SB 1 new chapter: chapter 6 30k
The Very Worst Ideas TheVeryWorst SB 1 new chapter: RW2 9.3k
What is Time BlueFlameMasta SB 1 new chapter: Interlude VI - Laserdream 100k
A Will to Shatter Stars Atlanrom SV, SB, FF 1 new chapter: 1.5 A Demon in Heavens 10k
Worm: More Than Meets The Eye Metallix666 SV, SB, FF, AO3 1 new chapter: 15.5 497k
Worst Girl(s) Twei SB, SV, AO3, FF 2 new chapters: 3 (Amy) 6.1k
The Writings of Darwin P. Murdock Vikaruss SB 1 new chapter: The Deaf Man Walter Gilman 1.5k
Xeno-Worm Chronicles Hogg4 SB 3 new chapters: Chapter 16 (Part 2) 15k
Updated Quests
Title Author Links Added Words
[NSFW] The Adventures of Taylor UBW Persona 3 new chapters and 1 extra: A Bizarre World, Part 2 17k
Alchemical Solutions Gromweld SV, SB 3 new chapters: 10.4 Voting: Lightning Round Vote 2 START 1.1m
Born in the Bay ericwinter SB 1 new chapter: Fateless Duel 47k
Chromatic Quest Tascion SV 2 new chapters: 13. Week 9, 20110228 70k
A Conjuror's journey PieceThruWar SV 2 new chapters: A Hint Of Malice 416k
Great Power Comes with No Responsibility Niiyu SB, SV 1 new chapter: Chapter 23: Week 6 - Sybil and the Dragon, a return of a friend. 64k
Just a little bit louder and a little bit worse! Tithed_Verse SV 1 new chapter: Auto Translated 387
[NSFW] Life on the Ellisburg Wall VanillaTentacle 1 new chapter: Bailing out Skitter 12k
Magical Girl Escalation Taylor Silently Watches SV, SB, FF 1 new chapter: Updates and vote 318k
Poor and Desperate Akallas von Aerok SB 4 new chapters, 1 apocrypha and 1 informational post: 2000.5.18 56k
A Shame It Can Only Get Worse Flutters Is Shy SB 2 new informational posts and 1 chapter: 3.11 Art Is An Explosion 40k
The Shard-Touched Spktr Alpha SV 1 new apocrypha and 2 chapters: Turn 3 Results 3.9k
Shards of Ash and Earth GreatWyrmGold SV 1 new informational post, 1 chapter and 1 sidestory: April 1012: Midturn 7.3k
Shining Example IKnowNothing SV 1 new chapter: 4.2: ....We're Still Worth It 146k
Striking the Aleph helpmeimscared SV, SB 1 new chapter: Pottery 2.3 9.9k
[NSFW] A Taylor's touch Lunaryon 1 new chapter: Experimental Vote 13k
Tenno-quest Bet Clerical Error SV 1 new informational post: Vote Results for 1.4 2.3k
[NSFW] Viral Worm Sarssol 1 new chapter: Reproduction 3.1 68k
The Warmachine Spktr Alpha SV 1 new apocrypha and 1 chapter: Standoff with Babel 26k
submitted by iarna to WormFanfic [link] [comments]

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