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Coronavirus: Trump admits to slowing the testing rate, which allows unabated spread & more American deaths

Good morning everyone - I am posting this coronavirus-centric newsletter instead of the usual Lost in the Sauce because I am running behind after spending yesterday on Father’s Day activities. So tomorrow I will post Lost in the Sauce (covering the political and legal news that may have been overlooked last week). My apologies, I wanted to get something out to you guys today as promised.
The World Health Organization on Sunday reported the pandemic's largest single-day increase of confirmed coronavirus cases, with more than 183,000 cases reported in the previous 24 hours. Brazil and the United States contributed the most to the surge in cases.


Trump says he told his administration to test fewer people: “Testing is a double-edged sword… When you do testing to that extent, you’re gonna find more people, you’re gonna find more cases. So I said to my people slow the testing down, please. They test and they test.” (video)
  • The White House later tried to soften Trump's remark, saying he was joking. Juliette Kayyem, a former assistant secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, points out a key aspect that is often overlooked: “The joke is on us. We stayed inside weeks on weeks with the unstated social contract that it was going to give the nation time to have alternatives to social distancing. And they didn’t do it. The nationwide testing plan never panned out like they said it would.”
  • Congressman Andy Kim (NJ): When I requested FEMA to stand up a Coronavirus test site in South Jersey they told me the White House said no. Now we know why.
EDIT TO UPDATE: A reporter asked Trump this morning if he actually ordered testing to be slowed down - Trump avoided answering the direct question but implied that he thinks we should do less testing. Trump says: "if it did slow down, frankly, I think we're way ahead of ourselves if you wanna know the truth. We've done too good of a job." (video)
Just days earlier, Trump told the WSJ that testing for the coronavirus is "overrated," arguing that it has led to an increase in confirmed cases in the U.S. that "makes us look bad." Trump has made statements like this numerous times before.
  • Reminder: In March, Trump said he wanted to keep passengers and crew on an infected cruise ship so that coronavirus cases in the US don't "double." "I like the numbers being where they are. I don't need to have the numbers double because of one ship."
  • Op-Ed: Trump Just Admitted to a Crime Against Humanity. No, He Wasn’t Joking.
Fact check: Controlling the spread of the pandemic demands finding the infected and isolating them until they can no longer spread the disease, alongside broader measures like social distancing. With an untold number of asymptomatic carriers, the only option to find out who truly has the virus is to test. Meanwhile, a lack of testing hampers the response to the virus. Health officials can’t preempt outbreaks in new regions. The threat then silently persists, infecting, killing, and draining resources. (Vox)
The U.S is now conducting more than 3 million coronavirus tests a week, far short of the 30 million tests per week experts say is needed to safely reopen. These experts aren’t just worried about the number of tests that labs can process. They are concerned about the logistical challenges of testing so many people, and the lag in setting up adequate contact tracing to find who may have been exposed.

Cases continue to rise

Experts abroad: “It really does feel like the U.S. has given up.” Comparing the rolling average of new coronavirus cases in the EU (pop. 446 million) to the US (pop. 330 million), shows the stark difference in results: the US rate is climbing back to its high point of ~30,000 average cases while the EU has stabilized at only 4,000 cases.
  • Note that since that graph was made, the US has surpassed that number: The CDC reported over 32,000 new cases for both Friday and Saturday - the highest daily totals since April 25. [See a few paragraphs below for state details]
Germany’s success in responding to the coronavirus pandemic was based on U.S. research that was ignored or dismissed by the U.S. government. “A large portion of [Germany’s] measures that proved effective was based on studies by leading U.S. research institutes,” said Karl Lauterbach, a Harvard-educated epidemiologist who is a member of the German parliament for the Social Democrats.
If the US had acted when other nations did, using the same information, 70%-99% of American covid deaths would have been avoided. The Oxford index shows that 14 days from the date of the 15th confirmed case in each country — a vital early window for action — the U.S. response to the outbreak lagged behind the others by miles...Due to exponential viral spread, our delay in action was devastating.
  • Meanwhile, at his Tulsa rally over the weekend, Trump boasted that “I have done a phenomenal job on it,” calling the coronavirus “the Chinese virus” and “Kung Flu.”
A dozen states have seen record highs of new COVID-19 cases since Friday… Those include Florida, Texas, Utah, South Carolina, Nevada, Georgia, Missouri, Montana, Arizona, California, Tennessee, and Oklahoma.
  • Arizona’s coronavirus cases have nearly doubled in 14 days, from 26,989 on June 7 to 52,390 on June 21. Florida on Saturday reported 4,049 new coronavirus cases, another consecutive single-day record increase in cases. For the fourth time in five days, Texas reported a record number of new coronavirus cases Saturday.
Hundreds test positive at Tyson Foods plant in Arkansas… Of the 3,748 employees tested, 481 tested positive for COVID-19, and 455 were asymptomatic. [This asymptomatic number is surprising and raises the possibility that there may be contamination somewhere in the testing “chain.”]

Funding and equipment

Trump administration ends funding for new lung damage treatments… The coronavirus attacks the lungs, killing some and leaving others with severe lung ailments. Earlier this month, the federal Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) abruptly notified companies and researchers that it was halting funding for treatments for this severe form of Covid-19. The new policy highlights how staunchly the Trump administration has placed its bet on vaccines.
Instead of COVID testing supplies, FEMA sent the Washington State Health Dept. tiny plastic preforms that can be made into 2-liter soda bottles… The Department of Health received 300,000 vials, all of which were unlabeled, unusually packaged, and unusable.
FEMA paid $7.3 million to a first-time federal contractor with a sketchy owner for these unusable mini soda bottles. The bottles are also contaminated, as employees did not wear masks and kept them in an unclean environment. FEMA reportedly sent them to all 50 states.
A DHS review found that the CDC’s earliest coronavirus test kits were contaminated… Scientists did not thoroughly check the kits despite “anomalies” during manufacturing, according to the federal review. The CDC’s failure with the test added many weeks of delays to the rollout of widespread testing.
One of Trump’s top fundraisers is cashing in on the pandemic… Brian Ballard uses his Trump connections to lobby the administration on behalf of companies seeking to market their health products or score federal relief money. “He’s playing the K Street lobbyist game, buying access to this administration and enjoying that access,” said Craig Holman, who works on ethics and lobbying issues for the watchdog group Public Citizen.
FEMA can find no records of criteria it uses to make distributions to states from the Strategic National Stockpile to address the coronavirus pandemic… The claim is especially concerning because the president has made statements suggesting that states should get federal assistance based on how he feels about the states’ governors.
TSA whistleblower alleges the agency endangered staff and passengers… TSA withheld N95 masks from staff and exhibited "gross mismanagement" in its response to the coronavirus crisis – leaving employees and travelers vulnerable during the most urgent days of the pandemic.
Airports beg government to set face mask policy for passengers… “I can’t emphasize that enough – we would welcome regulations on a temporary basis that you should wear a mask in an airport when you’re transferring through it,” Airports Council International - North America President Kevin M. Burke said this past week.
Concerns that Donald Trump’s inner circle might pressure the FDA to rush a coronavirus vaccine to market in time for the presidential election have risen after the White House attacked the agency for reversing itself on an experimental drug treatment. “And if you give it to people and they think ‘Wow, I’ve got the vaccine now,’ they’re likely not to physically distance, wear face masks. And then if it doesn’t actually work, Oh! We’ve got a disaster on our hands,” said Ezekiel Emanuel, a medical professor at the University of Pennsylvania and former Obama White House health policy adviser.

CARES Act and Paycheck Protection Program

Senators find $14 billion in unspent funds Congress approved in April to expand coronavirus testing and tracing… "While it has been months since these funds were first appropriated, the administration has failed to disburse significant amounts of this funding, leaving communities without the resources they need to address the significant challenges presented by the virus," Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) wrote in a letter to HHS Secretary Alex Azar on Sunday.
The pandemic is disproportionately hurting black-owned small businesses and the administration is not helping… Only 12 percent of black and Hispanic business owners polled between April 30 and May 12 received the funding they had requested. About one quarter received some funding. By contrast, half of all small businesses reported receiving from a single part of the stimulus packages — the Paycheck Protection Program — according to a census survey.
  • Only 2 percent of a $20 million city-wide small business loan program went to businesses in the Bronx, the New York City borough with the highest share of black people, according to a spokesperson for the city’s Department of Small Business Services, while 57 percent went to Manhattan businesses.
A coalition of civil rights groups including the ACLU sued the Trump administration for denying coronavirus relief loans to small business owners with criminal records, arguing the restrictive policy violates the law and perpetuates systemic racial injustices by discriminating against people of color.
PPP failed to get money where it was most needed. 7 of the 10 states that received the smallest dollar amount of loans were among the 10 states with the highest number of people approved for unemployment claims as of May 23. South Dakota, Utah, Wyoming, Florida, and Nebraska received significantly more aid proportionally compared to states with higher covid-related unemployment rates like Nevada, Maine, Michigan, and Hawaii.
A federal judge is once again ordering Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to release the full amount of stimulus funding Congress set aside for Native American tribes. “The Secretary has now taken more than twice as much time as Congress directed to distribute all CARES Act funds,” Mehta wrote. Mehta’s decision blocked so-called Alaska Native Corporations (ANCs), which have vast land holdings and secure significant profits from timber and oil sales, from receiving funds, as they are not government entities.
The administration has so far failed to spend more than 75% of the American humanitarian aid that Congress provided three months ago to help overseas victims of the virus. Relief workers said they were alarmed and bewildered as to why the vast majority of the money was sitting unspent.
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Why you should support Hong Kong and oppose China (Part 2)

This is a continuation of the last post I made, highly suggest you to read it first!
D. You want your intellectual properties to be yours
China is famous for making bootleg stuff and it do be quite funny sometimes, but if you are the copyright owner you may not find it funny. If the manufacturer copied the products close enough, people go buy their products instead of yours and you don’t get the money that you deserve. Also, your original idea/design now got taken without any cost, which hurts a lot. Sadly, China often allow it to happen with its biased legal system.
First, let’s take a look at trademarks. in China trademark registration uses the ‘first to file’ principle instead of the commonly used ‘first to use’ principle, which allows local merchants to use trademarks from famous brands outside China if the brands haven’t registered it locally. Even Apple lost the battle in the attempt of getting its ‘iPhone’ trademark back(twice in a row!). Although other well-known brands such as New Balance has won the lawsuits, most of them still needed to go through the appeal process. If even global brands aren’t being respected in China, if you are a small-scale/newly founded company owner you just have to admit defeat.
Original designs are also being taken by Chinese merchants too. The designer of the selfie-friendly phone case Stikbox got his product pirated before his product even finished being crowd-founded. If you surf Taobao/AliExpress often you would know how cheap the products on them is, but they are often at a lower quality (see Chinesium) or pirated from somewhere, just like the phone case in this case (haha pun not intended).
China won’t know you are unhappy about that if you keep quiet. Urge China to make its legal system less biased towards local merchants and provide more guidelines for intellectual properties protection. If you/your friends or family is a merchant or designer of some sorts, you should speak out for yourself/themselves so that you all can get the reward for your hard work.

E. HK needs to be kept balanced, as all things should be
Hong Kong has always been an essential port for capital to flow out of and into China. A majority of foreign investors uses Hong Kong as a stepping stone to access China’s market. Also, as RMB is still far behind from being a widely used global currency but HKD is directly tied to USD, it’s natural for China to carry out most RMB-based payments in Hong Kong so as to make indirect connections between RMB and USD. In this case, Hong Kong having a strong relationship with China benefits the global community.
However, if Hong Kong is too close to China, investors and merchants will be scared away. Hong Kong’s independent, unbiased and reliable judiciary and governing system are widely acceptable in the western society, enabling Hong Kong to be given a unique status from the global community not found in anywhere else, such as US-HK Policy Act. Therefore, if Hong Kong starts to adapt to the China way of doing things, Hong Kong’s most critical advantage will be gone.
In order to maximize profit for investors or entrepreneurs like you, Hong Kong need to be in an equilibrium position, where there is just enough relationship between China and Hong Kong for people to invest in China via Hong Kong, but not enough influence to make the system unjust. However, from Cathay Pacific being pressured to lay off pro-democracy staffs, to CCP urging the legislation of national security bill under article 23, which can grant immense power to the government to suppress whoever they wants, China’s intervention to Hong Kong has become more and more obvious. China is trying to disturb the balance of Hong Kong, and it has to be stopped before everything collapses.
China never liked anyone to comment on Hong Kong’s affairs because apparently Hong Kong belongs to CCP fully(except that we don’t want to). Therefore, by supporting Hong Kong you can A. indirectly insult China because you support all actions against China and B. shows that everyone loves freedom and you want Hong Kong to have some too.
China trying to deprive us of freedom and HKPF’s overuse of force are all topics that I want you to keep an eye on. However, I deliberately leave them out of this article because sadly not much people are able to put themselves into our shoes. Even if we are crying and bleeding, it’s too distant for you to hear and see directly.
We are thankful of all the presses, councilors and all the people behind the scene that help spread the truth to the rest of the world, but IMO this anger-driven mode cannot create a long-lasting impact. Suppose you saw a piece of news about the police arresting hundreds of peaceful protesters on mother’s day and you were mad about that, how long would your emotion last? I bet after a week most people would move on with their life until another piece of news refreshes their minds. This is a real problem inside Hong Kong, let alone foreign areas. My mission is to relate the current situation to you personally, so that you’ll care about it a lot more and a lot longer.
If you are convinced and want to give your helping hand to Hong Kong, please tell me in the comments and I may write another passage on how you can do that.
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[SP] The Misadventures of a Planetary Emissary

To say the job is straightforward would be more or less true. To say it is easy, however, would not be. We run it like a stock market, even if everything isn’t entirely above the table. Prospectors scour star systems in search of one thing: planets with liquid water. Once discovered, these planets then pass on to Inspectors, who conduct a more thorough examination of any fauna on the planet. If any one species seems to be organizing into civilizations, then someone from my department gets sent: the Emissaries. Our goal, in a nutshell, is to give the life forms faster access to necessary technologies to begin advancing their way through their status of a Type I civilization. The tough part is that isn’t strictly legal.
See the thing is, to become a Type III civilization there are many hurdles, both technologic and moral, that a society must pass through without killing themselves. Great Filters, if you will. There’s overconsumption of limited resources, killing of their own species based on aesthetic or ideological delineations, and harnessing nuclear power, to name a few. As a Type III civilization, we are forbidden from advancing any lesser species technologically. Period. What we are allowed to do is to attempt speeding up their moral or ethical progress. If those faster moral achievements lead to technological advancement sooner, well then technically that wasn’t my fault.
So how do you make a market out of this? Well Type I’s love killing each other, and we love to make money on those chances. It’s honestly baffling that eons ago our ancestors were able to make it out of that bloodbath. When an Emissary, or Meddler (as some holier-than-thou ethicists at the Council of Intervention like to call us), tweaks the advancement of a lower civ, Hedgers create currency pools for all types of outcomes.
For example, there was an aquatic sentience whom I was an Emissary for nearly 2 Unified Cosmic Years ago. Their ocean planet had a plethora of thermal vents feeding into it, creating scattered pools of superheated water. These reptilian heathens would use these waters to scald members of opposing tribes, or even members of their own as a form of punishment for Essence knows what. Despite their differences, a few gods and goddesses existed in their culture that were helpful in education. Nkikik, their goddess of salt and mercy, proved to be the easiest form to take to get my message across. A few decades of their solar-years of tweaking later, and I taught them the cruelty that is being boiled alive. Sure, the example I used was to cook one of their food sources in the hot waters. Fine, they then started cooking their food rather than eating it raw, but really I was there to get them to stop murdering each other.
The Hedgers had a field day with that one. There were markets being created for timelines from when the civ regressed, to when they became cannibals, to when they discovered extracting metals from rocks. I would have made a pretty sum on that last market, too. Sadly, intertribal conflict and infanticide got the better of that civ. I’m not sure which one started it, but one of those mongrels discovered the delicacy that was cooking enemy egg sacs. Oops.
My most recent assignment had been this mammalian species from a planet they call Earth (at least they call it that in one of their too many languages). That was until recently. Of those I’ve had the benefit of grooming, this lot was the most frustrating yet most lucrative. For starters, there were several cousin species that were of similar intelligence. To maximize our profit, I worked within tribes of each group scattered around the world. My first goal, and honestly the most fun of the tweaks, was to give them each fire.
There were scattered tribes of larger hominids living in cold areas that were easy to get on board. All I had to do was take the form of a bear, steal a child dying of frostbite, and drag her near a fresh lava flow. Those smart little apes quickly put two and two together and realized that dumping wood on the liquid rocks created fire, and after a bit of time learned alone how to make it themselves. There was another group spread out across vast areas, but again in places where it was mostly cold. Easy. The last group was a bit trickier, as they lived in hotter environments. This was an intelligent yet surprisingly savage crew, that chomped at the bit when it came to the idea of sacrifice, so a couple of flame engulfed offerings later and they were on board.
The Hedgers went absolutely rampant. The benefit of simultaneous civs was incredible for betting pools with most of the money initially being made in figuring out which one would achieve which step or crumble first. But then the ones who came to call themselves Homo sapiens took over. This group was equal parts cunning and barbaric. Able to organize in groups substantially larger than the others, they quickly out-gathered, out-hunted, out-procreated, out-warred their genus cousins until they were the only ones remaining. Seemingly every continent they spread to quickly ran out of its previously existing megafauna. The Hedgers loved me, but I felt I had gone too far. Perhaps my meddling this time caused the wrong civ to thrive, and I prevented us from having another Type III join the ranks.
Then the Council of Intervention, or the COI, got involved. The COI oversees all interventions with younger civs. There goal is to ensure that any interventions that are made do not directly lead to the extinguishing of a civ and in the best case actually allow the civ to progress. Obviously, they are not a big fan of my company to begin with, but hearing that two smart civilizations were extinguished, along with a plethora of less intelligent species set off multiple alarms. Everyone in my company that worked on that planet, from the Prospector to the Hedgers was put under investigation. I barely managed to escape with my freedom by throwing a few Hedgers that had previously irked me under the bus and pleading to a parole sentence of righting my wrong under direct COI oversight. Which of course meant that I had to spend countless Sun-years in the form of actual Homo sapiens on Earth. Fantastic.
By the time the investigations had ended and my parole begun, the humans had already created complex civilizations. They managed to figure out agriculture, metal extraction, transportation systems, aqueducts, and various religious and spiritual callings without any tweaking at all. Perhaps I hadn’t made the wrong tweaks after all. When I arrived at Earth, though, I found their individual civilizations to be disjointed, warring, and focusing more on the here-and-now than I needed to right my wrong in the eyes of the COI.
So I travelled a lot. I met with small society after small society pushing them ever so gently to think more about the sciences, both of the tangible and the intangible. This took off in some places more than others, but by and large these Homo sapiens were proving to be quite curious when teased with the taste of greater knowledge. For a while, progress moved largely on its own with very little effort from me. Sure, there were some societies that crumbled, but others always rose from the ashes. Sure, there were some pretty violent disagreements about what they believed the Essence to be, but that’s to be expected from Type I’s. They were still progressing through technologically, making gunpowder and whatnot despite one cluster of society’s decision to burn a lot of books and stop pursuing science. A little tweaking with that here and there and science came back as popular.
One thing that never left regardless of the popularity of science was that of magic. These apes were just obsessed with the idea that forces exist that can be bent to their uses other than electromagnetism, physicality, chemistry, and gravity. Despite its occult popularity, a great many of their religions detested those practices even more than they detested their own scientists. This led to a longstanding craze of burning usually beautiful women for accusations of magic use. I know it sounds preposterous but these apes loved a good witch burning. The COI saw this as a major moral regression, and forced me to put a stop to it. I bartered with them that this wouldn’t be an easy task for me in the figure of a human to do, so they allowed me to get a bit ethereal with it. A few visions in the night, or sudden bursts of enlightenment in the right people later, and specifically witch hunts were made illegal. Though troublingly the idea of false imprisonment never quite seemed to fade.
Regardless, the COI was very impressed by ending the witch burnings. So much so in fact, they greatly reduced their scrutiny of my comings and goings. As any enterprising entity would, I let a few of my favorite Hedgers know that humanity’s antics were back on the menu, but to keep it discreet. I was going to give them electricity.
It is rare we get a civ this far. To be honest, the games we play rarely end well for our civs, even despite our best efforts. Truth be told, it is just a scary, lawless Universe for these youngster civs, and no amount of intervention can save them from that. So when I had a civ in my fold that was looking close to figuring out electricity on their own, I just couldn’t help myself. Besides, Homo sapiens had always been curious about it. Whether it was static charge or electric eels, they simply couldn’t get enough. In my encouraging of experimentation, I may have gotten carried away and hit one fellow in particular with a bolt of lightning. In my defense, he attached a key to a kite so it seemed appropriate.
The COI notoriously does not have a sense of humor. My lightning antic drew the attention of my Investigative Ethicist who let me know that one more slip up and I would be decommissioned. Permanently. On the other hand, my Hedgers were loving it. They knew the moral development of Homo sapiens was not on par with their technologic advancement, and that harnessing electricity would only worsen the disparity. They assured me that if I were successful in speeding up the timeline, the life-or-death market created would be enough to buy myself out of any COI trouble that could possibly arise. What can I say, I believed them.
Humans began running rampant with this newfound power. Admittedly, I basically gave them the knowledge on how to generate and capture electricity, bending it to their will. The COI completely lost it. Yet another investigation began, and this time the odds were stacked clearly against me. The Hedgers promised me that if I was able to institute an Emissary of their choice to fill my spot, they would be able to bail me out and set me up far away from the reach of the COI. When I considered my options between obliteration and relaxing on one of the few off-grid paradise planets, it was an easy choice. Whether by a stroke of luck, or all my Unified Cosmic Years of Emissary work teaching me the ins-and-outs of charisma and negotiation. I was given one last visit to Earth to induct a new Emissary. One I was able to suggest based on her previously successful track record.
Inducting a new Emissary is always tough. You have to show them not only the civ being tweaked, but also give them a rundown of the entire planet’s ecosystems, so they can understand the ethical (and technological) implications of their tweaks. This is made even more complicated when the civ is this advanced, because there are many, many cultures, religions, political ideologies, and philosophies to understand as well to do the job properly.
We returned to Earth to find that the Homo sapiens had begun to wreak havoc with electricity. They were happily churning through their planet’s natural resources, with no concern for the thick black smoke that coughed into the skies or the darkening of the previously clear rivers and streams. Admittedly, they used this power for some pleasant means, such as communication and lighting, but they also executed prisoners by running a current through their entire body. The barbarians.
It should be noted, at this point, that Homo sapiens look very different from one another. From intermingling with their other hominid cousins, to differences in diet and ultraviolet radiation, there is a much greater diversity of appearance with them than with many other civs I have tweaked. This is an important detail because unlike other civs, when one human mistakes another for someone he or she is not, there is at least an embarrassing fallout that occurs shortly thereafter. In certain extreme cases, the results can be fatal. My luck with the COI abruptly ended when I was in an Earth society called the United States of America, and the personage I had assumed to explain the world to the new Emissary was mistaken for a thief and a vandal. I was arrested.
In normal circumstances, I would have simply left, leaving behind an empty carcass that my consciousness was previously projected into. But the extra level of COI scrutiny meant I couldn’t pull any stunts that would alert these creatures to a presence in the Universe other than their own. So I spent time in an Earth jail. The irony of a Type III entity being imprisoned by some Type I apes was not lost on me. Not for the nearly 2 Sun-years I spent locked in a cell alone. They even put me on what they call “Death Row”, though given what I know about the morality of Homo sapiens, especially those in that part of the world, my guess is it had to do much more with my appearance than any crime I was wrongfully accused of being guilty of.
While I waited to learn of the fate of this body I temporarily inhabited, the new Emissary informed me the Hedgers had come through on their deal. They were already working on intercepting my projection’s return to COI custody, so instead of awaking in a COI holding cell before my obliteration I would awake on Parediz-7-c. Booyah.
A few Sun-months later, the body’s name was called. A couple officers unlocked my cell and dragged me to the body’s execution. They must have thought I was completely insane, because I couldn’t help but find the humor in how I was to be executed. After giving these apes the gift of electricity, they were going to use it to “terminate” me. Oh, the irony. They fed my body a meal of chicken, mashed potatoes, and spinach. Honestly, if I had to eat the stuff these apes call food I would have terminated myself years before. After choking down the vile creation, they led me to a wooden chair with leather belts and electrodes above the backrest. Before they sat me down and did their violent deed, they asked if I had anything to say. If the COI were not watching, I would have opened my jaw so wide that the back of my head touched the nape of my neck, letting forth a gurgling scream as I shouted “Idiots! Idiots! You backwards apes are killing your savior!” in the language of that long lost aquatic civ before exiting the body. Given the scrutiny, I decided for one last attempt at a lesson in morality.
Looking in the eyes of the head of the guards with the steely resolve this species prides themselves on, I spoke: “If killing me today is what you must do, if under the watchful and loving eye of your God you can take my life, then know that you are murdering an innocent man for no other reason than your own lowly prejudices.”
They strapped me in. I wish I could say it was fast and painless, but it was excruciatingly not. I felt the heat of the electricity arcing through the body from its temples down to its ankles. The body’s heart began fluttering and then racing. I couldn’t even prevent the body from letting out a screech as the electrical current caused the diaphragm to pulse in rhythm. The skin blistered as the hair burned, and I began to lose the tether to the body. For a moment, I thought my own consciousness would be extinguished simultaneously. My vision faded to black as I watched a sickening smile creep across the head officer’s face.
When I opened my eyes I saw a familiar purple sunset and emerald waves washing up on shore. A friendly visage floated by and asked me if there was anything I needed to make my stay more comfortable. I thought for a moment back to the unfinished work of planet Earth, the countless humans that needed guidance through a burgeoning age of Technocracy. Then again, that is only one of the countless other Type I’s in need of assistance, and let’s be real. I was never in it for the help anyway.
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When Market Crash Inevitably Comes...Don't Scream "GUH" and Trade Volatility (Part 2 - DD Inside)

When Market Crash Inevitably Comes...Don't Scream
Greetings my fellow clan of delinquent compatriots. I made a post 3 weeks ago regarding how to avoid IV crush during this recent market rally. The link to that can be found here: Don't Scream "GUH", Avoid IV Crush. That trade worked out well, and I am back.
Today, I am back with a follow-up for navigating the road ahead. This post is not about why the market will potentially retest the lows, but rather how to maximize profit and limit downside risk should the move down occur. Just as the vega-neutral post focused on volatility trades, this one explores vol strategies further. I tried to substitute words with pictures for the illiterate inclined.
For solid DD on where the market is going, view u/Variation-Separate or u/scarvesandsuspenders recent posts. I do believe that sitting at either the 50% or potential near term 61.8% retracement will trigger the next leg down, and this post is about how to capitalize on that through volatility.
At best, you will get a trade idea (other than $SPY puts / $SPY straddles). At worst, you will gain some solid understanding of volatility and how it applies to you. My goal in this post is to take a pretty abstract concept and break it down so that we can all become more profitable. Take 5 minutes, read, challenge my strategy, ask questions, and achieve nirvana. Let's begin.
So You Say I Should Trade Volatility, Aye:
Yes. That is exactly what I am saying. While retail traders and WSBers have been yoloing FD on TSLA and SPCE (Jan 2022 calls will print), smart money has been executing the best trade of the past decade. The trade: Short volatility, hedged with volatility insurance. This is done by shorting $VXX (short vol), and purchasing $VIX calls (long vol) on a rolling basis as a hedge. Depending on the time frame of your $VIX calls (weekly, quarterly, monthly), this trade has performed dramatically well.
The strategy is rooted in the belief that volatility will, over time, mean revert and decrease after spikes caused by a "black swan." It is logical - option premiums on the S&P 500 (for which the $VIX tracks) theoretically will never remain permanently inflated as news becomes digested. Take a look at 2008, 2000, etc - the common theme is volatility starts to slowly recede before the lows of the S&P 500 are registered as the catalyst causes an explosion of volatility, and as the market prices in the "black swan," the market naturally performs price discovery causing volatility to come down. That is not to say volatility does not continue to spike during draw-downs in equities - it does, but typically not as dramatically unless the incoming news is categorized as dramatically more significant.
  • u/stonksgodown made a post regarding this phenomenon, but omitted some key factors and made some bold assumptions that I wanted to counter / elaborate on.
Realized Volatility verse Implied Volatility:
Implied volatility for the broader market can be understood through $VIX. IV is forward looking, and gives us an understanding of how much the market is expecting to move over the next 30-day period (this is a simplification, but applies). Realized volatility is actual variance in price movement over a period in time. To compare the two, solve for the realized volatility over the past 30 day period (21 trading days) by taking the standard deviation, adjusted for an annualized reading. I calculated this to get updated data, and the current output is below:
RV / IV 2020
What we can see is that a pretty stark divergence has occurred, with realized vol moving higher than implied vol. This negative spread relationship is counter-intuitive. Think about it. If IV is forward looking, it should be trading at a premium to where RV is currently trading at because we need to account for the uncertainty in the future variance of the markets.
This is not the first time this has happened. It occurred in 2002, in 2008, and in a few periods of high volatility since the GFC.
RV / IV 2008
RV / IV Collection
The important theme is that, over time, the relationship eventually returns to normalcy. That is, overtime either realized vol decreases, implied vol increases, or a combination of the two occurs. This is where our previous author went astray by saying this divergence requires a spike in IV - there are many ways for this imbalance to revert to normalcy.
When RV is below IV, the market is understating the risk of a large loss. When RV is above IV, the market is clearly in distress, and it is overstating the risk of a large loss. Put simply: RV > IV, the market favors option buyers, RV < IV, the market favors option sellers.
This is huge, because it clearly articulates the opportunity cost of purchasing verse selling options. But as I highlighted before, the return to a positive IV / RV spread can occur with a decrease in RV, an increase in IV, or a combination of the two, and the time frame is murky. So, Master Skywalker, what are we going to do?
Let's take a look at the $VIX futures because they can show us what the market is forecasting for expected future movement of $SPX option implied volatility. The term structure for the $VIX futures is showing mad backwardation - that is, the future settlement dates are trading well below the current spot price. In WSB terms, the futures market is implying $VIX will continue to fall over the next 8 months.
$VIX Futures Term Structure
The Volatility Trade, Applied Right Now:
We are presented with 3 potential outcomes:
  • Realized Vol Decreases (requires $VIX to decrease or trade narrowly)
  • Implied Vol Increases
  • A combination of the two over time (most likely outcome)
The issue is - Realized Vol has already happened, so how do we speculate on this? By using a similar concept to a reverse calendar spread. The hypothetical trade:
Short $VIX Futures with Settlement for Sept 2020 - Bet that RV Decreases Over 5 Month Period
  • Or just short $VXX
Long $VIX calls - Bet that IV Increases Over 2 Month Period
Note: I recognize that most of you do not have access to futures or even shorting for that matter, which is why I will also present a solid hybrid hypothetical trade, but hear me out.
What this does: $VIX futures with further settlement dates, while less liquid, are less sensitive to short-term spikes in the $VIX. This trade is a bet that implied volatility through September will be decreasing in aggregate. The $VIX calls with short-term settlement dates are implemented to hedge my short $VIX futures, and capitalize on any potential increase in IV moving forward should we retest the lows in $SPY. This trade let's me bet on a short-term decrease in $SPY (and related spike in $VIX), while hedging with a longer-term bet that volatility will decrease. It is essentially a volatility strangle with different time frames. This requires margin, and excess cash in case of margin call :)
How a Newb With a Robinhood Account Can Do This:
The simple newb approach would be a reverse calendar spread (sell long dated calls, buy short-date calls) on $VXX, but that caps our gains, and we are not here for capped gains. If you are, jump over to investing.
I recognize that RH does not allow $VIX, let alone $VIX futures. So let's reassess the goal of this trade: We expect $SPY to retest the lows, volatility to spike in the short-term, and I want tendies to print because of this. This movement should work toward restoring a positive relationship between RV and IV. But, maybe you, like me, have cautious conviction about this trade given the Fed, US Gov stimulus, and other erroneous factors. So, with the goal of maximizing gains, and limiting losses, we are going to hedge our exposure.
The Hypothetical Hedged Vol Trade:
  • Long $SVXY (inverse volatility ETP) - inverse vol AKA $VIX go down, profit go up - Short Vol Leg
  • Long $VXX calls, $VIX calls , or even $SVXY puts if you really wanted to - Long Vol Leg
    • Can adjust the weightings to amplify exposure to short-term volatility, i.e. for every 100 shares of $SVXY on the short vol leg, purchase 2 option contracts on the long vol leg. Find a combination that satisfies your risk tolerance. Note: $SVXY tracks -0.5x the performance of short-term $VIX futures ($SPVXSP).
  • You can also just do volatility straddles / strangles, but the issue is decreasing vol tends to move very slowly, which is why avoiding theta option decay on the short vol leg is very important.
  • Hedging is for Pussies! If this is you - fear not, you have some options, but if you're wrong, it is really gonna hurt.
  • $SVXY Puts
  • $VXX Calls / $VIX Calls
  • $SPY Puts
  • $SPY straddle / strangle - risk IV crush, narrow trading range, theta decay etc.
  • Note: These are just trade strategies. These are not recommendations, and many combinations of the aforementioned products can be utilized, but be sure to understand what you are investing in.
In this scenario, we are going long $SVXY (short vol) to capture the pullback in RV overtime, and we are long $VXX calls to capture the short-term increase in IV, and to hedge our short vol exposure. What you just did is capture really good upside opportunity while hedging away downside risk, and eliminate the chance of blowing up your account. The reason we are hedging our long vol is because the RV / IV relationship is imbalanced, but that does not mean we are guaranteed higher IV in the short-term.
tl;dr - I expect the market to move in the direction of retesting the lows, but Fed bailout, Fiscal stimulus, and overall complacency could prevent a retest. Thus, instead of trading $SPY, consider trading volatility as the relationship between realized vol and implied vol is fucked up, and will correct itself over time. Because of this, explore going short volatility while hedging with long volatility call options. Long $SVXY, Long $VXX Calls.
As always, discuss, challenge, ask questions and shitpost!
The purpose of this post is to educate people on volatility plays, not recommendations. I will not recommend strikes, expirations, or anything. Use your noodle. This is Not financial advise, just for educational purposes.
  • 🌈🐶
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I want to share something a friend posted that helps clarify what's going on in the US right now. The protests are not *just* about one isolated incident. This is about race. The issue goes far deeper than that and it can't be explained away that easily.

Yes, all the protesting going on now is about race, I know it’s painful for many of you to admit but it’s true. I’ve seen people scramble to attribute what’s going on to something, anything other than systemic and institutionalized racism but the sad truth we must face is that; as a group, Americans exist with as much implicit bias as ever. We all unconsciously attribute particular qualities to members of societal groups. Lucky for us, in many instances we can quantifiably measure implicit bias and the results of it.
So what causes all the above? Well Americans of all races view black people as fundamentally different than white people even though we all have the same human physiology and race is a social construct.
Contemporary studies have revealed that:
Blacks are seen by Americans as less innocent than whites and people generally.
Americans adultify black children. Americans view black girls as less innocent and more mature for their age, from ages 5 to 14 which means they’re more likely to say that black girls, compared to white girls, need less nurturing, less protection, to be supported less, to be comforted less, are more independent, know more about adult topics, and know more about sex. This leads to stereotyping in which innocent mistakes by kids are treated as if they’re willful crimes by adults.
Because of the above, black children are more likely to be diagnosed as having oppositional defiant disorder or conduct disorder rather than depression, anxiety, ADD, ptsd etc that white children with the same symptoms get diagnosed with.
When Americans believe a man in a random image is black, they generally see the man as larger, more threatening, and potentially more harmful in an altercation than a white person. And they are more likely to say use of force is justified against the black men than a white men.
Americans tend to associate black-sounding names like DeShawn and Jamal, with larger, more violent people than they do white-sounding names like Connor and Garrett even though the FBI has called the white supremacy terrorist threat the greatest threat of violence to the American people.
The above helps explain why someone like Aaron Dean would have that much fear about the young women Atatiana Jefferson who was in her apartment playing video games when he murdered her. He saw a black person and that scared him.
White families hold 90% of the national wealth, black families hold 2.6%
Blacks and Native Americans experience the highest poverty rates while whites experience the lowest poverty rates.
Black families have a fraction of the wealth of white families, leaving them more economically insecure and with far fewer opportunities for economic mobility
Black households have far less access to tax-advantaged forms of savings, due in part to a long history of employment discrimination and other discriminatory practices.
A well-documented history of mortgage market discrimination means that blacks are significantly less likely to be homeowners than whites, which means they have less access to the savings and tax benefits that come with owning a home.
Persistent labor market discrimination and segregation force blacks into fewer and less advantageous employment opportunities than their white counterparts.
Blacks have less access to stable jobs, good wages, and retirement benefits at work
Under the current tax code, families with higher incomes receive increased tax incentives associated with both housing and retirement savings. Because blacks tend to have lower incomes, they inevitably receive fewer tax benefits—even if they are homeowners or have retirement savings accounts. The bottom line is that persistent housing and labor market discrimination and segregation worsen the damaging cycle of wealth inequality.
If we look at media, white is positioned as normal in most forms of every medium. If the cast has more blacks than whites it’s considered a black film or tv show. Disney won’t even let black ppl in its animated movies unless they’re animals because black bodies connote something to white people they don’t want in Disney movies. Most music, film, tv and books have to be approved by white editors and gate keepers before being released.
The protests aren’t exclusively over the episodic instance of George Floyd or even just the systemic police violence against mostly black people. We’re tired of all the above being true yet having white people still gaslight us about it. It took less than an hour to gather these statistics from credible sources and each statistic for the most part can be summarized in a single sentence yet so many intelligent white people still claim racism isn’t an issue and they don’t see race, meaning of course they refuse to do anything about it. We’re tired of that.
Having implicit bias is how we are conditioned to be. We saw representations of black people on tv, read about them in skewed reporting, heard rap music released on labels controlled and dominated by white voices and opinions and I bet for a lot of you white folks reading this, your families taught you in good faith that a certain kind of black person is bad. It’s not just a police problem, it’s a problem with how we are all conditioned to think.
There is clearly a national problem in 2020 stemming from multidimensional wide spread deeply ingrained implicit biases. We all have implicit biases, you can have black friends and family members and have racist thoughts and actions. You can be black and have implicit bias against black ppl. It doesn’t mean we’re bad people, it means we’re humans brought up in a society where ideologies of whiteness are positioned as default and black is often depicted as wrong.
Admitting that all this is true is one of the most patriotic things you can do today. This country was founded on racism, it’s embedded in our thinking, our culture and our actions. White people went from enslaving blacks for centuries to watching black people hang while enjoying picnic lunches and castrating young black males during lynchings and mutilations to rendering the lives of brown people systemically worse and more difficult than those of white people.
If you’re truly patriotic, you love what you know this country can be more than what it currently is. The most patriotic people want what’s best for this country and know it can go in that direction if we all put in the work necessary to get it there. I love this country and the people in it and I know that when we admit our biases and that we all perceive race and the connotations behind it, we can have real discussions and implement systemic level meaningful changes. When this happens, we will move forward as a nation better and more successful than we ever have been. No more pretending we don’t see race because when we bottle it up these resentments build and black people are getting killed because of it. I’ve come to learn that the people who say race doesn’t matter to them or that they don’t see race tend to have the strongest opinions and beliefs about race and black people. To address this we have to talk about it. It's the only way.
A lot of you have been posting “no lives matter” but I know you don’t believe that. You believe your significant others, families, friends and loved ones matter, you all do. I know it’s hard to admit for many of you but black lives do matter. If the phrase black lives matter offends you, you gotta look inside and ask why. I’m sure you’ve all heard the burning house analogy by now but here it is.
We know that black people have been disproportionately killed, mutilated and injured by white people and white police officers throughout modern history. If only red houses on a block were on fire would you say all houses matter and use the firefighting resources to spray the water and anti fire powder on all the houses? No, you have to label and identify the houses that are in trouble to address the problem. This doesn’t mean other houses aren’t important, they just aren’t the ones burning.
Just think about it on the most basic level, if it bothers you to say the lives of black people have value, you have some real deep level bigotry to process and that’s on you as an adult not on anybody else...but I’m not mad at you about it. Think about what kind of energy you want to be putting out there. Do you want to have the far corners of your subconscious hate a certain kind of black person because of how they dress, walk and talk? Do you want to have to look your grandkids in the face and say that you didn’t want to help fix all the problems in the statistics I listed at the beginning of this post? I don’t believe any of you think like that. It's gonna take work, the kind that takes years to go through and a lot of pain for everybody but we can do it as a nation, I know we can do better. But that’s just it, we have to do something, being silent on this or denying it affirms the power structures that ultimately hurt us all.
Edit: Formatting and to clarify that I didn't write this, a friend did online and I felt it is worth sharing because it explains the issues in a very well written and easy to understand way. Not just for fellow Americans but for the foreigners who aren't understanding what's really happening.
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Shotgun Fantasy - Part 21: Fowl Origins

First Part
Previous Part
George tinkered in the workshop for the next two days without resting. He knew his hands, hair, and face were all smudged with greasy soot, but he didn’t realize the extent of it until looking in the mirror. A complete mess. All of his priorities had been shifted towards designing the shotgun. He always delayed eating when he was in the middle of a problem, which was often, and the solutions they settled on always generated more complications that needed to be addressed, creating a horrible feedback loop that resulted in malnourishment. In the end, Rhangyl had to step in to make sure the young gunsmith took care of his body. George ignored his advice until collapsing from exhaustion. He later learned that Dalura also fell face-first on the other side of the workshop a few seconds afterwards. She only remained conscious because she didn’t want to pass out before him. That was when everyone decided they needed a break.
It was easier said than done, though. The fact that they would have to leave in a couple of days meant that every minute needed to be spent on making the weapon as good as possible. They went through dozens of conventional shotgun designs, assembling each of them with traditional blacksmithing so that Dalura could understand every mechanism and their functions. She was immediately onboard with the idea of the weapon after hearing the basic concept behind it.
One of the bigger weaknesses of normal guns was the fact that a sufficiently skilled warrior could parry the bullet consistently if their reflexes were fast enough. The shotgun circumvented that by firing a spread of pellets that were too many to deflect. It was a lot more powerful and accurate than a rifle at the cost of losing some of its range. Dalura understood the benefits better than anyone else. Fighting the assailant had exposed the Rebellion’s biggest flaw. While its bullets were too powerful to deflect, it still required a high degree of marksmanship to fully abuse its potential. The shotgun, on the other hand, was originally made for the sole purpose of aristocratic bird hunting. Its popularity came from the fact that even the wimpiest, untrained noble in the land could hit a nimble target with it.
Dalura wasn’t dealing well with the deadline either. Her mind was focused on the project, but her heart was elsewhere. Leaving Forgeberth, a place she had idealized and loved all her life, became a bittersweet thought she couldn’t escape. Who could blame her? The outside world sounded terrifying from her perspective. Monsters and bloodthirsty elves lurked in every corner. She couldn’t even be revived should anything unexpected happen. Working on the shotgun distracted her from her anxious melancholy. George understood what she currently went through without needing her to explain it. He felt the same way before leaving Kolt. Strangely enough, though, he didn’t miss his old home as much as he expected. It shouldn’t surprise him. A city as amazing as Forgeberth had the ability to outshine the mundanity of many other places in the world.
Rhangyl made sure that George and Dalura rested for the entire night but, now that the blacksmithing festival had begun, he couldn’t stop them from continuing their horrible work habits anymore. He was too busy marketing the Shadowtrail Inn and setting up a distribution chain for the hafling couple. Thankfully, the profits from that endeavor were almost immediate thanks to the large influx of new customers. The money from their first night finally allowed Rhangyl to acquire the emeraldbloom lumber needed for the experiments. George was fascinated by the material. Although it looked like normal lumber, it possessed a strange aura that was hard to notice at first, a faint shimmer that warped the air around it, only visible if you stared at it for long enough.
Their first experiment was observing how a shotgun shell full of jagged wood shavings reacted to a weak propulsion glyph. Dalura seemed obsessed with safety after her first attempt at gunsmithing, producing a thick wall of earth between the testing area and the workshop before hesitantly pressing a remote button to activate the glyph. George wondered if she was being too paranoid until hearing the results. It left a ringing in his ears that didn’t go away. The gelatin target had exploded into a liquified mess. There were even shards of wood stuck to the walls and ceiling.
Dalura approached the glyph, stunned for a second. “I’m pretty sure this is the weakest I could make it. What the hell is this stuff? I knew it got stronger with mana but this is nuts.”
“Are you kidding me? This is great!” George chuckled with glee, walking up next to her. “It means we can make it ridiculously stronger!”
Dalura winced away. “Why are you yelling?”
Dalura mumbled something unintelligible.
“I can’t hear you!” George shook his head, scratching his inner ear with a pinky finger. “I think I’m going deaf!”
“That’s what I said, idiot!”
George winced away. “You don’t have to yell!”
Dalura clenched her fist for a second, bulging a vein on her forehead. She then sighed and walked away to fetch a cleric before her patience ran out.
The legion adapted to their new routine with relative ease. Most of the squadrons took turns on the rear while members of the elite demolished any monsters that appeared. The ecosystem here remained a mystery to their scholars due to its harsh conditions. A wide variety of creatures thrived in this snowy landscape, each more different than the last. Some were grounded, others could both fly and walk, one was even gaseous. It was hard to predict what would come next. The most common trait among them was a resistance to normal magic and a disgusting dark-purple ooze that dripped out of their mouths and open wounds.
The elite didn’t have a problem crushing them, though. Some soldiers even welcomed monster attacks. Watching their leaders show off their skills became a source of entertainment that broke up the monotony of marching all day. They even arranged an intricate network of bets, gambling on things like how long the fights would take and whether or not someone would survive. All of the elites had low odds against them, except for Xastile, who was pressured into fighting next. Most of the soldiers were interested in this one due the very real possibility of an upset. As a young prodigy at seventy years old, he remained an unproven warrior with a flawless record in the noble dueling circuit. Nobody really liked him. His popularity with women only made it easier for the men to want him dead, betting against him. He was also lazy and spoiled, avoiding his duties with the creatures until getting called out by another member of the elite.
Valkyrie didn’t know what to expect from his performance. He also kept hitting on her despite their age difference, which was annoying and made her hesitant to call on his aid. Unfortunately, once they were halfway through their third mountain, the troops had to climb a steep incline that was easily a quarter of the mountain itself. They couldn’t even see the peak yet. Wind conditions were poor, but they couldn’t get around this obstacle without a significant detour, which left them with no choice but to begin the slow hike. Valkyrie didn’t like it one bit. It left them too exposed to an attack. There hadn’t been any since early in the morning. For most, that was a welcome reprieve from an entire night of combat. Valkyrie, however, learned to never relax while in these mountains so an extended period of uninterrupted progress left her anxious wreck. She was too concerned about the next threat to lower her guard again.
Valkyrie made it to the top of the cliff after a few hours of climbing. Xastile greeted her with an aloof smile and returned to playing with a bird on his finger. The elite had made it there long before anyone else. They even set up their tent of their own accord. Usually, soldiers did it for them, but they didn’t have the patience to wait for everyone to catch up. Valkyrie dusted herself and turned her back on Xastile, overlooking the rest of the troops. That was when she spotted another winged creature barreling towards them. An adult one with two heads. It was aiming for the soldiers that were still halfway up the incline. Valkyrie glanced at Xastile, who was still distracted by the bird. She threw snow at him to get his attention, scaring away the bird. Xastile wiped his face, saying:
“What’s the big idea?!?” He spat out more snow. “You could’ve just said something!”
“You’re supposed to be on lookout; not messing around.”
“Whatever. Is there a problem?”
Valkyrie pointed at the unholy abomination speeding towards the soldiers.
“Ah, it flies.”
“What of it?”
“Well, you see, I’m just a humble swordsman. My attacks don’t have enough range to deal with it. Can’t we get someone more suited to flyers? I promise I’ll take care of the next grounded one.”
“There’s nothing humble about you. In fact, you know very well that you’re more than capable of defeating it.”
Soldiers started screaming. The creature was eating them whole two at a time with its pair of heads. Many of them were at risk of falling. They dangled from their safety ropes without anyone to assist them.
Xastile laughed. “This isn’t very fair to me.”
Valkyrie arched an eyebrow. “Do I have to throw you off this cliff?”
Xastile scoffed. “I doubt you-”
Valkyrie pinched him by the tip of his ear, yanking him towards the ledge.
“Okay, okay I’ll go!” Xastile swatted away her hand, drew his sword, and leapt off the cliff, diving toward the creature. Many soldiers cheered, not out of admiration, but because they wanted the beast to win. Xastile never lost his cool during the freefall. He kept a confident grin all the way down, spinning a few times before delivering a graceful strike… which missed. He continued plummeting past the monster at an alarming rate. “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!”
The soldiers made conflicted expressions, facepalming or pursing their lips with dread. They knew they’d be dead if Xastiel didn’t get his act together. This was the only circumstance in which they showed concern for his well being. The bets were worthless if they didn’t get to enjoy their winnings. Valkyrie couldn’t ignore the second-hand embarrassment. This wouldn’t help his reputation in the legion.
Xastile stuck his sword into the rocks to stop his momentum. The creature threw a volley of its razor sharp feathers at him. Xastile dodged them by perching himself on his sword. At the very least, he was distracting the creature from attacking the soldiers.
The monster pecked at him with both heads. Xastile jumped on its back. The creature began to thrash around to shake him off. It crashed itself into the mountain, causing a handful of soldiers to fall off. Xastile managed to keep his grip, though. Once the monster stabilized its flight, the swordsman found his footing and raised his sword, decapitating the creature’s two heads with a clean swipe.
Some of the soldiers started booing.
Xastile stuck out his tongue at them as he jumped away, clinging to the side of the mountain.
“What are you doing?!?” shouted Valkyrie. “Look at the corpse!”
Xastile widened his eyes. The creature’s body was on a direct course towards Hentil’s tent. He didn’t have much time to act. The corpse was three times the size of the tent. It would definitely crush it. Valkyrie started mentally preparing for Henthil’s wrath. The consequences would be nasty. Xastile hadn’t given up yet. His face finally grew serious. He kicked himself away from the mountain, propelling himself towards the corpse.
In a single breath, the young prodigy unleashed a flurry of attacks that desintagrated the creature’s remains into a pile of mushy purple goo. The viscous liquid rained all over the legion, sparking more ire towards Xastile, but Henthil remained blissfully unaware of the event. Valkyrie sighed in resignation. No one seemed to care that the eaten soldiers couldn’t be revived anymore. Normal infantry archers. They weren’t important, but they still deserved some sympathy. Valkyrie felt like she was the only person in this legion that mourned their death.
Xastile landed safely in the snow with an artful pirouette, dashing up the steep cliff again in less than a minute. He had a cocky grin when he made it to the top, saying:
“I guess you were right; I was the right person for the job!”
Valkyrie rolled her eyes as Xastile walked into the elite’s tent. The boy had a long way to go. Cithrel would’ve ended this battle in her first attack… without messing up.
After getting a cleric to restore George’s hearing, the pair of gunsmiths headed straight back to the underground compound, deciding to get some sleep for the time being. It would only get more dangerous if they started performing tests while they were sleepy. The next day, the emeraldbloom continued to baffle their expectations. All of the normal disadvantages of wooden projectiles didn’t apply to it. Mana seemed to harden it without affecting its weight, allowing it to exceed the speed and power of a metallic projectile when fueled by a glyph.
Their second objective was to see how strong they could make a shotgun without injuring the wielder. With a strong enough glyph, the explosion could send the user flying backwards if they weren’t particularly heavy. The other limiting factor was the weight of the weapon. Originally, George insisted on making a double barrel shotgun, but soon realized that it would be too heavy to aim quickly. He had a hard time justifying it after a bit of bickering. Dalura had to remind him the whole point of the project was to design the opposite of that. They already had the Rebellion for firepower. A single barrel shotgun led to a more efficient design. It created space for a repeating chamber that allowed five bullets to be stored inside the weapon and a lever action in the trigger guard that automatically loaded them into the barrel.
The first prototype of this nature was a thing of beauty, with a polished black steel barrel and a wooden grip. George had seen a couple of these models back in Kolt but Mister Terk prohibited him from ever trying to make one. Getting to try out all of his new ideas was a thrilling challenge he always wanted to tackle. The lack of any real blueprints they could base their designs on made it intimidating at first, but their work on their revolver project made it easier to improvise the things he didn’t already know.
Dalura spent an entire day working on its propulsion glyph. She was really concerned with finding the appropriate balance, paranoid of making it too strong. After mounting the prototype shotgun on a chest high pillar, she tied a bit of string to the trigger and hid herself next to George behind their safety barrier. This test would definitely be louder than the first one so they both stuffed their ears with wax to protect their hearing. They also didn’t bother preparing a gelatin dummy for this test. The prototype was aimed at a solid wall, away from any other room in the compound. There shouldn’t be any safety issues anymore.
The explosion still caught them off guard. It caused an earthquake that lasted more than thirty seconds. Stalactites in the workshop began to crumble. George started to panic, but Dalura’s geomancy prevented any of them from falling. They both feared observing the results of the test.
George peeked around the barrier and frowned. The prototype was blown to smithereens. Dalura had made it too strong. It created a small cave out of the wall that was about fifty feet in diameter. George was bummed about the prototype. He should’ve known better than to grow attached to an unstable, experimental weapon. It was easy to get over, though. Dalura, on the other hand, couldn’t cope with failing here. She immediately returned to the workbench and started working on another propulsion glyph. They still had a bunch of emeraldbloom left but they couldn’t afford to keep wasting it on these tests.
Dalura’s second attempt took five hours to finish. George in the meantime handled the mechanical aspects of the device, going through the tedious task of re-forging, polishing, and oiling the parts again. It was good practice for his blacksmithing fundamentals, which had definitely improved under Dalura’s guidance, but required more practice to reach an adequate level of proficiency. Once the second prototype was finished, George had a better understanding of assembling a shotgun, to the point where he was already thinking of ways to make the next one better. This one took half the time to create than the first prototype. It wasn’t aesthetically pleasing, but they weren’t interested in that aspect anymore. They just wanted to see some results.
The earthquake only lasted ten seconds now.
George breathed a sigh of relief. The prototype was still functional. The pillar that held it up was cracked, though. A sign that it still needed tuning. George had been lying to himself by acting detached from the prototype. He wanted it to survive, at least. After measuring the new cave it created, they noticed it was approximately twenty feet in diameter. The difference in power appeared to also scale with the magnitude of the tremors. Dalura wasn’t satisfied. She quickly started making a third propulsion glyph. It only took half an hour this time. George buffed up the prototype and checked its internal components for damage while she finished. Just as he thought. It was completely intact. They were about to test the new glyph on another wall when Urtan and a squadron of guards rushed into the room, saying:
“What in the cataclysm is going on here?!?”
Apparently, the previous two tests had affected the entire city, not just the compound. Some stalactites fell and damaged a few buildings, but everyone was safe. Urtan had been tracking the source of the first one when the second occurred. It allowed him to notice it came from the compound. George looked away, ashamed. He understood Dalura’s concerns now. They could’ve endangered someone. Their experiments had to be performed more thoughtfully. Dalura didn’t feel like working after getting scolded by her father. They had been at it for eighteen hours today. Considering their progress, this was a tremendous success.
George woke up the following day and was surprised to see Bork in the compound again. He hadn’t visited in a while. The rock elemental exodus was his top priority this entire time. George could tell the golem was tired by the way he lumbered into the room. He brought good news, though. All of the logistical preparations were complete. They only needed a few more days to leave the city. George felt bittersweet about the news. He had grown fond of the golem and would miss him once they parted ways. Now that his responsibilities to the tribe were finished, Bork had some time to aid with the shotgun project.
Dalura was flustered when she saw her master in the workshop. He heard about their involvement in the earthquakes and teased her over it, offering to use his geomancy to prevent any further tremors. The pair of gunsmiths weren’t in a position to decline. They lost track of time again calibrating the weapon with Bork’s help. It took a lot of attempts, but by the end of the day, they toned down the shotgun until finding a balance. The adjusted prototype could still carve out a significant chunk of the wall, but it wouldn’t harm the user anymore.
George felt content with it. He had enough information to draw out a detailed blueprint that contained all of his notes. With the remaining days left they would be able to make a bunch more, adding tiny improvements that rounded up the rough edges of the design, both literally and figuratively. After a day of rest, Dalura couldn’t find another excuse to keep staying in the compound. She wanted to avoid her family for as long as possible, but she didn’t have much time left to say goodbye.
Bork had a private conversation with her after noticing her sullen mood. Whatever was said appeared to be what Dalura needed to hear, since she decided to leave shortly afterwards. George knew that was for the best. He never felt comfortable telling people what to do so he decided to stay out of her business. Unfortunately, that left him with no one to talk with… again. Slowly, it started to affect his concentration, until the manic focus that fueled him the entire week had been completely drained. George didn’t realize how hard he had pushed his body throughout this project. It ached with pain every time he got out of bed and begged him to take some time to recover. At some point, he had to be satisfied with what he could make. The fact that he also carried the puffling egg whenever he paced around left a lot of his muscles sore. His misery was so obvious that Bork felt compelled to approach him. The rock golem went on to say:
“I must apologize. I’ve been packing my belongings all day and forgot that you humans are the conversational type. Are you alright?”
“I’m fine. It’s just hard to come up with a name for the new shotgun. You got any ideas?”
Bork made a soft rumble. It sounded like a chuckle. “Not particularly. Language isn’t my specialty.”
“You speak like three…”
“I actually speak seven, but I see your point. I’ve met a lot of people with a lot of different names. I should be of use here. Let’s see… The best ones are usually meaningful. What do you love the most about it?”
“That’s the problem! It’s hard to tell. I’ve wanted to make something like this for a long time. In a lot of ways this is my dream gun.”
“I see…” Bork paused for a second. “What about… Fantasy?”
George squinted. “That’s just silly.”
“Yes, it’s not threatening at all.” Bork hung his head, ashamed. “I don’t know what happened to my judgement. My bad.”
George regretted saying that. He didn’t mean to sound dismissive. “N-no, Bork, please, I’ll take it under consideration, okay? At the very least, I think it got me on the right track.” He sighed. “Besides, that’s not the real problem.”
“Then what is?”
“The shotgun just doesn’t feel… finished.”
“The latest model appears to be functioning within acceptable parameters. What more could be done to it?”
“Well, one of the main advantages of shotguns is the wide variety of ammunition one can prepare for them. Some are made only for hunting small prey. Others for… uhh...”
“Yeah... There’s even some made to be warning shots. The emeraldbloom shells are great, but I feel like I’m not taking full advantage of the weapon by only having one type of ammo.”
“What if I make some for you?”
“Really? Do you know how?”
“It’s not immediately obvious, but I am a fully trained wizard, graduated from one of the top academies in the elven empire. Magic is my biggest passion. Of course I can come up with something!”
George had never seen Bork act so animated before. His strange smile was wholesome, if not a bit unnerving. He quickly shuffled away to a workbench and started tinkering with some of his alchemical ingredients. By the end of the day, Bork had created two types of bullets. George inspected them with eager curiosity. They were the correct size. One was stuffed with a green powder and the other had a solid white substance in it. George loaded them into their latest prototype and cocked it, taking aim at a target. He then remembered he wasn’t wearing ear protection and got some wax before taking aim again. The incident had left him anxious. It was better to develop the good habit now before they lost access to a cleric.
The first bullet, the green powder, spat out a literal fireball.
George started coughing.
Bork cleared up the debris with geomancy. “Sorry about that, I always forget you breathe.”
“Forget it. That was amazing!”
“I knew you’d like it. It’s called alchemist’s fire. A chemical made from the same substance that fuels a dragon’s fire. It’s also a material component in a standard fireball spell. The emeraldbloom seems to pack more force, though. Now try out the second one.”
George pulled on the trigger guard again, loading the next bullet. After shooting, it covered the entire target with the white substance. Mana had given it elastic properties, making it look like a liquid until hardening.
“That one is a special compound I just created. The process is a bit complicated, but it’s great for capturing targets. I will teach Dalura to make them should you ever need more.”
“This is great! Thank you!”
“It’s my pleasure. If I’m being honest, it feels nice to be a wizard for a day. I’m going to miss it.”
“You don’t really have to quit being a wizard.”
“No, I’ve been contemplating this for some time. My responsibilities as tribe leader need to be prioritized. I thought I could maintain a balance, but I can’t justify pursuing my own interests anymore. We have a lot of work ahead of us. This is intended to be a new society for us. Every step needs careful consideration.”
“I think that sounds worthwhile.”
“Then I hope you’re right. If my vision comes true, our new city will be a monument to beauty.”
“I wish I could see it one day.”
“You will. Once we establish ourselves in the heart of the mountains, I’ll personally build a bridge to humanity. Hopefully, I’ll see you on the other end.”
Valkyrie was tired of being cold. Her fur jacket could only protect her so much. The legion had been hiking these mountains for a week and a half now. Morale began to dwindle again. Henthil didn’t intend to slow down either. His deadline pressured him more than expected. The Emperor probably had an ulterior motive for this excursion. Valkyrie suspected something was wrong the minute he accepted Henthil’s offer. A legion shouldn’t be gambled away so easily if it didn’t gain him anything. The only reason he would be eager to accept was because he wanted Henthil out of Emeroak. That wasn’t good. The Emperor might suspect Henthil’s true aspirations. He could feel threatened by the warmaster’s growing political influence. Valkyrie could only come to one conclusion. The campaign was a thinly veiled way to kill anyone loyal to Henthil’s cause.
Henthil didn’t seem bothered by that. This was a trial by fire for him. If he succeeded in recovering the old territories of the empire, his march back home would end with a coronation. There was also an unexpected advantage from fighting so many beasts. The normal infantry began to develop tactics for dealing with the creatures on their own. They grew stronger after each encounter. The smaller, one-headed flying monsters weren’t a threat anymore. They still needed assistance whenever one of the bigger ones showed up, which meant that the elite were still taking turns on lookout duty.
“Fetch me more oil, assistant!” commanded a deep, masculine voice. “My pectorals quiver with sadness whenever they can’t glisten in sunlight!”
Valkyrie longed for the day she didn’t have to hear that voice anymore. It was Breek’aus, a member of the elite currently on shift. His muscular physique and tall body propelled him to the peak of elven athleticism. By Valkyrie’s estimation, he weighed four times the amount of an average infantryman, with veiny biceps and thighs as big as a child’s skull. Nobody could deny his power. What made him a threat, though, was a much more simpler fact.
Breek’aus was actually a demigod. More specifically, the bastard son of Marthux, god of victory and ruler of the divines. His boastfulness spawned from that divine ancestry, which granted him a ridiculous capacity to endure damage, along with incredible strength. The man wasn’t even wearing clothes in the middle of this snowy terrain. He only had a loincloth covering his protruding member, along with a harem of women who oiled him up, feeding him fruit. His main source of entertainment was flexing his muscles and watching himself in a full body mirror, which was carried by servants that always followed him around everywhere he went.
That became a bit of an impediment when the legion reached a hill entirely made of ice. It was unlike anything they had seen. Valkyrie was hesitant to continue further without scouting, but she knew Henthil wouldn’t suffer any delays. Breek’aus and his retinue managed to climb easily despite the logistical challenge, being among the first to reach the summit. Valkyrie couldn’t believe how well the servants balanced the full body mirror.
Everything seemed to be going smoothly until the ice hill grew a mouth and started rising out of the ground. It quickly became twice its original length.
Many soldiers were injured in that initial move. The creature had the texture of ice despite possessing a fleshy interior. Valkyrie slowly began to fear for her life. She was right at the top, along with Breek’aus, and there didn’t seem to be anything they could do up there. The rest of the elite might have to get involved.
“Worry not, puny mortals!” said Breek’aus. “My abdominals throb in anticipation, for today I shall perform a feat that will be told in every song of my legend.”
The retinue clapped for a few seconds.
None of the soldiers were soothed by his proclamation.
Valkyrie began to wonder if death was a better alternative. Breek’aus stretched his arms a bit, winding up for a punch. Valkyrie wrote him off as delusional until seeing him follow through on the attack. He struck the ground beneath him with enough force to generate a small vacuum of air around them, causing a large crack on the monster’s head. The creature stopped moving. Valkyrie gaped her jaw. It was dead.
Breek’aus flexed his muscles in victory, loudly boasting about his feat as he walked away.
Valkyrie shook her head. She didn’t have time to complain. At the end of the day, jealousy would only cause her misery. The legion needed to be mobilized again. If they kept up this pace, it wouldn’t be long before they reached the heart of the mountains.
Next Part
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UK Guide to US Options Trading

This is guide to US options trading from the UK, because I've seen countless requests of people browsing in /ukinvesting, /options, /wallstreetbets etc. about this.
First thing's first - no part of this post is to be taken as financial advice. It is a guide on how to start options trading from the UK. Options/CFD trading is a high-risk activity and most retail traders lose money.

1. CFDs vs. Options

So getting started, options and contracts for difference (CFDs) are both financial derivatives - they derive their values from an underlying security e.g. stock, indices, currency, commodities. Long story short, CFDs do not have an expiration and options do; and at the option expiration date, options give the opportunity to buy/sell the underlying (e.g. stock) at the agreed strike price. CFDs are highly directional (delta) trades where positions require ongoing financing fees by a broker, whereas options strategies allow the trader to trade time decay (theta) as well as market volatility (vega). Options provide greater flexibility in trading strategies (time/volatility trading as well as direction); however, due to this, the more complex strategies can be difficult to understand.
Spread betting allows a literal directional bet of an underlying by a certain date. It is most similar naked options - i.e. if your position moves against you enough, your broker may forcibly close your position unfavourably and/or margin call you for extra cash ("you can lose more than your initial deposit"). With options/CFDs, you can define risk by specifying a profitability range (spreads) instead to avoid this scenario. Due to spread betting being so close to gambling, it is treated as such in the UK in terms of taxation - gains are tax free. I will also add here that CFDs/options can also be used in this manner (gambling, with subsequent margin calls etc.), and that CFD brokers tend to understate the risks of these strategies, whilst almost all options brokers require elevated permissions to seek out this level of risk - this is because blowing through margin presents a risk to the broker and they would rather have commissions without the risks of the brokerage going bust. The lowest level of permissions still allows you to buy extremely highly leveraged OTM options without margin, as your max loss is limited to the amount you paid for those options.

2. Brokers

Given that options effectively open up two additional aspects of trading (time/volatility) and require additional regulatory oversight compared to CFDs/spreadbetting, there is basically no options market in the UK - the only brokers at this time are IG/Saxo, and they only do vanilla options on Forex/Indices/Commodities. Everyone else only does CFDs and/or stock (T212, Freetrade, IG, Plus500 etc.). To engage in true stock options trading, the only choice is to open an international/US brokerage account.
The two that are accessible to UK investors are Interactive Brokers (IB) and TastyWorks. Both are reputable brokers and have strong insurances for cash & securities held with them.

3. Opening an account

I will walk through some of the aspects of funding and operating a TastyWorks account from the UK, as this is my recommendation if you're here looking for a cheap way to get started.
Opening a free account on TastyWorks is easy as they are used to foreign traders (form filling within 20-60 mins - you will need a photo of proof of ID and address). It typically takes 1 day for cash accounts and 2-3 days for margin accounts to be ready for funding. My referral link if you feel this guide deserves the effort is: (mods, happy to remove this is this guide is deemed low effort)
The account types are:

4. Funding the Account

Since trading US options is done in USD, the account must be funded in USD. As international traders, deposits must be "By Wire", assuming you do not have a US bank account - full instructions for the "By Wire" method will show up when you are approved to fund your account. With TastyWorks, UK traders have 3 options at time of writing, going from highest to lowest fee:
1) Starling Bank: ~1% commission (+flat fee TBC?)
2) CurrencyFair: typical ~0.75% commission +$20 flat fee
3) TransferWise/Revolut + UK USD Account: ~0.5% commission +$20 flat fee
TastyWorks does not accept third party transfers (accounts not in your name), so services such as Revolut and TransferWise (inc. borderless) do not work directly
4.1 Starling Bank
With Starling Bank, you can do an international wire from a GBP account directly. Easy online bank setup and probably fastest way to get started, especially if you already bank with them. Note: Starling Bank is rejecting transfers to TastyWorks 'as it sits out of our international payment provider's risk appetite' (as of 11th May) - waiting for updates
Note that other routes include a $20 flat fee charged by intermediate banks before the transfer reaches TastyWorks. Haven't got confirmation that this route is charged or if Starling includes it within their higher fee.
4.2 CurrencyFair
TastyWorks have approved transfers via CurrencyFair with a guide at:
Easy to get started, but a couple hoops to jump through to confirm your transaction to TastyWorks via email.
Note that the $20 flat fee is for an intermediary bank to take their cut between CF and TastyWorks, but that is not mentioned on the CurrencyFair website.
4.3 USD account + TransferWise/Revolut
The cheapest option is to set up a USD currency account and transfer through that.
The account of choice is the Barclays USD Foreign Currency account - you need a current account with them to be able to open the USD account. HSBC also have an offering, but not had this route confirmed.
Once the USD account is open, you can transfer into it using Revolut/TransferWise (cheap) and then international (wire) transfer from Barclays account to TastyWorks (free!). Note that the Barclays USD account is still a UK bank account, so you'll need to use a SWIFT transfer from Revolut/TransferWise to turn your GBP into USD.
Note that the $20 flat fee is for an intermediary bank to take their cut between Barclays and TastyWorks, but that is not mentioned on the Barclays website.
4.4 Withdrawals
To withdraw funds, do the opposite for a deposit, noting that $45 will be charged by TastyWorks per withdrawal.

5. Getting Started

I highly, highly recommend TastyWork's education centre and their TastyTrade videos, especially if you are new to this.
Otherwise, once funded, it's as simple as downloading the app on mobile, using the browser trading screen, or downloading their full desktop platform.
That's it for the guide - happy trading, and if there are any questions, feel free to get in touch and I'll edit the answers in here. I want this to be a resource because I've helped many people get started, and it would be good to have it all in one place!
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[NEXT LEVEL EFFORT POST] Innovative gamemode for Clash Royale - could change the entire future of the game Idea

“DeckChallanger” - Worked on this for two months… Lets go:

Incorporates deckbuilding and poker-ish strategy thinking
But also: ability to bluff, surprise and outsmart your opponent.

Purpose: To enhance the tension before the game, and get at the same time rid of the “rock, paper, scissor”-problem. Either a CR game can look like this: Two players select without any regulations - thus, it is completely random - each one a respective deck. The only tension created, comes from the fact that the two players have no idea what deck they are facing. This often results in unfair matchups, where the winner is already decided from the first 1-2 minutes of the game.
So... if the matchups already are made in a random way:
→ why not make the <> a bigger part of the game...?

This gamemode will make everything more challenging and diverse on a level never ever seen before - and fun at the same time - and not only fun.
But a ridiculous level of fun with new and fresh mechanics, that will never seem to get old and boring.
[I think this gamemode even could awake CR from the dead]
The gamemode is that good.
And guess what? I don't care about the money! I could probably sell this idea, but no. I want to share it with the community. Because I love Clash Royale gameplay, but the peak potential of the game is so far away. This gamemode would take the CR experience from a 2/10 of its possible ”game potential”
So... let's explain this, and stop talking:

- A luck based wheel decides the two decks facing off eachother, a primary and a secondary time
- Before the wheel is spinned, both players has to select one wincon (one circle sector) each, that gets banned from the wheel in their match
- Each sector in the circle is consisting of every win condition (or perhaps another regulation that will challenge the player to build a deck: like ”5.0 or more” or ”2.5 or less” and so on (and for these special ones, the advantage is the the player gets to pick the win condition by himself, but has to compensate that by getting around the challenge of the regulation)
- Then you build your deck from an empty cardslot-interface, from the ground up.
- Every win condition has a group called ”hardcounters”. Since the player knows the opponents win con (in the case of that regulation) - he can pick a hardcounter that fits with his deck - his regulation - but also hard counters the wincon from the opponent
- If a ”neutral” wincon gets selected, like the Pekka or Mega knight, a maximum of 1 ”firsthand” win con can be added
- Also, the miner, skeleton barrel and rocket (I could have forgotten someone) has a special category as ”secondary win conditions”, and can be added to any win condition, but max 1 of them
- All of the other cards can be chosen when building the deck
If matchup is defined as ”advantage to one player” - For example [ballon - ramrider]
—> the player in disadvantage gets to pick two hardcouters, while the one in matchup advantage only get to picks one hard counter for the opposing wincon
Max 2 small spells (not tornado, including royal delivery)
Max 1 big spell (including EQ)
And ofcourse - Max one hardcounter to wincondition (if defined as equal matchup)
When you have built your decks, you lock them in. Then you have to show 1 of your cards to the opponent. You can pick by yourself what card to show the opponent. Here lots of different strategies will develop, for example: bluffs, surprises or to just outsmart your opponent into thinking you have a deck that you may not use, different strategies and of course reversed psychology. Then you get the ability to change two cards in your locked deck, but only two. But the card you show and your wincon, are locked, and cannot be changed.
Then the same thing happens to the other player.
This interchange of cards happens one time, and then a second time - showing your opponent a total of 2 free cards plus your given win con.
(The card you choose to show is automatically locked, and very much like your given win condition, can not be interchanged.)
Then the decks are finished! This adds up to the tension before the game like never before, and creates a whole new level of strategy. Instead of just saying ”of well, this is an unfair matchup. What a shame.”
There is so much potential to be captured here. Really note that.
This maybe even could bring CR back from the dead, and enhance the esport side of the game, but LIKE A SHIT TON. This not only makes the game more developed and skilled in a new way for the pros, but also gives viewers a new level of curiousness and tension as a part of every game, instead of just players picking a meta deck from some of the few viable archetypes in the current meta, and then it is pretty much rock paper scissor to see which one wins, because:
So, ultimately this makes the matchup less ”rock paper scissor”, that is Clash royales biggest problem right now. Players would have to not only need a skill to build good decks, but be prepared for anything, and create strategies for their own new deck, tailored for the opposing deck AT THE LIVE TIME as the game is played
The level of skill in E-sport with this gamemode would be on a whole other new level - that's some good entertainment, let me tell you.

- It creates a challenge for both opponents, that they need to solve with their <>
Skill 1.
+It is up to the players SKILL to first build a deck that counters it in a FAIR way (with all the rules)+
Skill 2.
++And finish the game with even more skill to create real time epic strategies in game, tailored for that specific matchup++
[I can guarantee you that this will create results, like when someone has the advantage in matchmaking defined by their wincon - but still wins a CR game because of the deckbuilding skill and real time strategy combined with quick reaction and precision gameplay.]
—> this would be a new level of CRL entertainment (but also as a Casual/Competitive mode IN the game for normal casual players)
Also, since every wincon will be inte the game, you can't get a weak card. That would not be fair. So ebarbs for example. They are too weak on ladder - well, buff them to the viable point in this particular gamemode. But jezzz. Don't screw it up SC, have a separate feed of this gamemode-balances, and survey how cards are performing. This gamemode needs to have every wincon that is on the wheel, 100% balanced.

*Sidenote* - SCROLL PAST IF NOT INTERESTED, it is not relevant to the gamemode!
(logical preposition for ebarbs when we're at it:)
Motivation: “ ebarbs could be used as a counter pushing card, that's effective on defense, and after; be used in a counter attack. One problem today is their health, they die easily. And, since they are whole 6 elixir today, it is hard to combine other cards with them, to support them while active in game (Like ice golems, ice spirit etc). Therefore, make them 5 elixir (IN ONLY THIS GAMEMODE), but set their crown tower damage to 40 - 60 % of their normal damage - since they need to be able and two-shot ranged support troops like wizards and musks, because it is one of their main interactions (They have a slow hitspeed, but when they do get their shot in, they are effective, and can quickly move on to a different target, like a giant) . This way, if an ebarb gets to you tower, it won't punish you as much, and the ebarbs can easily be killed on offence, since they have such low HP - if the opponent doesn't support them with more elixir”
I´m just using common sense here guys, don't be hard on me. But I think that would make ebards more of a card that has a place in the game, an ideal way to use them effectively, that every card should have a clear definition of: Like most other cards. Right now, ebarbs have too many things that they are good at, and way too many things they suck at. This idealized concept of them, would actually make them quite unique in the game, and add a new nuance to the possible card-choices for counterpunching tank killers. The other problem is also that they are way too rewarding when reaching the tower - but also way too undervalued when used on defence - since they die so easily, and bam: 6 elixir down the drain, and you can't support them with other cards, because of their high cost.
→ Therefore it could be tried to see what happens if they cost 5 elixir, and had reduced crown tower damage. If they are to strong, lower their HP to balance out the question of how hard it should be to kill them
If you are not using this thinking process when balancing cards already SC (cause of your history, lol XD), maybe take some inspiration: because I have a strong belief, in that [Every card in the game has a place, and can get balanced. There are no such things as: “Bad designed cards”, that just a sad excuse] - imo
*Sidenote finished*

This would basically be the peak of CR potential - if we get this gamemode in the game - or at least in CRL... imagine this, instead of 2v2. (If you have lost track, read the paragraph over the sidenote again”)
The purpose of this gamemode is to enhance the player's ability of deckbuilding, incorporated into the gameplay. The player also has to know what cards fit good with exactly every archetype. This gamemode would make for an extremely DIVERSE and always FRESH and SURPRISING gameplay, never seen the likes of in CR history. That's of course depending on the pros innovative skills… and them skills bro… they will most certainly create a good basis for this.
This is the gamemode that I think everyone wants, including the developers of Clash Royale. They have always been nagging about making a gamemode, that is more
  • diverse
  • and has deckbuilding as a bigger part of the game itself
The gamemode would also be extremely, EXTREMELY entertaining to BOTH:
- watch, for example CRL, because we would get to see what cards they are picking, and see their strategy - made under pressure and small timeframes. This would add soooo much content to commentary for the casters. Extremely interesting. Pros have to be wearing soundproof headphones, we also need to check microphone-cheating way more in this case of gamemode - since the audience knows the decks that are facing off - but the players don't. They only know 3 of each others cards
- Or as a gamemode in Clash Royale, live time with random players. Imagine playing this, as a casual gamemode, or as a separate ladder with kingtower level brackets... (*orgasm*)
The ”balance-rules” of this gamemode would be :
- ”what cards are defined as hardcounters to each wincon?”
- ”What matchups are defined as; advantage - to one of the wincons facing each other?”
The cards in each group could be a subject to change, very much like the balance changes each month. It gets better and better the more we get experienced within the gamemode
TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK REDDIT! I can't wait to hear your thoughts. Let's make Drew of Seth hear this. We could be changing the way CR is played

This mode - could be a new "competetive ladder" bracket. SERIOUSLY.
(Like you just read way less than half of the total text:)
Main notes:
- Supercell needs a healthy relationship with their playerbase (They don't really have that now)
- The player should be offered a small piece - a limited, but still fair opportunity- of the beautiful game they are working on - for <>
And theeeen...
- If the players tries it, loves it, and decides - “I WANT MORE, I think the money is worth it” , that's when you as a free-to-play game developer offer the player a less limited offer, for real money - for example a pass royale with mer premium features (Still not changing the game mechanics tho, just progression, but not in pay to win way. In a “Pay to experience less grind”- way) You´ll understand more soon!
That is a healthy way to make money. You as a free to play game developer should give players the <>, and if you make a damn good job - you should automatically get more money, BUT IN A FAIR AND HONORABLE WAY
The system SC today uses in today's ladder, with pay to win walls from the gem-currency:
- That has to be the worst business model to make money on a free to play game.
That's a fact. It doesn't matter how much supercell has made from these games, they could have easily made way more with a more healthy business model.
But... there is hope! Because, with this gamemode, I would stand by the opinion to say:
- Clash Royale would not only be the BEST mobile game ever made
- But perhaps, one of the best games ever made on this planet.
—> but supercell doesn't see it
However - I do.
With my vision for supercell though, if I were in charge: I would incorporate this gamemode, in a <> way with the pass royale each month if they give me this kind of freedom and gameplay opportunities - and a need to grind less.
—> I would pay for that pass royale. That's how much fun I think CR is
So let me present the business model:
- FREE CHOICE: 5 free daily matches on this gamemode. You get 5 new ones every 24 hours, and if you can't play for 1 day, there is a bank that can store a maximum of 10 matches
THIS IS LIMITED - but free. You get the taste of brilliance and entertainment
- PREMIUM CHOICE: 15 battles every day, and banks that store up to 3 days of not playing - 45 battles capacity. (This would be the current passroyale)
THIS IS FOR THE ENTHUSIAST. If you have a good logistic when playing - this will be enough for anyone - for a small monthly fee (the same value as a cheap lunch in town - is CR DeckChallanger worth that to you, personally?
- UNLIMITED CHOICE: a new more expensive version of pass royale, like ”legendary pass” gives you an unlimited amount of matches.
THE HOLY GRAIL. No boundaries. Infinite fun.
*More in depth:*
You get the mode in lv 9. But when you start over for each season, you get to CHOOSE what kingtower leauge you wanna play in: if you are king tower 12 for example, you can't access the lv 13 league, but can choose between king lv 9 all the way to lv 12.
If you choose lv 9, you will have a better opportunity to level up most of the cards you will use in the game when building the diverse possible amount of decks. Since versatility is key, this will improve your chances to perform and reach higher. In lv 9 league, the seasonal end rewards are the lowest point in the pair of leagues, though. So you have to compensate for: FairPlay- and The size of rewards
Then again, if you are in kingtower lv 12, and have most of the card you still will do fine with, at lv 11 and some at lv 10 → Then maybe, it is worth the sacrifice of lowering the FairPlay to king tower league 11, but increasing the potential rewards - as you progress on the global leaderboard for your bracket.
Each season you pick what kingtower leauge you wanna bet on.
(The more wins you have, the higher you get on the GLOBAL leaderboard for your separate king tower league. If this is a trophy system or just K/D, it's up to supercell to decide, or you guys on reddit.)
I prefer the good old trophy system, and then we incorporate your highest ever reached trophy number on OLD LADDER, to define the starting place you will have in your kingtower bracket. Therefore, you will get an advantage if you are high on ladder - which is heavily dependent on spending money on the game via supercell’s current method, so that you need to, agan:
Spend money on the game - and SC gives you advantages in fair ways - which makes supercell sustainable money making company
- still because of this game mode.
This system will also not compete with ladder, since you won't be having “Your own deck”. This gamemode will hover ever be a method, to get more resources, to upgrade your cards for the normal ladder - that the current supercell-business model for making money, is in charge for.
So the higher card levels you have, the easier it gets to have more cards in higher levels - to compete in leagues with higher rewards - and again:
  • spending money on the game gives you an advantage to progression
BUT! The player WHO WANTS to play CR fair play, can still do that with a fair-cost passroyale and in lv 9 - with low rewards, but again: with fair play.
If you on the last hand thought, do completely fine with only 5 matches a day (or how many SC would evaluate that to be sustainable for them), then you don't even need the pass, but:
  • you will start way lower in your king tower league each month
  • have to push for longer ro reach the competition of your skill level
  • the rewards are crappy
  • thus is a disadvantage in ambition, energy consumption and time, but it is still
FAIR PLAY. AND FAIR LEVELS when doing the grind. The frustration being created, will be way different than the one on ladder. That feels like just pure pain ass bullying… to be real here.
If you want to do that extra work, do that good old grind, IT SHOULD BE UP TO YOU, THE PLAYER,
  • If you feel like skipping that extra work is worth a pass royale to earn more gold, play more matcher every day, to upgrade more of your cards, to reach higher ladder records, get better starting place - and finally be able to progress <>
    • to compete in higher leagues for more rewards
- that´s in this business model - up for you, and ONLY for you to decide.
My last wish or idea is to have live spectating on top 500 on each of these king tower brackets, where live matches are in a little interface, so that you also easily can find the live ones. This way:
  • You can just log in to CR, play a few games, but then if (lol, WHEN) you get frustrated
chill and watch a few pros play, get inspired - and then get in the game again with that new motivation and focus!
THIS IS WHAT CR NEEDS TO STAY ALIVE, and not in a few months, or a year,
Supercell, spend the work on this, instead of making amazing looking new arenas every month that we then throw away and never see again...
We have plenty of arenas now! Save yourself that work, vary insead between the beautiful 15-25 arenas we now have (why not have some lower season arenas a few times a year? That would still be refreshing for the +4000 trophies players)
  • All while developing this system instead. I also think this tops the clan wars update, but if you could start working on this as the next project after the CW update, that would be amazing.
And I mean... the work that needs to be done, are just a couple of interfaces that take care of the logistical system. No new arena. No new animation with cards. No boats or whatever the huge and complex stuff that you have worked on in the new update.
THIS IS VERY SIMPLE COMPARED TO THAT —> and still... still this would be so much more:
  • Grade of how healthy the relationship is with your playerbase
  • Money income, on a predictionable and regular basis each month with the increase of passroyale purchases
Let's leave that for now, and look at this idea I have… for the community in Clash Royale:
Shoutout to LEGENDARAY! I know you are reading this, if my comment gets upvoted ;) been watching you and your creative ideas for over a year now. Been there since like 12k subs- so you kind of owe me not just this- but all of your subs, and everyone else in the world:
  • that loves Clash royale, but doesnt play it any more because it is so far off its maximum potential of being a both FAIR, COST FRIENDLY and FUN game
To Legendaray:
If you see the same potential in this gamemode as I do, please make a Concept video of it. Both explain, and literally play it with one of your friends or co-lab with other youtubers - for example KFC (would be awesome)
(This is possible, because the gamemode is so simple to develop. It is just basic logistics)
You are studying engineering, very much like I want to do (just finished high school baby, and I got into design engineering - my dream - in Sweden!) - so I know that you not only this, but do this . Damn good.
Together with my idea, innovative skills and ability to make a well thought out basic described concept - combined with your videoskills, problem solving-ability AND your youtube channel that has blown up recently...
We. Can. Change. CR. Forever.
I mean this dude. That's why I'm hyping this up...
We can not only make an awesome concept and create some excellent content for you channel:
But we can spread this to a whole other and new level than never ever possible before. (Cuz you are very smart, and have a youtube channel AND looks at reddit!! All at the same time.)
It is meant to be
Here is how you (or anyone else that feels entruiged) - can do it.
- Make a virtual luck based spinning wheel, or a physical one (that would be AWESOME) with every win condition and/or also with other types of regulations the deck should be built around (for example [5.0 or more]) - on all of the many circles sectors on the ”spin the wheel” like wheel-thingy
- Then you spin the wheel, and see where it stops *intense thrilling musicccc*
- Switch to the deck building interface with empty cardholders (the wood thing-slots), and have a small animation that locks the wincon that got chosen by the wheel, for example: ram rider
- Then the same thing happens again to the other player
- now the players vote for how long they wanna build. Tryhards will go for the lowest allowed, like 10-20 sec, but noone will be able to pick a maximum of... hmm lets say 40 sec. The middle point between the votes, decides the time both players have to build their decks
- A timer starts ticking down : 3, 2, 1, START BUILDING! *creative, intense music*
Display both players at the same time. For each player: Facecam, Mobile cam, card collection of the hardcounters you can use one of, spells, ground attackers ect. All the categories in a pedagogic way to more easily build a deck, and display at last a separate 8-slot card holder that shows the deck´s cards being inputted over time.
- The less time you have to build a deck, adds to the skill of having diverse knowledge within every win condition, thus: what cards fit ”in the current meta”. (Haha I always hear your voice there) You really have to be up to date with the cards that will fit with any wincon or archetype
- Time stops. If you do not make it in time, the remaining card slots will get a random card.
- The first player gets 10 sec to pick a card to show.
- The card is shown to the other player in 3, 2, 1, GO
- The other player (he is named player 2 from now on) gets 15 sec to change two of his cards 7 cards.
- Then player 2 gets 5 sec to decide what card to show: 3, 2, 1, GO
- player 1 gets to change 2 out of his 6 cards, since the one that he exposed earlier is ofcourse locked
- Then, player 2 again gets to show one card again, because that is more fair. (If you do not get that, think again.) Anyway - the same thing happens again, but he also has only 6 cards to choose from.
- At last, player 2 gets his last, and second chance to change two of his cards.
If anyone plays poker, you should be noting the vibes right about now;)
- and that's it! That's how you can make a fun concept video of how this game mode works, and then actually play. We don't need supercell to check if this is fun!
Us, we in the community can do that by ourselves, and then publish it on Legendarys channel, to get feedback on if this is something the game wants.
Together we can do some amazing stuff guys! Lets change Clash Royale forever, together! They can't ignore us if we do this really well. And if we really want this, then use that motivation to really get this concept video top notch Legendaray-quality.
Let's continue on the gameconcept a bit more thought, got some more ideas:
Now the match plays out much like any other, but you know 3 of the opponents cards, and you also know [that your opponent knows] 3 of your card in the deck, and you know which one you have showed (if you have a normal IQ memory)
The last thing you <> to the concept, is to add a crowd and commentators to this. Try to see how that works out. Let the casters have a prep talk about the players:
for example: (I'm trying to add some bad humor in to this - so that is is just like the CRL we all love)
”Hello and welcome to CRL west, spring 2020! This day we will be starting off by talking about our week top crl player, KFC, that will be kicking off the season today in just a couple of minutes.”
(KFC is a content creator known for making a fool of himself - for entertainment)
- Yes that's right [other casters name] KFC is looking real focused down there, but hey! Now he is looking at us, and he is still looking at us...? *5sec pass* now it is just weird - what are you doing down there KFC? *KFC smiled and says ”ha! Gotd you!” *But you can't hear him, only see him and his awkward gestures*
- Ooookey... anyway! At Least KFC is looking to be having a real fun time down there! So, KFC as I was about to tell you, is known for his lethal choice of quick deck building time frames to stress out his opponents, but always tends carefully select what cards to reveal in his deck - to lure and surprise his opponent with an innovative deckbuild”
- ”that's right [other casters name], in just s few minutes we will get to see him in action”
Wheel is spinned:
”And here we go! Kicking of the first spin of the day. [wheel spins] ohhh and it is looking to be... the ram rider!”
*Fill in the commentary between with some bullcrap here etc, you get it*
Player2-wheel spin:
”The second spinn of the season starts... now! This is going to be a good one, let me tell you that [casters name]. *other caster* ” That i for sure can reassure you of, because it is looking to be the Pekka!” ”What a way to kick off the season. It will be interesting to see how this matchup turns out...”
- Yes that's right my friend, you can just see the sheer tension in Legendarys face. He knows he's up for not only a deck building challenge, but also a real-time problem solving when playing to get his ramrider around that moma Pekka. He has got to outsmart him somehow…”
The deckbuilding begins:
”Oh, looks like KFC is going the other way today, with some conservative card revealing - While Ray on the other hand is surprising us by showing his big spell!” *surprised, chocked, stunned* —>*other caster* ”Yes that's right [casters name], that not something you see happen every day”
The match begins:
”Okay! Let's go, this match is looking like a real thrilling one, and the smile on Rays face actually seems to be making KFC nervous of what's to come” *other caster* ”to be honest, I have quite frankly never ever in my career of CRL - seen a pro player look that terrified as, KFC does right now.
Lets lean back, and have a good look at this game.”
After that, the rest is just like the already existing seasons of CRL...
- But! With waaay more entertainment, and possible outcome of amazing results, when pros wins - even when getting a matchup disadvantage in the beginning by the spinning wheel…
The end:
  • RICH! The ram rider is going to hit the tower!
AND THE RAMRIDER BREAKS THROUGH, and Legendaray comes out with a clutch victory, sniping the win from KFC with just a couple HP - despite the matchups disadvantage Ray’ received in the beginning of the match… What a staggering prestige from Legendarays side!
  • Yes my friend! That is som top notch Clash Royale gameplay right there, and this is just the beginning of CRL West spring 2020. For weeks to come, the show you now are watching will be filled with dussions and dussions of these kinds of matches, every, single, week. (Get the CRL exclusive membership for more content, green room and so much more...)
So ultimately:
”The skill in the new mode DeckChallanger, lies not perhaps in knowing a small amount of certain decks in the current meta very well, but rather in adaption to the situation, and therefore a good pro has to be very diverse and versatile - and good at finding creative ways to surprise and outsmart his opponents in real time gameplay:
—> in order to dominante in Deckchallanger 2020”
//Cheers again!

Second and last "quick" P.S
To supercell:
Please add this as soon as possible to the game - if you decide to go for it. Start with just a launch of a <> that has no ladder. Let us taste the game mode. Let us give you guys feedback. [Just a Casual - then it will require less work for you guys to let us try it out.]
If you, SC, already here start to see a noticeable increase of pass royales being bought, put the stakes ever higher on creating a separate ladder for this mode - to create a competitive feel.
That's when the money will start to pour in.

Trust me

Who am I?
  • Winner in Halland county Sweden for being the best innovator the year 2019-2020 within the global young entrepreneurial organization JA Worldwide: Sweden. For reference: Sweden's population is roughly 10 000 000 citizens.
(I innovated a theoretically proven to be working - solution to suspend a Spherical/Globeshaped tire for a wide variety of use cases within the global transportation industry with magnetic levitation and many other smart solutions - and then conceptualized a business idea, design marketing oand a plan to find investors… (still working on that company, doing all in my power to reach out to more investors for the best deal to my startup) )
  • And receiver of “E-max stipendium” , for being picked out as one of the 100 most innovative, entrepreneurial, impactful and creative senior-year highschool students in all of Sweden the year 2019 - 2020. (I have graduated now)
This is what I do. And Clash Royale deserves it. I want no money,
  • just my god damn beautiful beloved game to reach its maximum potential, in a sustainable and healthy way; For both the players and its company developer.

(Why do I tell this down here? This late?) \sidenote**
  • If this post has gotten upvoted to reach high in the feed, it means that I have made it there in a fair and honorable way, just like anyone else that is anonymous on reddit. I presented my idea only, and captured the reader's attention all the way down here. I don't think it is relevant to know who I am, if my idea and concept doesn't speak for itself - of how frickin good it is.
That way, you guys get more critical to the idea (Anyone could have uploaded this) - but when you sit there, have read it all, trying to be critical but you can't really find a weak spot
  • Bam. Then this guy is not just some random kido - this guy deserves a bit of respect.
\sidenote finished**

From your neighbour, country Sweden.
//Cheers! - for the billionth time...
Nils Bjerger, Halmstad, Halland, Sweden



But… not just yet. Hehe (A lot of text down here for supercell, or anyone else that is interested in business, future technology and innovation)
note this supercell:
The idea and concept of DeckChallanger, is only
one of the
Ideas <> for Clash Royale. However…
  • This is the only one you will get for free.
  • And - this is not even the best one, this is just the one with the most:
  • favorable effect on the game, in the ratio of:
The need of money, work and energy to go from concept to practically working - in ratio to - The effect the finished concept has on the game.
This concept has the highest ratio in that aspect amongst my other ideas and concepts for CR.
Other than this concept - I have multiple ideas and visions for how we could completely change the general view of what Clash Royale is, and what it could become in the future…
If you decide to work on this game mode, launch it, and then notice the significant increase in Pass Royale purchases not only the first month, but keeps at a constant high throughout many months - <>
Hit me up. If one of my ideas made you that much money, just imagine how much money you would make if you got all of my ideas:
  • Both the Best ones, the more Huge ones and the Smaller ones. Try imagine what is inside my head, if this idea, the DeckChallanger, made you that much money
Therefore it might be smart to get my contact information right now already, if you guys decide to go for my concept gamemode.
I wouldn't be offering this to just any game. I only want to do this with Clash Royale, because this game is the only game I truly love, and have really deep knowledge in. After many years of playing with the innovative thinking process I have - I have not been able, to not, start developing ideas for the game. They have just appeared naturally.
So, if you decide to hit me up, what would I want in return?
**I tell you that in my other post**
So. That why I´m going to tease my <> top 2 ideas:
** They did not fit in this post. Go to my profile to see the other one (New account so I will only have two posts)**
Let's make a clear structure for the vision of for when new gamemodes gets added to the game, and what purpose they would be serving:
LADDER - The main mode. Play all day, choose your deck - but levels are unfair
  • You need a method to get more resources to upgrade your cards...
Beneath this main gamemode, there are other gamemodes to be played along side ladder, that when played - gives you resources - to upgrade the cards for the main mode: Ladder
Therefore since Ladder already is unfair - why ALWAYS make <> of the gamemodes supporting the main mode: ladder - also level dependent?
The list of supporting game modes:
  • Clanwars
  • Classic and Grand challenges (If we had tickets in chests, that would be nice.)
  • Special challenges
  • Global tournaments
My idea is to <> in game modes in this category, with the focus on Fair Play, and a Freedom to the player. The gamemode then offers a free version of its brilliance: And then it is up to the player if they want more → get a pass royale. That moral works fine with any human being that I have ever met.
  • But you can calmly respond with the obvious argument: “So <> the gamemode that gives you 5 free daily matches, and a bank of max 10 - is not free content? Isn't that <> that gets added to the game, in the supporting category to ladder - the main mode - to get more resources - to upgrade your cards?
Think about that. Anyway:
The category could look like this, If my ideas were added:
  • DeckChalllanger, bracket king tower level dependent seasonal leagues
  • A new Clan Wars system (This should still be completely free tho, only new modes get the new business model I am describing)
  • [Idea 3]
  • [Idea 4]
  • [Idea 5]
  • …..
And so on. (And don't forget my tease for the ESPORT side of Clash Royale…) (other post)
That is the direction I would want to be taking this game. Clash Royale has a business model that is out of date in the free to play gaming-world, today.
  • But it is not too late. Clash Royale is a beautiful game with huge potential, now after 4 in game years of development - A FRICKIN MASTERPIECE - and is more than possible to completely turn around and generate huge streams of income again/even more than before
All you need. Are the right ideas. Not the bad ones, not the average ones, not even the good ones:
  • But the necessary ones.
Remember one thing from this. This crazy, but passionate guy <> completely reimagine the definition of what Clash Royale is and its status from all over the world, and throughout all gaming-industries. The potential you can't see - I not only see, but know is there. You could also at the same time get a stake in the potential future world leading company of autonomy, delivering spherical wheels to the whole GLOBAL mobility market, in monopoly (Only we have the new technology, we develop it highly confidentially) for the first few years:
  • just by hitting me up.
Only remember that when you are on the cusp of ignoring this offer. That's all I ask for, along with you testing this gamemode out with your developers:
  • For the sake of everyone out there in our world: that absolutely loves Clash Royale.
And the gamemode… You're gonna absolutely love it.

Also: Watch this advertisement from Supercell, and think about my tease for the future of CRL esport
(You will look at it - from a whole new perspective…)
And finish things off with this one above.
  • Now you get the idea, so take that imagination, and look at this CRL 2020 spring first episode. Fast forward the first 5 minutes.
Do you guys see how polished CRL has become now? How it feels, like <>? (Despite the corona pandemic that took away the studio the casters are in, and the OGN arena. The feel of CRL is there, ands it’s real)
Then imagine that (The beautiful 3D environment graphics and special effects) with the [number 1 and number 2] problems solved (that I presented earlier), and combine that version of how CR is played (for example DeckChallanger) - with the excellent format CRL now has developed, to be a real established esport that feels totally REAL, although it is all virtual.
It is all about perspective. To open your eyes. To start dreaming.

Kind regards: Nils Bjerger
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First Contact Rewind - Part Eighty-Six (Cheekeet)

[first] [First Appearance] [Last Appearance] [prev] [next]
Captain Cheekeet Longflight was a feathered avian, capable of flight in 1.5 standard gravity (which she had found out 1 standard gravity was .75G Earth), an Akltak considered to a be a neo-sapient UnUnified Species by the Galactic Council. She was an experienced ship pilot and colony environmental engineer.
For her, it had all started with the destruction of her colony by a Precursor war machine, a rescue by a human being who chose to live the life of a fictional character, then an invite by the Confederate Naval Forces (Fast Response) to battle the Precursor machines.
For three months she had been on the ship of Terran Admiral Yamamoto. She had learned how to use the gestalt targeting system to help the weapon targeting systems and virtual intelligences, how to wear the ship-board armored vacuum suit, how to use Terran shipboard systems, and learned a lot about Terrans themselves.
She had also taken part in nine fleet actions in ninety-three days. The speed at which they re-armed, refitted, repaired, and rejoined the action was nothing less than amazing to her. She'd seen a ship with a hole clear through it, held together by integrity fields, the crew's willpower, and wishes be repaired and rejoin the fleet in less than thirty days. She's heard ship Captains tearfully beg the Admiral not to send their ship to the breakers, that it 'just needed a little time in the repair docks' when it was everything but broken in half.
Cheekeet had been educated in the Unified Inner Worlds, learned to be a pilot, since her race naturally took to spaceflight, taught by the Unified Military Fleet to be a ship's Captain.
But she'd never imagined becoming that attached to a ship that the military had assigned to you.
But after an even one hundred days aboard the CNV Jesse L. Brown, a massive multi-role craft that even had parasite vessels it would launch to harry the enemy, she felt a longing sadness as she boarded the shuttle to take her to the surface of the planet.
She found herself turning her head around on her long neck to look behind her several times.
Before she had found it squat and ugly, two Terran 'miles' long, a half 'mile' thick, and shaped like a seed, it was covered in guns, armor, launch bays and tubes.
Now it was beautiful to her eyes, even with the craters in the armor and the damaged weapons and scanner arrays. She could see the sparkling of welders as the massive ship underwent repairs. The last battle, only a week ago, the Goliath's had targeted it as the flagship with their "Kill the Queen" philosophy.
The massive Terran war machine had taken the beating and pounded its opponents into scrap metal despite the size disparity.
She sighed as she rolled and landed feet first in the gravity of the station.
It amused her that she'd seen the ship arrive in orbit and then suddenly start to shift around parts of its superstructure and outside until a heavy looking armed space station had taken the ship's place.
"Mission Configurable Digital Sentience War Chassis" was how it was explained to her. She'd still needed it explained further and it was basically a self-aware sentient warship that could change its body's functions to carry out missions.
It still gave her a slight tail-feather tickle of nervousness that she was now inside the body of a literal artificial intelligence.
--Welcome to the CSF Jumping Jack-- appeared on her datalink to eye linkage. --Is there anything I can do for you, Captain Longflight?--
"Can you show me the way to Shuttle 612, please, Jack?" she subvocalized. That trick had taken a little while to master.
--Of course, Captain. Welcome home.-- Jack answered. He checked her vitals, compared them against what little he knew about her species. He wasn't a medical officer and having the files and knowing exactly how to use them were two different things. She looked calm, slightly distressed but more sadness than anything.
That was fairly common with combat sailors leaving the ship they'd engaged the enemy with.
Cheekeet saw the faint glowing line appear in her vision as if it was on the floor.
"Thank you, Jack," she said. She followed the line, which took her to a shuttle.
Unified Species shuttles were all carefully crafted to use the minimum amount of resources to allow the craft to be safe, shaped more like they were half melted, and had two sections, one for four legged and tailed species, one for two legged without tail species.
Terran craft had configurable seats of something called 'polymorphic frame and memory foam' that shifted to fit ergonomically no matter how one's limbs and torsos were arranged. The shuttles all looked like they were about to flown into combat. Heavy armor, crysteel forward window, multiple exits, rear engines, stubby wings with rotating jets. There were nullgrav and graviton systems, but something about Terran psychology made them prefer powered craft rather than the smooth feeling of counter-grav.
She sat down and waited for the seat to configure to her. It was obvious she was the first Akltak the seat or the shuttle had encountered since it took a few moments for it to adjust.
But when it did, it was almost as comfortable as her flag bridge crash couch.
In all fairness, that device had been given over a hundred days to achieve maximum comfort.
Other Akltak's boarded, all looking curiously at the shuttle. A ship from the Unified Outer Rim world the majority of her species lived on had docked, which was the whole reason she had left the CNV Jesse L. Brown while it underwent repairs.
The humans had taken the planet by force, wresting it away from the Precursors who had jumped in while Task Force Argo had been checking the system. When no claims against it were found the Admiral had offered it for sale to Cheekeet.
At first Cheekeet had been unsure she could afford it. No, she had known she couldn't afford it. But after the paperwork was filed, including volunteer service, survivor of a Precursor Extinction Attack, a Colony Destruction Survivor, and many other forms she had not only been able to afford to purchase the system from the Terran Colony Administration but had enough left in rebates to outfit the colony.
When she'd offered the Admiral permission to put Confederate Naval Stations in the system, he'd requested and gotten permission to have a Naval Forward Operations Base built.
Which was why the CNV Jesse L. Brown and over a dozen other ships were waiting for refit.
It's funny. I bought this colony nearly sixty days ago and already my people are arriving. Already buildings and support structures had been built. I bought this in the name of my species and now we're an 'allied joint defense planet' to the Confederacy, she thought.
She saw the Akltak who had just boarded look startled at how fast the seats adjusted to comfort. She felt hers adjust a slight bit more, feeling better, and knew the system was gathering data to ensure everyone was comfortable.
Soon the shuttle's seats were all full and the door closed. A hologram flickered, then looked like it solidified in front of everyone. Her fellow Akltak clacked their beaks and clicked their tongues in alarm. It looked like a Terran made of metal with the red markings of Terran medical associations on the sleeve cuffs and down one side of the front of the chrome jacket.
She barely managed to keep from snapping "AT EASE!" like a Terran military officer.
"Greetings, Gentlebeings, I am Dulcet-55817A, your pilot and shuttle for this landing. Later I will be your medical diagnostic digital sentience for your initial colony efforts. I will be joining your colony as a full Citizen, with approval of your colony board in ninety days. I look forward to getting us all safely to the ground and then assisting you in your medical needs," the hologram said. "Currently I am appearing as a hard light construct as my body is in the cargo hold with all of our luggage," the figure laughed. "It will be approximately forty-five minutes until we land. For those of you who wish to watch the landing from the cockpit, simply let me know and I'll have streamed directly to your implant."
Her fellow Akltak bobbed their heads and made clicking noises, somewhat surprised, when the hologram disappeared and the shuttle bumped slightly as it disconnected.
Cheekeet was tempted to watch the flight from the 'pilot view' which she knew would be eVR, but she afraid she'd try to side-seat pilot after three months of guiding VI's into enemy ships. Instead she chose to watch her fellow Akltak during the flight.
"Dulcet?" she subvocalized.
--Yes, Captain Longflight?-- the DS answered.
"Can you alert me to any of my fellow Akltaks who begin showing signs of distress?" she asked.
--Of course, Captain-- Dulcet replied.
She paid attention during the flight. Nobody got too distressed, although two chicks woke up hungry and were peeping for food. The parent was worried a few moments until Duclet offered a dropper full of food. The mother had been expecting nutripaste and was surprised that it was come kind of liquid that the chicks liked so much their peeping 'is good' woke up other chicks, all of whom wanted to try to the treat.
Dulcet informed her the mothers had asked what was in it after they had tasted it and found it very tasty. It was a synthetic nutri-gel that had been tailored specifically for the needs of Akltak chicks based on Dulcet's files.
The shuttle finally landed and everybeing got off, walking out onto the tarmac surprised by how professional and well put together it was. It used high temp plascrete for the ground, decorated at the edges to be pleasing. The concourse was comfortably open, decorated to appeal to Akltak cultural sensitivities, and was easy to move through.
The gravity was comfortable and twice Cheekeet saw the little chicks flap their wings, exercising and trying to get into the air. The air was sweet, despite the fact that Cheekeet knew that thirty days ago the planet had been completely untouched as the colony's first vehicles and machines had arrived.
"Momma! Look!" one of the younger moltlings cried out, pointing at the parking lot as Cheekeet waited for a vehicle to pick her up.
The shuttle was trembling and as she watched the shuttle suddenly bent in the middle. Around her Akltak gasped as it raised up, the engines retracted, and the shuttle walked away on two big legs.
Cheekeet could barely keep from laughing as her datalink updated from 'Dulcet - DS Shuttle' to 'Dulcet - DS Medical Clinic - In Transit' as she watched the gigantic robot walk away.
A car arrived, a Terran waving to her, pinging her implant. She put her luggage in the back storage container and got in the front next to the Terran, who here implant stated was "Trevor Howard, Colony Construction Administration - VERIFIED" when she looked at him.
"Welcome to your new home, Captain," the Terran said as he pulled out and headed down a ribbon of plascrete.
"Thank you, Terran," Cheekeet answered. She looked out the window at the fields of waving grass. "The starport looks very nice."
"Thank you. I selected the site myself. It's as close to the tree line as I dare get. I don't want a badly tuned drive to shake everyone's windows or disturb unhatched chicks," the Terran said.
During the drive she questioned him about the colony. How many Akltak had arrived. Nearly a quarter million in the last three weeks, most of them transferred by a Junker named Max-a-Millions who had reconfigured his ship for refugee and passenger carry. How did they handle the trip? They had found it quite comfortable. How had they reacted to the colony world? Very well. The few survivors from her old colony were having some troubles but they were responding well to psychotherapy. How long until the colony construction would be complete? Within a year.
The car pulled into the small unit that would be her house and the Terran bid her a good evening, saying that he would see her again when she was ready to assume her duties.
She went into the little dwelling, surprised at how comfortable it was. Perching stands, comfortable furniture, and she had to admit she had gotten a bit spoiled when she was glad to see that she had an eVR room and eVR with hard light projectors.
It was at least ten times the size of her berth on the CNV Jesse L. Brown and it felt strange to her. She realized only after eating her meal that she'd punched up the same thing she had eaten onboard the massive warship instead of looking at the rest of the menu. She sighed, had her implant put those recipes further down the list with a star on them, and went to bed.
She woke up, shuddering, after dreaming she was standing on the planet, a massive hammer in each winghand, pounding the colony into shards with C+ hammers.
--Do you need assistance, Captain?-- appeared on her retina along with Dulcet's ID.
"Just a nightmare, Dulcet," Cheekeet said.
--I have the therapeutic dream generator set up if you need it--
"That's all right. Thank you though."
--If you need my services, feel free to ping me even if I'm asleep--
"Digital Sentients sleep? I thought you didn't."
--We take the time to defrag our files, run algorythms to decide which memories go into long term slow access storage and which ones go into short term rapid access, do diagnostics on our interfaces, and many other things that would cause discomfort to perform while we are awake--
"Oh. That makes sense, I guess. What if there's an emergency?"
--If it can't be handled by the eVI's then I'm woken up. It takes me a minute or two to come to full awareness, but it doesn't adversely effect me for two long.--
"Before I go back to sleep, are there any problems?"
--A few cases of homesickness, a moltling bit her sister, and one of the humans fractured his leg betting he could jump from a higher distance than his Akltak room-mate. And your emergency, of course.--
"All right. Thank you. I'm going to try to go to sleep."
--Rest well, Captain. Oh, if you have trouble falling asleep, there's a program in your eVR called 'riding on the metro' that might help you if you run it sound and vibration only--
The call disconnected and Cheekeet laid there in the dark for almost an hour before getting up. She went through the eVR menu, found the program, turned off the smell, tactile, and visual, and ran it. There was the faint sound of an engine, a vibration of movement and energy, and the faint sense of distance receding.
She was asleep in minutes.
Two days later she had a visitor to her little house. When she answered the door a tall lean Terran stood there. His face was narrow, sharp looking, with intent eyes, his haircut seeming to be threatening somehow.
"Captain Cheekeet Longflight?" he asked.
For a split second Cheekeet had a vision of the human just suddenly stabbing her and walking away.
"Yes?" she asked carefully.
"I am Avery Dewey, of Dewey, Chetum & Howe, Legal Representation Firm," the man said.
Oh shit, a lawyer! she thought, wondering if she could shut the door, set her house on fire, and escape out the back door and into the woods before he could file any lawsuits against her.
The lawyer waited patiently for the Akltak female's panic to subside. He was a professional barrister with nearly five hundred years of work experience on his resume.
He was used to panic.
"Um, please come in," Cheekeet said, remembering you had to invite Terrans inside.
"Thank you. Do you prefer Captain, Captain Longflight, or Cheekeet?" the Terran asked, following her into the relaxation room.
"Cheekeet is fine," she said, settling down on a perching branch. The lawyer sat down and she noticed that it didn't bother to shift ergonomics, just remained looking uncomfortable.
"Very well, Cheekeet. I am here as your legal representative for your colony with the regards to the Unified Civilized Councils, et al, those Councils and legal bodies known and unknown, for the purpose of ensuring your colonist and species rights are upheld," the man said. His voice was even, no inflections, no accent, perfect Unified Standard.
Cheekeet just nodded.
"Currently your race has been emancipated, with the Unified Councils being forced to pay you reperations for involuntary servitude during your probationary period. Additionally, Johnson, Jackson, and Johnston are representing your species in a case of malicious colony assignment, which appears will be found for your species and against the Unified Colony Council," Dewey stated. "The Unified Council has demanded that your species leave your homeworld, but as the resources of your system have largely been extracted, your ecosystem and culture were largely destroyed by the Unified Colony Council and its agents, it has been determined that this will cause minimal species stress upon you."
From there it got more complicated. Her race was suing the Councils for over a hundred different reasons, right down to reparations for her entire system being strip mined for use by the Core Systems as well as the transportation costs her species to arrive at the system and the cost for colonization of the system.
The Terran Colony Administration had found that four of nearby systems contained planets optimum for her species and had assessed the cost of transfer of those systems to the Akltak people, then sued the Unified Colony Council for the balance of the systems and the projected cost of relocating her people and all their possessions and installing basic, to Confederate standards, colony facilities, with no deductions.
And won without the opportunity for appeal.
From the way Dewey made it sound, Lanaktallans hid behind potted plants or galloped away when they saw representatives of Johnson, Jackson, and Johnston anywhere nearby.
Her head whirled. Not one system, but five. More than her people had previously possessed.
The Terran Space Force wanted to put refit, rearming, and repair bases in her systems with mutual defense pacts. Corporations were vying for her people's artwork and cultural art forms.
A twenty year old Akltak had performed the ritual Dance of Sorrow of Summer's End in a home made costume, uploaded it to SolNet, and become massively wealthy as the video was download or watched over a hundred and twenty billion times. Apparently it was extremely popular with the Clone Worlds and the two avian species of the Confederacy.
As her people had volunteered for various duties the Terran Confederacy was willing to discuss treaties with her people.
When Dewey left Dulcet had contacted her and recommended a dust bath and a short flight to ease her tension.
The swooping and soaring of flight in the clear sweet air soothed her. Helped her think about the future.
The failure of her colony had threatened her people with corporate absorption. Before the Terran lawyers had stepped in nearly a hundred corporations had bid for her people's potential contracts. Chicks would have been born into slavery and debt.
Now, fierce primates who took joy in battle and challenge, had freed her people from the shackles that had been being rattled in front of the chicks.
She settled down on a branch, marveling at the trees. They towered hundreds of feet high, with thick spaced branches that were perfect for landing upon.
The colony was spread out before her. She could see the medical clinic that was Dulcet's body, a small metallic robot out front planting decorative plants. She could see her people at an open air market, moving around, talking to one another.
She watched for a while then flew home.
Over the next few weeks she dealt with Akltak who were afraid that this was all some kind of sick joke. That Terran soldiers were going to arrive and make them all slaves, or worse, eat them at any second. A moltling escaped and the panicked mother had to be soothed for the ten minutes before it was found watching Dulcet plant flowers. Several Akltak had panicked when they discovered that the massive structures outside the starport were self-aware super-tanks. She arranged for tours to meet the Terran pilot and the super-tank's Digital Sentience.
Cheekeet found herself buried in busywork.
A Confederate Navy Officer came by to give her several awards in a quiet, private ceremony in her office that was witnessed by Dulcet and, of all people, Dewey. She was asked if she wished to sign up for any Civilian Reserve status and be 'on the beach' to use the slang. She'd agreed, without really thinking of it.
Then came the news.
The Lanaktallan had attacked the Terran Confederacy. Not just any attack, but had struck directly at civilian planets without even any military presence in the system.
The word went out.
She found herself, one drizzling afternoon, staring at the Leekteek Memorial Starport, staring at it. She was dressed in her official clothing, but had her old Confederate Navy uniform in a small bag in her right wingfist, her left wingfist holding tight to a datawafer containing her 'service history'.
There was a Confederate Military Recruiting Office inside.
Captain Cheekeet Longflight (ret, CivRes) stared at the starport. She had duties. The colony still needed her, would need her during these stressful times. Somehow she had morphed from a starship Captain without a starship to a colony Governor.
But she felt as if she had another duty too. A duty to wield a C+ Hammer in each wingfist.
She stood in the rain.
Citizenship is a heavy burden.
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