Covid-19 update Tuesday March 17th

Good morning from the UK. Happy St Patricks day. It'll be a woeful one for many Irish people around the world with pubs and bars shut in multiple US states, several European countries, several Asian countries and worst of all, Ireland itself. Here in the UK you can still go to the pub, although as of late yesterday afternoon the UK government advised against it says the BBC.

Virus statistics
Several comments from redditors in past days complained the WHO stats I C&P'd did not come very close to reflecting stats being quoted by national media wherever they lived. As a result, I'm abandoning the WHO stats and going back to the John Hopkins University tracker stats for all countries. If it's good enough for the likes of Forbes, Business Insider, FT, USA Today to regularly cite it then it's good enough for me:-

Region Today (John Hopkins Stats at time of writing) Yesterday (John Hopkins stats not the WHO's) % daily change
Global 182,424 169,387 +7.7%
China 81,053 81,020 +0.4%
Italy 27,980 24,747 +13.1%
Iran 14,991 13,938 +7.6%
Spain 9,942 7,844 +26.7%
South Korea 8,320 8,162 +1.9%
Germany 7,272 5,813 +25.1%
France 6,655 5,437 +22.4%
USA 4,661 3,774 +23.5%
Switzerland 2,330 2,200 +5.9%
UK 1,553 1,395 +11.3%
Netherlands 1,414 1,136 +24.5%
Norway 1,347 1,256 +7.2%
Sweden 1,121 1,032 +8.6%
Belgium 1,058 886 +19.4%
Austria 1,018 860 18.4%

All other countries with under 1000 identified infections not listed (sorry Denmark), yesterday's threshold was 750. Total countries infected worldwide = 155, an increase from yesterday of 9. Source for all countries (as discussed above): the John Hopkins University dashboard (Link). (Personal note: Western countries infection counts are increasing each day much faster than Asian countries but that may be due to cultural differences or it may be that they're doing my testing, if anyone can shed light on this please do).
Reminder, these are identified case counts and medical experts are reporting this virus has a long incubation period with people being infections despite displaying no symptoms; the true infection figures are likely to be much higher. Note that some countries are reporting shortages of test kits which further skews the data available; assume true cases are much higher.
Finally, no, I don't believe China's official statistics either.

Selected Virus news

Warnings of shortages of regeants (ingredients) to make test kits in the US - the Fool (a high quality finance website despite the name) reports that FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn stated last week in testimony before a U.S. House of Representatives appropriations subcommittee that there could be supply chain issues with reagents needed for novel coronavirus diagnostic kits. He noted that the supply issues specifically apply to RNA used in testing for coronavirus disease COVID-19.

Shortages in US supermarkets likely to continue until panic buying eases - The LA Times says that shortages will continue until people calm down in their shopping habits. The major chains usually get shipments overnight, or perhaps twice a day, to restock essentials such as paper towels, toilet paper and water, but “manufacturers in some cases are having trouble keeping up, and that’s where the void is, they’re not able to keep up with demand,” said Bob Reeves, vice president for the West at the Shelby Report, a research firm that tracks the grocery industry. “We’re seeing shipments coming into the stores sometimes without any of those products, and it will be like that until people calm down a little bit,” he said. In some cases, chains are sending their delivery trucks directly to manufacturers — bypassing warehouses and distributors — to get the items to the stores faster. (Personal note: the same applies for all supermarket supply chains globally)

Pa. hospitals are rationing protective gear as the number of coronavirus cases grows - (Personal note, this is an example, there seems to be a general global shortage of medical PPE (personal protective equipment) - The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that hospitals across Pennsylvania are drastically limiting the use of key protective gear out of fears that a dramatic increase in coronavirus cases could diminish reserves and cause a dangerous shortage. The rationing comes as the state Department of Health maintains that it has personal protective equipment available and is working with health systems to make sure they have what they need. The gear includes eye protection, gowns, and N95 respirators, which are essential in preventing a health care worker from breathing in infectious particles when in close contact with someone who has COVID-19. In Philadelphia, two doctors who work at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania said it’s barring the use of N95 respirators “except in extraordinarily limited situations.” Penn Medicine declined to comment. Another city doctor, Daphne Owen, said in a tweet Thursday her clinic “for uninsured and undocumented patients” was out of masks. Two days later, the clinic, Puentes de Salud, said it was closed due to the pandemic.

Other Virus news in brief
- The Scottish courts and tribunals announced today that no new criminal jury trials would be commenced or new juries empanelled until further notice.
- Iran has temporarily freed a total of 85,000 prisoners, including political prisoners, a spokesman for its judiciary said on Tuesday, adding that the prisons were responding to the threat of a coronavirus epidemic in jails.
- Britain had “no time to lose” in changing tactics in order to prevent thousands of deaths and the NHS being overwhelmed, scientists providing guidance to the UK government have said. The Imperial College Covid-19 response team – which is one of several scientific teams advising UK ministers – published a paper (I've put it in the addendum below) showing that 250,000 people could die if efforts were focused only on delaying and slowing down the spread of Covid-19.Separately, England’s deputy chief medical officer, Prof Jonathan Van-Tam, could not rule out the strict measures having to last for a year but predicted they would last at least “several months“.
- Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs has advised Australians to return home as soon as possible by commercial means because overseas travel is becoming “more complex and difficult” as countries impose travel restrictions and close their borders.
- Leaders of EU states were expected on Tuesday to suspend all travel into the passport-free Schengen zone by non-EU nationals for at least 30 days in a bid to instil uniformity across the bloc after some member states, including Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Poland, unilaterally began imposing border checks.
- China has issued an angry reaction (by diplomatic standards) to the US president Donald Trump’s characterisation of the disease as “the Chinese virus.” (he tweeted late last night "The United States will be powerfully supporting those industries, like Airlines and others, that are particularly affected by the Chinese Virus. We will be stronger than ever before!"). China’s foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said the US president should take care of his own matters first and not seek to “stigmatise” China.
- The postponement of soccer’s Euro 2020 Championship may already have been decided after Uefa last week cancelled its hotel bookings in Copenhagen.
- The UK just advised its citizens against all non essential travel worldwide in the past 10 minutes
- Mobile phone networks are struggling in some areas of the UK with significantly increased demands according to down detector. For sure a lot of people seem to be home working, my commute in this morning was like it was the middle of August and everyone else was on holiday.
- Alitalia, the Italian airline flag carrier is to be renationalised by Italy
- Cinema chains are closing in multiple countries due to shutdowns
- Kazakhstan is closing down its two largest cities (despite only having 32 cases so far)
- A preliminary calculation by a US expert suggests that tens of thousands of premature deaths from air pollution may have been avoided by the cleaner air in China, far higher than the 3,208 coronavirus deaths.
- Jordan: the army has said it will deploy at entrances and exits of main cities in the kingdom in a move officials said was ahead of an imminent announcement of a state of emergency to combat the spread of coronavirus.
- In a joint statement, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Reddit and YouTube said they would help ensure people could stay connected to each other during isolation as well as fight any misinformation and fraud linked to the outbreak. “We are working closely together on Covid-19 response efforts,” the statement said. “We’re helping millions of people stay connected while also jointly combating fraud and misinformation about the virus, elevating authoritative content on our platforms, and sharing critical updates in co-ordination with government healthcare agencies around the world.
- Almost all Germans shops are about to close by government decree; supermarkets, pharmacies will remain open (including on Sundays when they are usually closed). Separately, government press briefings there have gone online only.
- Olympic organisers in Japan are asking people not to create crowds along the route of the Olympic torch relay and not to gather near the route if they feel sick. A Boeing aircraft flew to Greece on 15 March to bring the torch to Japan.
- France: No movement allowed except for essential work or health reasons. “There can be no more outside meetings, no more seeing family or friends on the street or in the park. We must slow the spread of this virus by limiting the number of people we are in contact with each day to the strict minimum. If we do not, we endanger the lives of those we hold dear.” said the French President Macron.
- Israel’s government has approved emergency measures to track people suspected or confirmed to have been infected with the coronavirus by monitoring their mobile phones, immediately raising privacy concerns in the country. The cabinet unanimously approved the use of the technology, developed initially for counter-terrorism purposes, in the early hours of Tuesday morning. The Association for Civil Rights in Israel said providing the country’s internal security agency, the Shin Bet, with new secretive powers was a “dangerous precedent and a slippery slope that must be approached and resolved after much debate and not after a brief discussion”.
- Indonesian president Joko Widodo said on Saturday that he had withheld some information about cases to prevent the country from panicking, the Jakarta Post reported. He has rejected calls for a lockdown to be imposed on hard hit areas.
- Malaysia has announced it's closing its borders prompting neighbouring Singapore's citizens to panic buy (90% of their food is imported from Malaysia).
- New Zealand on Tuesday deported its first unruly traveller flouting the country’s mandatory 14-day self-isolation rule for almost all arrivals, the health ministry said. The tourist, who had checked into a backpackers hostel in the city of Christchurch, was removed from the accommodation by the police after officials learned she did not have clear self-isolation plans.


Goldman Sachs doesn't think the stock market drops have finished - BusinessInsider says that Goldman Sachs thinks that the S&P 500 might plunge as low as 2,000 before recovering through the rest of the year, the investment bank wrote Friday. The level is the benchmark index's lowest since early 2016 and implies a 20% decline from Monday's open. Such a tumble would also place the index more than 40% below its February 19 peak. The coronavirus outbreak is responsible for "unprecedented financial and societal disruption," the analysts said, and equities have so far served as accurate leading indicators before the release of relevant earnings or macroeconomic data. That said, the analysts pointed out that "The lesson of prior event-driven bear markets is that financial devastation ultimately allows a new bull market to be born,".

U.S. factories are likely to close because of the coronavirus’ supply-chain shock - Marketwatch reports (link) that there is a very real chance that companies from auto makers to electronics manufacturers will soon begin to cease or limit production. With a downed China as the headstream of global manufacturing, mercantile America simply can’t function as it’s accustomed to. We’re starting to see this happen in official reports: The New York Fed’s Empire State business conditions index, released Monday, plunged by a record 34.4 points to minus 21.5 in March. And Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said Sunday he expects a contraction in GDP in the second quarter. (Personal note: I expect similar problems across all G20 countries). The article goes on to explain that many supply chain directors may understand their first tier suppliers but often do not have full visibility of the status of their 2nd or 3rd tier suppliers

Supply impact of the coronavirus outbreak is waning, but demand shock will linger, economist says - CNBC says that in January and February, industrial output fell by 13.5% from the same period a year earlier, the weakest reading since January 1990 — when Reuters' record began. China's industrial production is likely to improve in March over a slump in January and February due to the coronavirus outbreak, but consumer demand will take longer to recover both in the country and globally, an economist said Monday. "We will see some recovery, but this recovery, I think, is being undermined by the global spread as well," said Bo Zhuang, chief China economist at TS Lombard. Meanwhile, retail sales in January and February shrank 20.5% from a year ago, compared with a 8% growth in December as fearful consumers avoided crowded places like malls, restaurants and cinemas. "We were worried about supply-side issues, but now it's becoming a demand shock issue," said Zhuang. Smaller outfits like restaurants and service-oriented businesses have "resumed work but there are no customers," said Zhuang. "I think we are going to see a delayed V-shape (recovery), and this V may be a tilted V or W, or even U. We are not sure," he added.

Coronavirus Impacts Every Sector of the Supply Chain - Supply and demand chain executive reports that the global supply chain continues to experience disruption. "We have seen that in the way that it’s spreading across into different hubs where we see alternative routes to be overly burdened, such as the rail system,” says Koray Köse of Gartner. “Now with the crisis and the hubs being closed and product movements are still active to some extent, but not necessarily from those regions, will become crowded and impacted. This means that there’s an additional strain on the overall network to move material.” Some products have experienced significant upticks including Chicken noodle soup (+37%), Hand sanitizer (+65%), Disinfecting Wipes: (+353%) and Cold & Flu medications (+197%) amongst others.

Coronavirus pandemic worse than 1997 financial crisis, Malaysian ex-PM Mahathir warns - The Strait times reports on Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the former premier who steered Malaysia's recovery from the 1997 Asian financial crisis, expects the current coronavirus pandemic to hit the global economy even harder. "This is worse than the financial crisis," he said in a Bloomberg Television interview. "This is really a terrible blow to the economies of the whole world." Dr Mahathir joins other world leaders in warning that the virus impact may be worse than past periods of upheaval (Personal note: I pointed out yesterday the NZ PM also saying this).

Supply chain news relating to Covid-19

For Global Supply Chains the Worst Is Yet to Come - Supply Chain Management review says (Link) that most industrial companies have 30-60 days of parts and raw materials either on hand, in-transit, or obtainable on short notice. After these supplies run out, we will start to see shortages of finished products as well as parts needed to produce other goods. Shortages will start to become more evident toward the end of March and beginning of April. Production in some non-Chinese factories will have to be put on hold for lack of parts. Partially finished products will remain in suspension until all parts are available to build finished products. Some companies are pressing their engineers to redesign parts that can be sourced in the U.S., or at least outside of China. Other companies are giving 3D printing a serious try for the first time. The article goes on to point out delays in sea freight ex-Asia and extremely high airfreighting costs are exacerbating the situation.

U.S. Suspends Truck-Driving Limits to Speed Coronavirus Shipments - The Wall Street Journal reports as of 2 days ago that maximum working hours for truck drivers in the US have been suspended. This applies to truck drivers moving emergency supplies such as medical equipment, hand sanitizer and food in response to the nationwide coronavirus outbreak. It comes as hospitals report shortages of medical masks and as retailers and manufacturers are straining under surging demand for everything from hand sanitizer to staples such as toilet paper and rice. As anxious consumers stockpile goods, grocers have turned to rationing, imposing purchase limits on disinfectant wipes, cleaning supplies and other high-demand products. The move is the first time the FMCSA has issued nationwide-wide relief from hours-of-service regulations, although regional declarations have waived those rules in response to disasters such as hurricanes. Federal regulations limit most commercial truck drivers to 11 hours of driving time in a 14-hour workday, restrictions intended to reduce accidents caused by highway fatigue.

For supply chain companies, U.S.-Mexico border closures could be catastrophic - Marketplace points out that Mexico’s deputy health minister says he’s worried about people coming into Mexico from the United States; currently the U.S. has far more cases of COVID-19 than Mexico. The Mexican government even said it might consider restricting access at its northern borders. For businesses that operate on both sides of the border, any shutdown could be catastrophic. The article gives a case study of a manfacturer employing 150 people in Texas. The company president says before anyone considers closing the border, President Donald Trump and Mexico’s president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, should discuss a coordinated response to the virus. As for now, he says all of his people can work from home, if the situation calls for it. Everyone here has a laptop, he said. But he says the independent truck drivers and contractors who work on the loading docks, they have to be on site to run things. Those people also only get paid if they show up for work. So, for now, they’re glad the COVID-19 hasn’t shut this part of Texas down, yet.

It won't be long before Coronavirus shuts down local African supply chains - The major Kenyan newspaper daily nation reports that there are imminent difficulties facing Kenyan pharma firms due to the industry importing 70% of its ingredients from India and China, both of whom have restricted exports. Studies show that the Kenyan pharmaceuticals market is worth Sh100 billion ($965m USD), 80 per cent of which is prescription drugs. Although Kenya exports 50 per cent to the COMESA region and 75 per cent to East African Community, most of these exports are re-exports from India and China.

European automotive factories shutting down - Ferrari and Lamborghini have both suspended almost all production (says the Express and Star) whilst Yahoo Finance reports that Fiat Chrysler said in a statement on Monday 16 March that it would halt operations at most of its European plants, from now until 27 March because of an “interruption in market demand.” The Italian-American automotive group said the manufacturing stop includes six factories in Italy, the EU country worst hit by coronavirus. Italy has had over 24,700 infection cases so far, and more than 1,800 people have died from the virus. The PSA group, which includes Peugeot, Citroen, and Opel, said today it will close all its European plants, including in the UK, France and Germany for the remainder of the month too. German car giant Volkswagen is also suspending production at a number of manufacturing bases in Europe, including in Slovakia and Spain. VW-owned Seat has shuttered its main factory near Barcelona for at least the rest of the month. Meanwhile, according to the Financial Times, Volkswagen may also be forced to curtail production at the main factory in its home town of Wolfsburg, because of running low on parts.
Useful parcel courier current operational status links for anyone else in eCommerce:Canada Post, DHL Express, DPD, Fedex, Parcelforce, USPS. If anyone has any other major courier links for service status, please let us all know :)

Good news section
Amazon to hire 100,000 more workers and give raises to current staff to deal with coronavirus demands - CNBC says that Amazon is hiring an additional 100,000 employees in the U.S. to meet the surge in demand from online shopping amid the coronavirus outbreak, the company said Monday. The company is looking to add extra full-time and part-time positions for warehouse and delivery workers. Through the end of April, it will raise pay for these employees by $2 per hour in the U.S., £2 per hour in the UK, and approximately €2 per hour in many EU countries. Amazon currently pays $15 per hour or more in some areas of the U.S. for warehouse and delivery jobs. Amazon encouraged employees in other industries whose jobs were "lost or furloughed" as a result of the coronavirus to apply, including members of the hospitality, restaurant and travel industries. "We want those people to know we welcome them on our teams until things return to normal and their past employer is able to bring them back," the company added.

Educating in denial older relatives anecdote
Personal story time; my 69 year old Aunt is very grumpy because despite me telling her for well over a month, it is finally dawning on her that her dream guided coach bus tour of the West USA national parks in 10 weeks time is rapidly going up in smoke whilst my 75 year old Dad has realised his third cruise of the year (this time around the med) in 5 weeks time is also about to be toast. My Aunt complained on Facebook yesterday that nobody is mentioning the 46,000 people who have recovered from the illness and that "it's just a bit of flu". It isn't, otherwise governments around the world would not be reacting as they are.
If you have an elderly relative like mine who relies far too much on social media anecdotes rather than good quality fact based mainstream media, maybe point them at this businessinsider article here where it points out that 1) flu mortality rates are 0.1% vs. Covid-19 is 3.4% and 2) for 70-79 the mortality rate is 8% and for over 80's it's 14.8%. Hopefully they might just realise the seriousness of the situation; my Aunt dismissed it as "a website I've never heard of and won't believe" despite the article clearly citing CDC figures.

Several asked if they can send me $/£/€ via Patreon (in some cases because I've saved them time or money, others for no reason at all). I don't need the cash (that's lovely though) but food bank charities are getting really hit hard with all this panic buying. Please consider giving whatever you'd have given me to a foodbank charity instead:
UK: https://www.trusselltrust.org/
France: https://www.banquealimentaire.org/
Germany: https://www.tafel.de/
Netherlands: https://www.voedselbankennederland.nl/steun-ons/steun-voedselbank-donatie/
Spain: https://www.fesbal.org/
Australia: https://www.foodbank.org.au/
Canada: https://www.foodbankscanada.ca/
USA: https://www.feedingamerica.org/
Thanks in advance for any donations you give. If there's foodbank charities in your country and it's not listed above, please suggest it and I will include it going forward.

EDIT: Missed out virus news in brief, added as of 12:45. EDIT 2: Added in the Dutch foodbank link (hat tip siliconfrontier)
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Froskurinn joined an AMA event held in Chinese esports community, talking about Worlds, western social attitude towards Esports, and LPL franchise

The LPL English caster Froskurinn recently joined an AMA event held in a Chinese esports community called Wanplus. Here are the Q&A's:
Q: Hello,“maomao” aka“catcat” Froskurinn,welcome to wanplus(no businesses to funplus).many of us are curious of your tatoo,could u pls explain its meaning to us?Besides I'd like to say I really love the way u narrate the game, but can u advise to your colleagues speak slower please。。。Thanks!
A:Hello! I have many tattoos, I'll assume you're asking about my neck tattoo which is a lion wearing a crown on top of a rose. Many years ago, someone I loved died. I felt that my actions didn't help the situation so in an effort to remind me to do better and be a better person, I put a large tattoo on my neck. In America, a neck tattoo is considered "thuggish" and people judge me quiet harshly for it - so I must work that much harder to overcome their assumptions about me and prove I am worthy. Likewise, I cannot escape the lion because every time I look in the mirror I am reminded. It embodies the person symbolically - different aspects of them are represented in the tattoo.
Q: What is your favorite thing after coming to China?
A: I find Shanghai - and China - extremely beautiful. There is a neighborhood near where I live that is quite traditional that I enjoy walking down on my days off. I just examine the people and the space and appreciate the atmosphere of the space. I have a hobby of photography and like to take pictures of the buildings.
Q: Who is your favorite player in the lpl?
A: Currently playing? There's so many! Meiko, Icon, DoinB. Hmm - probably Icon. I am an old school OMG fan from 2013 and I think how he picked up their legacy and carries that same "dark forces" swagger is very intoxicating. He exudes style, power, and everything OMG. We call him the "rockstar" on the English Broadcast.
Q: How do you think of Snake Esports?I am a fan of them for more than three years. I hope that they can enter S8 this season. Do you think they have the chance currently?Thank you very much!
A:I really like snake actually! In 2015 when all the Korean superstars flooded into the LPL, Snake flew under the radar, promoting in with King. But using creative styles like smite top and draven, Snake slayed the Korean giants in domestic split. But then ran into either EDG or LGD in playoffs or regional qualifiers, missing their shot at an international birth.
I call them the: "shoulda woulda coulda" team. Some many prodigies have worn their colors but they continue to spiral downward. It's nice to finally see Snake on the rise again after their strong Demacia cup performance and now taking down EDG and WE. I don't believe we'll see them at a World's birth still, but that's because, even at Snake's highest, they never finished above fourth; which is still impressive, but no one remembers who didn't get to stand on the podium.
EDG still need time to harmonize their new players and they have a tendency to have Clearlove sit out Spring and return to power in Summer. Likewise, WE aren't running their full power without Condi - not to take anything away from Snake, but I need more constant results before I believe in them again. For now I'll continue to enjoy them.
Q: Hello frosk.I want to ask about how do you think about teams which play very well in the local league but perform badly in the worlds like g2 tsm edg fw maybe longzhu includes What problems do you think they have and how can they deal with?
A: Hello! For EDG I believe it's a mental blocker on key members. I've spoken at length about this in reference to Clearlove7 specifically. If you have that tiny voice telling you that you can't do it, and the crowd repeats it, then eventually you begin to believe it. You think: I can do this - but in reality you can hear it, whispering behind your eyelids, and it eats at you. It makes you question yourself in those split second choices that domestically you would crush, but internationally you hesitate and let it slip by. Like all your chances.
Doublelift recently wrote an article to TSM about this very idea. He couldn't exactly articulate what TSM were missing, but he could identify that it was a problem that hung over the team, pulled on their shoulders and wore them down. I think it's "heart".
Not that these brilliant team's don't have "heart" but that eventually, like how water wears down a rock, they are worn down by their own insecurities, the pressure of the spotlight. Call it "choking" or something else, but it's them versus themselves.
Q: As an LPL English broadcaster, u know many LPL memes, like 'dark clearlove', I'm curious about how do u know that, is there anyone who translate them specifically? How can u understand it in such different language situations? For example, now there is a meme about 'RW Mouse', people call him "light", "lord of light" and so on, as native English speaker, can u understand that?
A: I try to stay in touch with the Chinese Audience to help add "cultural flavor" to my casting for the western audience - I have various people I trust translate and explain the memes to me. These days I go on the NGA boards myself and use google translate and then ask questions if I'm confused, but I find it really important to be aware or up-to-date with the freshest memes.
Q: Which teams are stronger among LPL this year in your opinion?
A: For Spring and MSI I believe RNG will be the strongest team because they have the option to run the same roster as Worlds, likewise Heart worked as their stand-in coach for LPL Spring Finals, so he's been with the team for a while.
WE may have the ability to also run the same World's roster and continue to push their ceiling but don't have the added benefit of the same coaching staff and I haven't seen enough tape to determine how much adjustment picking up the CJ entus coaching staff will affect the team.
For Worlds I believe EDG or WE will fall to Invictus Gaming for a ticket to Worlds. Either EDG will need another Season to get their roster's talent in order or WE will continue to be plagued by one-dimensional compositions; such as their KogMaw abuse. I believe that Xiye and Mystic still have limited champion pools compared to other superstars in the League and the team does well to build tools around them but they'll need to diversify to maintain their place at the top.
Q: What do u think of the decrease of Korean imports and the appearance of more Chinese AD rookies? A: Like Korea, China has a massive playerbase, so it only makes sense from a number perspective that China would be able to produce more domestic talent. I think a lot of teams, not just LPL but all teams, failed to understand how to integrate the Korean players and that moving back to domestic talent will only make the LPL stronger in the long run.
I do like how the LPL has "career Koreans" however, like DoinB, Rookie, and Mystic who effectively have made their careers in the LPL and I consider just as much part of the league as their Chinese counter-parts. When I go internationally and speak about the LPL, I make a point to always say LPL instead of China or Chinese teams - simply because to me, it doesn't matter what region they started in, because on the Worlds stage they all wear the LPL crown with pride.
Q: Did u get used to Chinese food?
A: My favorite Chinese food is hot pot! And I do like the spicy kind, but my stomach isn't used to it yet - so I have to be very careful eating it otherwise I get sick
Q: I'm wondering if u will miss home when u are in China for a long time? I'm in America now and I'm feeling very homesick…
A: This sounds bad, but I don't consider America my home. I really love Oregon, but I really "came of age" or had my "formative years" in Sydney Australia - and I am much closer to considering myself an Australian rather than an American, if that makes sense. I miss it dearly, but I love the LPL and knew I would follow it around the World. I knew when I set out four years ago that I would one day end up in China.
Q: I'd like to ask, Clearlove is now in his small practicing room again, do u think it's good or bad for him, will he come back?
A: I believe Clearlove will come back because he has the hunger. Not every player has it, but Clearlove does, and I don't know if he's satisfied with where he left. He could walk away at any time and be set with the empire he's built on his brand, but he keeps coming back. I hope he comes back so I can watch him feast.
Q: Hello, I have once seen that ur favorite player is Loveling, I'd like to know about the reason. Best wishes to u!
A: Lovelin is my favorite player of all time and who I consider the best LPL player. He played multiple positions at the highest level and believe he was still OMG's best Support and Jungler. I prefer him as a jungler however. If OMG could have been:
That would have won worlds hahaha
Q: Why is ur name Maomao, it's so cute!
A: Ryan Luwei gave me the name. I can't quite remember, because it was so long ago, but I think it was explained that Chinese nicknames are quite common so he thought of MaoMao because it's normally given to a small, cute, girl and because I am tall with a scary tattoo that it was ironic and funny.
Q: Hi! What's your opinion about SSG took down SKT in 2017 Worlds Final ?(Even though people never think highly of SSG throughout Worlds 2017)
A: Hello!
I predicted Samsung to win and spoke about it on the Analyst desk preshow for Finals. Papasmithy and I were the only English Analysts to predict Samsung.
Leading up to the Finals I also predicted RNG to beat SKT because "I could see the fire" - the question was not that SKT were burning, but how long until they collapsed. I thought RNG had enough to put them down but SKT fought valiantly and reminded everyone multiple times in 2017 why they are such a legendary team. That said, I find it very lazy analysis to keep giving SKT the benefit of the doubt simply because they are SKT. What's more important: recognizing Faker as a king or understanding why?
With the fall of SKT, hopefully their rise back to power will remind everyone of why and what made SKT the great instead of just their trophy case.
Likewise I also called Samsung to win the tournament during group stages because of the meta being so focused on teamfights and that being Samsung's area of expertise.
Q: Which three LPL teams will go to the Worlds 2018 in ur prediction?
A: RNG, iG, WE/EDG - I mentioned the reasoning in another answer, but it's a question of if WE's coaching staff can give them more stylistic threats and push into that next level or if EDG can harmonize Haro and Ray into their championship system. Meiko has matured as a captain, but can he lead the team without Clearlove by his side just yet?
This is also assuming that iG don't combust into flames and the hype surrounding them is real. I want to believe this is finally iG's time to shine, but it's probably much riskier to bet on them rather than the stable roster of WE or the stable support system/farm of EDG.
Q: Do u still remember 'Namei' (former ADC of PE and EDG )? How will u evaluate his career and his peak?
A: Devil from Positive Energy alongside Sicca. Won the LPL Title in 2013 Spring over OMG then left for EDG in 2014. Very cocky and arrogant. As Devil he was hyper aggressive in lane phase and would challenge greats like WeiXiao, Uzi, and Styz. Solo killing a few of them more than once. He wasn't looked favorably by fans due to his attitude but I have a bad habit of liking "bad boy" players - like Dardoch in NALCS.
On EDG he switched gears from a lane dominant ADC to a very teamfight centric one; hard to say if this was a short coming or a strategic choice because we had evidence that he could play the lane from his PE days. I think Unstoppable was actually the defining feature of 2014 EDG with his Ziggs performance and stall. NaMei was unique that he would maximize his damage output while dancing beautifully in teamfights between Fzzf/Clearlove.
He wasn't as flashy as Uzi -who was closer to Imp at the time. NaMei was closer to Deft, if that makes sense in terms of playstyle.
It was very unfortunate that NaMei never got to shine on the international stage. In the game they fell to SSW he still did more damage per minute than Imp. I heard he sobbed backstage because of how distraught he was.
Q: What do you think of RNG's midlaner, xiaohu ?
A: It wasn't too long ago that the LPL was renowned for its mid lane talent. In 2013 you had the likes of Misaya, Cool, Whitez, zziTai - back then Faker wasn't Faker yet. When Cool met Faker at Worlds those careers could have gone in completely different directions. But Faker bested Cool, Whitez and Misaya retired, and zziTai never quite ascended to the god hood of the former LPL Mid lane talent.
Then came Weiless, prodigy assassin player that helped drive LGD to their first LPL title. But, like zziTai, he never QUITE reached his best.
Fast forward and the LPL mid lane pool is STACKED: Icon, DoinB, Scout, Xiaohu, Rookie, Xiye etc - to even be a mid tier mid laner in LPL makes you incredibly good due to sheer size and talent stack. I believe someone like Xiaohu and Icon are the return of the LPL mid lane gods of old.
Q: Hi, Froskurinn. I have two questions to ask: the first, RNG, WE and EDG were all lost their game recently, what do you think of it? Second, Is there any LPL player's ID which makes casters feel very hard or awkward to pronounce?And hope you enjoy the life in China~ O(∩_∩)O
A: I think it's expected and that not too many results can be taken from these losses; it's only week 1 and all 3 of the teams aren't playing their "full strength" rosters. Uzi and Condi are missing as well as EDG still trying to find synergy with their two newest players in Ray and Haro.
It's really hard to pronounce Hudie or LvMao correctly for us. I just asked the team and they all laughed and said various different names. We try really hard to get it right though!
Q: iG's new ADC, JackeyLove, performed well recently, do you think is there any aspects that he can imporve, compare to other top-tier AD Carries?
A: I watch a lot of Jackeylove in Solo queue; I've probably watched over 15 hours of just his solo queue games in prep for his start in the LPL. I believe he is mechanically very gifted, and he has that killer instinct, but he acts too brash without all the information in lane or teamfights and will sometimes put himself in a situation to take a bad trade due to unseen circumstances. If he's in a 1v1, I'll always best on JL, but it's a team game.
Q: The Unforgiven716807:What's your feeling about the environment of Chinese rank?
A: Due to the size of the player base it's so much easier to find a match at any time. In OCE I would sometimes wait up to 8-10 minutes for queue to pop. But China I can find a match at anytime of day under 2-3 minutes. It's amazing.
But then also because of the playerbase size there are more instances of toxicity. I find I had more leavers in OCE, but far more intentional feeders in CN.
In that same vein though, me and my three teammates left in an intentional feeder game ARE FRIENDS FOR LIFE! I've never met a playerbase so determined to win when every odd is against them. Likewise the mechanical level is MUCH higher than OCE for every rank - again more players, so that makes sense as theres far more competition.
This server is incredibly mechanically gifted, very aggressive, and very passionate.
I also love how when I speak english on the sever that every player will type every english phrase or word they know at once. it's very funny trying to communicate in my broken Mandarin Chinese with their broken english song lyrics.
Q: What do u think of LPL's franchise and home/away matches? How about relegation? Can u share ur thoughts about it?
A: The argument that relegation automatically made a league more competitive to me never made much sense. While I understand the thought process that if a team is fighting for their survival that they should fight harder, I believe the safety net to develop talent - like the many new rookies we have - and experiment with strategies to refine the LPL meta means a more competitive team and league health in the long run. From my perspective, franchising means safety for investors, safety for teams, and safety for players - which creates more jobs at every level in esports from coaching to journalists.
China is actually closer to the ideal future of esports modeled closely to traditional sports with home and away arenas. The end goal would be a massive traveling circuit, broadcast writes to television and streaming platforms with global merchandising.
Q: LPL's matches now is much faster and aggressive than LCK, what do u think of it?
A: I believe the current meta has unique tools that empower key positions for the LPL. Currently the LPL is dominated by the new rune system, specifically the power of the inspiration tree with perks like Unsealed Spellbook and Stopwatch. These tools alongside others like the relic shield/overheal combination bottom, and zombie ward all help shape this meta were we see regions interacting very differently with the tools.
Give Korea a meta with Azir, Kog Maw, and Ryze and they'll use the tools to disengage. They use the stopwatches defensively to deny plays. They'll abuse zombie ward to create massive safety nets and never fall prey to ganks. Game times extend and scaling champions take over.
Give relic shield gold to supports like Ming and Meiko and suddenly you have these initiators with more gold and power than ever before. Ryze ult isn't used to disengage but spring a trap from baron! Stopwatches aren't used to absorb and survive or stop dives, but to perfect them! Use them aggressively. I believe the LPL is simply using the tools of this meta in a more creative way.
Q: hi, Frosk, I like ur casting style very much. I have two questions: (1) what's the difference between casting on site and casting away in Australia? (2) For Week 1, which teams and players made u feel most disappointed and why? and for the upcoming week, which will be ur tip for the best teams or players? thanks! Hope u have a great year in Shanghai.
A: Hello! Thanks <3
(1) Energy. In Sydney we were tucked away in a basement studio. We'd come in and cast to an empty room and chairs. We'd naturally be a lower energy because it's very different to see an amazing player and get excited in an empty and quite room versus standing in a stadium and roaring with the crowd. We call it "riding the crowd".
(2) I was very disappointed in TOP. I'm a fan of Ggoong and Cat and I wish that team could find success outside just attempting Baron at 20 minutes. It's never fun watching a team go 0-15 in a row; so I wish TOP the best.
I believe Gangplank still isn't valued as highly as he should be for his capabilities in the meta. Nor is Braum. LPL team's are getting better at these draft adjustments. Braum denies Orinn and Orinn denies hyper carries like Kog Maw because he's so low mobility. So if Team's put priority on Braum higher they don't need to waste strategies to deny or play around Orinn because his unbreakable can unlock Kog Maw as a safe pick - or other low mobility hyper carries.
And the LPL loves their hyper carries.
It's really hard to dive champion's like Gangplank in this meta due to klepto heals due to acquiring extra pots and such. Likewise his ability to play any lane with his ultimate, especially bottom, in tandem with Braum empowers kill pressure junglers like Jarvan and Zac to actually have kill pressure, even in overheal/relic bot meta.
I believe Kench is a much higher priority ban than LPL team's realize because I think he's the one thing that cannot be played around as well - pretty much only Kalista can have kill pressure on him due to rend versus grey health.
Q: Hi Froskurinn! What achievement do you think that EDG will reach this year?
A: Hopefully they'll win an LPL title without Clearlove so the team can confidently say that they're ready to carry his legacies torch. I especially think it'd mean a lot to Meiko to be able to have some sort of tangible evidence that he has fully taken the reigns.
Q: In Western Countries, What's the attitude of the public to the esports? How people around you think about your job? Also, will you stay in Shanghai to celebrate the Chinese New-Year?
A: Esports is kinda like WWE (professional wrestling). People recognize what it is because of its mainstream media attention, but it's not a popular pastime. I try to avoid telling people what my job is because, while their enthusiasm is friendly and well meant, it gets tiring that every person I meet and learns what I do has to ask me 20 questions about the industry.
If I'm taking an Uber and the driver asks what I do, to avoid the conversation I tell them I'm a librarian. XD
I will stay in China for Chinese New-Year and celebrate in Shanghai. I've already got a special CNY outfit and red envelopes to give out.
Q: Hello,Froskurrin!How do you rank LPL teams by recent performance?Thanks for your answer.
A: Based only on Week 1 Performances
S: RNG, iG
A: Snake, BLG, WE, SNG
Q: Is there anything else u wanna say to the Chinese audience?
A: The LPL is my passion and I really do love the league, players, team, and fans. It's a very unique culture and experience and I hope to help the western audience experience that unique passion. I am honored to be a part of the League community and consider myself a part of the LPL. Thank you <3
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[Thursday, May 3 2018] EU to give young people free train tickets to explore Europe; Mystery pooper at NJ high school track turned out to be superintendent; Australia finally gets a space agency; Stephen Hawking's final research paper suggests that our Universe may be one of many similar to our own






  • mvea
    [Title Post] Stephen Hawking's final research paper, just published in an open access journal, suggests that our Universe may be one of many similar to our own. It points a way forward for astronomers to find evidence of the existence of parallel universes. The study was submitted 10 days before he died.
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  • mvea
    Verizon Signs Deal to Place the Saddest, Most Pathetic Bloatware on Samsung Devices
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  • klumjohn
    TIL that redheads produce more vitamin D than other hair colors, meaning they don't suffer as much from not being in the sun.
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  • sarmaddd
    NASA Before PowerPoint In 1961
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  • digitalminerva
    This is my grandfather, fighting for the Dutch resistance in Delft during WWII. He says he looks all cool but was actually shitting himself. He is still alive, 96 years old, driving his Prius around like a boss. True hero! .... and look at those shinie shoes!!
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  • blurmageddon
    David Goodall, Australian scientist aged 104, visiting with his grandson before flying to a clinic in Switzerland to voluntarily end his life.
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  • umbravowe
    Activists burn a giant effigy of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and it looks f*cking sick
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  • Gar1986
    Iceland’s Black Sand beach.
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  • StanleyLock
    One of my favorite places in Arizona to watch a sunset. Horseshoe Bend, Page, AZ [OC] [5460 x 3456]
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  • bckpkrs
    Fingers of fog from SF Bay stream over the Berkeley Hills at sunrise, CA. [800x1200][OC]
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  • azbirdnrd
    Echidnas are one of the few mammals with an electric sense. The sensors are at the tip of the snout and may help them find prey, such as termites or worms, in moist soil.
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Daily Transfer News Thread - 08/07/2018

Auto-Refreshing Transfer News Thread from Sky Sports
Auto-refreshing reddit comments link


Chelsea are finally starting to get going in this summer's transfer window, according to Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville.
"For me, Courtois is one of the best," the former Man Utd captain told Sky Sports' Premier League launch show.
"I absolutely love him. I know people say I’m critical of 'keepers, but I also love quite a few keepers and I absolutely love Courtois.
"He’s [Kepa] got big shoes to fill and it’s a big price. Pep Guardiola said in an interview with us that Chelsea are going to do quite a lot of business in the next few days and obviously the market talks and agents talk.
"Chelsea look like they are moving. They have been a little slow in the transfer market and a little bit less obvious in the transfer market over the last few years than they have been previously. It looks like they are making a move again."


AC Milan in talks to sign Chelsea midfielder Tiemoue Bakayoko on loan, according to Sky Italy.
The France international arrived from Monaco last summer for £40m.


Chelsea's potential world-record capture of Bilbao 'keeper Kepa is a big risk, according to former Spurs midfielder Ryan Mason.
"It is a big gamble," he told SSN. "It is going to be very difficult to replace Courtois because for me he is in the top three to five 'keepers in the world. He has proven that over a number of years now.
"I do not see many 'keepers who can come in and replace that. So to now go and sign someone for an extortionate amount of money that is not proven to be one of the so-called best in the world is a big risk."


West Brom striker Jay Rodriguez starts against Nottingham Forest in the Championship tonight, a match you can follow live on Sky Sports Football and SkySports.com.
Burnley are set to make an improved offer of £18m later on Tuesday, SSN understands.


Chelsea are in advanced talks to sign Bilbao 'keeper Kepa Arrizabalaga, according to Sky sources.
It is understood the 23-year-old – a Spain international with one cap – would cost the Blues £71.6m, which would be a world-record fee for a 'keeper.
Reports in Spain this evening have gone as far as to say that Chelsea’s intentions are fly the player to London on Wednesday and have him train on Thursday, with the hope he could make his debut in their season-opener against Huddersfield on Saturday.


Bournemouth have completed the £25m signing of Levante's Jefferson Lerma, according to Sky sources.


Here is a quick roundup of where we stand with today's main transfer stories...


Cardiff City striker Omar Bogle has joined Birmingham City on a season-long loan.
The deal marks a return to St Andrews for the 25-year-old, who came through City's youth ranks before being released in the summer of 2011.
Bogle dropped into non-league football with Hinckley United, Solihull Moors and Grimsby Town, who he helped secure promotion from the National League.
He joined Wigan in January 2017 but was on the move again at the end of that season, joining Cardiff for a fee of £700,000.


Man City manager Pep Guardiola has told Sky Sports' Premier League launch show that the champions will not sign anymore players this summer.
City have so far signed just Riyad Mahrez from Leicester for £60m and Claudio Gomes on a free from PSG.


Aston Villa have signed FC Ingolstadt 'keeper Orjan Nyland for an undisclosed fee.
The Norway international has agreed a three-year deal and will wear the No 1 jersey at Villa Park this season.


Leicester 'keeper Kasper Schmeichel has hit out at the "exceptionally harsh" treatment of new Burnley signing Joe Hart, saying people have very short memories.
He said: "I've known Joe for a long time and I think he's been exceptionally harshly treated in many respects.
"Not just what happened at Man City, where I don't think he was given a chance to prove what he could do, and then the whole England debacle I found that quite staggering at the time.
"But for Joe, the important thing is to get home, stay living at home and get a bit of normality back into his life."


SSN reporter Dharmesh Sheth brings us all the latest on what is going on at Chelsea as we approach TDD...


Defender David Agboola has joined Colchester following a successful trial.
The 18-year-old defender, formerly of Dagenham & Redbridge, has signed a one-year deal having caught the eye with his performances in pre-season.
Agboola will initially join Kevin Horlock’s U23 squad, who get their season under way at Hull on Sunday.


SSN reporter Mark McAdam has been updating us on Bournemouth's club-record £25m pursuit of Levante's Jefferson Lerma.
"Lerma has just been meeting Eddie Howe and various members of the Bournemouth management," he said.
"And he is now heading off to a local hospital to put the finishing touches to his medical at the club."




Right-back Moses Odubajo has returned to Brentford on a one-year deal.
Odubajo spent pre-season with the Bees as he rehabbed a serious knee injury.


Bournemouth winger Connor Mahoney has joined Birmingham on a season-long loan.
Mahoney becomes Blues boss Garry Monk’s second signing of the summer.


West Brom defender Dara O’Shea has joined Exeter City on a six-month loan.


Real Madrid boss Julen Lopetegui has confirmed that 'keeper Keylor Navas is part of his plans for this season.


Real Madrid have offered Chelsea Mateo Kovacic on loan in order to persuade them to sell Thibaut Courtois, say Sky sources.
Croatian midfielder Kovacic has been told he can leave Madrid this summer. They are prepared to let him join Chelsea on a season-long loan.
Chelsea will not let Courtois go until they find a replacement.


Leicester manager Claude Puel says it is important they keep Harry Maguire amid Man Utd's interest in the defender.
"For me it's good for Leicester to keep a valuable player, and it's important to show good ambition for the next season," Puel told Sky Sports News.
"I can understand some speculation about our player because he has good attributes, but I am happy to keep him and hopefully start a great season.
"We lost Riyad Mahrez, who was a very good player for us. After Riyad it was important to keep our players and add some good players to strengthen the team."


The summer transfer window closes on Thursday and you can follow all the Deadline Day news and drama with Sky Sports.
Clubs have until 5pm to do business as the window shuts for the first time before the new Premier League season starts and as managers scramble to bolster their squads before the big kick-off, we will make sure you don't miss a thing.
From timings, key dates and deal sheets to following the developments at home or on the move, here's all you need to know...


Here is a quick roundup of where we stand with some of the day's main transfer stories...
  • Thibaut Courtois seems determined to force through a move away to Real after the Chelsea 'keeper failed to report for training for the second day in a row
  • Man City 'keeper Joe Hart's future is already sorted with he former England No 1 having joined Burnley on a two-year deal
  • Sky sources are telling us Burnley make an improved £18m offer for West Brom striker Jay Rodriguez
  • Rodriguez not the only target for Sean Dyche as we understand they're in talks to sign Matej Vydra from Derby. That move would see Nakhi Wells move to Pride Park as part of the deal. If it goes through Vydra's transfer would be permanent, while Wells would move to Derby on loan...
  • Levante's Colombia international Jefferson Lerma is having a medical at Bournemouth ahead of what will be a club-record transfer


Jamie Redknapp and Danny Murphy believe Man Utd boss Jose Mourinho should make Paul Pogba his captain at Old Trafford in order to keep the France playmaker at the club.


Portsmouth boss Kenny Jackett expects new signing David Wheeler to boost the club’s goal threat.
The 27-year-old forward has joined Pompey on a season-long loan deal from QPR.
Wheeler joined the Rs last summer from Exeter but was hampered by injury and made only nine appearances, scoring one goal.
But Wheeler had netted 39 times in four seasons with Exeter before his move to Loftus Road.


Burnley are in talks to sign Matej Vydra (pictured) permanently from Derby County, with Nahki Wells moving in the other direction on loan, according to Sky sources.
Both players are understood to be ready to take medicals at their respective new clubs on Tuesday.
Vydra was set to join Leeds United, who had agreed an £11m fee with Derby, but the Czech Republic international turned down the move.
Sky Sports News understands he failed to agree personal terms with Leeds, and preferred a move to the Premier League.


Jamie Redknapp and Danny Murphy told The Debate that Chelsea should allow unsettled goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois to leave Stamford Bridge.


Watford striker Harvey Bradbury, 19, has joined Oxford United on a free transfer.


Brighton have signed Billy Arce from Ecuadorian side CSD Independiente Del Valle on undisclosed terms.
The 20-year-old has signed a four-year contract with Albion, but will spend the upcoming season with the La Liga 2 club Extremadura UD on a season-long loan deal.


Shrewsbury Town midfielder Bryn Morris has joined Wycombe Wanderers on-loan until January.
The 22-year-old midfielder featured 30 times in all competitions last season, but was not included in their opening-day defeat away to Bradford.


Colchester United have signed defenderDavid Agboola from Dagenham & Redbridge on a one-year deal.


Manchester United will resist any offers for Paul Pogba and Anthony Martial while continuing their search for a centre-back, ESPN report.
Jose Mourinho has made it clear he wants to secure two more signings before Thursday’s 5pm deadline, but acknowledges that signing a defender is a priority, with Toby Alderweireld, Jerome Boateng, Harry Maguire and Yerry Mina linked with a move to Old Trafford.
As a result, United have no intention of losing Pogba or Martial, two of their high-profile players, although they are willing to listen to offers for Matteo Darmian and Marcos Rojo.


Barcelona do not have an agreement in place with Paul Pogba but the La Liga champions are working hard to sign the Manchester United midfielder.
Barca are hoping to tempt United into selling the Frenchman by putting forward cash-plus-players proposals.
Yerry Mina, Andre Gomes and Rafinha are the Catalan club’s preferred makeweights but Mundo Deportivo claim they may also be willing to consider using Ivan Rakitic or Ousmane Dembele.


Reporter Jane Dougall has been speaking on Sky Sports News to update us on the latest news regarding Thibaut Courtois at Chelsea.
She said: "We understand after failing to turn up at Wembley on Sunday, Courtois didn't turn up for training two days in a row. He was due to have talks with Maurizio Sarri yesterday, but it has been reported he will not stand in Courtois' way if he wants to leave.
"Chelsea are reluctant to let him go, though, without a new number one to replace him, which will be tricky with two days of the transfer window left."
You can see those in the frame to replace Courtois below (14.04)...


Sky Sports News reporter Jamie Weir cuts through the froth to find out what's really going to be brewing on Transfer Deadline Day.


Athletic Bilbao’s Kepa Arrizabalaga is a goalkeeper target for Chelsea, Sky Sports News understands.
With the Blues resigned to losing Thibaut Courtois to Real Madrid before the deadline after he missed training for a second day today, the club are focusing their attentions on securing his replacement.
Stoke’s Jack Butland remains their first choice because of the nature of the deal, according to Sky sources, which is expected to cost them £30m if they can act quickly - but that price will rise the close to the deadline it becomes.
Arrizabalaga would cost Chelsea much more, and a fee of around £70m would make him the most expensive goalkeeper in the world - eclipsing Alisson only weeks after the Brazilian joined Liverpool.
Maurizio Sarri would also like to go for Atletico goalkeeper Jan Oblak, but his £89m release clause is a stumbling block.


Huddersfield are interested in signing Montpellier winger Isaac Mbenza, according to Sky sources.


Eidur Gudjohnsen's son Andri Lucas Gudjohnsen has joined Real Madrid, the 16-year-old has revealed.
Writing on Instagram after moving from Espanyol, he said: "Very excited and pleased to announce that I have signed with Real Madrid! Looking forward to the future."
The move could provide some friction in the Gudjohnsen household - dad Eidur famously turned out for Barcelona after leaving Chelsea during his playing career. And should he play for his national team at any point, he will follow in the footsteps of both his father and grandfather.


Everton and Manchester United target Yerry Mina missed Barcelona training this morning, reporter Vinny O'Connor has just confirmed to Sky Sports News.
The Colombian defender, who scored three goals from centre-back at the World Cup, is being chased by both clubs - so his absence will increase speculation over his future even more.


Brendan Rodgers has been speaking ahead of Celtic's game with AEK Athens tomorrow night (preview here), and confirmed Fulham have rejected a firm bid for Dredryk Boyata.
Rodgers said the Bhoys had knocked back the bid because "it would be very difficult for us to replace him at this late stage".


Bayer Leverkusen have signed Sweden forward Isaac Kiese Thelin on a season-long loan from Anderlecht.
The 26-year-old, who was in Sweden's World Cup squad, spent last season on loan at Belgian side Waasland-Beveren.
"He has developed excellently in the Belgian league," Leverkusen head coach Heiko Herrlich said on the club website. "Isaac is an additional option for us up front."


Sky Sports News understands Burnley will make an improved £18m offer to West Brom for striker Jay Rodriguez later today.
Sean Dyche is becoming increasingly frustrated by the situation and wants a new striker in before the deadline - it's thought Rodriguez is keen on a move back to the Premier League in his home town, but is prepared to stay and try to get Albion back into the top division if a deal can’t be done.


Leicester City have a broad agreement with Dinamo Zagreb for young defender Filip Benkovic, Sky Sports News understands, with the Croatian Under-21 international due to fly to England later today for further talks.
The deal could cost Leicester more than £10m, but it’s understood Claude Puel considers him as a good prospect for the future, rather than someone who can go straight into the first team - and is not viewed as a Harry Maguire replacement.


Swansea are in talks over a potential deal to sign Yeovil’s Tom James, according to Sky sources.
The defender’s deal to West Brom collapsed over personal terms last week, giving the Swans renewed hope.
James is predominantly a right-back can cover anywhere across the back-four - making him an attractive possible squad member.
He played in Yeovil's 1-0 defeat to Bury on Saturday - but was sent off.


He's just signed a new deal at Leeds United, but who is 17-year-old striker Ryan Edmondson? There's no test on this, but if he ends up as England's star striker remember where you heard his name first...


With Deadline Day rapidly approaching, it’s been a hectic day on the transfer front. For those just joining us, here’s a round-up of the today’s top stories...
  • Sources: Thibaut Courtois has failed to report for Chelsea training for the second day running.
  • Burnley have confirmed the signing of Joe Hart from Manchester City for an undisclosed fee on an initial two-year contract.
  • Sources: Middlesbrough winger Adama Traore is undergoing a medical ahead of a club record £18m move to Premier League new-boys Wolves.
  • Sources: West Ham close to agreeing deal to sign Arsenal striker Lucas Perez.
  • Brighton have completed the signing of winger Anders Dreyer from Danish Superliga side Esbjerg.
  • Sources: Jefferson Lerma will undergo a medical at Bournemouth today.
  • Sources: Middlesbrough are attempting an ambitious move for Everton winger Yannick Bolasie.
  • Sources: Kevin Mirallas has undergone a medical at Fiorentina this morning ahead of his season-long loan move from Everton.
  • Rangers have confirmed the signing of Croatian international full-back Borna Barisic from NK Osijek on a four year deal.


We take a look at some of Thibaut Courtois’ best Premier League saves, as the Chelsea goalkeeper continues to be linked with Real Madrid.


Leeds United striker Ryan Edmondson has signed a new three-year contract, the Sky Bet Championship club have announced.


Aitor Karanka confirms Nottingham Forest are interested in signing West Ham defender Sam Byram.


Hibernian midfielder John McGinn has arrived at Aston Villa’s training ground for talks about a possible move to the Midlands, Sky Sports News understands, but Celtic are still very much in the frame to sign him.
No fee has yet been agreed between Villa and Hibs for the 23-year-old Scotland international.
Celtic have seen several bids for McGinn rejected this summer, and it’s thought both the player and Hibs prefer a move to the English Championship.


Chelsea goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois has not reported for training for the second day in a row, Sky Sports News understands.


New Rangers signing Borna Barisic has vowed to repay the faith of the fans after sealing his move to Glasgow.
“I think the most important thing is that in every game I give 100 per cent,” the Croatia international told Rangers TV.
“I think the Rangers fan recognise that and I will give my heart for Ibrox – I think that is important.
“I want to give back for all the messages the fans have sent me, and all the belief the manager has shown me. I need to back all this up on the pitch, and I will do that.”


Rangers have confirmed the signing of NK Osijek captain Borna Barisic on a four-year deal.
The Croatia full-back, who scored against Steven Gerrard's side in the recent Europa League qualifiers, has joined the club for a fee believed to be around £2m.
Although he missed out on the final squad for his country's recent World Cup campaign, he has three caps at international level and is the 11th signing for Gerrard since taking over as Rangers boss.


Mateo Kovacic is closing on a season-long loan to Chelsea, reports Marca.
Kovacic trained with Real Madrid on Monday but after speaking with the club he has decided he will not train or wear their shirt again, for the time being.
He publicly announced his desire to change clubs during the World Cup and has asked the club to leave on three occasions.
The club had declared Kovacic non-transferrable and the player, who is determined to leave the Bernabeu in search of regular first-team football, did not understand their stance.
But Marca claim Madrid have given up with their efforts to keep Kovacic and the Croatia international is on the verge of joining Chelsea on a season-long loan.


Rangers complete the signing of Croatia international Borna Barisic from NK Osijek on four-year deal.


Sprint legend Usain Bolt has been handed a trial at Australian side Central Coast Mariners.
The eight-time Olympic gold medallist has committed to an indefinite training period with the A-League club, with the aim to develop him into a professional footballer.
Bolt is not guaranteed a professional playing contract but the trial presents him with an opportunity to fulfil his burning desire to play professional football.
“I am very excited about coming to Australia and would like to thank the owner and management of the Central Coast Mariners for giving me this opportunity,” Bolt said.


Up-to-the-minute transfer news from Sky Sports News, with updates on Paul Pogba, Thibaut Courtois and more!


Middlesbrough winger Adama Traore has undergone a medical at Wolves this morning, according to Sky sources.
Sky Sports News understands the 22–year-old Spaniard is now on the verge of a club-record £18m move to the newly-promoted Premier League club.
Wolves triggered Traore’s £18m release clause after an initial bid of £12m was turned down by Boro.


Hamilton have announced the signings of Delphin Tshiembe and Jacob Marsden.
Born in DR Congo, 26-year-old Tshiembe, who can operate at centre back or in central midfield, came through the youth ranks at FC Copenhagen but most recently played with AC Horsens in the Danish Superliga.
Marsden, is a 21-year-old goalkeeper who signed professional terms with Ipswich before moving into non-league to gain experience at clubs including St Ives Town and Mildenhall.


Kevin Mirallas underwent a medical at Fiorentina this morning ahead of his proposed season-long loan from Everton, according to Sky in Italy.


Adama Traore is having a medical at Wolves ahead of club-record £18m move from Middlesbrough, according to Sky sources.


Manchester City have taken to Twitter to thank Joe Hart for his 12 years of service.


Joe Hart has left Manchester City to join Burnley on an initial two-year deal.
The England international has brought a trophy-laden 12-year spell at City to an end by agreeing to move to Burnley in a deal worth around £3.5m.
Burnley have an option to his extend Hart’s contract by a further year.
The signing is a timely addition to Sean Dyche’s squad, with goalkeepers Nick Pope and Tom Heaton injured with less than three days to go until the start of the Premier League.


Burnley complete the signing of goalkeeper Joe Hart from Manchester City on initial two-year deal.


Rio Ferdinand has warned Manchester United executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward not to sell Paul Pogba, amid reported interest from Barcelona.
Ferdinand, who made over 450 appearances for United during a trophy-laden 12–year spell at Old Trafford, has called on his former club to dismiss the speculation surrounding Pogba’s future and sign Tottenham defender Toby Alderweireld.
"Don't you dare allow this ED... #MUFC is Pogba's home!!” Ferdinand wrote on Twitter. “Silence these rumours ASAP & get @AlderweireldTob through the door."


Barcelona have agreed terms with Paul Pogba as reports in Italy claim the La Liga champions are stepping up their pursuit of the Manchester United midfielder.
A story from the Daily Mirror, based on the Italian reports, claim Pogba has agreed a five-year deal worth £100m with Barcelona.
Sky Sports News brought you the news earlier that United had rejected a cash-plus-player offer - £45m plus Andre Gomes and Yerry Mina - from Barca for Pogba.


Middlesbrough have launched an ambitious move for Everton winger Yannick Bolasie, Sky Sports News understands.
The 29-year-old is surplus to requirements at Goodison Park and is available for around £15m, despite joining the Toffees two years ago for £26m.
Boro boss Tony Pulis knows Bolasie from his time as manager of Crystal Palace.
We understand the DR Congo international is also interesting former club Palace and Burnley, but Boro have money to spend after selling Ben Gibson and Patrick Bamford for a combined £25m this week.


Middlesbrough are attempting an ambitious move for Everton winger Yannick Bolasie, according to Sky sources.


Brighton have completed the signing of winger Anders Dreyer from Danish Superliga side Esbjerg.


Burnley are closing on the £3.5m purchase of Manchester City goalkeeper Joe Hart, Sky Sports News understands.
Hart has agreed a two-year deal, with an option of a further year, after personal terms were finalised late last night.
Burnley are expected to confirm the signing later today.


Joe Hart is leaving Manchester City for Burnley in deal worth around £3.5m, according to Sky sources.


The summer transfer window closes on Thursday but who still needs what ahead of Deadline Day and which players could yet leave?
Some top-flight clubs will be content with their business, while others - including Manchester United and Jose Mourinho - are keen to add further reinforcements before the cut-off time of 5pm.
Here, we assess where each Premier League club may still look to trade before this weekend's big kick-off but you can have your say on the deals you would still like to see - tweet us @SkySportsPL.
Read the feature here.


Shrewsbury Town have completed the signing of Lincoln City captain Luke Waterfall on a three-year deal.


Jefferson Lerma will have a medical at Bournemouth today ahead of his proposed move from Levante, according to Sky sources.


Ebere Eze has committed his future to Queens Park Rangers by signing a new three-year contract at Loftus Road.
The 20-year-old has agreed a two-year extension to his existing deal, and has been handed the No. 10 shirt by manager Steve McClaren.
“I am delighted to have it all sorted so I can focus completely on playing football,” Eze told the club’s official website.
“It’s a great feeling to know you have the trust of your manager, the fans and your team-mates. Everyone believes in me and it’s a real confidence boost.
“This is the best place for me at this moment in time. I know that I can be free to play how I like to play.
“If I keep my head down I have got a good opportunity to play here and that’s the main thing.”


Ebere Eze has signed a new three-year contract at Queen Park Rangers through to 2021.


Sky Sports News understands West Ham are close to agreeing deal to sign Arsenal striker Lucas Perez.
The 29-year-old spent last season on loan at Deportivo La Coruna, whom Arsenal signed him from for £17m two years ago.
Once complete, Perez will become West Ham’s ninth signing of the summer and will take their spending close to £100m.


West Ham close to agreeing deal to sign Arsenal striker Lucas Perez, according to Sky sources.


Patrick van Aanholt admits he is flattered to have been linked with Serie A champions Juventus but insists he is "happy" at Crystal Palace.


So Steve Bruce has had his say on Jack Grealish’s future but with two days to go until Deadline Day, how do things stand?
Well, Sky Sports News understands talks between Aston Villa and Tottenham remain ongoing over the 22-year-old.
It is understood that Villa and Spurs remain apart on their valuation of the player.
We have previously reported that Villa value Grealish between £30m and £40m.


Steve Bruce admits Aston Villa have a fight on their hands to keep hold of Jack Grealish before the window closes.
The midfielder, who has been linked with Tottenham, helped Villa win their opening Sky Bet Championship game of the season against Hull last night.
Speaking after the game, Bruce told Sky Sports: "We'll do our best to keep hold of him but obviously it's going to be difficult.
“We understand the human side. He'll want to play in the Premier League, he'll want to play in Europe, and he’ll want to play in the Champions League.
“I'm sure it's going to be a fraught few days! The owner has made clear he wants him to stay and that's what we'll try to do. To be fair to Jack, he's just got on with it. Roll on Thursday!"


Chelsea have lodged a late bid to sign Shakhtar Donetsk midfielder Bernard, according to Sky sources, but the Brazilian is on his way to Everton and is expected on Merseyside for a medical in the next 48-hours.
Bernard’s move is subject to that medical and a work permit being granted.
Sky Sports News understands that AC Milan were convinced Bernard was on his way to the San Siro, and another source tells us Atletico Madrid also pushed hard to sign him, while West Ham were also interested.


Stoke goalkeeper Jack Butland is Chelsea's top target to replace Thibaut Courtois if he leaves this summer, according to Sky sources.
Sky Sports News understands there has already been informal contact between Chelsea and Stoke over the England international.
It is understood the Sky Bet Championship side would be prepared to allow Butland to leave for around £30m - but want any deal to be resolved quickly.


The Debate returned to Sky Sports last night as the build-up to the new Premier League season continued. And, speaking on the show, Jamie Redknapp said Liverpool must be considered as genuine title contenders after signing wisely to address their problems from previous seasons.


Chelsea are facing a race against time to find a replacement for goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois, who seems intent on forcing through a move to Real Madrid.
The Belgium international failed to report back to Chelsea training on Monday as scheduled, where head coach Maurizio Sarri was expecting to hold face-to-face talks with Courtois about his future.
Over the weekend Courtois' agent revealed that his client wants to move to Madrid to be closer to his family.
Courtois has one year left on his contract at Stamford Bridge and is valued by Real at £32m, but Sky Sports News understands that Chelsea will not resume talks with the European champions until they find a suitable replacement.


Gary Neville has had his say on Twitter early this morning - and he certainly sees the funny side of Barcelona's bid for Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba.
He's posted a laughing emoji - while responding to a tweet from Sky Sports Premier League detailing the offer.


There’s only one place to start this morning and that concerns Barcelona reported interest in Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba.
Sky Italy report that United have rejected a cash plus player offer for the France international from the La Liga champions.
It's understood Barca offered £45m plus Yerry Mina and Andre Gomes in exchange for Pogba. That deal has been rejected.
However, it's worth remembering that Spanish clubs are not subject to the early closure of the window like English clubs - and they can buy players until August 31.
Sky Sports News understand Barca are serious about bringing Pogba to the Nou Camp.


Good morning and welcome to the Transfer Centre! With just two days and 10 hours to go until the summer transfer window slams shut, we’re expecting a busy day here at Sky Sports News as clubs across the country scramble to get any late deals over the line. Stay tuned with us throughout the day as we bring you the very latest done deals, news, rumours and much more!


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A Bid Adieu to Block-A-Doodle-Doo

So as you all probably know, Block-A-Doodle-Doo (or BDD for short) has been eliminated from the playoffs in both A-Team and B-Team, which is unfortunate because we were on an upwards trend, and if we had the same team we have now for the first few weeks, we could have been a playoff-worthy team. And since I bet that if we split or swept TESB, I would write a long thank you post to the team, here I am doing it. Note that I'm won't be listing the players in order of importance or likeability, I'm just listing them in the order that I remember them. Let's do this.
Mufro: I have to admit, I did not expect to be on your team. I had never even heard of you, and I didn't even know you were interested in me, since I never went to tryouts for you. When you picked me in the sixth round, I was kind of shocked. From being one of the last autoassigns in Season 5 to being picked here? That was unreal. I wasn't very psyched either, since the only person I knew on the team was TheIndian, which is really really bad. But over the course of the season, I've started to like you more and more, because you really wanted to have fun, and that is the purpose of TagPro, even competitive. I enjoyed the dank memes that you posted in the GroupMe, and your willingness to teach us the basics, because some of us needed it. Thanks Mufro for giving me a really fun season and team that I was glad to be a part of.
The Tyrant: In all honesty, I was scared of you when I came to our first practice. You seemed pretty intimidating, which I was definitely not expecting. But you really did fill in well for Mufro when he could not make it due to him spending time with his girlfriend (I know, I was shocked too). You were a chill guy who helped me understand my true potential as an offender, and you gave me tips and tricks that have served me well. Thanks Tyrant.
TheIndian: The first of the many Indians that we had on our team. We won a Buperball together, so I was pretty excited when I found out you were on my team. I know I constantly shit on you, but that's because I feel comfortable insulting you every sentence, and I hope you somewhat feel that too. Your a great guy Indian, stay like that. And yeah, I spelled "your" wrong on purpose, fight me.
Tim Hortons: The better of the two Canadiens. Tim you really made practice and our team atmosphere more relaxed. Whether it was you spamming messages on the GroupMe while drunk (Nadsfarsshs anyone?) or berating Indian during game, you kept things lighthearted. Thanks Tim.
UndertheBall: The lesser of the two Canadiens. Before this, all I knew was that you made Scorpio. Now, I know you are Canadien. You are a great player, and even though I didn't really interact with you that much, our few conversations during scrims were funny as hell. Thanks for making me laugh at times Under.
Heinous: Damn Heinous, from ALTP star to B-Team star, it was cool seeing you make the transition almost seeminglessly. But it does suck that you can't BLOCK HEINOUS OH MY GOD STOP TRYING TO SNIPE BLOCK HIM YOU DUNCE. You were the rock on defense, and the one of the reasons why I could confidently grab knowing that the flag was safe. While it sucks that we could not make the playoffs, it was worth it if it meant playing with you. Thanks man.
WhaleHumper: Holy shit where do I even begin. I took you under my wing and tried to teach you how to play offense, and boy you really surpassed my expectations. You developed into a strong player, one I could count on to get blocks and buttons which led to me getting caps. Your performance against TESB on Smirk was insane, and one of the main reasons why I got so many caps that week. Sucks that you couldn't play this week due to real life, but you showed up when we needed you and performing super well. You have potential Whale, I know it.
Nish!: Second Indian. Early on in the season, we needed another defender to complement Heinous, and you answered the call. You performed very well, even with your shitty computer. I'm proud of how far you've come from the beginning of the season. Stay dank Nish.
Pill/NOICE: The third and fourth Indians. I'm lumping you together because we only played together for around two-three weeks. But boy, when you did show up, I was super happy. Pill, you were a holding machine, and came up clutch when we needed it. NOICE, you didn't have a mic most of the time, but your play made up for it. We complemented each other very well, and you helped me get it of base more times than I could count. Hope you sign up next season, you guys will go far.
Hijack: Hijack man. We knew each other in real life, and I rooted for you hard when you won the ALTP championship. I was so hyped when we got you, and you were so great on A-Team where you belonged. If you continue to play like this, you will get into minors easy. Sorry that we took you away from a team that made the playoffs though, I feel guilty about that. But nonetheless, thanks man, and see you in school.
justcatstuff (eltenelliot): The cat addict. The first comment you made on our GroupMe was a picture of your cat. Yikes. But TagPro-wise, you did very well. You are one of the FAs that we got that actually stayed, so you are great just for that. You did very well with Tyrant, and helped us get some wins. Sucks that your internet started sucking, but with good ping, you are a monster. Good luck in life and TagPro elten.
Jagdpanther: You got traded early in the season, but then came back for the last two. I finally got to play with you on offense, and you didn't disappoint. There was that matter of you ALWAYS GETTING GATED JAGD. THAT WAS THE FOURTH TIME IN A ROW. You did very well for yourself and if you sign up next season, you will be a hot commodity.
Auballmeyang: I'm a Bayern fan, so I hated you from the start. But seriously, even though you only showed up for like two weeks, you helped us a lot by showing up when we had attendance issues (which was like every week, but I digress). Stay dank man.
MorNin: I was very excited when we got you from free agency because I remembered your performances on X6Tence in Season 5, and you didn't disappoint. You helped us beat the Capaliers for our second win ever on B-Team, and did very well getting pups and getting reset. Sucks that you couldn't play anymore because of your new job, but thanks MorNin.
Squirrely: The Euro with the Australian accent. I will never forget when you used your mod powers to ban me from a scrim for being a noob. But when you weren't spending time with your S.O. you were chilling with us, which was very fun. You played some TagPro, we won some games, very fun stuff. Don't ban me again though.
PopSecret: You showed up for one week man, and you killed it. Not much more to say, but to stay dank.
Tesla (KingPro): Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww. But seriously when you were able to play, you preformed admirably. Good luck in future endeavors man.
And that's pretty much everyone I remembered. This became too long, but that's only because I made a lot of new friends this season. I know this season wasn't what we expected it to be, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. We played Haxball, Hockey, posted pictures of beer and pictures from my trip on GroupMe, shit on each other constantly (but me in general), and had a lot of fun. Thanks for making this season one to remember.
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Daily Transfer News Thread - 08/09/2018

Auto-Refreshing Transfer News Thread from Sky Sports
Auto-refreshing reddit comments link


Sam Clucas has arrived in Stoke to have a medical ahead of a move from Swansea, for a fee of around £6m, Sky Sports News understands.


West Ham sign striker Lucas Perez from Arsenal on three-year deal.


Joey Barton is never a man to hide his feelings - and the Fleetwood Town manager has been speaking about his first deadline day in charge at Highbury Stadium.


Sky Sports News reporter Fraser Dainton says Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho still interested in Harry Maguire, Jerome Boateng and Tony Alderweireld.


Victor Camarasa is having a medical at Cardiff ahead of a proposed loan from Real Betis, as Sky sources confirmed below - but there could yet be a late move for Harry Arter too.
That move would also be a loan, and the Bluebirds have approached Bournemouth over a move, but time is running out to get it over the line.
However, any deal for Marko Grujic of Liverpool looks to be dead in the water, with the Liverpool man seemingly set for a move abroad before the end of the month.


Anthony Hagen is usually working for Sky Sports News on Deadline Day as a cameraman but, for the first time in a few years, he’s traded his camera and raincoat for a sun lounger in Crete! Of course, he’s still got an eye on the latest deals…


Real Betis midfielder Victor Camarasa is having a medical at Cardiff City, according to Sky sources.


This may not come as a huge surprise - but Lucas Perez has completed a medical at West Ham and is set to sign from Arsenal after agreeing terms, according to Sky sources.
With Crystal Palace sniffing for fellow Hammer Michail Antonio, could this set off a chain reaction in the capital?


Lucas Perez has agreed terms at West Ham and passed a medical ahead of a proposed move from Arsenal, Sky sources understand.


Fresh from sealing his loan from Real Madrid, new Chelsea midfielder Mateo Kovacic told the club’s official website: “I am really happy and excited to be here at Chelsea. It is an amazing feeling. I will try to do my best for this club.
“It is a new league for me, the beginning is always tough but I am sure the coach and my new team-mates will help me and I am looking forward to a great season.”


Mateo Kovacic has joined Chelsea from Real Madrid on a season-long loan deal.
The 24-year-old Croatia international arrives as part of a deal which sealed Thibaut Courtois’ move to the European champions.
Kovacic arrives at Stamford Bridge with a wealth of experience, having won La Liga and three Champions League titles at Real, as well as guiding Croatia to the World Cup final.


The ex-Arsenal love is well underway for the Hammers. Lucas Perez has been papped on Jack Wilshere's Instagram story in the changing rooms at West Ham's training ground... announcement incoming?


Fulham hope to concude a Deadline Day deal for Marseille midfielder Andre Zambo Anguissa, according to Sky sources.
The newly-promoted Premier League club have been after a new defensive midfielder and Anguissa was one of the highest statistical performers in his position in France last season.
Fulham had been interested in Wolfsburg’s Josuha Guilavogui.


Northern Irish boxer Carl Frampton has done a little trolling of Sky Sports News reporter Paul Gilmour. But will it be a knock-out punch for Spurs, or will they get one of their targets before 5pm?


Chelsea confirm the signing on Real Madrid midfielder Mateo Kovacic on a season-long loan.


Fulham hope to conclude a Deadline Day deal for Marseille midfielder Andre Zambo Anguissa, according to Sky sources.


The latest transfer news brought to you straight from Sky Sports News, with updates on Harry Maguire, Jerome Boateng, Toby Alderweireld and more!


Jerome Boateng is training with his team-mates at Bayern Munich’s training camp in Rottach-Egern this morning.
The Germany international did not play in last night’s friendly against FC Rottach-Egern and left before the full-time whistle - the game finished 20-2 to the Bundesliga champions.


The Terriers are still on the hunt for one more face, having enjoyed a busy summer after securing their second season in the Premier League in May.
Reporter Tim Thornton told Sky Sports News: "Isaac Mbenza is the player in question, a winger from Montpellier. He scored 10 goals in the French first division and we revealed yesterday he was in talks, and we understand those talks are progressing well. Most of the money they received for Tom Ince we expected to be reinvested in Mbenza. It would be quite a significant deal for Huddersfield.
"We also expect one out. Big German defender Michael Hefele, a popular figure here, he is in advanced talks with Nottingham Forest, and we expect that one to get done before the deadline today."


Jane Dougall has the latest from Southampton...
"It looks like there's going to be more departures rather than arrivals. Fulham were very impressed by Matt Targett during his loan at Craven Cottage, but I'm told Southampton want to keep hold of him.
“Watford have made an offer for James Ward-Prowse, but we understand that a loan deal would not interest Southampton.
"If there are to be any players in, it is probable that they will look to strengthen their strike force. A player who has been linked in the past couple of days is Danny Welbeck, who may want to leave Arsenal because he faces a battle for a first-team place, but Welbeck's wages could may well be a major issue.
"Liverpool's Danny Ings has again been linked with the club, but I'm told Southampton are not in for him."


Sky Sports News reporter Roger Clarke has the latest on Brighton’s potential Deadline Day business...
"Brighton have been active in this transfer window, but the indications are that they might still be in the market for a central defender. The one they've been linked with throughout the summer is Liam Moore at Reading, but they haven't quite matched the valuation, even with the player handing in a transfer request.
"Brighton could turn their attention elsewhere, with Dan Burn at Wigan very much on their radar as well as Jack O'Connell at Sheffield United. Although they're happy with the business they've done, there might still be some more on deadline day. We'll hear from Chris Hughton around 1.30pm so he might fill us in with more details then."


Chelsea haven't taken long to replace Thibaut Courtois' image outside Stamford Bridge. But how quickly can you get a big picture of Kepa printed up?!


It looks like the guilt has got too much to bear for the Crystal Palace splasher, who gave Sky Sports News reporter Michael Bridge a soaking (see 9.24) as he drove into training in Ruislip this morning.
Here's the latest from the prime suspect...


Chelsea may have paid a world record fee for a goalkeeper in the form of Kepa Arrizabalaga, but you can sign him for your Sky Sports Fantasy Football team for just £7.6m, £0.4m less than David De Gea.
Add him to your Sky Sports Fantasy Football team here


Jose Mourinho's press conference has kicked off with the Manchester United manager being quizzed about any further additions to his squad. The Portuguese had this to say...
"The information I have is no. I’m not confident. The market closes today so there’s time at least for me to stop thinking about it. I will have to focus on the players I have in relation to the first three matches, because after Spurs there is an international break and I have a couple of weeks to recover people and prepare them better. I have to focus on the players that are available."


Kepa Arrizabalaga is targeting sustained success with Chelsea after moving to Stamford Bridge for a world-record fee for a goalkeeper.
The 23-year-old joined from Athletic Bilbao for £72.1m Wednesday after Chelsea met his buyout clause. Kepa could make his debut in Saturday's Premier League clash at Huddersfield.
Kepa told Chelsea's official app, The 5th Stand, on Thursday: "All clubs need to fight to win titles and what all players want is to win. So what I would like is to win more titles for the club.
"This is what I aspire to do. I would like to be remembered at this club when I leave years down the line as a goalkeeper that has helped the club win a lot of titles and gone down in history in that way."


Michael Bridge is at Crystal Palace's training ground chasing the latest transfers but got a little too close to the action and was left with wet trousers.


Sky Sports News’ man in Leicester, Rob Dorsett, has this encouraging message for Foxes fans...
“The potential arrival of two defenders at Leicester makes no difference to their stance on Harry Maguire, they do not want to sell him.
“As far as they are concerned, he is categorically not for sale. He will not be going anywhere in this window.
“That’s the message I’m getting from my sources close to the deal, but of course, there is a long while left in the window. How much are Manchester United prepared to bid?”


Former Ajax, Valencia and Sevilla midfielder Hedwiges Maduro has announced his retirement at the age of 33.
Maduro, who won 18 caps for the Netherlands and played under new Arsenal head coach Unai Emery in Spain, was a free agent having departed Cypriot club Omonia Nicosia in the summer.
He had offers to extend his career from clubs in the Eredivisie and elsewhere, but he now intends to take on a different role within the game.
“I’m very excited about the future knowing what will come,” he said in a statement. “In very short notice I can tell you more about it, but football is not yet rid of me.”


Huddersfield defender Michael Hefele is in advanced talks to join Nottingham Forest on a permanent deal today, according to Sky sources.
It is understood that fellow Championship side QPR had wanted him on a season-long loan.


Chelsea's Kepa shouldn't be the most difficult to say compared to soe of their signings down the years, but is it kee-pah, kep-per or something else?
Cesar Azpilicueta, who has plenty to answer for in terms of difficult pronunciations, is here to help...


Kaveh Solhekol is live at Stamford Bridge for Sky Sports News and expects a number of outgoings from Chelsea on Deadline Day, with Kepa their latest likely incoming.
He told Sky Sports News: "We are expecting Chelsea to let quite a few players go. AC Milan are in advanced talks to sign Tiemoue Bakayoko. We think that will be a loan deal. A lot of clubs are interested in signing Danny Drinkwater – West Ham, Leicester and Everton.
"There’s also still a lot of interest in Ruben Loftus-Cheek and Crystal Palace would like to take him on loan again. Quite a few clubs want to take Kurt Zouma on loan and young defender Jay Dasilva looks like he will be moving to Bristol City."


New Real Madrid goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois took to Facebook to post his thanks to Chelsea fans last night, but soon took down the message because of the reaction - an unhappy departure from Stamford Bridge, it seems.


Huddersfield Town have laid on this lovely spread for our reporter Tim Thornton...


Just how does Deadline Day work when you're a Sky Sports News reporter sent to report from a Premier League club? Michael Bridge explains from Crystal Palace...


Newcastle United's difficult summer has been well-documented, and even the loan arrival of Salomon Rondon hasn't papered over that following Rafa Benitez's comments recently. Could things improve with a good end to the transfer window?
Reporter Richard Gravestold Sky Sports News: "They’re light defensively, not least because they've lost Florian Lejeune for an extended period of time. In the short term, Rafa Benitiez needs to bolster his defence. One name linked overnight is the 22-year-old Brazilian defender from Barcelona Marlon Santos, possibly on a loan deal.
"He will have to get a work permit sorted, which could be tricky. There's other options that need looking at as well, with Rafa Benitez saying he ideally wants a left back and a No 10 before the window ends, but time is of the essence and whether he can get the players in that he wants at the price that's acceptable to Newcastle remains to be seen."


Peterborough United have signed Newcastle United forward Ivan Toney on a long-term deal for an undisclosed fee, the Sky Bet League One club have announced.


More on Liverpool, where Danny Ings and Marko Grujic could be on their way out today. Simon Mignolet also has a chance of heading out.
Vinny O'Connor told Sky Sports News: "We are expecting outgoings at Liverpool. Grujic could potentially be going back to Cardiff on loan and there may be interest from Napoli for Simon Mignolet, but that doesn’t need to be done today. Chirivella has been linked with Celtic, Markovic could be moving to the continent and Origi and Ojo could leave as well.
"Danny Ings is expected to leave. He is looking for first-team football and Liverpool will let him leave. We understand there is interest from Crystal Palace, but there are a lot of reports of interest from Southampton. Our understanding is that there isn’t any interest at the moment and Southampton aren’t going in for him."


Blackpool are looking for a new boss after Gary Bowyer left on Monday. It’s a club Simon Grayson knows very well as a former player and manager, and he was asked on Sky Sports News if he would be interested in a return.
He replied: “Not in this moment in time. I had a two-year deal at Bradford that I turned down in the summer, to take time out from the game.
“I’m enjoying the media stuff I’m doing at this moment, so I would say it’s very unlikely that I’ll be going to Blackpool.”


Vinny O'Connor told Sky Sports News where Liverpool sit in relation to the targets they've been chasing - Christian Pulisic and Nabil Fekir.
He said: "Fekir and Pulisic are two of the names that have been mentioned, but I have to say in all honesty Liverpool aren’t about to go back in for Fekir. That’s the information we’re getting at the minute.
"It also looks like there’s not a deal to be done to see Pulisic become a Liverpool player. However, we are used to seeing surprises sprung on Deadline Day."


Jordan Ayew will complete a season-long loan move to Crystal Palace from Swansea today, Sky Sports News understands.


Our reporter at Molineux, Kirsty Edwards, has provided this update on Premier League new-boys Wolves.
She told Sky Sports News: “It’s been a pretty busy summer for Wolves, and we expect more business today.
“Leander Dendoncker from Anderlecht is very much expected to sign here today and we’re expecting the move to go through barring any last-minute complications.
“Another one in the pipeline is Oleksandr Zinchenko, this one has been rumbling on for a while and Manchester City are willing to let him go for £16m but the player is reluctant to leave the Premier League champions.
“Wolves will try to persuade him today, and it seem he is surplus to requirements at City. It’s certainly one to keep an eye on.”


The latest update on all the goings on on Deadline Day - keep up-to-date with our video from Sky Sports News.


Bournemouth are still on the look-out for new signings, reporter Mark McAdam told Sky Sports News - but will Eddie Howe get his men?
McAdam said: “Bournemouth smashed their transfer record with the signing of Jefferson Lerma, but what will the club do today? We know in the past Eddie Howe is no stranger when it comes to making deadline day signings.
“The club are actively still looking to recruit, they are looking for a centre-back or a striker. As things stand, they are no closer to bringing anyone in, but they haven’t shut up shop as far as this transfer window is concerned.
“One of the big questions though is who is going to be leaving the club? There’s speculation about Jack Simpson, and there are two or three clubs interested in central midfielder Harry Arter. As things stand, there’s been no significant movement.”


Simon Grayson is surprised Tottenham could be willing to let Danny Rose leave and expects more interest in the full-back.


Now Yerry Mina is off the cards following his move to Everton (see 8.20), there's some new updates on their pursuit of Jerome Boateng and Toby Alderweireld.
Sky Sports News understands the Manchester United board would prefer to sign Maguire, although Leicester have made clear he is not for sale - while Jose Mourinho would prefer Bayern Munich's Boateng.


Cardiff are working on a loan deal for Real Betis midfield Victor Camarasa, Sky Sports News understands.
Camarasa can play all positions in midfield but is most effective at No 8 or No 10.
The 24-year-old Spanaird did not feature in Betis recent friendly last Saturday.


No sign of any players at the Emirates yet but Sky Sports News' Gail Davis had made a delicious signing of her own. We're not expecting this deal to last long...


Cardiff are working on a loan deal for Real Betis midfielder Victor Camarasa, according to Sky sources.


So Yerry Mina looks set to be on his way to Everton, but where does that leave Manchester United? Which defensive reinforcement do you think they should sign?


Barcelona defender Yerry Mina is close to completing his move to Everton, according to Sky sources.
The Colombian defender was a Manchester United target, if they could not reach an agreement over Harry Maguire, but now the Toffees have swooped to get their man.


Sky Sports News reporter Aidan Magee has provided this update on West Ham’s pursuit of Arsenal striker Lucas Perez, who is expected to complete his move to the London Stadium today.


Chelsea striker Michy Batshuayi wants to play for Valencia, reports Marca.
Batshuayi has decided to leave Chelsea this summer and wants to move to Valencia, who are keen to sign him on loan.
The 24-year-old Belgium international has also attracted interest from Atletico Madrid, Sevilla and Borussia Dortmund, where he spent the second half of last season on loan.


Sky Sports News understands Daniel Arzani could already be on his way out of Manchester City, five minutes after he was announced by the club!
Celtic will be the Australian's destination, we understand, on a long-term loan deal.


The hottest transfer stories which could be completed today, courtesy of our friends at Football Whispers...


If you're trying to remember where you first heard of Daniel Arzani, the 19-year-old impressed off the bench for Australia in all three of their World Cup group games. And now he's continued Man City's recent forays down under - after they bought Aaron Mooy from the same club two years ago.


Rob Dorsett is our man at Leicester on Deadline Day, he's provided this update from outside the Foxes' training ground...
"Cameraman Steve Corkett trying to improve our Deadline Day backdrop, and get us a clearer view over the training ground!!"


Manchester City have signed Australian midfielder Daniel Arzani from Melbourne City.


A little pointer for later, too - Jose Mourinho's press conference ahead of Manchester United's Premier League opener with Leicester is on Sky Sports News from 9.30am.
Will he be happy? Will he be sad? A lot will depend on what Jose and Ed Woodward have been able to do behind the scenes at Old Trafford. So place your bets now..


Sky Sports News reporter Michelle Owen is in position at the Cardiff City Stadium to bring you the latest transfer news from the Premier League new-boys...


Stephen Warnock says Manchester United must give Paul Pogba a free role in midfield as he weighs up what defensive signings they might make.


Reported Arsenal target Ousmane Dembele says he is staying at Barcelona this summer.
The France international, who joined Barca in a big-money move from Borussia Dortmund last summer, had a mixed first season at the Camp Nou and has seen competition for places increase even further following the arrival of Malcom from Bordeaux.
Dembele has been tipped to move away this summer, with Arsenal touted as a suitor, but he has revealed he intends to remain at the La Liga champions.
Speaking during a live chat on Twitch, he said: “Yes, I'm going to stay - and I'm ready for the Spanish Super Cup match against Sevilla.”


Gail Davis has provided this update on Arsenal’s potential Deadline Day business.
She told Sky Sports News: “Arsenal have done the bulk of their business early. Unai Emery has said he wants to bring in at least one more player, and that is likely to be a defender. They’ve got Laurent Koscielny out injured until December, so they’re a little bit short there...”


Speaking on last night’s episode of The Debate, Craig Bellamy criticised Manchester United’s fruitless search for defensive reinforcements.
“They’ve got themselves into a position now where they are desperate. They need to get a centre-back in,” he said.
“They seem every unsure of the players he has brought in before in Eric Bailly and Victor Lindelof. He isn’t convinced by them.
“I just don’t know. If I was an owner I’d be thinking you’ve had a lot of money for these players, you certainly don’t fancy them and now you want a lot of money for someone else.
“I think Manchester United are a little bit desperate at this present moment which is not like Manchester United and certainly not like Mourinho.”


James Cole updated Sky Sports News from the Whites' training ground with the latest on Fulham's pursuit of Joe Bryan, and where else they may be busy today...


Sky Sports News reporter Paul Gilmour says Jack Grealish’s proposed move from Aston Villa to Tottenham is still a possibility.


The biggest transfer stories making the back pages on Deadline Day...
  • Arsenal want to take Barcelona winger Ousmane Dembele on loan for the season. (Daily Mirror)
  • Christian Eriksen is Real Madrid's number one choice to replace Luka Modric, should the Croatian leave the club this summer. (Daily Mirror)
  • Chelsea are preparing for an exodus of squad players after tying up the signings of Kepa Arrizabalaga and Mateo Kovacic. (Daily Telegraph)
  • Manchester United have missed out on a deal to sign Jerome Boateng as the player's agent begins talks with PSG. (Daily Express)
  • West Ham are considering a last-minute deadline-day move for Tottenham striker Fernando Llorente. (Daily Mail)
  • Wolves are plotting a deadline day swoop for £22m PSG defender Layvin Kurzawa. (The Sun)
  • Rangers boss Steven Gerrard fears losing key players with James Tavernier and Josh Windass linked with moves to England. (Scottish Sun)


Gail Davis has been stationed at the Emirates Stadium on Deadline Day. She’ll keep you across any last-minute business Arsenal may conduct, although things are rather quiet at the moment...
“We are ready to go at Arsenal as you can see we have everything we need! Not much else here in an empty stadium!”


Leicester agree £19m fee with Freiburg for centre-back Caglar Soyuncu, according to Sky sources.
The 22-year-old Turkey international will now undergo a medical and discuss personal terms with the Foxes.


Former Liverpool and Blackburn full-back Stephen Warnock says he expects Manchester United to have a busy transfer deadline day, with Jose Mourinho looking to bring in at least one new centre-back.
Harry Maguire, Toby Alderweireld, Jerome Boateng and Yerry Mina have all been linked with moves to Old Trafford, and Warnock wouldn’t be surprised if more than one comes through the door in the next 10 hours.
Warnock told Sky Sports News: “Maguire is not only a very good ball player, but he’s also a very good defender. He proved that during the World Cup.
"It wouldn’t surprise me if they try to bring two of them in. They do need to get stronger, and I’m sure they’ll do that today.”


Crystal Palace have wished boss Roy Hodgson a happy 71st birthday, but just how happy will it be for the former England manager? A lot more enjoyable if the Eagles can sort him out with a Ruben Loftus-Cheek-shaped present, that's for sure...




Sky Sports News reporter Kaveh Solhekol explains how Tiemoue Bakayoko and Danny Drinkwater could make Deadline Day moves away from Stamford Bridge.


Fraser Dainton is live at Manchester United's Carrington training ground for Sky Sports News, with expectations of moves for the club by the end of the window - or you can be sure Jose Mourinho won't be happy.
He said: "There are three names in particular that have been mentioned consistently as Manchester United try to get a defender in. First of all, we heard a lot about Jerome Boateng yesterday, although we understand that would only be on a loan deal.
"Another is Toby Alderweireld at Spurs, who has been consistently linked as well. Money is the stumbling block there. Harry Maguire is another player Manchester United are very interested in. We understand two bids have been made for the Leicester defender, the second for around £60m.
"Money is available for Jose Mourinho to spend, but the club are not keen, we understand, to be spending over the odds for particular players. It could well be a game of cat and mouse now."


It's not just Grealish who seems to be interesting Spurs though. Tottenham and Arsenal have both been reportedly looking to bring Norwegian midfielder Sander Berge to London, with the player's agent said to be in the capital finalising a move.
The 20-year-old, who plays for Genk, made his Norway debut in 2017 and is in the mould of current Spurs midfielder Mousa Dembele - who could yet leave the club today.


Sky Sports News' Paul Gilmour is live at Spurs' Enfield training ground with the latest on what they could be up to today - and there's a familiar name they are still in the market for.
He said "The man near the top of Spurs’ list is Jack Grealish. Aston Villa have told Tottenham that he is not for sale, but we understand the player wants to go.
"Add into the mix, Aston Villa have signed a similar type of player to Grealish in John McGinn from Hibernian. All of a sudden it means it has still got the potential to go through today. Certainly talks will continue over the next few hours or so."


One place you can rule out any big arrivals, it seems, is Burton Albion. The League One club aren't expecting much to happen at the Pirelli Stadium today. No wild Lionel Messi spottings at East Midlands airport then.


Speaking on last night’s episode of The Debate, Crystal Palace chairman Steve Parish says a poor exchange rate with Europe has changed the way clubs spend.


With Mateo Kovacic close to sealing a season-long move to Chelsea, what can the Blues expect from the Real Madrid man?
Here's Adam Bate's expert view on how they can unlock the undoubted potential of the World Cup runner-up...


Schalke are in talks with Tottenham over the loan signing of Danny Rose, according to Sky sources.
Along with Schalke, Rose has been given permission to talk to other unnamed clubs over a season-long loan move.
Earlier this month, Sky sources reported Tottenham would listen to offers for Rose, Toby Alderweireld and Mousa Dembele.
Rose, 28, has faced an uncertain future since criticising the club's ambition and wage structure in 2017, for which he subsequently apologised.


Burnley have been tweeting early this morning as the clock ticks down on Deadline Day - but it's ahead of their first overseas European game since 1967 at the Fatih Terim Stadium against Istanbul Basaksehir.
The Clarets have already signed Matej Vydra from Derby and tied Ben Mee down to a new deal, so it could be a quiet Thursday for Sean Dyche. But as we've learned down the years, never say never on Deadline Day.




Alex Hammond and Mike Wedderburn are pumped for Deadline Day - are you? Follow all the latest done deals, news and gossip on Sky Sports News as the English summer transfer window draws to a close at 5pm...


Thibaut Courtois is getting his dream move to Real Madrid in a deal that will see Mateo Kovacic join Chelsea on loan for the season.
The Belgium international only had a year left on his deal at Stamford Bridge and has been absent from training this week as he looked to push through before the transfer window ended.
Courtois' move to Real Madrid is now only formalities away from completion.
A statement from Chelsea read: "Chelsea and Real Madrid have tonight agreed terms for the permanent transfer of Thibaut Courtois subject to the agreement of personal terms and passing a medical.
"Subject to the completion of the deal Mateo Kovacic will join the Blues on a season-long loan."


There's going to be some big money spent on Deadline Day this year, if the likes of Tottenham, Manchester United and others are going to get what they want - here's some of the biggest possible moves which are in the offing:
Those are the big ones, but there's a whole host of other names in the mix - and, I'm sure, more to follow out of the ether.
  • Harry Maguire - Manchester United have retained an interest in the England defender for some while, and had a £60m bid turned down already. Leicester, however, remain determined that even a world-record bid will not be enough to tempt them to sell.
  • Jerome Boateng - if that one doesn't come off, Manchester United are also keen on Jerome Boateng, with Sky sources telling us the Germany defender would like to move to Old Trafford.
  • Danny Rose - Tottenham are in talks with Schalke over a possible loan move for the England left-back, with other clubs also expressing an interest in a temporary move.
  • Jack Grealish - Spurs have had a bid rejected for the Aston Villa midfielder, but sources have told Sky Sports he is "very disappointed" he is not allowed to move - having been promised he could leave at the start of the Transfer Window, before Villa's new owners took over.


There’s only one place to start this morning and that’s with a look back at Chelsea’s historic capture of Kepa Arrizabalaga yesterday.
The Blues broke the world transfer record for a goalkeeper, agreeing a £71.6m deal with Athletic Bilbao for the 23-year-old Spain international.
The fee surpasses the previous record, which was set only last month when Liverpool paid £66m for Allison.
Chelsea have put their faith in Kepa, handing him a seven-year contract at Stamford Bridge through to 2025.


More on that story involving Bristol City's Joe Bryan, whois having a medical at Fulham this morning, according to Sky sources.
The Whites have agreed a deal with the Robins to sign the 24-year-old left-back - who looks like he could turn his back on Aston Villa, who agreed a fee for him yesterday.
Bryan is understood to prefer a move to the Premier League.




Joe Bryan is having a medical at Fulham this morning, according to Sky sources.


It's not the big news we promised just yet, but former Arsenal and Man City defender Bacary Sagna has joined Montreal Impact until the end of the season.
The Frenchman spent some of 2018 at Benevento, joining in February, but left the club at the end of the season before moving to the MLS.


Well, ladies and gentlemen, this is it. The big one. Transfer Deadline Day, one of the most frantic but exciting days in the football calendar, when coffee is as much of a currency as pound sterling and airport sightings appear from places you'd never even heard of.
Join us for an action-packed day here on the Sky Sports transfer blog, where we've got some big news coming up for you shortly...
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