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Finally found my DAW

This is long so TL;DR at the bottom.
I'll preface this by saying I am a complete newbie to music production. I remember playing with FL back when it was version 2 or 3 and actually called Fruity Loops back in High School.
But lately I've been looking for a new hobby to fill my time, especially one that can be done all within my home.
I took to the idea of making some simple beats and just playing around. I started out in Garage Band but felt it was a little too simple. I moved to Logic Pro and it's absolutely amazing piece of software but ultimately my Mac was not up to the challenge.
I started trying a few on PC. Started with FL Studio 20 hoping my experience from nearly 20 years ago would come back to me. I felt overwhelmed and just confused by how some of the things worked. In this time I went and bought a Launchkey Mini from Novation. This came with an Abelton license for free. But I trialed the top tier version, as I'd have no issue paying for it if it did everything I needed. It took a while to get my head around session view and arrangement view and how they were split etc. To be honest I still think I never truly adapted to it.
Finally while wrestling with Abelton and still trying to find new sounds I liked I was giving splice a look when I noticed they were promoting a whole different DAW called Studio One 4. From the screenshots I was getting Logic Pro vibes and I was intrigued. Downloaded it and installed. Straight away boom, crashing and freezing. Couldn't figure out why. Thought it might have been one of my plugins.
Turns out when I went through the install process it asked me if MIDI input which I said yes but the Launchkey mini was not listed. I turned to the help articles at Novation that suggested I connect it using a custom setup. This turned out to be bad advice and when I deleted the Midi input and set it up in a more simple way everything worked.
Finally got in to start having a play with Studio One and I am blown away. It's everything I want and layout just makes complete sense. Honestly if I had even less knowledge of how other DAWs worked this would have been even easier for me. I started creating right away and for the first time since I started playing around I felt like I was controlling the narrative of the music and not what the DAW was nudging me to do because I didn't know how to use it properly.
I guess this is just something I wanted to share incase anyone else is thinking about getting into production and doesn't know where to start. Also I know it's a way lesser known piece of software but credit should be given where credit is due. Props to the PreSonus team for doing such a great job with this DAW.
For a beginner, brand new in music production I found Studio One 4 to be the best option. Powerful yet simple.
*I am in no way affiliated with PreSonus or Studio One*
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