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Bitwin, a next level digital entertainment platform, could be one of the biggest beneficiaries of this revolution, taking online gambling and betting concept to a whole new level.

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[Entertainment] - Stars Group launches online sports betting in New Jersey

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[Entertainment] - Stars Group launches online sports betting in New Jersey | Miami Herald

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[Entertainment] - The Latest: begins online sports betting

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[Entertainment] - The Latest: begins online sports betting | Washington Post

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[Entertainment] - launching online sports betting | Miami Herald

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[Entertainment] - launching online sports betting

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iBET Online Entertainment – 4D Bets Introduction

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NFL & NBA Updated Schedules and Degenerate Gambler DD

Edit: I'm a POS forgot about MLB. Season starts July 23. Added link and info in schedule below.
Was posting this in the "what your moves tomorrow" thread but I got carried away. So figure post my Bullshit here.
The moves I am planning to make and the conjecture I am erroneously calling DD are detailed below.
All focused around the sport book services, online casinos etc for next couple days and weeks.
DKNG - GAN - BETZ - IGT - MGM - SGMS - PDYPY etc etc
Dates for NFL / NBA / MLB season opening and schedule info below
Like every dumbass who thinks they sound insightful loves to say, "Americans are starved for entertainment and sports."
Another obvious thing everyone here knows based on the fanatical participation in this glory hole of a sub:
Americans are going through gambling addiction withdrawal.
They need to get right.
Well the fix they need is practically here.
Tomorrow July 8:
All NBA teams will be checked into their Mickey and Minnie hotels and prowling the on-site facilities (aka the Orlando Covid Bubble) acting like the responsible gentleman that they are. I wonder if ladies of the night are on their way there now, or if they are already there incognito in Donald and Goofy costumes.
This means no more uncertainty. American sports will be back on the media radar.
News spots, YouTube assholes, woke social media posts, all will have NBA content.
DKNG and other gambling and fantasy platforms are going to start advertising hard.
DKNG promos will be on every PJ trader's/boomer's favorite cable news shows.
Daily fantasy targeted ads will be on your Reddit feed and on your wife's boyfriend's Instagram.
This will be the first time since their IPO in April that they will be pumping ads for biz so hard.
Crazy visibility.
You know who else is gonna talk about the NBA, MLB, and NFL starting???
🇺🇸 Trump
Everyone on CNBC - Jim Cramer morning and afternoon - Faber - LeBeau - Kernen - Kernen's co host babe - The young dork who pisses Kernen off every morning
They will be falling all over themselves to show us that they are cool sport guys.
And that they know about cool sport guy gambling companies.
These tickers are gonna get alot of free stonk news airtime.
1.5 Weeks from now
July 22:
NBA scrimmages start
NBA beer virus scrimmage schedule
Major ad buys for NBA fantasy and betting will start the week before the scrimmages and run through until the season starts.
July 23: MLB regular season starts
MLB beer virus season schedule
2.5 weeks from now
July 30:
NBA Season Starts NBA beer virus schedule
This leads right to the main event for all degenerate gamblers and fantasy players
🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈 NFL SEASON 🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈
3.5 weeks from now
August 11
NFL 53 man roster cut date
The NFL preseason is cancelled
That is actually good for fantasy football, don't have to worry about injuries as much so can draft as early as you want.
So fantasy will be going full force, and DKNG will keep hitting us with the ads.
Three weeks of drafts and talking heads pumping NFL.
7.5 weeks from now
September 10
First NFL game
👍🏿 🍆💦
Im going all in tomorrow, Thursday and Friday.
I cashed out all my calls and positions mid morning today. I am going to try my best to not drop all $ in one session.
Big picture - my moves:
Tomorrow through early next week will pickup an irresponsible amount of Calls exp 8/21 and 11/20
Gay Stock purchases:
I am going to buy a Honda Civics worth of DKNG stock over next two - three days
Why not calls? Well I am not sure when it's going to leap and volatility is high.
DKNG was at $43.75 on June 22.
Down 30% since then.
$30 now.
Its going to blow by $50 and to $70 and maybe more by the time we are at the start of the week 2 of the NFL season (September 17).
I will periodically throw money at BETZ tomorrow through the end of July.
Will use it to stop myself from impulse buying something stupid like HTZ or NKLA calls or TSLA puts.
I dunno why but the BETZ ticker just seems kinda gay to me.
Note: To clarify the above. I am a tard. Smart for a tard, but still a tard.
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DKNG - Fundamental DD Inside - DKNG

This is an example of fundamental DD that takes place at ‘smart’ money institutions based on my professional experience in IBD, Private Equity & most recently at a HF (mods can message me for proof). Not thoroughly fleshed out b/c you autists have limited attention spans, but a summary. Figured I’d take the time to give back to this community that has provided many lolz, & should be a good measuring stick when evaluating other forms of fundamental DD posted here.
DKNG - DraftKings, Inc.: vertically integrated US mobile betting operator that also provides retail sports betting & back-end betting solutions through SBTech. Think of SBTech as the tech ‘market-maker’ for traditional sports betting, they do all the funny math to set the betting odds & seem to be working on back-end solutions for DKNG Casino
The Big Picture
Only ~2% of the ~$90Bn gambling revenues were placed online which is the lowest in the world where betting online is legal. For example, in other countries online gaming activity represents ~6% - ~52% of total gambling revenues, with ~12% being the average.
Wall Street expects online gaming revenue to be $20Bn-$40Bn within the next 10 years. For this to be achieved, the online gambling market will have to achieve a ~30% penetration rate on total country gaming revenues. There is an expectation that this is could be easily achievable given penetration trends overseas - see page 11 of this:
Other catalysts include increasing adaptation of sports betting in more states. States that have both legal sports betting + online sports betting permitted: NV, NJ, WV, PA, IA. Sports betting permitted but no online: DE, MS, RI, MO, AR. Prior to COVID there was ongoing discussions across many States, especially ones with growing deficits to explore how permitting sports betting could create a fresh avenue of tax dollars. Post COVID there is an expectation that these discussions will be given extra focus as many States will be hungry for incremental tax dollars. Important to note that currently 43/50 States allow DFS, but given the small share DFS has on total Gaming Revenues, it increasingly looks like DKNG is banking on traditional sports betting for a variety of reasons, more later. There are entire articles on Google arguing this catalyst so I’ll end this here.
Digging Deeper
DKNG’s main offerings are Daily Fantasy Sports (“DFS”) products & traditional sports book products to its clients. Long story short, a metric to look for in my opinion (that is curiously not reported by management or remarked on) is the hold % in traditional gaming sector parlance or the ‘rake’ & compare it to the ‘traditional’ gaming products like sports betting & Blackjack.
For DFS: DKNG takes ~15% of the prize pool (note: used to be ~6-11% [2]). Curiously, their main competitor FanDuel also has moved up to a ~15% rake recently. Google searches show the smaller competitors have a rake in the ~13% range.
This ‘rake’ has grown ~2x in 6 years, but it has been a delicate move on behalf of management. Why? B/c the more ‘sophisticated’ DFS players (equal to autistic day traders on Robinhood) have noted this increase & based on some Googling, some have moved down market to the smaller players. As a side note, many live casino games have their rules altered to grow the Hold %. For example, Blackjack games with 6:5 payouts on 21 have materially higher Hold % than the traditional BJ rules that pay out 3:2. Given the findings so far, DKNG may not have much room to materially increase its hold % in DFS games in the near-term from current of 15%. More on this later.
Now why the fuck is this important? This is important b/c the typical sports book (ex-Parlays) have a ~5% hold %/rake. Parlays have up to a ~30% hold (which is why it’s commonly known as the sucker’s bet), & just for reference, the average Blackjack table clocks in 14.5%. What this means: Every dollar put into these games, the “House” or DKNG, will take 15% of your money for DFS games, for sports bets they will be pocketing ~5%, up to ~30% if you’re into parlays, & we’ll just use the standard 14.5% BJ hold for the DraftKings Casino platform.
So why the acquisition of SBTech & a foray into the traditional sports gambling market? As you can see previously, the illegal sports betting market is >30x the size of the current daily fantasy sports market. So it’s clear that the DFS providers including DKNG are foraying into the space to capture this user base & hopefully convert them into games that have a higher hold %, such as DFS/DKNG Casino.
As of May 2020, DKNG has achieved a 30% penetration rate on its ~4mm ‘monetized’ DFS clientele to its Online Sports Book (OSB), from the OSB+DFS clientele, DKNG has converted 50% into its DraftKings Casino platform.
Including non-monetized users, user base totals at 12mm. Based on these unit economics: every 1mm of additional users -> 333k monetized users for DFS -> 100k users for OSB -> 50k users for DraftKings Casino.
Some Numbers – Italicized/Bolded the important
Numbers that represent Risks to Long Thesis
Things to look for when going Long
- Progress of additional States legalizing sports betting – specifically, States with DFS already legalized
- Cost structure evolving to a more fixed mix vs. the mostly variable mix currently as this will be the forward figure that determines profitability
- Increasing User Base (Curr.: 12mm) -> Monetized Base (Curr.: 4mm) -> MUP (1Q’20: 0.7mm)
Share Price Target
Given the cost structure of the company, I’m going to base the price targets around Enterprise Value / Revenues (driven by MUPs & ARPUs).
Bear Case MUP: 5mm -> $20.32 - $45.73
Base Case MUP: 5.5mm -> $22.27 - $50.10
Bull Case MUP: 6mm -> $24.21 - $54.47
These MUPs imply a monetized customer base of 28mm – 33mm. At the high-end, this implies that DKNG monetized customer base will equal MGM’s current total user base.
At yesterday’s close of $43.70, DKNG is trading at 3.5x – 4.5x forward Revenues on an expected >5,000 MUPs.
Share Price drivers / considerations:
- Continued multiple expansion
- MUP Growth exceeding beyond targets
Management Team
Jason Robins, 39 – Co-Founder & CEO. Duke BA, started DraftKings from day 1 in 2011. The 2 other buddies he started the Company with are still at DKNG. Dude navigated the Company through the scandal that rocked them in ’15 & ’16, and was the trailblazer in getting DFS labeled as a non-gambling product that enabled it to open in States without a gaming designation. This shit is the stuff that gets people in history books. His accomplishments make him seem like a very competent guy. Has 3 kids now, and only ~3% economic ownership in DKNG but has 90% of the voting power through his Class B share ownership. Also he actively participates in venture investments, sitting on 10 boards.
His comp plan performance bonus target is pretty murky, but main drivers are EPS growth, revenue growth, then a bunch of margin & return metrics, along with share price returns. Overall, very open-ended & it’s safe to say as long as shit doesn’t hit the fan, he will be eligible for his max payouts year over year. I’m assuming the lawyers tried to encompass everything possible for maximum flexibility to justify him earning his max comp as long as DKNG is still around.
Since he’s got voting control of 90%, I’ll end the specific-person overview here, but want to note that they have a very bloated C-suite. 12 folks at DKNG, 8 folks at SBTech, all with C-suite designations. Whereas their main competitor FanDuel, has 3 guys with a C-suite designations & 1 EVP, but is a sub under a larger ParentCo that has its own management team of ~5 guys.
Looking through glassdoor you can see the biggest complaint among employees giving bad reviews is based on management, all of the specific issues they point out IMO are a result of a top-heavy company. Seems like a good starting point to optimize their cost structure, but given Robins' history of sticking this entire thing through with his co-founders since '11 stuff like this doesn't seem to be a part of his playbook. They’re a public company now though, so it’s going to be interesting to see going forward.
If I were to initiate a position in DKNG, the stock would have to fall to the $35-$37 range for me to be a buyer of the stock, and based on this rough intro analysis I'll be considering Put options if it breaches $50. I would not touch Calls at this level.

[1] Susquehanna Research – U.S. Online Gambling 6/27/19
[4] Goldman Sachs Research – DKNG Initiation 5/19/20
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I'm finalizing my portfolio for this year.

It's been a while since I made a big post. Lots of people are still messaging me about the energy sector post, especially for the ENPH tip, so I'm here to show my portfolio. I don't own all companies yet, this is partially hypothetical. I'm holding on to a reasonable cash position for a possible new downturn, but I have starting positions in most companies and will DCA.
I will try to keep it summarized, as I have done quite a lot of analysis on each of them. I'll draw the main picture and give the most important arguments for my choices, but I'm not expanding too much. If you're interested, you can DM me to talk about them more.
Let me start by saying I'm a growth investor. I always look for a combination of growth with a great track record, if possible at a reasonable price. There are exceptions as you will see below, but the main balance stays the same. I'm not a defensive investor, but no aggressive one either. My timeline is 2-5 years at least (due to a possible start of a small business), but I would gladly hold on to these companies 10+ years.
TLDR; For you guys not interested in my portfolio, I've added a short list of interesting smaller cap companies at the end, most of them trading at decent values.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
This one is becoming a blue chip, but has more than enough growth potential to live up to those high valuations. Preferred by gamers and beating their biggest competitor in the CPU market hard. While AMD and INTC were close competitors at the beginning of the 21st century, INTC took the lead by a lot. Since 2017, they introduced 7nm CPU's and GPU's and they are closing the gap fast. Not only are their chips more performant, they are also cheaper. Market cap $60B vs $261b.
Those next generation chips lead them to new partnerships, often beating INTC. Microsoft, a long time Intel customer, began using AMD chips in their Surface laptops. Lenovo using AMD for their new servers. Nvidia started using the chips in their AI products. AMD is also used by Apple's high-end laptops, while Intel (used in the budget range) will probably get replaced by Apple chips made in-house. Apart from laptops, AMD has government contracts to deliver supercomputers in 2021/2023 and they are used in both PS and XBOX consoles, to give a few examples.
For the CPU market, AMD is destined to take over, but they're also taking on NVDA for their GPU's. They have been catching up for years and in 2019 they finally made a better performing GPU in the $350-400 price range. There is a possibility to gain GPU market cap since NVDA has been pushing their prices due to the lack of competition. Therefore, with AMD stepping up their game, they need to give up market share or lower their margins.
Assets over liabilities are x1.88. Cash to debt ratio well above industry average, debt to EBITDA well below IA. ROE 17.12% and ROIC 28.06%. Earnings were growing fast before Covid (125% in Q3, 78% in Q4). Yes they're overvalued, but with their future outlook, I would always buy below $49.
Now that they are done catching up, the question is, will they outperform in the future. To gain more market share of Nvidia, they need to be better, not equally good. AMD also needs to control the heating better, as it is one of their long term problems.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Fintech companies like SQ and PYPL are a great investment. However, a lot of big companies will (and already did) implement online financial services. MA is able to easily work with multiple of those companies and they're using their global presence pretty well, that's why they're my pick for the fintech industry.
They launched Mastercard Accelerate last year, implementing those online paying platforms and letting start-ups take advantage of their global presence to grow and transform very fast. Last year they acquired Ethoca (managing e-commerce fraud) and Vyze (platform to connect merchants with multiple renders, giving them the opportunity to get those financial needs for start-ups). MA is basically helping start-ups to grow faster, which will result in more financial transactions in the future.
Last but not least, they like to focus on expanding to countries where there isn't much competition yet. They are expanding their exposure to Middle East and Africa, working with local networks and e-commerce platforms. They are in a strong position to capitalize those regions in the future and take on market leader Visa even more.
They get compared a lot to Visa, so I'll expand on that subject a bit as well. While V is focussing on performance and speed, MA plays the cyber security card. They are already working on ways to implement cryptocurrency and Mastercard tend to have more growth potential vs stability from market leader Visa. While V is in the lead, MA is more widely used by fintech companies, which shows potential take-over in the future. Next to their credit services, they also own debit service Maestro, which is widely used in Europe.
Returns as high as 150% (ROE) and 60% (ROIC). Very large margins and perfectly stable balance sheet. High EPS growth YoY, 53% and 42% in the last two years. Quick ratio 1.87. V has more assets and even bigger margins, however MA wins in returns and cash. In terms of more growth, I like to focus on those last numbers more.
It's a blue chip at a $300B market cap. Their growth potential might be limited, although I see them as one of the better picks between blue chips.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
I already talked about solar energy in another post, so I'm gonna skip the explanation. As some of you know my choices were ENPH and SEDG, so I'll explain a bit about why I choose ENPH here. Mainly it's because of their financials, so I'll dive that straight away.
Quick ratio - 2.35 vs 1.74
ROE - 142.94% vs 21.51%
ROIC - 85.51% vs 25.81%
Net margin - 25.81% vs 10.28%
However I think SEDG balance sheet is a lot better and safer, ENPH is working on their future more efficient. They are paving the way smoothly with bigger margins and return on investments. Although SEDG might be the better pick right now, ENPH will be the better one in a short while. ENPH is also a bit less overvalued and their PEG ratio is lower, which makes them the better pick to get in right now.
Diving into the products as well, ENPH just has the better and more efficient product. Their micro inverters are more durable (20 vs 12 years) and give the chance to increase or decrease the amount of solar panels easily, depending on your personal situation.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
I'm not a big fan of biotech companies, but these guys have my attention. Not because they're working on Covid vaccines, but because of two reasons. First one is them getting back-up from Gilead Sciences. That's the push they needed to start operating worldwide, increasing their potential market cap. Now that they have the cash from GILD, they can keep on buying interesting divisions and increase their growth. While having almost no long term debt, they are set pretty well with about $4 billion extra in cash.
Second, they have multiple medicines in later trial phases, with Filgotinib as their biggest one. They had a setback on those results, but the company is very confident, giving an opportunity to get them at a decent price. I wouldn't be surprised if they partner up with another big pharmaceutical company in the metabolic disease section.
High PE (84 vs 44 average), but PEG ratio is 1.2. Quick ratio 9.28. ROIC 75.91% and ROE 7%. Became profitable this year with 16.25% net margin. 38.7% YoY EPS growth.
Like all biotech players, there's a lot depending on medicines getting through phase trials and being commercialized. If Filgotinib will fail, their stock will obviously fall. However since they are backed by a big US giant, they can commercialize the product faster and on a bigger global scale if trials succeed. That's what gives them the advantage in comparison to other biotech companies for me.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
This one has got me doubting a lot. I've taken them off and put them back on my list multiple times, but eventually I decided to keep them at least 2 years to see how they will evolve into streaming.
Biggest advantage they have on their competitors is they basically have a monopoly on kids entertainment. Kids are growing up with electronic devices and content, so they're creating customers at a very young age. That's how Coca Cola used to work. They targeted 14-16 year olds, dumping loads of money into advertising which resulted in life long customers, as people didn't change cola brands often.
Disney+ is a big hit and they won't get so much competition from other streaming services as Netflix and Roku will. They have one of the strongest defined brands out there and they know perfectly how to build and maintain their company. It's also still unclear how sports with public will evolve, but it's certain streaming will become even bigger after Covid. Therefore their money-losing ESPN acquisition could even turn into a moneymaker.
I can't really say great things about their financials. ROE is 12.67%, above 10% is decent. Assets over liabilities are x1.85 and debt to equity is 0.61. You could apply the saying "too big to fail' here, but that's about it. The bad financials are mainly caused by their big investment to streaming of course and they're working on it hard. They doubled their cash position, increasing their quick ratio from 0.75 to 0.89.
I would say financials are their weak point here. They still have to go through some bad weather this and next year I would say. Them doubling their cash position in Q1 was soothing, as I see it being the biggest issue for the future. It might be better to wait it out and keep an eye on them for next year, but I wanted to take a position already. Not higher than 8% of my portfolio though.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
They don't really an introduction I guess. 2nd biggest player for cloud services with Azure. Naming Satya Nadella as CEO and making the transition from hardware to software in 2014 were the best decisions they could've made. Acquired the government contract with Pentagon, however there's still uncertainty about it. In short, Amazon is claiming they were about to win the contract, but Trump criticizing the company would've lead to calling off the deal. For me, that's probably the main reason why MSFT didn't fly as high as their fellow cloud competitors yet.
Assets over liabilities x1.67. ROE and ROIC respectively at 43.82% and 28.88%. Quick ratio of 2.88, 0.65 debt to equity and 1.86 cash to debt. Decent financials, great returns. Talking about blue chips, I would say MSFT is still fairly valued with a PEG ratio just below industry average. Also paying a small dividend.
The Pentagon contract allegations could be pretty negative for the company. They will probably not come back on their decision, cause if they do, MSFT will claim they already made big investments towards them and things will just keep on dragging on. Even without the contract, MSFT should be a 10 year hold while buying on dips.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Haven't read a lot about them here on Reddit, but they're a very decent investment. Basically, they buy properties from cannabis companies and leases them back to the sellers, giving them the cash they need to grow faster and IIPR keeps the long term advantage of renting out those properties. They need to buy about 6-8 properties a year to keep their growth rate going and they already bought 7 this year. They still have a lot of cash ready to take advantage of the crisis.
Not only are they 20% undervalued right now, they have a lot more growth potential after that and on top of it, they pay close to 5% dividend. I'm not a big fan of betting on the best cannabis company for the future, but IIPR is a great buy to have exposure in that industry. It doesn't happen very often I come across a company that combines growth potential with a high dividend, but IIPR does.
Quick ratio 6.75, cash to debt 2.8 (while REITs have an 0.07 average). Net margins 13% above average. Assets over liabilities x4.88. Annual EPS growing by more than 150% and about 41% in the last quarter before Covid. They just missed Q1 estimates, but it was only an 8% drop from Q4, performing way better than other REITs.
IIPR has held a lot of new investment rounds, diluting shares. Of course extra capital will result in higher growth and will eventually be positive in the long run. There has been a drop in these last few days due to the announcement of selling 1 million more shares soon. I would look at it as an opportunity to get an even better price on them.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
It's the only company I don't own yet. I can't force myself to invest more than $140 per share for them, although I really like their business model. A lot of people are skipping doctors visits these days, going straight away to get medicines and counting on the advice of pharmacists. A lot of times, there's more examination needed.
Not only do I see them succeeding in their field, I see them as an essential part of the automation of the pharmacy industry. It's a useful tool in emergencies, giving advice and deciding how serious the condition is, if (fast) medical care is needed. Teladoc will also play a role in insurance and giving the employers a checking tool. 98.9% of their shares are owned by institutions.
In terms of profitability and returns, not great of course. They are estimated to get profitable in 2023. Great balance sheet, assets over liabilities x2.66. Quick ratio 6.14, cash to debt 1.06, debt to equity 0.48.
It's hard to see if a company is well managed before they are profitable. Their moat isn't very narrow, however I feel being one of the first ones gives you a big advantage in this field.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Gonna keep this one pretty short, there has been enough posts about Donkey Kong. For me, the most important factor for choosing them in this industry is their fantasy sports section. They are widely popular and that division will only get more interesting while online gambling, and especially in-game betting, gets more and more legalized in the US.
Although they realized major revenue growth in 2019, they almost doubled their earnings loss. Main reason of course having to develop their platform and system. Good thing is, their technology is highly scalable, meaning they margin will grow massively while expanding in to more states and countries. Not many ratios available yet, so that's about the only financial information I own atm.
The only negative I see is their pretty wide moat, so this one should be monitored more closely in the future. But for now, they have the momentum and are one of the most popular choices, great investment.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
As many of you know, two great companies (UTC and RTN) merged together in April. While United focussed on aircraft engines (Pratt & Whitney), Raytheon manufactured weapons, military and commercial electronics. They always delivered advanced technologies and them gaining multiple government contracts in the last decade is confirmation of their performant products.
Raytheon will continue to grow their leadership in different segments. Because of their diversity, they seem perfectly in place to grow even more into an aerospace & defense giant. Engines, aerostructures, avionics, sensors, cybersecurity and other software solutions are just a few examples of their working fields.
With a PE ratio of 13.58 and PB ratio of 1.41, this is probably the most undervalued stock in my portfolio. Assets over liabilities x1.43. The rest of their financials isn't that great. UTC was carrying a lot of debt, but because of the merger, it will be better balanced as RTN was only carrying $2 billion net debt. If they can decrease their debt and optimize their merger, they are set to be the new number one in defense.
It's still unclear how the merger will work out financially and logistically. In theory, they should be very well armed (pun intended) to take on LMT as market leader. Their exposure to commercial aircrafts is also a big threat, but it's less of an issue because they can make up with their other practices.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
As you can see, I've tried to get the best blue chips with still some growth potential and stable growth companies together. Since a lot of companies already got mentioned on this forum, I'll include a bonus round of interesting companies I came across during my search for the best companies. I didn't include them in my portfolio mainly because I feel the chance of them succeeding and living up to their future potential is more risky than others. For you looking for higher risk, higher reward, check out these companies below.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
So, that's about all I have to share. This will also be my last big post a while. Analyzing stocks has been my main occupation for the last three months, but it's time to work on opening up the hotel and bar again. I hope some of you get something out of this. I'm not a professional so always check again for yourself. I'm gonna hold on to these companies for a while now. Will add some extra capital at the beginning of 2021, so you could expect another big post about my newest findings then. For now, I'm gonna take a break from following the market day in day out and enjoy the weather a bit more.
Have a good one!
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Betting sites leaking playoff results 15 in advance?

Promisq tweets: whats the deal with betting sites leaking the results of a bo5 series 15 mins in advance..? link:

Apparently, betting sites sit on playoff results 15 min before the game ends on stream. How..? Why..?
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$BETZ online gambling ETF just announced

Online gambling is still in its infancy and the individual stocks have been absolutely ripping the past two months. Instead of picking a trifecta box, get skin in the game by betting on all of the horses in the race.
Top holdings by weighting:
DraftKings = 7.02%
Flutter Entertainment = 6.53% (FanDuel)
GAN = 5.79%
Pointsbet Holdings = 5.36%
Kambi Group = 4.78%
Betsmakers Technology Group = 4.57%
William Hill = 4.45%
Penn National Gaming = 4.16%
Kindred Group = 4.12%
Edit: Added note that Flutter owns FanDuel
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I worked in 2 POGO companies before and just resigned due to No work No pay policy brought by COVID-19.

I won't detail my job description but I can give you some insights. Maraming POGO companies dito sa pinas na hindi CHINESE Mainlander ang may ari. Marami sa kanila from Europe, Singapore, Malaysian and Vietnamese. Sila sila ang magkakapartner dyan. Ang usual na target nilang players are from Asia. Mapa-Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Korea, Japan, China.. etc. You name it, ayan ang mga target nila. Meron silang game provider dito na nag pro-provide ng casino games para sa kanila, in exchange magbibigay lang sila ng commission. Makikita mo tong mga game provider sa mga gaming exhibits. Yung napasukan ko, hundreds of millions ang kita nila kada buwan gamit ang games ng mga to and mataas talaga sila mag pasahod lalo na sa mga bilingual na katulad ko at expats.
Kumikita ako ng 80-100k sa kanila kahit barok ang Mandarin ko pero hindi naman kasi yun ang specialty ko. I joined kasi gusto ko mapractice Mandarin ko. Sayang naman kasi pinag aralan ko sa escuela tapos hindi ko magagamit. Yung mga katulad ko na bilingual at mga expats na fluent bilinguals, double ng sahod ko kinikita nila or could be even more.
And you know kung bakit lugi ang gobyero sa kanila? Hindi ko alam kung may relation ba o ano. Pero kasi mapaexpat man or local, ang maximum basic salary nila samin 32k lang, the rest is in ALLOWANCE nila binibigay. Sobrang minimum lang na tax ang binabayad namin sa government and mukhang hindi tama talaga etong patakaran nila. Downside is maliit ang backpay and 13th month. Hindi ko rin sure kung ano ang reason nila kung bakit ganun ang sahuran nila, Maybe someone can enlighten me on this one?
Bukod pa doon, marami din silang loop holes na ginagamit. Para bang makikipag partner sila sa mga entertainment, leisure businesses and then mag ooperate sila under nung name ng kumpanya na yun. Nagtataka ako kasi parang hiwalay kami doon sa mga empleyadong "totoo" nung kumpanya. Para bang backdoor office kami in terms of Mafia. Madalas naman bumibisita ang PAGCOR and nung tumawag ako sa kanila, meron talagang legit gambling license itong 2 companies na to even though na hindi talaga ayun ang main focus ng businesses nila. May partner lang silang POGO na ginagamit ang company name nila and space. Maybe someone can also enlighten me on this one?
Magugulat ka talaga lalo na pag umattend ka ng gambling exhibits sa Solaire or Marion hotel. Makikita mo, ang daming Europeans sa VIP sections. Anong ginagawa nila doon?
Well anyway, eto lang naman ang mga insights ko para sa inyo since mukhang galit na galit kayo sa POGO and laging nirerelate sa China kahit na sirang plaka na yung China na bawal sa kanila yan at na ban na sa Cambodia due to pressure from Beijing, sa atin naman na stop lang pag issue ng bagong POGO licenses at sinalo yung mga gambling employees from Cambodia na nawalan ng work kaya nag damihan dito ng biglaan. I know this because a lot of my colleagues came from there.
EDIT: Wag naman po ganun, CCP shill agad? Eto proof na merong European POGO owners na licensed dito.
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I Want You to Play More Adventure Games (Part II: 1994-2000)

I wanted to continue my discussion of adventure games considered the greatest of all time. As before, this is not an exhaustive list but I have carefully aggregated reviews from a variety of sources to make my decision.
Many wondered why certain titles weren't included on the previous list. This is because the list only went up to 1993! Let us go beyond and discover the later years of the Golden Age of Adventure Games and find out where it all went wrong.
First, I want to give props to sites like Adventure Gamers and YouTubers like PushingUpRoses who produce excellent reviews of these games, far better than anything I'm likely to write here. Second, if you don't like adventure games, and don't think you ever will, this list may not be for you. The title of this post is not an imperative, just a hope that you'll find entertainment as I have, and that I can share some of that with you.
1994-1997: The Rise of Pre-Rendered 3D, FMV, and 16 bit graphics
By the mid-90’s, we were saying fond farewell to DOS, as Windows and other 16- and 32-bit operating systems took its place. It was a transitional period, some games released had installation options for both DOS and Windows on the same disk. With the rise of improved graphics and commonality of CD-ROM drives, we see larger games with more intensive assets. Pixel graphics gave way to a more cartoony style which would last until the rise of 3D rendered models a few years later.
Honorable Mentions
Soft recommends: (ie, if I don't include these, people will talk)
1998-2000: Hardware-rendered 3D and the death of the classic adventure game
Some blame Myst. Some blame Quake, Doom, and Unreal. Whoever is to blame, but the late 80's, everyone knew 3D gaming was the future. They knew it! I mean, why have lush 2D backgrounds and characters when you could have clunky, boxy models in a pre-rendered space? This spelled the end of the classic adventure, as sales during this time period were lackluster and the cost of making these games increased due to the new 3D mandate.
Isn't it weird how obsessed with 3D models we became? Pixar comes out with a few movies, a few years later, Disney decides all animated movies have to be computer generated from then on. Maybe it was cheaper, I'm just impressed by how quickly they went from The Lion King to "Home on the Range sucked, only CGI from now on." And don't try to tell me that the models looked good; "Chicken Little" looks dreadful compared to "Lilo & Stitch."
Anyway, around this time, we also started getting more story-heavy games in previously shallow genres: RPGs, long noted for their storyline, were gaining mainstream appeal thanks to Final Fantasy VII and its ilk. Action/shooter games like Half-Life and Metal Gear Solid and Deus Ex showed that games can have good storytelling and narrative. Even when adventure games stopped being produced by major studios, it's not like I suddenly stopped playing games. Post-2000, I could still get my story fix in games like Silent Hill 1 & 2, Halo, Kingdom Hearts, Baldur's Gate, and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, not to mention all the Zeldas, Fallouts, and Resident Evils of that time. Let's look at some of the games that helped usher out the era:
Honorable mention:
So that's it, the end of the Golden Age. What came next? I will be back, talking about Syberia, some releases for Nintendo DS, and maybe pointing out a few visual novels that cross the line into adventure game territory (yes, that means Phoenix Wright), before getting into the modern era of the last 8 years.
Edit: Altered the list to move Quest for Glory V out of top spot. How'd it get there?
Edit 2: Added links to all titles I could find for sale online.
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Verasity (VRA)

Verasity is a rewards based platform for gaming and video entertainment. Their SDK can be integrated into the most used online video players, such as Twitch and Vimeo, and video gaming content is monetized with their Ad Stack. Also, their coming platform will enable users to create their own eSports tournament, with custom Jackpots, as well as combining gaming, crypto and betting.They already have some live products, namely, their GameStore ( and a dedicated browser wallet (; however, their larger product to date will probably be their eSports platform, which will launch this week in anticipation for their first tournament, which will be a CS:GO (Counterstrike - a best-selling Steam game) tournament starting next monday and featuring several pro players, including xccurate (one of the best CS:GO players in Asia, 9k followers on Twitter - announcement here: and NBK (mighty European pro player, regularly ranked in the top10 in recent years, with 280k followers on Twitter - announcement here More players are joining every day, leading to the tournament start on Monday.Yesterday they also launched their fiat on-ramp, allowing users to buy VRA with their credit card (announcement: Their fiat on-ramp buys tokens from some exchanges (those with highest liquidity), and token will be demanded by gamers to bet on their players during the tournament next week.
VRA is lsted on Kucoin, Bitmax, Binance DEX, Bittrex. There are some ongoing rumors of a new listing coming very soon. Current marketcap is $3.4m; considering that top100 threshold is $61m at the moment and top200 is currently at $16m, if the tournament gains good traction and pro players manage to attract good viewership, volume and adoption for the token, a conservative target might thus be a 5x from here, while a bolder target might be put at 15x.
As always, DYOR, and good luck everyone.
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The Monthly Scribe - July 2020 - Leave a comment for a chance to win 1 Year of Pro!

The Monthly Scribe

Congratulations everyone! You have all successfully navigated this joke of a year to the halfway point. Yep, only half way. If 2020 was condensed into a single day then we've only gotten to lunch time. Will you be having the collapsalad today? Or maybe some just-ice cream....get it? Because it's justice...but als- never mind.
In case you're new here, we pin a monthly thread in our subreddit to share and discuss updates with our users. You're also welcome to share any news, ideas, short stories and metaphors about internet privacy and security. What would Confucius say if he had internet privacy concerns?
"How can one be truly free while choosing to be tracked?"
"A man can live for himself or live for advertisers."
While you ponder such modern day wisdom, consider leaving a comment in this thread enlightening us with your revelations. Or just leave any interesting comment at all, entertain us! We will go through all of them at the end of the month and select a random comment to win 1 Year of Pro. The winner of June's thread was jelegend. Congrats, your 1 Year Pro code is in your inbox!

WTF Winners

For those who are unaware, we hosted an online competition called the Windscribe Transnational Film Festival. In it we asked our users to create short clips based on the randomly generated usernames that our website gave you.
We're happy to say that you folks did not disappoint, we received over 400 submissions! We spent a long while conferring about the clips, making fancy spreadsheets to score all the entries and after all videos were reviewed, we tallied up the results for the main categories and these were the winners:
Grand Prize - Pumped Banana Actor
Dank Story - Ordinary Pickle Decorator
Dank Production - Old Tree Fighter
Much Lulz - Electronic Face Fixer
Wholesome - Local Goldfish Painter
Mr. Strange - Powerful Pig Pastor
Popular Vote - Pumped Banana Actor
There were also 20 more runner up winners who each won $100 and 1 Year of Pro. All these submissions can be viewed on our website.
Congratulations to everyone who won! You should have all been contacted by now with the details for how to claim your prize.
We'd also like to thank everybody else who participated in the contest, this was our first step into hosting such events and it will certainly not be the last. Community involvement is something we love and strive for and consider this contest a huge success. If you still want to win something, tell us which submission you liked most in the comments and you will be entered to win this month's 1 Year Pro giveaway.

Windscribe Updates

Yes, you read that right, Wireguard is finally on the horizon. We heard you loud and clear, you all want the latest and greatest VPN tech and who are we to deny you that? We think it needs a new cool name though, something like CableShield or FibreFighter. We're open to all your suggestions, if you come up with a really good one we like and end up using, we'll give you some free Pro credit.
As we'd mentioned in previous discussions regarding Wireguard, some work would be required on the backend in order to facilitate the protocol on our servers. That's exactly what our team has been working on for the last month and the results are looking quite good. The performance gives almost your full non-VPN speed and some users have even reported seeing Wireguard speeds 3-4 times faster than what IKEv2 could give.
Don't get too excited just yet though, these were early results and there is still a fair bit of work to do before it's available on all our clients. Often times IKEv2 alone will get you to 95% of your ISP speeds so not everyone needs it. However, given the fact that this is a more modern protocol built by scientists, doctors and astronauts (don't quote us on that), you can expect it to function better than IKEv2 and OpenVPN to some degree. At the very least it won't be limited to one network port like IKEv2 is so you get the combined benefits of IKEv2's speed with the versatility of OpenVPN.
Right now we have connectivity to our servers using Wireguard configs so most of the backend functionality is complete. The mobile developers have been hard at work implementing the protocol into both the Android and iOS clients so these will be the first Windscribe apps to get Wireguard. Desktop users will also be able to connect using a separate Wireguard client. Our extremely talented, smart and handsome desktop app developers have their hands full already but the plan at the moment is to include Wireguard in the stable release of version 2.0.
We've also made a few new hires over the last few months to speed up the development on our applications. These fine employees passed some of the most rigorous testing we could throw at them including programming in Latin, designing a website underwater, and even jumping through flaming hoops. They made it look easy, so we had to have them on our team.
City-level Custom Configs
Back in the year 1471, a young Leonardo da Vinci wrote in one of his early journals:
Quando Windscribe avrà configurazioni personalizzate a livello di città?
Loosely translated, he was pondering the question of when Windscribe would have city-level custom configs. This early work of his has been passed down for generations all the way to the comments on this subreddit asking the same thing.
Well, they're finally here! As of today, you can get city-level custom configs for all your non-Windscribe VPN clients. How exciting is that? Static IP config files can now also be found on the same config generator pages, you no longer need to go through the port forwarding setup like before.

Boredom Bits

As we head into what seems to be a second wave of the pandemic, you are probably sighing at the thought of being bored at home again. Perhaps you're even swearing to yourself. If you are, you might have fun taking out the anger on this Swear Word Coloring Book. Show that book who's boss, you color outside the lines because no one can tell you how to live your life!
If you get too excited and start ripping the paper out of the book, don't throw it out! Instead, with just a few cuts and folds, turn the paper into a functioning V8 engine like this guy did. You can even add a throttle if you're feeling really fancy.
Like most people, you probably purchased a guinea pig during this quarantine, but now you're concerned about the harsh world that little Kevin the guinea pig must live in. If you have the coin ($24,300 USD specifically), consider investing in some hand-crafted guinea pig armor. It even comes with a metal helmet too!
If a guinea pig in armor doesn't do it for you, we have more pictures of funny animals. Well, funny cats specifically, we only post funny cats here.
Until next month! Place your bets on what the next global catastrophe will be. Aliens? Yellowstone eruption? AI takeover? Tweet us your guess on Twitter @windscribecom or discuss it at length in our Discord Server.
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$MARK DD - There Is Potential

MARK was the most chosen stock so here is the DD for it.
Bagholders will like this.
TL;DR at the end.

During the conference call, their management will be discussing other topics apart from financial results.
They will be providing updates on their AI businesses in Asia and the U.S.
Thermal and security screening will also be discussed.

Since there corona cases are spiking, there is potential for them to announce a partnership with other companies.
Some rumors have been going around about a possible partnership with an airport but those are all rumors.

Their thermal cameras will be of great help to any business that has a constant flow of people so the possible partnerships are limitless.

The AI news could be huge. MARKs AI Thermal cameras are amazing for the Asia Market especially since China has recently reported a lot of corona cases.
Their thermal cameras are perfect for dense countries so China could be a big client for MARK.
Their thermal cameras are in very high demand right now and they are closing deals with business left and right.

MARK has made a deal with China Mobile to provide all of its 17,800 stores with AI technology enabling “facial-ID, traffic counting, and smart queue management.”

This data will allow the company to streamline and optimize traffic flow in its stores by giving customers information about the nearest stores and number of customers in each one, and it allows them to get in line for a customer service agent before they arrive, via an online ticketing system.
Such technology can significantly improve customer service, making for happier customers and a more successful brand. Additionally, by reducing foot traffic, these solutions can slow the spread of coronavirus and help companies operate smoothly with reduced physical capacity in stores.
The potential revenue on this deal would be massive.

Considering that the thermal cameras aren't the cheapest, it would cost China Mobile millions of dollars to equip all their 17,800 stores.
MARK is going to have their wallers filled with straight-up cash which they will be using to further expand their business and technology.
Their app Sharecare has already been launched and will be providing users with virtual healthcare.

Sharecare offers AI-enhanced healthcare and it’s had a lot of attention from celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Oz. Celebrity.

Virtual healthcare offers a cheaper alternative to visiting healthcare professionals, which is an important factor in the Presidential campaign in which healthcare costs will once again be a big thing. Plus, the pandemic forced people to use remote healthcare services.

As there are more cases, more people will be using Sharecare which will further improve revenues and publicity for MARK.

TDOC is a powerful example of how growing interest in virtual healthcare was accelerated by the pandemic.
The company said that the number of virtual visits it facilitated at the start of April was more than 100% higher than in March. Demand for virtual healthcare will likely continue to be strong going forward.

If MARK can successfully pull off what TDOC is doing, the stock will skyrocket with their revenues.

I'm very surprised to say this but MARK has not reported any financials at all for this year.
I will not be basing any financials on their last year's financials form since it does not accurately represent the financials that the company has today.

There could be multiple reasons for not reporting any financials, I do not know which one it is but I do know that not reporting financials negatively affects the company and reduced the number of people willing to invest.
They are currently planning on releasing some financials very soon but still, not reporting financials at the right time is never good.
Date: Monday, July 6, 2020Time: 4:30 p.m. Eastern time (1:30 p.m. Pacific time)Toll-Free Number: 866.548.4713International Number: 323.794.2093Conference ID: 1160760

This doesn't necessarily mean the financials will be bad especially with all the catalysts. I actually expect their financials to be somewhat good.

Here's a description of the company:
Remark Holdings, Inc., technology-focused company, develops and deploys artificial intelligence (AI) products and AI-based solutions for businesses in various industries worldwide.
It operates through two segments, Travel & Entertainment, and Technology & Data Intelligence. The company operates KanKan, a data intelligence platform that offers AI-based vision products, computing devices, and software-as-a-service products for the financial, retail, entertainment, education, and workplace and public safety industries.
It also owns and operates various digital media properties that deliver content in various verticals, including travel and entertainment, such as lodging, air travel, show tickets, and tours through and its related Websites comprising, as well as mobile applications and retail locations; and young adult lifestyle that includes, an e-commerce Website, which sells swimwear and accessories.
In addition, the company sells financial-technology products and services, as well as advertising services through its Websites.
The company was formerly known as Remark Media, Inc. and changed its name to Remark Holdings, Inc. in April 2017. Remark Holdings, Inc. was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Their Address:
3960 Howard Hughes ParkwaySuite 900Las Vegas, NV 89169United States702-701-9514
They have no full-time employees.

It's good that they are located in the U.S. this opens up a lot of potential clients.

Stock Info:

- Usual 10-day volume of 8.23M.
- Usual 3-month volume of 34.32M.
This is a very good volume for a penny stock, it provides easy buying and selling of the stock and it ensures that there will be movement in the stock price.

- Shares outstanding are 99.38M.
- Float is 85.71M.
It would be better to see a lower float since the lower the float the easier it is to move up the stock price, but this isn't a bad float.
Not that many benefits from a float like this other than it's harder to push down the price but the same goes for trying to push up the price.

- 26.23% of shares are being held by insiders.
- 14.19% of shares are being held by institutions.
So many insiders holding the stock could cause a massive dump in the stock price if they decided to sell-off.
It isn't all bad though, this also shows that the insiders are confident that the stock price will go up since it is part of their paycheck.
A good number of institutions hold the stock, institutions usually invest in stocks that will increase in price.

- Short % of float is 15.43%
- Short % of shares outstanding is 14.52%.
This is both good and bad. The good is that there is potential for a big short squeeze which will force many people to start mass buying the stock, this will of course boost the stock price by quite a bit.
The bad part is that this shows that a good part of investors aren't confident that the stock price will go up. The lower the confidence the more paper hands traders there will be which will make the price fall.

These are based on the 1-day indicators.

Moving Averages:
- Candles above 5 SMA, buy rating.
- Candles below 10 SMA, sell rating.
- Candles below 20 SMA, sell rating.
- Candles below 30 SMA, sell rating.
- Candles above 50 SMA, buy rating.
- Candles above 100 SMA, buy rating.
- Candles above 200 SMA, buy rating.
- Candles are neutral on IC, hold rating.
- Candles are below VWAP, sell rating.
- Candles are above HMA, buy rating.
Moving Averages give MARK a buy rating. MARK is in a short term downtrend but an overall uptrend.

- Stock is neutral on RSI, hold rating.
- Stock is positive on R%S, buy rating.
- Stock is neutral on CCI, hold rating.
- Stock is neutral on ADI, hold rating.
- Stock is negative on AO, sell rating.
- Stock is negative on Momentum, sell rating.
- Stock is negative on MACD, sell rating.
- Stock is neutral on SRF, hold rating.
- Stock is neutral on WPR, hold rating.
- Stock is neutral on BPP, hold rating.
- Stock is neutral on UO, hold rating.
Oscillators give MARk a sell rating

Overall, indicators give MARK a sell rating.

Support And Resistances:
- Hourly support of $2.31.
- Hourly resistance of $2.44.
- Daily support of $1.08.
- Daily resistance of $3.56.

TL;DR: MARK is a sort of short term play, I recommend selling it off when they announce their financials and other plans on July 6.
With cases rising, MARK will be a hot stock, their thermal cameras are in very high demand all across the world and potential partnerships and deals are limitless.
China Mobile has made a deal with MARK to equip their 17,800 stores with thermal cameras. MARK will be making bank on this deal and will use the money to improve its technology which will further potential revenue.
MARKs app Sharecare could become a big success. Most people will not be leaving their houses and Sharecare will take advantage of that by bringing virtual healthcare to people. The potential revenue on this one is massive.
The conference will hopefully boost the stock price by quite a bit considering that they will be discussing so many things.

TL;DR;DR: These are some quick buy and sell points.
- Buy point is if MARK rebounds to around $2.33-$2.29.
- Instant buy point is if MARK breaks the $2.61 hourly resistance with some buffer.
- Sell point is if MARK falls below the hourly 50 SMA.
- Instant sell point is if MARK falls below the hourly $2.13 support.
Remember, this is not a very short term play, July 6 will be a big day for the stock.

Please take everything with a grain of salt, markets are being volatile.
These points are more suited for the volatility of the market and should work better than before.

This is not financial advice, I'm not a financial professional.
Do not buy this stock just because of this DD.
I'm not to be held liable for any losses or missed out gains due to this DD.
I do not currently hold any shares of this stock.

Please trade responsibly and take days off when your account is falling.
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Enjoy gripping entertainment online casino and sports betting

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Which companies/industries will survive or die?!

Hey young professionals & the old wise ones,
I come to you with a question at hand for the future... Logically of course... Which companies do you see failing as a result of corona and the mass injustices going on? Also, which companies/industries do you see flourishing if the country assuming the plans to open back up turns to be successful?!
& at what timing is the most ideal for going in on these related stocks?!
For my 2 cents I will give some of my ideas of which stocks that will be worth watching
  1. With gyms opening back up in states this week, possibly stocks such as GNC which are low priced for now, as well as other health/fitness related stocks like Planet Fitness, etc.
  2. All stocks related to travel such as airplanes and cruises will prove to reach their previous highs before the recession if returning to normal life goes smoothly and people aren't so turned off to travel after the virus scares, but matters which companies will come out on top the most and if it will be safe. Thoughts?
  3. Same scenario with casinos opening back up, is this a lucrative investment to hop on early?
  4. With NBA coming back in July, which sports related stocked are u watching to be top earners? I was thinking draft kings??
  5. With release of PS5 coming later this year, sony would be a smart play to own before launch of this new console yes?
  6. Will online shopping reign in the future and continue its trend as of recent? Wayfair, Alibaba, Shopify, etc?
  7. Maybe not this month or next, but sooner or later concerts will be coming back and people will want entertainment in their life again, I think 2021 will be a huge year for stocks like Live Nation to return to peaks, or what other stocks would be good here?!
  8. Lastly, will cannabis be a good hold to have for long term since it is proven to be a big part of the economy ?!
If you know of any sleepers out there that you are betting for a big comeback let me know
Cheers !
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One Easy Way To Tell If You’re Growing on Twitch

It took me over a year to really understand growth on Twitch. There are websites that measure it; there’s the Twitch dashboard you can use, but there’s also an easier way to see growth and if your efforts are actually working.
The best way to tell if you’re growing on Twitch is: You’re bringing in new follows to your channel when you’re offline. That’s it!
There’s no other magic besides that, no bait and switch here. But if you want to keep reading, I’ll dive deeper on this.
I took off five days from Twitch at the end of May 2020 and I was still able to see growth. This was a bit scary, since I never take more than a day or two off due to consistency on Twitch being important.
Although I wasn’t live, I kept getting a flow of new followers over the course of those five days, with no streaming. Let’s talk about why.

Looking for Growth

While it’s important to be live and to provide great content during streams, it’s also important to have viewers and to grow your audience. It’s completely possible to get new viewers when you are live. This can happen through raids, being recommended, or by a viewer scrolling and tapping your stream over the thousands of others — but there are better ways.
The things I mentioned above about getting new viewers while live are, for the most part, out of your control. You can’t build your content around hopes and prayers of a “big raid” one day. Going live wishing that someone will click on your stream compared to everyone else’s is also not great.
If you’re relying on these two things daily, you’d probably have more success handing out flyers for your stream to random people on the corner of Times Square. At least you’d have control in that situation.
Ultimately, this comes down to how currently Twitch is not a very good discovery platform. Due to the nature of how Twitch is currently set up, users aren’t regularly exposed to hundreds or thousands of potential streams to find new ones.
To combat this, you have to create additional content to push people to your Twitch. This can be done through Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or whatever social platform fits you best.

What You Can Control

Let’s say you’re streaming six hours a night, five times a week. Since we all know basic math, that’s 30 hours of content you’re making on Twitch weekly. That’s almost a full-time job! Your viewers probably don’t know how much work you’ve put in before and after a stream, so realistically, you’re putting in even more than that.
We’ll keep it simple and follow the above example. Let’s say you’re getting one follower an hour, resulting in 30 new followers every week while live. Some of you may be happy with that but I’m going to be honest and say you shouldn’t be.
Going back to the joke earlier … If you were standing on a corner in Times Square with flyers for your stream, I bet in an hour you could probably convince a handful of people on a busy street to check out your stream, right? If you’re unaware, word of mouth advertising is proven to work. At the end of the day you’re selling a product, and that product is entertainment.
I’m not telling you that you should stand on a corner in New York to advertise your stream ... but you do you. What I am saying, is if you’re confident that your streams are worth watching, you could persuade someone to tune in if given that opportunity.
The problem is, you can’t convince a person they should watch if they can’t find your stream due to it being buried in the Twitch directory.

You’re Streaming Too Much

Whether you’re live or not, you need a solution for people to find you. That being said, you can’t be standing on a corner advertising your stream while simultaneously entertaining your Twitch audience. Unless, you did stream you standing on a corner to… never mind.
You can start this by cutting the time you’re live to get better results. Thinking of going back to streaming six hours a night, five days a week? Let’s cut it down to five hours a night, four days a week. You’re now streaming ten less hours, but still a great amount weekly.
Now, you may worry you’d kill your stream by cutting ten hours of content off, but that’s wrong! You now have ten additional hours to create content on other platforms to bring people to Twitch. Twitter, YouTube, Instagram … Whatever platform you deem to compliment your Twitch content, use it wisely.
Keeping math simple here — if you’re spending two hours a week dedicated to Instagram content and it brings you eight new followers to your Twitch, regardless if you’re live, you’ve quadrupled the growth you would’ve made with those two hours of streaming content.

Seeing Your Results

If you’re offline for a couple days and you see no growth, then you might have to rework your content, platform, or adjust the time you’re live with the time you are dedicating to help people find you.
To be clear, this article isn’t telling you what content you should make or what platforms you should use. My intention is to help you reevaluate your current content and time usage.
The idea is that it shouldn’t matter if you are offline or online, you should be growing without relying on that start streaming button.
If your content is engaging AND the end goal is to get people to your Twitch, it shouldn’t matter if you’re offline, people will follow. This is how you can directly see growth and if it’s working.
I original wrote this for Medium, so if you want to see that format, plus pictures, plus see my other articles about Twitch, you can check it out here.
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AFL asks Sportsbet to curb ad controversy as season restart looms

The AFL has demanded assurances from one its biggest sponsors that they will curtail some of their controversial advertising ahead of the code’s return to the field next week.
Sources have confirmed with The Australian that the AFL wrote to wagering market leader Sportsbet this week about their sponsorship deal, worth about $8m annually and one the betting giant is set to assume after its recent merger with BetEasy.
Sportsbet’s irreverent advertising and branding campaigns have long attracted the attention of punters, making it an essential part of the company’s rise to becoming entrenched as the biggest digital or corporate bookmaker in Australia.
But some of the advertisements, including those featuring former NRL Todd Carney and a parody of Prince Harry, have also attracted criticism and controversy in the wider community.
The AFL is understood to have raised concerns about these types of advertisements being featured during coverage of the sport or in digital form connected to AFL betting offerings or any other advertising.
Sportsbet executives would not comment but are understood to have been extremely keen to not fall out of favour quickly with the AFL, and scrambled to put together a presentation for AFL executives to try to allay their fears of being associated with a sometimes controversial brand. There are potential doubts about the long-term future of the partnership, however.
In a statement, an AFL spokesman said: “We have strong relationships with all our corporate partners and work closely with them to ensure that we are aligned and we look forward to working with Sportsbet as they move to transition the BetEasy brand.”
The AFL had renewed its wagering partner deal with BetEasy at the beginning of this year after first striking a surprise five-season deal with the then upstart brand worth more than $40m in 2015. Then and earlier this year, BetEasy beat out its then rival Sportsbet for what is considered one of the most important sports betting deals in the country.
While both wagering companies were close in dollar terms, it is understood the AFL was more comfortable with BetEasy’s more conservative advertising campaigns and having its branding associated with the sport.
The BetEasy brand is now being subsumed by Sportsbet after each brand’s global parent companies, The Stars Group and Flutter Entertainment, finalised a $US12bn merger in early May.
While the AFL had inserted some break provisions in its contract with BetEasy in case of a change of ownership, the league has realised it is unlikely to be able to strike a deal with any rival brands with the season restart around the corner and a tough economic climate in general for the business sector.
Therefore next Thursday night’s clash between Collingwood and Richmond will prominently feature Sportsbet footage on stadium signage and it is likely the wagering giant will also buy significant advertising slots for television coverage.
The AFL is also battling doubts over another big sponsorship deal it has with airline Virgin Australia, which has been in the hands of administrators Deloitte since April after entering voluntary administration because most travel has being shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Virgin’s deal with the AFL is worth up to $10m annually and involves it usually flying players, umpires, coaches and officials around the country to matches.
Sportsbet is the market leader in the $4bn Australian online betting industry with a share of about 25 per cent, while BetEasy has about 14 per cent.
Globally, Australia accounts for about 15 per cent of the merged Flutter-Stars business. The pair had combined earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation of $300m in Australia last year.
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