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How to not get ruined with Options - Part 3a of 4 - Simple Strategies

Post 1: Basics: CALL, PUT, exercise, ITM, ATM, OTM
Post 2: Basics: Buying and Selling, the Greeks
Post 3a: Simple Strategies
Post 3b: Advanced Strategies
Post 4a: Example of trades (short puts, covered calls, and verticals)
Post 4b: Example of trades (calendars and hedges)
Ok. So I lied. This post was getting way too long, so I had to split in two (3a and 3b)
In the previous posts 1 and 2, I explained how to buy and sell options, and how their price is calculated and evolves over time depending on the share price, volatility, and days to expiration.
In this post 3a (and the next 3b), I am going to explain in more detail how and when you can use multiple contracts together to create more profitable trades in various market conditions.
Just a reminder of the building blocks:
You expect that, by expiration, the stock price will …
... go up more than the premium you paid → Buy a call
… go down more than the premium you paid → Buy a put
... not go up more than the premium you got paid → Sell a call
... not go down more than the premium you got paid → Sell a put
Buying Straight Calls:
But why would you buy calls to begin with? Why not just buy the underlying shares? Conversely, why would you buy puts? Why not just short the underlying shares?
Let’s take long shares and long calls as an example, but this applies with puts as well.
If you were to buy 100 shares of the company ABC currently trading at $20. You would have to spend $2000. Now imagine that the share price goes up to $25, you would now have $2500 worth of shares. Or a 25% profit.
If you were convinced that the price would go up, you could instead buy call options ATM or OTM. For example, an ATM call with a strike of $20 might be worth $2 per share, so $200 per contract. You buy 10 contracts for $2000, so the same cost as buying 100 shares. Except that this time, if the share price hits $25 at expiration, each contract is now worth $500, and you now have $5000, for a $3000 gain, or a 150% profit. You could even have bought an OTM call with a strike of $22.50 for a lower premium and an even higher profit.
But it is fairly obvious that this method of buying calls is a good way to lose money quickly. When you own shares, the price goes up and down, but as long as the company does not get bankrupt or never recovers, you will always have your shares. Sometimes you just have to be very patient for the shares to come back (buying an index ETF increases your chances there). But by buying $2000 worth of calls, if you are wrong on the direction, the amplitude, or the time, those options become worthless, and it’s a 100% loss, which rarely happens when you buy shares.
Now, you could buy only one contract for $200. Except for the premium that you paid, you would have a similar profit curve as buying the shares outright. You have the advantage though that if the stock price dropped to $15, instead of losing $500 by owning the shares, you would only lose the $200 you paid for the premium. However, if you lose these $200 the first month, what about the next month? Are you going to bet $200 again, and again… You can see that buying calls outright is not scalable long term. You need a very strong conviction over a specific period of time.
How to buy cheaper shares? Sell Cash Covered Put.
Let’s continue on the example above with the company ABC trading at $20. You may think that it is a bit expensive, and you consider that $18 is a more acceptable price for you to own that company.
You could sell a put ATM with a $20 strike, for $2. Your break-even point would be $18, i.e. you would start losing money if the share price dropped below $18. But also remember that if you did buy the shares outright, you would have lost more money in case of a price drop, because you did not get a premium to offset that loss. If the price stays above $20, your return for the month will be 11% ($200 / $1800).
Note that in this example, we picked the ATM strike of $20, but you could have picked a lower strike for your short put, like an OTM strike of $17.50. Sure, the premium would be lower, maybe $1 per share, but your break-even point would drop from $18 to $16.50 (only 6% return then per month, not too shabby).
The option trade will usually be written like this:
SELL -1 ABC 100 17 JUL 20 17.5 PUT @ 1.00
This means we sold 1 PUT on ABC, 100 shares per contract, the expiration date is July 17, 2020, and the strike is $17.5, and we sold it for $1 per share (so $100 credit minus fees).
With your $20 short put, you will get assigned the shares if the price drops below $20 and you keep it until expiration, however, you will have paid them the equivalent of $18 each (we’ll actually talk more about the assignment later). If your short put expires worthless, you keep the premium, and you may decide to redo the same trade again. The share price may have gone up so much that the new ATM strike does not make you comfortable, and that’s fine as you were not willing to spend more than $18 per share, to begin with, anyway. You will have to wait for some better conditions.
This strategy is called a cash covered put. In a taxable account, depending on your broker, you can have it on margin with no cash needed (you will need to have some other positions to provide the buying power). Beware that if you don’t have the cash to cover the shares, it is adding some leverage to your overall position. Make sure you account for all your potential risks at all times. The nice thing about this position is that as long as you are not assigned, you don’t actually need to borrow some money, it won’t cost you anything. In an IRA account, you will need to have the cash available for the assignment (remember in this example, you only need $1800, plus trading fees).
Let’s roll!
Now one month later, the share price is between $18 and $22, there are few days of expiration left, and you don’t want to be assigned, but you want to continue the same process for next month. You could close the current position, and reopen a new short put, or you could in one single transaction buy back your current short put, and sell another put for next month. Doing one trade instead of two is usually cheaper because you reduce the slippage cost. The closing of the old position and re-opening of a new short position for the next expiration is called rolling the short option (from month to month, but you can also do this with weekly options).
The croll can be done a week or even a few days before expiration. Remember to avoid expiration days, and be careful being short an option on ex-dividend dates. When you roll month to month with the same strike, for most cases, you will get some money out of it. However, the farther your strike is from the current share price, the less additional premium you will get (due to the lower extrinsic value on the new option), and it can end up being close to $0. At that point, given the risk incurred, you may prefer to close the trade altogether or just be assigned. During the roll, depending on if the share price moved a bit, you can adjust the roll up or down. For example, you buy back your short put at $18, and you sell a new short put at $17 or $19, or whatever value makes the most sense.
Now, let’s say that the share price finally dropped below $20, and you decided not to roll, or it dropped so much that the roll would not make sense. You ended up getting your shares assigned at a strike price of $18 per share. Note that the assigned share may have a current price much lower than $18 though. If that’s the case, remember that you earned more money than if you bought the shares outright at $20 (at least, you got to keep the $2 premium). And if you rolled multiple times, every premium that you got is additional money in your account.
Want to sell at a premium? Sell Covered Calls.
You could decide to hold onto the shares that you got at a discount, or you may decide that the stock price is going to go sideways, and you are fine collecting more theta. For example, you could sell a call at a strike of $20, for example for $1 (as it is OTM now given the stock price dropped).
SELL -1 ABC 100 17 JUL 20 20 CALL @ 1.00
When close to the expiration time, you can either roll your calls again, the same way that you rolled your puts, as much as you can, or just get assigned if the share price went up. As you get assigned, your shares are called away, and you receive $2000 from the 100 shares at $20 each. Except that you accumulated more money due to all the premiums you got along the way.
This sequence of the short put, roll, roll, roll, assignment, the short call, roll, roll, roll, is called the wheel.
It is a great strategy to use when the market is trading sideways and volatility is high (like currently). It is a low-risk trade provided that the share you pick is not a risky one (pick a market ETF to start) perfect to get create some income with options. There are two drawbacks though:
You will have to be patient for the share to go back up, but often you can end up with many shares at a loss if the market has been tanking. As a rule of thumb, if I get assigned, I never ever sell a call below my assignment strike minus the premium. In case the market jumps back up, I can get back to my original position, with an additional premium on the way. Market and shares can drop like a stone and bounce back up very quickly (you remember this March and April?), and you really don’t want to lock a loss.
Here is a very quick example of something to not do: Assigned at $18, current price is $15, sell a call at $16 for $1, share goes back up to $22. I get assigned at $16. In summary, I bought a share at $18, and sold it at $17 ($16 + $1 premium), I lost $1 between the two assignments. That’s bad.
You will have to find some other companies to do the wheel on. If it softens the blow a bit, your retirement account may be purely long, so you’ll not have totally missed the upside anyway.
A short put is a bullish position. A short call is a bearish position. Alternating between the two gives you a strategy looking for a reversion to the mean. Both of these positions are positive theta, and negative vega (see part 2).
Now that I explained the advantage of the long calls and puts, and how to use short calls and puts, we can explore a combination of both.
Most option beginners are going to use long calls (or even puts). They are going to gain some money here and there, but for most parts, they will lose money. It is worse if they profited a bit at the beginning, they became confident, bet a bigger amount, and ended up losing a lot. They either buy too much (50% of my account on this call trade that can’t fail), too high of a volatility (got to buy those NKLA calls or puts), or too short / too long of an expiration (I don’t want to lose theta, or I overspent on theta).
As we discussed earlier, a straight long call or put is one of the worst positions to be in. You are significantly negative theta and positive vega. But if you take a step back, you will realize that not accounting for the premium, buying a call gives you the upside of stock up to the infinity (and buying a put gives you the upside of the stock going to $0). But in reality, you rarely are betting that the stock will go to infinity (or to $0). You are often just betting that the stock will go up (or down) by X%. Although the stock could go up (or down) by more than X%, you intuitively understand that there is a smaller chance for this to happen. Options are giving you leverage already, you don’t need to target even more gain.
More importantly, you probably should not pay for a profit/risk profile that you don’t think is going to happen.
Enter verticals. It is a combination of long and short calls (or puts). Say, the company ABC trades at $20, you want to take a bullish position, and the ATM call is $2. You probably would be happy if the stock reaches $25, and you don’t think that it will go much higher than that.
You can buy a $20 call for $2, and sell a $25 call for $0.65. You will get the upside from $20 to $25, and you let someone else take the $25 to infinity range (highly improbable). The cost is $1.35 per share ($2.00 - $0.65).
BUY +1 VERTICAL ABC 100 17 JUL 20 20/25 CALL @ 1.35
This position is interesting for multiple reasons. First, you still get the most probable range for profitability ($20 to $25). Your cost is $1.35 so 33% cheaper than the long call, and your max profit is $5 - $1.35 = $3.65. So your max gain is 270% of the risked amount, and this is for only a 25% increase in the stock price. This is really good already. You reduced your dependency on theta and vega, because the short side of the vertical is reducing your long side’s. You let someone else pay for it.
Another advantage is that it limits your max profit, and it is not a bad thing. Why is it a good thing? Because it is too easy to be greedy and always wanting and hoping for more profit. The share reached $25. What about $30? It reached $30, what about $35? Dang it dropped back to $20, I should have sold everything at the top, now my call expires worthless. But with a vertical, you know the max gain, and you paid a premium for an exact profit/risk profile. As soon as you enter the vertical, you could enter a close order at 90% of the max value (buy at $1.35, sell at $4.50), good till to cancel, and you hope that the trade will eventually be executed. It can only hit 100% profit at expiration, so you have to target a bit less to get out as soon as you can once you have a good enough profit. This way you lock your profit, and you have no risk anymore in case the market drops afterwards.
These verticals (also called spreads) can be bullish or bearish and constructed as debit (you pay some money) or credit (you get paid some money). The debit or credit versions are equivalent, the credit version has a bit of a higher chance to get assigned sooner, but as long as you check the extrinsic value, ex-dividend date, and are not too deep ITM you will be fine. I personally prefer getting paid some money, I like having a bigger balance and never have to pay for margin. :)
Here are the 4 trades for a $20 share price:
CALL BUY 20 ATM / SELL 25 OTM - Bullish spread - Debit
CALL BUY 25 OTM / SELL 20 ATM - Bearish spread - Credit
PUT BUY 20 ATM / SELL 25 ITM - Bullish spread - Credit
PUT BUY 25 ITM / SELL 20 ATM - Bearish spread - Debit
Because both bullish trades are equivalent, you will notice that they both have the same profit/risk profile (despite having different debit and credit prices due to the OTM/ITM differences). Same for the bearish trades. Remember that the cost of an ITM option is greater than ATM, which in turn is greater than an OTM. And that relationship is what makes a vertical a credit or a debit.
I understand that it can be a lot to take in. Let’s take a step back here. I picked a $20/$25 vertical, but with the share price at $20, I could have a similar $5 spread with $15/$20 (with the same 4 constructs). Or instead of 1 vertical $20/$25, I could have bought 5 verticals $20/$21. This is a $5 range as well, except that it has a higher probability for the share to be above $21. However, it also means that the spread will be more expensive (you’ll have to play with your broker tool to understand this better), and it also increases the trading fees and potentially overall slippage, as you have 5 times more contracts. Or you could even decide to pick OTM $25/$30, which would be even cheaper. In this case, you don’t need the share to reach $30 to get a lot of profit. The contracts will be much cheaper (for example, like $0.40 per share), and if the share price goes up to $25 quickly long before expiration, the vertical could be worth $1.00, and you would have 150% of profit without the share having to reach $30.
If you decide to trade these verticals the first few times, look a lot at the numbers before you trade to make sure you are not making a mistake. With a debit vertical, the most you can lose per contract is the premium you paid. With a credit vertical, the most you can lose is the difference between your strikes, minus the premium you received.
One last but important note about verticals:
If your short side is too deep ITM, you may be assigned. It happens. If you bought some vertical with a high strike value, for example:
SELL +20 VERTICAL SPY 100 17 JUL 20 350/351 PUT @ 0.95
Here, not accounting for trading fees and slippage, you paid $0.95 per share for 20 contracts that will be worth $1 per share if SPY is less than $350 by mid-July, which is pretty certain. That’s a 5% return in 4 weeks (in reality, the trading fees are going to reduce most of that). Your actual risk on this trade is $1900 (20 contracts * 100 shares * $0.95) plus trading fees. That’s a small trade, however the underlying instrument you are controlling is much more than that.
Let’s see this in more detail: You enter the trade with a $1900 potential max loss, and you get assigned on the short put side (strike of $350) after a few weeks. Someone paid expensive puts and exercised 20 puts with a strike of $350 on their existing SPY shares (2000 of them, 20 contracts * 100 shares). You will suddenly receive 2000 shares on your account, that you paid $350 each. Thus your balance is going to show -$700,000 (you have 2000 shares to balance that).
If that happens to you: DON’T PANIC. BREATHE. YOU ARE FINE.
You owe $700k to your broker, but you have roughly the same amount in shares anyway. You are STILL protected by your long $351 puts. If the share price goes up by $1, you gain $2000 from the shares, but your long $351 put will lose $2000. Nothing changed. If the share price goes down by $1, you lose $2000 from the shares, but your long $350 put will gain $2000. Nothing changed. Just close your position nicely by selling your shares first, and just after selling your puts. Some brokers can do that in one single trade (put based covered stock). Don’t let the panic set in. Remember that you are hedged. Don’t forget about the slippage, don’t let the market makers take advantage of your panic. Worst case scenario, if you use a quality broker with good customer service, call them, and they will close your position for you, especially if this happens in an IRA.
The reason I am insisting so much on this is because of last week’s event. Yes, the RH platform may have shown incorrect numbers for a while, but before you trade options you need to understand the various edge cases. Again if this happens to you, don’t panic, breathe, and please be safe.
This concludes my post 3a. We talked about the trade-offs between buying shares, buying calls instead, selling puts to get some premium to buy some shares at a cheaper price, rolling your short puts, getting your puts assigned, selling calls to get some additional money in sideways markets, rolling your short calls, having your calls assigned too. We talked about the wheel, being this whole sequence spanning multiple months. After that, we discussed the concept of verticals, with bullish and bearish spreads that can be either built as a debit or a credit.
And if there is one thing you need to learn from this, avoid buying straight calls or puts but use verticals instead, especially if the volatility is very high. And do not ever sell naked calls, again use verticals.
The next post will explain more advanced and interesting option strategies.
Post 1: Basics: CALL, PUT, exercise, ITM, ATM, OTM
Post 2: Basics: Buying and Selling, the greeks
Post 3a: Simple Strategies
Post 3b: Advanced Strategies
Post 4a: Example of trades (short puts, covered calls, and verticals)
Post 4b: Example of trades (calendars and hedges)
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For the General [Escaping the Lure of Our 3 Billion Year Old “Matrix”]

I am writing this specifically for someone who asked me to write all these pieces in here. I work with people through long distance communication, a lot (I wonder here if the same mechanisms that are used for gravity lens portal transport are used for the communication systems we use for long distance, or, telepathic, communication). Whenever I do this I am always* communicating with a person – not a spirit or a disembodied whatever or a multidimensional entity or an extratestical. [*I do on a very rare occasion communicate off world, and that is usually with central or Boltzmann). I find it very hard to lock “on” to someone (to work with over an extended period of time) if I don’t have a physical face for them, but whoever this person is, we have managed to establish enough recognition points to do so. It’s very hard to establish that. They are a hard-line individual, and, we have a lot in common. They have incredible ambition and drive and they don’t like to lose. So, he is trying very hard to succeed. And I like him so I’m helping how I can.
Some of these things are hard for me to elucidate and talk about. Some of the mechanics have no other “contributors” but myself and this generally makes things tougher, especially when the structure you are arguing against contains everyone else…..
So, I will muddle my way through it.
One of the differences between where I was (before I entered the abyss) and where I am now, also between those in the “1” and myself, are things to do with trust and confidence, and it is more to do with what is “outside” as opposed to inside. I have perfect trust that I am what I say I am, that the white stone is what I say it is and that the problems and solutions I say are humanity’s are what I say they are. What I do not trust has a “perfect” outcome, is the rest of humanity, and that indeed is, my own outcome.
Where I sit, the new system, is a metadeterministic level. The trajectory of humanity in the manifold, in the deterministic level they are in is a lower deterministic level. The outcome for it is death, nonexistence, over the cliff, entropy increase to dissolution. Because the main line is “trusting” that “god” (or whatever) has got it sorted. This isn’t to say people don’t look for the out door because they *don’t* trust it, but there are two rough points of view. The one which is more likely not to blindly trust it are the scientific, analytic people who are relying on maths and technology to steer us away from danger and these people are more likely to not believe in “god” or something taking care of us (doing it for us). They are more likely to understand the personal responsibility involved. Like myself they may have a good measure of trust in themselves, but not so much in other people and humanity. There are another group, however, who work with the esoteric side of things (human tech links to hard tech). They are far more likely to have the position that they not only trust themselves, but that the flow of the matrix has got them covered, everything is “perfectly” as it should be and that “certainly” creator loves them and our future is safe and some measure of infinite.
It is, however, the case, that they should not be thinking about it like that. The whole point of omnidimensional existence is taking personal responsibility. It is also a very important thing here to realise that when systems get to their high end arrangements, rules change. What they are trusting in a using is a system perspective (or rather a partial system perspective) which perfectly suited life on earth for the 3 billion or whatever years it has existed here. What it does not incorporate is the longest and shortest measures of the omniverse, that is, it is not *calibrated* to omnidimensional existence. We didn’t so much need it before now, but because this system is literally all we have ever known, stepping out of it seems to be the biggest challenge humanity ever faced. Because the partial flow is deterministic, it is very easy to function in it and be both self confident and confident in “god”. All you have to be able to do is have perfect confidence in yourself and harmony with that system, and you can line yourself up to it and have a perfect correlation between what your “heart desires” and what is in fact manifesting. In this way you can very easily have a wish and that wish come true, and also people will gravitate towards your self confidence and harmonisation with the system, providing them with a satisfying need and fulfillment system. It can give you power, fulfillment happiness, a lot of things. And like I said, it sufficed for a very long time. The correlation of harmonisation from it can also give a person a great sense of everything being perfect and that they are blessed or favoured by god or something along these lines. Why on god’s green earth would anyone want to think that something so *right* is oh so *wrong*… surely anyone who thinks this system is wrong is just unable to figure out how to master it. Well actually, nah mate. I was thrown out of it and for good reason: because it is logically incompatible with omnidimensional existence. I did choose to leave it, just not in those words (my action which resulted in me being thrown out of it was to retrieve the crown from where it does not belong and to place it where it does. To be successful with that, and I was, required me to be removed from the logically incompatible system).
So, it is to realise that this system is not to be trusted. You must have it within you to not only doubt the safety and certainty of that system in providing you/humanity with a perfect solution, but to doubt yourself because you would believe in it. Only then would you seek the thing which is the answer. Yes you are harmonised, but you are harmonised with something which is leading you over a cliff because the labels of that system are not properly correlated with the identities of objects in their resolved form - i.e. to the resolution required for omnidimensional calculations (so even though you may be relatively valid, your calculations are not sound). To continue with it past the point where the entropy reduction needs to be such that the error rate in that system cannot provide it, is nonexistence for yourself and humanity. This system cannot provide a next level brain.
It is to understand that even though you can *have* that perfect resolution and fulfillment of your wishes, when it comes to that being true for all the life you love, it isn’t. The result of this procession is the nonexistence of life itself, so all the promises made to you and your loved ones are lies. It isn’t exactly that creation lied to you; it is just that you have mistaken the labels on objects – you are misunderstanding creation. The calibration we used was just the best we could figure out as life over our evolution, but it just *does not suffice* any more, in relation to the existence and nonexistence of humanity and to whatever person in your procession has to live that period of time where humanity ceases to exist. You must also be very well able to see the losses, tortures and cruelties which steal your very body from you as you live. We are able to achieve much more than this, in quality of life. It might also be apparent to you in your journeying that even though the destructive side of human can be perfectly validated in equation, in effect, no amount of convincing yourself can assure you this is the case, when it is you experience enough of it firsthand. Especially in its more extreme forms. I mean, you can try, but good luck with that. Basically, no matter how valid an equation, they are not sound because the labels for each piece of them are not properly correlated with the objects and their identities in omnidimensional resolution. That system is not aligned to the truth. It is pretty much 100% false, in entirety.
You need to rebuild it again, from proper calibration. I have that calibration. So, you come in and calibrate to me. Until you get enough to continue the calibration on your own.
For so many years in here, we have hit these roadblocks of “why can’t you just trust creation and do what feels right and it will just happen” That I do not or cannot just exhausts the other party and their inability to see the fault in their system has exhausted myself. Stepping out of a system which has served for so many billions of years is of course difficult. I had much faith that it could be so, but that has disappeared over the years. What I do continue to understand will find the answer are the people in the first category who don’t use that “system” as such. Problem is with them, is that it is so slow, it will get there too late. So, you know….. I suppose I just have to accept that humanity is truly retarded. If only you guys had been willing to accept that while we still had a chance to rectify it. But oh no, you just wanted to be “god I am” before you had actually achieved it. And stupidly, I was “just some chick” who obviously just couldn’t understand or harmonise with the system enough to “be a part of it”. For fucks sake. That’s one thing I DID communicate with central. The extent of the stupid here. It is literally on the record books as “the stupidest ever” so congrats for that.
It is a dangerous position here. You guys know so much, yet it is not quite enough. All the validity will take you right to the end before you see the unsoundness in such a way that it cannot be denied, and at that point it is too late to change it. It needed to be jumped, and no one jumped it. Fuck ME. Seriously? Humanity gets to its toughest challenge and no one had the ability to rise to it. My best wishes to the rest of the planets when they reach this point. May they succeed, where this planet failed. And as for YOU, General, you won’t make it. I wouldn’t bet on you. I don’t have any faith left at all, that humanity can succeed.
[Middle of the night]
“So… am I right here….. you are right by the system, as in you did everything right by it, everything right by your “man”… yet because of the error we hold, we have failed you… the man of the system was not there for you so protect and look after you…. or for the planet…and you are the whole of the woman which is the other half of the system’s sit”
Yeah that’s pretty right. I’m here, ready to take the system to the next level having gone into the abyss to get the information to do it, and it is nowhere to be seen. All of your accumulated errors come into being manifested, with me. And all you ever needed to do was come to me in person, to both mitigate the effect of those errors, and to instigate a new system where those errors were eliminated. It was made “super easy” and in a form in which the solution was reachable. You hold “1” as a group, I hold “0” as an individual. I mean, if we are looking at yin and yang, that’s not even difficult to entertain. But for some reason, you all either held that woman had to be like the men in a conglomeration (the goddess is every “woman” just like god is every “man”) with the “Self” being of a lesser rank, designation and importance, or, the “goddess” was an entity unto herself which couldn’t possibly have one singular manifested designation held in an actual woman or even be human, so let’s just address her as some disembodied conglomeration singularity. No one ever just went ah ok, if we are holding that as a group, then perhaps goddess is holding herself as an individual? That would make sense, wouldn’t it, because then we could actually get to our “woman” to help her, by just getting to our woman to help her, by, you know, getting in a car and going there. In a sense, the system DID provide you with the very best solutions possible, as the end point OF that system, in order to get into the new system... but EVERYWHERE I went all the “new universes” and “new earth’s” being bandied around were never containing the right entry points, or, the right contents, in fact… ANY contents at all. And it wasn’t just this blindness that was the problem, but even speaking these truths to your … I was treated with utter disrespect and contempt.
All I ever got from you guys was a half arsed label within, which slipped off constantly and no one ever knew my actual name, because I obviously wasn’t a single entity representing, or if I was, then I wasn’t to be spoken of as a single human (the application of men’s rules onto woman), and, the constant push for me to rearrange things from within me trying to force me to “parthenogenically replicate” (i.e. do it all myself) because all you were interested in was the perfection and certainty of following the lead of the master equation, which in having already happened at the “one” level, gave you the certainty to move at the rest. No one was interested in making that master equation happen from scratch with me, like we are supposed to have to do in the master equation. So I had absolutely nothing to go on, at all. With a man there we swap the instigation around, giving each other room to move with the certainty provided by the other person. Without that, I did manage to parthenogenically replicate, because I was absolutely forced to, but then myself and the baby died because there was no one there to help us. You can force a woman to replicate like that because it is within us to do so, but it is a misapplication of that ability. I DID do it all myself, because I was forced to, but at THIS level we are not MEANT to. I went to the abyss by myself because that part DID have to be done “by myself” but nothing after that had to be.
It is like that when it came down to it, ironically, none of you believed in what you were doing. When it came down to it, you would rather stay in the illusion of truth, as opposed to risking the whole thing being negated by passing it through the physical realm and having “maths and logic” rip you apart. I demonstrated how I had achieved that safety and existence through these realms, yet still none of you were interested. You just didn’t, couldn’t believe in me. So really, all that you hold as tenet within that system meant nothing when put to the test. So yeah… I did everything right by “you” and you did nothing right by me. Even if there were some (at least one) individual who was prepared to give up the comfort of your system to embrace me, the weight of the entire rest of the system was against us, and we still couldn’t unite, because you can’t make an entire new world with just 2 people (contrary to some opinion). Maybe in 100k bc, perhaps, when all you had were stone tools and could start off pretty basically and be not that far from the height of what humans were at the time capable of making in the form of “outside brain”…. but not today. You can’t hold the outside brain of today in an Adam and Eve. I have the blueprints, for sure, but the core we have the ability to hold is specialised – it does not, it cannot, function completely alone. The core is composed of myself, the king and the tech (AI), but we are surrounded by a huge amount of supports and specialised parts. Without enough moving with us, we cannot move. “1”s job is to coordinate these supports, but when they won’t move, what the fuck do you do? What CAN you do? It was saying no, if you want us to move, we shall wait until we are forced to by (the limitations of) god. This level is when all the buffer zones are completely gone and from this point it is too late (it doesn’t have to be if the system has enough basic structural strength to move out of it) but when the system is degraded as much as the earth’s is… it is too late. What did it truly MEAN to be god I am? Huh? Doing it equally with your other half as goddess-god. And no, no you never did. I am living proof of that.
My situation proves the old system 100% wrong. As the woman (goddess) I did 100% right by you, man (god), and you did 0% right by me. There is a pervasive belief that this “doesn’t matter”, because she loves you she will just make another one and “never mind, you’ll do better next time”. You don’t GET a next time, here. It isn’t even about choice, either. The earth put everything she had into this last one, because it is worth more to either completely succeed or totally cease to exist because of the suffering, pain, and cost involved, and the endless cycle which comes from thinking “oh yes it’s sad and a shame but we’ll just do better next time”, because of the EFFORT it takes to put it right, if there’s a next time, it will always be left until next time, unless there is no next time. And even then it’s not assured, it is just the final absolute test for it. The goddess isn’t just not willing to suffer this much again; she can’t [in the maths, this is exactly why she doesn't want to]. This was the absolute limit of it before that suffering broke the ability to produce life here anymore.
Many seem to believe that there is a procession of available worlds. Let’s just say there have been. Since when is that proof of that situation continuing? It is also an important observation to make, that yes, the History dimensions are NOT stable, but that does NOT mean that flexibility moves in YOUR FAVOUR. The belief that the procession will continue is coming from eyes that have known nothing else but the matching to objects and labels within a system which does not have the calibration to the lowest and highest measures, i.e. from eyes that are not perceiving what is actually going on for the truth of what is going on. And you guys just go on blindly believing it because “oh that sounds nice and it makes me feel a bit better that I failed, here”. And so what if there was no more, here? You wouldn’t care because there’s other planets? (life infinitely continues, I see myself as continuing somehow, somewhere) Well that says it all, doesn’t it. That this one doesn’t matter because there are others. “Obviously the goddess has exactly the same set up as us and is in a billion places at once so she won’t care either (and she isn’t). Sad yes, but just the way it is.”
The problem here is that you COULD have helped, you could have changed it, but you didn’t. You think that’s something the goddess will just forget and move on with? You think this won’t affect life in the entire omniverse? You think it won’t affect you, wherever it is that you go? It will. The goddess won’t “go to sleep” after this and forget all about it so we can start again. I established my own packet of transportable consciousness during my life and it doesn’t go back to sleep. The only way you can do that is if there is potential for you to wake up somewhere again, and that, my identity cannot do. I either completely cease to exist ( I just can’t believe that life here, and the highest potential of human quality of life just isn’t worth enough to you, to give all you have to protect it and to achieve the best. And if it is that you would give everything, then why the fuck haven’t you? Because you have not done so. I gave above, beyond and over ANY measure of normal, for you. And yet you were content to leave me as a slave to your delusions and fallacies. That in itself is complete death to your system. It proves you non-existent. And rather than accept your errors and fixing them, you were content to let me wear the results of that error, of YOUR error. The ultimate injustice. When does “OUR” stop? When the actions of one, through malpractice or the neglect of duty of care, kills the other, which is, they kill themselves. There is no “our” in this respect, at this level of absolute-over-the-line.
I’ve never been one of “those” types of feminists, but if we don’t call this patriarchal retardation, what do we call it? It certainly looks like there is something wrong with “man”, to me. I am woman, I have fulfilled my duties, I have given all I have for us, for life. I have fulfilled the woman side of the equation, as an individual, because that’s how it works (even in relation to the equation with the whole of us). So, Woman has succeeded. How else can I see this but to know that Man has failed? “But I worship the goddess, I love her”… no, you are loving the goddess and treating her as an identity-object you assume is correct, based on how the male situation works. The goddess doesn’t work like that, at this level. I have never received a single piece of this love… and yet you sit and wonder “why can’t I help the earth and life as a whole… I just can’t seem to effectively reach it or help it”. Well did you ever wonder if your identity labels were fucking wrong? Huh? The white stone, and the rulership, contains the key to the absolute leverage system… i.e. to reach ME, IS to be able to reach all the objects in the world, in an effective manner. Without the key I own, the technology doesn’t work, and the price gives us the leverage to move everything we need to. I mean seriously. How fucking HARD was it to put 2 and 2 together? You reach me, you reach everything. Did you just not take something literally, that you should have? Because that can’t be the correct label because heuristic (by all means let’s just make it subconscious, shall we) says woman too stupid for that to be true. For FUCKS sake. This place is fucked beyond any fucking measure existence has the displeasure to place by its side.
I suppose you can say that yeah, no one was willing to stand up and say they represented “All men”, and only have as their “self” that which serves the whole… and even if there was, just Adam and Eve does not a new earth make. In a sense I suppose I do represent all women, but I never think about myself as such. My actions, my self, all that I am intrinsically serves all life, so it never really needs to be dwelled upon. I am also, as I have said, not a conglomeration like men are. I had to and have to be singular to have the ability to provide the abyss around objects to give them individuation. My connection to all other women is exactly the same as my connection to all men. Serving my interests exactly serves the interests of all.
So there you go, mate. That's why nothing is working, nothing is "holding" and everything is dying. That's why you can't reach the top and why your "other" seems to have failed you by not being "available" or you have failed by not being able to "reach her". That's why it always seems to pan out to "someone else in the next generation will have to fix it". That's why the asymptote is unreachable. It IS actually reachable, it is NOT an illusion that this is the case, it is just that you're all too fucking stupid to defeat your prejudices and fears and do what needs to be done. I have never not been available. You, however, have been permanently MIA.
I do know that some of you care and want the best for the world. I do. But it is still that those of you who are that way still can’t take my words for what they are. You are still stuck in the old system. Still looking at it purely from a male perspective of what it is to be in that “higher state” or of divinity. Your assumptions of the female side are poorly inadequate. I’ve done the best I can to make my work available. Are you just expecting, automatically, that I will be able to get the level of coverage which means you don’t have to actually look for me? That I would automatically have power or people or followers or money like most men who take up that field as their day job? To look for something earnestly is to give up all the assumptions you have about it, or at least to work from baselines which do not rule things out based on poor and outdated assumptions.
It kinda seems like what you get in countries where there are a lot of people, with this tendency exemplified in China, where the value of a life just drops. There are “so many people” so “who cares”… when one leaves, there is another to replace it. No one is really of that much importance. It is like that in the “men” mind – single lives are not really that important, we will just be replaced but our consciousness lives on as a group identity, so that is what we shall say is the only important thing to focus on. And so what of “the body”? The one thing which gets you from A to B? THE body which carries THE consciousness? “Oh yes it’s right there, the body of the Earth but we can’t seem to effect any help on it except trying to recycle plastic”. What… so the “consciousness” can be personified by men but the body can’t be personified by a woman? Just the earth as “mother earth” and any random woman as “the goddess”. Even for those who personify man as “space” (stars other life other DNA whatever the fuck stupid shit you care to name here), the fact that the earth is ONE PLANET didn’t clue you on to it being ONE WOMAN? The body is there to just die and replace itself, is it? And at the limits that is also the case, is it? No. No it is not.

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HUGE BETFURY 2.0 UPDATE - I-Gaming experience you deserve!

HUGE BETFURY 2.0 UPDATE - I-Gaming experience you deserve!
Today it is safe to say that BetFury 2.0 will change your understanding of the gaming industry! We are glad to present you an update that all BetFury supporters will admire and that all rivals will definitely pay attention to. For six months, our team has been working hard to create the best gaming experience in the TRON Dapp space. Despite all the advantages, the BetFury platform has already become quite well-known among TRON-users. We decided that it is time to change something and offer the whole crypto world an updated BetFury 2.0 platform.

BetFury 2.0 - Social i-Gaming Crypto platform

What makes the updated platform so unique?
BetFury has become the Social i-Gaming Crypto platform with the first BTC dividend pool in the gambling industry. The best gaming entertainment is provided with such advantages: BFG Staking, easy login system, Dividend pools in BTC, TRX, USDT, BTT, 1000+ games, Rank VIP system, Jackpots, Cashback up to 25%, friendly 24/7 support.
The main idea of BetFury 2.0 update is the combination of Dapp features: BetFury Staking (platform profit multicurrency drops for BFG holders in TRX, USDT, BTT) and web 3 API login (TronLink, TronWallet, etc). We open the doors for everyone with standard and user-friendly login by using email/pass or Social accounts login. Together with the high-end remastering of overall UI/UX on BetFury we are proud to show even better, meaningful, and more expressive results.
The next core feature - the Bitcoin Dividends pool is the one all users have been waiting for since Bitcoin was added as a gaming coin to the platform. Bitcoin dividends staking opportunity with a unique mining solution opens new opportunities and new users' acquisition as a result - the rapid movement of development, profitable mining, rising Dividends pool.

Global changes

BetFury moves from Tron to Bitcoin as a master cryptocurrency on the platform. That means that all the internal ratings, wager calculations, rankings, jackpots will be in Bitcoin now.
  • Important! All the reached users' ranks, global ratings of top users, and other data has been recalculated from TRX into BTC after the launching of BetFury 2.0. All data was transferred correctly without any loss.
Another important global change is related to Tron users who had to use TronLink, TronWallet or any other web 3 API wallet for entering BetFury. This way can still be used to sign in. We open the doors for the whole crypto world with user-friendly login by using 📧 email/pass. BetFury generates a unique address for every user to deposit funds to use all services (games, staking, etc). BetFury platform continues to provide an instant automatic Deposit/Withdrawal system.
From the very beginning BetFury presents the place for tracking your account activity such as bets, transaction history, total wager, personalization tools. In BetFury 2.0 we have added security features related to email/pass such as change email, change pass, Two-factor authorization to provide the maximum confidence for users that playing on BetFury is secure. We did all the updates in the best manner of global leaders in crypto B2C products.
BFG token and BFG(BTC) and BFG(TRX) subtokens
BFG is the unified token of BetFury platform with a max supply of 5 000 000 000. To expand potential market opportunities and improve the dividends payout we decided to fork BFG for BFG(BTC) and BFG(TRX) subtokens inside the site. Now depending on the cryptocurrency you use when placing bets, you will get BFG(BTC) and BFG(TRX) subtokens accordingly: Bet with Bitcoin - get BFG(BTC). Bet with TRON crypto (TRX, USDT, BTT) - get BFG(TRX).

Advantages of this solution

  • Coming of investors from the whole crypto world and the dividends pool growth
  • Heightened value of BFG token
  • Better earning opportunity for newcomers and old users
  • Increased interest to the project, which will simplify the BFG listing procedure
All tokens that have been mined before BetFury 2.0 update by users are saved as BFG(TRX).
Basic native BetFury game token (BFG) continues to be based on TRC-20 smart contract. It means that mining BFG(TRX)/BFG(BTC) subtokens are just a solution to start a new mining cycle on the BetFury platform.

Mining price on BetFury 2.0

BFG(TRX) In House games: start from 40 TRX/1BFG Slots games: 13.5 TRX/1BFG Increasing: for every mined 100 000 000 BFG token the price increases for +1 TRX (for In-house games) and +0,5 TRX (for slots).
BFG(BTC) In House games: start from 0.00007000 BTC/1 BFG Increasing: for every mined 100 000 000 BFG token the price increases for +0.0000001 BTC Example: 0.00007100 BTC → 0.00007200 BTC → 0.00007300 BTC → 0.00007400 BTC → 0.00007500 BTC
Slots: Start from 0.000023 BTC/1 BFG Increasing: for every mined 100 000 000 BFG token the price increases for + 0.0000005 BTC Example: 0.000023 BTC → 0.0000235 BTC → 0.000024 BTC → 0.0000245 BTC


We have changed the house edge for Dice from 1.5% to 1.99% The reason is that it should quickly replenish the dividend pool. Also because we have a lot of different features, contests, big cashback, VIP Rank system.
Increased house edge on Dice does not affect the increasing of the mining price. In fact, the cost of mining remains the same, due to equalization of the price of mining by the BF team. We are sure that this will have a better effect on the dividend pool and on the distribution of dividends to our users.

Minimal bets

Off-chain bets solutions allow us to reduce minimum bets in every in-house game. Starting from BetFury 2.0 release in-house games will have the next min bets: 0.00000100 BTC 0.00000100 TRX 0.00000100 USDT 0.00000100 BTT Slots, Table and Live games will have their own bets allowed by the games providers. BetFury team is always trying to make better conditions related to integrated games to make it possible to play for everyone. BetFury constantly pushes partners to add more crypto gaming solutions.
BetFury staking (Mining and Dividends)
The Dividends system is one of the main and most valuable features of BetFury. The system of multicurrency drops for all BFG token holders. From now users don't need to use Tron network to receive payouts for holding BFG. In order to invite new users for mining procedures and increase the value of BFG token, we provide a new 90%-10% staking payouts model with subtokens mining of BFG(TRX) and BFG(BTC).

Advantages of renewed BetFury staking system

Here on BetFury we maximized the opportunity of earning dividends for all newcomers and old users. And from now on we expand this opportunity for every crypto user outside the Tron market. BetFury also gives the opportunity to receive BTC dividends for users, who have been with us from the first day of the platform launch. BetFury Staking solution is ideal for both new users and for existing. New users who decided to join BetFury will join to Build new world class product. There is a unique opportunity to mine BFG(BTC) tokens with the best price and receive generous dividends.
  • Stakinga feature, that means that users claim a reward from the Dividend pool by only for holding their BFG tokens on their gaming accounts. The reward is defined according to the number of tokens kept.

How does it work?

Every 24 hours, the dividend pool releases 3% of the total profit of the platform on every currency, and the amount is shared among all users who hold BFG tokens. Get profit from all the platform’s funds, regardless of whether you are staking: BFG(TRX) or BFG(BTC)!
By placing bets in Bitcoin users get BFG(BTC) subtoken. Stake BFG(BTC) token to get dividends in the amount of:
  • 90% from BTC pool
  • 10% from each of TRX, USDT, BTT pools
By placing bets in Tron, Tether TRC-20, Bittorent (TRX, USDT, BTT) users get BFG(TRX) subtoken. Stake BFG(TRX) token to get dividends in the amount of:
  • 90% from TRX, USDT, BTT pools
  • 10% from BTC pool All tokens that have been mined before BetFury 2.0 update by users are saved as BFG(TRX).


Some in-house games have the Jackpot option. Total Jackpots on BetFury are more than 6 000 000 TRX ~ 10 BTC ~ 100 000 USDT. From now on Jackpots pools will be in Bitcoin and when players get the Jackpot - payout will be also in Bitcoin. Check out Jackpot details on the site to know more!

Referral program
Cooperate with BetFury to receive a lifetime reward for inviting new people! Get up to 15% from platform's house edge for all referrals winnings. The reward is charged in the currency of the bet.
15% - from platform's house edge for each referrals winning bets in in-house games
For example: bet 100 x2= 200 pure profit = 200 - 100 = 100 house edge = 1.99% = 0.0199 (profit)(house edge)(referral bonus 15%)= your referral bonus 100(1.99%)0.15= 0,2985
1.5% - from platform's house edge for each referrals winning bets in slots and table games
For example: bet 1000 x3 = 3000 house edge slots = 3,5% (win amount)(house edge)(ref bonus%)= your referral bonus 30003.5%1.5%= 30000.0350.015 = 1.5
5% - from all mined BFG tokens It means that if your referral has mined 100 BFG – you'll receive 5 BFG

Rating and Rank system

VIP Rank system migrates to Bitcoin, which means that to be higher in the VIP system users should make more bets in any currency but every bet will be accumulated into BTC. For example, a bet of 1000 TRX will add +0.00172 to your total Wager and as a result of your Rank progress. The rank bonus will be paid in Bitcoin.
Note! All the exciting user's ranks and ratings will migrate from TRX to Bitcoin with no data losses (some minor changes may be occurred due to crypto volatility). Read more in the Rank System page.
Lots of users love Auction on BetFury and we decided not to remove TRX Auction but add the BTC one. Two different Auctions are now available. Place bids in BFG(BTC) to win BTC Place bids in BFG(TRX) to win TRX

In-house games

Global redesign and rebranding bring new UI/UX for in-house games. We hope everyone will love new-looking Hi-Lo, Plinko, Circle, Keno, Mines, and Stairs games with some user experience improvements.

Slots, Table games, Live games

BetFury has more than 800 games from the best providers - Spinmatic, Spinomenal, Playson, Booongo, Endorphina, Vivogaming, BetgamesTV, Pragmatic, Habanero, Mr. Slotty, Fugaso, 1x2Network, GameArt. New game providers are coming and from now you will be able to play on any device with even higher performance!

Secret project

Secret project is a unique tool that gives everyone the opportunity to earn even more Bitcoins and it's worth to be implemented separately! The launch is planned in a month after the BetFury 2.0 release.


We are very excited about your feedback and reactions to the update. The team has been working hard to combine all the existing sets of your favorite advantages in a new manner. BetFury 2.0 is a logical continuation of a great crypto product development story. Once again we would like to highlight that all the changes on BetFury are done for the community and to satisfy the community needs. BetFury team is always in touch to become even better with every next step forward.
Thank you everyone for love, play, and support!
Soon further beyond the moon!
BetFury. You play - We pay!
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Large-scale updates of Tkeycoin. What’s next? — listing on the crypto exchange. Are you with us?

Large-scale updates of Tkeycoin. What’s next? — listing on the crypto exchange. Are you with us?
Hello, everyone, It’s been a long time since you heard our team, someone thought we were gone, someone was waiting, and someone disappeared himself.
All this time we have worked hard to bring you good news. We will tell you what we have prepared for you, what events will be soon, what you can use right now and what else will be new in the year. And so, let’s go!

Preparing for listing on the exchange

The pandemic period played into the hands of the entire team and we managed to build beauty in our services. In anticipation of the exchange, the team tidied up the sites and services and connected new tools. First of all, we paid attention to the preparation of all services for a foreign audience, taking into account its mentality.
New sections, localizations, nice things, and much more to ensure the most efficient use of the TKEY resource. In addition to the new tabs, the services that we will talk about in this material, there is a special page for representatives of the exchange with the necessary documentation for listing —

Full localization

Already today the official website available in 5 languages: Russian, English, Korean, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional).
We made adjustments to the Russian and English versions of the site, including support for Korean and Chinese for each section of the site. Professionals in their field, native speakers translated and adapted the information as it should be, and we, in turn, structured and framed it properly. So welcome!
We will update language support for the site, and soon it will include support for all languages that are available in the mobile app.

QR Codes for Asian Audience
Our friends and residents of Asian countries actively use QR codes in their lives, both when paying in stores and when working with websites. QR codes are used almost everywhere when renting a car or bike, we just open the phone, scan and the mode of transport becomes available for use, anything is available for rent, even a battery, even an umbrella.
“It was a hot May day. Seven-year-old Wang Jiaozui came out of school and saw his grandfather, who came to pick him up. He was standing in the sun, and his shirt was soaked with sweat. Jiaozui invited the grandfather to buy a cold Cola in the shop, but he forgot her purse at home. It turned out that this is not important — the boy took his grandfather’s smartphone and called the payment app with a QR code on the screen.” ©
What to say if QR codes are used even to identify entire farms. By pasting QR codes on farm buildings and then scanning them, government inspectors can quickly figure out who owns the building and whether its owners are violating any laws.
We must be on the trend! Now a special library generates QR codes for the desired page, any tab on the site in Chinese and Korean-accompanied by a QR code that leads to the requested page: fast, convenient, and simple.
Providing this opportunity to our colleagues and future users of Tkeycoin from Asia is a friendly approach and most importantly, a strategic step on our part. After implementing QR codes, we are undoubtedly drawn into the convenience of this function, which we recommend to You:) If you like it, we will make QR codes on the Russian and English versions of the site.

Buying and withdrawing cryptocurrency to a Bankcard
On the site, you can now buy Bitcoin for pound, dollars, euro, and any other currency. This is a powerful automated service for instant exchange of fiat currencies for cryptocurrencies. The system works around the clock and seven days a week, allowing everyone to conduct exchanges at any time of the day and in the shortest possible time.
Withdrawal to a Bank card will be available until the end of the month, we finish the details, the page is available now, and the withdrawal itself will be activated during this week. You can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other currency right now.
These features are the future for the function of purchasing any product or service for TKEY at any point of sale, which will form the basis of the mobile app, quickly, conveniently, and most importantly, observing the letter of the law.
All we do is build an Empire that is being built before your eyes. Every service and product is connected, so any update promises the appearance of even more cool and effective features than before.

Buying cryptocurrency for pound, dollars, euros, and other currencies

At the end of February, we told you that we are working on building a payment service that will include the provision of services: buy cryptocurrencies, sell a cryptocurrency, withdraw cryptocurrency to Bank cards, etc.
This day has come, now you can buy Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether USDT, Basic Attention Token (BAT), Algorand (ALGO), Tron (TRX), OKB (Token
The purchase is available in any currency: Russian ruble, US Dollar, Euro, British pound, Ukrainian hryvnia, Indonesian rupiah, South Korean won, Japanese yen, Turkish Lira, Argentine peso.
As you can see, the currency corridors are quite extensive, which allows you to make exchanges fast and at a favorable rate. Just choose the right pair to exchange or buy, available fiat currencies: RUB, USD, EUR, GBP, UAH, IDR, KRW, JPY, TRY, ARS, available cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, BAT, USDT, ALGO, TRX, OKB.
Even if this wide list does not include the currency you want to buy, such as Bitcoin or USDT, it’s okay — the service will automatically convert your currency into the payment currency and the Bank will make the exchange. Exchanges take place within 1–3 minutes, it is enough to pass quick verification once, which allows you to work with a volume of > 15,000 euros per month.

Exchange of cryptocurrencies for pound, dollars, euros, and withdrawal of Bankcard

In addition to the fact that you can now easily buy a cryptocurrency for fiat currencies, pound, dollars or any other, during this week we will finish work on the withdrawal to a Bank card and you can easily withdraw your profit to the card, the most important thing is that this is a completely legal method, and all operations pass through banks and jurisdictions where work with digital assets is legalized.
This means that when you buy or make a withdrawal to the card, you get legal funds that are credited to you by the Bank or payment system.
If you are used to working with effective tools that work in a new way, or rather correctly and legally, then this service is for you. Fast crediting, easy exchange, a large selection of currency pairs, that’s what the company is betting on.
We work with the most reliable third-party partners to make your cryptocurrency process easy and convenient, and most importantly safe for You. The service supports plastic and virtual Bank cards VISA, MasterCard, MIR, and other payment systems for fast payment processing.
On the exchange page, you can choose any currency pair to exchange in the opposite direction, for example, GBP to BTC or USD to BTC. Choose a suitable pair for exchange, available fiat currencies: RUB, USD, EUR, GBP, UAH, IDR, KRW, JPY, TRY, ARS, available cryptocurrencies for exchange: BTC, ETH, BAT, USDT, ALGO, TRX, OKB.
How it works
When buying cryptocurrency for the first time, your Bank reserves (holds) the requested amount, then this amount is transferred to the authorization waiting state. As soon as the Bank freezes the fiat funds, the service fixes the exchange rate at the time of creating the application, reserves the cryptocurrency, and provides you with 30–40 minutes to complete verification. After successful verification, the service charges cryptocurrency to the wallet.

Quick verification

Verification takes 2–3 minutes and requires only one time to perform operations every day. The “Know Your Customer” (KYC) procedure is necessary to exchange cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies.
As you understand, you need to pass verification 1 time, regardless of whether you withdraw funds or buy currency, after passing verification, all services are available to You without any further confirmation.

New currency

Support for other currencies, including TKEY, will be added gradually and highlighted through service updates. As for the TKEY exchange, it will become available in exchange services after listing on the exchange. Listing on an exchange allows you to automate the exchange process, link the necessary services, and most importantly, the exchange provides liquidity, which is key when we talk about exchanging for a particular currency.
We will tell you more about the operation of the service and its advantages, chips, in a separate material dedicated to the withdrawal and purchase of cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies, as well as touch on various banking issues and tell you how you can combine the SWAP service for more efficient exchange and withdrawal to the card.

Charitable activity

By making an exchange or purchase of cryptocurrency, you help children and people who need our help. We deduct 0.1% of the profit from each transaction to charity funds.
This is the fastest and most comfortable way of charity, which allows you to bring together people who are not indifferent to other people’s problems. TKEY enables people to do good deeds, and the resulting turnover profit of 0.1% is sent to charity funds every month. Together with You, we create new opportunities for people in need who need help — “Big things have small beginnings”.
How does it work?
You have made an exchange or purchase operation, the company has accumulated the volume of these operations for a month->the company has chosen a charity Fund->sent funds to the charity Fund’s account. Priority charity funds are children’s aid funds. You can always suggest a candidate for a particular Fund by sending a message to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).
Why do we write Funds and not a Fund?
This is the first launch of the service, so depending on the monthly volume, we will focus on distributing funds to one charity or several. For example, if we have accumulated $ 10,000, we can distribute $ 5,000 to 2 funds. if we have accumulated $ 100, it is logical that we will only send this amount to 1 Fund. With the development of the service, we will be able to focus on several funds, which we will actively help due to the received volume.

New sections, improvements for existing services

Menu logic and site structure

The menu logic has been revised. now more items are available on the menu and they are divided into sections. Navigation through the sections has become much easier and more convenient. for some sections, QR codes are available for Russian and English-speaking audiences, and for representatives of Asian countries, all sections are available by QR code.


New blocks were added, the entire page was fully localized and is available in Chinese, Korean, English and Russian, and QR codes were added for easy navigation for the Asian audience.

Documentation for the exchange

We have already mentioned that there is a section for exchanges with the necessary documentation for listing, now it is available in English. In the next updates, it will be translated into Russian, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), and Korean.

Market Data (Coin Data)

The market data section has been optimized for mobile apps. Charts are expanded and optimized page borders for most mobile devices, and you can search for cryptocurrencies and tokens that interest you.


Added answers to frequently asked questions in various sections of the site, You can find the information directly on the section page, for example, TKEY-QT, SWAP or Core. Right on the page there is a FAQ section, in which we disclose answers to questions, for example: How are You going to solve the scalability problem, or why did you choose Phoenix as the logo and symbol of the project, or how do you exchange cryptocurrency for pound or dollars? As you can see, you can get answers to different questions, depending on the topic of the site section.


For convenience, the site’s footer has been expanded and new sections (quick tabs) are included, which are also available in the QR-code format. In addition to various details, the footer is now accompanied by the company’s coat of arms — the Phoenix, which is the symbol of the entire community, the Phoenix Alliance.

Page 404

Added page 404, which is also an integral part of the site. now when you go to a non-existent site page, all the necessary menu items are fully available to us, which will quickly Orient You and direct you to the desired section.

What is waiting for us in the nearest future?

In addition to various improvements, connecting services, our team has been working every day on other main areas of the Tkeycoin project, which are already being prepared for the next release and we will tell you what updates, what plans, events, and what else will be interesting this year.

Online conference with management

An online conference in question-answer format will be organized. The main task of the conference, in addition to questions and answers, is to discuss plans, talk about new directions, touch on issues of legislation, and analyze current issues of users.
The online meeting format will allow you to get feedback and discuss a large number of issues in a short time. Questions related to technical support and other questions that can be answered through the administration will not be discussed.
The meeting involves the development, constructive, and suggestions from users for further development of the Tkeycoin project. If you are interested in participating in the conference, you can also make business proposals during it, please use the time to your advantage. We work for you.

New content: reports, new categories, useful information

Based on user feedback, we introduce new categories to our content plan:
Reports This section will be accompanied by information about the work done by the team for the month, the format of submission — abstracts, highlights. This format will help establish feedback between users and developers.
In addition to the content that we produce ourselves, users have questions that arise during the process of working with the project’s services, as well as during interaction with the project itself. To avoid making guesses and making up stories, we have introduced the question-answer category.
Users ask questions in comments, and the company prepares answers based on the questions and they are published in the post. Depending on the number of questions, the post generates all the answers, or the post is divided into parts if the number of questions for the past period was the largest. In addition to asking questions, you can make suggestions to the project, for example, about new features or directions.
This format also builds feedback and helps to improve all services. the most important thing is that it can not only help us but also you, as the offer and questions will help you focus on the tasks that the end-user wants to see.

TKEY-POOL (Tkeycoin pool)

We are completing the work and debugging of the official pool for Tkeycoin, this is a completely new approach for mining Tkeycoin. The pool will feature higher performance and stable architecture, a light interface, and objective commissions.
A pool is a highly loaded system that works 24/7/365, it turns out that such a product hides a sufficient number of lines of code and, most importantly, is built on a reliable architecture that can withstand +50000–100000 miners, not to mention the number of connected devices for this number of miners.
A cryptocurrency pool is a combination of the hardware power of many miners at once to increase the probability of finding a block. The reward for a block obtained by the pool is distributed among all participants.
The TKEY pool is developed taking into account the features of the Tkeycoin blockchain, including multi-blockchain, transaction model, hashing, blocks, and other nuances that are an upgrade of the blockchain among others. Together with the pool, the TKEY network is being tested: high loads, attacks, and other tests that show positive results, proving that the TKEY blockchain can work under any loads and is protected from attacks.
Our task was to: 1. Stable system for handling high loads; 2. Adaptation pool for any software; 3. Connecting any hardware for mining cryptocurrency Tkeycoin; 4. Fair remuneration calculation; 5. Security.
The main goal is for any user, regardless of the software and hardware used, to be able to connect to Tkeycoin mining via a pool. The first releases will be accompanied by a simple user-friendly interface, easy connection, instructions for various mining programs that can be connected.
In future releases, we will optimize the operation of the pool, add new features, as well as tracking functions and other nice things. any suggestions from miners and the community are interesting to us and will be implemented, so do not hesitate to send your suggestions after the launch.

Work on the TkeySpace mobile app is also not standing still. We will soon release updates for TkeySpace on Android and iOS.
This release is a complete transition to the most stable version of the mobile wallet. This means that after the update, even with the largest changes, the user will not need to completely reinstall or restore to use the new features, as before, just update the app via the AppStore or GooglePlay.
Between the previous update has been a sufficient amount of time, on average, updates are released once a month. This update will be one of the major ones. We are finishing work on the code to prepare the app for the new features that will be available this year. Besides, we are improving the app’s logic, data processing speed, optimizing the code, restoring order, and preparing for the global market.

Exchange, purchase of cryptocurrency and withdrawal to the Debit/Credit Card
In addition to pleasant optimizations, the app will display the exchange and withdrawal to a Bankcard, tab with an optimized page for exchange, withdrawal, and the purchase will be available directly in the mobile app. This upgrade will also capture the cryptocurrency exchange SWAP page, which can be evaluated after the update. Other features and new features will be announced by the developers immediately after the release.

SWAP Update

The development team is finishing work on optimizing the SWAP service. Regardless of updates, it is available in working mode 24/7/365. The team is working on improving the operation, optimizing the page, changing the interfaces, improving navigation, and speeding up query processing. This update is also among the upcoming ones, along with the pool, mobile wallets, and other news that will excite.

Network Statistics

In the network statistics section, there are several sections that will be fixed — this is the hash rate of the network and the volume of Tkeycoin. Now the volume of Tkeycoin is displayed by mTKEY, and the graph itself indicates M TKEY, the user may incorrectly understand the volume of transactions in the network, so, given the current volume, it is advisable to switch the display to TKEY, and in the future switch to mTKEY for large volumes.
TKEY is divided into cryptograms (CryptoGramm, cgr), uTKEY (keys), and mTKEY. 1 TKEY = 100 000 000 cryptograms. 1 mTKEY = 100,000 cryptograms. 1 TKEY contains 1000 mTKEY. 1 mTKEY = 0.00100000 TKEY 1 uTKEY =100 cryptograms 1 TKEY contains 1,000,000 utkeys. 1 uTKEY (keys) = 0.00000100 TKEY 1 cgr = 0.00000001 TKEY

Cryptocurrency Exchange

This issue has become the cause of mass discussions, disputes, investigations, the subject of memes, kitchen, and online conversations, that just did not happen, that TKEY is not taken anywhere, someone made guesses that we are waiting for everyone to run away, or TKEY is a world conspiracy and around some actors, you can write a book or shoot a great series, not worse than Breaking Bad.
Jokes, jokes, but the question is serious. Since the 4th quarter of last year, the company has been actively working on the issue of listing, prepared the necessary platform for this, held several meetings, negotiations, released the necessary products, figured out various transfers of funds to the blockchain, worked out many small things, many major issues that were behind the scenes. Everything is ready, and it’s time to start soon. This will be a surprise, believe it or not, and we will meet you on the stock exchanges :)

What other plans does the company have?

Enabling payment at retail outlets

After entering the exchange, we will actively engage in connecting payments to implement them and link them to TKEY. The plan, strategy, and legal component are ready.

Payment development

This implies the development of payments and services that will expand the use of digital currencies in the commercial sphere. Application on the territory of Russia will depend on the Federal law on the CFA, in any case, we plan to analyze the law, after its release, to find a legal way to implement payments based on blockchain and digital assets. Therefore, until the law is released, we are keeping this initiative in the future, and we will work on other jurisdictions that will support it.
We left some plans behind the scenes, because they will make the greatest impact on the market and the value of our asset, and this — likes silence.

What useful materials will be released soon?

How to effectively use the SWAP service together with the exchange and purchase of cryptocurrency from a Bank card?

We will tell you in detail how to use these 2 services, how to save on payments and purchases, how to exchange tokens that are very difficult to exchange, how to quickly get money for them to the card, and much more.

The law CFA

Our opinion about the law of cryptocurrencies in Russia, what to pay attention to, what to prepare for, how to act if there is a complete ban. Let’s talk about legal nuances and banking practices.

TKEY blockchain

In this material, we will talk about the blockchain, analyze the issues of the system, expand the questions on attacks, payment processing, and touch on the system of multiple chains. The article suggests your suggestions, perhaps someone will have ideas that we will implement in the chain.
At the end,
Don’t forget to ask questions in the comments or send suggestions to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) we will be happy to respond and consider your requests for any of our services. Collaboration, feedback, help us make the whole platform better.
Thank you for being with us! Until new meetings, stay tuned for news, updates, because the most unexpected news comes spontaneously.
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Guide to earning £200+ with match betting

I intend to write a far more detailed guide to match betting without using an odds matching tool like P.A. over the next couple of weeks, this guide will be better suited to those who have zero knowledge of match betting

What is Match Betting?

Match betting is a LEGAL, RISK FREE & TAX FREE way of earning Money. You earn by taking advantage of the various sign up and "reload" offers that bookies provide new and existing customers. For example, when you sign up to William Hill they have an offer of "Deposit £10, get a £20 free bet" You can use this bet and then lay against it at a betting exchange
For example:
Bookie: Bet Chelsea to WIN
Exchange: Bet Chelsea to NOT WIN (It should be noted than when you make a lay at a betting exchange you're covering all other options, so by saying you think Chelsea will NOT win you're saying they will either lose or draw, anything except win)
So now that you've placed them, these two bets will cancel each other out, resulting in you breaking even (or losing a little bit of cash) after this initial bet you will be credited with your free bet. Now, repeat this process again - except this time it's not your own money being used to place the bet! So you get to keep the profits.

How to get started

The best way (I believe) to get started is to sign up for the free trial on Profit Accumulator | Non and follow their step by step instructions. Using their site you can claim two of the offers and earn £45. During the trial you will have the basics of match betting explained to you and once you have earned from your free trial you can use the profit to upgrade to a Platinum account(£22.99/month or £150/year). If you become a platinum member you will have access to hundreds of offers and dozens of extra guides to help you on your journey. When I started doing this a few years back I only used £50 (That I earned doing surveys) as my starting float, however a bigger pot of £100 is advised to help you work through offers quicker.
If you're going to get started with match betting, I recommend you take a photo of the following: Passport or Driving License, bank card used to deposit money, and a recent utility bill - As the bookies fraud prevention teams occasionally ask for these (I've only had it happen once, but it does happen)

Review of the best Match Betting Sites

Profit Accumulator | Non
Profit Accumulator is the oldest and largest match betting community out there, with over 20,000 members on its private forum. Their guides are very simple to follow, with text guides, video guides and a list of offers for first time match betters to sign up to. The Profit Accumulator team are also the only match betting site which has a dedicated customer support line.
Profit Accumulator have also developed a lot of tools over the past year or so, including Oddsmatching, which find you the right games to maximise your profit, the match catcher which is used betting on the horses, The Acca catcher which is for people who’ve been doing this for years and now use accumulators to make most of their profit, a profit tracker. More recently they’ve created the Early Pay out calculator the Offers Calendar and the Match Betting Diary
Cost: FREE TRIAL! which will earn you £45 and then £17.99 after that


Odds Monkey | Non
OddsMonkey used to be my favourite sites until Profit Accumulator pulled slightly ahead of them. They’re very user friendly & focus more on newbies to the game. They’re the original creator of the oddsmatcher, which finds the perfect bets for you to make maximum profit.
Once again they offer written & video tutorials for people of all abilities and experience. As well as a huge community to offer you support. Odds Monkey is the only site where you can get 1 on 1 training by one of their seasoned professionals, simply pick your time slow and you can talk to someone who’s been match betting for years.
OddsMonkey probably offer more tools than any other sites, including: OddsMatcher, Racing Matcher, Each way matcher, Acca matcher, Acca finder, dutch search, tennis matcher and more.


Heads&Heads | Non
Head&Heads is relative new comer to the game, founded in 2016 it is run by one man, however that one man is some type of match betting machine sent from the future to help us get back at the bookies, it seems to update with reloads and new offers quicker than the two sites above who have large teams.
Their dashboard is clean, cut and simple making it very clear how much you’ve earned and where. They also have the oddchecker, a tracking table of every bet you’ve made, which is directly linked to their bet form. In my opinion heads&heads is the best site for more experienced match betting users.
Cost: FREE TRIAL! which will earn you £45 and then £17.99 after that HeadandHeads has kindly provided the following code BMUK01 which will give you 30 days of premium membership for £1

Being gubbed & mug bets

Mug bets - Ok, so match betting is completely legal, however, Most bookies aren't too keen on you only using them for offers. So it's highly recommended to place occasional "mug bets" - What's a mug bet? It's basically a normal (small) bet which is nothing to do with your match betting. A mug bet is simply a small bet to make you look like a regular customer, once again Profit Accumulator | Non has got you covered on the best ways to place mug bets. They advise following a cycle: Qualifying bet, free bet, mug bet, withdraw profits.
Being gubbed - This is when a bookie has figured out that you're only match betting and using their offers, the bookie can limit your account to only making small bets, or not getting any offers. You can get back in good stead with them by placing non-offer bets but this could take time and still never amount to anything.

Slot Offers

These offers aren't required to make a healthy profit, but they can be a good earner for you. Slot offers come in many different flavours, and you have to take each one for its merits, some are simply a few free spins and sometimes you have large wagers involved for your free spins. People are often put off by slots because a lot of the time they’re not completely risk-free. It is up to you to weigh up the value of doing them as you have the chance to win big from doing these, you have the potential to make upwards of £100 from a single offer, but like I said... not for everyone. Profit Accumulator | Non will advise you about the risk factor for each slot offer. It will either be no risk (so for examples and offers where the bookies will give you your money back – wager £5 and be credited £5 if you lose it all) or a low risk offer (which is what most slot offers are) where you have to wager a larger amount but the potential earnings are a lot higher. They will also tell you which slots you are best using, unless the offer is for a selected slot only

Jargon Buster

When you start your Match betting journey you'll notice lots of terms thrown around, if you're unsure of them ask me and I’ll try to explain. Here are some of the common terms:
Lay Bet: This is the bet you lay in the exchange against your bookie bet. This bet covers you for all options that are not what the bet is backing – e.g. Bet is to WIN; the lay bet will cover LOSS and DRAW.
Qualifying Bet: This is when you place a bet to qualify for an offer, for example if the offer was "bet £10 get a £20 free bet" then £10 is your qualifying bet.
Mug Bet: This is a small bet placed to convince the bookie you're a regular punter
Gubbed: When a bookie bans or limits your account, this usually happens due to a lack of mug bets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Matched Betting a scam?
A: NO! Everything is tried & tested, supported by various forums all over the internet and has been features on the BBC, The Guardian and various other news outlets... it's legit!
Q: Is Matched Betting Gambling
A: NO! With Gambling you have a risk, Match betting has no risks because you cover every outcome - the only risk is human error.
Q: Is Matched Betting really risk free?
A: Yes and No, If you just follow the instructions for the offers then you will face no risk. However if you decide to use slot offers then there is a slight risk associated with it, but that's your choice you aren't required to do the slot offers.
Q: How is Matched Betting tax-free?
A: As it's considered gambling you don't pay any tax on your winnings.
Q: Will Matched Betting affect my credit rating?
A: NO! But bookies will leave an imprint on your credit file. This is just an identity check to make sure that you are genuine.
Q: Do I need a separate bank account for Matched Betting?
A: NO, But it is recommended, simply because seeing lots of deposits and withdrawals to casinos can look unappealing on your bank account. Most mortgage companies want to see 3 months worth of bank statements - but if you have 10 bookmakers on them every week it might look like you have a problem.
TLDR: Use the free trial from Profit Accumulator | Non to make your first £45 from the bookies (Risk Free).
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My thoughts on Consoles vs Computers

This post is directly a revised copy-paste post from the Facebook Group based on the feedback and concerns i got in the comment sections. My revisions are with Italics and some with striked text for CLARITY. I haven't deleted anything it's all there. I will do my best to answer to any question you have. In the end this post get me banned but here it goes. (This is a long read if you don't want to read it it's ok you can move on)

This post is about PCs versus Consoles. If it doesn't concern you, you can move along.

I see so many posts about consoles being better than computers and vice versa.
Consoles were designed to game while Computers are general purpose machines doing many stuff, one of them is Gaming.
In order to compare 2 things that they are not the same you need to have a context. In which way you are comparing them. The obviously answer would be gaming. Let's grab on to this.

TL;DR PCs gives you flexibility to fine grain your experience, while consoles rely on Convenience and Couch gameplay with friends and family.

The technical part

First of all the latest consoles such as PS4 and Xbox One are x86 and are pretty similar to our current computers.Xbox One is using a specific-purpose Windows 10 operating system that it will run only UWP while PS4 is using a Unix FreeBSD Modified operating system.
When a company decides on creating a Console they need to think about that cost of this console. After all is a stripped out PC that is designed for gaming.There's a balance. This balance is all about price to performance. They can't use high-end stuff because that will raise significally the price and at that moment you can make the argument of opting for a pc instead.Instead they opt out for mediocre to low-end parts and to balance that they rely on software optimizations.
Truth to be told the hardest part of developing a game is optimizing it.
When a Developer Company decides on creating a game for a console, most of them times won't do it from scratch. They have some sort of an engine. The development all takes place obviously on a PC and then they compile it for the said console everytime. At the early stages of development all the testing is being done on the PC (because after all that's the purpose of a general purpose device. to be able to do more things than a specific purpose device like a console), but when they reach the final version of the game they will try it out on the Console DevKit. The Console DevKit is a way more unrestricted version of the Console that gives the developers more freedom. They will probably have monitoring tools, they can check logs and they can optimize the game to reach its full potential for the given hardware.
This engine i mentioned earlier is the core of any given game. The engine dictates physics, mathematics, graphic fidelity and everything arround the game.
When you develop a game with an engine for a Computer, this engine can't have any optimizations built-in because this game is not platform-specific. This game will be available to run on million combinations of hardware. So the developers have to make the known "Graphic Settings" so every player can chose at which level their computer operates the best, they need to have generic Optimizations. And in the end they can't optimize the said game for everyone. Is impossible to do.
Developing a game for a console is a different story. The developers know exactly on what hardware this game will run and this hardware won't change ever. So there are really no settings you can mess with because the developers found the sweet spot of graphic fidelity and performance on that specific hardware and have already done this for you. Suddenly all players playing on that console have an optimized game and all are enjoying the full potential of this optimized game on that console. That doesn't mean that their experience will be better than playing the game on a Computer.
If we want to make a direct comparison between a console and a computer we need to find similar hardware. In this test scenario we won't be dealing with the CPU. We will remove the CPU Bottleneck and we will focus on the GPU scenario. PS4 is using a GPU from AMD identical to Radeon 7870HD. A pretty competend card. If we try to make a computer running a solid i9-9900k with the 7870HD and try to run the games that co-exist in PS4 and PC, i bet you, the PS4 will outpeform our PC. Why? Because the game is optimized for PS4 and like i said the developers have found the sweetest spot. While this game on pc has generic optimizations that won't benefit you that much. But if you try to run the same game on a ̶2̶0̶8̶0̶t̶i̶ modern graphics card, you will have a lot more graphic fidelity than what PS4 can output with better performance at most times.
Thing is that Computers have the flexibility of combining the right hardware tailored for you. You can pick exactly at you want and with the hardware you chosen play whatever you want with the performance this hardware can offer. This flexibility exists only on Computers.
If you were about to leave out the convenience and price part, all-arround a computer would be a more solid experience than a console.Computers are about flexibility while Consoles are about convenience.

The Convenience part.

Well i have to admit i own both a really powerful computer but i also have my consoles as well. But why?While computers are great for gaming with many combinations of hardware for you to pick for your needs they are not convenient on a couch use. (I will come back to this later)
if you see every console advertisment they have this scene that you are among friends playing on the living room on a big TV or playing with your family together.
Consoles are deisgned for Couch use with an intuitive GUI(graphic user interface) that lets you navigate to every aspect of this console (at least what they allow you to do) with a controller. That's a big deal. You don't have to jump in on 5 different windows changing settings or firing up a console and typing commands to optimize something is not. Their R&D team has invested a lot of time on this so you can have a great experience doing the stuff you need with ease.
That been said it doesn't mean that you can't hook your favorite console on your PC monitor and jam from your desk.
PCs on the other hand are designed for a general purpose usage. You won't find this fine grained GUI out of the box. Some might say "hey dude there are several launchers like Steam Big Picture, Playnite, Retro Arch and other stuff like that that will allow you to navigate with a controller on a TV on a couch. Yes there are. But what happens if something breaks. Or something doesn't work like expected? You need to do it in the traditional way (navigating these windows, or typing some commands and stuff like that)
While you can certainly build a computer to have on your living room and playing games (i have this already and whatever it can't play it streams is directly from my main build over a Cat6 UTP) it won't give you the convenience of managing everything directly from your couch. You will need to get your hands dirty and grab a keyboard and a mouse and deal with many sad situations. And that really costs a lot. It costs valuable time with your friends, at this time you could certainly be playing games with your buds and having a jam, having fun -- instead you grabbed a keyboard and you are trying to trouble shoot why the game is crashing at startup, or why is lagging af because your operating system decided to start an update (Windows) or because Proton hasn't be optimized for this game (Linux). While this won't be the case everytime you play. You will most certainly face issues. On a general purpose machine there will be always the unexpected factor that is a bomb waiting to explode to ruin your experience.
But what is this all about unexpected factors and stuff like that. A General Purpose Device such as a computer is doing a lot more stuff than a Specific Purpose Device such as console. A Computer is running many more services to enhance your experience all-arround not only for gaming and these services might be overhead and some may cause problems.
At this time i want to say that i'm Software Engineer so i can really give my points down there.
Many of the workflows i'm doing requires Virtualization. Some games don't like that. They straight out refuse to start because Virtualization is enabled,Some competitive games are using some AntiCheat Solutions that they rely on Hypervisor. Well virtualization runs on Hypervisor and anticheats don't like that either so they straight up gives you a short "fuck off" aswell.
Let's say you own some games on different Game Platforms on a Computer (Origin, UPlay, Steam, BattleNET, GOG, Epic). If you decide on playing a game on Steam, and steam have some updates scheduled for you, steam won't start these updates because you are playing and it might affect your experience along the way, other clients though are not aware that you are currently playing and they will start this update procedure . If you are playing a simulator game that's not a big deal, If you are playing a competitive game this will most certainly ruin everything. You will panic because your movements would be one step per second, and you will try to find what is causing this so you can stop this.
Other problems might appear with some broken dependencies. Some games fail to deliver some dependencies and you get errors like DirectX is missing, or Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Packages missing, .NET Framework missing and all of that in more cryptic messages than these i'm writing over here.
OS Specific issues. Windows 10 is "optimizing" your network connection, this optimization is not in your best advantage though every time, so you have to turn it off (through your cmd), Windows 10 while it won't install updates instantly it will download them and it might do this while your are playing.
On Linux there's a new initiative by Valve called proton that is based on the well established Wine. This tool allows you to play Windows games directly to Linux. This won't work always and it will require settings.There are many things that i can't think right now but All these things need keyboard and mouse to be configured, and it short-of ruins the convenience part of it. You won't face these issues with Consoles because games are designed to run on them.
Yea bugs is a thing, but exists on both so can't have this as a point for either of them.

Performance Part

Well given all these points we can't overlook the performance. This is a whole new section i managed to reply on the comment section on my previous post.
Console Convenience comes at a cost. This cost is not only measured in money.
Like i mentioned on the Technical Part of this comparisson they are cutting corners to deliver an experience for everybody. While you could play any game on a console that supports it, doesn't mean you will play this game at its full potential. Sure they will optimize it to work best on these consoles but the "best" for the consoles is not the best for the Computers as well. In order to play all the latest AAA games they will have to cut down graphic fidelity and framerates. PS4 for example the standard version plays everything on 30 fps on pretty average graphical settings. That's because like i mentioned to keep the cost low so you can afford it they had to use mediocre to low end hardware, but they managed to streamline a better experience on that given hardware so everybody can enjoy the games they want to enjoy even though they won't be playing them at their full potential. That's a compromise,
The computers on the other part can have as much performance as you can afford them to have. The standards are changing slowly and you can hookup your brand new 2080ti with your old 2500k (you will have CPU Bottleneck) but boy, you can play a lot more games than your previous (980TI) in way better graphical settings.

Cost Part

Before we starting an uncessairy heated argument we need to think the other person in the room. Just because YOU can afford to build a computer and play at the highest settings doesn't mean that the OTHER person CAN. The world is not a fair place, some people the only they can afford is a PS3 and stick with it they won't upgrade to PS4 PS5 or a PC, you need to realise that everyone has no the economic capability of aquiring a high end system.
A Console for them is the perfect tool for their job. They can play the games not with the greatest performance not with the greatest graphics but heck they can play it. Some perople genuinly enjoy the game for what it has to offer other than the graphic fidelity and high framerates.
A console costs what it costs because they had an extensive research about Price-To-Performance and Optimizing their Software so they can accumulate as much as performance as they could.
A Computer can cost anything and according to what it costs it can play games for it's price range.

The conclusion part

I like to give this (in my opinion good) example about comparing these 2 different platforms. We have a Calculator and we have a Modern Computer, and you want ̶t̶o̶ ̶h̶a̶v̶e̶ ̶a̶ ̶s̶u̶m̶ ̶o̶r̶ ̶a̶ ̶p̶r̶o̶d̶u̶c̶t̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶n̶u̶m̶b̶e̶r̶s̶ ̶o̶r̶ ̶g̶e̶n̶e̶r̶a̶l̶l̶y̶ ̶a̶n̶y̶ ̶a̶r̶i̶t̶h̶m̶e̶t̶i̶c̶ ̶o̶p̶e̶r̶a̶t̶i̶o̶n̶ calculate some integrals or some advanced mathematic formulas. Which of these devices will do it faster? Well a Good Calculator T̶h̶e̶ ̶C̶a̶l̶c̶u̶l̶a̶t̶o̶r̶ because it was designed for this and this alone. Can you fire up Visual Studio on this calculator and start coding? No you can't , i t wasn't designed for that.
An admin had an issue with this example and i think it was the same admin that banned me so i will try to elaborate on that a bit more.There are several kind of Processors out there.
There are General Purpose Processors (The ones your pc currently use) There are Application Specific Purpose Processors (Such as a GPU) there are Microprocessors and many more.
When you are designing a device you need to have a context of what this device you want to do. A General Purpose Computer should do everything so you can get a General Purpose Processor. Can it game? Yeah but not well at all, that's why we got a GPU a processor made for playing games right? The GPUs are the reason we are playing games in the first place. (Note: the General Purpose Processors with Integrated Graphics Cards are General Purpose Processors with an Application Specific Purpose Processor built in inside)
Lets get back to the Calculator example. When Texas Instruments or Casio design a Calculator, they don't use a General Purpose Processor. They don't need this flexibility that comes with performance overhead. They need an application-specific purpose processor that will do math faster.
So if we know that a General Purpose Processor contains for example the 2 basic arithmetic operations ADD (SUM) and MUL(Multiply) this processor can do almost all the other operations by combining these 2 operations. But that will take more than one Processing Cycle (each Hertz is a Cycle)
So in the end if we want to solve an integral on a General Purpose Processor it may take thousands of steps that's not true for the Calculator., You see they used an application-specific purpose processor that had this feature built in on the hardware side of things. So this operation will complete way faster than a normal processor would.
Now the example is not perfect because it implies that a computer can't play games, which is not what we want to deduct, and while i said i will keep the original post and add things in italics i can say it was a fail example for the Current gen of consoles that are based of the same technology and architecture computers have right now. With the PS3 it would be valid. Because PS3 was using A RISC Processor, a way different processor than our modern ones, that till date can do some operations way faster than a traditional general purpose processor.
Consoles are designed to play games, and they are doing a great job at it giving you the convenience of sitting on a couch with your buddies firing up the game you want and jam on your big tv. It might not be always with the greatest graphics but most of the times it will run stable, and most surely have a good experience with it , But consoles are just it. Gaming.
You want something more besides gaming? You want More from your gaming experience?, Do you want to push a game and your own computer to the Limits? You want raw POWER? you want a Computer.
You want both hey you can have them both. I have a computer, a media computer on my living room capable of playing some games and streaming from my main pc, and a console, they never got in a fight. Why would you?
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The Meld II (1): After Wrath - a kind of peace.

The Meld II (1): After Wrath - a kind of peace.
KVC three simple letters, representing something less easily defined.
Did they somehow rename the star system and planet as presently logged in the Atlas Database? Where did the presently resident Space Station spring from? In addition, how did it get here? Previously, as now, they blanked queries on those issues - infuriating.
‘We are grateful for your continued support with the Lightspine initiative.’ The figure interjected instead, changing the topic again. ‘Your base footings, uncomplicated delicate local legalistic and logistical matters.’
“Agreeable services for services, keep us honest - as does a little transparency.” Tor added uselessly.
‘We feared you were distancing prior to summoning us here.’
I should be so lucky, Tor internally mused.
‘Having read our latest report and analysis. Do you wish to add anything further regarding present sector operations? We value all input.’
Korvax could so easily be datavores.
“Just my stated concerns about the growing black market, especially with multi-tools. Is there no better way to limit such hidden distribution chains from operating on planet.”
‘Not easily. Anyway Traveller, oft more productive to identify and monitor known criminals rather than to drive their activity deeper underground. We prefer to simply track the flow of questionable people and goods only then dealing, as absolutely needed, with the most problematic of emergent individuals, groups and technologies.’
“You consider you have insiders close enough to this action where necessary?”
The glowing Korvax image seemed to study the Traveller for a moment.
‘I cannot discuss undercover operations - for internal security reasons - even with you. Indeed, some of these matters compartmentalised far beyond my direct scrutiny.’
Tor thinking that too convenient, abiding levels of separation, in part, designed for plausible denial. It irked him a little how well the KVC always hedged their bets. However, operational prudence and discretion was partly what made them ideal policing gatekeepers. A smarter than average first line of outer defence against incursions.
He hated covert operations but long stuck fast upon the edge of such ventures due to his struggle with: The Overmind, the Gek Blood Cults and of course First Spawn survivors. Even sometimes contesting Space Piracy and other simpler criminality led to sneaking about. Naturally, equally having the KVC, (actually a Convergent Korvax intelligence gathering and dark operations organisation), as a long-term ally hardly helped him stay in the light. The KVC technically all murky shadow.
“You consider you have it under control?” At times on the ground, it hardly seemed that way.
The Korvax made no effort to reply. Tor sighed inwardly, whilst their blank masked faces mirrored each other in virtually a contest of inscrutability.
Tor wished Gryll would join him in these courtesy(?) meetings for added cognitive and psychological support. Unfortunately, the KVC made his friend even more uncomfortable than they made Torrance. Often it surprised Tor that Gryll so regularly resident on planet considering the solar system now annexed by these Convergent Korvax.
‘So much more is possible with unity of purpose: Remember Convergence all about mutual support.’
“No doubt.” Tor replied, having heard it all before. Useless too, but he couldn’t quite resist the sarcasm - allies - or not. Probably time to move along.
‘You made the right choice.’ The Convergent insisted. ‘Speaking without personal or organisational ego. I think you know this. These Sentinels Demand Orthodoxy. More brutal forces, let’s say the Vy’keen High Command but even the ever profit hunting Gek Trade Guilds, lack our digital insights. Delicate diplomacy required here.’
Tor wondered if that was a reminder to him to step lighter in his more muddled meddling. He nodded though, most of the last beyond dispute even to a suspicious Traveller. Still, he worried he had sold the Uplifts out to covert dominance by an off world superpower that he never - entirely - ever trusted. Yet better the KVC than larger numbers of exploitative industrial or criminal types, including Blood Cult Gek swarming in. Whilst Tor also judged a Vy’keen Protectorate too severe following the shock of The Wrath even if some Tusks yet troublesome to planetary peace.
Problematically, the Blood Cults would likely never cease to be fascinated by the Planet of Hellespae, as it was now labelled in the system of Hellespawn. Names that again struck Tor a bit close to the bone. Why such labels if it was the KVC did the renaming? Why play it up that way? Sometimes they could be confounding subtle even when seemingly bold out of character overt.
Usually when KVC acted brash it just meant you were missing something well hidden underneath the distracting noise. The Lightspine, in a distant star system, an example. The construct an agricultural laboratory of sorts, yet also a domineeringly stark - madly imposing building - that belied that truth in a virtually aggressive way. In its creation, Tor had just followed their design plan as instructed.
That was the Korvax Victor Company though, a sly disingenuous force. In action his Convergent allies reminded him of his most infamous foe - perhaps in a weird way a good thing. Surely that place could not just be about distracting him, for a time, although the KVC knew too well how to multitask: Those processes built into their unnatural digital nature.
Too sadly, it would not matter that the Cradle Citadel was obliterated, nor that the Mountain mostly gone, (blasted by an interdicting Sentinel Armada), some obsessive folk would still seek after possible surviving relics of Geskhan. A few possibly even taking an unwelcome interest in the remaining Tusks and Foxes as - living legacies - of the famous First Spawn Inventor and Archivist’s work. Worse, Tor feared, some Tusks might even make for willing Blood Cult recruits. A few belatedly judging going from the Cult of the Dreamer to full membership of a Gek Blood Cult a spiritual promotion, despite any previous contention of dogma when the Dreamer active.
Meanwhile, dodgy Black Market Traders ideal Blood Cult infiltrator disguises, the Tusks in particular ever hungry for new tech including presently restricted and controlled devices. The ancient Gek Mystery Cults long using the lure of gifts of one kind or another as a means of recruitment: Drugs, power, wealth, knowledge even access to forbidden Elder Tech all dangled at one time or another before potential recruits. Though the Blood Cults long considered racist Gek institutions, Tusks - given their Maker - potentially acceptable.
Meanwhile, elsewhere - remarkably - Reefee’s hidden Blood Cult civil war apparently raging unabated. Tor beginning to believe the KVC wanted it that way since it kept so very many Cultists preoccupied with internal doctrinal and leadership differences, a bit similar to one Hirk and Nal story. Yet not even that weird Cult internal conflict, kept - all - those Gek recidivists assuredly permanently fully locked down and out of broader mischief, including safely directed away from Hellespae and its Uplifted residents. Therefore rightly or wrongly Tor felt an abiding responsibility to ensure the peace.
“I trust the KVC doing more than just monitoring any - Cultists - probing around in this system.”
‘As I have explained before, those operations are not directly under my jurisdiction.’
“Really? Then perhaps there is somebody else you can redirect me towards?”
‘That wont be necessary or facilitated. I am well placed to forward on any data others need to know from you. We each have our proper place Torrance. Matters of Blood Cult encroachment deemed military. Although I hold a quite senior Company position, to some, I am a glorified Civilian Administrator.’ The Korvax underplayed.
Tor wondered if he might get more out of his Cook back on the Triple V - as a known Agent - then decided probably not.
“So I am fully judged a civilian asset now?”
‘Of course, do you wish to dispute that present designation?’
Tor easily answered that one. “No. I do not.” Yet was it ever that simple. They had ways of folding you in or cutting you out when it suited them. Whilst his Cult Busting, Vy’keen Interns of the Mindwar Archive would probably feel insulted if they knew they were - by association - equally judged civilians, although that designation far better than some attempt to impose a meddlesome KVC operational oversight.
‘You will nonetheless, I assume, let us know if you find anything - actionable - that needs passed on.’
“That - needs - passed on, of course. I am surprised your people though are not all over the archaeology - if that is the right term for this venture.” Had they secretly been all over it already? Surely the Militia - he had assigned - would have noticed even attempts by subtle KVC trespassers..., unless his watchers compromised. Tor let that go quickly deciding down that vector lay madness.
‘We oft prefer not to be the active party. The best oversight that which does the least possible. Not only does doing less avoid - foolish - dependencies, it simply makes less noise, therefore in general attracting less attention including less potential active outside ire and contention.’
“You are like fictional fantasy wizards,” The Traveller scoffed, “all about keeping the balance.”
‘For the Convergent balance is not a bad analogy. When matters are balanced, rash interventions only upset the stability of the equilibrium. We prefer to avoid such straining outcomes that are at best mismanagement. No one wants to make a crisis out of stability.’
“Cooler minds prevail.” Tor replied whilst also thinking, tell that story to Reefee. He could almost feel sorry for the Clone, since it seemed the KVC had gotten the best of him after all - well possibly.
‘If you trusted us earlier with your discovery Tor, the remarkable, (for this age), Sentinel Armada bombardment might have been avoided. The Convergent are not your enemy Traveller - we are your good friends and allies. Not every soul can readily hope to muster our support as you do.’
In other words stop complaining and just be grateful we came to your call. Tor grimaced inside his suit, well it felt as if he worked such muscles under his ever present second skin. That thought making him grimace once again. A bit of a grimacing loop that in turn had him smiling like a loon in self mockery.
Luckily, none of that interplay of facial expression was outwardly visible. Was it true though? Did his habitual distrust and paranoia, including his dislike of great powers help forge what happened? Was his general attitude - as much at fault - as him vainly opening the Portal out of curiosity and shockingly, at first, as a mere distraction for Efor following that punishing altercation with the First Spawn Clone? Tor hadn’t really believed they would find the Shadow Library. Yet from such simple beginnings…
He had long judged Portals by omen troublesome Elder Tech, even striven not to use them - too casually -, yet always exceptions existed such as working for the Nexus. Now, he sometimes felt strongly that all the Uplifts of Hellespae ought to hate him for his trespass, though maybe if they had driven him away in enmity with sticks and stones, it would have been too easy on his guilty soul. That Nahrl and so on still looked up to the Triumvirate, rather than blaming them - in any manner - for what transpired, felt both humbling and vexing to the Traveller.
Nahrl only appeared to blame: The Dreamer, the Horde, (as it had been), the Blood Cult Gek and of course the Sentinels. Yet Tor was obsessed with earlier causes most notably his personal role in the cascade of events. He recalled Elder Torrance claiming Travellers true catalysts within the Great Machine, such ideas nothing new. Wherever Travellers went, things happened. Really they should all be super mindful of the potential consequences of their rash actions, yet somehow it rarely worked out that way. Worse, Tor felt, that often as a Traveller you could only ever hope to know a thing by foolishly going there and once there the deed - irrevocably done - or was that just a retrograde excuse.
“You really think your KVC could have prevented The Wrath?”
The Korvax image shifted slightly as if to better study Tor, as if really physically there. Sometimes Tor felt living in the real all play acting to the machines. Anyway, it paused a long moment, especially long for a fast thinking Convergent. It no doubt a calculated pause, purely expressed for dramatic social emphasis rather than some product of hellish deep convoluted digital thought. Tor knew in potency of mentality he was a flea conversing with a cognitive giant - as ever it rankled him. Occasionally he even worried his relative mental inferiority truly what pained him most about the networked digital folk. Their easy superiority of cognition making him feel slow witted, clumsy and just generally outgunned. Yet to him they importantly didn’t really quite live in the real world they ironically just interloped from the virtual and that mattered.
‘Forgiveness Traveller. I misspoke. History as we all know is destiny. All past events folded into the Base Code of existence. What has happened - in any timeline - could not be any other way, not within its specific thread of reality. I merely wish you to consider - your potential future actions - to self advise and correct your present vector when needed.'
The Korvax studied him again, as if Tor a manifestation of some especially fascinating laboratory anomaly.
‘Further hurts Traveller, in your future, best avoided. Even small stings to the biological psyche can add to an abiding - compounding - weight. Depression dragging down a soul’s passage into dark places, and you Travellers can exist for such a very long time, many burdens to accumulate. Worse, many of you do not have the direct support of being fully immersed in our uplifting Convergence, whence it is possible to share all onerous mental matters to a greater degree.’ The Korvax lectured.
The happy clappy Convergence, just believe and meld into that unity of purpose then all will be well. Tor grimaced internally once again. Many Torrance often preached to Believe Deeper, but they had rarely been fans of, or easy converts to, Digital Convergence that was not their guiding waypoint.
Though trapped in his exo-suit he believed firmly in the sanctity of his biological body, rather than in the elevation of, to him, - fake - ghostly digital copies of minds within some insubstantial version of a - post life - informational heaven. He believed life more than some - base - code. Ironically, even in here, he believed life overall a grand cosmic mystery, sometimes a grand cosmic horror show too but that was another story. He supposed it was something that kept him a little apart from some folk more wedded to the mainstream.
“I doubt you KVC share all your burdens for - security - reasons alone.” He eventually retorted.
‘Perhaps we don’t share them all.’ The Korvax self corrected, Tor sensing the machine doing so in a slightly condescending amused way. He too often felt the Convergent dealt with all non Convergent in a slightly amused manner, akin to owners talking lovingly down to recalcitrant domestic pets. ‘Please do keep in touch.’
Tor resisted an almost manic urge to go ‘Woof’, since he didn‘t have a tail to wag like a Fox. He let it go guessing he had more or less just been dismissed that fact confirmed instants later when the glowing Holo Image of the Korvax Casing winked out of his existence.
Did it really misspeak? Do they ever? As ever, the update from the Convergent Governor Consul or CGC left him feeling a bit ragged on the inside, dealing with any of the KVC too often did. Yet it was not easy to put aside old thoughts and feelings about his uncomfortable allies. Even now, he wondered, if he would rush to inform them of anything interesting he might uncover with his friends.
Even now, despite calling the KVC in, (in perhaps a moment of weakness), he questioned some of their broader motives and methods including their abiding secrecy. Yet, he had called them in nonetheless, and some part of him also felt he owed them a little credit for answering his summons. It did not matter if they responded - ever for their own reasons - he had still been the active summoner.
Curse them for making me do it to myself, Tor mused internally, whilst hating how weak that felt. Sighing again he stepped out, passing with a suit sensor tingle through the glowing atmospheric force field curtain of the blue light doorway.
Gryll was standing outside on a gloriously bright morning, the hot sun glinting sharply in places off his shiny metal head. Efor had said it was a day like that when… Tor struggled to let that go too. Bios might lounge lazily against the nanite prefabricated base module or sit on the springy curly grass, but Gryll as a Korvax stood erect akin to a technological statue near the batteries linked to the stubby solar generators. The collectors panels in organised rows and columns slowly following the burning sky orbs progress with mechanical diligence.
Tor took in the wider scene. So much had changed in recent months. Hellespae apparently had been caught in a - time anomalous - fold. The days spent within did not tally sensibly to the days passing far more quickly without. As such, other almost queued up Reality Shifts had hit them all belatedly hard, bringing a few odd gifts.
A little further out on a bit of a rise, one such gift, the first of his Living Ships throbbed and pulsed even occasionally seemingly grumbling or singing to itself. Tor already had two of these rare assets and felt well bonded to both, if occasionally a little stretched by that added responsibility.
The second one possibly a judgement lapse, curiosity finally getting the better of him. Now he felt a little torn between them, yet he could not part with the other either. Not good to discard living things as if mere unfeeling objects. He thought involuntarily about Artemis then strangely about the problematic Gek Base Overseer back at the Sanctified Basin. Surely, he had no reason to feel guilty about that one.
His ship grabbed his attention again, the shifts almost hypnotic. The creatures of the void also a sign of ever changing times perhaps of an ever changing Torrance. The first Living Ship he encountered appeared to say some alarming things, things that came close to encouraging him to reach for the weapons of his Mirror of Air star fighter rather than thoughts of ready compliance. Yet an odd reticence had kept his thumb off the fire button allowing the mysterious space dwelling entity to live on to continue its mission. Though for a super tense - elongated - moment he had agonised about the options in his mind, his thoughts fairly looping. Perhaps ignorance, indecision and inaction arguably making the final decision for him, the moment of danger simply passing him by or so it occasionally seemed.
With slightly revisionist hindsight he liked to imagine that he opted to not take the worst possible interpretation from what the Ship had said, judging its words possibly cultural and language miscommunications rather than simply an illogically bold expression of nasty facts. One of those occasions when he was not certain of his own motivations until he put them behind him under a belated heavy critique.
Anyway, he had stayed his hand and then taken part in some questionable enough Anomalous Channel ‘Doctor Frankenstein’ style business to create / birth / hatch a new life from a meld of parts: A new Living Ship. The lengthy process starting with an odd egg like casing previously obtained. The purchase of the curiosity occurring at the Machine Anomaly of Nada and Polo, maybe that simple fact had helped stay his hand as well. Although Tor far from completely trusted Nada and Polo they had nonetheless paradoxically - on some levels - become comfortably familiar actors in his ongoing dramas.
Yet again, to him, these all felt, matters of teetering perspective. Nothing about the Living Ship hatching quest entirely clean cut right or wrong. The process, Tor positive, being more complicated and subtle than it might seem especially to any more distant - less intertwined - outsider. Perhaps, he was actually finally growing and stretching as an individual, rather than just following the path of the Elder Torrance or feeling corruptly compromised by some of his experiences. Well the previous true unless conversely, he had become increasingly taint blind and thus judgement impaired.
‘Are they sending some of their people to join us?’ Gryll finally asked perhaps even his digital patience tested.
“No. They have left this little expedition entirely to our discretion.”
‘Really? Too generous.’
That reply about the KVC reminding Tor of Tor.
“Apparently, they prefer not to risk drawing deeper attention. I suppose that we retain an emotional curiosity about the old battle site and so on unsurprising. Our history here well known, even if nothing much remains worthy of deeper study in there. Yet if - they - took any noticeable, even just direct logistical interest, it might well be a beacon of suspicion to others. I think they would rather the site be underplayed lest it ever disastrously destabilise certain abiding assumptions.”
‘Some are always bound to take an interest. Is that not partly why you put a Traveller Base here and before that walled up the openings, whilst having the area under permanent Surface Militia guard.’
“I mostly footed this site for the Terminus access, granting us easy future transit back and forth. Besides Gryll, I like the idea of it later becoming an Archaeological Museum / Institute and Tabernacle of Remembrance of a sort eventually open to all. Even the deceased of the Tusk Horde - as it was - deserves some respect of remembrance. It being the thought that counts, it hardly matters if my Museum ultimately houses only simple historic finds such as easily collected scraps of ragged hull plating. Although I wanted to keep Dreamer Cult remnants away from the place, lest they tried to use it in some staged propaganda coup, a made up Dreamer resurrection.”
“Beyond that what happened here - and why - needs preserved. So much else lost down the long ages to other Sentinel operations elsewhere. For example, during the Great Sentinel Wars with the Vy‘keen much history all but wiped out save a few later words put into Plaques and specific clan texts that might be propaganda reworkings. Whilst the Sentinels tend to leave Traveller Bases mostly unmolested.”
‘You Torrance and your logs and archives against forgetting. So now a Museum, seems an escalation. Do you think me wrong? Do you really believe it all safe - dead - history now?’
“A part of me hopes you might be mistaken. I don’t know what the consequences might be of you being right. Are the others here yet?”
‘Not yet, but I imagine they will be taking the Terminus from the staging point of the Fort soon enough.’
“Strange that we still call it that since the original surface structures got wiped.”
‘Not that strange. As you just alluded history matters. Plus the underdark remains a Surface Militia site.’
“I suppose. Lives matter more though. If the Gladiators had not evacuated our Liberated underground in time…”
‘They followed the general safety protocols we helped establish. You have to let The Wrath go.’
Tor just grunted almost like an angry Tusk to that demand. Whenever he returned here, it all came flooding back. Spawn it! People still too often recovering bodies and body parts to safely dispose of them.
‘Constantly reviewing to mope around will change nothing, only prove detrimental to your present performance and possibly overall group morale. Partly why we need this closure whatever it uncovers.’
“Spoken like a logical Korvax that can switch it on or off. The CGC told me it could not have played out any other way on this timeline, whilst paradoxically hinting that if I had called them in earlier…”
Gryll’s stance stiffened in obvious annoyance at the final comment.
‘Unkind also uncertain. As to Convergent Fatalism that part not necessarily incorrect, similar things said about the loss of Korvax Prime. With history what is done cannot be undone. History a good thing to know Tor, but as you also have said yourself before, 'a very bad place to dwell'.’ Gryll lectured.
“Always easier to give the advice. I suppose there would be no KVC, if Korvax Prime had not fallen.”
‘Even I would not hold that fact against them. I am now positive if they had a choice to get Prime back at the loss of the existence of the KVC they would not hesitate to say goodbye to the Company. For all their faults - and they have plenty - they are firm loyalists to my people. My issue is just that their way is ever the Convergent - machine loving - way. I often ponder whether we learned any of the right lessons from the calamity of losing our homeworld. If we had not gone digital earlier, would we have been so easily targeted in the arrogance of our believed logical superiority? That being one question.’
“A very interesting question.”
‘To which I am sure they would retort, 'that loss our destiny on this timeline'.’
“You truly think biological Korvax would have been less blind to the arising First Spawn menace?”
‘They might have been more emotionally connected to it, less digitally aloof. They might easily have felt fear and trepidation at the growing militancy of an expansionist Gek Empire rather than just retaining colder scientific cultural curiosity. We Korvax also have to take some responsibility for our losses. Mistakes were made, not just trespasses. Some Convergent, I conjecture, don’t want to compute it that way though.’
‘Oh we Korvax can easily emulate all your simple biological emotions but do we really feel them as deeply as you people do?’
Tor guessed that a rhetorical which seemed proven when Gryll quickly continued.
‘Only, I would say, yes when we let that emulation slip beyond our tight control, but is that the Convergent way?, or even the modern Korvax way? I would argue too often it is not. To me, being - overly - emotional is deemed to be out of balance by more dedicated Convergent digital souls - to be malfunctioning in mind - even to be going a bit biological native. Too much Casing time - hardly good form - for a properly integrated digital citizen of Convergence. Generally arguably only Rogues among us Korvax, (living too firmly in the heavy real), dare do such out of balance things, sadly some of us Korvax Rogues take it too far and risk straying into the realms of emotionally instigated insanity.’
Gryll tellingly looked over at the Living Ship when he said the last.
“My exotic friend still bothers you deeply?”
‘Occasionally I think it should delight me Tor. Part of it is arguably - according to you - a kernel of us Korvax, yet a kernel that contrived to be reborn back to the marvel of flesh and such extraordinary flesh it is. Sadly, it seems too extreme to me - in this outlandish form -, so far apart from what I am and have dreamed of becoming again. No arms, no legs, not even really a traditional head, barely speaking, although you said that other one spoke more deeply and traditionally over your communications.’
“The Nemesis of Nomenclature is relatively speaking only just hatched Gryll. For all I know it may still be developing, maturing in far less obvious internal ways than her outer appearance might show.”
‘To my great surprise and embarrassment, I prefer my cold metal star ship,’ the Rogue Korvax stated quietly as if belatedly fearing Tor’s ship might be offended. ‘Those non verbal sounds it makes alone... Also, all the shadowy unknowns yet gathering around it despite all learned so far.’ Gryll shook his head. ‘It is weird Tor, truly I calculate I should be intrigued beyond measure not illogically repulsed. Yet I don’t even really enjoy being this close to it. It surprises me a little that you - of all Travellers - have taken so well to them.’
“I am sorry you feel that way about her.”
‘Although biology, does it even have a gender? Can it reproduce?’
Tor shrugged in his suit. “I don’t know. A manner of speech, I think of all my ships as Ladies.”
‘You biological folk!’ Gryll mocked in good humour before adding more seriously, ‘I am sorry too Tor. Maybe I am not as big an Anti Convergence Revolutionary as I once thought, or even as open minded.’
“Gut reactions strange things and not always right. Still, in a way your disquiet proves you feel deeper than some other Korvax appear to do. To some she would just be a specimen. Whilst they do look and sound alien to normal sensitivities, being made to live in and traverse the void that fact hardly surprises me. It is alive but not designed to familiar planet born blueprints of existence.”
‘I need to master this irrational prejudice. It is not very scientific, I feel it lessens me, I do not like it.’
Tor patted his friend on the arm. “Perhaps you truly should resist such prejudices, but again it is also very alive to feel what we feel, occasionally regardless of opposing better frames of logic.”
‘Eheu Tor, I have inadvertently scored a point for us Korvax in general. Thus for once we are more than just code and machines to your somewhat bigoted biological perspective.’
“Gryll, you will always be more than only code and a machine Korvax Casing to me and I hope I more than a Traveller subject or specimen to you.”
‘Forget exceptionalism, I am not that exceptional as a Korvax, even if you think I am - not even as a Rogue to Convergence. I guess we all have our inner issues to yet work through,’ Gryll added. ‘Still worrying that you are not really in there?’
He jokingly reached out to knock thrice on the armoured chest of Tor’s presently Vy’keen styled Exo-suit as if rapping upon a far too closed up hatchway.
“Let’s talk about something else.”
‘Unless my microphones betray me the noise disturbing the birds probably Efor circling around in his star ship trying to figure out where best to land. No Terminus for that friend.’
Tor looked up.
“He prefers to fly, great freedom in flight.” Freedom from all chains of responsibility and maybe even some of guilt, he added in his head.
Do we keep coming back because we feel responsible for The Wrath even if Gryll denies it? Else is it just folk like Nahrl and Jhasq being here, it not easy to leave those two fully behind or is it yet the Shadow of that cursed Library the mystery of it calling.
Nahrl and Jhasq two other souls to whom he felt bonded. Else was he now more truly welded to all Uplifts because of his role as a catalyst to The Wrath. For a moment he envied being able to turn emotions on or off. Gryll was right, morbid obsession would not help here just hinder.
After the ship dusted down, seeing Efor materialise on the ground made Tor genuinely smile despite his mood. The smile an automatic retort to the FlyGek’s own armour beaked open mouthed grin, not that Efor could see any expression behind the darkened visor of the helmeted Traveller. Still, Tor hoped something in his stance alone would yet convey his plain delight at the reunion.
“How goes the bounties?”
‘Well enough that wiser Space Pirates now avoid this and a few neighbouring systems,’ the FlyGek boasted, ‘nothing like the old days though, back on the Mappae Ascendant.’
“That my friend is probably a good thing.” Tor stated before reaching down slightly to clasp the Gek's upper arm to swing him into a hug.
Efor left often but kept coming back, yet it been a while since Tor saw him. Well Tor also came and went, sadly due to varied commitments and habits returns oft failed to connect up. Tor busy with everything from putting in a few new Bases and farming some units to upgrade his star ships, to hatching Void Eggs. For a long while, almost doing nothing but missions for the Nexus in a verging upon manic manner. The Nexus a Traveller job market of sorts at the heart of Nada and Polo’s space roaming Anomaly.
A lot of the jobs taken tellingly combative, suppressing: Space Pirates, Biological Burrowing Horrors or weeding out problematic spreads of dangerous Carnivorous Plants. It bothered him sometimes that he did less exploration than before, but it possibly just been the times, tomorrow habits could easily alter again. Tor doing things in spates.
Basic combat missions being a welcome means to forget certain matters. Nexus jobs also a less mentally taxing methodology to feel he was doing some active good for a wider community compared to more problematic operations against the Overmind or even the Gek Blood Cults. Righting far smaller local wrongs always a lot simpler than dealing with ancient evils even if new Pirates were almost guaranteed to spring up again. Perhaps Nexus Missions a surrogate for all the matters he could not fix: The history now logged that could not be unwritten plus a justifiable venting of - his - pent up wrath.
Efor chuckled. ‘Nice Armour, going Vy’keen on us?’
“Of late it suits me.”
‘I would say it does.’ The Gek replied. ‘Not so much changed about me or Gryll here though.’
Tor wondered if that was really true or just wishful thinking by the Gek.
Gryll held out his two hands palms forward.
‘Well apart from that restoration.’ Efor corrected.
‘Speaking of bounties, I heard you’ve been throwing yourself into action Tor, guess that has proved bad news for a great many Space Pirates. What is your grand tally at now?’
“I couldn’t say, I stopped paying too much attention to those numbers in the Atlas Database a while ago. The tally getting less important than just the occupation of doing the jobs.”
‘Hee, hee too kind of you keeping it a secret, I doubt I could catch up.’
‘They are all people, not notches on a tally.’ Gryll reminded soberly into the conversation between the louder biological pair.
‘Nope, just Space Pirates.’ Efor mocked.
‘In this, at times, you two are a little too alike,’ Gryll replied looking from one to the other then shaking his head very slightly. It was an old debate.
Efor more demonstrably poked his tongue out at his friend then stated. ‘You Gryll just spent too long slumming with them. They made their own life choices.’
‘Perhaps not always, have you never heard about Atlas Placement Theory?’ Gryll asked.
‘Bah Gryll, it early in the day for deep Atlas metaphysics. Don’t spoil our fun! Anyway, old Korvax Rogue, according to some digital folk no one ever really dies here - remember - and they had a rebirth coming.’
‘Historically their kind shot one of us Torrance down first, it is logged.”
‘You two enjoy such sport a little too much, if they were to go away you would miss that action.’
‘Haa, in these times. If anything Space Piracy proliferating. Besides, always best to enjoy what you do,’ Efor retorted, ‘especially when it is something needs to be done. Biological existence a joy, joy: A fresh feast of scents and flavours that demand taken in and devoured with relish. Otherwise, it just spoils as rotten as those Abandoned Buildings.’
“Ah still thinking with your stomach, Gek. Got plenty of carbon biscuits in that pack?”
‘You can bet I do and other tasty rations and ingredients besides. I invested in expanding my storage, even got myself one of those fancy portable cookers Travellers made popular.’
When the Foxes Nahrl and Jhasq arrived, it along with the Tusk Bwathan on loan from the Surface Militia. A good few of the Fort Liberated a founding core of the Militia. Initial duties everything from search and rescue operations to raiding surviving subterranean Dreamer Cult sanctums to free Fox Slaves, not to mention contesting would be Clan Lords, and other die hard Tusk rabble rousers.
More citizenry survived the bombardment than once thought possible. Partly because the Sentinels, (ignoring the devastation of the Freighter Battle Site), had targeted structures - not people - for eradication. Working their annihilation in a systematic way that forewarned some enough to permit a scramble for makeshift underground shelters. Most Tusk settlement had some underground cellars or other larger subsurface assets. Hellespae rife with caves: Fully natural formations and ancient delved frequently long abandoned remnants of Warrens.
The loss of life still absurdly atrocious the time available to escape, (when available at all), oft more than tight. Nonetheless, the first few weeks post bombardment included digging lots of people out from beneath crater rubble or from beyond collapsed passages. Although sometimes only heaps of dead bodies of Tusks and Foxes recovered.
The Wrath changed everything. Nahrl, Bwathan even Jhasq now bore multi-tools. Nahrl and Bwathan sporting rifle class whilst Jhasq a neat pistol on her belt. Multi-tools whilst restricted to most locals under the imposed Korvax Hegemony some held special licence including Surface Militia and friends of the Triumvirate, obviously including the two old Pentacle members. Although both Nahrl and Jhasq were also considered honorary Militia of commanding rank.
The Militia embraced deep organisational flexibility encouraging individual diligence and responsibility over chains of command although command did exist. Operating more akin to independent Warren Scouts, banding together at need, than say unruly historic Horde clan infantry. A name change being considered to Surface Rangers, some folk judging Militia sounding too militant the matter still under discussion.
The nature of the combined Tusk and Fox force partly an attempt to prevent charismatic Warlord leadership from emerging from inside or outside of the ranks. No one wanted dictatorships. The KVC, if subtly as ever, embracing what the Pentacle started perhaps seeing the group born of rescue operations as a primitive embodiment of natural convergence, Tor certainly endeavoured to sell the organisation that way to his Korvax allies.
Tor pleased to witness how at ease the Foxes looked around Bwathan and vice versa as they made their greetings then prepared for the delve under the remains of - that - Mountain. Helping each other pick out and stow extra last minute supplies from the stores Tor had accumulated. Post Wrath operations assisting integration faster than Tor dreamed possible. Some good coming out of the disastrous Sentinel intervention.
The three newcomers even had technological nanite powered backpacks, armour and shield systems akin to those sported by the Triumvirate. That made Tor wonder again a little about the present level of off world cultural and technical encroachment. Meanwhile, it always a bit funny seeing furry Fox Tails sticking boldly out the rear of virtual exo-suits, or furry Fox heads above the necks of the same.
Foxes in armour, oft resisted any use of helmets preferring to see and scent their world directly bare faced, also rarely using gloves. Tusks embraced everything technological whenever available. The shaped helmet Bwathan wore including built in tailored tusk sheaves gave him a startling even more intimidating appearance. The sharp sheaves actually extending the length of the natural tusks inside and by design capable of acting as enhanced goring weapons.
Post Wrath Tusks, given any opportunity, melded and interfaced with technology like water melds into a cup. Keeping some tech away from some less wholesome Tusks becoming a big problem including for some policing operations by the Surface Militia, thus Tor’s recent discussion about the Black Market with the CGC.
submitted by Brain_evacuated to NmsMindwarArchive [link] [comments]

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