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Strange errors in the Blockstream Liquid, announcement post

If you don't fancy reading my post below, you can instead, listen to it here.
Liquid is claimed to be the "world’s first production Bitcoin sidechain". It's an off-chain transaction system. You don't transact BTC on Liquid. Instead, you transact with representative tokens called L-BTC. This is a bit like how USDT (Tether) aren't real US dollars, they're representative tokens.
The following is a paragraph from from the announcement post. I have highlighted the errors in bold:
In addition to the enhancements to Bitcoin’s functionality\1]), the launch of the Liquid Network marks the beginning of a new era of digital asset issuance and transacting by enabling the tokenization of fiat, gold, securities, and even other new crypto assets – all with Bitcoin at the center\2]).

Error 1: "enhancements to Bitcoin’s functionality"

Contrary to the claim: "Bitcoin" hasn't been enhanced by Liquid. If you enhance an off-chain system (e.g. a centralized exchange, a tipping app, a payment channel network or a side chain), you are not "enhancing Bitcoin", you are enhancing the off-chain system that is using Bitcoin.
If I modify my car engine to enhance the performance, you wouldn't say that I have "enhanced the road".
If I improve an algorithm in a game I had written to allow the game to render more smoothly, you wouldn't say that I have "enhanced the game console".
If Rocketr enhance the their reddit tippr bot, you wouldn't say that they have "enhanced Bitcoin Cash".
This may not be an accidental error on Blockstream's part. It may be another data point in a pattern of deception emanating from Bitcoin Core developers and supporters. They often conflate systems built on-top of BTC with BTC itself. I'm sure many of you have heard BTC users claiming "Lightning is Bitcoin" or "Lightning transactions are Bitcoin transactions". This appears to be more of the same; IE Liquid is an enhancement to Bitcoin. These people appear to want people to believe that Bitcoin is a centrally managed, partially-AXA funded, side-chain project (among other things).
So here are some actual examples of real enhancements to Bitcoin:

Error 2: "all with Bitcoin at the center"

"Bitcoin" is not in the center... "Bitcoin" is off to the side (literally).
There is no economic revolution happening on the BTC chain. The genius and evolutionary Bitcoin technology has been systematically constrained, limited and shoved off to the side. The vision that Blockstream, Bitcoin Core, Greg Maxwell, Adam Back, Samson Mow and others have for your monetary future is one where the Bitcoin technology is reduced to being a settlement system for corporations and the super-rich: IE people that can afford to pay the high fees on their artificially constrained system.
BTC users may be unable to afford to transact on the artificially constrained BTC system due to the intermittent high fees. These users may be unable to use the trust-less Lightning Network due to the fact it's only suitable for "small or micro value payments" (source) and it is impractical and has a poor user experience. Blockstream helped to create these problems and they conveniently offer up the solution: Liquid. Blockstream see Liquid as a suitable system for use by end-users using wallets like the Blockstream GreenAddress wallet.
Is BTC too slow and expensive for you? No worries! Try Liquid! The whole system is securely maintained by government licensed, centralized currency exchanges that pay a recurring monthly fee to Blockstream. Liquid is the financial system of the future that Satoshi could only dream of! /s

My Suggested Correction To The Article

I have reworded the offending paragraph to correct the errors and more honestly represent Blockstream:
As part of a well-organised, ongoing effort to move Bitcoin’s functionality into inferior, permissioned or trusted off-chain systems, the launch of the Liquid Network brings humanity one step closer to complete monetary enslavement. Bitcoin; a peer-to-peer, electronic cash system; was a tool created-to, and promoted-as a system to give humanity sound money, prosperity and economic freedom like never seen before. Liquid is just one part of a multi-pronged approach to take that system and re-purpose it to serve the will of the existing financial oligarchs.
Blockstream: feel free to update your announcement post and use my corrections, verbatim.
No charge.
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Talking talking talking.
I'm bad at conversation. Though that's not a total failure state. feel a bit nervous right now. Just procrastinating doing something more focused. I should go to bed early today perhaps.
Con was a bit of a bust-up, but I expected that. Just another day in my life. Just need to keep at it. My "wingwoman" from work is away next week I think, is it weird if I'll miss seeing her? I don't think I'm gonna get actual help from her, but it's just nice to have someone talk to me, you know? I don't want to get infatuated though, especially to a colleague because that's awkward.
Need to work on getting a new job. I like my current job, but I also wanna move on up in the world. Not that I need the money, but the longer I wait, the harder it will be to get a new job, you know? I think I'll stick around till my next Birthday at least, as arbitary as it is.
It's so frustrating being friends with Americans, not because they're American, but because their country does everything in its power to screw people over. Not providing adequete welfare, healthcare, educational support and just breeding that toxic religious environment. I hate it. I feel so bad for my friends but there's fuck all I can do. I can just give well wishes and try to support them, for as little good as its for.
Less serious topic: I need to get a proper CSS for this subreddit, and also for StarfishAlliance. I mean I mostly use this subreddit to rant to myself, but whatever.
Worldbuilding, Lily talking to me about D&D is fun. I'm not into Stellaris right now, but I still want to make that sci-fi world thing. But nothing is striking me. Just the usual rockblocks then.
Still not writing done on that project of mine. I suppose that will sit in the backburner like everything else. I need to finish "I am a hero" Omnibus 1 too while I'm at it. Shit I really need more bookshelf space. I wonder if I could get a taller but skinnier dresser? Or maybe I could just get a fancy wardrobe/dresser hybrid? A bigger wardrobe would be nice in general really.
We're getting deeper into November and its surreal to me how fast time is going. Before I know it it'll be December, which drags because work is so busy, but then it'll be January which drags even worse because the shop will be dead. And then Brexit might actually finally happen, oh joy. I'm sure that won't rock the boat at all.
There's no method to this talk is there? I'm just going in every direction. When mum did my tarot reading, I was thinking it made sense. Obviously it's all just bullshit, I bet a good portion of those cards would tell me something advisory. But yeah. I need to focus. I need to mingle. I need to put work in. I can't just be lazy if I want something out of life.
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is it intentional to use vector and holo sights as props for supposedly ~2 centuries into the future?

More disclaimer edit:
I've lost my edge long ago because well I just don't bother. I can be edgy and write up shit like that but now I just smirk at how some people think what I actually do nowadays is pushing it, when there's still tons of people that voices much more strongly (against the obvious laziness in writing/filming believable near future resemblances of current day military conflict details that makes sense)
disclaimer for visibility : i wouldn't bothered if this show, its fandom, the critics and the media didn't advertise and promote its realism and believability, scientific or otherwise, you don't have to tell me that it's ok to have flaws as much as I don't have to tell you it's ok to have a critical eye.
it just bugs me like wws2 used scar for the military people hired by Delos, sure there are a bunch of future looking weaponary but that doesn't mean they are literally future ready and future proof, I don't get why the showbiz production people in general still think the modern viewer aren't aware of these stuff especially since pubg took to popularity in 2017
also even if they didn't use any current weaponary for props, (like another one in particular, the one Miller picked over the other generic looking scifi handgun, it's the rhino, a long one, shorter versions were added in pubg early 2018 and later added in r6s, later than season 1 but that's not the point, vector has been shown in all seasons I think, and it was added mid 2017 in pubg, and it had been in games like cod long ago, all these gun's been around forever, as far as the rhino, or a sleek looking ar, similar guns that uses cnc to cut on weight while also looking sleek), it's still not really explained as to what infantry weaponary can do that's superior to our time. also railguns, already exist, but maybe not that powerful, pdc are basically the equivalent to radar guided 30mm multi barrel autocannons that defend against missiles(main method of attack) on Arleigh Burkes and basically all other mainstream destroyers of current world {actually I just checked Arleigh Burkes uses 20mm CWIS, I was thinking the chinese variant, but 20-30mm are more or less interchangable autocannon calibre used commonly since wwii prop planes, but the term PDC, since it clearly copies the existing idea of CWIS, is redundant/incorrect wording because well nobody calls them cannons which are traditionally manually aimed/handled, they don't work without radacomputer guidance systems such as the genre defining Aegis pioneered by USN on the Arleigh Burke class DDG, and PD is a broader term than CIWS, thus PD is never adopted to refer to those radar cannons, but CIWS is, ( also think flares for planes, basically area denial, very commonly used and very easy to understand/make intuitive sense, it's just that ships are larger and relatively static and deal with potentially a much larger payload they need dedicated gun platforms to eliminate the missiles from a bit further instead of having them explode in a set distance cus a bunch of flare explosives nullify them like a curtain net) again naming them PDC and cheaping out on gun props, are the same kind of faux treatment that differenciate future fiction enough so it's not obvious to the layman, but it still is obvious to military enthusiasts, which last I check are not suddenly despicable } EDIT although I'm clearly not saying they should just use the term CWIS that would be even more stupid because as much as the "torpedo" missile control interface and all those general battle station lingo are basically copy pasta DDG spiel for lack of any more patience to be courteous, this isn't Last Ship and they cannot begin to presume they are more professional and legit on that regard
also I don't think those pdc ammo(incendiary or not) are of anywhere close to same calibre as the hand cannon on that way no how and I'm just now checking, 40mm on an infantry exosuit is just madness, sure it also fires rockets from the back...but wait, did bobbie ever even used those apart from that one intro scene? 5mm caseless. so why did bobbie scavenge off the ship's pdc ammo or did I remember it wrong
maybe I am nitpicking too much, since technically firearms haven't really gone through technological leap THAT much in the past century..since the 1911 is still being used today..
Edit: not really, with the aggressive downvoting just for the heck of it clearly way beyond objectiveness and guy who just don't know what they are talking about at all, i mean what kind of a fandom do you call yourselves here, maybe you don't deserve me (to vote or read or comment my posts) not the other way around, you know what Imma stop bothering, YOU all can chill. I'm just taking the chance to do my own research if for nothing else, if you don't like it you do you. I'm gonna do me. I'm gonna still open the discussion to public because like I said, this isn't an elite club and it clearly is far from elite anyways exactly contrary to/the more some people try(ing) to sound cool, i'm just a normal guy trying to find some conversation with actually normal people not zealous haters who go around shitting on others' threads, with below zero basis to justify anything at all . WHY AM I EVEN BOTHERING. I know trolls like this, you just wanna create a fake vibe that you as vocal/active minority suddenly represent and indicates all of the fanbase just cus you are triggered I know more than you on the topic at hand and obviously is more right than you ever will be on the discussion and debate at hand which you didn't even begin to qualify partaking , and you presume to trigger me and turn me and the actual entire fanbase against each other for no reasonable point at all just cus you enjoy mayhem, well guess what your not gonna get it, been there seen those, sorry not sorry
in the word of thomas jane who clearly isn't part of the main gang in or outside show,, I'm sure you are all nice people, but you are for yourself and I'm for myself in the end of the day and so fuck everyone else. I am sick and tired of trying to be friendly, I don't have to be liked if it means you gotta step on my self respect all these people voting shit for what it's all the same bullshit you just roll on a train you can't think with your own brain you don't have integrity at all why should I even begin to be bothered by these worthless pathetic hateful baiting low effort bullying trying to appease to the temperamental whims of the hivemind trying to be nice(including to the people who partake in the production who obviously frequent the place to warrant this sort of faux merry vibe, the title was genuinely trying to be nice giving benefit of the doubt, it wasn't trying to be subversive at all) that you are all real people behind these cold indifferent internet anonymity. remember it is YOU guys that make such a big deal out of being friendly agreeable tolerant none argumentative and discordant yet it is also YOU guys that just blatantly unlease all hell's fury and heaven's righteousness on demand on a minority opinion just cus it's so convenient to disappear into a line instead of fend your own, in the words of the writer who visit this sub, all tribal affiliation are toxic. I bet he totally didn't mean including reddit circlejerk always quick to paint arbitary victim targets in a negative connotation to quench the thirst for mischief
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Nikita did you see this post "Flea Market Experiment: SA-58", some ideas on how you can help the market overall

This guy has his heart in the right place, but I don't think it will work because of all the macros and scripts. How do I know??? Because, I just spent the last 30 minutes trying to buy a bitcoin on the market. I saw one at 100k. I spammed clicked and didn't get it. Fair enough, I wasn't first. Then others popped 120 rub and below, it then got personal so I decided to keep going until I won one. Several dozen more popped up and I still didn't get any. Then a 110 rub with 10 available popped up, I thought for sure I could get one as other players would have the extra step of confirming the number, while I was just spam clicking buy/ way they could beat me. I got no love and went home broke. The only explanation is scripting. They do this because they treat it as a job, selling items and $$$ for real life $$$ on auction/gaming sites. Please stop them.
I'm not going to complain without offering suggestions to improve it though.
One of the better suggestions, I think, because it will fix a few issues. Once the countdown timer ends and releases the trade to go live; have the server randomly (or you pick an arbitrary time less than 10 seconds:probably 5 seconds) choose a delay before actually allowing the trade to go live. Example; a Fn-FAL is up for trade for 20k, timer runs out, all the scripts/bots hit it, the server sends them a sorry try again message which requires acknowledgement, the server then makes the trade live within 2-10 seconds (based upon rng) and picks the first buyer to ok the trade after that time. During this 5 seconds delay the seller is given the chance to cancel or adjust their trade, with fee refund, due to mistake. After 10 seconds of going live all bets are off and it is first come first serve. I think this one is doable also and probably easier to implement. Simply let rng choose who gets the item once it goes live. Have the server record buy offers and then sell to an arbitary number within that set. For example SA-58 for 20k rub. 5 people spam clicking buy. The server is set to sell to the 3 person that it receives the buy from. For buyers one and two, it simply sends a message to try again (this allows the real player to know the item is still for sell. causes the bot to have to perform additional steps, a seller will not lose the sale even if only one person is buying because a real player buyer will know to keep trying until the sold message appears. Also after being live for 10 seconds all of this is moot and it is first come first serve. Other players will RReeee big time, but add a complex captcha. This isn't a good solution because it will slow down the transaction and if not implemented properly will still be botted Limit players to buying a certain number or monetary amount every hour. I still don't like this one because those players who like to play the merchant will be severely affected...(but those botting to play the merchant are not playing they are cheating) There are a lot of other ways, but I am tired of typing.
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Okay, that seems like going too far

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The Snappy Adventures Episode 1: Boy in the Well

Out in a field, a young boy named Timmy is running about in a world of his own imagination. He continues to play until he finds an old fashioned well with a rope and bucket at the top.
Timmy: Oh wow, a well! I bet I could go play explorers in here!
Timmy leans over the well and puts his foot in the bucket and he starts to lower into the well. However the rope snaps! Timmy is sent hurtling down the well and lands with a thump at the bottom in the shallow water.
A mile away, resting in a swamp, a friendly crocodile hears...
LBH is in his living room, eating a salad and watching Titans on Netflix. After a few minutes of watching adult Robin be moody, Snappy crashes through the already broken cat flap. He hisses at LBH.
LBH: Snappy, I fed you a whole cow yesterday and if I get another so soon, Farmer Giles is going to catch onto what is happening to his herd.
Snappy hisses more urgently.
LBH: Wait, Little Boy Timmy? Trapped in a well? In a field near here! Well let's go!
LBH and Snappy rush at the house and with a quick TV cut, find themselves by the well in a field.
LBH: Timmy, Snappy heard you and now we are here to save you!
Timmy: Yay!
LBH turns to Snappy
LBH: Seriously, how are we going to do this? We have no equipment, you're a crocodile and can't descend a well and it's an old well so we can't dig as the well could collapse and kill Timmy. That Simpsons episode was a lie and no I will not stop going about the inaccuracies of well rescue in that episode.
Snappy hisses
LBH: Yes Snappy, you're right! I just need to climb down the well because I am agile and dextrous enough to do so, chuck the rope up for you to catch it and I can climb it with Timmy on my back!
LBH duly climbs down the well, just about avoid slipping on the wet rock. He eventually ends up at the bottom.
LBH: Don't worry Timmy, we're here to save you!
Timmy: Did you say Snappy was a crocodile, won't he eat me?
LBH: ignoring Timmy You ready Snappy?
Snappy climbs onto the top of the well, looks down and hisses.
LBH: Great!
LBH chucks up the rope but it's not strong enough and it doesn't reach! The second time, the throw is good enough but Snappy misses his bite of the rope!
LBH: Oh no, if the rope falls in this water again, it'll be too weak to sustain the both of us and we'll be trapped in this well forever!
Timmy: That just seems like an arbitary way to increase the drama for an audience that's not watching.
LBH continues to ignore Timmy and throws the rope once more and with the tip of his mouth, Snappy catches it! LBH gets Timmy on his back and climbs up the well and they get out!
LBH: Don't worry, this is Snappy, the neighborhood's friendly crocodile! But I Timmy, I hope you learned an important lesson that playing in wells is dangerous and if it wasn't for Snappy's superior hearing, you may have ben trapped down forever!
Timmy: Yeah sure, you have a crocodile, you are the right person to lecture on safety.
LBH: Ignoring Timmy Now run along Timmy!
Timmy runs off home
LBH: What a day Snappy! Now time for us to head off home!
Snappy hisses
LBH: Wait, Snappy, you're cooking dinner? Wait, did you go by Farmer Giles and get another cow?
Snappy winks as a cheesy 1980s inspirational song plays
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So tomorrow's the Presidential elections.Most people think it doesn't natter,but actually it does.Here's why

So today is the day when whole lot of our MP's and MLA's vote for our commander in chief.I bet most of you think that the post of President in India is just ceremonial.well,not is true that the president is supposed to act on the aid and advice of the cabinet,but that's just a result of the evolution of our democracy.President's still have a lot of importance.
Let's take something called a pocket veto.As you must know,all bills must be signed by the is possible that a President refuses to sign a bill and just sits on it.this is called a pocket veto
It is also possible that they just send back a bill to the parliament
This intervention by a president has happened 3 times already:
1) APJ Kalam returned the Office of profit bill back to the parliament.That bill was basically all the netas coming together to save their skin.
Parliamentarians are forbidden to hold an office of profit.many netas were holding an office of they wanted to change the law so some things are not an office of profit in an arbitary manner.
After the President sent back the bill,there was pressure on congress and in the end they changed the bill,and now a separate parl committee decides what's a office of profit.
In 1986,President Zail sat on a bill for almost 3 years.
The bill was a draconian one,allowing the govt to intercept any mail that is passed already embattled rajiv gandhi probably moved to other battles.
In 1951,president Rajendra prasad opposed the hindu code bill,and apparently even threatened to go to SC.
Such an event has actually happened 3 times already
So,we already have 3 instances of legislative interventions by a president.Do note that in none of these cases the fight was taken to the SC.only the opposition by a president wae enough to change the mind of the govt.It is uncertain if SC upholds the ability of a pocket veto.
And there's other stuff too.apparently Rajiv Gandhi ignored and insulted President Zail a lot,so much so that relations between them were almost frozen.
So suffice it to say that a president can make life hell for a pm if he wants to
So a president is not just a figurehead.He has a lot of power,esp in many administrative decisions.i would also say that in controversial stuff like imposition of President's rule,they have a lot of discretionary powers.
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The weekly stride: EPISODE SEVENTEEN

Previously, on the weekly stride....
sixteen // fifteen // fourteen // thirteen //twelve // eleven // ten // nine // eight // seven // six // five // four // three // two // one
Hello and welcome to the weekly stride! This post hopes to highlight some of the great posts that we see in the weekly threads from the last week that maybe don't get the credit they deserve! I encourage you to contribute to these great threads as they are an inspirational tool to improve your own running adventure, regardless of what goals you have.. So without further adieu!
Welcome to the weekly stride


We get lots of great submissions on a wide variety of topics and you might miss them due to timezone difficulties. Now that the weekly accomplishment thread has been changed to a weekday one (which is more effort than I can be bothered with) we will highlight some of the top posts from both /running and /advancedrunning from the past week! brwalkernc (who is now the sidebar image on /advancedrunning made this extremely impressive race recap from the BMM 24 hour event [link]
Speaking of the BMM, yourshoesuntied gave us a report with a bit of a twist! [link]
Finally, sacamento gives us a recap of the .. .. .. .. BMM. It was truly a week of great race reports from the very interesting ultra[link]

The weekly training thread:

In this weeks strides we start with my favorite thread, the weekly training thread. We make up for the missed couple of weeks by adding a few extra of the great posts from this weeks thread. We start where we started last time with lostintravise who is still training towards the half-marathon and ran a good 5k on the weekend, other half-marathoners in training include chalexdv who is in taper and skragen who has a half and then another 1000 other events and runchick13. On the ultra front we have dirtybritch who has a 54k event in August and we also have notters who is shooting for a fast 10k and a solid marathon in a few months, like flocculus. Lastly, aewillia is still just getting back into the game!
Goal Race: Hotlanta Half Marathon | June 12, 2016 | Atlanta, Georgia, USA Goal Time: a) sub 01:40 | b) sub 01:43:07 – PR | c) sub 01:45 Bit of background on my goals: PR is 01:43:07 (~7:52/mi, 4:53/km), from my first HM back in February. I was initially planning 01:35 so gonna train for that but start out at 01:40 pace and see how I feel as the race goes on. Training Plan: Using the MapMyRun MVP’s Intermediate training plan. Week Total: 40mi (64.4km) after last week’s 38.3mi (61.6km). My peak week! - Strava! Monday: 3.14mi (5km) @ easy pace (8:30/mi, 5:16/km) + 4 strides Tuesday: 3.99mi (6.4km) @ recovery pace (9:34/mi, 5:56/km). more recovery miles cuz Monday’s workout was a bit too hard Wednesday: 9.54mi (15.4km) @ 08:39/mi (5:22/km) double-up intervals – warm-up; 4 x 6min @ 7:30/mi (4:39/km) + 1min recoveries; then, 4 x 2min @ 6:50/mi (4:14/km) + 2min recoveries; cooldown. Splits: 7:42, 7:33, 7:33, & 7:32. 2nd set of Splits: 6:57, 7:39, 6:55, & 6:55. Paces correspond to my HM and 8K (maybe 10K?) paces, respectively. Didn’t nail any of the splits but I think I could have run this workout harder. Pretty happy with it regardless. Thursday: 5mi (8.04km) @ recovery pace (10:24/mi, 6:27/km). Ran both Thursday & Friday longer than usual because of the 5K on Sunday (and having to push my long run off of Sunday to Monday). Friday: 8mi (12.9km) @ easy pace (9:09/mi, 5:41/km) Saturday: 3mi (4.8km) barefoot beach run @ recovery pace (10:34/mi, 6:33/km) + 2 strides to prepare legs for Sunday 5K Sunday: 7.5mi (12.1km) – 5K in 19:55 + cooldown + 3.5mi recovery miles in a few hours. Gonna run a few more miles this evening to reach 40mi for the week. Besides that, won my age group and ran my first sub20min 5K .. which was great considering the GF and I slept through our alarms arrived 10minutes before the gun! No warmup = not ideal.. but pretty happy with this. Also, got this sweet age group win plaque! Off-Run training Even though the running was pretty challenging this week I wanted to make sure to stay ontop of foam rolling and strength work. Foam rolled before & after every run, and did core and upper body strength work on MW&F. Recap / TL;DR: On a 74day running streak and this was my peak week! Had a pretty gnarly double-up interval (4 x 6min @ HM pace & then 4 x 2min @ 30s faster than HM pace) on Wednesday and then just tried to get volume in before the weekend. I also PRed in the 5K today (20:47 → 19:55) and broke 20min for the first time!. Made sure to stay ontop of my foam rolling and strength work through this peak week, and hope to recovery nicely over the next couple of weeks. Race & Training schedule over the next week and months: Taper starts next week and then A-goal HM on June 12th. I pushed my long run to Monday (it’s usually on Sunday) and so runs will be few and far between.. workout on Wednesday, gonna keep up with strides and lower the volume by 20% and then 40%. Here’s to a good taper!! As usual, thanks for reading. Feel free to follow me on Strava. [link to post]
Goal race: Blackspur ultra 54k, August 20th 2016 Goal time: 8:30:xx This was week 4 of training for me. And was a cutback week to give myself a break before next weeks packed schedule! Monday: Full rest day Tuesday: 30 minute private Pilates session for rehab and preventative purposes Wednesday: 11km hill run with 444m of gain Thursday: 12km run with 200m gain with a team mate from my relay team for Sinister 7 Friday: walked the dog, took it easy Saturday: 16.6km with 703m of elevation gain, mini long with 5/7 members of my relay team! I was surprised by how good I felt during this run! My quads felt great on the long steep downs and the climbs were manageable! Training must be paying off. Sunday: hiked 6.4 km with 465m with some friends and then took my kid and pup out for a quick 1.5 km jog/walk. Total km: 41 Total elevation gain: 1,357m Next week I'm going to get up and over 60km for the week and I would love to be over 1,500m of climb! I have a training weekend organized run for the upcoming Sinister7 100 mile (we are doing the relay option) so that should be interesting and provide some insight into the course! Really putting my focus into hills hills and more hills. [link to post]
Goal Race: Two Castles Run 10k (12 Jun) / Robin Hood Marathon (25 Sep) Goal Time: sub-39 / 3:05 Training Plan: Pfitz 18/55 (Week 1/18) Monday: 5.1 miles very stop-start @7:52 Tuesday: 8.1 miles steady @7:40 + 6x100m strides Wednesday: Rest Thursday: 7.4 miles total w/ 5 mile race @6:06 (30:37) Friday: Rest Saturday: 4 miles easy @8:58 Sunday: 12.2 miles medium long run @7:37 Total: 37 miles One week down, seventeen to go! Just finished this week's long run and it took more out of me than I was expecting, so I guess that shows I have a long way to go. While I'm using Pfitz 18/55 as the basis of my plan, I'm also trying to fit my training around the summer race season calendar because I want to fit in as many races as I can. This is looking like 7 races in the first 7 weeks. It's not too much of a problem as most of them are <10k, and many are in the middle of the week so can easily be inserted in place of a tempo run. The one that I'm most hoping to nail is a 10k in two weeks' time. I've only ever run one proper 10k race before: in November last year I ran a 40:22, which is way out of kilter with my current PBs, so I want to take a chunk out of that. I'll do a mini race report of the 5 miler on Thursday. It was the first time I raced the distance so didn't have a great idea of what to aim for, but based on race calculators I decided 31:00 (6:12 pace) was probably a reasonable goal. Race started at a ridiculous pace and I went through the first mile in 5:55 after being passed by loads of people. Had no idea how I was going to be able to hold on but I the next 3 miles all ticked by at about 6:10 and I was holding up better than most as I managed to get quite a few places back. This included overtaking first placed woman, which satisfied my fragile male ego. Finished in 30:37, quite comfortably beating my target. 29/265 overall. The other interesting thing that happened is that the heart rate monitor on my Garmin 235 now seems to be working for the first time ever. It's been useless ever since I got it but I just sort of accepted it because I got it as a gift and I liked everything else about the watch. And I'm just really lazy. Anyway, I guess there was some firmware update recently? I used it successfully to keep my effort in check on Tuesday and Saturday, though I'm not exactly sure where my heart rate zones are so I was just aiming to stay below an arbitary number of bpm. Even if I don't use it actively in training, the fact that it's tracking my heart rate properly now means I'll be able to analyse it and potentially learn some useful stuff. [[link to post]()]
chalexdv Goal Race : BESTSELLER Aarhus City Half - 19th June 2016 (3 weeks!!) Goal: Sub-1:50. Or if everything goes to hell: Sub-2:00. Plan: Frankenstein's Pfitzinger Mon: 5.5km on trail + 30mins in the gym. Tue: Rest. Wed: 12.5km. LT-ish workout incl. 5k tempo (which failed, due to evil headwind.) and 3km @HM pace (pretty much spot on pats self on back). Thurs: 25 mins in the gym + 4km easy + 1½hr tennis. Fri: 7km easy. Pretty warm day, and my legs felt fairly bombed, but otherwise a good run. Sat: 1hr yoga. Sun: 19km LR. Slower than planned/expected. Not a great confidence builder this close to my HM, but it was a really hot day, my legs were not fresh at all, and this is the longest I've ever run. No injuries, so I'll take it! Total: 48km! Now : Tapering!! Ahhh! (And finals. Yay...) [link to post]
Goal Race: NYC marathon (Nov. 6, my first) tune-ups/gauges: Oakley NY mini 10k (6/11), NB Bronx 10miler (9/25), Staten Island Half (10/9) Training Plan: mod pfitz base building 41->56mpw Total Wk8: 57.4mi/92.4k!!!! YAAASSSS Mon: [email protected]:58, [email protected]:07- stopped in middle for hydration break Tues: 7.1mi total am - 2.25mi wu, LT/z4 Intervals 4x3min, 6x2mins, 8x1min, 8x:30 (overall [email protected], but very little time in actual z4, was too hot & kept being 1-5bpm short), stopped to get drinks twice 2mi pm slow w friend Wed: [email protected]:52- so hot Thurs: [email protected]:19- easy & 8x100 strides - still felt too hot and super slow for all but strides Fri: [email protected]:54- long run- got too hot for last hour, long run PB so far, but so slow, ran too late in day, ended up being w bit sick after Sat: [email protected]:06- heat & humidity finally felt better- ran on the bay, beach, and on Ocean Dr in the street in Memorial Day crowds Sun: [email protected]:39- 2wu, LT/z4 intervals- 6x [email protected]/2mins recovery, cd- (9:40 @z2, 1:[email protected], 6:[email protected], but I was only 1-3bpm short of z4 for most intervals) - may have been fueled by a gigantic piña colada. Much cooler, didn't need to drink water more than once at a water fountain, and finally felt acclimated to heat and faster I've exceeded my intended mpw peak for this base building phase, and did my longest run so far, both during my first full week in some serious heat and humidity. It resulted in some super slow runs, but I did those mainly in z2 and tried to ignore pace. Judging by not being as slow today, maybe that's going to work out. I'm excited to hold at this mileage for June while building my LT/z4 intervals, eventually turning 1 of 2 weekly LT/z4 intervals runs into a tempo, and keeping strides on Thursdays. Then I'll start Hansons beginner in July. I think the lack of speedwork (and my resulting laziness/overly-cautious approach) delayed it and then the Miami heat and humidity put it off further, but I hope I'll finally see lasting improvements over the next few months. From only spinning and 0 running in June 2015, I'm over 50 miles this week. 57.41 to be exact. And I'm feeling good, feeling great. [link to post]
Goal Race: Indianapolis Half Marathon (Oct 8), Indianapolis Monumental Marathon (Nov 5) Training: basebuilding to 40 mpw Monday: 2 mi recovery @ 13:09 + yoga Tuesday: 3.18 mi easy @ 12:22 + core and myrtl Wednesday: Rest Thursday: 6 mi easy @ 12:18 + core and myrtl Friday: 4 mi tempo @ 11:38 + yoga Saturday: 4 mi [email protected] 12:08 Sunday: 8 mi easy @ 13:15 Total Miles: 27.2 Thoughts: I found a bandaid for some nutrition problems and it seemed to really help my running. I started taking a multivitamin last week and I’ve been mixing in Moringa powder in one meal a day. Moringa is a tree that is considered a superfood because the leaves have all the nutrients you could need. We (PCVs) are encouraged to teach locals about this because its super easy to grow, so I decided to give it a shot. Obviously this isn’t a permanent solution but its helping. I really just need to stop being a bum and cook more nutritious meals. So its been a pretty good week. I can’t decide whether to cut back next week. I had a few niggles during my run this morning that came and went so I don’t know whether I should rest before they start to linger. [link to post]
Goal: Baystate Marathon Oct 16th; A goal BQ (<3:35), B goal <3:45, C goal just finish. Subject to adjustment along the way. Got into the Falmouth Road Race in August via the lottery, so I guess that's on the schedule now! Planning to treat it like a tempo/fun run rather than an all-out race since it comes the day before I head into my marathon peak period AND start a new job, but it was always a race that I had wanted to do more for the fun of it than anything. Little bit of a cutback this week before diving into marathon training on Monday - 32.8 miles over 5 days, but I did a short workout and ran my long and medium-long runs at roughly the pace coach wants me running them. I figured if that broke me down I'd either have to rethink the time goals or rethink marathon training, period. This week was fine but the pace will likely have to be something I play by ear - if I'm having a tough week I'd rather lower the intensity and maybe knock a little distance off, just go for similar time on my feet. Monday: Off Tuesday: 6.76 miles with 5-4-3-2-1 minute pickups, couple minutes jog in between. Running workouts the day after a rest day is always tough, I might have to see if I can rework that for most weeks. 5/3/1 deadlifts PM Wednesday: Medium-long, 7.01 miles at 8:34 average. Really warm by the time I went out but my legs just wanted to keep clicking off the miles and it felt good; finally starting to feel heat adapted! Thursday: Easy 5 miles; 5/3/1 bench press. Friday: 10 mile long run, 8:45 average pace. No water no fuel. Saturday: 4 miles easy AM (planned for 5 but woke up late), snarfed down a Clif bar and some water and then headed to the gym for 5/3/1 peak week squats. Nailed 2 reps at 190 pounds and then failed an attempt at a third rep. Whoops. Wasn't as scary as I thought it would be, just realized on the way down that I wasn't getting back up again - a mostly-controlled sit down and get back up without the bar kinda deal (obviously, it was in a rack with safety bars!). Sunday: Commencement! I officially have the paper to prove I am a doctor now (if you can read Latin) :D :D It was an all-day event, so a planned rest day. [link to post]
Goal Race: Just base building/don't get injured, you tool Training Plan: Pfitz base building plan, 23-45 miles Week Total: 24.1 miles Monday: 6 "miles" elliptical Tuesday: 5 miles GA @ 10:30 Wednesday: 6 miles bike commuting, Strong Lifts Thursday: 6 miles GA + 6x100m strides @ 9:56 Friday: 4 miles GA @ 9:43 Saturday: 14.6 miles biking Sunday: 8 miles endurance @ 8:55, maybe Strong Lifts Pfitz, are you trying to kill me? These endurance zone long runs are going to be miserable this summer. Why does he eschew the long slow run thing? It was 85º and I was running at my HM pace to stay in the right HR zone according to the HRR percentages he gave, which either means my fitness has increased despite my bad training habits over the last six weeks or that these runs are going to be hell over the summer. That long bike ride yesterday was a blast. I got to ride on uninterrupted bike trails for almost 15 miles. I swear, biking is so easy. I could go forever, especially now that I have the padded shorts (thanks, REI sale!). I'm definitely going to make an attempt to get over to the lake to ride once a weekend. I think I might have been a little overtrained since the half, if the shin splints didn't already tell me that. My paces have all gone down, despite similar weather, and I think cross training has helped with some muscle imbalances, especially in the hips and glutes. I have a four mile race next Saturday that I'm just going to treat as an easy run, but I'm not sure if I should run it in addition to my regular training, or if I should trade it for the 5 mile GA run I have scheduled for Friday. [link to post]

Nutrition Tuesday:

Putting a bit of a surge in we latch onto nutrition Tuesday where we typically talk about smoothies every week. We start with some great discussions started by Honestlydonemywork and wazmeister05 about dealing with leftovers and favorite soup recipes. Lastly Thinkinebraska gave some pretty solid advice about half-marathon nutrition.
Note: For best viewing click the link to post option as often you want to read the whole chain of messages
So, I had some random thoughts about half marathon nutrition this morning while I was running. I've heard that the wall comes around because a person has roughly enough glycogen stored to run 20 miles. Also, it's well established that even when running faster, you still burn the same number of calories per mile. So, if you have enough energy stored for 20 miles, and you're not burning it any faster per mile in a shorter race, even though you're running faster, does an energy gel or similar do anything for you in a half? I haven't done any research on this yet...I figured since it was Tuesday, I would just ask and see
I can only go off my experience: I am running a half on 6/11 and have been using gels during my long runs. I typically take one half way (at 5 or 6 miles depending on the distance). Last Sunday I took an extra one at the 9 mile marker of a 12 mile run since I noticed that I tend to bonk out a little at mile 10 or so. The gels give me a little boost and something to look forward to. After taking the second gel I noticed that I did not need as much PowerAde afterwards. YMMV and every body is different do what works for you. [link to post]
Been on a massive soup kick recently, so gimme your soups! :) No specific dietary requirements, anything goes! (except fish, but I figure I can substitute that for something else) [full thread]
I have so much food left over from the family meal I made on Sunday, I'm still eating up the left overs. So, cheese on toast, good or bad running fuel? I thought I had been moderate in my cheese and bread purchases but it turns out that not at all. So, cheese on toast? Cheese sandwiches? Yay or nay? Does anyone else eat left overs all week? Also, does anyone else prefer that family meal the next day? Like, beef stew with roast potatoes might almost taste better eaten in my pyjamas straight from the bowl whilst watching TV and finishing off the bottle of Champers. [full thread]

Moronic Monday Questions

It's Tuesday, which means it is time for Moronic Monday!
Striding ahead, we land at the moronic monday thread, is this thread really moronic? Why is it posted on a Tuesday? These are all questions that may never be answered but these questions below were!
Why aren't running skirts a thing? It seems like the perfect answer to the inner thigh chafing problem. Even as a dude, I'd seriously consider wearing them if it meant not having to pull out the body glide for everything over 10 miles
Running skirts are a thing! But they don't prevent chafing. [link] ----
Is it common to have your legs develop unevenly as you train? I've been training for about two months now and for the first four or five weeks, any soreness I experienced was greater in my right leg than my left. Over the past three weeks or so, the majority of the soreness has moved to my left leg instead. It also seems like the muscles on my right leg are more well defined, and when my legs get tired/tight/sore, it's the left leg that feels it first now. Is uneven leg strength a concern? Are there exercises I can to do target the weak leg and even things out a bit?
Yes, I absolutely get problems in one leg of the other. It might be that your running mechanics are off and you favor one leg or your biomechanics are off and your legs move differently on each side. I think to develop even strength your best bet is to keep running and maybe do some supplemental strength training. [link] ----
Good morning runners! I have run once for 4 miles in the past two weeks. No good! Decided i need a new goal and that goal is marathon. Been looking for a good app, but almost all of them are beginners runner's. For reference I'm very comfortable at the 10 mile range. Any suggestions on trainer apps or other programs that are useful for an experienced runner who needs guidance to get to the next level?
What's your normal training schedule like? Are you comfortable running 30 miles a week? 40? Do you want a plan to finish a marathon or a plan that will kick your ass for 18 weeks and set you up to race a marathon to the best of your ability? The two most common plans are found in books (check your library): Pfitzinger's Advanced Marathoning 18/55 (18 weeks, peak mileage of 55 miles in one week) plan always gets solid reviews but if you've run once I don't know that you're ready for it. Haonson's Marathon Method has a few differences but their beginner plan is effectively 13 weeks long and goes from 39 miles up to 57. Technically it's 18 weeks with the first 5 taking you from 10 -> 39 miles of easy running per week but I've yet to hear from anyone who relied on that. In the just getting it done department, there is always [Higdon]( check out his intermediate plan for something that runs from 23 -43 miles per week if the Novice looks too easy. [link]
Do you reapply your Vaseline/run glide stuff halfway through a run? Do you lube up and just hope it stays put? I am practically a Mermaid (I'm not a skinny-Minnie) and am just doing shorts for the first time. How does this stuff work!?
I've been good up to ~2.5 hours on a single application of Bodyglide, and I'm a sweat monster so if it stays put on me it'll stay put on anyone! ** [link]

Friday Photos Thread

Finally in the stretch to the finishline we see some great pictures in the weekly photo thread.
esjay_ and tweeeked having a beer
lostintravise after running a 5ker [link to post]
TodoEsCumpleanos with the bird pose [link to post]
brwalkernc during the BMM 24 hour [link to post]
craigster38 and yourshoesuntied trying to steal myself and tweeekeds thunder [link to post]
denovosibi and team reddit at the BMM event [link to post]
militarytime looking pretty normal [link to post]
Another week of running complete, thanks for reading and good luck out there
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My Review of "No Pressure" (and a general analysis on the state of HIMYM)

Best episode of the last few series in my honest opinion. Episodes in S7 have been at either end of the scale, they've either been hopelessly goofy (Burning Beekeeper) or incredibly depressing (Symphony of Illumination), but this struck a perfect balance.
You had the hilarious side story with the bets and Mily's sex tape, but then you also had the Ted/Robin (and a little Barney) side. Honestly, I was pretty choked up when Barney was obviously so hurt by Robin's rejection, which was nice as after he cleaned up those rose petals Barney's pretty much been back to his old self, which was strange after such excellent character development in Season 6, with his Dad and the realisation that he loves his life, but he doesn't "like loving it".
Ted was intensely likeable in this episode. I went in with preconceptions that he was going to be annoying and gushy, but it ended up being very genuine. And yeah, Robin's had one hell of a series. As I said in the preview thread, she needed to move out. It was just dangling it in front of Ted's face. I also appreciated how Ted did away with the silly "If we're single at 40" scenario. It showed a lot of strength on his part.
NOTE: At the start of the episode Ted says that the last person he said "I love you" to BEFORE he got with the Mother was Robin. Now unless he says that again at some point in the future, which wouldn't make a whole lot of sense, that means Ted's not really going to have any significant love interests between now and when he gets with the Mother. Again, Carter & Bays can wriggle out of this by having Ted say it to Robin platonically, but something tells me Ted's days of random crazy bitches in the Zoe/Stella type is over. Expect a few more flings, but I don't think they're going to bother introducing another throwaway girlfriend in what could theoretically be the last season.
As for Marshall's "Not yet?" I don't think it means they'll end up together. They were pretty definite about this after 7 relatively irritating years of back and forth, and I'll feel cheated if the excellent closure of this episode is gone back on. I simply feel it means that we'll see more Ted/Barney/Robin conflict later on. Ted might have got closure, he may be moving on, but seeing his best friend marry the woman he pined over for almost a decade still won't be easy.
Victoria's prophecy of "That doesn't work" still hasn't really been explored. Barney's may have seemingly accepted Ted's idea of Ted/Robin getting back together, but if there's anything we've learnt this season it's that Barney plays an excellent poker face with his emotions.
The whole Barney/Robin/Ted saga began with conflict, and I wouldn't be surprised if there was more conflict to come. This season they've made an elaborate point of showing Barney and Ted getting closer. As Lily and Marshall are concerned with their married life, Ted and Barney, the eternal singletons, have developed a much closer friendship then they started off with. Barney's become less of an annoyance, as he was in Season 1, and more of a genuine friend. This is all down to the brilliant character development, again made possible by Carter & Bays (and in no small part NPH).
Ted's "You've really grown up" line really hit it home. This is all coming to a close guys; as soon as Barney started having ideas of children, and marriage, you know the show's wrapping up. People often compare the show to Friends, but honestly in 10 years those characters never changed much. You're really seeing a difference in roles here, the womaniser Barney becoming more grounded, Ted becoming more of a realist, Robin going through extreme emotional turmoil but ultimately staying true to her own desires (i.e. not going along with Kevin's proposal).
If I had to give "No Pressure" an arbitary score? I'd give it a "Nostalgia out of Ten". Because honestly, this was good old classic HIMYM. Ted confused about Robin, Barney being a pervert, and Marshall and Lily having such a bizarre married life, with a dash of sentiment to go with it. And it was funny, VERY funny. First time I've laughed so much at a HIMYM ep in a long time.
On the subject of Quinn? I really don't think it's going to amount to much. Again they've roped in a guest star, which always suggests they won't be sticking around for long. She's not as hopelessly annoying as Kevin (still praising hallelujah that he got the fuck out), but I don't think the comparisons between her and Barney are all that admirable. For one thing, she's meant to be the mirror image of Barney and his lifestyle. But they've made very clear Barney is sliding away from that lifestyle, so I don't know why he would want another blonde man eating slut that's the vagina version of his past self.
And if she's anything like Old Barney, she'll detest the idea of marriage. My theory is, Barney initially goes for Quinn, but Quinn backs out at the last second, leaving him at the altar and leaving Robin (who better damn be his best man, suit and all) to pick up the pieces. Or something along those lines. Besides, Robin is pretty much Barney anyway; she's a perfect mix of the cigar smoking, scotch drinking, sexualised badass that Barney would go for, with a hint of sanity and homeliness to maybe settle down with him.
Overall, I'm liking very much where Season 7 is going, tying off all the loose ends, rounding up Barney and Robin's romantic interests, while Lily and Marshall are going where everyone pretty much expected them to, living in suburbia, having a child. (A real "f*ck you" twist would be Marshall and Lily getting a divorce, but we know from flashforwards that won't happen). The only person no closer to where they want to get is Ted. Poor Ted, focus of the show, and always the one who gets the short end of the straw. I think this was the first flash-forward they've shown of the Mother in a while, and it's nice to see the show getting back to it's primary purpose; Ted telling his kids how they met their goddamn mother! I loved all the little hints we got to The Mother in earlier seasons.
As for that identity? I'm rooting for Barney's half-sister. Very odd that she didn't get introduced with the rest of Barney's estranged family, and it all seems to fit (Is in college, Mother was in Ted's accidental economics class, is living with a roommate in college, obviously will be at Barney's wedding where Ted and the Mother apparently meet), but things with HIMYM are never quite that simple and it wouldn't be out of character for the writers to do a 180. However, I think that would be perfect in terms of wrapping things up, and it would add a nice literalism to "Uncle Barney and Aunt Robin" (Not that it needs one, as per Marshall and Lily).
I would be absolutely fine if the show ended at this series finale. When they do Series 8 I think it will have to be the last, and it's going to have to be pretty much 100% focused on Ted, with the other four as comic relief. As I mentioned before, there's very little else to expand upon, this assuming that Robin/Barney get married. It'll be amusing watching Marshall and Lily cope with a baby, but not so much so that it requires another 24 episodes to deal with. So yeah, Season 8 should totally be subtitled "The Quest for the Mother", as that's what I feel it should primarily be about.
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AMA with Will Warren from 0x project (wwarren)

wwarren hi all :wave: you can find the 0x FAQ here:
jakethepanda Hi all. Please join me in welcoming Will Warren from 0xproject. (edited)
boldninja hi Will you from 0x?
jakethepanda :clapping:
boldninja @wwarren is your aim decentralized exchange only for ethereum asset tokens?
wwarren boldninja: 0x supports all Ethereum-based assets that adhere to the ERC20 token standard. There are many ERC20 tokens, worth a combined $300M, and more are being created each month. We believe that, by 2020, thousands of assets will be tokenized and moved onto the Ethereum blockchain including traditional securities such as equities, bonds and derivatives, fiat currencies and scarce digital goods such as video game items. In the future, cross-blockchain solutions such as Cosmos and Polkadot will allow cryptocurrencies to freely move between blockchains and, naturally, currencies such as Bitcoin will end up being represented as ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.
cad Hi Will :slightly_smiling_face:
bangomatic @wwarren welcome
mward hello
sevi Hi !
moobox salutes like Benny Hill
techbytes welcome Will
boldninja Any estimate month when you'll run your campaign Will?
wwarren boldninja: We are targeting early Q4!
Hi will (edited)
welcome will
mike hi will
wwarren Thanks for the warm welcome
jakethepanda @wwarren Is 0xproject actually making an exchange or just creating the platform that others can build on?
wwarren jakethepanda: we are currently developing a web application that allows you to manually generate and fill orders. It will not be a full-fledged for-profit exchange with a real time order book, but will allow you to do OTC trading with known counterparties. That said, we will be developing open-source software for anyone that wants to operate a for-profit exchange on top of 0x.
wwarren Our primary focus is on developing the platform and we expect others to build exchanges on top of it.
jakethepanda Does my question make sense?
boldninja What is your minimum target you want to achieve with funds, will there be any hard cap?
wwarren boldninja: our minimum target for fundraising is in the range of $15M. This is based upon what we expect we will need to execute our development road map over the next 3-5 years.
wwarren We've experimented with the idea of various uncapped fundraising formats that eliminate the first-come-first-serve issue and allow for price discovery but we've concluded that "investors" aren't sophisticated enough to understand auction and other formats (based on GNO).
eth only?
wwarren cannabanana: yes
mike what kind of business entity are you setting up?
wwarren mike: 0x Foundation is structured in the same way the Ethereum Foundation is: as a nonprofit organization based in the Swiss Canton of Zug, also known as crypto-valley.
mike thanks
boldninja chill canna :trollbounce:
1 at a time :smile:
choffan Hi on the ark website there is a long roadmap. I have notcied that nothing has changed on it for a while. will it be possible to tick every box from red to green as tasks have been fulfilled. as this can keep investors updated knowing how progress is going.
wwarren choffan: asking the wrong fellow :slightly_smiling_face:
choffan haha yeah
dr10 I think this is a good idea, I wanted to ask this aswell. For a better overview.
boldninja @wwarren I suggest you just write here and put @ the guy you are responding to those reply to message are a bit so-so with slack (edited)
choffan @wwarren Hi on the ark website there is a long roadmap. I have notcied that nothing has changed on it for a while. will it be possible to tick every box from red to green as tasks have been fulfilled. as this can keep investors updated knowing how progress is going.
djselery a while? we are 4 weeks old
boldninja choffan wwarren is not from Ark
choffan @boldninja new to slack
djselery this is an AMA for ... not ARK
too bad you guys are all about hype these days with ETH. I'll never participate in an ETH ICO
boldninja Will anybody be able to act as "exchange" and set their own fees?
could 0x ever be used to facilitate the distribution of new ethereum tokens, replacing the traditional ICO format?
wwarren @cannabanana I understand your frustration with overhyped vapor ware projects with nothing to show. I feel the same way about a large portion of projects out there at the moment. We are not one of those projects. In fact, we will be using our own protocol to launch our token!
it's not even that @wwarren I just think that people are jumping on the ETH bandwaggon. Vaporware or not, is not the issue.
wwarren We've raised seed funding so that we can get to a fully-functional v1 before launching our token.
@dafty yes! We will be using 0x to launch our own token.
I just think that with so many ETH ico, many bad things are possible.
jakethepanda @wwarren How many months/years in the making is 0x? How long have you been working on it?
and of course you will sell out in 5 minutes
then what
wwarren @boldninja yes! Anyone can create an exchange, charge transaction fees and retain 100% of their revenues
@jakethepanda my cofounder Amir and I have been working on 0x full time for 8 months now without pay
wwarren @cannabanana While there are many low quality projects out there, there are also high quality projects that are truly innovating
jakethepanda @wwarren What is the token called? Can you explain a little about what will create demand for the token? I understand holders don't collect fees or dividends.
if we're talking about the same amir, I'll for sure wont ever participate
wwarren @jakethepanda 0x is inherently a cryptoeconomic protocol implemented within a system of Ethereum smart contracts. 0x protocol token (ZRX) are used by Makers and Takers (market participants that generate and consume orders, respectively) to pay transaction fees to Relayers (entities that host and maintain public order books).
More importantly, ZRX tokens are used for decentralized governance over 0x protocol’s update mechanism which allows its underlying smart contracts to be replaced and improved over time. An update mechanism is needed because 0x is built upon Ethereum’s rapidly evolving technology stack, decentralized governance is needed because 0x protocol’s smart contracts will have access to user funds and numerous dApps will need to plug into 0x smart contracts. Decentralized governance ensures that this update process is secure and minimizes disruption to the network.
@cannabanana I'm fairly confident that we aren't talking about the same Amir :slightly_smiling_face:
good :smile:
with a fixed ZRX supply, could you see relayers hoarding tokens and driving the trading fees up until it becomes too expensive for typical traders? would there be any defined minimum or maximum fee caps?
wwarren @dafty Relayers are free to set their fees to any value they want and can change them dynamically to respond to changes in ZRX value
boldninja will there be any "burn" mechanisms in place for your tokens?
wwarren Relayers will compete for volume by having setting their fees to reasonable levels
why did you guys choose an ETH only ICO
just want to know why all these ICOs are choosing ETH only and deciding to basically ignore a huge section of crypto fans.
wwarren @boldninja no, the total supply of ZRX will be fixed. Their value will be proportional to their utility within the system ~ how much trading activity is taking place
I'm not an exception to the rule, many old school bitcoiners wont touch ETH so just wondering why nobody accepts bitcoin anymore
wwarren @cannabanana we are launching our token using our own protocol that is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain.
Therefore, we only have access to Ethereum-based assets
then will you only trade ETH tokens on your exchange?
jakethepanda @wwarren What % of the coin supply is held by the team and will it be a reverse dutch auction?
wwarren @cannabanana yes, our system is compatible with all Ethereum-based assets that comply with the ERC20 token standard
ok, good luck man.
wwarren @jakethepanda The founding team will retain 10% of all tokens. We decided against any sort of sophisticated crowd sale structure due to the amount of unsophisticated "investors" out there at the moment.
We experimented with the idea of other fundraising formats that eliminate the first-come-first-serve issue and that allow for price discovery, but after the Gnosis auction we determined that there are too many unsophisticated investors that won't do their due diligence :confused:
jakethepanda That's good to hear
wwarren Therefore, we will likely issue tokens at a flat rate in a capped distribution.
That provides the funding necessary to execute our road map, but that also keeps our market cap at a reasonable level
@cannabanana thank you :smile:
mike gnosis wasn't a true auction, just started with an arbitary price which sold out very quickly.
i was confused with gnosis myself, didn't realize that only a small percentage of the tokens were sold the way it was structured.
wwarren @mike agreed, it was an interesting idea that could have allowed for price discovery
mike Swarm Fund will be using a new method, which I've wanted to use for some time as well.
jakethepanda How long after the sale will tokens be available? There will be a working product on launch?
wwarren @mike there are many crowdsales going on and there isn't time to get intimately familiar with the format of each one
mike tokens are sold at a formula which constantly increses the price as tokens are purchased.
wwarren @jakethepanda yes, we will have a working product at launch and the tokens will be available immediately
brb 5 minutes!
mike the current prevalent model has worked well in a lot of cases, so people have stuch with it, the fixed distribution with the crowdfund over a month long period.
personally i think many of them are grossly oversold, especially the ones selling out at over 10 million USD in a few minutes, but time will tell.
wwarren keep firing away, I'll get to every question
nt91 Ark is trying to go over 17p it keeps bouncing
mike is 0x written in Solidity?
been going over the whitepaper, looks interesting. decentralized exchange is what first got me into alt coins
jakethepanda @wwarren :this:
boldninja bridge 0x to Ark :trollbounce:
mike makes sense to run a DEX on a side chain to keep the costs down. A big attraction of DEX is the idea that everyone has the same access to the market data, and they eliminate high frequency data. There is likely to be arbitrage between fast centralized exchanges and DEX's.
would be great if we could bridge 0x to Ark.
will you be doing any talks at the SF ETH meetups?
jakethepanda @wwarren :point_up:
wwarren @mike we don't have any talks planned at the moment but are certainly open to it
mike would love to see you present when you're ready. dex is close to my heart, been wanting to see this develop for years now. the SV meetup is a great venue.
jakethepanda @wwarren are you open to potentially bridging to other chains like ARK?
wwarren @jakethepanda yes, we will be working to generalize 0x so that it is blockchain agnostic in the future. But it is important to point out that we are not attempting to create a cross-blockchain solution, we are leaving that to the smart people at Cosmos and Polka Dot
Instead we are enabling exchange of assets that reside on the same chain
WTF really?
what about the dudes giving you a speaking opportunity right now?
dr10 thought the same xD
you drop the name of the dudes who want to make exactly what we are and say they are "the smart people"
you sure don't have enough time to look at the industry I guess
bangomatic Well that didn't go well :-) I guess we'll doesn't know and we are direct competitors with Cosmo
numba1enigma @wwarren i know its been asked, will you send out an email or tweet when you are in the bay area, ca to talk more about the project
id also be really into your porject if you put in ark listeners on your platform. id really be a fan of trading with the ark poker chips at meetups per mike
wwarren @bangomatic @cannabanana hey guys, didn't realize ARK is building cross-blockchain stuff! I'll have to dig in. I only heard about ARK recently
@numba1enigma we are located in SF and happy to chat
moobox the satanists don't want crypto to succeed
mike fix is our lead developer on Ark, can talk more about bridging.
moobox but they'll use it for black funds
i didn't realize how useful it would be to them when btc was invented
wwarren @mike interesting, would love to learn more about how ARK bridges blockchains. Is it still under development?
moobox but mass adoption / retail, forget it
numba1enigma @wwarren what part of sf
michaelthecryptoguy How do you see a smart contract in say 2 years or 5 years? What direction or area would you see the most usage or growth?
moobox and ark, well it's nothing to shut that down
see fermat/iop
ripple has some of the chosen ones behind it
wwarren @numba1enigma SoMa
moobox so that'll surviva for a while
mike Have you ever gone to the love nest meetups? they host talks in a nice informal setting.
michaelthecryptoguy Money poured into a project doesn't always make something survive
wwarren @michaelthecryptoguy I think we are in the early stages of a full-fledged token economy where all types of assets are tokenized and moved onto blockchains (edited)
jellevds BTC finally taking a breath? :)
wwarren @mike nope, haven't heard of it
mike that's my vision as well - goods and services are tokenized, can be pre-sold at a discount for liquidity, the tokens can exchanged on the market and eventually redeemed for the product. They can also be backed by inventory, work similar to real bills. (edited)
wwaren, yes still under development. The quick roadmap - make ark cloneable. The first iteration is now functional (today!). Will release tomorrow with video - make clones interoperable via smartbridge - provide sdk so any blockchain could listen to ark and interoperate with ark (edited)
mike it's joel dietz's meetup, decentralized autonomous eceonomy.
moobox the future is a boot stepping on a human neck, forever
numba1enigma @wwarren how will your project interact with augur?
wwarren @numba1enigma each outcome in an Augur prediction market is an ERC20 token which may be traded using 0x protocol
our development teams have been working together to ensure future integration
mike tokens can also represent baskets of other tokens or backed by physical commodities and used as hedges.
numba1enigma @wwarren sweet, and your approach to fiat onboarding? bridge to stellar? bridge to ark via smartcards?
can ark tag livestalk?
wwarren @numba1enigma we are only building the exchange infrastructure needed for smart contracts to programmatically trade tokens
we won't be focused on fiat on-ramp/off-ramps
each trade will be an eth transaction?
wwarren @cannabanana correct, trade settlement occurs on the blockchain. Orderbooks are hosted off-chain
This is a necessary requirement to allow smart contracts to execute trades programmatically: Exchange.fill(order, value)
numba1enigma how fast will trade settlement be
you don't think there will be too high of a fee per trade or too much bloat on the blockchain?
wwarren @numba1enigma ~1 block time
jakethepanda @wwarren see @fixcrypt comment above about Smartbridge.
gas fee + trade fee
wwarren @cannabanana people already use the blockchain to transfer currency, I don't consider exchanging 2 currencies to be bloat
tx currency but I don't trade by sending bitcoin tx with $1.50 fees
wwarren @jakethepanda looking into SmartBridge, excited about cross-blockchain solutions
ryano Ark is a great community and it would be nice to work closely with other great communities like yours.
wwarren @cannabanana you are correct that tx fees will make it uneconomical for small value trades, but for large trades I expect the fees to be <= Poloniex for example
@ryano I'm brand new to ARK and this community, but will definitely stick around to learn more about your tech
ryano Ark provides the best user experience in this space, and since your order books are maintained off chain bridging our platforms would provide a great user experience from start to finish. The bridge would help with settlement. In fact ark can already do this by using smartbridge text to send API functions as you mentioned
mike Ethereum and Ark have different use cases. Ethereum is good for being able to upload a relatively simple contract to run on a massively decentralized blockchain without having to look for delegates to give it its own chain, but since it runs on every node, it costs a lot more to run it if the code is complex. Ark is more suited for running complex applications on their own decentralized chains with delegates and relay nodes for scaleability, which can communicate with other chains via the main chain and smartbridge. (edited)
jakethepanda @wwarren :point_up:
mike so i expect them to complement, not compete with each other.
There's a very good chance Ethereum will be the first chain bridged to Ark since it can be done with a smart contract instead of needing a hardfork.
wwarren @mike ARK sounds compelling. Are there any people actively working on bridging ARK + Ethereum?
numba1enigma @wwarren i just read existing work on whitepaper. the only time there will be a trading fee is when a channel is closed and executes a smart contract trade? Can i trade in a channell indefinately until i take my money out of the exchange
michaelthecryptoguy :+1:
That would be awesome if you could
mike Fix is working on the bridging, and we talked to another development company experienced with Ethereum today, though their first project would be something different, so should have more details later on as things firm up, but they bring some very good capabilities to the table and can accelrate our progress.
Right now, we have the vendorfield for writing and reading data, which already allows for some interesting appliacations, and have some projects going on in this area while the smartbridge is developed.
ryano I would add that the infrastructure is already there to execute boilerplate ethereum contracts though ark
If an app is made to "listen" to transactions at a particular address those transactions can specify the function parameters for creating a contract. Same way you could send an 0x transaction instruction to execute with 0x
mike I have to go to an onsite, but will check in as i can. Thanks Will, for taking the time to AMA with us, please continue, as there is much interest in 0x and decentralized exchange, a holy grail of alt coins for some time now.
very cool, ryano, look forward to seeing some examples show up.
jakethepanda @wwarren :point_up:thanks for taking the time. Hopefully you stick around to learn more about ARK.
wwarren @numba1enigma sounds like you are asking about state channels which are a bit different
numba1enigma thanks guess i butchered it. ill read it cover to cover. thanks
wwarren @mike thank you for your questions!
@jakethepanda thank you, I'll stick around and learn more
michaelthecryptoguy @wwarren Thank You for your time. You were in here a few hours.
numba1enigma kinda feels like ark smart things project augur bets and Ox can all work together somehow to create awsomeness
jarunik Thanks a lot for the AMA. :slightly_smiling_face:
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Improving sidebar/FAQ

Hey guys, We've grown a fair bit, especially with the advent of the world cup.
We have an existing FAQ and sidebar but i think they could use a fair bit of improvement. I know over at /sportsbook its certainly more content filled.
It seems to miss some of the most basic and best betting tips around. Things like always look for the best odds (examples would be great here too) and just how big a 0.05 difference (number arbitary) can be in the long run. Why multi's are often a bad idea. Which bets you should never really touch, etc.
Maybe if people chuck in some tips here the best ones can be edited in ?
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Intro to Matched/Arbitrage Betting - How much can you make?

Arbitrage Betting Tutorial Round 2: Easy RISK FREE $£$£ using FREE Software - Duration: 12:16. SpiceBucks 4,175 views. 12:16. Lay The Draw Strategies (2 Profitable Approaches) - Duration: 12 ... The Ultimate One-on-One Guide To Sports Betting Arbitrage & Compounding - m/arbs2020 Is sports betting arbitrage still a worthwhile investment in 2020? ★ ★ LEARN THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SPORT ... Betting the Middle & Arbitrage Betting - The Ultimate Guide (feat. Kurt Long) - Duration: 3:19. WSN - World Sports Network 2,248 views. 3:19. Don't Place An Arbitrage Bet Without Watching This First! Today we discuss how I managed to get banned from sports betting, but we also discuss how to implement arbitrage betting strategies to make you money! JJ From Sharpside back with another sports betting 101 vid. This time on live betting, hedging and arbitrage. JJ talks on how to win money betting live and what to look for in baseball, football ...