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FK Tambov to score before the 80th minute. Small stake advised 💰 - The Betting Guru 💰 on Twitter

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This isn't fucking twitter...

Stop with the Twitter pumper posts "I shared BLSHT at...." "I indicated..." literally no one gives a quarter of a fuck. You dont sound like a stock guru. You sound like a snake oil salesman. It adds nothing to the sub, all you're doing is whipping your dick out and stroking it for everyone. Bet you're real quiet when your calls don't come to fruition though. Fucking hacks, every one of you.
Edit: Normally I'd leave a post this old alone but its kind of blown up and some of you have decided to insult me because you've misunderstood my point. Let me clarify since I was too snarky. People that come in and say "I said this would happen..." are just trying to lure you in to follow them. They are the same as Twitter pumpers. They use the same language and have the same goal. To pump the stock they have already purchased and then exit before it falls potentially leaving you bag holding. I wrote this because its not only annoying but its bad for this sub. We have a really good thing going here. This is honestly one of the best resources for penny stocks I have come across hands down. Letting people try to pump in here will ruin that. We can indicate PnDs pretty good, especially from the outside, but as soon as we become comfortable with that kind of language in here, that kind of person lording their one good pick out of a dozen, then a lot of people, especially the newer investors, ate going to lose money. Thats my point. I dont want to see any of you lose money. I wasn't calling anyone other than these pumpers hacks.
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My Way Too Early 2021 NBA Draft Wishlist

Just wanted to be the first to expose you guys to one of the most anticipated draft classes I've followed. I'm very glad Ja forced the Celtics to end up with our 2020 draft pick. This year's class sucks as many of you have already heard and I would way rather have next year's 20th pick, than this year's 12th pick. Why? Well let me introduce you to my favorite prospects for the Grizzlies.
I'm gonna go ahead and assume our next year's record will be marginally different and that would disqualify us from the biggest prizes in the draft. Whether it be Jonathan Kuminga, Jalen Green, or BJ Boston these guys are absolute locks as top 10 picks and I doubt the roster will be that bad. This leaves us with the 'bubble' lottery talents that are projected as first round locks with potential to rise or drop. The way I've assessed our core, the only thing we need to cement our future core is an elite wing/forward talent that can supplement Ja and Jaren while also possessing some creation upside.
So without further ado, here are my favorite 2021 Grizzlies draft fits:
Moses Moody
Arkansas | 17.9 Years Old | 6’6” | 185 lbs
A likely top-20 lock. Moses is an elite 3nD prospect who played alongside Cade Cunningham and Scottie Barnes at Montverde. He's got an excellent frame and skill set to play the 2 alongside Ja, an enormous wingspan for a wing (reportedly 7'+). Smooth athlete with a good feel for the game. His shooting prowess is his greatest asset. Elite shooter off the catch. Showcased rapidly developing on-ball skills and playmaking in AAU going into his senior year. Has the size, length, and anticipation to be a really good defender as a pro. Young as fuck for his class with underrated upside at the moment, he's awesome.
Keon Johnson
Tennessee | 18.1 Years Old | 6’5” | 226 lbs
An uber-athletic wing whose stock has been rising among draft enthusiast for good reason. Keon's had an impressive growth curve late in his high school career as he's also one of the younger guys in the class. At a minimum, he's a transition weapon and slasher through defenses with flexible finishing ability. Keon plays with an aggressive mix of quickness, bounce and energy to put pressure on both ends. He's a developmental bet but Johnson's shooting and passing skills are on the rise. Great balance. Jumper mechanics greatly improving with a touch that comes and goes. Mediocre passing and stock numbers make his feel for the game the biggest question mark regarding his upside. A potential steal if he can develop polished perimeter skills and feel to pair along with his elite athleticism.
Roko Prkačin
Cibona Zagreb | 17.4 Years Old | 6’9” | 210 lbs
A Croatian combo forward who will undoubtedly attract Luka comparisons. For those that loved the idea of Deni Advija, this kid translates even better as a 'point forward'. His very young age contrasts with how smooth and skilled his game is. High feel for the game and consistently displays excellent vision. Scoring upside is legit despite being vertically challenged, able to beat his man off the dribble and flashes impressive shot-making. Defense is a question but size and length create room for optimism. Roko led Croatia to the gold medal at the U16 Euro Championships in 2018, winning MVP at the tournament. He averaged 22.8 points and 13.4 rebounds to go with 2.9 assists and 2.0 steals per 40 minutes during the competition.
Terrence Clarke
Kentucky | 18.6 Years Old | 6’6” | 185 lbs
Terrence has a long, wiry physique for a shooting guard with bouncy athleticism. Explosive but also has tremendous body control. Has exceptional passing and court vision for his size and has a knack for making unselfish plays. A good ball handler who loves to change pace when driving. Will probably struggle with contact when driving due to lack of strength as he's quite skinny for his height. Biggest liability however is his general efficiency, and most importantly, his inconsistency shooting from deep. Has a quick shot with a low release but has never been considered much of a threat. In 18 AAU games from April to July, he shot 40.9 percent, 26.4 percent from three and 67.9 percent from the free-throw line. Rather old for this high school class as he turns 19 this September. Strong Josh Jackson vibes personally.
Ziaire Williams
Stanford | 18.3 Years Old | 6’8" | 195 lbs
For those who vaguely followed Sierra Canyon's stacked team this season, Ziaire is a familiar face as he was BJ Boston's sidekick. He's personally the prospect I have highest on my big board and I expect his stock to rise, so he's a bit of a long-shot but I love his theoretical fit. He's an elite shotmaker with ridiculous touch, and with the height of his shot release it makes for a potent weapon. Has great size and length for a wing prospect, will invite comparisons to MPJ due to the pedigree of shotmaking/release point intersection. An above-average finisher near the rim, who settles too much around the perimeter and has yet to prove he's a knockdown shooter imo. The Stepien’s Ross Homan (a high school guru) does however believe that Williams can develop into the best shooter in this class. Ziaire needs to gain strength and burst to help his physicality when driving to the hoop, alongside refining his ball-handling which can be a bit loose at times. On defense, he can guard multiple positions with a 6’11” wingspan and plays passing lanes well. Does a great job being active. Long strides in transition, can finish strong above rim. Off-ball activity is optimistic as constantly moving in the flow of the offense, not a ball-watcher. Good bones as far as off-ball offense. Comfortable pulling up in the high post or on the wings. Developing slasher, plenty of potential with handles for his size, a potential All-NBA scorer mold.
Thanks for reading my impromptu write-up! I'm clearly hyped for this class and looking forward to seeing them develop over the year. If you're interested in joining fellow draft nerds, give NBA_Draft a peek!
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Great piece about Fans Unite

“Talking to CEO Darius Eghdami yesterday, he’s not hiding the fact that he wants to acquire more pieces of the puzzle rather than build them”
Will be exciting to hear what happens next for this online betting company.
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Baccarat Made Easy

Like any Casino game, Baccarat is a game of chance where the house has the edge. Yet you can look through any gambling forum and you will find dozens of people pitching their personal system that was tested on thousands of shoes and won 2 units over the course of hours of playing. Some people even pay for these systems.
The game cannot be beat, but that does not mean you cannot win. I have found some success following the below simple rules.
Set manageable profit goals - Pick a number ~5-10% higher than your Bankroll and quit immediately once you hit it. If you did this in the stock market you would be a billionaire. In a casino, a monkey can do it.
Play at maximum once per day - The more you play, the more that addiction will grow and the more risky your bets will become.
Do not play on Mobile - If you need your fix during these times, desktop is much better. I once lost a two hundred dollar bet because my phone fell on the floor and hit rebet when I was about to exit out. This will also help you follow rule 2.
Always have a stop loss and stick to it - Pick a number that if your bankroll hit it, you wouldn't be depressed all day. If you do hit it, take a break and regroup mentally. Even better - withdraw and buy your mom something nice.
Don't waste your time looking for Betting Strategies - In Baccarat, each hand is independent of the last. Past results do not predict future results. If you flip a coin ten times and get heads each time, the coin does not know it is time for it to land tails on the next flip. However, if you are an indecisive person and need a strategy to help guide your bets, that is OK since it will be no better than random guessing.
I am not here to claim to be some guru who can predict the future, but have had a lot of success following the above rules.
I recently started a YouTube Channel to track my progress: EZBaccarat
Twitter: @BaccaratEZ
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(Not my work)

There are some things I personally don’t believe in, like reptilian shapeshifting and I am questionable about the Flat Earth theory. But the rest of this stuff to me is groundbreaking. Please take your time and research. Remember to question everything. No one here is asking you to believe anything, read this and research what has been discovered and you might not leave this rabbit whole the same way ever again. I never will.
The person who wrote this: https://www.reddit.comFillupontacoz/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
Disclosure Red Pill Links Package: Good vs. Evil

The InfoWar Has Begun: Disclosure Is Imminent, Prepare Yourself & Loved Ones

For anyone truly interested in trying to overcome their Cognitive Dissonance, Dunning-Kruger Effect, or Reality Tunnel and are ready to take the #RedPill so they can begin to understand what is really going on right now that the MSM/Lamestream Media is covering up, I recommend you thoroughly research & journey down the rabbit hole starting with the coded Q Map Archive in combination with these daily trends on Twitter:
Hashtags Evidence, Examples, Proofs & Testimonies
#WWG1WGA + #Qanon + #QArmy Reporter: "Do You Know Who Anonymous Is?" Trump: "Don't Want To Say, But You'd Be Surprised" + JFK Jr. Coronary Report Appears To Be Cover Up + JFK Jr.'s Gravesite Symbolizes A "Q" + JFK Jr. To Be Trump's Running Mate 2020 Re-Election + April 2020: Qanon Billboard + Guantanamo Bay Military Personnel Display "Q" + Guantanamo Bay Expansion (Pre. Vs. Post Trump) + Trump Makes Air "Q" Before Thanking OANN Reporter For Truthful Reporting + Mike Pence Tweets Picture With Florida Deputy Wearing A "Q" + Melania Trump Tweets Hidden "Q" On Easter Egg + QAnon: An Invitation to The Great Awakening (Book)
#EpsteinIsland + #PizzaGate + #PedoGate Epstein's Little Black Book + Epstein Island Underground Dungeon Security Camera Footage + Terrence K. Williams Receives Death Threats After Trump Retweets Theory That Epstein Faked His Death + Epstein Spotted After "Suicide": On Little St. James Island & Partaking In Satanic Ritual + Bill Gates Refuses To Explain Why He Flew On Epstein's Pedo "Lolita Express" + Joe Biden's History Of Inappropriate Touching + Isaac Kappy's Last Words: Video + Note + Orlando Brown Wants To Kill Will Smith For Raping Him & His Children + CBS Admits Comet Ping Pong (PizzaGate) Has Never Been Investigated By Any Authorities + Police Bust Australian Global Pedo Ring + Dark Web Child Abuse Gang Busted - 15TB Seized + Oprah's Property With Underground Tunnel Seized
#SaveTheChildren + #TunnelsChildren + #ChildTrafficking + #HumanTrafficking + #D.U.M.B.s + #Earthquakes 35,000 Children Rescued From Tunnels + Trump Signs Executive Order Allowing For $4 Million To Combat Human Trafficking + Dr. Phil Confirms & Exposes Human Trafficking With Survivor + Wikipedia: Global Child Prostitution Stats + FBI Violent Crimes Against Children + FBI Pedo Symbology + Pedo Food Codes + D.U.M.B.s Locations With Coordinates + Subterranean Tunnels + Secret Underground Bases & Facilities + $500 Million In Training For Underground Soldiers + $30 Million In Illegal Drugs Seized From Tunnel
#Adrenochrome + #WalnutSauce 25MG Adrenochrome Bottle + Order Online (25MG Or 250MG) + Adrenochrome Foundation Website + Ambrosia: Young Blood Transfusion Startup, Is Quietly Back in Business + 3M Patent + 1034 Patent Appearances + Former CIA Agent Robert Steele Exposes Satanic Elite For Torturing & Drinking Adrenalized Blood + Daniel Rodriguez: "Hollywood Elites Have Satanic Rituals & Bottle The Stuff To Sell It" + Mel Gibson: "Hollywood Is A Den Of Parasites Who Feast On The Blood Of Kids" + Liz Crokin: "Celebrities Are Getting COVID-19 From Tainted Adrenochrome" + Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas + Adrenochrome Withdrawal Reverses Positive Effects, Causes Schizophrenia, Sever Physical/Mental/Emotional Damage, & Accelerated Aging
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#Reptilian + #DracoReptilian + #ReptilianAwareness Draco Reptilian Humanoid Reveals Shape Shifting Eyes + 10 Reptilians Caught On Camera + Caitlyn Jenner Caught Shapeshifting + Reptilian Interview: Lacerta Files + How To Spot A Reptilian? + Justin Bieber's Eyes Shapeshift During Deposition + Obama Guarded By Secret Service Shapeshifter
#Chemtrails + #GeoEngineering Geoengineering Research Gets $4 million Grant From Congress + Petitions: Chemtrail Dangers Exposed & Stop The Chemtrails
#MandelaEffect Trump Removed From Home Alone + 450 Examples + 100 Examples + Thread: CERN & The Mandela Effect + CERN & Hidden Parallel Universes
#FlatEarth Explanation + Intro Guide + 200 Proofs: Book + Video + Globalist Globe Narrative Exposed + Laser Experiment + Balloon Experiment + Rocket Experiment + Scientific Terminology + Clinton Hints We Are Enclosed Within A Firmament + Sky Stone, Pieces Of The Firmament + Bible Verses: Firmament + Flat Earth + Religions Depict Earth As Flat Enclosed Within Firmament + Dean Odle: Satanic Infiltration Of Flat Earth + Typical Globalist Flat Earth Debunking Methods + Military Operations To Conceal Flat Earth + Longest Standing Treaty Known To Humankind Which Prevents Individual Exploration & Habitation Of Antarctica + NASA: Aircraft Calculations Consider Earth To Be Flat & Non Rotating
All views expressed on this site are my own and do not represent the opinions of any entity I have been, am now, or will be affiliated with. I assume no responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions in the content of this site/post. The information contained in this post is provided on an "as is" basis with no guarantees of completeness, accuracy, usefulness or timeliness.
I do not expect anyone to simply believe me, I expect you to do your own in depth research, think logically, and make your own decisions. The choice is yours to know.
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Start/Sit Strategy Guide: Week 1 (Part 2) - DFA

Week 1 Strategy Guide:

Every week, DFA will produce a Start/Sit Strategy Guide for NFL Fantasy. We will breakdown each matchup and give valuations of each fantasy relevant player. Additionally, we will offer occasional upgrades or downgrades to specific players depending on their matchup, role in the offense, or the effect of projected game flow on a given week.
Part 1 written by Roto-Wiz8 - https://www.designatedforassessment.com/nfl/week-1-matchups-strategy-guide-part-1
Part 2 written by Roto_G
Keep in mind, one blown coverage can make a week, destroying any strategy - we are seeking to find the best odds of a players success. If you have questions about your individual lineup conundrums, you can always hit us on twitter @DFAroto! Or check out the rest of our content and rankings here: https://www.designatedforassessment.com/

Indianapolis Colts at Los Angeles Chargers (-6.5)

Projected Team Totals: Colts 19.25 - Chargers 25.75


On the road to start the season, the Colts and the entire NFL are still reeling from the surprise retirement of Andrew Luck. With Luck out of the picture, Jacoby Brissett once again takes the reins of the offensive. The major difference from 2017 is that we know Luck isn’t coming back, which makes Brissett the long term starter. Here is his target distribution for 2017 - T.Y. Hilton (109), Jack Doyle (108), Donte Moncrief (47), Kamar Aiken (44), Frank Gore (38), Chester Rodgers (37), Marlon Mack (33). Similar to 2017, the entire Colts offense receives a downgrade with Brissett under center and he remains no more than a QB2 this week. Even with All-Pro safety Derwin James set to miss week 1, the Chargers have the same personnel that finished top 10 in six defensive categories in 2018. The only confident start at receiver is Hilton, and owners can consider him a WR2 with upside. Devin Funchess draws a slightly worse CB matchup (PFF) on the outside, but not by much and remains no more than a dart throw in DFS. The Chargers were middle of the road against TE’s last year (7.4 FPPG), however, both Ebron and Doyle are no more than back end TE starts until we get a better idea of where the volume is going.
Marlon Mack (upgrade) remains in the RB2 conversation even with Brisset at quarterback. After a soft tissue injury derailed the first 6 games of 2018 for Mack, he rallied to an RB2 finish. Interestingly, it seems to be a question of volume and not talent - in the 4 games that he received 19 or more carries, he went for more than 119 yards. Stacked boxes will be an issue for Mack all year long and this, combined with poor game script, could limit his upside. However, the Chargers weakness on defense lies in the run (20.7 FPPG) - they coughed up 80 yards a game to running backs in 10 games last year, as well as surrendering 6 rushing touchdowns in those games. Nyheim Hines (upgrade PPR) will be called upon if the Chargers do begin to stack the box - a volume pass catcher, Hines almost broke the Colts record for receptions as a rookie in 2018. There will be plenty of opportunity for Hines to catch passes against the Chargers, but he remains no more than a back end play in most formats.


Returning a top defensive unit in 2018, plus most of the same offensive weapons, the Chargers are again set to make a run at the AFC title with 7/1 odds. Philip Rivers’ target distribution from 2018 - Keenan Allen (136), Melvin Gordon (66), Mike Williams (66), Tyrell Williams (65), Austin Ekeler (53), Antonio Gates (46). Philip is a backend QB1 in the first home game of the year, but keep expectations in check, the Colts secondary was especially tough against the pass last year (18 FPPG). Keenan Allen remains the preferred start, and owners are starting him as a WR1 every week regardless of matchup. In his 3rd year, many expect Mike Williams (downgrade) to breakout into the WR2 ranks. Tyrell Williams signed with Oakland, vacating 65 targets in the offense. However, this game is not an ideal place to start Mike Will, as he draws Pierre Desir and Quincy Wilson on the outside who are both above average pass defenders and are tall enough to defend William’s size. Hunter Henry returns in 2019 at 100% health; almost a full year and a half removed from his ACL tear which occurred in May, 2018. He is an excellent red zone threat and could compete for Williams’ targets in that area, limiting his upside. Henry is a top half TE1 in an average matchup - The Colts surrendered around the league average amount of fantasy points to Tight Ends in 2018 (7.4 FPPG).
The Melvin Gordon holdout is set to continue into the regular season and we don’t have a clear idea of when he’ll return. Austin Ekeler (upgrade) is in a great position to produce in the first week as he is expected to be the lead back in a 60/40 split with Justin Jackson. The Colts surrendered 18.1 FPPG in 2018 to opposing RBs and coughed up the second most catches to running backs. Ekeler has the makings of a three-down back and is extraordinary in the passing game. He is a solid RB2 play due to volume and game script. Justin Jackson on the other hand, while likely to be involved, isn’t expected to see more than 8-10 touches while Ekeler could see upwards of 15. Jackson is no more than a desperation touchdown dependent flex play.
Score Prediction: Chargers 24, Colts 21

Cincinnati Bengals at (-9.5) Seattle Seahawks

Projected Team Totals: Cincinnati 17.25 - Seattle 26.75


Coming off a disappointing 2018, going 6-10, 2019 projects to follow a similar trajectory. The Bengals have the second to worst odds to win the AFC, at 100-1 they are only above the Dolphins. Andy Dalton’s target distribution in 2018 - Tyler Boyd (108), AJ Green (77), CJ Uzomah (64), John Ross (58), Joe Mixon (55), Giovani Bernard (48). Dalton is no more than a back end QB2 in a tough road matchup and missing his top reciever, AJ Green. The below average offensive line for the Bengals (PFF) will try and stymie newly acquired pass rush savant Jadeveon Clowney. Tyler Boyd (upgrade) remains a volume based WR2 in a good matchup against unproven rookie corner Ugo Amadi. With negative game script expected, John Ross is a bargain-bin DFS play but is no more than a WR4/5. CJ Uzomah and Tyler Eifert are desperation tight end plays. Coming off multiple major injuries, Eifert won’t see a high snap count and Uzomah won’t see the volume to be a starter for your fantasy team.
Joe Mixon is in an interesting spot against the Seahawks. While the game may get out of hand quickly, he is involved enough in the passing game to be matchup proof and is a high end RB2. The Bengals poor offensive line play will be a concern for Mixon’s ceiling all year. Giovani Bernard just signed a two-year extension worth 10.3 million dollars. Although he looks to be part of the Bengals in the immediate future, he is no more than a handcuff for your fantasy team. Bernard is a desperation flex play while Mixon is healthy and will not see the volume to be a consistent fantasy asset.


Russell Wilson willed the Seahawks to the NFC Wildcard last year and Seattle, again, projects to be middle of the road in the NFC. Wilson’s target distribution in 2018 - Doug Baldwin (73), Tyler Lockett (71), David Moore (53), Nick Vannett (43), Mike Davis (42), Chris Carson (24). Wilson’s best fantasy football days may be behind him as Seattle has committed to the run, finishing 2nd in rush attempts in 2018. Wilson remains a QB1 against a poor Bengals defense that gave up the most fantasy points to opposing quarterbacks in 2018 (21.2 FPPG). A major concern for Wilson’s success could be positive game script, if Seattle grabs a quick lead, they may opt to rely on the ground game. Tyler Lockett (upgrade) is starting in all fantasy lineups and grabs a great matchup in the slot against below average slot corner B.W. Webb. Lockett is a high end WR2 due to matchup, and lack of other options means he’ll be Wilson’s primary target regardless of game flow. David Moore won’t be playing in week 1, which sets up Jaron Brown and rookie DK Metcalf for consistent playing time. Both are risky options in a good matchup as we don’t know who will see volume, but Metcalf could be a decent bargain dart-throw for DFS due to his red zone prowess. Nick Vannett, Will Dissly and Ed Dickson are all fades, there are better options on the wire at tight end.
Chris Carson is a top 5 running back option this week as Seattle is expected to commit to the run. Carson should see 20+ carries and odds that he sees the end zone are high - The Bengals coughed up the 2nd most points to backs in 2018 (25.2 FPPG). Positive game script should play in Rashaad Penny’s (upgrade) favor as well, giving him the volume to be an RB3. While we prefer Penny to be on the bench in season long formats, he’s an intriguing dart throw in DFS.
Score Prediction: Seahawks 27, Bengals 17

New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys (-7)

Projected Team Totals: Giants 19.25 - Cowboys 26.25


The Giants again are expected to be bottom of the barrel in 2019 with the oveunder for total wins set to 6. Eli Manning’s target distribution from 2018 - Odell Beckham Jr (124), Saquon Barkley (121), Sterling Shepard (107), Evan Engram (64), Rhett Ellison (34). Manning isn’t even in the QB2 conversation and it would not be surprising to see the rookie out of Duke, Daniel Jones, take over the offense at some point this season. Sterling Shepard is the only Giants receiver that should be considered for fantasy owners at this point in the season. He remains a volume based WR3 against a stingy Cowboys secondary that was top 8 in fantasy points a game in 2018 (18.7 FPPG). Cody Latimer and Russell Shepard both draw imposing matchups and aren’t noteworthy. Evan Engram should benefit from negative game script, as the Giants are expected to play catch up at some point in the game. The Cowboys were middle of the road against tight ends last year (7.9 FPPG) and Engram remains a top half TE1.
Saquon Barkley remains a top option at running back in 2019. While the matchup against the Cowboys isn’t great on paper (15.7 FPPG to RBs), Barkley remains matchup proof and he’ll be in lineups every week he’s on the field. The volume afforded to Barkley, along with his passing game chops, will keep him as a strong RB1 all season - but at DFA, we have our reservations that he can replicate his success from last year without improvement from the QB position. One man can only do so much.


The Cowboys have 9-1 odds to win the NFC championship and are again expected to compete against the Eagles for the NFC East title. Dak Prescott’s target distribution from 2018 - Amari Cooper (107), Ezekiel Elliot (95), Cole Beasley (86), Michael Gallup (68), Allen Hurns (36), Blake Jarwin (36). In a game the Cowboys are projected to win, Dak most likely won’t get the opportunity to throw a lot. He remains a low end QB1 whose value is buoyed by his rushing. It would not be surprising to see him run in a touchdown this week. Amari Cooper is expected to draw shadow coverage from Janoris Jenkins. A tough matchup plus positive game script pushes Cooper onto the WR1/2 borderline. With Cole Beasley moving to the Bills, a good amount of targets open up for 2nd year wideout Michael Gallup (upgrade). A popular breakout candidate, he’s a better matchup than Cooper, going against rookie corner DeAndre Baker. Consider Gallup a WR3 with upside this week.
Ezekiel Elliot is back from his holdout and is expected to start. There is some uncertainty around his workload and due to this, isn’t considered a top 3 option this week. The Cowboys are reportedly expecting to have Zeke in for 20-25 snaps this week. That’s a lot different than 25 touches and it seems odd that he would be limited. That amount of snaps would probably keep him under 15 touches - it seems odd the Cowboys would limit their best player, especially when he’s healthy. The report seems like misdirection malarkey. The Giants will be trotting out a terrible rush defense (22.1 FPPG to RBs) and the Cowboys will be looking to attack the weakness. Rookie Tony Pollard is expected to help carry the load this week but isn’t more than a desperation flex play for needy owners. If you have Zeke, start with confidence, you didn’t draft him in the first round to ride the pine.
Score Prediction: Cowboys 24, Giants 10

Detroit Lions (-2.5) at Arizona Cardinals

Projected Team Totals: Lions 24.5 - Cardinals 22


The Lions flopped in 2018 under first year head coach Matt Patricia, going 6-10. Matt Stafford’s target distribution in 2018 - Kenny Golladay (119), Theo Reddick (74), Marvin Jones (62), Bruce Ellington (42), Kerryon Johnson (39), TJ Jones (26). Matt Stafford (upgrade) in the past was always a QB1 due to the volume of attempts. However, the Lions committed to the run in 2018 and finished top half of the NFL in rushing attempts - a stark change from the previous regime that finished top 5 in passing attempts every year. Due to the change, Stafford is a back end QB2 to start 2018. However, the Cardinals aren’t especially strong in the secondary, giving up 22.7 FPPG in 2018 to receivers. Kenny Golladay (upgrade) looks to continue his breakout in 2019 and the amount of rushing attempts last year actually depressed his ADP this year in fantasy drafts. With Pro Bowler Patrick Peterson beginning his 6 game suspension this week, Golladay looks to draw a great matchup against inexperienced second year corner, Chris Jones. Consider Golladay a WR2 with upside. Marvin Jones (upgrade) also draws a great matchup going against Tramaine Brock Sr. He is a solid WR3 start considering the circumstances.
Kerryon Johnson (upgrade) draws a mouth watering matchup against a team that gave up the most fantasy points per game to opposing running backs in 2018 (25.3 FPPG). Johnson should be given the volume to exploit the Cardinals porous rush defense and sits on the RB1/2 borderline this week. C.J Anderson (upgrade) is also in a spot to get some carries if the Lions go run-heavy, and may get an opportunity at the goal line. He is not a recommended start due to uncertainty of role, but could be worth a flex start in deep standard leagues in a pinch.


First year head coach Kliff Kingsbury has brought his Air Raid offense to the desert. The Cards again are projected to be one of the worst teams in the NFC this year after finishing 3-13 last in 2018. The only difference is that they are expected to move the ball this year with the new system. Rookie Kyler Murray is starting week 1 and we have no data on his target distribution. A poor defense should lead to plenty of negative game scripts for the young quarterback. Coupled with his rushing prowess and a high number of passing attempts, this should lead to a high floor. He sits on the QB1 borderline against a defense that allowed 18 FPPG to opposing quarterbacks in 2018. Larry Fitzgerald (upgrade PPR) projects to be a safety valve on the inside. He is expected to be targeted early and often and although he draws a good matchup against Justin Coleman, he can’t be counted on for more than WR3 value at the moment. Christian Kirk (downgrade), a popular 2nd year breakout pick draws a tough matchup against Darius Slay. After a subpar preseason, Kirk is a slightly risky WR3 in this one with the tough matchup and unclear role in the offense. Michael Crabtree and surprising rookie KeeSean Johnson are wait and see bench stashes at this point. If the offensive is able to move the ball and score points they could be popular waiver adds at some point.
David Johnson draws a decent matchup, with the Lions giving up 19.9 FPPG to opposing running backs in 2018. The lions front 7 is stacked with talent and the Cardinals subpar offensive line may limit his ability to run between the tackles all year. A major concern with DJ, is that Kingsbury at Texas Tech only had one back with over 30 receptions in a year. This doesn’t bode well for his involvement in the passing game. However, Kingsbury tended to give one running back the lion's share of the carries. Another interesting fact, according to Sharp Football Stats, Johnson averaged 4.0 yards-per-carry on runs out of the shotgun formation. When the quarterback was under center, Johnson’s yards-per-carry dropped to just 3.5. DJ sits on the RB1/2 borderline week 1 and it should be interesting to see how much he is used in the passing game.
Score Prediction: Cardinals 24, Lions 21

San Francisco 49ers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-1)

Projected Team Totals: 49ers 25 - Buccaneers 26


The 49ers 2018 season was lost when their prized quarterback tore his ACL while fighting for extra yards. A Sleeper to win the NFC West in 2019, the 49ers look to be improved on both sides of the ball. Jimmy Garrappolo’s target distribution through 2 games in 2018 - George Kittle (13), Pierre Garcon (10), Trent Taylor (8), Dante Pettis (7), Matt Breida (6), Kendrick Bourne (2), Marquise Goodwin (1). Jimmy looked awful in his first start back in preseason but looked much better in the 3rd week. He remains a middle of the road QB2 this week against a weaker Tampa Bay secondary (20.3 FPPG to QBs in 2018) - we prefer to take a wait and see approach before inserting him into lineups. Dante Pettis (upgrade) saw his fantasy draft stock tumble in the preseason due to Kyle Shanhan’s coach speak about challenging him to earn the starting receiver position. As of now, it looks like it was all a motivational tactic and Pettis may be one of the biggest values of draft season - he is an upside WR3 in a great matchup against 2nd year corner Carlton Davis. The 49ers are thin at receiver in week 1, with Trent Taylor and rookie Jalen Hurd on the shelf. Marquise Goodwin is will start opposite Pettis and rookie Deebo Samuel should see snaps, but neither are recommended fantasy plays in season long lineups. Goodwin could be a solid bargain play for DFS lineups. George Kittleremains an elite TE1 in a good matchup (8.6 FPPG to TE’s in 2018), roll him out there as usual and the lack of receiving options for Jimmy may result in a higher than normal target share for Kittle.
Matt Breida (upgrade) and Tevin Coleman will be the 1A and 1B of the 49ers backfield. Most thought that Tevin would run away with the job, but it now appears that Breida may be the preferred fantasy play. The 49ers return all 5 offensive line starters, a unit that graded out as the 10th best in 2018 - The Bucs are missing several starters on the defense line. Tamba Bay’s run defense was atrocious last year, coughing up 4.56 yards on the ground to opposing runners. In what is projected to be the 5th highest point total in week 1 - Breida is a solid RB2 in a great matchup (22.6 FPPG to RBs in 2018) while Tevin is a high end flex play. Both backs involvement in the passing game should keep them relevant if the 49ers get down early.


Offensive guru Bruce Arians takes over a Buccaneers squad that flopped in 2018. The Buc’s project to move the ball but not be able to stop opposing offenses - this should set up for some great fantasy point totals. Winston and Fitzpatrick target distribution in 2018 - Mike Evans (139), Adam Humphries (105), Chris Godwin (95), Desean Jackson (74), Cameron Brate (49), OJ Howard (48), Jacquizz Rodgers (45), Peyton Barber (29). After missing the first 3 games of 2018 to suspension, Jameis Winston(upgrade) took over for Ryan Fitzpatrick in the second half of week 4. He then lead the Bucs to one of their best offensive seasons of all time. At home against a porous San Francisco secondary (19 FPPG to QBs in 2018) missing FS Jimmie Ward - Winston is a high end QB1. Mike Evans is an elite WR1 in a great matchup, he should see plenty of Ahkello Witherspoon. In fact, all of the Tampa Bay receivers should see great matchups in the secondary as San Francisco gave up 26.3 FPPG to opposing wide outs. With Adam Humphries and Desean Jackson out of the picture, Chris Godwin is expected to take on their volume in 2019 - he is high end WR2 in the projected shootout. Breshad Perriman could be an interesting value play in DFS as he draws the ghost of Richard Sherman. OJ Howard (upgrade) also projects to see more volume this year and is the clear No. 1 over Cameron Brate. Howard is a solid TE1 within the Bucs passing attack.
Ronald Jones and Peyton Barber are projected to both receive carries, but neither are recommended plays. Tampa hasn’t had much success running the ball the last few years, opting instead to go pass heavy - throwing the 4th most of any team last year. Dare Ogunbowale (upgrade PPR) has carved himself out a role as the passing back in Tampa, and if fantasy owners need to start any Tampa running back, take a long look at him. The 49ers boast a top tier pass rush and Ogunbowale should be heavily involved in the passing game.
Score Prediction: 49ers 34, Buccaneers 31

Pittsburgh Steelers at (-5.5) New England Patriots

Projected Team Totals: Steelers 21.75 - Patriots 27.25


The Steelers are again projected to finish top half of the NFL, with 9/1 odds to win the AFC. Ben Roethlisberger’s (downgrade) target distribution in 2018 - Antonio Brown (168), JuJu Smith- Schuster (166), Vance McDonald (73), James Conner (71), Ryan Switzer (44), Jesse James (39), James Washington (38). Even with the absence of Le’veon Bell and the issues of Antonio Brown last year, the Steelers system continued to produce fantasy friendly players - Big Ben finished as the QB3 overall. In a tough week 1 matchup against a stingy Patriots defense (18 FPPG to opposing QBs) - Ben is no more than a QB2. The Steelers trot out newly signed receiver Donte Moncrief and second-year man James Washington along with Juju Smith-Schuster. Smith-Schuster has moved from the slot to the outside this year and remains an elite WR1 option even with the change. Washington and Moncrief are no more than WR3/4 dart throws in DFS and season long leagues until it becomes clear who will receive volume - our money is on Washington at this point. Vance McDonald is expected to get a higher snap share in 2019 and remains a back end TE1 option with upside if he can soak up some of the lost targets from last year.
James Conner looks to have a stranglehold on the Steelers workhorse role and the talk of Jaylen Samuels being utilized more has dissipated. Conner is a volume based RB1 in an unappealing matchup (New England ceded only 101.3 rushing yards a game in 2018 - 7th best) while Samuels is no more than a handcuff at this point.


With yet another Super Bowl under his belt, there is no question that Tom Brady is the GOAT. If 2018 taught us anything, its to never count out Brady and Belicheck. Brady’s target distribution in 2018 - James White (123), Julian Edelman (108), Rob Gronkowski (72), Josh Gordon (71), Chris Hogan (55), Phillip Dorsett (42). With Brady aging, the Patriots have gone run heavy the last several years. Brady is no more than a back end QB2 regardless of matchup. The Steelers secondary in 2018 was middle of the road in giving up fantasy points to opposing wideouts - ceding 23.6 FPPG. Julian Edelman is projected to be Brady’s number 1 target with Gronk retired. He is a high end WR2 in against SCB Mike Hilton. Josh Gordon draws a slightly tougher matchup against RCB Steven Nelson and is a back end WR2/3 until we get a better idea of where the targets are going sans Gronk. The Steelers were weak against tight ends last year (8.8 FPPG) - but the Patriots have no clear pass catcher for fantasy purposes at the position. Benjamin Watson is set to begin a four-game suspension and Lance Kendricksv is suspended for one game. **Ryan Izzo is set to start on sunday evening but is a fade in all formats.

Update: Patriots have come to terms with Antonio Brown. Although he won’t be active week 1, this could hurt all Patriots wideouts (although Edelman’s role should be safe) and possibly James White.

Sony Michel is a volume based RB2 in a mediocre matchup (17.5 FPPG to opposing RBs). With the Steelers almost 6 point dogs on the road, Michel should see the touches to produce this week. A major concern for Michel all season is that he is susceptible to negative game scripts, passing back James White will see the majority of snaps whenever the Patriots need to play catch up - White is a backend RB2/3 due to an expected positive gamescript. Damien Harris is not expected to have a significant role at this time.
Score Prediction: Patriots 24, Steelers 21

Houston Texans at (-7) New Orleans Saints

Projected Team Totals: Texans 23 - Saints 30


Coming off a great 2018, the Texans are again expected to compete for the AFC title. With Andrew Luck's retirement, they become the favorite to win the AFC South. Desean Watson’s target distribution in 2018 - DeAndre Hopkins (163), Demaryius Thomas (89), Will Fuller (45), Ryan Griffin (43), Keke Coutee (41), Lamar Miller (35). With a mediocre defense and a dynamite offensive, Houston is another team that should be a goldmine for fantasy purposes. Desean Watson remains a QB1 regardless of matchup (The Saints ceded 20.6 FPPG to QBs in 2018). With the highest projected point total of Week 1, this game is a place to start most fringe players or stack in DFS. DeAndre Hopkins should draw shadow coverage from Marshon Lattimore, but the matchup shouldn’t be opposing. Keke Coutte (questionable) and Will Fuller(upgrade) also draw exploitable matchups against P.J. Williams and Eli Apple. The Saints ceded a league high 29 FPPG to opposing wideouts in 2018 and in a game with expected offensive fireworks - Fuller is an upside WR2 and Coutte sits on the WR4/5 borderline with an upgrade in PPR formats assuming he plays. Newly acquired Kenny Stills is listed as Fuller’s backup and it remains to be seen how many snaps he will get.
Recently acquired running backs Duke Johnson (upgrade) and Carlos Hyde are expected to share the backfield after Lamar Miller was lost for the season. In a game Houston is expected to be trailing and with no clear role outside of short yardage - Hyde is no more than a hail mary desperation RB4. If it weren’t for concerns of limited touches for Duke Johnson, he may be a RB1. Instead, with an expected 15-18 touches he remains a solid RB2 with upside, his passing game involvement shores up his floor.


After a blown no call ended their season one stop short of the Super Bowl, the Saints are expected to return with a vengeance on the league in 2019. Drew Brees target distribution in 2018 - Michael Thomas (147), Alvin Kamara (105), Benjamin Watson (46), Tre’Quan Smith (44), Ted Ginn (30), Mark Ingram (27). Another team with an aging HOF quarterback that has embraced a run first philosophy - Drew Brees is no more than a backend QB1 in 2018. For Week 1 however, Brees in a projected shootout is a top 5 QB option. Michael Thomas remains a matchup proof WR1 - he will draw a very exploitable matchup in RCB Bradley Roby. Ted Ginn and Tre’Quan Smith draw below average matchups in the secondary and are no more than hail mary WR4/5 plays. If you grab either for DFS you are betting on a long touchdown as neither is expected to be heavily involved in the passing game. Newly acquired Jared Cook is a top half TE1 option and is expected to be involved consistently. The Texans are a great matchup for tight ends, giving up 10.1 FPPG in 2018.
Alvin Kamara is a top 3 RB1 option and will continue to be all season long. Latavius Murray will immediately slide into the Mark Ingram’s old role. With a high scoring game expected and the Saints 7 point favorites, there should be enough carries for Murray to be a flex option this week - it wouldn’t surprise if he managed to find pay-dirt. Keep in mind the Saints have led the NFL in rushing touchdowns the last two seasons.
Score Prediction: Saints 28, Texans 24

Denver Broncos (-2) at Oakland Raiders

Projected Team Totals: Broncos 22.5 - Raiders 20.5


John Elway moved on from the Case Keenum experiment this offseason by drafting Drew Lock and signing Joe Flacco. The former has ended up on IR, while the latter looks to resurrect his career as the starting QB. Flacco enters the season as a likely “game manager” quarterback, working with mediocre weapons. He is not an attractive option in any league, although he does get a solid matchup against a Raiders’ secondary that ranks among the bottom in the league in total talent. Emmanuel Sanders(upgrade) will look to exploit this matchup, and is somehow at full health after tearing his Achilles midway through the 2018 season. Courtland Sutton (downgrade) is an upside WR3 while we figure out his usage, but does have a tough matchup against RCB Gareon Conley. Joe Flacco’s lack of a deep ball could really hurt Sutton’s ceiling this year - Sutton needs to take a step forward and become a consistent possession receiver in addition to being a red zone and deep threat.
Phillip Lindsay again projects to lead the Broncos backfield in carries, but Royce Freeman will be involved as well and may vulture goal line situations - limiting Lindsay's upside. When Theo Riddick returns from injury, this backfield will become even more crowded. The Raiders aren’t an imposing matchup on the ground (22.1 FPPG in 2018 against RBs) and the Broncos defense will afford the offensive many short yard situations and positive game script. Lindsay is a solid RB2 this week and Freeman is a flex worthy.


What a week it’s been for the Raider franchise. Antonio Brown’s antics have been perhaps the most scrutinized of any individual player in recent memory. As of Saturday morning, he had been granted his official release, and is no longer a member of Oakland's team. And as of writing this article, Brown has just signed with the Patriots (go figure). This will have a significantly negative impact on Derek Carr’s (downgrade) fantasy outlook in week 1 and beyond. Moving forward, Tyrell Williams, Hunter Renfrow (upgrade PPR), and Darren Waller (upgrade) are the top weapons for Carr. Williams would seem to be first in the pecking order, but his downfield skills are not a great match for Carr’s skill set. Waller may end up leading the teams in yards and catches, and will need to be productive for Oakland to have any success. He makes for a solid TE1 play this week in hopes he will cash in on preseason hype. Renfrow is the sneakiest fantasy play for Oakland with AB out of the picture. In PPR formats, Renfrow may be able to carve out weekly WR3 value due to Carr’s tendency to look for shorter and safer throws, especially when under pressure. This is a tough week to recommend Renfrow with the Broncos strong secondary, in particular All-pro slot CB Chris Harris, but he needs to be owned in all leagues moving forward.
Josh Jacobs (downgrade) figures to be the bell-cow for the Raiders and will be a volume based RB2 all season. Gruden’s No.1 running back has surpassed 1200 yards every season he was head coach except for 2018 (MSN Sports). Jacobs figures to surpass 220 carries this year supposing he’s in good health - that kind of production should lead to RB2 numbers. Jalen Richard and Deandre Washington are no more than a handcuffs at this point and it remains unclear who would take over if Jacobs were injured. The Broncos defensive is particularly stout against the run (19.3 FPPG) and a negative game script should force the Raiders to pass more, but as long as Jacobs is involved in the passing game his production should remain consistent.
Score Prediction: Broncos 16, Raiders 13
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Lost in the Sauce: Nov. 24 - 30

Welcome to the second part of my weekly summary and analysis of political-legal news: Lost in the Sauce, keeping you caught up on the smaller stories that were overlooked in the landslide of big news like the impeachment inquiry. Starting next week, I’m going back to just doing the recap as a single post.

Lost in the Sauce: Nov. 24 - 30

Giuliani in deep trouble

The outlook for Rudy Giuliani keeps getting dimmer - and, really, it couldn’t happen to a better person. Giuliani did, after all, help “incite a riot involving thousands of mostly white, mostly drunk police officers” in 1992, the beginning of a long career of racism, authoritarianism, and self-dealing. Last week, multiple outlets reported that SDNY is investigating Giuliani for a long list of potential crimes, including but not limited to, obstruction of justice, money laundering, conspiracy, mail and wire fraud, and serving as an unregistered representative of a foreign country (a FARA violation).

Lobbying for Ukraine

The accusations of foreign lobbying grew stronger with a report from The Washington Post that earlier this year Giuliani sought to enrich himself while also pursuing investigations that would politically benefit Trump. During two meetings with former Ukrainian Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko to gather information on the Bidens, Burisma, and the 2016 elections, Giuliani negotiated a deal worth at least $200,000 to represent Lutsenko in his fight with the Ukrainian government. The agreement was never executed, but at least two retainer drafts are known. In one draft, Giuliani would represent Ukraine’s Ministry of Justice for $300,000.

Lobbying for Venezuela?

Another blockbuster report from The Post revealed that Giuliani has recently represented wealthy Venezuelan energy executive Alejandro Betancourt López in dealings with the U.S. Justice Department. Betancourt is an uncharged co-conspirator in a $1.2 billion money-laundering case filed in Florida, alleging that top executives of Venezuela’s state-owned oil company stole money and laundered it through investment schemes in Miami. As part of Betancourt’s legal team, Giuliani argued that his client should not face criminal charges in the case.

Trump laughably tries to distance himself

In an interview with Bill O’Reilly, Trump attempted to deny all responsibility for Giuliani’s actions related to Ukraine, including digging up dirt on Trump’s opponents: "No, I didn't direct him but he's a warrior, Rudy's a warrior. Rudy went, he possibly saw something. But you have to understand, Rudy (has) other people that he represents,” Trump told O’Reilly.
The evidence turned up by the House’s impeachment inquiry proves that Trump tasked Giuliani with carrying out his Ukraine “policy.” The following is an incomplete list of just some of the evidence:


During a Fox News interview, Guiliani commented on rumors that Trump may try to make him a scapegoat in the Ukraine investigations: "I mean, I've seen things written like he's going to throw me under the bus...When they say that, I say, 'He isn't, but I have insurance,” Giuliani said.
After the interview aired, Giuliani tweeted that the insurance claim was "sarcastic" and "relates to the files in my safe about the Biden Family's 4 decade monetizing of his office." However, Giuliani made a similar remark earlier last month in an interview with The Guardian...and also defended himself by playing it off as a joke.
Giuliani’s lawyer, Robert Costello, didn’t think it was funny. Costello “insisted” Giuliani call Trump to tell him he was not serious about the insurance policy. “He shouldn’t joke, he is not a funny guy. I told him, ‘Ten thousand comedians are out of work, and you make a joke. It doesn’t work that way,’” Costello told Reuters.

House files census lawsuit

Chairwoman on the House Oversight Committee Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) filed a lawsuit against Attorney General Bill Barr and Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross on Tuesday for failing to comply with the Committee’s bipartisan subpoenas seeking information on the administration’s attempts to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census.

Another cyberattack

Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose revealed that a Russian-owned company launched a cyber attack against the state on Nov. 5, Election day in Ohio. The SQL-injection attack was detected by the state’s internal systems and thwarted. The company behind the attack was not named, but LaRose said the attempted intrusion was traced to Panama.

Apple sides with Russia

Russian Apple Maps users now see Crimea displayed as part of their mother country, with a border separating it from Ukraine. Those who access Apple Maps from the rest of the world see Crimea as undefined, neither Russian nor Ukrainian. Apple made the change in response to pressure from the Russian government, joining Google Maps in bucking the overwhelming international consensus that the annexation of Crimea should not be recognized.

And all the rest…

More documents to be released:
A federal judge on Monday issued a preliminary injunction ordering the Department of Defense and the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to comply with a Freedom of Information Act request for records relating to the Trump administration's freeze on security aid to Ukraine...The judge ordered the release of half of the documents by Dec. 12 and the rest by Dec. 20. (Axios)
Two sets of numbers:
Donald Trump’s business reported conflicting information about a key metric to New York City property tax officials and a lender who arranged financing for his signature building, Trump Tower in Manhattan...The 16 percentage point gap between the loan and tax filings is a “very significant difference,” said Susan Mancuso, an attorney who specializes in New York property tax…[The discrepancies make Trump properties] appear more profitable to the lender and less so to property tax officials. (ProPublica)
Flynn sentencing delayed:
Michael Flynn, President Donald Trump's first national security adviser, will not be sentenced on December 18 as previously planned, a federal judge said Wednesday, to await the release of an internal Justice Department report on FBI surveillance. (CNN)
Immigration rule blocked:
A federal judge in Oregon blocked President Donald Trump's bid to deny immigrants visas unless they buy health insurance within 30 days of entering the country or otherwise show they can cover their medical costs… [Judge] Simon noted that the requirement that immigrants buy unsubsidized insurance — meaning they couldn't get financial assistance through Obamacare — barred poor people from entering the country, which he said clearly infringed on the law. (Politico)
ICE entraps and arrests hundreds:
About 90 additional foreign students of a fake university in metro Detroit created by the Department of Homeland Security have been arrested in recent months. A total of about 250 students have now been arrested since January on immigration violations by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) as part of a sting operation by federal agents who enticed foreign-born students, mostly from India, to attend the school that marketed itself as offering graduate programs in technology and computer studies, according to ICE officials. (Detroit Free Press)
Judge allows Michigan Redistricting:
Michigan can proceed with plans to create an independent redistricting commission after a federal judge on Monday rejected Republican attempts to immediately delay implementation of a state constitutional amendment voters approved last fall. The decision by U.S. District Court Janet Neff, appointed by GOP former President George W. Bush, is a blow to Republicans who fought the 2018 ballot initiative and drew the state’s current congressional and legislative districts in 2011. An appeal appears likely. (Bridge)
The real reason China likes Trump:
Chinese officials are betting that Trump’s transactional approach to politics might be preferable to a more principle-driven president, whether Democrat or Republican. “Trump is a businessman. We can just pay him money and the problems will be solved,” said a politically connected person in Beijing, speaking on the condition of anonymity to talk frankly about sensitive international issues. “As long as we have money, we can buy him. That’s the reason why we prefer him to Democrats.” (The Washington Post)
Inflating Don Jr.’s book sales:
At least nine Republican organizations, G.O.P. candidates or advocacy groups are selling “Triggered” or promoting [Don Jr.’s] book tour...The N.R.C.C. bought $75,000 worth of books in November, a spokesman said, in a promotion that took in almost $200,000 in contributions. The National Republican Senatorial Committee ordered about 2,500 copies, which it said sold almost immediately...The Republican National Committee and Citizens United, a conservative activist group run by a former deputy campaign manager to the president, are also offering the book to donors. (The New York Times)
In case you missed it:
The Trump campaign trolled The Washington Post this week for reporting that a picture President Donald Trump shared of his head pasted onto the body of the fictional boxing champion Rocky Balboa had been doctored. The Trump campaign responded by mocking The Post's characterization of the image as fabricated, with the campaign's official Team Trump account replying, "Washington Post claims - without evidence - that @realDonaldTrump shared a "doctored" photo." Critics of the president were stunned by the campaign's response, seeing in it a chilling attempt to deny basic facts. (Business Insider)
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Do you use Twitter as an r/weedstocks bonus tool?

As weedstocks has grown I have noticed I get less and less value from the daily discussion threads. To help with taking in opinion from different sources I want to share a few people i have found value in following on twitter. It's important to recognizance that most are bias and/or even paid promoters. Being on twitter you can see conflicting options battle it out and form your own options from that. My Twitter feed gives me value because:
Jason Spatafora @WolfOfWeedST : Might be revered as the GOAT of weed stocks. Has live feed videos each week. A bit safe and mainstream.
Betting Bruiser @BettingBruiser : He is the best for posting yellow and red flags that he raises with different publicly traded weed stocks. He gets some blow back of course as people tend to feel pushed up against a wall. He is often days or weeks ahead of bad news.
Johnny Lambo @LamboJohnny : The guy is just right more then he is wrong and just hits it out of the park so often it. Him and Thomas George @thomasg_grizzle get hate on a lot. They do project a douche vibe at first glance but strip away the cars, clothes and ego you cant ignore the fact they are killing it. Also a good team to look at if you are going to venture out of just weed stocks.
Chris Parry ™ @ChrisParry : Ego, humor and equity.guru articles that entertain. That seems pretty rare in the space. Most of what he tweets has a bias due to being a paid promotion but very worth taking in.

Honorable mentions that are worth being in your twitter-sphere:
Todd Harrison @todd_harrison
Nicholas @ndaloisi
Rocco the Chronic Investor @Open_Source_Int
Peter Bell @PeterNBell
Scott 📷Trades @Scottrades
Tom Angell 📷📷 @tomangell
rhum @rhum01
Of course there are many more out there. Share your favorites.
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HotWeelz claims 8chan is never coming back

Twitter link Fair warning, it's kind of disjointed and you have to read backwards because apparently the guru behind 8chan can't figure out how to do a multi-post on Twitter.
Apparently HotWheelz, the guy who first started 8chan, has been in talks with N.T. Technologies (the company who owns 8chan now, headed by Jim Watkins).
A few select quotes from HW:
N. T. Technology sent its president, Tom Riedel (@LustRazor ), to meet me.
Riedel confirmed to me 8chan is dead and never coming back. "8chan is a defunct entity.
I removed a link to Watkins' Instagram that had nothing to do with the topic at hand.
They are planning to launch a new site apparently, and to reuse some of 8chan's software.
That's why Tom met me. They believe that they must put my name on every page of their new site as the license, copied from Tinyboard, has that as a requirement tacked on to an MIT license.
So that is why they are talking to HW who washed his hands of 8chan a while back and supposedly found Jesus.
I couldn't get him to tell me what @CodeMonkeyZ is going to name the new chan, but from our conversation it was clear NTTech wants to keep the QAnon people most.
Me: "I think your guys' best bet [...] is QChan, a site just for QAnon."
Tom: "I like that idea."
Yea, he found Jesus but wants to see the grift keep going.
According to Riedel, Jim suffered from severe hearing loss without realizing it, not dementia; the hearing loss made people think he was demented.
Nah mate, Watkins is fucking demented. Hearing loss doesn't explain the fact that he wanted to own the shithole for content even 4chan wont tolerate.
I'm linking to the following tweet specifically because there is an audio clip attached that is VERY interesting. Wheelz specifically states he wants to distance himself from Q because the followers could turn violent. Then they discuss how to verify Q if they move to a new home and Wheelz says "Ron could give Q to anybody". There are some other interesting tidbits to be gleaned from the clip and I STRONGLY urge you to listen to it.
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Russia is deeply embedded into Facebook

In 2009, Russian social-media mogul Yuri Milner invested $200 million into Facebook at a valuation of $10 billion dollars without voting rights or a seat on the board. To understand this investment, at the time the world was going through a global recession and Facebook's general valuation had dropped from the $15 billion from the year prior to $4-$6 billion in 2009.
One company did offer a valuation of $8 billion, but with a seat on the board, which Zuckerberg was strongly against. In other words, Yuri Milner invested in Facebook when they were strapped for cash and at an inflated price without voting rights or a seat on the board. That's an amazing deal for Zuckerberg!
Here's Yuri Milner and Mark Zuckerberg hanging out for an interview:
The deal was coordinated by Alisher B. Usmanov, a Russian oligarch that earned his fortune managing steel mill subsidiaries for Gazprom.
Usmanov spent six years in prison for fraud and embezzlement in the 80's.
In 2008, Usmanov fired a publisher and editor at one of Russia's most respected news paper after it published detailed accounts of Russian election fraud.
It is said, "His ties to the Kremlin and Facebook have stirred concerns that he might influence the company’s policies in subtle ways to appease governments in markets where Facebook is also an important tool of political dissent, such as Russia." This was in 2009.
Usmanov is close friends with Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich.
Ivanka Trump and Wendi Deng are good friends with Abramovich's then wife, Dasha Zhoukova. Here they are watching a tennis match.
The leak of the Paradise Papers revealed the money Yuri Milner used to invest into Facebook came from Gazprom, a US sanctioned Russian oil and gas company, at one point owning 9% of the company.
Soon after, Zuckerberg and Milner became friends, meeting monthly:
And even spoke together in November 2015 at the 2016 Breakthrough Prize Ceremony.
In May 2012, Milner attended Zuckerberg's wedding. In 2014, Milner moved to California home he paid 100% above value on.
For those who aren't familiar with Gazprom, Gazprom financed the spy ring that in 2013 tried to recruit Trump Advisor Carter Page before being broken up by the FBI. One of the spies trying to recruit Page said of Page, "He got hooked on Gazprom."
Around the time Yuri Milner was investing in Facebook, they lost their CFO Gideon Yu. Reason given: Facebook wanted a CFO with public company experience, suggesting they were thinking of an IPO at the time of Milner's investment (the reason given was deemed nonsensical).
Yuri Milner's DST was one of the big winners over Facebook's botched IPO.
When Facebook was confronted about the fake news epidemic on Facebook and it's influence on the election, he said it was "crazy."
When Facebook put out a report in April 2017, it conspicuously left out any mention of Russia:
US political ads were at times paid for by rubles:
Facebook had "embeds" into the Trump campaign working with Brad Parscale, Trumps digital director.
Based on Kushner's quotes, these "embeds" may have worked closely with Cambridge Anayltica:
“We found that Facebook and digital targeting were the most effective ways to reach the audiences. After the primary, we started ramping up because we knew that doing a national campaign is different than doing a primary campaign. That was when we formalized the system because we had to ramp up for digital fundraising. We brought in Cambridge Analytica. I called some of my friends from Silicon Valley who were some of the best digital marketers in the world. And I asked them how to scale this stuff."
Here's a video explaining just that: @2:37
Theresa Wong from the Trump campaign says that people from Facebook, Google, and Youtube "...were helping us... They were basically our hands-on partners..."
In the video above, Theresa Wong from the Trump campaign says, "Without Facebook, we wouldn't have won." (@4:21)
For those who aren't familiar, Cambridge Analytica was communicating with Julian Assange about Hillary Clinton's and DNC's stolen emails. So was Don Jr. Michael Flynn, who pled guilty to lying to the FBI, also had an advisory role at Cambridge Analytica.
Zuckerberg admitted there was overlap between Russia ads and the Trump Campaign.
Facebook recommended Russian propaganda to users:
Facebook helped Agata Burdonova, who was a manager at the IRA (Russian Troll Factory) that meddled in the US 2016 elections, and her husband, Dmitry Fyodorov, immigrate to Seattle Washington. Burdonova's husband has received a job offer from Facebook.
Yuri Milner made these investments into Facebook with the help of Jared Kushner's friend and old classmate Ryan Williams. Yuri Milner also invested in Cadre, a company co-founded by Ryan Williams, Jared Kushner, and his brother Josh Kushner. However, Jared Kushner conveniently failed to disclose his ownership of the company. Milner's investment is likely through Gazprom as well.
Guess who's friend's with both Mark Zuckerberg and Yuri Milner? Suspected Chinese agent and Vladimir Putin love interest Wendi Deng Murdoch.
Wendi Deng introduced her then husband Rupert Murdoch to Mark Zuckerberg:
Yuri Milner and Wendi Deng attended a Time 100 Gala together in New York, April 2016.
Here's Wendy Deng with Yuri Milner's wife and Karlie Kloss, who's dating Josh Kushner, Jared Kushner's brother.
Wendi Deng also hosted a dinner that included Jared Kushner, Josh Kushner, and Ryan Williams, amongst others.
Wendi Deng is know as a match-maker to her friends and actually helped reunite Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner after a break up, eventually leading to marriage. Wendi Deng may be the link between Yuri Milner with Zuckerberg, as well as with the Kushners, and Ryan Williams.
Wendi Deng was spotted on Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich's yacht several times.
Wendi Deng introduced Ivanka Trump to Dasha Zhoukova, then wife of Roman Abramovich.
Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner met at a business lucheon led by Abramovich associate Lev Leviev. At the time, Lev Leviev was hosting the bris for the grandson of Tamir Sapir, who's daughter Zina Sapir married Lev Leviev's Africa-Israel US CEO Roten Rosen. Trump, just months priors, hosted Zina Sapir and Roten Rosem's wedding at Mar-a-Lago.
The Sapir Organization, in conjunction with Bayrock and the Trump Organization, put together the scandal-ridden Trump SoHo and were working together to replicate that with a Trump Tower Moscow.
In 2000, Abramovich and Oleg Deripaska, along with others, made a deal that ended the "Aluminum wars" and turned the industry into a near monopoly.
Oleg Deripaska and Alisher Usmanov have business ties together.
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Start/Sit Strategy Guide: Week 1 (Part 1) - DFA

Week 1 Strategy Guide:

Every week, DFA will produce a Start/Sit Strategy Guide for NFL Fantasy. We will breakdown each matchup and give valuations of each fantasy relevant player. Additionally, we will offer occasional upgrades or downgrades to specific players depending on their matchup, role in the offense, or the effect of projected game flow on a given week.
Part 1 written by Roto-Wiz8. Part 2 written by Roto_G - Check out Part 2 here:
Keep in mind, one blown coverage can make a week, destroying any strategy - we are seeking to find the best odds of a players success. If you have questions about your individual lineup conundrums, you can always hit us on twitter @DFAroto! Or check out the rest of our content and rankings here: https://www.designatedforassessment.com/

Baltimore Ravens (-6.5) at Miami Dolphins

Projected Point Totals: Ravens 23.25 - Dolphins 16.75


Baltimore visits a rebuilding Miami squad with hopes of continuing 2018’s strong finish. Lamar Jackson’s rushing production gives him a safe floor, but his projection is somewhat capped if the Ravens take an early lead and use their ground game to hold it. If the Dolphins can have some success on offense it would increase Jackson’s upside. Jackson’s target distribution in 2018 - None of the Ravens WRs have separated themselves, and only TE Mark Andrews (upgrade) is a clear fantasy option in the passing game. This week projects favorably for Andrews, as he will likely get a few red zone opportunities. If the Ravens defense is stifling Miami, there will be less incentive for risky downfield throws, and a higher chance of short to intermediate targets for Andrews. Willie Snead (PPR upgrade) led the Ravens in targets last year with only 101, but he is only startable in deep PPR leagues.
The expected game flow sets us a great spot for Mark Ingram (upgrade). In what should be a positive script for the Ravens, expect a heavy dose of Ingram and his two backups, Justice Hill and Gus Edwards. Neither of the two backups have secure roles, so it’s tough to project either as worth a start in even the deepest of leagues. Ingram has a great floor as an upside RB2 this week based on game flow and chance of goal line rushing attempts. Hill is only a deeper league desperation flex, but worth stashing in case he gets a larger role, and Edwards is a lower upside handcuff at most.


A low projected point total reflects the lack of confidence in Miami’s offense this year. At the helm of the offense will be Ryan Fitzpatrick. The magic man looks to be in a similar situation as his time in TB last year, but with much diminished weapons. The trade of Kenny Stills to Houston should give Albert Wilson (upgrade) an opportunity to get some targets in this offense, and he draws a decent CB matchup if he works out of the slot. We still wouldn’t recommend starting Wilson this week, Baltimore’s defense is strong, but he’s worth rostering. Devante Parker (downgrade) is a complete mystery at this point, and has a tough projected individual matchup with CB Marlon Humphrey. His uncertain role makes him a very risky start at this point.
The Dolphins overall are light on high-end talent, but the league worst offensive line may be what really sinks them. With that in mind, it’s hard to recommend popular draft “sleeper” Kalen Ballage (downgrade) as being worth a start in any depth of league. Ballage looks like he’ll work behind Kenyan Drake, who should fare slightly better considering his pass game usage in a likely negative game flow. Drake is still just a low end flex with a lower floor due to O-line issues and the fact he’s coming off a recent foot injury. This entire offense should probably be on the bench or on waivers until we get some clarity.
Score Prediction: Ravens 30, Dolphins 17

Los Angeles Rams (-2) at Carolina Panthers

Projected Point Totals: Rams 26 - Panthers 24


After their tough Super Bowl defeat, the Rams are back to prove last year was no fluke. Offensively they look stronger than ever. Cooper Kupp is back to full health and looks to be a big part of the offense. Robert Woods may take a hit to his target total with Kupp back, but is still a consistent big play producer, and Brandin Cooks is as steady as they come in fantasy football. None of these three face intimidating matchups against the Panthers league average secondary, so treat them as high end WR2s in what projects to be a high scoring game. Jared Goff looks a bit underrated this week, as most rankings have all 3 of his receivers in the top 20, yet leave him out of the top 10 at QB. This may be due to his home/road splits, Goff has a 10/9 TD:INT ratio in his 8 road games last year. Additionally, Goff’s passer rating was heavily affected by defensive pressure last year, and the Panthers look to have an improved pass rush. Still, considering McVay’s system and the weapons Goff has, he should have a solid outing and the matchup with Carolina’s secondary is not a downgrade. He’s a top 10 option this week.
On the ground, Todd Gurley is one of the biggest question marks of the 2019 NFL season. If he gets 20 touches, he’s good for RB1 numbers. At least in week 1, that looks likely. The Panthers have a below average rush defense, so this looks like a good spot for Gurley if he gets good volume. His main RB companion, Darrell Henderson (downgrade) does not appear to have a clear role on the offense, so he is not a recommended start based on usage. We should know a lot more about Gurley’s weekly usage, and Henderson’s role in the offense, after watching this game.


Cam Newton had an injury scare in the preseason, but looks healthy heading into week 1. With a high implied team total, Newton will likely need to throw for the Panthers to win. The Rams secondary is solid with Aqib Talib and Eric Weddle leading the way. However, the Panthers will look to get their playmakers in space and let them create. The preseason was filled with hype pieces about Curtis Samuel, and he should be in lineups this week as a WR2/3. Opposite him is DJ Moore, who got lost in the Samuel hype over the summer. Moore is a YAC monster, and may be a better bet for receptions, while Samuel may be a better bet for yards and touchdowns. Both should be busy this week in a high scoring game. Greg Olsen is a veteran TE looking for a bounce back year, but he’s a tough start without knowing his role in the offense. If he is the fourth target in this offense, it leaves him as a TD dependent TE2. As of week 1, that’s how he probably needs to be treated.
The Panthers struggled with health and production from their offensive line last year, but look in much better position this year. Regardless, Christian McCaffrey’s role is matchup and game script proof. He is used in the run game and the pass game, and the only concern is whether he will be used in short yardage situations. With no apparent backup to take that work, McCaffrey has one of the safest roles in the entire NFL. Additionally, the Rams rush D is weak outside of all-world talent Aaron Donald. There is no question of McCaffrey’s RB1 status, and in this likely high scoring game, he’s in line to be a top finisher at his position.
Score Prediction: Rams 28, Panthers 24

Tennessee Titans at Cleveland Browns (-5.5)

Projected Point Totals: Titans 20 - Browns 25.5


Tennessee enters 2019 with improved weapons at WR, but big questions about the future of the QB position. Marcus Mariota has his last chance to prove he is the franchise quarterback. With the Titans O-Line down their best player in Taylor Lewan due to suspension, this may be a tough first week for him. Cleveland’s defensive line looks to be one of the strongest in the league this season, so Mariota won’t have much time to throw downfield. He is not a starting option, even in two QB leagues, until he strings together a few decent games. Corey Davis (downgrade) remains the #1 WR for the Titans despite the addition of other weapons. With that designation likely means consistent coverage from one of the league's best young CBs, Denzel Ward. Davis led the Titans last year with 111 targets, but he is an easy fade this week based on the matchup and the additional talent that will siphon targets away from him. Adam Humphries (upgrade PPR) and AJ Brown are the next options in the WR corps, but neither have a clear enough role be an appealing start at this point. If you need a dart throw, this is the type of game where Humphries may lead the team in receptions with a lot of short throws coming his way if Cleveland generates heavy pressure. Brown is merely a dynasty hold in the hopes that TEN develops him and/or drafts a better QB down the road. TE Delanie Walker has a solid projection based solely on volume and his previous connection with Mariota. In a game where Mariota should be under pressure consistently, a veteran safety valve will be valuable. Walker makes for a lower end TE1 start, especially in PPR leagues.
The Titans will hope to control the game on the ground, and at the center of that game plan is Derrick Henry (downgrade). However, the undermanned Titans O-Line, and the likely negative game flow doesn’t bode well for Henry. He is not involved in the passing game, so if this game goes south for TEN, he will have a very low floor. He makes for a risky RB2 with a better profile in standard leagues. Dion Lewis is the passing back that may benefit if the Browns takes an early lead, but it’s unclear if he is still a difference maker at this point in his career. In deep leagues, Lewis is a low upside flex play that should get a few catches and carries, but not a desirable start.


Freddie Kitchens has full control of the Browns offense, and NFL fans are excited to see what the season will hold. Baker Mayfield was selected as a top 5 QB in fantasy drafts, so he will be in a majority of lineups this weekend. The matchup with TEN is not ideal considering their secondary is deep and talented, but his weapons are elite. If you drafted him, you’re starting him this weekend at home in the season opener. Odell Beckham Jr. is still dealing with a hip injury, but looks on track to play on Sunday. No one is benching him, but it is a less than ideal situation for his first start in Cleveland. Follow the injury reports, and downgrade if it’s clear he’ll be limited. Jarvis Landry draws a tough matchup against a solid slot CB in Logan Ryan, but if Beckham is limited in any way it would be an upgrade to his outlook. Landry led the Browns with 155 targets last year, but the only way he approaches that number again is with a Beckham injury. Although he is better and more efficient in the slot, the additional volume would give Landry a higher floor. David Njoku (downgrade) is an exciting young TE, but goes against a defense that limited TEs to the 5th fewest fantasy points per game in 2018. The linebacker and safety personnel for TEN is strong, so Njoku will have a tough matchup on his hands. He’s a lower end TE1, and one that can be benched if you have an upper tier option on your team.
Cleveland’s run game took off when Nick Chubb (upgrade) got workhorse volume last year, and he is in an even better position this year. With Kareem Hunt out until later in the season, Chubb has a stranglehold on the RB position, and should benefit from any advantage the Browns defense can provide. He’s an elite RB1, and should be in all lineups. There is no fantasy relevant backup at this point, although Dontrell Hilliard may have a role as a COP or 3rd down back to give Chubb a short breather. He is only on the radar as a low end handcuff until Hunt returns.
Score Prediction: Cleveland 24, Titans 14

Kansas City Chiefs (-3.5) at Jacksonville Jaguars

Projected Point Totals: Chiefs 27 - Jaguars 23.5


Patrick Mahomes set the league on fire last year, and led many teams to fantasy championships. If you spent an early round pick on him this year, you aren’t benching him, even against an excellent Jaguar secondary. Mahomes weapons are arguably the best in the league. Tyreek Hill recently got a contract extension, and remains one of the toughest covers in the league. Jalen Ramsey will attempt to shadow Hill in this game, but Mahomes is not afraid to attack any matchup. Sammy Watkins may benefit from Ramsey’s attention going to Hill, but Watkins will likely draw an equally tough matchup against AJ Bouye. Watkins should be in most lineups as WR2/3, but he is a boom-bust option with a low floor. He has week-winning upside every game, but could just as easily finish with 2 catches for 30 yards. Mecole Hardmon (downgrade) is even harder to trust, and should only be on benches as a stash in case he usurps Watkins position in the pecking order. The safest and most consistent pass catcher in the lineup is Travis Kelce (upgrade). The tight end likely went off the board in the first two rounds of fantasy drafts, so he is guaranteed to be in starting lineups this weekend. With Ramsey and Bouye busy covering the Chiefs WRs, this looks like a great spot for Kelce to have a huge game.
The Chiefs threw the league, and fantasy owners, a huge curveball by signing Lesean McCoy (downgrade) late in the preseason. McCoy is unlikely to be ready for a big workload only days after signing to the team, so he is a very risky flex start this week. Keep an eye on reports, but expect about 10 touches for McCoy in his first appearance. He will need a big play or TD to be worth starting. Damien Williams should get a decent workload in week 1, but the matchup against the Jags will provide a tough test. If he is involved in the passing game it will give him a solid floor, but he may find ground success hard to come by. Williams is a decent RB2/Flex start this week, but we may need to be downgraded in future weeks. Preseason hype darling Darwin Thompson has lost most of his luster with the McCoy signing, and is just a hopeful bench stash at this point. Hold on for a week or two to see how this plays out, but don’t be afraid to cut bait for a hot free agent if he is clearly the third RB after both Williams and McCoy.


Finally accepting the mediocrity of Blake Bortles, the Jags signed Nick Foles (upgrade) to a big contract in the offseason. He is short on weapons at the moment, but the projected shootout gives him a higher floor. His main target will be Dede Westbrook, who looked locked in with Foles during preseason. In a game script that should necessitate a lot of passing, Westbrook makes for a solid WR2/3 start. Nick Foles tendency to target slot receivers bodes well for Westbrook moving forward. Marquise Lee, DJ Chark, and Chris Conley will compete for targets behind Westbrook, but none of them are worthy of a start this Sunday based on their uncertain roles. Lee is a decent stash considering his solid track record of success, and Chark makes for a good upside bench hold, but this offense is unlikely to support multiple fantasy relevant WRs. The Jaguars do not have a fantasy worthy TE at this time, so this is a situation to avoid outside of Dede Westbrook.
Jacksonville’s offensive line underachieved last year, and things are not off to a great start in 2019. Starting LT Cam Robinson is already projected to miss this weekend, and his backup Cedric Ogbuehi will likely be out as well. The Jags still have a few talented big bodies, but will be pressed for depth. Leonard Fournette will get volume as the Jags attempt to establish the ground game against a vulnerable rush defense. Unfortunately for Fournette, the Jags may have to abandon the run game if/when Mahomes gets the Chiefs offense rolling. Fournette will need to show he can be successfully involved in the passing game to maintain solid volume in matchups like these. Preseason results in this area were not promising for Fournette, but considering his status in summer fantasy drafts, he will be started in all lineups. There are no fantasy relevant backup RBs for the Jags, so owners of Fournette will need to hope he can stay healthy, productive, and involved in all facets of the offense.
Score Prediction: Chiefs 35, Jaguars 24

Atlanta Falcons at Minnesota Vikings (-3.5)

Projected Point Totals: Falcons 21.75 - Vikings 25.25


With Julio Jones signing a contract extension a day before the opener, fantasy owners no longer have to worry about him missing week 1. Returning all of his weapons from last year, here is Matt Ryan’s target distribution in 2018: Jones (178), Sanu (100), Ridley (92), Hooper (89). Julio faces a challenging matchup against Xavier Rhodes in likely shadow coverage, but Jones graded as the best WR in the league at combating shadow coverage. Confidently fire him up as a WR1. Calvin Ridley will start on the opposite side, and get a decent matchup against Trae Waynes. Ridley will look to find more consistency in year 2, and can take a leap forward by overtaking Sanu for second on the team in targets. He makes for a solid WR2/3 with a somewhat lower floor. Mohammed Sanu (downgrade) will likely lose targets to Ridley and Hooper this year, and does not have a safe enough role to be started outside very deep leagues. His matchup in the slot against Mackensie Alexander is an additional downgrade to his outlook. Finally, Austin Hooper will operate as the clear pass catching TE. Hooper is a back end TE1 start, and while he can make big plays and is a big bodied red zone target, his floor is lower due to the variation in his targets from week to week.
Running back Devonta Freeman (downgrade) is looking for a bounce back year after struggling with injuries the previous two seasons. The Vikings have a solid run defense, and if Everson Griffen can return to form, they may even be elite. With questions still surrounding Atlanta’s offensive line, Freeman may have trouble creating yards on the ground. He will likely be heavily involved in the passing game, but will need to produce a big play or two in order to produce RB1 numbers. Neither of his backups are fantasy relevant, but Ito Smith is the handcuff to hold at this point.


Back for his first full season as offensive coordinator, Kevin Stefanski will attempt to continue the success he found in the last few games of the 2018 season. After Stefanski took over, Kirk Cousins’ (downgrade) pass attempts decreased on a game by game basis, albeit on only a 3 game sample size. Cousins’ target distribution over the final 3 weeks - Diggs (23), Rudolph (18), Thielen (17). The Falcons have a middle of the road secondary, but Cousins’ outlook would take a hit if Stefon Diggs (downgrade) were forced to miss this game with a hamstring issue. With the Vikings likely having success on the ground and Cousins possibly missing a top target, he’s a mid to low end QB2 this week. If Diggs sits, it would leave Adam Thielen(upgrade) with a potentially larger role in the offense, and his matchup up with 2018 disappointment Desmond Trufant is a further upgrade. Kyle Rudolph would also get a slight boost from a Diggs absence, but faces tough matchups in the middle of the field with Deion Jones and Keanu Neal back healthy for Atlanta. He’s a mid level TE2 due to concerns of a decreased role (TE Irv Smith was drafted in the second round) and his individual matchups. Chad Beebee looks to have won the #3 WR job, and will work out of the slot, but even if Diggs sits he’s an unappealing PPR dart throw.
The biggest change the Vikings made in their final few games was a commitment to the running game. With a fully healthy Dalvin Cook (upgrade) running behind an improved offensive line, the Falcons weak rush defense will likely be outmatched. Cook is a top 5 option this week based on the matchup and the fact he will be involved as both a runner and receiver. Backup Alexander Mattison (upgrade) will work in relief of Cook and is one of the better handcuffs in fantasy considering Cook’s lengthy injury history. In very deep leagues, Mattison makes for a low floor start, but one that has a solid chance at receiving some goal line opportunities.
Score prediction: Minnesota 24, Atlanta 21

Washington Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles (-10)

Projected Point Totals: Redskins 17.25 - Eagles 27.25


For the time being, Case Keenum has won the starting job in Washington. His weapons will be among the worst in the league, especially with Jordan Reed out on Sunday. With the release of former first rounder Josh Doctson, the Redskins top three wide receivers this weekend will be Paul Richardson, Terry McLaurin, and Trey Quinn. None of the three are appealing in standard leagues, and only in deep PPR leagues should Quinn be rostered. This is a passing game to avoid entirely.
In the running game, Washington at least has an exciting young talent in Derrius Guice. The problem for Guice is that the Redskins will field a very poor offensive line without their leader Trent Williams (holdout). Additionally, with the previously outlined limitations in the passing game, Guice will frequently see stacked boxes in his debut on Sunday. Backup Adrian Peterson may be a healthy scratch, and holds value only in the event of a Guice injury. Even if that were to happen, the same issues that are holding Guice back would be a problem for AP. Perhaps the best option at this moment is passing back Chris Thompson (upgrade). With the likely negative game flow for the Redskins, and the need for veteran pass catching options, Keenum should target Thompson early and often when on the field. Thompson is a risky play, but one that may pay off in PPR leagues. Guice is only a flex play, and his floor is extremely low in a game like this if he is not involved in the passing game.


Finally back to full health and ready to roll this season, Carson Wentz (upgrade) is primed for a big year. The addition of Desean Jackson (upgrade) in the offseason helped to shore up a WR corps that got thin last year. With Jackson and draft selection JJ Arcega-Whiteside added to the existing weapons, Wentz has all he needs to be successful. Jackson and Alshon Jeffery (upgrade) both get solid matchups on the outside, and don’t be surprised if Jackson grabs a deep ball or two on Sunday. Treat Jackson as an upside Flex, and Jeffery as a solid WR2/3 with TD upside. Zach Ertz may have some target regression this year, but will continue to be a top option for Wentz. This weekend is no different. Confidently start him as top 3 option at the position.
The Eagles look poised to begin the season with a RBBC. Jordan Howard (upgrade) should be the early down and short yardage grinder, while Sanders gets involved in both the passing game and the running game. This is a great week to start Howard considering the projected point total and game flow, as he has a great shot at a short rushing TD. Sanders is a risky bet; much like David Montgomery we do not know how he will be utilized early in the season. This seems like as good of a matchup as any to roll him out and hope for the best, but know that he may not get enough volume to be a safe start.
Score Prediction: Eagles 30, Redskins 14

Buffalo Bills at New York Jets (-3)

Projected Point Totals: Bills 18.75 - Jets 21.75


Josh Allen returns for year 2 hoping to build off an uneven but promising rookie year. He produced much of his fantasy production with his legs last year, and will need to keep that part of his game to be reliable in fantasy this year. John Brown and Cole Beasley were added as new weapons, and Beasley in particular seemed to have a good rapport with Allen in preseason. Brown projects as the best match for Allen’s downfield tendencies, but it may take a few games to establish the connection. This game’s low projected point total highlights the likelihood of a defensive minded slugfest. Brown is a risky start, and his matchup with CB Trumaine Johnson is a slight downgrade. Beasley is a low upside but solid floor PPR start in deeper leagues. These are the only two fantasy relevant pass catching options for the Bills at this time, as Zay Jones and Robert Foster have been relegated to lower on the pecking order. Josh Allen may be able to convert some points via scrambling, but is not a recommended start against a solid Jets defense.
With Lesean McCoy’s release, the door is seemingly open for rookie Devin Singletary to take the reins of this running game. He is unlikely to do so in week 1, however, and faces a difficult matchup against possibly the strongest defensive line in the NFL. He’s no more than a desperation flex, and TJ Yeldon’s involvement in the passing game would further dampen his outlook. The ageless Frank Gore completes this timeshare, and likely makes all 3 too risky to start. The matchup makes it easier to justify keeping them all on the bench.


Adam Gase moves up north to New York in hopes of resurrecting his image as a QB guru. Sam Darnold offers him the most talented QB he’s gotten to work with as a head coach. Darnold looked locked-in during preseason, and Gase showed hints that he may be willing to improve his tempo from his time in Miami. In two-QB or superflex leagues, Darnold will have some value this year, but this does not seem like the optimal game to start him. The Bills were the strongest defense against QBs in fantasy last year, giving up an average of only 11.76 fantasy points per game. Darnold’s top wide receiver this year is Robby Anderson (downgrade). Anderson faces a tough matchup against Tre’davius White, and has struggled against shadow coverage in previous seasons. At less than 100% health, he is a fade as a lower end WR3/4 this week. Jamison Crowder (upgrade) gets a tough matchup in the slot, but should be the recipient of Darnold’s attention when the Bills pass rush gets through. Based on training camp reports, Crowder is Darnold’s main safety valve, and holds value as a high floor WR3/4 in PPR leagues. Quincy Enunwa should operate as the third WR, but he does not have a clear path to a solid target share. In a low scoring game, Enunwa is not a recommended start in any league. With Chris Herndon out due to suspension, there is no fantasy relevant TE for the Jets.
The big addition for the Jets on offense this year was Le’Veon Bell. There are questions about whether he can be efficient with a downgrade in both QB and overall offense, but he should be a workhorse. In week 1, the Jets will mix in preseason standout Ty Montgomery to ease Bell in after a year off from football, but don’t overthink this one. Bell is a solid RB1, and should be used heavily in a game that will likely be won or lost in the trenches. He’s the only player in this game that should be locked into starting lineups. Montgomery is an intriguing handcuff, but only offers low end standalone value in PPR leagues.
Score prediction: Jets 17, Bills 13
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Blindspots in Economic Outlook from a Xennial Perspective

Let me introduce myself by stating that I am not a financial guru. I'm a self educated investor, learning how to understand Wallstreet and investing via this sub reddit, twitter, youtube videos, and books. I am putting as much of my meager wages toward asset growth as I possibly can, but it isn't much. I come from a lower middle class, blue collar family. We were very poor. I've worked a job and have paid into social security since I was 14 years old. I am smack in the middle between Generation X and the Millennials. I am writing this to get something off my chest, because I don't think my Xennial POV is talked enough about in investing, and yet its crucial to understand in order to understand where the economy is headed and point out the blindspots in current economic policy.
The reason I give all of this background is because I feel that a majority of the people dealing with Wallstreet and investing do not understand how precarious the current economic situation is. I believe this is because the inequality gap between the upper and middle/lower classes has widened substantially in the last 10 years, and in addition to that, the generational wealth gap is substantial. I want to give my perspective from a lower to middle class person, that has watched economic cycles for the last 30 years with great interest and no ability to capitalize on my insights.
My assertion is that the middle and lower classes never fully recovered from the last financial meltdown and this is changing economic behavior at a macro level. Here are why I think these things are true and why this very important financial fact is overlooked.
  1. The lower middle class has had a very hard time staying out of debt during the last 10 year bull market. Boomers have horded assets over the last 10 years and sold to make great profits, while wages for Gen X and younger have stagnated for the last 10 years, while concurrently, debt has accumulated in younger generations in an effort to keep up with the boomers and their inflating asset values. Take for example, the young couple that bought a house in 2006, went bankrupt and lost the house in 2009, and then who were able to repurchase an inflated asset again in 2016. This has happened across the board. Risk takers are once again being rewarded for irresponsible risk at the household level.
  2. The current climate in the job market is one of defensive gratitude to be fully employed and to have medical benefits that don't have high monthly premiums. The current attitude for the younger generation employed full time in jobs is LOW RISK and stability minded employees that will take less pay for guaranteed stability and affordable benefits. Jobs are also highly specialized and skilled, taking years to master. Changing jobs usually requires a large investment of time and effort to learn. This is why despite low unemployment, there isn't a lot of job hopping happening. Younger generations need stability to make their monthly payments. They aren't going to risk changing jobs in an overly optimistic job market when it feels, sounds, and looks the same as the market did in 2007 and they still feel poor and vulnerable to economic change.
  3. Over the last 10 years, the lower to middle class has been targeted heavily by high risk, interest rate dependent, debt loads such as mortgages, car loans, and personal loans. Loans are everywhere. Cheap and easy money is everywhere, regardless of credit history. This makes the lower and middle classes look better off than they are, just like it did back in 2007-08.
  4. As boomers asset values and the stock market asset prices have risen dramatically, asset ownership of younger people has become unattainable because its out of reach financially. HOWEVER, that hasn't stopped banks from continuing to offer cheap loans to those that can barely afford them. A person that makes under 70 grand a year can get a mortgage worth 300,000. Its not hard to do the math, and figure out that if that person has one financial issue, they will not be able to make that mortgage payment consistently every month. The same can be said for credit card debt, car loans, and personal loans.
  5. Unless you have a perfect credit record, and you are disciplined or lucky to have a thrift mindset, you have felt that you need to take on this debt, and you don't have a choice because you can't make ends meet any other way. As rents have risen, and car financing has gotten cheaper then buying used (per monthly payment when you need to buy a car on time), you took the risk and put on the debt knowing that the only way to keep your transportation needs and housing needs met is to continue to hold debt. This debt stretches the lower to middle class very thin, but it has been necessary to keep food on the table and houses over their heads. Add on top of that, there is record setting student loan debt. As long as we are burdened with this debt, we cannot and will not think about asset ownership. As a result, asset ownership is shifting to the upper classes and has been for awhile.
  6. Many Millennials aren't fully participating in the labor force. They have lived in the lowest starting wage environment for young adults in modern history when adjusted for inflation. They are opting out of raising kids, owning homes, or purchasing large ticket items because they don't believe in the stability of their wages far into the future. Tack on top of their meager wages and no asset ownership the increase in medical costs, and lack of wage increases. Millennials are prudent. Millennials are thrifty, and yet they get sucked into the same traps as Xers when they try to keep up with the financial status quo set by their Boomer parents. They chase the American dream and buy more than they can afford, but less enthusiastically than their parents. They save money. They believe in ethical responsibility. They don't believe in corporate goodness or monopolies but reluctantly have to use them to provide food and shelter for themselves. The lower to middle class Xers were anti corporations and Millenials are anti consumer overall. The majority reject the status quo and don't expect to ever retire or have many assets. This is a devastating point of view for the future economic reality! This mindset is very common on the west coast in large cities where housing is explosively expensive and out of reach of ownership for a majority of lower and middle class Millennials.
What does this do to the economy in the future as the boomers retire?
Lower and middle class consumers, under heavy debt load taken on while trying to keep up with the asset rich boomers and asset rich banks, are feeling the crunch every time economic policy shifts, even slightly. This fact in combination with the anti consumer, anti debt mindset of younger generations, combines in a combustible fuel that can ignite with any small changes in the economy. The inflated asset prices are out of reach for the younger generations, and they know it! They simply refuse to participate in that economy, period, and those that do will be under a debt load very difficult to bear. Unless wages rise quickly, this economic reality will get worse over time!
Future economic shocks can be caused from simple small changes, such as the Fed raising interest rates, a small number of people laid off who aren't able to make their monthly payments, people and companies that are over leveraged and have no emergency fund in the bank, or, a fully leveraged person or company over leveraging to the point where they can't make their monthly payments anymore because future income didn't stay consistent with forecasts.
Why does debt and credit cycle matter to ALL of the economy in the future despite what prevailing economists think?
This isn't a problem exclusively limited to corporate and upper class debt, which is why I think this gets overlooked by economists consistently. CREDIT MATTERS. This is a problem among all sectors of the economy, and within all generations. What happens to a bank when more than one person is no longer able to make their debt payments because they took out a cash-out refinance of their home at the peak of the market in 2018, or took a personal loan from a bank to pay off accumulated credit card debt, or a car payment they can pay as long as they are employed but have no backup plan if they lose a job? Banks will not have enough money to pay their debts. You will find symptoms in places such as the repo market. Same can be said for coorporate debt and needing to pay their bills during an economic contraction. Its ugly all around for the economy overall.
Just like the pre-crisis times of 2007-2008, there is a massive amount of optimism in Wallstreet about the debt burden and our ability to pay it off in government, consumer, and corporate debt, and yet there is a complete lack of understanding that the majority of households are completely tapped out, and one layoff in a household could cause a ripple effect that would cause them to default on a majority of their debts from multiple institutions. Unlike 2008-2009, we don't have the same prosperity and cushion to absorb an economic shock because the Fed never raised interest rates high enough to get their target 4%.
The activity in the repo market for banks is a mystery to people that don't understand what is happening at the micro level in individual households. It was a mystery to people in the banking industry in 2008-2009 when nobody was looking at the obvious housing market pump that occurred when banks and individuals were willing to take on debt loads they had no hope of paying off, and a lot of the lenders did it knowing full well it was unethical, if not illegal. The predatory nature of those loans was never discussed in full by a majority share of banks, and I assert that the same predatory greed mechanisms that led to the housing crisis will lead to the same result in all debt in our current economy once a level headed mindset returns and the Fed stops printing money to boost the bond market.
This bond market is awash in debt up to their eyeballs and continues to pile on more risk and leverage in a fury of gleeful greed. As a Xennial, its disgusting to watch all of this happen again. It disgusts me because I've never lived in an economy where I've been awarded for responsible financial policy in my own life. Since I've become an adult, I've never been able to make money off of my money. As soon as interest rates rise, and responsible and ethical savers start to make money off of their work ethic, it gets trampled on by the market of frothy greed.
This gleeful greed pattern over the last 20 years has severely inflated values of assets in housing prices and in stocks twice. Once in 2008 and once in 2019 and I'm frustrated that my generation will once again be asked to endure another financial collapse at the cost of everything we've gained in the last 10 years. For those that have never made it out of debt, and took on a boomeresque unaffordable debt burden, they are going to be screwed during the next downturn and bubble burst.
Please convince me this is wrong. Please convince me that as a Xennial, I have a bright financial future to look forward to if I refuse to take on debt and I won't over leverage or bet my future to purchase assets I can't afford and that are inflated beyond what I can comprehend as logical.
I admit that when I write this, I feel a bit of anger. I have a 401k, and what little I've saved between 2009 and now, I want to keep. There is NO WHERE for me to put my money to protect it from the greed of others during the next downturn. I have no 401k funds that will keep my money safe in a cash equivalent fund. All of the available funds include shitty debt such as non investment grade bonds. I'm worried that if this asset and debt bubble bursts, I'll be back to square one yet again, and have nothing to retire on when I hit 65.
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[Game Preview] Playoff Edition Super Bowl - New England Patriots (15-3) vs Philadelphia Eagles(15-3)

Philadelphia Eagles (15-3) vs. New England Patriots (15-3)
The Eagles proved the pundits wrong again as they handled the number two seed Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Championship game. The Eagles offense put up 31 points on the NFL’s top rated defense as vintage Nick Foles came out to play throwing for 352 yards, 3 TDs and zero INTs in a dominate Eagles win at home in the Linc. The win sends the Eagles to the Super Bowl setting up a rematch of Super Bowl XXXIX against the New England Patriots. While the Eagles took care the Vikings with relative ease, the Patriots had some trouble putting away a pesky Jacksonville squad. Blake Bortles put up 293 yards and a touchdown on the New England defense and led going into the fourth quarter. However, Tom Brady was Tom Brady and led his team down the field for a go ahead touchdown and the Patriots defense sealed the game with a defensive stand. The New England defense will have its hands full vs the Eagles who are much more talented on offense than the Jacksonville Jaguars, especially if Nick Foles played the way he did against Minnesota. The Eagles will look to get Jay Ajayi and former Patriot LaGarrette Blount going early against a porous New England run defense that is giving up the 2nd most yards per attempt in the league at 4.7. If the Eagles do get the run game going it will greatly help the Eagles in the passing game setting up the RPO and play action where Nick Foles can be deadly. Patriots corners Malcom Butler and Stephen Gilmore struggled to shut down the Jaguars’ WRs and will face a more skilled veteran Eagles WR corps. Alshon Jeffery and Torrey Smith seemed to get on the same page with backup Nick Foles against the Vikings as the two combined for 10 receptions for 154 and 3 TDs against a vaunted Vikings secondary. The two will look to carry that momentum into Sunday against the Patriots 30th ranked pass defense. On the other side of the ball, the Patriots offense has one of the all-time greats at the helm in Tom Brady who spreads the ball around to numerous play makers including speedy WR Brandin Cooks and All-Pro TE Rob Gronkowski, who is currently in concussion protocol, but is expected to play. The Eagles did well shutting down Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen, but they did have Tom Brady throwing them the football, so the secondary will have to be on its game and not make any mistakes. One thing that could help them is the Philadelphia Eagle pass rush which has pressured the QB better than anyone in the league this year and has turned it up in the playoffs. The biggest key will be up the middle with Fletcher Cox, Timmy Jernigan and Beau Allen, if they can get a push and prevent Tom Brady from stepping up into the pocket it will take some of the heat off of the secondary. The Eagles don’t need to sack Tom Brady, but if they can hit and frustrate him like the Giants DLs did in Brady’s two Super Bowl losses they could force him into turnovers. Patriots’ coach Bill Belichick is one of the all-time greats will have his team prepared and any mistakes will be minimal, so the Eagles will need to take advantage of any that they can force. On the other side, Doug Pederson won’t shy away from the challenge of facing Belichick. He is going to play to win as evident by the end of second half of the Vikings game when he chose to go for points with just 29 second left instead of being satisfied with taking his 21-7 lead into halftime. The game will be a hard fought one at US Bank Stadium and you can bet the Eagles will continue to ride their underdog mentality against the Brady/Belichick dynasty. If the Eagles are going to go down, it will be fighting. Once again, virtually no pundits are picking the Eagles to win, but every dog has his day. Go Birds!
General Information
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Sunday, February 4, 2018
Game Time Game Location
6:30 PM - Eastern US Bank Stadium
5:30 PM - Central 401 Chicago Avenue
4:30 PM - Mountain Minneapolis, MN 55415
3:30 PM - Pacific Wikipedia - Map
Weather Forecast
Stadium Type: Dome
Surface: UBU Sports Speed Series S5-M
Temperature: N/A
Feels Like: N/A
Forecast: N/A.
Chance of Precipitation: N/A
Cloud Coverage: N/A
Wind: N/A
Betting Odds
Oddsshark Information
Favorite/Opening Line: New England by -5.5
OveUnder: 38
Record VS. Spread: Philadelphia 12-6, New England 12-6
Where to Watch on TV
NBC will broadcast Sunday’s game. Al Michaels will handle the play-by-play duties and Cris Collinsworth will provide analysis. Michele Tafoya will report from the sidelines.
TV Map – N/A All games televised nationally.
Internet Streams
NFL Streams - Look here 30 minutes before the game for Streams
Radio Streams
Disclaimer: Subscription Based Official NFL Radio Streams available via TuneIn
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Radio.com 94.1 Desktop Streaming
Listen to Merrill Reese and Mike Quick
Calling the game on 94WIP and the Eagles Radio Network will be Merrill Reese, the NFL’s longest-tenured play-by-play announcer (41st season). Joining Reese in the radio booth will be former Eagles All-Pro wide receiver Mike Quick, while Howard Eskin will report from the sidelines.
Location Station Frequency
Philadelphia, PA WIP-FM 94.1 FM and 610 AM
Allentown, PA WCTO-FM 96.1 FM
Atlantic City/South Jersey WENJ-FM 97.3 FM
Levittown, PA WBCB-AM 1490 AM
Northumberland, PA WEGH-FM 107.3 FM
Pottsville, PA WPPA-AM 1360 AM
Reading, PA WEEU-AM 830 AM
Salisbury/Ocean City, MD WAFL-FM 97.7 FM
Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, PA WEJL-FM 96.1 FM
Salisbury/Ocean City, MD WAFL-FM 97.7 FM
Salisbury/Ocean City, MD WEJL-AM 630 AM
Salisbury/Ocean City, MD WBAX-AM 1240 AM
Williamsport, PA WBZD-FM 93.3 FM
Wilmington, DE WDEL-FM/AM 101.7 FM
York/LancasteHarrisburg, PA WSOX-FM 96.1 FM
Philadelphia Spanish Radio
Rickie Ricardo, Macu Berral and Gus Salazar will handle the broadcast in Spanish on Mega 105.7 FM in Philadelphia and the Eagles Spanish Radio Network.
Location Station Frequency
Philadelphia, PA LA MEGA 105.7 FM
Allentown, PA WSAN 1470 AM
Atlantic City, NJ WIBG 1020 AM; 101.3 FM
Patriots Radio
Patriots Radio Network Socci returns for his fifth season in the booth as play-by-play broadcasters on 98.5 The Sports Hub. Socci is joined in the booth by former Patriots quarterback Scott Zolak, who's entering his sixth season as action analyst.
National Radio
Westwood One Kevin Harlan (play-by-play), Boomer Esiason (analyst) and Mike Holmgren (analyst) will call the game. Ed Werder and Tony Boselli will report from the sidelines.
Satellite Radio
Station Eagles Channel Patriots Channel National Channel Spanish Channel
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NFC East Standings
Team Record Pct Home Away Div Conf PF PA Strk
Eagles(XYZ) 13-3 .813 7-1 6-2 5-1 10-2 457 295 1L
Cowboys 9-7 .563 3-5 6-2 5-1 7-5 354 332 1W
Redskins 7-9 .438 5-3 2-6 1-5 5-7 342 388 1L
Giants 3-13 .188 2-6 1-7 1-5 1-11 246 388 1W
[x]-Clinched Division [Y]-Clinched 1st Round Bye [Z]-Clinched Home Field Advantage
NFC Playoff Picture
Seed Team Division Record
1 Eagles East 15-3
2 Vikings North 14-4
3 Rams West 11-6
4 Saints South 12-6
5 Panthers South 11-6
6 Falcons South 11-7
AFC Playoff Picture
Seed Team Division Record
1 Patriots East 15-3
2 Steelers North 13-4
3 Jaguars South 12-7
4 Chiefs West 10-7
5 Titans South 10-7
6 Bills East 9-8
Series Information
Philadelphia Eagles lead the New England Patriots in the series, 7-6
Series History
Head to Head Box Scores
First Game Played
November 4, 1973 at Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia, PA. Philadelphia Eagles 24 – New England Patriots 23
Points Leader
The Philadelphia Eagles lead the New England Patriots (304-293)
Coaches Record
Doug Pederson: 0-0 against the Patriots
Bill Belichick: 4-1 against Eagles
Coaches Head to Head
Doug Pederson vs Bill Belichick: First meeting between the coaches
Quarterback Record
Nick Foles: Against Patriots: 0-0
Tom Brady: Against Eagles: 4-1
Quarterbacks Head to Head
Nick Foles vs Tom Brady: First meeting between the QBs
Records per Stadium
Record @ Lincoln Financial Field: Patriots lead 2-0
Record @ Gillette Stadium: Patriots lead 2-1
Record @ US Bank Stadium: Neither team has played at US Bank Stadium.
Rankings and Last Meeting Information
AP Pro 32 Ranking
Eagles No. 5 - Patriots No. 1
Eagles: 15-3
Patriots: 15-3
Last Meeting
Sunday, December 6, 2015
Eagles 35 - Patriots 28
As Jeffrey Lurie saw his team being taken away by a short little guy who is back with the kids where he belongs, he stepped into the Eagles locker room at Gillette Stadium and to rally his team for a win in Foxboro. The Eagles fell behind early before ripping off 5 straight touchdowns including a blocked punt return, interception return and punt return. The Eagles led 35-14, before Tom Brady woke and put two scores on the board to make it a one possession game, but a spike and three straight incomplete passes by Brady, sealed it for the Eagles as they ran out the clock.
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Last Meeting in Playoffs
Sunday, February 6, 2005
Patriots 24 – Eagles 21
The Eagles and Patriots met in Jacksonville to face off in Super Bowl XXXIX. Mistakes plagued the Eagles in a close game. Donovan McNabb was sacked 4 times and threw three interceptions and LJ Smith fumbled the ball away. Despite the turnovers, the game went back and forth with the Eagles striking first, before Tom Brady tied it up 7-7 going into half time. Patriots and Eagles traded TDs in the 3rd before with TD receptions from Mike Vrabel for the Patriots and Brian Westbrook for the Eagles. The Patriots then scored 10 straight points in the 4th quarter. The Eagles attempted to lead a late comeback, but came up short 24-21.
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Last 10 Meetings
Date Winner Loser Score
12/06/15 Eagles Patriots 35-28
11/27/11 Patriots Eagles 38-20
11/25/07 Patriots Eagles 31-28
02/06/05 Patriots Eagles 24-21
09/14/03 Patriots Eagles 31-10
12/19/99 Eagles Patriots 24-9
11/04/90 Eagles Patriots 48-20
11/29/87 Eagles Patriots 34-31
12/09/84 Eagles Patriots 27-17
09/13/81 Eagles Patriots 13-3
Injury Reports Depth Charts
Eagles Eagles
Patriots Patriots
2017 Weekly Matchup
Championship Round - "Expert" Picks
2017 Team Stats
Eagles Season Stats
Patriots Season Stats
2017 Regular Season Stats (Starters/Leaders)
Foles 57 101 56.4 537 5 2 79.5
Wentz (IR) 265 440 60.2% 3296 33 7 101.9
Brady 385 581 66.3 % 4577 32 8 102.8
Blount 173 824 47.9 4.4 2
Ajayi 70 408 58.3 5.8 1
Lewis 180 896 52.6 5.0 6
Ertz 74 824 58.9 11.1 8
Gronkowski 69 1084 77.4 15.7 4
Name Sacks Team Total
Graham 9.5 38
Flowers 6.5 42
Name Total Solo Assist Sacks
Bradham 88 61 27 1.0
McCourty 97 80 17 1.0
Name Ints Team Total
Robinson 4 19
Harmon 4 12
D. Jones 67 3033 62 45.3 40.6 21 5 1
Allen 58 2515 60 43.4 40.5 24 3 0
Elliot 31 26 83.9% 61 39/42
Gostkowski 40 37 92.5% 62 45/47
Kick Returns
Barner 10 194 19.4 27 0
Lewis 23 570 24.8 103 1
Punt Returns
Barner 27 240 8.9 76 0 15
Amendola 27 231 8.6 40 0 18
League Rankings 2017
Offense Rankings
Category Eagles Stat Eagles Rank Patriots Stat Patriots Rank
Total Offense 365.8 7th 394.2 1st
Rush Offense 132.2 3rd 118.1 10th
Pass Offense 233.6 13th 276.1 2nd
Points Per Game 28.6 T-2nd 28.6 T-2nd
3rd-Down Offense 41.7% 8th 40.6% 10th
4th-Down Offense 65% 3rd 61.5% 5th
Red Zone Offense (TD%) 65.5 1st 60.0 5th
Defense Rankings
Category Eagles Stat Eagles Rank Patriots Stat Patriots Rank
Total Defense 306.5 4th 394.1 29th
Rush Defense 79.2 1st 118.1 20th
Pass Defense 227.3 17th 276.1 30th
Points Per Game 18.4 4th 18.5 5th
3rd-Down Defense 32.2% 3rd 39.4% 21st
4th-Down Defense 22.2% T-1st 43.5% 13th
Red Zone Defense (TD%) 55.3 20th 43.8 4th
Category Eagles Stat Eagles Rank Patriots Stat Patriots Rank
Turnover Diff. +11 4th +6 11th
Penalty Per Game 6.9 T-20th 5.7 7th
Penalty Yards Per Game 60.1 22nd 52.2 8th
2017 Post Season Stats (Starters/Leaders)
Foles 49 63 77.8 598 3 0 122.1
Brady 61 91 67.0% 627 5 0 105.0
Ajyai 33 127 63.5 3.8 0
Lewis 24 96 48.0 4.0 0
Jeffery 9 146 73.0 16.2 2
Amendola 18 196 98.0 10.9 2
Name Sacks Team Total
Barnett/Cox/Bradham/McLeod 1.0 4.0
Wise/Grissom/Butler 2.0 11
Name Total Solo Assist Sacks
Darby 14 12 12 0
Chung 12 8 4 0
Name Ints Team Total
Robinson/Graham 1 2
N/A 0 0
D. Jones 6 253 54 42.2 38.8 5 1 0
Allen 58 2515 60 43.4 40.5 24 3 0
Elliot 4 4 100% 53 5/6
Gostkowski 1 2 50% 31 8/8
Kick Returns
Barner 1 26 26.0 26 0
Lewis 3 61 20.3 27 0
Punt Returns
Barner 1 10 10.0 10 0 4
Amendola 5 52 10.4 20 0 8
League Rankings 2017 Postseason
Offense Rankings
Category Eagles Stat Eagles Rank Patriots Stat Patriots Rank
Total Offense 395.0 3rd 391.0 4th
Rush Offense 103.0 7th 73.5 10th
Pass Offense 292.0 5th 317.5 3rd
Points Per Game 26.5 4th 29.5 2nd
3rd-Down Offense 59% 1st 48% 3rd
4th-Down Offense 100% T-1st 100% T-1st
Red Zone Offense (TD%) 65.5 1st 57.9 9th
Defense Rankings
Category Eagles Stat Eagles Rank Patriots Stat Patriots Rank
Total Defense 306.5 4th 275.9 1st
Rush Defense 78.0 2nd 83.0 3rd
Pass Defense 229.0 5th 237.5 6th
Points Per Game 8.5 1st 17.0 4th
3rd-Down Defense 38% 6th 37% 4th
4th-Down Defense 25% 4th 50% T-5h
Red Zone Defense (TD%) 55.3 20th 40.0 3rd
Recap from Last Week’s Games.
Eagles - Video For the second week in a row, the number one seed was were underdogs going into a game on their own turf. After taking care the Falcons in the NFC Divisional Round, the Eagles welcomed the Minnesota Vikings to the Linc for the NFC Championship off their win over the Saints with the Minnesota Miracle. The Vikings took a quick lead scoring on their opening possession and forced a quick 3 and out. After that it was all Eagles. Chris Long hit Case Keenum's arm forcing an errant pass that Patrick Robinson took the other way for a 50 yard pick six. The Eagles defense forced 3 and out on the next possession as Nick Foles lead the Eagles 75 yards down the field against the league's number one defense before LaGarrett Blount barreled his way in the endzone for his 10th post season TD. The Eagles defense came up big in the second quarter as the Vikings were threatening to put points on the board before Derek Barnett sacked Case Keenum and forced a fumble recovered by Chris Long. Foles found Jeffery on the following drive for 53 yards and the TD. The Eagles would tack on 3 more points at the end of the half as they got the ball with just 29 seconds left and quickly moved down the field and set up a 53 yard Jake Elliott FG. Doug Pederson pulled out some razzle dazzle to open the second half as he called for a flea flicker which resulted in a 41 yard Torrey Smith TD. Foles would throw his 3rd TD pass of the game and 2nd to Alshon Jeffery to start the 4th quarter, in what ended up being 38 unanswered points, 31 by the offense against the league top defense. The Eagles defense would hold the Vikings scoreless after the opening possession and hold on to the win and send the Eagles to their third Super Bowl.
Patriots - Video – The Patriots were coming off a stomping of the Titans in the AFC Divisional round and welcomed the Jacksonville to town who were coming off a shootout win over the Steelers. The Patriots struck first blood with an early Goskowski 31 yard FG in the first quarter. In the second quarter however, the Jaguars woke up scoring touchdowns on consecutive possessions with the first coming in the form of an 11 yard Blake Bortles pass to Marcedes Lewis and the next on a Leonard Fournette run up the gut. The Patriots answered moving the ball down field with the help of a unnecessary roughness from an ugly helmet hit on All-Pro Rob Gronkowski which took him out of the game with a concussion and a very question pass interference penalty. James White ran the ball in with 55 seconds left to go in the half to make it a 4 point game. Jacksonville played it safe and opted to run out the clock rather than try to extend their lead with the 55 seconds left on the clock. Jacksonville would add two FGs in the second quarter, but Tom Brady would find Danny Amendola in the back of the endzone to start the fourth quarter to cut the lead to just 3. After a bad punt and good return by Amendola, Brady would play comeback hero once against in his career as he led his team down the field and took the lead with his second TD pass to Amendola on the night. The Patriots defense held the lead and shutdown Blake Bortles to second the Patriots to their 2nd straight Super Bowl and will send the Patriots to their 8th Super Bowl under Bill Belichick.|
Patriots WR Dion Lewis was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in the 5th round of the 2011 NFL Draft and played two seasons with them before he was traded to the Cleveland Browns before the 2013 season.
Patriots WR Danny Amendola was signed by the Philadelphia Eagles in 2009, but was cut during the final rounds of cuts and was signed to their practice squad before being signed by the St. Louis Rams.
Eagles DE Chris Long spent one season with the Patriots in 2016 and won a Super Bowl ring with them.
Eagles RB LaGarrett Blount spent 4 season with the Patriots in two separate stints in 2013 and 2014-2016 and won two Super Bowl rings with them in the 2014 and 2016 seasons.
Eagles LB/K Kamu Grugier-Hill was drafted by the New England Patriots in the 6th round of the 2016 NFL Draft, he was waived Patriots during final roster cuts and claimed by the Eagles.
Patriots DB Eric Rowe was selected in the 2nd round of the 2015 NFL drafted and spent the 2015 season with the Eagles before being traded to the Patriots the following season.
Patrick Chung signed with the Eagles in 2013 and he played one season with the team before being released and returning to the Patriots.
Eagles Owner Jeffrey Lurie grew up as a Patriots fan and attempted to purchase Patriots in 1993 before being outbid by Robert Kraft. He purchased the Philadelphia Eagles the following season.
Eagles TE Zach Ertz and Patriots OT Cameron Flemming were offensive teammates together at Stanford.
Patriots FB James Devlin grew up in the Philadelphia suburb of Gilbertsville, PA and attended Boyertown High School.
Eagles QB Nick Foles and Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski were teammates together at University of Arizona for two years, but never played together as Nick Foles sat out the first year due to transfer rules and Gronkowski injured his back the following year.
Jim Schwartz was a personnel scout for the Cleveland Browns from 1993-1995 while Bill Belichick was the Head Coach.
Eagles DB Coach Cory Undlin was a defensive assistant under Bill Belichick for the Patriots in 2004.
Eagles TE coach Eugene Chung played three seasons for the Patriots from 1992-1994.
Patriots Special Teams Coordinator Joe Judge was born in Philadelphia and attended Lansdale Catholic High School.
2018 Pro Bowlers
Eagles Patriots
OT Lane Johnson(Reserve) QB Tom Brady(Starter)
QB Carson Wentz (Starter) TE Rob Gronkowski(Reserve)
TE Zach Ertz (Starter) FB James Devlin (Starter)
G Brandon Brooks (Starter) ST Matthew Slater (Starter)
DT Fletcher Cox (Starter)
FS Malcom Jenkins(Reserve)
C Jason Kelce (1st Alt)
DE Brandon Graham (1st Alt)
CB Jalen Mills (3rd Alt)
K Jake Elliot (2nd Alt)
ST Kame Grugier-Hill (2nd Alt)
Referee: Gene Steratore
Philadelphia has held opponents to 10-or-fewer points in 4 consecutive games (dating back to Week 16), which is the club’s longest streak since 1974 (5 games). The last NFL team to accomplish that feat was the 2009 Broncos (4).
This is the first time in franchise history that the Eagles have allowed 10-or-fewer points in back-to-back games of the same postseason. The last NFL team to accomplish that feat was the 2009 Ravens (2).
In the NFC Championship, Philadelphia defeated Minnesota, 38-7. The Eagles scored the 2nd-most points in team playoff history (W, 58-37 vs. Detroit on 12/30/95). The club’s +31 point margin was the best in team playoff history
Philadelphia finished the regular season with a franchise record-tying 13 wins (also 2004), tying Minnesota, New England and Pittsburgh for the best record in the NFL.
The Eagles became just the fourth team in NFL history to score 38+ points and allow no more than 7 points in a conference championship game since the 1970 merger.
Philadelphia’s 456 total yards (346 passing, 110 rushing) in the conference championship victory vs. Minnesota were the most in Eagles playoff history.).
Philadelphia totaled 27 first downs (7 rushing, 19 passing, 1 penalty) in the NFC Championship against the Vikings were the most in team postseason history.
The Eagles converted 10-of-14 (71.4%) third-down attempts in the win vs. Minnesota, which marked the best thirddown conversion rate in franchise playoff history. It was the 2nd-best third-down conversion rate in NFL playoff history, trailing only Atlanta’s 76.9% (10-of-13) in the 2016 NFC Championship vs. Green Bay (1/22/17).
Philadelphia led the NFL in red zone TD efficiency (65.5%), time of possession (32:41) and opponent rushing yards per game (79.2). The Eagles also tied with New England for the NFL lead in point differential (+162).
Philadelphia’s 457 points ranked 3rd in the NFL, behind L.A. Rams (478) and New England (458). The Eagles’ 457 points were also the 2nd-most in team history, trailing only their 2014 production (474).
Philadelphia led the NFL in rushing defense (79.2), posting their lowest mark since 1991 (71.0). The Eagles’ 79.2 opponent rushing yards per game were the fewest allowed by an NFL team since the 2014 Lions (69.3).
Philadelphia ranked 3rd in the NFL in rushing yards per game (132.2), behind Jacksonville (141.4) and Dallas (132.2). The Eagles also ranked 3rd in third-down defense (32.2%) and fourth-down offense (65.4%).
Philadelphia produced the 4th-most takeaways in the NFL (31), trailing only Baltimore (34), Jacksonville (33) and Detroit (32). The Eagles ranked 4th in the NFL in turnover differential (+11), behind Baltimore (+17), Kansas City (+15) and L.A. Chargers (+12).
In 3 career playoff games, Nick Foles has completed 72- of-96 (75.0%) attempts for 793 yards, 5 TDs, 0 INTs and a 116.4 passer rating. During the 2017 playoffs, Foles has completed 49-of-63 (77.8%) attempts for 598 yards, 3 TDs, 0 INTs and a 122.1 passer rating.
LeGarrette Blount has 10 rushing TDs in 10 career playoff games (including 2 TDs this postseason). His 10 rushing TDs are the 7th-most in NFL playoff history, behind Hall of Famers Emmitt Smith (19), Thurman Thomas (16), Franco Harris (16), Terrell Davis (12), John Riggins (12) and Marcus Allen (11)
Blount is the first Eagle with rushing TDs in back-to-back playoff games since Brian Westbrook during the 2006 playoffs (1/7/07-1/13/07).
Alshon Jeffery caught 2 TDs in the win against the Vikings. Jeffery is the fifth Eagle with 2 receiving TDs in a playoff game (first since Brent Celek on 1/18/09 at Arizona).
Philadelphia will make its third Super Bowl appearance, having previously played in Super Bowl XV vs. Oakland (L, 10-27) following the 1980 season and Super Bowl XXXIX vs. New England (L, 21-24) following the 2004 season.
Philadelphia owns the 5th-highest winning percentage (.595) in the NFL (including playoffs) since 2000, behind New England (.744), Pittsburgh (.650), Indianapolis (.615) and Green Bay (.611)
Sunday marks the seventh NFL championship game in Eagles history. Philadelphia played in four NFL Championships in 1947 (L, 21-28 at Chicago Cardinals), 1948 (W, 7-0 vs. Chicago Cardinals), 1949 (W, 14-0 at L.A. Rams) and 1960 (W, 17-13 vs. Green Bay Packers).
The Patriots will have a chance to tie for the most Super Bowl wins if they win on Sunday or tie for the most Super Bowl losses if they lose on Sunday.
Draft Picks
Eagles Patriots
DE Derek Barnett OLB Derek Rivers
CB Sidney Jones OT Antonio Garcia
CB Rasul Douglas DE Deatrich Wise Jr.
WR Mack Hollins OT Connor McDermott
RB Donnel Pumphrey
WR Shelton Gibson
LB Nathan Gerry
DT Elijah Qualls
Notable Off-season Additions
Eagles Patriots
WR Torrey Smith CB Stephon Gilmore
WR Alshon Jeffery RB Rex Burkhead
DE Chris Long RB Mike Gillislee
DT Timmy Jernigan DT Lawrence Guy
RB LaGarrett Blount WR Brandin Cooks
CB Patrick Robinson DT Ricky Barkley Jean Francois
G Chance Warmack LB David Harris
S Corey Graham C James Ferentz
CB Ronald Darby DE Eric Lee
K Jake Elliott LB Nicholas Grigsby
LB Dannell Ellerbe WR Kenny Britt
OT Will Beatty LB James Harrison
QB Brian Hoyer
TE Dwayne Allen
CB Johnson Bademosi
WR Phillip Dorsett
Notable Off-season Departures
Eagles Patriots
CB Nolan Carroll TE Martellus Bennett
DE Connor Barwin RB LaGarrette Blount
DT Bennie Logan WR Michael Floyd
QB Chase Daniel DE Chris Long
CB Leodis McKelvin OLB Barkevious Mingo
WR Dorial Green-Beckham CB Logan Ryan
DE Marcus Smith DE Jabaal Sheard
RB Ryan Mathews
Pro Football Focus Matchup Charts courtesy of PFF Edge


Eagles WRs vs. Patriots DBs IMAGE.
Tm WDB Pos H Wt Sp Rt L% S% R% %TaRt Cat% YPRC Gr Adv
PHI ALSHON JEFFERY LWR 75 218 4.48 577 45 16 39 20 50 1.44 80 -16
NE STEPHON GILMORE RCB 73 190 4.38 479 42 12 45 15 63 1.11 87.1
PHI Torrey Smith RWR 72 205 4.41 465 38 17 45 14 61 0.99 41.4 -55
NE Malcolm Butler LCB 71 190 614 51 13 36 16 60 1.26 80.8
PHI Nelson Agholor Slot 72 198 4.42 502 7 86 7 19 67 1.58 79.1 +28
NE Eric Rowe Slot 73 205 4.45 148 14 79 7 19 59 1.89 46.9
Patriots WRs vs. Eagles DBs IMAGE
Tm WDB Pos H Wt Sp Rt L% S% R% %TaRt Cat% YPRC Gr Adv
NE Brandin Cooks LWR 70 189 4.33 627 55 19 26 17 61 1.74 79.3 -27
PHI Ronald Darby RCB 71 193 4.38 232 6 3 91 22 55 1.5 81.8
NE Chris Hogan RWR 73 210 402 18 48 34 16 59 1.23 53.4 -37
PHI Jalen Mills LCB 72 191 4.61 609 87 3 10 18 60 1.14 71
NE Danny Amendola Slot 71 190 4.58 418 6 83 11 21 82 1.86 75.5 +16
PHI Patrick Robinson Slot 71 191 4.46 464 6 80 14 19 56 1.34 90.4
TE Matchups IMAGE
Tm TE/Def H Wt Rt Bl% Inl% S% W% %TaRt Cat% YPRC Gr Adv
NE Rob Gronkowski 78 265 567 11 32 51 17 23 64 2.33 89.9 +13
PHI Malcolm Jenkins (S) 72 204 262 8 64 0.48 83.8
PHI Zach Ertz 77 250 488 7 42 41 17 23 73 1.82 85.7 +11
NE Patrick Chung (S) 71 215 314 13 51 0.84 86.3
OL/DL Matchups IMAGE
Note: Pressure Rate and Yards Before Contact are projected numbers based on the starters' grades and are adjusted for injuries. All other stats are based on this season's data
Tm Press% SkConv YBCon Runs ins. 5 yd ln/gm TD ins. 5 yd ln% PB Adv RB Adv
NE (OL) 4.1 13 1.89 1.1 41 -12 +6
PHI (DL) 7.3 19 1.36 0.6 33
PHI (OL) 4.4 16 1.84 1 31 +3 +40
NE (DL) 6 17 1.99 0.2 67
Stats to Know
Playing the Patriots' Slot Machine
The Patriots have a lot of weapons they deploy in the slot. Which personnel packages Eagles DC Jim Schwartz decides to go with will be key in this game. RBs Dion Lewis and James White line up in the slot 37% and 41% of their snaps, respectively. TE Rob Gronkowski lines up in the slot about 33% of his snaps, but about half of his yards come from the slot. From the slot, Gronk has the 2nd-highest receiving yards of all TEs (554), behind Travis Kelce. His Yards Per Route Run from slot alignment is also 2nd of all TEs. And he has ZERO drops from the slot (5 total). WR Danny Amendola is the primary slot aligner, accounting for 570/659 yards, 54/61 receptions and 515/666 (78%) of his snaps. If Gym Shorts is reading this, you might want to consider not playing a MLB this game. Just a suggestion. Kthxbai --Courtesy of PFF Elite
Matchups to Watch
Doug Pederson & Co. vs Bill Belichick & Co.
Eagles fans learned a lot about their team this season but perhaps the biggest take away is that COACHING MATTERS. If someone told us that a visor-wearing offensive guru that emphasizes practice and preparation would take the league by storm and quickly help make the Eagles contenders we would have believed it. We just would have thought that would have been Chip Kelly several years ago. Coaching has made the difference for the Eagles this season as Doug Pederson and company have navigated treacherous waters in route to this game. This Eagles team has been prepared for everything they have seen this season and now face their toughest test as the Patriots enter the Super Bowl with their own excellent coaching staff. There is no bigger match up in this game than right here. Pederson and his staff continue to put the Eagles in positions to win. Bill Belichick and his staff do the same thing. They are notorious for how well they team the game to their players and have them prepared. They are known for their continued adjustments and the ability to excel in situational football. They make you beat them. Given the talent and excellence in coaching, it’s no wonder they don’t lose often. Pederson isn’t Belichick but he has proven to be quite the coaching mastermind in his own right. They are always open to great ideas and always take feedback from their players. They are film junkies who constantly look for areas to exploit their opponent. They put their players in positions to succeed and they don’t settle for less than full effort. We’ve seen throughout the season the players rally around one another; this team has been everything Philadelphia fans love to root for and have the chance to celebrate the one thing they want more than anything. That’s a testament to great coaching. The Eagles will need one more great game plan and coaching effort in order to win this game as they will get the best of what New England has to offer.
Matchups are continued in the comments below due to character limits.
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