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r/FloridaGators Tournament: AAFL Matchups - Game 1

Hey Everyone! This is the Matchups and Arguments for all of the AAFL Matchups. This is where the teams will argue to you why they should win against their opponent. Voting will open at 9pm Tonight!
Here is the hub post to the Florida Gators Tournament.

AAFL Matchups

DOS VS Allie Laforced Herself On Me

1. Team - DOS

Offense Depth Chart
Defense Depth Chart

2. Why We Will Win

Hall of game defensive end and two other first round picks on the defensive line and our defensive backs core is composed of all sec players at every position. Meanwhile our linebackers all went in the first or second round except for James Bates, who is still one of our best linebackers ever, and David Reese, who hasn’t declared for the draft. Hard hitting group that’ll complement the Defensive backs and Defensive ends nicely. This defense just gets even nastier when you add Dan Quinn to the fold, who coordinated our vicious 2012 defense and later coached the Atlanta Falcons to the super bowl. I’ve looked through the other teams’ roster and I don’t think anybody has a better defense than us.
On Offense we start off with our first ever Heisman in Steve Spurrier and one of the most important gators in history. At wide receiver, we have probably our best WR ever (and one of our fastest) in Carlos Alvarez, in addition to another All-Pro Wide Receiver in Collinsworth and an up and coming WR is Van Jefferson, who is an elite route runner and will probably be the best wide receiver on the team next year, which is saying something since we are going to be great there.
It’s not just the passing game where we’ll dominate though. If we ever wanted to switch it up not only do we have multi time pro bowler and a National Champion in Fred Taylor but we also have Olympic Silver medalist* Jeff Demps (one of, if not the fastest gator in history) at FLEX ready to provide game breaking speed.
Blocking for all these guys is our Oline, filled with consistent NFL starters, high draft picks, and national champions.

Team - Allie Laforced Herself On Me

Offense Depth Chart
Defense Depth Chart

2. Why We Will Win

1- Allie Offense vs Dos Defense
Rick Casares is arguably one of the toughest backs to ever play at UF. The 2x1st team All-Pro, 2x 2nd Team All-Pro, 5x Pro Bowl, is an ABSOLUTE UNIT at 6’2” and ~230lbs. He lead the NFL in rushing yards and touchdowns in ’56 and likely would’ve done it again if it weren’t for a man named Jim Brown. If he’s not running up the gut against the three man front behind Lomas Brown, he’s a stalwart in pass protection, giving us 6 men behind the line to block, only outmatched if you’re willing to blitz that many… Which brings me to my next point; Percy Harvin, first of his name, Super Bowl Champion, Pro Bowler, 2009 NFL Rookie of the Year, 2x National Champion, 2x SEC Champion, First-team All-American, the breaker of ankles.
Percy was an absolute freak athlete with elite playmaking ability. I would argue that nobody on Dos’ secondary can matchup 1 on 1, but would need to in order cover the flood concept on the other side of the field attacking David Reese,CGJ, and Quincy Wilson vs Trey Burton, Willie Jackson, and Riley Cooper. Trey takes the flats and will outrun Reese. If Wilson bites down, Jackson is Wide Open on an Out Route. IF CGJ somehow rotates over to cover Jackson’s out route, Cooper beats the secondary for a TD. If they put Lito on an island with Percy, I’ll take that matchup all day on slants, working Percy in motion and on jet sweeps again attacking David Reese’s side of the field with Dos’ linebacker core simply not able to match the speed of Percy running behind a pulling Lomas Brown.
2- Allie Defense vs Dos Offense
With two corners who can and like to live on an island and are capable of doing that at the NFL level, and NFL speed at the BUCK and OLB positions, the task of slowing down the high-powered Dos offense begins to simplify a little bit. Up the middle, we can stuff the run with Ralph Ortega (6’2” 220lbs, 1st Team AA), and Jelani Jenkins (6’ 240lb, 2010 Freshman AA). Allie’s Defensive Front is led by Carlos Dunlap at 6’6” 280lb and an absolutely freak athlete, the athleticism of which simply won’t be matched by Dos’ front 5. On the edges, he’s supported by 2 different 1st Team All-American Defensive Ends, Jarvis Moss and Lynn Matthews, who help the BUCK and OLB to maintain the edge against a speedy Jeff Demps. Keanu Neal and Will Hill are both heat(football)-seeking missiles, shared help over the top and middle of the defense.
This defensive powerhouse allows me to always drop at least 1 LB into coverage and still get to the QB unless both the FLEX and RB stay to block, neither of whom would be able to stop the blitzing linebacker core, leaving 3WR vs those 4 DB’s and a LB over the middle.
As much as it pains me to say this, the player Steve Spurrier, while a Heisman winner, was great for his time. The QB Position which he coached is even drastically different in terms of volume and production. In Spurrier’s 3 years at QB, he totaled 4848 YDS, at 56.6 pct, 31 TDs, 31 INTs for an average of 7.0 Y/A. In comparison, Rex Grossman (Allie’s QB) totaled 9164 YDS, at 61.0 pct, 77 TDs, 36 INTs, for an average of 8.3 yards. Rex’s QB Rating was 23 full points higher, 146.7 to 123.7. The numbers are not even close, and shows that while great for his time, he would not be capable of defeating modern NFL corners like Dawson or Tabor especially if under pressure by the likes of Fowler, Siler, or either of those All-American Defensive Ends.
3- Coaching
Dan Quinn uses a 4-3 defense. Dos will suffer in defensive alignment, matchup switching, and halftime adjustments as Quinn cannot spearhead his defense properly with the wrong personnel. We’ve all seen exactly what happens when coaches try to fit players to the system instead of a system to take advantage of your players strengths. Not pretty. Quinn lacks the level of experience of someone like Broyles who’s got the experience running the show, with 20 years as HC and 33 years AD of Arkansas. Quinn on the other hand has been consistently a defensive coach and has been HC < 5 years, with his success built at its core around his base 4-3 under scheme, which is simply not how Dos is lined up. Wrong players for the scheme.
bonus points for easily having the better team name.

Gatorade VS Sisterhood of the Traveling Jorts

1. Team - Gatorade

Offense - Depth Chart
Defense - Depth Chart

2. Why We Will Win


It is almost impossible to overstate the impact of Cam Newton. In case you forgot how unfair it was to have him on your team, check out these highlights. He can run straight through LBs; juke half of the defense; makes everyone in the open field, including his own blockers, look foolish; or drop a dime down the field with a defender hanging off of him. Opposing defenses need to decide ahead of time that they will stop the run or the pass, but they can’t do both. Of course, the QB can’t be your only weapon though. Allow me to highlight a few key factors.
Does everyone remember the offense we ran in 2008? Remember how important Hernandez was to the offense? He commands space. He catches everything within approximately a 20 yard radius. Remember how it was for the Pats when they had Hernandez and Gronk? I sure as shit do. Now consider how team Gatorade built an offense around this with Hernandez and Reed. Gatorade has two additional phenomenal blockers that can get loose and cause horrible match up problems for the defense. Name a single Dline player that you think can cover either TE. I’ll wait, but we all know that does not exist. Oh and Kearse on the other team. He would destroy a pro style offense every day of the week. But Kearse can’t do much against Cam running the power option, with either TE chipping Kearse and then sneaking out for a short pass. You may be thinking, “But u/blacktiebuttplug, a safety like Matt Elam can help out!” I agree, but then what happens?
Jabar motherfucking Gaffney. Raise your hand if that was a favorite player of yours during the Spurrier days? Listen, we all love CJ Hendo and Marco Wilson. Hendo may be the best CB in the SEC right now. But I want you to consider this, who would you place your hard earned cash on in a bet, Jabar Gaffney or CJ Henderson? This isn’t some rhetorical question. If the Jorts defense expects to stop the Newton/Hernandez/Reed trio in the short and mid game, Henderson and Wilson are sitting on islands. I’m not sure it’s even worth posing the same betting question between Reche Caldwell and Marco “I’m probably great but you’ve only seen me rotate in as a freshman” Wilson.
Listen, I need to save space for the defensive argument. But I leave you with this. Can you imagine the red zone efficiency with the combo of Cam Newton, Aaron Hernandez, Jordan Reed, both WRs, and even Mike “I was the entire offense for Muschamp” Gillelsie.


Jorts has the best receiving group in the league. It would be absurd of me to discount them. And Danny Wuerffel is arguably the best pocket passer in Gator history. This is Spurriers bread and butter. Too bad their coach is Mullen. Mullen could do so much more with the Gatorade offense, but what’s done is done.
Jorts pulled the worst defense for their offense. Gatorade runs a 3-3-5 with arguably the best DB group in the league. Reggie Nelson, Jarvis Williams and Louis Oliver should strike fear in the WRs, TEs, RBs, QBs, and any unsuspecting Oline player that happens to pick up a fumble. These three hit like fire trucks that have been re-engineered for the world of Mad Max. Steve Tannen, also lesser known, is likely a top 5 CB in Gator history with 11 college interceptions and is chilling in the HoF and All American history books.
Sharrif Floyd, Caleb Brantley, and Ellis Johnson. I’m gonna take a leap of faith and bet that there is no need to explain why Brantley and Floyd are monsters. But I need you all to recognize that Ellis Johnson is arguably better than both Floyd and Brantley, receiving Defensive Player of the Year. Good luck running against them. And if you do, good luck running past the torpedo that is Jarrad Davis or either of the other two All American and Gator HoF LBs that you probably have not heard of, like David Little, who owns the title for the most tackles in Gator history.
Jorts will put up points for sure. It is literally impossible to stop that offense every time. However, team Gatorade is their kryptonite. Not only is the defense set up explicitly to stop the pass and force the run (effectively eliminating the best aspect of Jorts), but the Gatorade offense can control the time of possession. That offense can go slow and low, picking up 4-5 yards at will. What’s better than having a top tier defense? Not letting the opposing offense have the ball at all.


Gatorade went out and got Mike Shanahan out of retirement. You know, the same Shanahan that won back to back Super Bowls with the Broncos. The only better coach for the Gatorade offense is Mullen, who is on a team built for a completely different style of offense (such a waste).


I wish I could see this game in real life, because it would be amazing. Jorts is an extremely good offensive team. But the Gatorade secondary will turn that explosive passing game into more of a “those little popper things you throw on the ground” passing game. And all the jorts memes in the world won’t change that. Don’t waste your vote. Vote Gatorade. Side with the champions and revel in victory with us.


Cam Newton allows Gatorade to run an unstoppable power option offense where the TEs (Hernandez and Reed) can chip the opposing D rushers (Kearse specifically) and pick up yards at ease. If the Jorts D commits to stopping this, they leave two solid, but ultimately inexperienced, CBs on islands against two of UFs greatest WRs.
The Gatorade defense is the worst matchup for the Jorts offense out of the entire league. The 3-3-5 is designed to force the run, which eliminates the biggest strength of the Jorts offense. The Dline/LBs are disgusting and will stifle most attempts at running.
Mullen is wasted genius on the Jorts team. Just imagine what he would have done with the Gatorade roster.

1. Team - Sisterhood of the Traveling Jorts

Offense - Depth Chart
Defense - Depth Chart

2. Why We Will Win

SotTJ Offense vs. Gatorade Defense

Coached by the premier offensive genius, Dan Mullen. Dan bleeds Orange and Blue. Other than Spurrier, there’s not another coach out there who I’d rather lead the Sisterhood of Traveling Jorts. Dan learned to not let up from Urban Meyer who, as if you need reminding, won us two National Titles. Giving Dan an All-American team like we’ve assembled is dangerous. Not even 1995 Nebraska has a shot.
On offense we have Wuerffel throwing darts to Ike Hilliard – what more do you need? Let’s take a closer look at the QB situation. We all know Tebow. His time at UF was magical, to say the least. We haven’t seen someone like him as a player and as a person since. But you know what? Wuerffel was the original Tebow. That’s right, before kneeling and thanking God for that touchdown was popular, Wueffel was pointing to the sky after every big play. The SotTJ has one of the only three University of Florida Heisman winners leading our team. He has a statue outside, which automatically gives us +3 to start any match.
I’ll admit that the Gatorade team has a solid defensive line. Caleb Brantley, Sharrif Floyd, and Ellis Johnson all getting after Wuerffel could be a nightmare for most offensive lines. Most. Not the Sisterhood of the Traveling Jorts’ offensive line though. Our line is headlined by the Bill Carr: All-American football player and ballin’ Athletics Director at UF. And don’t forget that we’re anchored by two-time Super Bowl champion Max Starks. Not to mention Cooper Carlilse – who blocked for Wuerffel in real life – along with Mike Degory and Dennis Murphy. The Gatorade defensive line may get some pressure here and there, but our OL is All-American status and provides Wuerffel with a clean pocket all day long.
The Gatorade team does have a stacked secondary highlighted by Lito Sheppard and Reggie Nelson. Ahmad Black, Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, and Quincy Wilson were great players at the college level and make passing on the Gatorade team a bit more challenging.
Remember that clean pocket for ole’ Danny boy? What does Wuerffel do with a clean pocket? Whatever he wants. That’s what. Danny has one of the best wide receivers to ever suit up in the orange and blue to catch his passes. Last time they played together, Ike went for over 1,000 yards and won a National Title in 1996. It’s not a stretch to think every pass thrown Ike’s way ends up in the endzone. But we have to give the Gatorade team a fighting chance. So let’s say Lito is on Ike all game long, the odds have evened out.
Remember that Mullen loves to spread the ball around though, and we have a ton of weapons to spread the wealth to. When Ike isn’t walking 50-yard touchdown bombs into the endzone, Andre “Bubba” Caldwell is shaking DBs out of their cleats. At TE, the SotTJ can rely on Cornelius Ingram to keep the Gatorade defense on their toes.
We’ve seen what Mullen can do by spreading the ball to offensive playmakers, but don’t forget that Mullen is a run first offensive coach. Who better to run the ball (other than Emmitt Smith) than Earnest Graham? Graham was a freshman All-SEC back and had a steady solid career at Florida; breaking the 1,000-yard rushing mark his senior season. Graham can catch the ball out of the backfield which provides another threat. The Gatorade LB group is headlined by All-American David Little, with Glenn Cameron and Jarrad Davis shoring up the outside. While this is a good lineup for the Gatorade squad, Earnest Graham’s speed and shiftiness allow give him the upper hand. If Graham can break past the DL (and he will, as we’ve established our OL is superior to the Gatorade DL), he’s poised for a big game. Given Gatorade went with the lighter 3-3-5 defense, it makes running on this team feel like a breeze.

SotTJ Defense vs. Gatorade Offense

On the other side of the ball, the Sisterhood of the Traveling Jorts has some of the best defensive players to wear the Gator Logo.
The Gatorade Team is coached by Mike Shanahan, whose ties to the University of Florida are weak and we suspect his ear is already to the ground for NFL coaching jobs. His botched coaching job of RGIII does not bode well for the QB situation of the Gatorade squad.
Speaking of which, the Gatorade team features a short-lived, laptop stealing (and destroying) Gator player in Cam Newton. The “what could’ve beens” are innumerable, but the reality is that Cam’s UF career was… Nonexistent. Using his Auburn statistics is borderline treason. With that said, our Sisterhood gives credit where credit is due, and Cam could have been That Dude for Florida. Unfortunately for the Gatorade team, Cam was That Dude for Auburn instead. But let’s give the Gatorade team a fighting chance… Just remember what Shanahan did with RGIII and apply that to Cam Newton in this situation.
The Gatorade offensive line is full of a bunch of unfamiliar names, which the exception of Jawaan Taylor. The Great Wall of Wanee isn’t so great when defending against Jevon Kearse and Dominique Easley though. Our DL is able to apply constant pressure on Newton, who has to use his legs more than preferred to avoid sacks. In fact, I’m willing to concede that Cam is only sacked a few times this game, given his mobility.
But throwing on the run, and against our secondary, is a bad idea. The SofTJ’s secondary features the original Elam and Gator walk-on turned 2nd Team All-American Adrian White. The outside is defended by Marco Wilson, who plays better DB ball with a torn ACL than most DBs. Finally, CJ Henderson locks down the other side. I’d go as far as to say that Henderson is the best DB at Florida in the last decade or more. The only way the Gatorade team is catching a pass on that side of the field is if the pocket is perfect (it won’t be) and Cam throws a dime (he won’t).
The Gatorade team’s best shot at moving the ball down the field is TE Aaron Hernandez. The jokes are too easy with this one, so let’s just say the matchup can go either way.
And don’t expect their RB, Mike Gillislee, to do any damage on our defensive front and our LBs. If he breaks past our DL, he still has to contend with the likes of Earl Everett, Scott Brantley, and Antonio Morrison. In the off-chance Mikey boy gets past that, CJ Henderson will chase him down and punch the ball out of his hands.
Perhaps the biggest advantage that the Gatorade team has over The Sisterhood of Traveling Jorts is their mascot – the Scoot Stronghands. This man is so powerful that he singlehandedly kept UGA out of the playoffs. I don’t doubt he’ll pull some strings and try to keep Wuerffel off the field.


The SotTJ X-Factor lies in our mascot: u/Zlatandiego. Zlat always has insider knowledge and gives our team the leg up when preparing for the Gatorade squad. It’s not cheating if we didn’t pay for it right? Speaking of insider knowledge, our team scouts have seen and heard that our opponents in fact DON’T EVEN LIKE JORTS!
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