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[TRADE] Business / Marketing / Social Media / SEO / Copywriting / E-Commerce / Traffic Generation / Affiliate marketing

I'm always trading, flexible and willing to negotiate a deal. If you want something I have but don't have anything to trade, feel free to message me directly, we can work something out! :).
I have THOUSANDS more items that are not listed, if you're looking for something that is not on the list, I'm probably sorting it out, just ask me because I probably have it either way. My Lists gets updated and new items are added DAILY.

Last Edited 07/11/20

What I have to offer: 



Social Media marketing:




Traffic Generation:

Affiliate marketing:

Dan Lok:

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[TRADE] Business / Marketing / Social Media / SEO / Copywriting / E-Commerce / Traffic Generation / Affiliate marketing

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Forza Horizon 5- Ultimate Wishlist

Well, here it is. It's done. My entire list of things I want in Forza Horizon 5. This ranges from gameplay mechanics and quality-of-life changes, to future barn finds and music. I've been working on this since November, so if you have a grievance with a certain feature please be sure to explain why.
  1. Horizon 5 absolutely needs to be set in Japan. It's required, nobody should abject this.
  2. The mysterious, iconic, hidden "Unrecoverable Supra" can be found as a Beauty Spot.
  3. Now that Toyota's back, can we have the 2020 Supra as the cover car?
THE HORIZON FESTIVAL---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1. Go back to the game's roots festival-wise. Have lots of emphasis on music and live performances. This being stated, disable the feature seen in 3&4 where you can change music on the fly at the Festival Site.
  2. Legitimate Festival T-Shirts. The first shirt you unlock in Horizon 4 is a festival shirt, but it's incredibly generic. The starter shirt in Horizon 5 should say "HORIZON FESTIVAL 2021" on the front and on the back have a lineup of all the bands and artists whose music is going to appear in the game. You know, like actual music festival shirts??
  3. Actually have the bands performing on stage. Music is emitted from the stage, but no one is there, or if there is, it's a generic NPC. Have the actual band members performing the songs onstage. I know the expensive long process of getting a real person in a game, but they're going to be seen from a distance, they don't have to be super detailed, just resemble them from a distance.
  4. Make the music sound legitimate. When you're at the festival in Horizon 4, the music coming from speakers is just the studio recording. I suggest two versions of each song saved in the game. The normal studio version when you're away doing races or cruising around, but have a recorded version of when the performer(s) played a song live when you roll up to the festival. This will make it SO much more immersive.
  1. Hyperdrift Radio- Due to the game's setting being Japan, we need to get into the mood, style and aesthetics of Japan of course. Hyperdrift Radio is a brand new station that features Eurobeat and Vaporwave music, perfect for drifting and flying past opponents.
  2. Please bring back the custom music option from Forza Horizon 3. I know Groove Music has been retired, but I think a Horizon X Spotify collaboration would be really nice. When it comes to 100% completion players like me, the current music gets REALLY old when driving. Hey, a Spotify shirt would be a free unlock if you connected your account?
3.What if each season had it's own music lineup? I know it'd be expensive to buy all that music for use, but it'd be worth it in my opinion.
  1. Horizon XS features these songs (among others) (starred* songs are HIGHLY recommended)
Black Pistol Fire - Level*
Cage The Elephant - Broken Boy*
Death From Above 1979 - NVR4EVR*
Dinosaur Pile-Up - 11:11 (Radio Edit)*
Riverboat Gamblers - A Choppy, Yet Sincere Apology
Greenleaf - High Fever*
Kasabian - Fast Fuse
Liily - Toro*
Plauge Vendor - I Only Speak In Friction*
Rise Against - The Violence
Royal Blood - Where Are You Now?
  1. Horizon Pulse features these songs (among others)
Shamir - On The Regular
Two Door Cinema Club - Undercover Martyn
  1. Horizon Block Party features these songs (amon- you get the idea.)
Gang Starr - Now You're Mine
LL Cool J - Rock The Bells
Pete Rock & CL Smooth - They Reminisce Over You*
Kabuto The Python - Spetsnaz*
Busdriver - Imaginary Places
The Pharcyde - Passin' Me By*
  1. Horizon Bass Arena
Andromedik - Forever* (this should play during the opening race to the festival)
Bloc Party - Flux (12" Instrumental Remix)
Siouxsie & The Banshees - Cities In Dust* (Junkie XL Remix)
Kavinsky - Testarossa (SebAstian Remix)
KNOWER - Time Traveler
Matrix & Futurebound - All I Know*
------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 8. Hyperdrift Radio (like Timeless, they're not affiliated with the Festival.)
Ace - Tokyo Lights*
18 Carat Affair - Desire*
ESPIRITにちは - espirit.wav
ESPIRITにちは - iwillbe.wav (Extended Mix)*
Crystal Castles - Crimewave*
Dark Angel - Right Now
Dave Rogers - Deja Vu
Dreams West - Tribes*
Fastway - Rockin' Hardcore*
FrankJavCee - SimpsonWave1995
GLOOMCVLT - Banned From Living*
Go2 - Looka Bomba
Hotblade - Manifold Love (Eurobeat Mix)
Jean Love - Steel Blade
Leslie Parrish - Killing My Love*
luxury elite - Temptation
luxury elite - Mall Madness
Manuel - GAS GAS GAS* (Extended Mix)
Max Coveri - Running In The 90's*
MF DOOM - Zatar*
Nando - In My Supercar*
The Snake - Freedom Ride (Eurobeat Mix)
(seriously, if any of the above songs get put into the game i'll lose it)
AUCTION HOUSE----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1. Currently in the game, if someone makes a bid in the final few mins, the auction timer is raised by a minute. This can go on indefinitely provided all the bidders have infinite money. This is fine, but I think it should have a limited amount of additional time given before the timer won't renew.
  2. Private auctions. You can tag 1-4 users and have a private auction between only them. However, there is no max buyout, you actually have to make an auction bid, and the start bid is locked at the highest average price. Getting your rides sniped will be a thing of the past. Perfect compromise since the gifting car feature was removed.
  3. You can save and monitor auctions for later. If you see a nice car with a low bid but a high buyout with several hours to go, you can come back and bid on it in the last few mins so you don't attract attention and get 70 people bidding on the car.
  4. The Auction House is updated automatically and new auctions submitted are live. You don't need to back out and search again to get new auctions showing up.
  5. In car histories, the date they were purchased/won is there.
  6. You can track your sold cars and see if they're available again.
  7. Your AH purchases and sells (that's not a word, is it?) are permanently logged, along with the date, the price, and who bought it. It's all kept in a comprehensive list.
SKILL SCORES-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1. Ultimate Airs are buffed to 1,000 points
  2. BETTER SKILL REGISTRY. I cannot count how many points worth of skill chains i've lost because the game didn't count a wreckage or drift skill at the last second.
  3. The skill score multiplier has an actual timer next to it. The fading text isn't enough.
  4. Your skill score timer cannot run out mid-air, the timer is paused until you hit the ground. This has been a thing in the games and it infuriates me as it discourages players to not make big jumps.
  5. Rewind should be a perk added, this perk would let you rewind "once" during your skill chain and keep it. Rewinding to gain a lost chain wouldn't apply.
  6. Foresight should be a perk added, this perk would have traffic show up as tiny dots on the minimap so they're easier to avoid.
MULTIPLAYER & FESTIVAL PLAYLIST----------------------------------------------------------------------
  1. You aren't required to win an event for it to count towards your completion. Sure, you won't get the award, but it should count for the playlist regardless. It's annoying having to forcefully win a Trials or Playground Games event just for a car you already have so you can get a Playlist Completion Award.
  2. In ranked, cars should be permanently ghosted. Eliminate the opportunity for rammers to ruin the race entirely.
  3. Missing a checkpoint should not force a rewind. Missing one basically dooms you to last place in multiplayer. Instead, it should give you a temporary slowdown.
  4. To prevent wallriding, only slow the player if they're physically touching the wall. The current system is too sensitive and will penalize you even if you simply love-tap the wall.
  6. I suggest replacing freeroam rush with a Burnout Paradise-style racing type. Basically, you can take literally any route to the finish (asphalt and dirt), but you'll get reset if you drive off the road for longer then 10 seconds. Find your own route and figure out the fastest to win. This will actually take thinking and skill, and doesn't sound like the devs quickly and lazily thought it up.
  7. Playground Games has three different gamemodes. You can have a team win with a best 2/3. So why on earth is it a best 3/5 on the game? This is just plain inefficiency, it should have three rounds.
  8. 100%ing a season should award 5 super wheelspins. 100% on a Series would be 10 super wheelspins.
  1. Super Wheelspins will not contain common items.
  2. Wheelspins will not contain Autoshow Cars under 600K credits or under Legendary Rarity. To balance this out, getting cars will be rare.
  1. Tire Compound swapping shouldn't cost so much PI. The fact you can literally skip entire classes just by putting on race tires is ridiculous. Putting race tires on some D class cars will sometimes bump them UP TO A CLASS.
  2. For the love of everything automotive, nerf AWD swapping. The fact you instantly get maxed out launch and acceleration as well easier handling basically forces the player to AWD swap all their cars to be competitive. It's stupid, and doesn't feel right. AWD SHOULD add a little bit of launch and acceleration, but swapping to AWD should mainly go to building rally cars.
  3. When downloading other Tunes, the thumbnail of the tune will reflect the bodykits and wings/spoilers applied. I absolutely HATE forza aero, and when I can't get a certain PI and head to the tuning marketplace, all the thumbnails are the same despite the car having different kits applied, and it's a literal guess to find one without the ugly kits.
  4. Applying race weight reduction will actually remove the other seats and change the interior.
  1. DeBerti Designs, Pre-order cars, Barrett-Jackson, and Horizon Edition cars are in their own manufacturer categories.
  2. Pre-modifed cars (like HOONIGAN) will have their creation year the time they were modified, not the year the stock model was created.
  3. Sorting changes will be saved. If you organize your cars by PI Class, they'll stay that way unless you change it again.
  4. You can create custom categories like in Motorsport.
  5. New rarity: one-of-a-kind. Not sure what color it should be, but it means in real life, only one of the car exists. This applies to cars under HOONIGAN, Formula Drift, ETC. Also racing cars like the Audi Quattro S1, #199 Subaru WRX and the VW IDR.
FESTIVAL SHOWCASES-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1. You can blueprint showcase events. You obviously can't change the route or what you race, but the vehicle you use, the weather, the season, and the song that plays you can change.
  2. Drag Car on a straight VS. Skateboarder using a mega ramp would be pretty cool.
GAME PHYSICS-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1. Please, i'm begging you. Don't change the drift physics at all. Horizon 3's drift physics had such a high learning curve i still haven't mastered it after all this time. Horizon 4's was hard, sure, but it took a reasonable amount of time to master. Drifting physics are creamy-smooth right now, please don't change it.
  2. Roadside objects slow you down waaaaay too much. This is an arcade racer, the only object that should actually slow you down when driving through it should be the drystone walls. Also, your cars should be able to break through them at any speed, getting stuck behind some tree or wall because you weren't going fast enough frustrates me.
  3. The debris from broken roadside objects should become intangible after a second or so. If they get stuck behind a curb or bump up and you're driving a low car, it will literally keep you from getting up the curb, and sometimes bounce you back. How does that work?
CHARACTER CUSTOMIZATION------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1. More character age types. Current playable characters are fine and should return, but please, add some other options other then all the characters looking 24-32. It'd be neat if you could play as some old 48 year old boomer, or a young 19 year old kid. Getting tired of every selectable character being a millennial. More age diversity please! Also one template character should be the original Horizon 1 protagonist, complete with RBF.
  2. Legitimate body customization. While the classic default characters should serve as templates, it'd be nice to be able to change hairsyles, hair color, beard/mustaches for the dudes... HOWEVER, these should not be wheelspin prizes and all be available from the start of the game.
  3. Drop the dances. Please.
  4. But if you're gonna keep em, add the Spongebob Shuffle, Flare, and the Kazotsky Kick.
  5. Stop with all the ridiculous cosmetics. I get if you want some goofy headbands and hats, but cut it out with the big-eye googles, crowns, pumpkin masks. dumb chicken costumes included.
  7. Custom clothing. Like ones you can apply vinyls to.
CAR CUSTOMIZATION------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1. Using other people's vinyls should NOT lock your design. it SHOULD however give a 3% cut to the original creator of the vinyl. The creator would also be notified that their design is being used.
  2. Options to remove front/rear bumpers, as well as the hood one some cars would be sick. Certain upgrades would make previously unavailable body removals usable, such as adding a Twin Turbo swap your Lamborghini would make the rear removable.
  3. Window stickers! However, you can't cover the entire windshield/window. You can cover the edges and passenger side of the windshield with as much as you like, but you can't just slap a massive sticker over the entire window/windshield.
  4. More bodykits from brands in general.
  5. Different Forza Aero options. The only one currently available is hideous on 99% of the cars in the game.
  6. Front/rear bumpers as well as doors can be painted individually.
  7. De-badging cars is an option.
  1. Street Scene should be one of the available race formats for custom routes.
  2. Blueprints are deletable.
  3. Street Scene should feel more illegal in general. Police sirens should be heard in the distance when doing a street race, and a police chopper flying over the race would be cool. Police will never chase or interact in any other way. This is Forza, not NFS.
  4. On higher difficulties, you must stay in-between the checkpoints for them to count. Driving directly over a flag doesn't count, although hitting the inner side does.
  5. Option to switch cars at the Race Start menu.
  6. When doing festival-based custom routes, Horizon barriers, screens, and bleachers will be present. This will automatically be done by the game if the player uses a straight or corner used in a developer-created route.
  7. Option to choose which direction the race starts in with custom checkpoints. It's extremely annoying finding the perfect start to your race only to find out the start is pointed in the opposite direction.
BARN FINDS------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Obviously not all, just suggestions.
  1. '98 Toyota Supra RZ
  2. '85 Sprinter Trueno GT Apex
  3. '94 Mazda MX-5 Miata
  4. '87 Nissan Skyline R31
  5. '67 Nissan Fairlady Z
  6. '95 Toyota MR2 GT
  7. '84 Honda CRX
  8. After unlocking a barn find, the same car is now available in the Autoshow. Autoshow based cars can be deleted, unlike their barn find counterparts.
HORIZON EDITION CARS--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Once again, just suggestions.
  1. 1969 Dodge Charger T (A-800 CLASS UPGRADE) (Air Skills Boost)
  2. 2002 Nissan Skyline GTR R34 (B-700 CLASS UPGRADE) (Speed Skills Boost)
  3. 2020 Supra GR (S1-900 CLASS UPGRADE) (Drift Skills Boost)
  4. 1985 Toyota Trueno (A-800 CLASS UPGRADE) (Drift Skills Boost)
  5. 2018 McLaren Senna (X-999 CLASS UPGRADE) (Credits Boost)
  6. 1969 GTO Judge (A-800 CLASS UPGRADE) (Burnout Skills Boost)
  7. 2011 Koenigsegg Agera (X-999 CLASS UPGRADE) (Air Skills Boost)
  8. 2002 Enzo Ferrari (S1-900 CLASS UPGRADE) (Speed Skills Boost)
  9. 2011 Bugatti Veyron Super Sport (S2-998 CLASS UPGRADE) (Speed Skills Boost)
  10. 2002 BMW M3-GTR (S1-900 CLASS UPGRADE) (Near Miss Skills Boost)
  11. 2014 Terradyne Gurkha LAPV (B-700 CLASS UPGRADE) (Destruction Skills Boost)
  12. 2001 Acura Integra Type-R (B-700 CLASS UPGRADE) (Near Miss Skills Boost)
  13. 1997 Honda Civic Type-R (A-800 CLASS UPGRADE) (Skills Boost)
  14. 1992 Honda NSX-R (S1-900 CLASS UPGRADE) (Drift Skills Boost)
  15. 2003 Honda S2000 (A-800 CLASS UPGRADE) (Credits Boost)
  16. 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X (A-800 CLASS UPGRADE) (Air Skills Boost)
  17. 2012 Eagle Speedster (S1-900 CLASS UPGRADE) (Speed Skills Boost)
  18. 1962 Peel P50 (A-800 CLASS UPGRADE) (Skills Boost)
  19. 1975 Ford Bronco (B-700 CLASS UPGRADE) (Destruction Skills Boost)
  20. 1971 Plymouth Cuda 426 HEMI (A-800 CLASS UPGRADE) (Burnout Skills Boost)
  21. 2012 Bowler EXR S (S1-900 CLASS UPGRADE) (Destruction Skills Boost)
  22. 2013 Audi R8 Coupe V10 (S1-900 CLASS UPGRADE) (Influence Boost)
  23. 1985 Ford RS200 Evolution (S1-900 CLASS UPGRADE) (Air Skills Boost)
  24. 2004 Subaru Impreza WRX STI (A-800 CLASS UPGRADE) (Credits Boost)
  25. 2003 Volkswagen Golf R32 (S1-900 CLASS UPGRADE) (Skills Boost)
  26. 2014 Porsche 918 Spyder (S2-998 CLASS UPGRADE) (Speed Skills Boost)
  27. 2005 Ford GT (A-800 CLASS UPGRADE) (Near Miss Skills Boost)
  28. 2019 Ford Ranger Raptor (C-600 CLASS UPGRADE) (Destruction Skills Boost)
  29. 1971 Meyers Manx (C-600 CLASS UPGRADE) (Air Skills Boost)
  30. 1969 Nissan Fairlady Z (A-800 CLASS UPGRADE) (Drift Skills Boost)
  31. 2010 Lexus LFA (S1-900 CLASS UPGRADE) (Influence Boost)
  32. 1995 Volkswagen Corrado VR6 Idea: under the hood in forzavista, have the message "take care of this one! -Dak" written on the engine cover in sharpie. Nice little throwback. Only on the Horizon Edition. (B-700 CLASS UPGRADE) (Near Miss Skills Boost)
  1. Everything you can access in the in-game pause menu can be accessed in your house.
  2. Tuning and paining cars will have a little garage area when doing so. The car out on the driveway looks boring.
ELIMINATOR------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Don't. Just don't. It't garbage, and of all the things that have been added to Forza Horizon 4, this is by far the worst. Lay it to rest. It's not fun, and the game's realistic-spin-on-arcade-racing makes this even worse. The map makes the whole experience terrible as well, it wasn't designed for this, and even the fact you have to activate to "fight" a player just shows how you were grasping at straws in the first place. This is coming from someone who was initially excited to try this gamemode out. I understand losing because i screwed up and crashed into a tree, that's fair. I DON'T UNDERSTAND HAVING TO GO 2MPH OVER EVERY LITTLE DIRT BUMP BECAUSE I'LL EITHER SPIN OUT, FLIP, OR GET ROUTED INTO A BUILDING.
  1. In the options menu, you can have a choice to replace randomly generated Xbox accounts with actual racer names. Some could even be throwbacks, like naming racers Darius Flynt or Dak. Obviously most generated names should be asian. Feels kinda soulless to race against people named "WackyRiver3829" and "SadBottle4356"
  2. With harder difficulties, stop making the Drivatars more unfair to race against. Make them drive SMARTER. Have them use braking as little as possible, have them fully gun it on straights. The rubberbanding on harder difficulties is absolutely ridiculous, especially with the one drivatar who absolutely SMOKES everyone else. They drive like they're on slot tracks, and it just isn't fun. Giving expert-unbeatable drivatars cars that have impossible engine swaps, unreachable horsepower, ETC. shouldn't be in the game. I want to feel like i'm racing actual people on higher difficulties.
  3. Bumping/making extended contact with drivatar's cars will make them try to get away from you. They'll beep if you ram them or tailgate too long, have muffled music playing inside the cars, make them feel like real people.
  4. Drivatars will autoghost in freeroam mode, and spawn MUCH less frequently. Horizon 3 has been almost ruined because of the sheer amount of drivatars that spawn, and the ones that ram into you, for some reason.
  1. I'm being honest here and i'm just saying I really don't care about the seasons feature. spring through autumn has barely any gameplay difference, and winter is just plain annoying. It's your pride and joy for whatever reason, so I really don't expect for this feature to be retired.
  2. I do think you should be able to freeroam in any season you want at any time, but switching seasons would not let you do online events or connect to Horizon Life until you changed it back. Forcefully being stuck in winter for a WEEK straight makes the game no fun to play.
  3. I mean... what if seasons worked realistically?
-December 1st to February 28th: Winter
-March 1st to May 31st: Spring
-June 1st to August 31st: Summer
-September 1st to November 30th: Autumn
Combined with the "play privately in any season you want" this would be great. Also, it won't be in-game summer during real-life christmas time like it was last year!
HORIZON STORY----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1. Stop making some chapters so hard to three-star. Especially in these weird, convoluted ways where you have to take some alternate route that's never referenced in the game at all. Take one of the LaRacer chapters, it's impossible to three star unless at the start, you pull a full 180 and go backwards, THEN you have a chance to thee star it. Have you heard of a thing called foreshadowing? hints? They're pretty big in games these days.
  2. Why not have a real racing celeb like Ken Block be the star of a HOONIGAN based Horizon Story? Imagine if Tesla came back to the game and Elon Musk decided to show up at the Horizon Festival to have a Horizon story based around Tesla and other electric cars?
This is all the cars I personally would like to see featured in the game. Starred* ones will not be available in the Autoshow and will be seasonal rewards.
  1. 2016 Apollo Arrow*
  2. 2004 Gumpert Apollo
  3. 1985 Honda City Turbo II
  4. 2002 Subaru Impreza WRX STI
  5. 1971 Plymouth Roadrunner
  6. 2008 Top Gear P45*
  7. 2017 Honda Civic DX
  8. 2018 Nissan Sentra
  9. 2020 Supra GR
  10. 2010 Lexus LFA
  11. 2020 Ferrari SF90 Stradale
  12. 2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8
  13. 2015 Ferrari P80C*
  14. 1967 Ferrari Thomassima II
  15. 1985 Toyota Trueno
  16. 1995 Toyota MR2 GT
  17. 1999 Dodge Dakota Sport
  18. 2019 Lamborghini Huracan Performante
  19. 2020 Aspark Owl*
  20. 2020 Ferrari F8 Tributo
  21. 2020 McLaren Elva
  22. 2020 Aston Martin DBX
  23. 2020 Ford Bronco R
  24. 2013 Peugeot 208 T16 Pikes Peak
  25. 1982 Nissan 240RS
  26. 1985 DeTomaso Pantera GT5-S
  27. 2014 Equus Bass 770
  28. 2011 Hyundai IX20
  29. 2012 Scion TC
  30. 2007 Toyota Camry
  31. 1993 Volkswagen Fox
  32. 1979 Toyota Tercel
  33. 1970 Dodge Coronet Super Bee
  34. 1977 Lancia Scorpion
  35. 2005 TVR Typhon
  36. 2002 TVR Tamora*
  37. 1971 Ulyanovsk UAZ-469
  38. 1955 Alpine A106
  39. 1999 Toyota Altezza RS200 Z-Edition
  40. 2010 Toyota FJ Cruiser
Well, it's finally done. Hope the devs decide to read through this since I put a ton of work into it. Maybe the sheer size of this thing will get their attention. Thanks so much for reading through this (probably skimming, i don't blame you) If any of my music/cadesign suggestions make it into the game i'd completely lose it. Hopefully Forza Horizon 5 is a masterpiece, regardless of what's listed here.
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Answers/advice for someone starting out

So ive been messing around with different types of AM strategies but nothing has gained much traction. Ive been doing the following:
  1. Bing ads to landing page to affiliate offer
Result: after a week 200 clicks, 20 email sign ups, $100 adspend. 3 week email drip but no sales but no unsubscribes.
  1. Traffic junky PPC campaign direct to adult cam site and then dating site
Result: after a week 2 million impressions 2,000 clicks $250 adspend $4 in revenue.
  1. A few classified ad posts to a lander with email sign up with free ebook and then to offer
Result after 2-3 weeks. Fewer than 100 clicks 2 email sign ups. $dick
I try to avoid jumping around to different things without fleshing out everything but after a week im confident shit doesnt work. The only thin im learning is that whatever im doing nothing is working.
Id like to think i can get better results than what ive been getting but i dont have enough data to optimize anything. The email list is worth something so its not a complete waste. And sample sizes for conversions are small for the most part.
Im mostly copying funnels that i think look good. I test with a few banner ads and landers and more than one offer.
I have been selling on Amazon for 4 years and my PPC experience doesn’t help. I thought it would have sone overlap.
So im thinking i should do what i have been doing but test different offers and ad copy.
But i havent tried FB or IG advertising and it seems i can get cheaper clicks there than Bing.
Any wisdom shared is greatly appreciated.
Thanks Reddit world.
And of course if this gets enough of a response then ill bring out an AM and dropshipping course for $1499. That’s probably what Im doing wrong.
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Low Traffic Lately? Source of the problem? Solutions?

Hi ladies, I`m MO.
I have seen a few posts lately about low traffic in chatrooms and if you watched my previous posts on the sub ... you probably know already ~TRAFFIC~ is my favorite subject to write about so here is why I think the traffic is low lately.
As I wrote on this post most of the traffic comes from Free Content Distributors (ie - Pornhub) and it's being sold to Affiliates (ie - me) through Advertising Networks (ie - Traffic Junky) (bidding sistem) and affiliates redirect that traffic to different websites (ie - MFC) depending on different factors (ie - conversion rate, payout, tier country, etc)
There is another type of entity I did not talked about that serves like a marketplace where affiliates can see all the websites and how much they are willing to pay for a conversion, a place where CB, MFC, LJ and all the big names fight one with the other to gain as much affiliates on their side by offering bigger payouts, better conditions, better tools, content and other things.
On this marketplaces there are many types of websites fighting for the affiliates - not only streaming but also content websites, adult games websites, toys websites, dating, products for erectile dysfunction or male enhancement, all being part of the adult niche, but different sub-niches.
Dec 2018 or Jan 2019 best marketplace announced a new product, a chewable viagra, a gum and it turn out to be a huge success - they pay $80 / sell no matter if the client paid less. I joined the boat in March, I think and it was a hell of a ride and instead of sending 100% of the traffic to CB, LJ, MFC and other cam websites I started to send little bits of traffic to this gum website to see how it converts. The results were better than expected and after a short while I started to send more and more traffic to it and other related products (other companies tried to create similar products).
Now, my guess is that more and more affiliates are doing the same as I did and because of that cam websites in general are having problems with traffic and because of that models are experiencing lower traffic, less tips and lower cash inflow.
The thing is, the gum deal is only for the first purchase the user makes and this means all the madness will soon end because the potential clients are already buying that product and new buyers will be each day harder to find and all the things will go back to normal, all the affiliate will go back to camming because camming websites are sharing a lifetime profit (ie: 20% from what the user spends on the website, for life) and the buyer behavior is to make repeated purchases.

From time to time, new adult products and services appear on the marketplace and depending on how big the company behind it is and how big their budget is, they can create a wave in the whole adult market creating traffic shortages to other websites.
That's just my theory about what happens lately ... I could be right, I could be wrong ... one thing is clear tho ... even old in biz models have noticed this traffic shortage and no matter what's the source of it, each model should be prepared for such things because this can happen again and I think it will happen more and more often.
The best solution I see, is every model to control her own audience and her own traffic sources.
What other solutions do you ladies see?
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Still not a skin suit. RD and Garbo with another buffet of lies and narcissistic discarding. He proclaims the One to be the demon Molech and much more. Thanksgiving greetings to you all!

Well, hasn't it been an oddball series of days? Soulja/Me55iah popped up under another alt. Got himself and one of his subreddits outed for extreme moderator abuse and alt abuse. Garbo is floundering. Reptiliandude is still losing his damn mind. And I made a parody meeting that as far as I'm aware has no premise in actual reality but could make for an interesting cartoon. One I cannot be fucked to make.
However, tis the season at least for those of you in the United States that celebrate Thanksgiving. So for those of you that do, awesome, have a happy Turkey Day, eat lots of delicious food and please be safe out there because people always get weird around the holidays and I don't want to read about anyone in the news. May you, your families and your loved ones be safe and enjoy a festive day with only minor squabbling. Make some good memories.
For those that don't...don't be a dick about it. No one cares where the holiday came from at this point, and trying to create a fuss like that is just being a bit of a dick. You don't have to practice any particular religion or creed to just have one decent day where people can come together and make some pleasant memories even as the world goes mad around us. We have a choice of what we can be, and what we can do. Make a no politics or religious rule if you need to. I say this in the wake of a year in which the concept of political parties has turned into opposing nations at war where people are now nasty and vile to each other depending on your voting record or what party you affiliate with. It's horrible..and it makes my heart heavy and my mind depressed. I can only imagine how others feel.
Please, for the sake of us, and what we teach future something different. Life expectancy has dropped due to suicide, addiction, and depression as this the kind of stuff we fill out lives with now. Be something better.
I just had to get that off my chest.
Speaking of people being weird around the holidays, we have Reptiliandude yet again outright stating that he is no one's enemy. In addition, he removed out of garbotalk's posts he states for "reasons". Basically, he is furthering the way for the narcissistic discard of u/garbotalk and letting her know in no uncertain terms that this is going to happen no matter what she does, and whether she likes it or not. When the discard phase is's a twisted form of karma in which garbo will go from labeling others as adversaries to being labeled one herself. It is however coming, and it will be absolutely brutal. As Garbo has been around this guy an upwards of 3 years, maybe even longer, that means that Reptiliandude has just been collecting shit to hold over her head for when the ball drops. Then all those people she thought were eating up her words? They will turn on her in a second to impress RD, or whomever he props up to use as a fall guy/gal next.
We can find Garbo's post here: Reptiliandude making his little speech here:
And Reptiliandude following it up with another attention grab here:
I will be copy-paste-commenting on them in order. And then i'm going back to Empyrion where I can create interesting things, build massive ships, and take a rocket launcher to evil aliens. Small Vessel craft with 6 miniguns and 4 rocket launchers? Eh, the miniguns really aren't my thing, but the rockets are nice. And epic sniper rifles are epic. If they have an issue with you they had best learn to do it from 500 m away. As a Star Wars fan, I'm also eager to try their star wars builds, I just wish the ships were better on aiming.
Sorry. Total nerd rant. :P Let's get on with it.

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How Do You Prefer Hearing Truth?

📷 (To be honest, I prefer just hearing it point-blank, but not from a pathological liar because their truth is usually lies passed off as "perspective truth." I prefer objective truth or the "it is what is method." A tree is a tree because it is. It's not a rock because you insist that it is, for example. Unfortunately, the community of InsurrectionEarth is kind of like this. The tree is a rock the moment Reptiliandude says so, but for the life of them, they have no idea why people might tell them they are full of it. )
When it comes to aliens, we've all been gaslighted. The lies told us are extensive. We are all alone in the universe because no other life has been discovered. We are the apex of life here on this world. Aliens are science fiction. If we go to Mars, maybe we'll find bacteria proving panspermia. We achieved everything we've done by ourselves. UFO's are fantasy, or are part of our secret military program. The list goes on and on. (When it comes to aliens, we have all been gas-lighted with extensive lies..but OUR aliens are the good ones and totally not doing that. Except for the posts of Reptiliandude that say..wait..yes, your aliens are doing the same thing. Science Fiction also paved the way for sparking the imaginations of others to seek out advancement in science. Don't knock a genre of writing because you're an ignorant bitch who gets all her info from a pathological liar. Aliens are part of science fiction because they have always been a staple of the writing genre. Some more modern-day sci-fi series like Doctor WHO even do the odd call out like when the 12th Doctor talks about the movie Aliens: "You made a movie about evil aliens? No wonder they're always trying to kill you.."
As far as "we achieved everything by ourselves"...anything we had to reverse engineer we still had to work out. Same with anything else. It required study, effort to make sure it worked and didn't blow us up, and so on. So YES, WE DID ACHIEVE THINGS and Garbo can go and fuck the hell off.)
For me, I prefer jumping into the cold water all at once, then getting used to it. Once you enter, you're already wet, so you might as well dunk your head and submerge. You'll come up for air momentarily. Give it to me straight. Don't hold anything back. Let me have it, please. Like an AMA, I want to ask anything.
(So in other words, what Garbo is really telling you is that you should just leap in and accept it blindly, then work out the details after. Just imagine if we had done that with testing deadly diseases. Or radiation. Or bombs. Or the safety concepts of shelters. Just imagine doing that walking into traffic. Fuck no. Unless you are a complete idiot, you look before you leap. Then you're NOT the dude that gets plowed over by a vehicle because some smiling idiot swore to you that almost never happens. When you follow the smiling idiot, you follow them right off the cliff. That is what happens when you listen to people that only tell you what they feel you want to hear. Right off the cliff with the rest of the herd.
Others, perhaps, like dipping in a toe, then a foot, taking a small step, then another. They can flee if they get cold feet and go back to watching from the sidelines. Let someone else make the leap and see what happens. Ask them how the water feels, is it cold? They prefer soft disclosure. We don't know what that is in the sky. What do you think it is? Let's all make up theories.
(Gee, what do you know. Garbo is manipulating the audience and telling them that those that think things through are bad. Which is what? A CULT TACTIC. "Don't think things through, just listen, believe and do what we tell you to." It's amazing to me because the people that are so for this shit claim to be so against the evil establishment or government or new world order or whatever...while following the very principles that would be a wet dream to these kinds of organizations!! And no matter what you try to say to these people, they make all the excuses in the world for why their version is different, really it is. Except its not. It's the same shit in a different wrapper and you can't polish a turd.
On the note of theories, of course people make them. For some its a boredom killer but for others, they list every possibility, even the most absurd, and then work their way back to find more plausible answers. Part of the scientific method is the theory, which is just below a law. Even a law can be's just really freaking hard. As far as versus aliens or UFOs or any other thing outside what we call the's the same basic concept. It's a method. Trying to knock it to have a talking point just tells us who has a working brain and who doesn't. "Outlook not so good, try again later." )

When I'm told lies, purposely misled, I get angry. I don't think it's cute. There is no Santa, or tooth fairy, or magic. I'm not a child needing imaginary friends. I prefer Penn and Teller over David Copperfield. At least they admit their show is full of tricks, and share them. I want to know the man behind the curtain and understand him. I don't just want to know who, what and when, but also why? I need all the puzzle pieces to fit together and make sense. There is nothing more frustrating than missing pieces, hidden under the couch, especially intentionally.
(This is a manipulators tactic of mirroring. Deliberately putting you in their shoes to go see, I'm like you, I do this and I think you do as well. It's a tactic by which to sucker you into thinking for a moment that they have empathy or are concerned for your best interests. However, this is all a bald-faced lie. Consider that Garbo is the mouthpiece for a narcissist that claims he's a reptilian, can't even get that down...and is full of contradictions while telling you outright [as he has done recently] that his entire purpose was to get you to see what lies you would accept and spread around. For a narcissist, this is a power trip..that they can outright tell you they are toxic and you will still excuse their behavior anyway, that you allow him to control your lives in this manner. So everything Garbo is saying here doesn't make sense as her words do not match her actions.)
Those in authority over us fear our reactions, and for good reason. They have much to answer for, once the truth comes out. They think they can avoid taking responsibility and let someone else take the fall, eventually. They prefer being the only smart ones in the room and they enjoy feeling that superiority.
(This is a narcissist projecting her and Reptiliandude's own insecurities onto the audience. This isn't what any authority fears, this is what they fear and what most narcissists really are behind the mask. There are forums full of survivor stories that back up my words on this.)
They will only tell a trusted few, and leave everyone else in the dark. They have secret societies, secret clubs, and secret meetings. Shh, don't tell. Only we few are deserving of truth because we're special and they're not. They can't handle the truth. They are lesser, and we are greater. (Narcissists will often do exactly this. Consider Reptiliandude for a moment and his so-called knowledge. He attempts to give off the appearance of doing this, and years later states point-blank he's lying to you and your enemy. They let a couple of people that praise them enough feel special and use this to manipulate them into a point where they become a form of different from any other kind of junkie, enslaved to an addiction by choice. This is what Reptiliandude himself practices and it has been documented as one of many red flags that the community is a cult.)
Really? I hate to tell you, but you secret keepers are not better than us for what you've learned and done. You're culpable for these lies, if not in this life, then the next. And selling us out to boost yourselves will ultimately boomerang on you. (Projection. She is outright telling you that her [Garbo] and Reptiliandude are not really all that great or special. This is what goes through their own minds, projected onto the audience. Narcissists all have this as a tendency pretty much without exception.)
It is the responsibility of all living beings to uplift one another, not trip them up so they fall. The elder must support and encourage the younger. This is parenting, guiding, guarding, and influencing toward goodness and truth. (That's great..when will these start? Because all that has come out of InsurrectionEarth is abusive and manipulative conversation while promoting these tendencies in those that follow without question. It is a plague and corruption masquerading as something beneficial. It is cancer in a different form.)
If you beat a dog and withhold empathy, he will bite. If you pen him up, he will dig out and run. If you tie a rope around his neck, he will chew it off. If you chain his leg, he will chew that too, for he'd rather lose a foot to be free than remain in that pen under such an indifferent master. (Which is pretty telling because it is rubbing in the audience's faces that they are less than dogs. That even animals in their basest state on instinct would break themselves free but the community of InsurrectionEarth will not do the same. This is a very abusive statement to make to one's audience and them basically outright bragging that they have control over you and you will never bother to escape. That you love the lies and you love their abuse, no matter how bad it gets..that they can openly state such and get away with it.)
Those who have manipulated and stolen from us have not only robbed us of our birth right, but of peace of mind. Just because we haven't learned the truth doesn't mean we don't see the lies. The world isn't right. We know this. You owe us the truth to not only set us free, but to free yourselves from condemnation. (Being truthful about things does not free anyone from condemnation, nor those that go along with and enable it.)
Those who wrong us and seek forgiveness must show contrition and ask for it. We can be merciful. Or we can be vengeful. Who would you prefer your neighbors to be? For we are all part of this universe full of life. You cannot exterminate us, or convince us to exterminate each other, without condemning yourselves.
(Wow. Garbo is basically saying here you have to accept or forgive their narcissist behavior because you are condemning yourselves otherwise. Narsis LOVE to hold things over the heads of those that hang around them. Truth be told, no, we don't have to put up with you. Lock your sorry asses away maybe and let a good shrink figure out the best medication for the job perhaps...but you are a contagion to be locked away from humanity that only causes it pain by exposure.)
The truth would be easier. It would be painful at first, but ultimately uplifting. We could eventually work together to solve the issues between us. Truly. There could be peace and prosperity.
(This is garbo...garbotalking. "Painting a picture"...a glorious narrative scene for those roped in. However, its all empty words. There will never be peace or prosperity so long as people willingly believe and enable pathological liars like Garbotalk and Reptiliandude. It will never happen.)
It all comes down to a willingness to be brave enough to speak truth, and not lies. Rip off the bandaid. Clear the smoke from our eyes. Plunge in the deep end. We won't go crazy. We are ready.
(That's RICH coming from Garbo. For years you have spoken lies and enabled lies. And even this posting of yours is full of them. She's more or less mocking the community here and not really talking to 'aliens'.)

Jesus, that looked at first glance much tamer than what it was, but welcome to this sort of thing. When you really look at it...yikes. It just gets worse.
However, then we get to our next one. Reptiliandude decides to continue to sperg out again. Oh, and you will note that now he locks ALL of his threads. That's right. The control freak has been slipping SO much that now he is paranoid that someone, anyone, might speak up and say something that he doesn't like. (Shit I go into the mod and put posts back more often than not, keeping a record so that all sides can see what is said. The only removals have been from the parties themselves...even people I have banned I have not removed their comments.)
So, Hyperbolic shook him so much that RD accused him of being Soulja and now Reptiliandude locks all of his posts after going on a sperg fest rant for pretty much 6 days straight between posts and comments. Here he is again, in full abusive form. This goes back to his thread titled "You are following a script for our amusement."
You know, the one where he said outright that you are product, that you are cattle, you are something to be used up and cast aside...also that his whole "audit" was to see how well you could be lied to, among other things. An outright admission that several years was NOTHING but lies. Reptiliandude admitted that he lied to his community, outright stated he is not their friend nor does he give a damn about them, and then openly mocked them. Then when he was called out for that very thing he lost his shit and now makes posts much like this one.

This is why you do not enable an abusive narcissist.

You aren't saving anyone, it's just condemning everyone else around them.

Posted byu/reptiliandude12 hours ago

I have removed the thread where the moderator of this forum "spoon-fed" information to the readers.

There is nothing being "sold" here.
You are not customers or entitled to be served or waited upon.
Neither is this a "cult" where monies are demanded or a "collection plate" is passed around. (Not all cults operate on the concept of money. Some are CoNs [Cults of Narcissism] and others are cults of personality which are more like certain political based cults, cults around a cause [or the semblance of one],etc. In Reptiliandude's case, his is very much a CoN and meets most of the cult criteria as listed in one of the first posts.)
If you wish to seek the state of humanity or our purpose here, you may earn it, a by perusing three years of writings on the other subreddit.
(Reptiliandude is pulling the whole "in order to speak you have to sort through three years of posts" bullshit. As I have talked about prior, this is the narcissist at work attempting to cover their own ass. They keep you busy trying to look through old posts while they get YOU in the audience talking and potentially revealing key details for them about yourselves ti use to emotionally tear into you with later. One on hand it is distraction and misdirection, on the other hand, it keeps you out of THEIR face, and on another hand, it is used as a form of indoctrination for those more gullible minds. There are a few layers to this kind of manipulation...but whenever anyone tries to send you on a 3-year wild goose chase it is absolutely gas-lighting at the very least.)
...Or don't.
The purpose of my words was to fulfill our own legal obligations, as we too have statutes that must be followed prior to the permanent acquisition of this world via its controlled bloodlines.
(So now u/reptiliandude is pulling a David Icke and the bloodlines of the world are run by Reptilians bit. Remember when the concept pissed him off? Now suddenly its the new norm.
Of course, he also claimed that his audit was for the purpose of seeing what lies he could get away with. Legal obligations of this nature and shit-posting on Reddit would be laughed out of any form of the legal system in the way you cannot claim that a cartoon is a viable notice for a legal summons. It has to be understood and has to have a modus of seriousness in which people will actually take it seriously. Playing the role of a suckup to whatever is told to you does not make you a participant with a modus of seriousness.)
It is the nature of beasts to struggle through their containment until they are properly "domesticated." (Calling people contained animals when if this is the case, it has failed in literally every way.)
Such endeavors you shall witness and behold as I have spoken unto you. (Religious jargon. Nothing Reptiliandude claims can't be found dating years back before his posts: sci-fi like Jupiter Rising, David Icke, or a few different areas on Google. None of it is mystery information, and much of what he posts is deliberately taken out of context. Despite his claims on knowledge...he frequently contradicts himself and showcases that he knows little to nothing about any of these topics. What he REALLY does..he gets people around him that know things, he looks for specific catchphrases..and then he twists them to form a narrative. This is also a form of Narcissist Mimicry and it is done in order to more efficiently prey on any community or group of vulnerable people the narcissist sets their sights on. Just like in nature, this can get a mimic welcomed in so that they can destroy that community or group.
So even the concept of him being some intelligent guru is quite simply a lie. An act put on for the audience. He has no knowledge of these things, he just hovers around those that do and looks for buzzwords or phrases to appear that way. In some cases..notably, ghost hunting sorts..this is similar to what a Mentalist does.)
I have also given you the knowledge of the ways and means of your deliverance from our hands. (This is a lie. He has given no such thing. He has given a lot of bad fanfiction, a lot of things you can easily find on a web search, and a whole lot of narcissist abuse. He has outright admitted he is a liar and mocked his own community.)
If you wish to seek comfort in the words of charlatans and deceivers, all the better for us. (Once again outing u/garbotalk as a charlatan and deceiver in a very tongue in cheek way.)
It shall make the proper culling of the herd all that much more poignant to the protestors among our own. (Believing or disbelieving you does nothing of the sort.)
Do not bother replying to this post as your opinions are completely irrelevant to the points being made here, and I have no desire to continue a discussion on the matter. (In other words, here we have the narcissist creating a controlled narrative. No discussion, no nothing. Everything under HIS control where he can be ABSOLUTELY sure he gets none of the criticism that he frankly can't handle. He's a cowardly little bitch. On top of that, it's adorable to say things like "Don't reply to this post" when YOU LOCKED THE POST FROM COMMENTS.)
I encourage the moderator of this subreddit to open another thread to discuss it if she so desires, but I have nothing more to say on this subject.
You are a product. (You are not a product. You are a human being. Act like one and throw off the abuse you have been suffering at the hands of this narcissist. Throw him off his damn perch, grow a spine, stop blindly accepting his bullshit. Going along with it does not protect you. It simply is used against you later when you are discarded later....and you will always BE discarded.)
If you desire to be something more, lift yourselves up and make your voices heard in real-time by pulsing out the Fibonacci sequence via particle entanglement.
(Voices in real-time has never saved any oppressed faction in history. It simply means that you understand the orders of your overseers. The Fibonacci sequence, particle entanglement...all of it is a pack of lies by which Reptiliandude continually lies, manipulates and then mocks his own community. Scientists have thoroughly debunked these claims and frequently find new things that contradict or refute what is being claimed.
Again, however, the narcissist contradicts himself. First, he says that its about a legal thing. Now he says salvation through [insert weird convoluted thing that you know damn well you can't do.] ...and again with the back and forth. This was one of my earliest red flags and criticisms about Reptiliandude..that ultimately his bullshit just didn't add up. His claimed purpose was simply...not possible. It would never succeed under any circumstance and would have ultimately been a massive waste of time to undertake at all.
Even still, let's take yet one more narrative destruction here. If the species is significantly more advanced especially in tech do you think they care about legal action? FUCK NO. They just march right in and TAKE it. Legal action has never meant shit, especially when corruption in the courts seems to be a commonplace thing. Did the settler from Europe give a damn about courts when they made their move? Hell no, they didn't. Does the US care about such things when they have a business interest? Hell, no. They make up an excuse, go to war and its business as usual..even if the pretenses for that war turn out to be blatantly false. No one does a damn thing about it and in some cases it's not like there's anyone left to really argue the point.
So the entire premise of the legal argument is a bold faced lie. If he was really a member of some advanced species as he claims, they wouldn't bother with such things. They would smirk, shrug their shoulders and just mow everything down.)
...Or don't.
Do not waste time blaming us for the betrayal of those opportunists among your own, for such things are counterproductive. (None of that makes any sense. What Reptiliandude is being blamed for is being a pathological liar who has flat out stated he will not try to prove his claims and has outright mocked his community while stating that he lied to them.)
Ignore these words at your own peril. (Ignore these words and the narcissist will throw a temper tantrum because he's a thin-skinned coward.)
This thread is locked. (Don't reply to this post.....but the thread is locked so you can't. Reptiliandude always has something to hide, always has another excuse. Always another lie. This is the reality of what a narcissist is. You just build yourself up for some big reveal that turns out to be that you were suckered, used, abused and are now being discarded in favor of the next sucker or suckers. This is a perpetual cycle that takes off for the narcissist around the age of 20 and finally dies off around the 50-60 mark if they don't die off from one odd thing or another.)

One more? One more. RD really is the kind of scummy trash where after reading his garbage you need a detox and a shower to get all the grime off. (My detox of choice? Creating things and/or video games. Anything creative. I do appreciate some nice classical music. Mozart or Beethoven being my favorites.) Alright, one more it is. Oh, of course.

Leave it to Reptiliandude to post this kind of bullshit before the holidays. Only him. Only a scummy narcissist of this caliber is so fucked in the head that they can't just leave people have a bit of peace before the holidays. He just has to be a little shit and make things all about him pretty much all the time. ( At this point, narcissists like Reptiliandude are becoming a serious argument for serial killers or at the very least permanent institutionalization until we can find the right dose of whatever will stop them from being such an evil bastard. Don't mind me. I'm just tired of their shit and tired of those that enable it because a head pat means more than their own damn soul. Fuck everyone else, its all about THEIR feelings and THEIR selfishness.)

reptiliandude•Posted byu/reptiliandudeReptilian12 hours ago

All my friends are “Heathens,” take it slow...

It is arrogance in which you imagine that the time frame that the universe exists must begin within the parameters that allow Earth to be on an equal playing field (or, the center of the universe). (No one assumes that any part of life, let alone the planet, is an equal playing field.)
This is simply not the case.
Your greatest theorists postulate that the entire fabric of space stretched out to accommodate their indulgence, rather than to simply accept the existence of twin taurids rolling it out into flatness and thus, a much, much older (and everlasting) universe. (Actually, our greatest theorists speculate a number of universes rolling out from the concept of dead universes in sort of its own universal life cycle. Some universes with which may possess different 'rules' entirely than the ones we know to be thus far. And that if these universes collide that it might create the end of one universe but the creation of multiple new universes. So..once again, Reptiliandude is sermonizing and full of shit.)
Such a thing would mean accepting such creatures as termites to be an epoch’s saviors, and another stellar-wandering species so much older and greater than primates to be the true redeemers of this world—a world without “you.” (No part of that means anything for termites. Someone needs to message Reptiliandude and tell him to get back on his meds. Interesting that he's basically trying to infer Reptilians here but even that means nothing whatsoever. His interpretation of Reptilians is little more than a plague of locusts, a living virus that should be removed at all costs.)
And yet, they branded your skull upon this rock to certify your future ownership of an inheritance in which you so adamantly deny free-will as a part of it. (Ugh. This is so stupid. They did not brand our skull on the planet. We do not deny free will. Humans simply waste it, which is proven by how many times these stupid narcissists keep coming around. They always have a following of enablers and suck-ups. Their abusiveness is always excused and allowed to hurt others. His own community is an example of people wasting free will. And it hurts the heart and the soul to witness.)
Arrogant humanity, how little you know of who and what it was that salvaged this insignificant planet so many hundreds of millions of years ago and how it was that mass was imputed into it by the Bringer of Tides. (Bullshit and more bullshit. You didn't save anything. You're not part of anything that saved anything and you admitted you have told nothing but lies. )
If you cannot comprehend such things or the rationale behind delivering such a sacrifice unto Another so much greater than any of us... Indeed, a “child” that had been freezing to death and in such a manner where no immediate profit could be made by those delivering it into His hands, how will you ever understand why our own manipulations of you are permitted to exist?
(This is a bunch of use of logical fallacy, and of course, throwing in the subconscious imagery of a child freezing to death as a low key means of emotional manipulation...likely geared toward the females in the audience who are likely to fall for it. Sadly, I see a lot of narcissists attempt this..and when they do so it is almost always geared to either those that identify within the LGBT crowd or to women.)

For all are tested, and all are weighed in the balance. (It must please Reptiliandude to understand how much of a colossal failure he is, then.)
But you must understand this to understand the Ancient Ones. (So first its the Assembly, then the Consortium, and now its the Ancient Ones. Can we pick a story and stick with it, please? You really need the thick wading boots in this part of the internet, I swear.)
For without this you will not discern the purpose of the Hive—indeed, those who sell calibrated time as a commodity unto those of weaker flesh who aspire to be the rulers of the worlds. (So...Assembly...Consortium...Ancient Ones....and now the fucking Hive. Throwing my hands up in the air hear as its very clear at this point that he's just making up any old bullshit to see exactly how far he can push his community of groveling morons before they finally understand that when he told them he's been lying to them...he wasn't kidding. :P )
All are tried and all are tested, until such time in which a species is either rebooted or lifted up into the glory of the “gods.” (Oh yes..the glory of the gods. And what glory would that be? Can you think of any gods that were truly glorious..and that didn't showcase all of the WORST vices of human nature? What glory is that? If glory is supposed to be anything of what Reptiliandude claims to possess..why in hell would you want to be like that? Why would you want to be like him? Why would you ever want to emulate such a depraved existence as what he showcases every time he opens his mouth?)
Learn to “speak” in real-time, so those led to believe that all things here are of your own free will can hear your cries, and you just might receive that liberty which you so naively seek.
But beware of That which you summon, for The Great King of Terror brings not only light to worlds but darkness to the undertakings of those whose so-called liberty leads many unto ruin. (The Great King of Terror coming from the sky is a reference to Nostradamus and one of those passages that is most likely to be used and abused. Everything about that quatrain is often heavily and wildly speculated on.

Burnt Sacrifice shall once again be demanded in blood by this One as a sweet-smelling savor that He may imprint into the hearts and minds the remembrance of so great a deliverance.
( THE ONE demands burnt sacrifice, and blood sacrifice. A "sweet-smelling savor". In other words, the One is in actually Molech, a demon that demands sacrifice and blood. Of all of the known demons in demonology, this one is the one in lore most associated with it. This means, yes, that Garbo has been declaring that The One is "god" but in reality is spreading the worship of the demon or devil known as Molech. Who is firmly AGAINST God.
So, by these rantings, Reptiliandude is in actuality more Luciferian/True Satanic in nature and attempting to bring people into the fold of a cult that in actuality is devoted to the demon/devil Molech.
As far as global occult factions go, this ties into those present at Bohemian Grove, where the Cremation of Care ceremony is a throwback to the days of Molech worship where it was more openly practiced. This occultic faction is the sort that wants to make the world into one massive blood sacrifice to their "gods"...while butting heads with the more business-oriented factions like those with which Soros is affiliated. I guess this explains why Reptiliandude and Garbotalk never go after certain politicians, eh? They are not connected with powerful groups, but they certainly follow the creed, or at least that is what RD is claiming here.)
Yet, those who seek freedom elsewhere shall be granted their exile, only so that they may proclaim their newly found slavery as liberty once again.
So shall the cycle continue, as it has from the beginning, as the righteous romanticize the days of their wickedness and the sinners once again claw their way into sainthood.
(The concept of the US formed as an American Experiment by Freemasons. He's really hitting that David Icke pretty hard. Unfortunately, there are just too many holes in that possibility. None of which have anything to do with RD's latest bout of verbal diarrhea. )

So, RD added to the narrative and complicated it further. He talked a lot of abusive shit. He outed himself as a Molech worshipper and the One that they have been talking about for the last few years as in reality being the demon Molech. (Worship and sacrifice by Blood and Fire. Yes, I know there is the Feathered Serpent reference, too..but in this case, it's very particularly Molech. The Aztecs believed they did so to save the world and revitalize the sun. Molech actively enjoyed and demanded such offerings, drunk off the suffering of others.)
That RD seems to take and exude great pleasure in this kind of thing is the hallmark of a very psychotic and evil lunatic. This is what you are enabling, people.
Yet somehow, I get the feeling that the deeper this rabbit hole gets, the worse it gets. I have to openly wonder what kind of real skeletons are in Reptiliandude's closet..and i'm sure they are nasty ones. What a sick, twisted, depraved and malign existence. damn evil.
That's enough out of me for one evening. I'm going to take a long shower and then give someone a hug. This kind of stuff really hurts the soul.
Please be safe out there, people, and don't give your praise to a twisted bastard like Reptiliandude.
Overthrow him, discard him, and be people again.
Please stop proving his claims about you right. Please.
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I met an automobile lawyer on a cruise this summer and he gave me this list of things to look out for while driving hope this helps anyone!

  1. Know the car you are driving. Learn brake distances and capabilities; windshield wipers must be in excellent working order and wiper fluid reservoir must always be filled (especially in winter) with “BLUE WINDSHIELD WIPER FLUID ONLY” Do not use another color windshield wiper fluid as it creates a powder residue in the lines and will be very expensive to fix/replace.
  2. Be sure your tires are in excellent condition and learn how to drive in very heavy rain conditions. Be aware of hydroplaning on turns, especially at speeds greater than 55.
  3. Be very careful of black ice and always be aware of the outside air temperature. Remember that at 32 degrees, everything freezes over especially on bridges or highway off ramps where there are mostly shady conditions. Be aware that whenever you observe shade on the road that will almost always be ice.
  4. If you are in excessive snow conditions, try to keep your tires in a track of tires made by the car or truck ahead of you and try to get behind a snowplow. They will protect your car. Do not follow too close.
  5. If you observe reckless operation of a motorcycle or motorcycles on any road, especially a high, let them pass then try not to get into their lane so as to avoid hitting them if they go down ahead of you. You do not want to hit a person on the ground with your car.
  6. Be careful of disabled vehicles on the roadway that do not have their road Hazard flashers on especially if it a one lane country road with a hill or crest on it. As you come to the top of the hill remember that the hill could SUDDENLY drop down and if you are going too fast and there is a disabled vehicle on the other side without warning you could find yourself hitting the disabled car at a high speed and being sent through your windshield suffering severe facial injuries. Of course, always wear your seat belts to avoid being ejected from the car during any impact, small or large.
  7. If you encounter road rage for any reason, never try to challenge the other car or try to catch up with the other car. Just call 911 or the Rhode Island State Police, telephone 401-444-1000 and report the problem. Never stop and NEVER GET OUT OF YOUR CAR. Be sure the doors are locked.
  8. Never give a ride to anyone you think is of questionable character or who is not right. They could leave drugs behind in YOUR car and if you get pulled over and the police find them or see them, you will be charged with a crime even if they are not yours.
  9. Be careful of “objects” on the highway that could get kicked up and hit your windshield.
  10. Be careful of items, tools, rocks, furniture, ect. falling off vehicles in front of you on the highway. Try to avoid these “work” style vehicles whenever you can.
  11. Be aware that snow and ice rolls of the tops of tractor trailers when temperatures rise days or weeks after a heavy snowfall and could fall on your windshield and temporarily blind you while you are driving on the highway. If this happens, DO NOT PANIC. Stay in your lane, reduce your speed to 55 and wait for the problem to clear then attempt to use your windshield wipers to clear the hazard.
  12. Do not drive too close or follow gas trucks or gas trailers on the highway. Be aware of your surroundings and try to keep your distance from these vehicles.
  13. Never pass a vehicle on a steep downgrade section of the road.
  14. Be very careful of HEAD ON COLLISIONS as these are your biggest threat to your life. Be especially careful if you are traveling on a road that has two -way traffic with NO BARRIER between the two- way traffic. Example, RT 6 East and West in Johnston and Scituate.
  15. Be aware of how dangerous “Crazy Corners” is in Scituate. The intersections of Rt 112 and 117 and two side roads all into one.
  16. Learn how to wait for cars attempting to turn left in front of you. Always watch their front tires to guess what they will do next. Evaluate the car they are driving. If it’s a junky car, chances are they will take the risk/
  17. IF YOU OBERVE A CAR OR CARS TRAVLEING BEHIND YOU ON THE HIGHWAY AT EXCESSIVE RATES OF SPEED AND CHANGING IN AND OUT OF LANES, DO NOT PANIC, DO NOT MAKE ANY SUDDEN MOVES AND DO NOT CHANGE LANES SONCE THEY WILL BE LOOKING FOR WHATEVER LANE IS OPEN TO SWERVE IN AND OUT OF TRAFFIC. THIS IS A VERY DANGEROUS SITUATION THAT YOU MUST ALWAYS BE AWARE OF. I also recommend that you always have your ears listening for this type of hazard or any other hazard so that you will have EXTRA senses available to help you. THIS SKILL COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE! You should never have any distractions while you are driving that could prevent you from being 100 percent aware of these road hazards. Your life depends on it.
  18. Be careful on blind turn off ramps or on ramps for wrong way drivers.
  19. Always be on the lookout for IMPAIRED Drunk) drivers especially at night after 8:00PM.
  20. Never allow someone to use your car especially if your car is registered to your parents.
  21. Be aware of the basic traffic laws against speeding, stop signs and use of break down lanes. These violations WILL substantially raise your parent’s insurance premiums on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis for a long time to come and you need that money to go to college.
  22. Just holding a cell phone in your hand is now illegal in Rhode Island as of June 1, 2018.
  23. Be careful of pedestrians walking in the street and small children running into the street to chase after a small toy. You may not see them, especially if a car or a truck is parked on the side of the road and they run out in front of it. Also, remember if there is one child there are usually more in the area.
  24. Tap brakes several times when approaching a slow down up ahead to alert drivers behind you so you don’t get rear-ended especially on a road like 146North near North Smithfield. (The road has a blind spot that dips down sharply just before Majestic Motors in the North bound lanes.
  25. Be aware not to let plastic bags get stuck under the car. Could cause a fire situation.
  26. Always move as far away from motorcycles as possible and never travel BEHIND them.
  27. When at a red light, try to leave some space between you and the car in front of you in case a car is coming too fast from behind so you can roll up and reduce the impact to you.
  28. Never put stickers on the car. Bumper stickers or affiliation stickers. Very bad. A magnate for police.
  29. Never hang anything from the rear-view mirror. In most states, it’s a traffic court violation.
  30. Never get out of your car if you have an altercation with another motorist. Call 911 or your nearest police department or State Police Department in the State you are in if you’re on a State major Highway.
  31. Lastly, always know that there is somebody on your ass.
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Traffic in ChatRoom (How does it work?)

Hi. Latelly I have seen a lot of questions about Traffic ... how to get it, quality and conversion and I think there is little or no information on the internet about how Cam Websites work in terms of traffic so I'll try to share some of my knowledge with you ...
(some of you might know already I am not a native English speaker so srry if I do lot's of grammer mistakes)

When it comes to Cam Traffic there are (usually) 4 different kind of players (entities) involved until the actual client reach to your chatroom and I think it's important for you girls to understand how the big picture works.
  1. Free Content Distributors - Blog Owners, Webmasters, Tube Websites (like PornHub) ... this free content is actually blog posts (text), images and videos... they sell clicks, bulk traffic to Advertising Networks. They get their traffic organically...from google searches.
  2. Advertising Networks - there are companies that buy advertising space from the Free Content Distributors and sell it to Affiliates.
  3. Affiliates - they are normally websites owners or blog owners as well but the main difference between them and Free Content Distributors is that they also buy Traffic and Sell content to that traffic for a percentage or fixed ammount of cash. They usually get traffic organically from Google by sharing Free Content as well.
  4. Cam Websites (IE: Chaturbate) - they don't usually buy bulk traffic from Advertising Networks, they rely on the traffic brought by the Affiliates and they usually Pay Per Action meaning they pay only if a user register and buy tokens. They pay the affiliate a percentage or a fixed ammount of cash for each user / payment.

Once the paying user got on Chaturbate for example...they show him lots of live cams of different cam models based on the conversion rate of each model.

Now, the main question is ... "how to get more traffic to my chatroom?" ... there are several ways for you to get more traffic to your chatroom.
  1. Create free content and give it for free to Free Content Distributors.. For example you could record a short Cam Session, watermark it and upload it to PornHub. This will drive X ammount of traffic to you chatroom based on the views your video has on PornHub. You could also upload pics on free porn pics websites or write content and ask bloggers to post it on their blogs with a link to your chatroom. (Sharing pics on your Twitter profile goes to this category as well, the slight difference is you both create and distribute the content)
  2. Buy traffic dirrectly to your chatroom from Advertising Networks - There are many many adult networks but might be a good start (they were the best traffic services company of the year 2018 ).
  3. Create free content and give it for free to Affiliates...

Buying traffic from Advertising Networks it's a good ideea but only if you know very well your audience, if you have experience with split tests and other paid advertising strategies and so on... If you don't have what it takes...prepare yourself to spend money until you actually get to know what are you doing. It's not rocket science ... but it takes time and practice to understand how things work. (If you're a regular cam model with no experience at all in marketing ... my advice to you is to stick with the other 2 ways of getting traffic to your chatroom )

The method 1 and 3 to get traffic...might seem similar one to the other and...they are because it takes about the same amount of efforts from your part but the end results can be really really different and the main reason for that is the traffic difference in terms of quality.

How do you measure traffic quality? That's simple ... 1 viewer in your chatroom who give you tips worth more than 100 who don't for you and for the Cam Website (Chaturbate in our case). (most of the cam models with experience will tell you that and it is true - your position on Chaturbate tops are not related to the amount of people in your chatroom - your position is related to how much people spend on you - Chaturbate has 1 main goal ... give as much exposure as possible to the models that convert - this is where the cash is ... anything else are just stories).

So ... why method 1 and 3 will bring you traffic with different quality? Take PornHub for example (a method 1 free content distributor) ... people go there for Free Content ... and most of them are not willing to pay for the content they consume. PornHub knows their traffic very well and they DON'T do Affiliate Ads for cam websites or any other kind of paid websites because they earn more by selling it to a Advertising Network (if interested...they work with Traffic Junky) on the other hand ... Affiliates do have traffic that converts on paid websites ... that's how they earn their money - Affiliates get paid when a user make an action (CPA ... and that Action is usually when the user Paid for something). They have traffic that converts because they know their traffic well...and they know how to target that traffic when buying bulk traffic.

I've been working as Affiliate for a while now...and I have seen a lot of cam models (most of them) sharing their free content on Twitter, PornHub and other non-affiliate websites, some of them are affiliates themselves and share their affiliate link.
Almost none...or very few Buy traffic ...
Some cam models work closelly with Affiliates ... there are not so many models who do that ... but I think the number is increasing since the competition gets higher and higher each day. More and more models turn to professionals and in my opinion that's the most clever thing to do... answer to the question "How to get more traffic in my chatroom?" ... I'll say cam business is not that different that any other business ... create free samples of what are you selling ... build work relationship with people that might increase your business ... build trust and create a brand around you.
Don't spend too much time to bring big amounts of low quality traffic ... focus on the quality not on the quantity.

And ... don't trust too much in your competitors advices ... some cam models could have good intentions and might really want to help you ... but most of them will only tell you half of the truth ...
I've seen many experienced cam models who tell to the new ones ... "don't give free content away ... if they want it...they have to pay for it" ... but in the same time their Twitter profile is full of free pics and videos of them ... I think those cam models are just afraid of the competition.

Hope it will help both new models and experienced ones ...
Srry again if I made too many grammer mistakes ... and let me know if you guys have any qustions.

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GreenCapstone's Paid Traffic Case Study - Month 1

So this is the sub's first paid traffic case study. It's gonna be a LOT different than SEO and this will be a tough subject to breach for anyone coming in cold... but hopefully I can do an OK job explaining the basics & maybe offer some value to anyone looking to make the leap.
My goal here is twofold: to clarify some basic points about paid traffic and (mostly) to share my journey as I learn paid traffic. I'll update on a monthly basis with a recap of what I did each month, my general progress, and any interesting lessons I've learned that may help others get into paid traffic.

Stuff About Me

I started with SEO affiliate sites when I first stumbled onto this sub in late '15/early '16. Immediately loved it.
Somewhere around mid '17 I got into paid traffic out of curiosity. The more I looked into it the more I enjoyed it. Some people really prefer organic growth, creating a brand, building links, and publishing awesome content. And I definitely like all of that. But to me paid traffic is just more enjoyable.
So I've been running both SEO sites and paid traffic coming up on about a year now. I've learned so much in both areas and I can now officially say that I do affiliate marketing fulltime.
However I am NOT a:
I'm just someone who put in the time to make it this far. And I'm still putting in the time because honestly, I'm not that far.
I do think it's true that anyone can do this work. It's just that most people won't.
My last point before I delve into the case study is to personally thank Humble for his original case studies. I was here in '16 following every single update. That really pushed me into AM and I'm forever grateful, not just for Humble's work, but for everyone on this sub who's shared information. Hopefully I can offer a little of what I took away from this community and pay it forward to others.

Intro To Paid Traffic

None of my future case studies will have an intro section but I want to at least provide a small overview here.
Basically I'm buying ads at a certain price & sending them to affiliate offers(or landing pages that lead to affiliate offers).
The goal is to earn more in revenue than I paid for the ads. The difference is my profit(or loss).
A few terms worth defining:
  • Vertical - Another term for "niche". Paid traffic affiliates say "what's your vertical?" instead of "what's your niche?". They mean the same thing.
  • Offer - The offer is basically whatever specific product you're promoting. This varies based on what vertical you're in. For example, adult dating offers are usually different dating sites that want active users.
  • Geo - The country you're in. So if I'm running traffic in Australia then my geo is AU. In the paid traffic world most affiliates shorten geos to their 2-letter abbreviation.
  • Affiliate Manager - Shortened to AM, this is your connection to each affiliate network. You work with your AM to get information on different offers like conversion rates, daily rev, total traffic, EPC, lead quality, and potential pay bumps.
  • Traffic Source - The website where you're buying traffic. For example if I'm running offers on Facebook then FB is my traffic source. If I'm buying display ads I might buy those from any number of traffic sources. Using the adult dating example from earlier, I might buy display ads from Traffic Junky which is a great source for adult traffic.
  • Placements - The individual websites where you buy ads on. These placements will change based on which TS you're using but most traffic sources have a bunch of placements for each geo. The only difference is when you buy ads on a single website like Facebook or Google.
I know I'm forgetting a bunch of terms but I'll clarify stuff as I go on. The lingo is different but you pick it up fast.
So there's also a few tools you should know about since paid traffic isn't easy on its own.
At a minimum I use these tools each month for paid traffic:
  • Voluum - SaaS tracker. This is where I curate all my data in one place. Total spend, total conversions, revenue, which offers are working, which landers, which placements... everything is in the tracker. Voluum is most recommended for newbies and it's what I've stuck with. I've also heard good things about FunnelFlux and AdsBridge.
  • AdPlexity - Spy tool. When you're starting in paid traffic AM spying is crucial. It's better to copy & revamp existing creatives(banners & landers) rather than create your own from scratch. Adplexity is one of the best spy tools out there since it covers so many areas.
  • Hosting - This can be almost anything but your best bet for speed is static hosting. S3+CloudFront or Rackspace+Cloudflare are the two setups I see most recommended.
The actual setup of tracking URLs, postbacks, adding traffic sources, setting up tokens, it's all very confusing at first. Truth be told it's a little beyond my willingness to explain it all here.
But there are some guides online and once you get everything setup it slowly starts to make sense.
There's a lot more I could cover here but I don't want this post to run too long. And my goal with this case study is merely to share what I'm doing each month and answer questions where I can--NOT to provide a start-to-finish guidebook for newbies to get into paid traffic. Maybe I can find time to write something like that in the future if there's interest. But if you want that I'd suggest dropping the $99/mo on STM and just following their guides.
I will try my best to help anyone with questions though. All I can say is that getting into paid traffic is tough, even just trying to understand the way the setup works. But it gets easier.
It is very different from SEO and it's arguably harder to understand. But I personally think it offers higher potential revenue and a faster return. You can also burn money like crazy. Good times.

My April 2018 Stats

I won't be sharing any of my specific offers or my geos in this case study. But I will share as much as I feel comfortable sharing in a public forum.
Right now I'm running pop traffic which is a cheap way to learn. Generally popups/popunders are annoying as shit and I don't love running them. But it's far cheaper than Facebook, Native, or PPC. Display is another option but I'm simply not bothering with that.
My current spend budget is anywhere from $2500-$3500/mo. I'm promoting a mix of CPL(cost per lead) offers. This means if I send a lead that signs up to the offer then I get a conversion. Example: I send a lead to a dating website and they pay me $1.50 per signup.
Numbers are likely the most interesting here so I'll share two screenshots: 1) MTD stats and 2) a screen from the primary offer I've got running green right now.
These screens are both from Voluum and you'll see in the 1st screenshot that this month I've lost money. But -20% isn't really too bad. That could flip green in a couple days with a great offer.
The 2nd screenshot shows one "campaign" running on 3 different traffic sources. I'm testing a single offer here and hoping I can scale it(which means buying traffic on as many sources as I can to earn as much as possible).
You'll see three rows in the 2nd screenshot. Those each represent a different campaign in Voluum, but all together they are technically the same camp. Just running on different sources. I know that's confusing but I'm not really sure how to clarify further!
Right now I'm optimizing that campaign which means a couple things:
  1. Finding the best browsers/OS/devices that are consistently converting
  2. Finding the worst placements(ie. websites) and cutting those out
Between those two things I'd say #2 is more important. That's the process of removing any websites that don't work so I can stop paying for them. The idea is to only be paying for the best placements so that I'm profitable. I'll cover this more in future updates where I actually have screens for optimization, but here's one simple example from my current camp:
Each row represents a different website/placement. Some are -100% which means I've spent money and earned nothing. Many of those have already been cut. Others are red but have converted, and others are green.
Goal is to just keep going until you've still got some volume + you're running green. Easier said than done.
The rest of the month has me testing a bunch of offers/geos to find other working ones. Some are close but many didn't work. That's usually how this goes, especially in the beginning.
Total Tested Offers: 13
Total Tested Geos: 3
These numbers aren't great and I should have tested a lot more this month. But some other annoyances kinda got in the way and tied up my time.
Currently planning to launch a lot more going into May and hopefully I'll be able to share more interesting stats.
This case study is definitely a work in progress and I'm not sure how to present stats in a way so that they're understandable. Over time I think I'll find a good rhythm for this. If there are any specific stats you wanna see just ask & I'll share what I can.
Admittedly I'm not the best teacher so this does feel like a big long ramble to me. I'm sure most of this also seems foreign enough to be coming from whatever country is halfway across the world from you.
No worries, it really is that confusing. But I'll try my best with my shoddy teaching skills to offer the most useful info possible.

To The Future!

I'd like to post a new update each month going out for maybe 8-12 months. Regardless of where I end up I think this should give plenty of time to add value and help some people pick up knowledge on paid traffic.
With each case study I'll try my best to answer any questions you guys have. This sub is great about no hand holding, but I also think paid traffic has very little clear info publicly on the Internet compared to SEO affiliate stuff. I'm OK answering some baby questions in the beginning since I still consider myself a baby in this space. But I will try to keep my responses unique so I'm not answering the same questions over & over.
One thing to note: I'm also doing this case study to meet people and connect with folks serious about affiliate marketing.
When you get into paid traffic you realize how important it is to actively network. This holds true for people doing SEO affiliate work as well. Who you know matters. A lot.
If anyone is serious about AM and has already put in some work(not a complete noob) I'd be happy to connect. I don't mean to discriminate but there are tons of tire kickers in this industry. If you've put in some work and made any progress then it shows you're at least somewhat serious. And I'd love to connect with folks who are serious about AM so we can help each other, even after I end this case study. If there's any point I could make here it's just about AM as a career: relationships matter.
So let me wrap up my spiel and say thanks to everyone who read this far! I definitely look forward to my next update and hopefully I'll have a better idea of what information to share by then.
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GreenCapstone's Paid Traffic Case Study - Month 2

I've decided that I'll likely post my case studies ~7 days before end of month. Most people are sharing their case studies at the very end or very beginning of the month, so this time of the month is quieter and hopefully my updates at this time can keep us all entertained in the interim.

Past Updates

May(So Far)

Since I'll be sharing 1 week before end of month I won't have full monthly data. But I also don't think that's super valuable, or if it is I can share my final month's end stats in my June update.
This month was a green month by around $700 profit.
It came from a handful of higher payout CPL offers running traffic on a CPA cost model. This is where you pay per lead instead of paying CPM or CPC. This is weirdly difficult to find information on but this post is a nice place to start.
Few sources let you buy CPA traffic. But it can work better for affiliates. I'm also testing on CPM too. Running a variety of offers from $1-$3 payouts up to $10-$15 payouts. All pay per lead which means that I get paid when I send a lead to the offer. These are good for easy testing since the offers are A) cheaper, and B)easier to convert.
You can run CPL on any type of traffic: pops, display, native, Facebook... and you can run it on all the different cost models: CPM, CPC, CPA. It's a great type of offer to start with and most verticals have CPL offers.
Let's dive into my stats first and then I'll try to share more on the process.

P&L Affiliate Style

Earnings Screen: Spend + earnings for May to date:
Not a great ROI but also not terrible. Green is good my friends.
What happened here is that I lost a lot in testing--that means I ran a lot of campaigns to find the best offers, best LPs, and blacklist placements before I could get them green. Running on CPA definitely helped.
A big reason that number isn't higher is difficulty scaling. My budget is $3k/mo right now and I'm trying to stick with that to avoid overspending. Luckily I'll get all my money back + profit for June so I can try running a little more.
Campaigns Screen: Overview of all my campaigns, total stats, profit/loss, etc:
Nothing really extraordinary here. I have one camp that shit hard and went -100% ROI which I didn't expect, but I didn't lose much. All the rest of my results are fairly general.
Some of those campaigns are now paused in lieu of updated camps with better targeting, different networks, stuff like that. Others are still running and being optimized.
My goal has been to get more green than red. So far this month I've succeeded. Fingers crossed for June that I can keep everything running smoothly.

Tips, Tricks, A Few Tidbits

So I want these case studies to be valuable and I know this is a lot of info that probably doesn't make sense. This is not your grandpa's affiliate site.
Basically what I'm doing with each campaign is finding some way to get it green. Even $5/day is a success right now, although usually camps hit double digits in profit faster than single digits.
A quick rundown of a sample process:
  1. Find a vertical(really good to focus on just one to nail it down)
  2. Find some good offers for that vertical. If we ran adult dating then we'd want dating offers(CPL of course!)
  3. Rip landing pages from Adplexity. They have an adult program so if we were doing adult dating then we'd want to rip dating landers. These you'd have to just figure out what they look like by searching, or by chatting with other affiliates who do dating.
  4. Launch the campaign on a traffic source. Last time I mentioned a few for adult like Exoclick and Traffic Junky.
  5. Run data. Lose money. Accept that you've lost money and let it keep losing.
  6. Gather enough data to study. Look at the offers, which one(s) are converting? How about the LPs? Which flow from LP -> Offer is working best? If something looks good then cut out everything else and just test what's working.
  7. Study deeper into the campaign. Is Android or iOS working better? What about desktop users are they converting over mobile? Which browser works best? Find the best target audience that seems to be converting the most, cut what isn't working. Yes, this requires losing even more money to gather even more data.
  8. The goal by now is to be green or almost green. Maybe -20% give or take. From here just cut bad placements in the traffic source--"placements" being websites you buy traffic from. A handful will convert, many won't. Cut out the crap and ideally get it green.
Yes this is pretty oversimplified. Yes it's not the only way to do it. And yes, there's a LOT more to it.
You'll wanna test different traffic sources, different bids, maybe make your own LPs, if all the offers suck then try others.... maybe join new affiliate networks to get more offers. Or try to get a pay bump on a good offer. The list goes on.
But generally speaking this is a decent overview of how many newbies, myself included, approach paid traffic campaigns.
I still would consider myself not very knowledgeable in this space but I know enough to feel comfortable sharing. At the very least to maybe help some other people interested in this.
I'll be sharing more in future case studies and will get more in-depth with some campaigns. But for these early updates I'd like to start broad and slowly get into the nitty-gritty over time.
One key point to note: These results CANNOT be compared to Amazon Affiliate sites
This is my month #2 update but this is not my 2nd month running paid traffic. If you recently started an AA site then just understand that paid traffic doesn't work faster. You likely won't hit $700 profit faster in paid than in SEO. Both take a lot of work and are totally different, but both can earn well once you "crack the code" so to speak.

For Next Month

I think next month I'll delve deeper into how I'm looking at data. Maybe I'll pick one campaign and show you stats to explain how I'm analyzing decisions.
These aren't always right or wrong, they're just my approach for now. But if there's something else you want to know just ask! I will try to provide whatever info I can within reason. And I'd like these updates to be useful to the community so if my posts are confusing or just not clarifying enough I can work on that.
As always I'm open to connecting with other affiliates who are serious about AM. I mentioned before that I love to connect and share info with affiliates directly. But primarily if you're already doing something in the AM world whether it's SEO or paid, as long as you're seeing some results and not a tire kicker then feel free to PM. I also recommend any newbies to try connecting with others who are just starting. Share advice, tips, and ideally get into the industry together. Who you know matters.
Anyways thanks for reading & happy to answer questions the best I can.
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$750/month selling food diaries.

Hey - Pat from here with another interview.
Today's interview is with Laura Mulkerne of The Food Diary, a brand that sells food diary.
Some stats:

Hello! Who are you and what business did you start?

Hi, I’m Laura, and I’m the founder of The Food Diary Co. We currently sell one key product: a food diary for people who want to track their food, symptoms, and wellness. Our diary was originally created for people with digestive and/or chronic illnesses such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, IBD, Coeliac and more, to better understand their trigger foods and digestive upsets, but it can help anyone better understand the effects of their diet on their overall health.
The diary is a gorgeous, leather-look journal encompassing three months’ worth of tracking, with a special design to help you discover what food and non-food triggers have the most impact on your health. The Daily Page is set up for you to track not just your diet and symptoms, but also key non-food triggers such as sleep quality, exercise, stress levels, and medicines.
Then comes the important part: the Monthly Page prompts you to sit down and take the time to analyse the previous 30 days, and asks specific questions to help you spot patterns and the things that are having a negative (or positive!) effect on your health. It’s a bag-friendly A5 size for carrying around with you, and the pages are undated so you can get tracking straight away. Best of all, the design is discreet and stylish - so no-one will know what you’re tracking (unless you want to tell them!).
We’re based and ship from the UK, but we sell our diaries worldwide. In fact, the USA, Canada and Australia are our biggest markets after the UK. The greatest thing about selling this product is connecting with the people who buy it: we share stories of diary users on our blog and social media regularly, and hearing how this diary is helping people all over the world absolutely makes my day.

What's your backstory and how did you come up with the idea?

The diary was born, like so many things, out of my own needs.
I had spent nearly two years feeling sick from constant nausea, cramps, bowel issues and a complete lack of energy. Eventually, after pinging back and forth to several GPs, I met with a specialist - a gastroenterologist - and was diagnosed with IBS and possible Coeliac Disease.
At that point, I knew it was finally time to get a grip on my diet and figure out exactly what was causing my symptoms.
Which meant I needed a food diary, stat.
Being a stationery junkie, and having read that 1 in 5 people in the UK have IBS (not to mention around 45 million people in the USA who are affected by autoimmune and digestive issues), I assumed there would be something like this out there already.
But an exhaustive search in stores and online came up with nothing designed for me. Zip. Zilch.
Everything was designed for people who wanted to lose weight. So I did what everyone had to do up until now: I bought a regular notepad and made my own food diary. It was a lot of trial and error - some days forgetting to record this particular data, getting frustrated with drawing out my format every damn day.
Sometimes it wasn’t easy to maintain the motivation to work when you had 2 hours of commuting a day and long work days, but I was determined to see the project to fruition.
There were phone apps, and I gave them a shot, but I found I was spending ages having to input the food data - I cook a lot (you have to when you have intolerances or are following a diet with an exclusionary period) and I massively disliked the amount of time it would take me to input even a single meal. Some apps wanted way too much info, even down to the brand of chicken breast or spices I was using! Who has that kind of time!?
After a few months with my notebook, I had pinpointed the trigger foods and issues that had been plaguing me, and my health had done a complete 180. Removing gluten had been the key thing, but through using my food diary I realised that I couldn’t even touch caffeine anymore, that half an apple was fine but a whole one was too much, that a lot of mushrooms spelled a day of cramps, and that erratic sleep hours did a huge number on me.
I knew I wanted to continue with using the diary to maintain my good health, and I couldn’t stop thinking about creating a beautiful diary of my own. Eventually, I decided it was time to get it made: not just for me, but for everyone else out there who needed something similar. I bounced ideas off my dad, who is an entrepreneur himself and has decades of business experience, and then got to work creating our Food Diary!

Take us through the process of designing, prototyping, and manufacturing your first product.

During the start of the business, I was working full time in-house as a Digital Manager in the charity sector, so everything had to be done outside of work hours. Sometimes it wasn’t easy to maintain the motivation to work when you had 2 hours of commuting a day and long work days, but I was determined to see the project to fruition: I really believed in it and its potential to help people.
Initially, we were talking to a UK printer about the design, but small features of the design we were after (and now have) prompted the printer to suggest we looked at factories in Europe. Google and Pinterest were my main friends in finding factory details.
First I found stationery products that were similar in style to what I was looking for, then I did all the Google sleuthing I could to trace their origins. Eventually, I found a factory with similar designs to what I was looking for, and when I spoke to my dad about it he said it happened to be in the town he and my mum were flying into for a holiday in a few weeks. It felt serendipitous to say the least!
Given that my dad has worked with many factories over the course of his career, I was absolutely over the moon that he didn’t mind taking the time to meet with them, to check it out and let me know whether or not it was worth taking the risk on. The start-up money for the diaries was coming out of my own savings, so it was important that we ensured everything would work as well as we could.
The initial factory meeting was a success and I got to work liaising with our lead at the factory to mock-up the diary. Within a few weeks, I had a notebook mock-up! Holding even just the prototype in my hands felt like the biggest boost that kept me going.
Eventually, after double and triple checking the design for typos/mistakes, I hit send on the full order for the first run of diaries. Never known nerves like it! Our first order had to be 1,000 diaries, which is an expensive first print run, but I had to take a leap of faith.

Describe the process of launching the business.

As a digital manager, creating the website was my favourite part. I was lucky in a way - my background meant I had a solid grasp on analytics, tracking, e-commerce, user journeys, and all that jazz.
Here is the current design of the website:
It’s clean and minimal because a) I like that sort of thing and b) I want to keep the focus on the diary.
I’ve worked with several CMS’ but began the site using Squarespace primarily because of the ease of setting up the e-commerce part of the site, and because they had a couple of themes that really appealed to me. If I were doing this again, I would look more carefully into spending money on a good Wordpress or ShowIt, because there are a few things that I need Squarespace to do that it is not very good at (primarily integrating advanced Google Ecommerce Analytics and certain design needs).
Because I had spent a lot of time on Instagram personally while I was going through my own health issues, I felt like I had a firm, gut instinct as to who our core customers would be...which meant I had a good direction to work in when designing the brand aesthetic.
During the design of the process itself, I paid a talented designer friend to professionally interpret my drawings of the logo and page design, which meant I had a little basis for building the brand around. All of this came out of my own savings, so I tried to bootstrap as much as I could get away with.
The launch itself was ‘soft’ at best - it was basically a Facebook post to my friends and the quiet creation of our Instagram and Facebook pages.
Part of it was fear (what if I was wrong about who needs this? What if no-one buys? Perhaps just quietly, quietly...) and part of it was lack of time to engineer a full roll-out.
My first customers were my friends, but the validating part of that was that only one of them purchased a diary simply to support me - everyone else bought it because they needed it for themselves or a friend. And when the first order from a person I didn’t know rolled in a couple of weeks later...that felt pretty darn great.
If I could re-do the launch, I would certainly take an online course or two in launching a new programme and be bolder, and braver in the roll-out.

Since launch, what has worked to attract and retain customers?

Since launching I’ve tried a few different things, marketing-wise, and most of it has been on a minimal to-no budget.
I’ve tested facebook ads but found it a little difficult because of rules Facebook has around the wording of health-related adverts. Google ads did great at bringing traffic to the website, but the conversion rate was low. So instead, I’ve been happy to focus on organic marketing and growth.
We (myself and family as support) did a couple of in-person shows and events, which were great but not only was the ££ outlay pretty heavy, it made me realise how important it was for me to be there in person to connect with the customer about the origin story of the diary. As I’m traveling for a little while, those sorts of events are off the table for a bit.
Working with instagram influencers through offering them a free diary to try or give away has been key for this business.
If you do want to pitch influencers however, be sure to do several things:
Personalise your pitch to the influencer
Don’t just dash off the same pitch to everyone. Let them know you understand their audience and/or personal things they’ve talked about that lead you to believe they would really benefit from using your product and sharing it with their followers.
Be patient and polite.
The Instagrammer may not be able to talk about your product straight away; from pitch, to acceptance, to your product appearing on their feed could take months.
Track the response from their posts when they do happen.
This is especially important for giveaways. I found that more niche instagrammers with smaller audiences provided the greater feedback and engagement for us: we’ve had a few instagrammers with tens or hundreds of thousands of followers post and felt only the smallest lift in engagement.
However, we’ve had bloggers or instagrammers with just a thousand or couple of thousand followers (but super-niche and super-engaged audiences) talk about the diary, and had several orders off the back of that one post or Story.
We’ve been lucky too, to get a lot of organic chat about our diary online from people who love it, and I always make time to share and boost that positive feedback where possible.
If you’re a small company, whilst working on getting samples to influencers, I would also say look at building an online tribe around you of people whose work complements yours. Going after the big influencers is exciting, but don’t neglect your peers who are building audiences at the same time; you can team up to create content, do platform takeovers, create free downloads and more, all of which will mutually help you build audiences and improve your SEO.

How are you doing today and what does the future look like?

Today the business is still a side-business, as I’m currently travelling and building my freelance comms and photography work. We still distribute from the UK, and I love that I can do the majority of the work from anywhere in the world.
All of our sales are through our online storefront, and I’m really lucky to have the support of my family, who help me with the physical things that need doing back in the UK - without them, this wouldn’t currently be possible.
For the future I’m focusing on beefing up our SEO, getting back into a regular email newsletter and growing our list, and looking into other forms of marketing that I think would really mesh well with this company’s product (mainly Pinterest and affiliate marketing).
I also have plenty of new product ideas knocking around in my head and want to figure out ways to better serve our customers in our international markets. As I’m juggling many things at the minute, the diary occasionally gets pushed to one side, but I work on it at least one day per week.

Through starting the business, have you learned anything particularly helpful or advantageous?

Starting the business has been such a growth thing for me, personally. I’d never created a product before - never even considered it - and I stop every now and then to remind myself that something that existed only in my head is now available for people to buy online. And that they love it, return for more, and tell me how great it is? That’s the cherry on top.
For running a side-business, I’ve learned that carving out time in your schedule to do work and timer alarms are your friend. Doing something for 15 minutes is better than not doing anything at all. Not only that, but getting clear on your goals for the coming months, and working backwards to where you are, so you can try and figure out the vital things you need to do is really important. There will always be a million, not-so-pressing things on your to-do list that mask the One Big Scary Thing you need to do to keep your project or business moving forward. Do that task first: you’ll be surprised how Not Scary it can be. Also, even if something is terrifying the first time, by the third, fifth, tenth time it’ll be old hat to you and you’ll wonder what the fuss was about!
There was a Reddit thread once from an entrepreneur who said, share with me your idea and I’ll see if I can help you with some advice to get moving. A lot of people responded with ‘why would I share this on a public forum - won’t you, or someone else, steal it?’ The entrepreneur’s response was: less than 1% of people are truly going to move on that idea that’s been knocking around in their head for a while. Action is what sets those people apart - and it’s got to be what sets you apart too.
You’ll have dips and lulls, and moments where you wonder why you decided to do this in the first place. But if you can keep your reason for starting this close to your heart at all times, it’ll be the little fire that keeps you going.

What platform/tools do you use for your business?

I run The Food Diary Co through Squarespace but I’m currently looking into other platforms (mainly Wordpress) to improve the analytical capability and to remove a monthly cost that doesn’t seem too worth it currently. For shipping we ship Royal Mail from the UK and for email newsletters I use MailChimp; I have several years of working with this platform, and not only is the free version great and exactly what we need right now, but I know what excellent tools are awaiting me if and when we progress to paying for the service.
If you’re new and starting up your online business I really recommend getting someone to properly set up Google Analytics (especially advanced ecommerce) on your site, and doing Google’s free analytics Academy courses. They’re a little tough going at times, but analytics are the foundation of marketing, so if you’re going to handle that side of things yourself you’re going to need to understand it.
I love using Buffer for social media scheduling, and if you’re really into the Instagram stuff, Planoly is a fantastic tool. They have a useful email newsletter with Instagram tips and interviews with digital managers etc, but fair warning it skews towards millennial women, so while the information is very helpful, the aesthetic of that newsletter isn’t for everyone!

What have been the most influential books, podcasts, or other resources?

Books-wise I would heartily recommend reading Essentialism by Greg McKeown, and Deep Work by Cal Newport. Both of them will help you focus on what’s important to you and your business, and to help block out time wasting stuff. Podcast-wise I love listening to Online Marketing made Easyby Amy Porterfield and NPR’s How I Built This. Hurdle is also an interesting one for people who are building businesses in the wellness space.
I find that I need a mix of reminders of how to focus and be productive, and bigger-picture things to help me dream and generate ideas. I find it’s really tough at times not to get distracted by what other people are doing, so I come back to these books and podcasts a lot to help me tune out all the noise. For the more specific ‘how-to’ of marketing, the Social Media Examiner and Neil Patel websites are really great.

Advice for other entrepreneurs who want to get started or are just starting out?

My number one tip is: focus on you, what you want your business to achieve, and how you’re going to do it. There is so much happening in the world, and we have access to tune into all of it, but the smart thing to do is to tune 99% of it out. Always try to go back to what you started and why, because it will sustain you when you’re having a tough day or a tough week.
Be playful and experimentive where possible, and test test test! If you have an idea, whether it’s for marketing or anything else, figure out what you need to make it possible and go for it! Don’t wait for something to be perfect: perfect is very definitely the enemy of the good, and if you let it it’ll stop you from just getting something out there and moving.
Be careful about what you pour your money into at the beginning. If you’re an online-only business, do you need all those business cards or the stationery or flyers? On the flip side, good design, good website work - the things that are the foundations of your business - these will always be worth paying for.
Make sure your financials are in order from the very beginning: open a dedicated money account, get advice from someone you trust (or a professional!) about the legal stuff, keep impeccable records so that tax season is easy.
Find a peer group, or a mastermind, of people at a similar phase to yourself. Meet regularly, even over skype or google hangout, and bounce ideas off each other. We can’t do these things alone!
And most of all: have fun! You’re starting a business, and that’s exciting! Be proud of yourself for having the drive to push it forward.

Where can we go to learn more?

You can find us online at and on Instagram at Or do get in touch and drop us an email to [email protected].
If you have any questions or comments, drop a comment below!
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[UPDATE] Playing at being a full-time blogger for a week.

Original Post
I took the first week of July off from my day job and focused on being a full time, professional blogger. Here’s what I did.
July 1 (Sunday)
July 2 (Monday)
July 3 (Tuesday)
July 4 (Wednesday)
July 6 (Friday)
July 7 (Saturday)
July 8 (Sunday)
Alrighty. So I think it’s pretty obvious what happened here. I got really motivated and into the idea of doing nothing but blogging and blog related activities, and then slowly petered out. Tuesday I did the most work - I wrote like 3 articles before 9:30AM - but after that the amount of work I did probably equaled what I usually do on an average day with a day job, maybe even less. There are some reasons behind this:
Not to be a total downer. There were some positives.
I guess that's it for positivity, but positivity is usually general and negativity is specific. I guess? I was going to pull out some stats but honestly, it's not even worth reporting. Posts performed as usual for the types they are - maybe the Smash article could've done better. Made about a penny a day on Adsense, got zero Amazon Affiliate hits. My social media followers actually dropped this week. Except YouTube. I got a whole 1 new subscriber on the social network I never want to use again. [EDIT: I just got notified by Mailchimp that I got 5 new subscribers this week. I also never send out newsletters.]
There was only 1 big thing on my to-do list that didn't get done but honestly, the list should've been had more big things on it and I should've motivated myself more to put in a good day's work while I had the time.
That being said, I've heard that writing (in the context of screenwriting but the advice applies to any form of art) is a personal moment and sometimes you want to write and sometimes you have nothing to say. Setting specific times to write isn't always effective. Sometimes you're laying in bed at 1AM when the urge hits you. When I finished that book I loved it so much but I couldn't really think of what to say about it right away. In between reading that I also read a bunch of comics and played some games and watched some shows that I could've reviewed - but I don't always have 500 words to say about everything that happens in my life.
This is also why I'm not a keyword/seo junkie which is probably gonna be a red flag for some of you to straight away say blogging will never pay my bills. Creating content like I work in a factory isn't my jam. I write what I want when I want. I've done some "these kinds of posts are popular" posts before but always feel weird about it. Part of the "lifestyle" in lifestyle blogging is just being me and not being like everyone else. I have some posts with thousands of views but I've never really been like "Gotta replicate whatever made that work." Some of my book reviews get so few views that they're not worth the time I spent reading, then a random one gets into my top 5 all-time posts. Who the hell knows why?
What did I learn? Who knows? What was accomplished? Not much. Would I do it again? Well after crawling back to work today I definitely don't want to do that again so I would still love it if this could pay my bills. But am I going to bend over backward and hustle my ass off to convince thousands of nerds that my opinions on a comic are worth reading? Bleh.
Anyway, that was my week :D
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