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Another bet the sub might like to get behind (FIBA World Cup 2019)

After our incredible journey on the 5 day cricket test match, I would completely understand if you didn't want to put yourself through the emotional rollercoaster again. I wouldn't post on here unless I had done some research and determined that I really liked this bet. I'll preface the write-up by saying that this is no "lock of the century," but I do think the bookies have underrated this severely. I will explain my reasoning below.

(1) The pick
(2) The odds + bookmakers
(3) Reasons why this bet could LOSE
(4) Reasons why I really like this bet
(5) TLDR

Giannis Antetokounmpo to lead the 2019 FIBA World in total points scored

I got in at 5.00 (decimal)/ +400 American on Bet365, however, regrettably this has gone down to 4.5/ +350.
On other Aussie bookmakers, you can fetch:
I'm sure my international friends can find comparable odds at your respective betting sites.

It's always important to consider how the bet can fall apart. Only considering the positives lends itself to making biased decisions, nit-picking only the information which helps your argument. So, here's where things can go wrong:

These are the reasons why I think this bet is tremendous value, with the final point being the real kicker.
TLDR: Bet on Giannis Antetokounmpo to lead the 2019 FIBA World in total points scored at odds of about 4.5/ +350 because the changed format means that it is very likely Greece will play the maximum of 8 games, and if that comes to fruition, Giannis will be the overwhelming favourite to outscore everyone else.

EDIT: There is also a classification round for teams 9-16 and 17-32, but I do not know if these games will count towards the official tournament statistics. If they do, then I think this bet is even better, but I am not relying on it. If anyone knows the answer I'm keen to hear.
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My MASSIVE Beermoney guide for the UK, Europe (and most of the world)

With the new year arriving, I decided to have a good look at and re-evaluate all of the beer money sites that I use, with the hope of having a running start to the new year, so without further a due; here goes


Best Survey Site is Prolific Academic | Non
Best GPT Site is: Swagbucks | Non
Best Work at Home site is: ClickworkeUHRS | non (but please read my ClickworkeUHRS Guide
Best Match Betting Site: Profit Accumulator | Non
Best New(ish) site: PrizeRebel | Non


Survey sites are probably the most common type of beermoney site you'll encounter, but not all of them were created equally, here's my pick of the bunch:

Prolific Academic | Non
Yougov | Non
Survey Network | Non
Opinium Research | Non
Ipsos i-SAY
Pinecone Research
Valued Opinions
Vivantic | non
Survey Bees
Branded Surveys | Non

Smartphone apps:

Most Smartphone apps are a combination of mystery shopping and tasks to do at home (downloading apps etc.). The mystery shopping gigs can pay really well, but it's obviously very location dependent. Downloading apps also pays very well, but it's a one shot deal (meaning once you've downloaded an app you can't get paid for doing it again)

StreetSpotr Apple | Android | Website
Field Agent Apple | Website
Roamler - Apple | Android | Website
Clic and Walk - Apple | Android | Website
Spare5 - Apple | Website
Task360 - Apple | Website
Yoobic - Apple | Android | Webiste
Voxpopme - Apple | Android | Website | Non

Get paid to websites (GPT):

Probably the 2nd most common type of beermoney site on the web, do various tasks and get paid for it; hence the name Get Paid To

Swagbucks | Non
  • Payout Method: Paypal, Gift Cards
  • Minimum Payout: £5
  • Available In: US, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland
PrizeRebel | Non
  • Payout Method: Paypal, Gift Cards, Prepaid visa/mastercard
  • Minimum Payout: $5
  • Available In: US, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland
Clixsense | Non
  • Payout Method: Check, Paypal, PayToo, Payza
  • Minimum Payout: $8
  • Available In: Worldwide, but studies are targeted to specific demographics
InstaGC | Non
  • Payout Method: Paypal, Cheque, Bank Transfer, Gift Cards
  • Minimum Payout: $1
  • Available In: all countries and regions that are supported by PayPal, excluding China and Vietnam (Heres the List)
Inbox pounds | Non
  • Payout Method: Cheque
  • Minimum Payout: £20
  • Available In: UK
Global Test Market
  • Payout Method: Paypal, Dwolla, Tango Cards, Giftcards
  • Minimum Payout: $10
  • Available In: USA, UK, Canada

Work from home jobs:

Sometimes companies needs lot of repetetive work done, when they do they'll use sites like these, You can occasionally come across a job (or HIT as they're sometimes called) which you enjoy and when that happens you can make huge profits very quickly.

ClickworkeUHRS | non
  • Payout Method: Paypal
  • Minimum Payout: €5
  • Available In: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, USA, Vietnam
  • Notes:It's a bit of work to get into UHRS (where the most money is) so i wrote a ClickworkeUHRS Guide
Amazon MTurk
  • Payout Method: Amazon US giftcard (frustratingly it's only for the US store)
  • Minimum Payout:
  • Available In: Over 190 countries
  • Notes: Best work at home type job if you're in the US, but payment isn't great outside the US. They also seem to be allow some people from some countries to sign up and not others.
  • Payout Method: Paypal
  • Minimum Payout: None, whatever you have earned is paid to Paypal within the first 14 days of each month
  • Available In: UK (But it looks like there's nothing to stop you from being paid as long as you have good English)
  • Notes: Good for picking up transcription work, pay is decent, requires you to do a few tests before starting
  • Payout Method: Cheque, Bank Deposit
  • Minimum Payout: None, You get paid whatever you've earned every 30 days
  • Available In: UK, US, Canada, Brazil, Egypt, Germany, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Japan, Italy, France, Mexico, India, Indonesia, South Korea, Phillipines, Turkey
  • Notes: Pays really REALLY well, but it's like a proper job, you have a quite difficult entrance exam and they can deny your application. Mostly search engineer evaluation work
  • Payout Method: Cheque, Bank Deposit
  • Minimum Payout: None, You you get paid whatever you've earned as part of their monthly payment schedule
  • Available In: Worldwide, but they only hire when they need someone from a specific area, you'll need to check regularly
  • Notes: Pays really REALLY well, but it's like a proper job, you have a quite difficult entrance exam and they can deny your application.
  • Payout Method: Cheque, Bank Deposit
    • Minimum Payout: None? (I think)
    • Available In: UK
    • Notes: Answer questions for money, I still haven't personally managed to sign up for this service yet

Free daily cash prize draws:

These are simply free prize draws that I (try) to check every day.

The Selfie Lottery | Non
  • Payout Method: Paypal
  • Minimum Payout: £10
  • Available In: Worldwide
  • Notes: Simply Upload a picture to win. You need to manually check it daily, If you don't check and you win, you lose your £10 prize
Lucky Phone | Non
  • Payout Method: Bank Transfer
  • Minimum Payout: £10
  • Available In: UK only (I think?)
  • Notes: Sign up for their daily prize draw. give them your phone number to be entered into the larger prize draws (I've not had any junk phone calls so far, so it seems like they don't sell your number) Once again you need to manually check everyday to see if you've won or you lose the prize
Free Postcode Lottery | Non
  • Payout Method: Bank Transfer
  • Minimum Payout: £10
  • Available In: UK Only
  • Notes: Sign up, give them your postcode and if your postcode is the one drawn you share the prize with everyone who played from your postcode. Another which needs to be checked in order to claim the prize
Ashleigh Money Saver's £50 daily draw | Non
  • Payout Method: Paypal? I've not won yet
  • Minimum Payout: £50
  • Available In: UK only
  • Notes: Sign up via facebook and if your name is drawn you win £50 - once against if you don't claim the prize within 24 hrs then you don't win the prize
The Street Lottery | Non
  • Payout Method: Paypal
  • Minimum Payout: £10
  • Available In: UK only
  • Notes: Once again you need to manually check every day. For everyday you check and don’t win you are given an additional entry into the next draw. So if you go two weeks without a win you will have 14 entries into the draw.
Free Birthday Lottery | Non
  • Payout Method: Paypal, BACS or PAYM
  • Minimum Payout: £5
  • Available In: UK only
  • Notes: Another one you need to manually check every day
FreeMojiLottery | Non
  • Payout Method: Unknown
  • Minimum Payout: $20
  • Available In: UK only
  • Notes: Check every day to see if your emoji "combo" has won the prize. Failure to check means you lose it, so you need to check it every day.
*Emoji Lottery *
  • Payout Method: Unknown
  • Minimum Payout: based on their add revenue
  • Available In: UK only
  • Notes: Check every day to see if your emoji "combo" has won the prize. Failure to check means you lose it, so you need to check it every day.

Earn using cashback websites

I don't see it mentioned very often in here, but I assume most users will already know about using cashback websites to earn some extra beer money.

For those who don't, cashback websites are a simple idea. Companies pay cashback sites a certain amount of money for each genuine and new customer they bring in, the cashback sites then offer the user a set amount of money for going through them to sign up to the company in question. You can also use cashback sites to claim money from real stores, although I've never really did this myself. There are lots of cashback sites out there, but I use the 2 most trusted and largest for UK users, these are:
TopCashBack | Non
  • Payout Method: BACS, PayPal, Gift Cards
  • Minimum Payout: 1p
  • Available In: UK, US
  • Notes: There is a free and premium option, use the free option
Quidco | Non
  • Payout Method: BACS, PayPal, Amazon
  • Minimum Payout: £1 (you have to set this)
  • Available In: UK only (I think?)
  • Notes: There is a free and premium option, use the free option
I've collated the best offers for these 2 sites.
For Best results with Cashback offers you should:
  • Clear your cookies (or better yet, use another browser)
  • Turn off any adblockers you may have on
  • Always read the offer thoroughly
The first group of offers are free offers which require you to sign up to a website, or get a quote, or sign up to a free trial. By using all of these offers at the time of writing you can earn an easy £30!

Free offers

Website Quidco Profit Website Top Cashback Profit Notes Car Insurance £2.20 Car Insurance £2.32 For a Genuine New Quote Pet Insurance £0.50 Pet Insurance £0.60 For a Genuine New Quote Travel Insurance £0.55 Travel Insurance £0.55 For a Genuine New Quote Home Insurance £2.20 Home Insurance £2.32 For a Genuine New Quote Motorbike Insurance £2.00 Motorbike Insurance £2.32 For a Genuine New Quote Van Insurance Van Insurance £2.02 For a Genuine New Quote
Resident Review £1.00 Resident Review £1.01 Leave a review of your landlord or estate agent £1.50 £1.51 Sign up for a free box & cashback
Western Union £1.00 Western Union £1.01 For a new signup
The People's Operator £1.00 The People's Operator - For activating a free PayAsYouGo sim card
QuoteSearcher £3.50 QuoteSearcher £3.53 For generating a genuine insurance quote (various cashback amounts for different quotes)
ValueMyCV £0.60 ValueMyCV
Get me a Ticket £1.00 Get me a ticket £1.01 For registering an account
Search Lotto £0.50 Search Lotto £0.50 Make 25 searches for cashback and a free ticket
Quotezone £3.50 QuoteZone £3.55 For generating a genuine insurance quote (various cashback amounts for different quotes)
MySurvey UK - MySurvey UK £1.81 must complete a double opt in and at least one survey - £0.70 For a new signup
Property Moose £2.00 Property Moose £2.02 For a new signup £1.00 £1.01 For a new signup
MyOffers - MyOffers £0.50 For a new signup
Readly £0.30 Readly £0.30 Completion of 30 day free trial
Another way to continue your earning is to hit the deposit offers. These are offers you can sign up to through TopCashBack | Non and Quidco | Non which pay you more in cashback than you need to deposit to claim the cashback. So for example if you sign up to Gala Bingo through Quidco and wager £10 on their site you will receive £30 cashback through Quidco, giving you a £20 profit (and you'd be surprised how often you acctually win at these bingo sites too!) At the time of writing there is just over £130 to be earned using these methods! *(Please note, these offers are correct at the time of writing but do change fairly frequently) *

Deposit Offers

Quidco Top Cashback
Website Deposit Cashback Profit Website Deposit Cashback Profit
Gala Bingo £10.00 £30.00 £20.00 Gala Bingo - - -
Ladbrokes Bingo £10.00 £30.00 £20.00 Ladbrokes Bingo £10.00 £30.30 £20.30
William Hill Bingo £10.00 £30.00 £20.00 William Hill Bingo £20.00 £25.25 £5.25
Betfair Bingo £10.00 £20.00 £10.00 Betfair Bingo £10.00 £15.15 £5.15
32 Red Bingo £20.00 £25.00 £5.00 32 Red Bingo £20.00 £25.25 £5.25
Betway Bingo £20.00 £25.00 £5.00 Betway Bingo £20.00 £25.25 £5.25
Dream Bingo £20.00 £25.00 £5.00 Dream Bingo £20.00 £25.25 £5.25
Lucky Pants Bingo - - - Lucky Pants Bingo £10.00 £15.15 £5.15
The National Lottery - - - The National Lottery £10.00 £15.15 £5.15
Bingo Extra - - - Bingo Extra £10.00 £15.15 £5.15
Bgo Bingo £20.00 £25.00 £5.00 Bgo Bingo - - -
Bingocams £10.00 £15.00 £5.00 BingoCams £10.00 £12.12 £2.12
Glossy Bingo - - - Glossy Bingo £10.00 £13.13 £3.13
Dotty Bingo - - - Dotty Bingo £10.00 £13.13 £3.13
Bingo on the Box £10.00 £13.00 £3.00 Bingo on the Box - - -
Butlers Bingo £10.00 £13.00 £3.00 Butlers Bingo - - -
Winner Bingo £10.00 £13.00 £3.00 Winner Bingo - - -
Deal or no deal Bingo £10.00 £12.00 £2.00 Deal or no Deal Bingo - - -
Mecca Bingo £10.00 £11.50 £1.50 Mecca Bingo £10.00 £11.61 £1.61
So, there you go. Easy money and you can work through most of these offers in a day (although tracking them will normally take a week or so) If you have any questions then fire away, I'll try my best to answer
TL:DR: Sign up to TopCashBack | Non and Quidco | Non and use the offers above to make a cool £160

Other things worth checking out:

What Users Do
  • Payout Method: PayPal.
  • Minimum Payout: They pay on the 25th of each month
  • Available In: Worldwide (if you speak English)
  • Notes: Test websites with your microphone and/or camera on, payment is great (£8 per test) and most tests last around 10-20 minutes
Match Betting | Non
Alternative Match Betting | Non
What is Match Betting?
Match betting is a LEGAL, RISK FREE & TAX FREE way of earning Money. You earn by taking advantage of the various sign up and "reload" offers that bookies provide new and existing customers. For example, when you sign up to William Hill they have an offer of "Deposit £10, get a £20 free bet" You can use this bet and then lay against it at a betting exchange
For example:
Bookie: Bet Chelsea to WIN
Exchange: Bet Chelsea to NOT WIN (It should be noted than when you make a lay at a betting exchange you're covering all other options, so by saying you think Chelsea will NOT win you're saying they will either lose or draw, anything except win)
So now that you've placed them, these two bets will cancel each other out, resulting in you breaking even (or losing a little bit of cash) after this initial bet you will be credited with your free bet. Now, repeat this process again - except this time it's not your own money being used to place the bet! So you get to keep the profits.
How to get started
The best way (I believe) to get started is to sign up for the free trial on Profit Accumulator | Non and follow their step by step instructions. Using their site you can claim two of the offers and earn £45. During the trial you will have the basics of match betting explained to you and once you have earned from your free trial you can use the profit to upgrade to a Platinum account(£22.99/month or £150/year). If you become a platinum member you will have access to hundreds of offers and dozens of extra guides to help you on your journey. When I started doing this a few years back I only used £50 (That I earned doing surveys) as my starting float, however a bigger pot of £100 is advised to help you work through offers quicker.
If you're going to get started with match betting, I recommend you take a photo of the following: Passport or Driving License, bank card used to deposit money, and a recent utility bill - As the bookies fraud prevention teams occasionally ask for these (I've only had it happen once, but it does happen)
Being gubbed & mug bets
Mug bets - Ok, so match betting is completely legal, however, Most bookies aren't too keen on you only using them for offers. So it's highly recommended to place occasional "mug bets" - What's a mug bet? It's basically a normal (small) bet which is nothing to do with your match betting. A mug bet is simply a small bet to make you look like a regular customer, once again Profit Accumulator | Non has got you covered on the best ways to place mug bets. They advise following a cycle: Qualifying bet, free bet, mug bet, withdraw profits.
Being gubbed - This is when a bookie has figured out that you're only match betting and using their offers, the bookie can limit your account to only making small bets, or not getting any offers. You can get back in good stead with them by placing non-offer bets but this could take time and still never amount to anything.
TL:DR: Use the free trial from Profit Accumulator | Non to make your first £45 from the bookies (Risk Free). Alternatively try Odds Monkey | Non
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The Sinister Truth Behind Antarctica Exposed

This amazing story stems from the book "Antarctica's Hidden History: Corporate Foundations of Secret Space Programs" that was released in March 2018 & can be found here:
It does a great job at compiling all the evidence across a variety of sources & puts them together to make a story. This is going to blow everyone's mind. I'm only done with half the book but there is a lot of good material here that explains many things from UFOs to Kennedy's assassination.
Here's what happened. Germany's occult secret societies are called Thule, the Order Of The Black Sun, & another all women's secret society called Vrill Society. The women of Vrill Society were all psychics run by a woman named Maria Orsic. These psychics are said to have spoken to alien races from the mind.
These groups all have the backing of the Illuminati of course. They are an extension of the Illuminati. Nazis also had Illuminati backing so the Secret Societies chose to work with the Nazis. They were planning on dominating the world as they believe the Aryan race is superior to all. They believe their ancestors live in a breakaway society & control some powerful magic substance called Vrill. The Swastica is a alternate picture that represents the Vrill substance. The Thule Society also has an alternate version of the Swastica on it. After working with the Nazis, these Secret Societies completely infiltrated them.
In the middle of the 30s & early 40s, the Nazis, who were financed & backed by many Corporations & people from America & beyond, somehow met with the Reptilian Race. For those who are unfamiliar, many high level MK Ultra sex slaves have reported that a lot of our politicians are shape shifting reptilians. 1 of the slaves thought that it might be a holographic illusion back in the 1980's as Reagan's slave. There is a lot of evidence that these shape shifting Reptilians are real.
The Reptilians wanted to work with the Nazis so they invited them to move their Military bases 2 miles below Antarctica where the Reptilians would give them all kinds of fancy tech including UFO tech & free energy. The base in Antarctica would only be accessible by submarine so it would be an almost impenetrable fortress for the Nazis. The purpose of moving to the base was mostly to conceal the secrets of the exotic Reptilian tech (antigravity, free energy). Free Energy in particular would end up destroying the whole Babylonian Money Magic slave system which would liberate the people which is why they have held it from us since the 1930s.
So the Nazis agree to all this & use their Navy to slowly move their equipment to Antarctica. They had planned on using the armed UFOs to win the war but it was too late. They lost the war but 6 months before they lost it, 80% of all the transfers had been made. One thing I have to mention as a military veteran myself is that a move of a few bases from Germany to Antarctica where the only way into the underground cavers of Antarctica is with a submarine is a Monumental feat. I'll bet the Nazis dreaded this project. It had to have been back breaking, dangerous work. It is incredible that they actually did it. Lucky for them, the Reptilians already had a few city size areas that were vacant so the Nazis didn't have to find the place. The Reptilians city was 10 times bigger than what the Nazis had.
The Nazis had 2 main groups. The Nazi group and the Vrill Society of women's psychics. Maria Orsic was knows to later use the UFOs & meet with powerful politicians claiming to be an alien who wants peace but the politicians were often able to recognize her German accent. She really did want peace though which is odd considering she is connected to the barbaric Nazis.
The Nazis settle down. Operation Paperclip had transferred a lot of smart Nazis to America but the smartest all went to Antarctica.
In 1947, the US ran Operation High-Jump where they sent a 5000 man fleet of Navy soldiers led by Admiral Byrd to go find out what the Nazis were doing & to shut them down. When Admiral Byrd got close, a few anti-gravity UFOs jumped out of the water & killed many of his men in a show of force. Note that these UFOs were incredibly powerful. The fastest one went about 30,000 miles per hour & they head either machine guns or very powerful lasers on them.
Byrd finally met with the Nazis but he had no way to bargain with them so the whole mission ended up being a failure. The Nazis were happy that Byrd was scared of their UFO tech. Another race that lives in Antarctica is called the Nordics. They really look White & are probably a breakaway civilization from ancient times. The leader of the Nordics spoke to Byrd saying he was worried about the atomic bomb we dropped on Japan. He warned him that the barbaric humans 1%ers are willing to destroy the whole planet rather than relinquish power so if that ever happens, the Nordics will surface to help the survivors.
Admiral Byrd went with his tail between his legs back to America. He knew the Nazis were in an almost impenetrable fortress with UFO arms that are far superior to what the US has.
Truman & Eisenhower were the 2 Presidents during this epic. Later Kennedy became President.
In 1952, the Nazis decided to do a show of force again. They sent a bunch of UFOs to hover over DC. Tens of thousands of people witnessed these UFOs & thought they were Space Aliens but they were really Nazis.
See pics & newspaper clippings of these ufos:
The Nazis wanted to infiltrate America & they had guns that can outgun the US for sure therefore they arranged to have America infiltrated. They already had their Nazi scientists within the US thanks to Operation Paperclip. They then infiltrated mostly the Military Industrial Complex including weapons companies but they spread around from there. I believe Nazis & Communists control the US today. They say they are Capitalists but they are really Nazi Socialists & Zionists Communists that have infiltrated since 1952.
By 1955, a treaty was signed to let the Nazis infiltrate & so they did. This was all very quiet. The 99% class never even knew about the Nazi Antarctica Base. Majestic 12 was tasked with keeping all UFO stuff 100% quiet so the people would realize the Nazis had survived & we wouldn't realize that free energy exists. (Free energy powers the UFOs).
Joseph Kennedy, JFK's dad, had secretly made deals with the Mafia & the 4th Reich to get JFK in the White House. Keep in mind that the Kennedy's are 1 of the 13 Illuminati families. JFK was just a naturally good man born in an evil family.
JFK then became President & realized MJ12 was really keeping the UFO stuff secretive even from the President. JFK wrote letter giving the CIA & MJ12 some time to produce all records to JFK & his people which would actually expose the whole 4th Reich civilization in Antarctica & how they have been infiltrating the US. If this was found out by JFK, the CIA & MJ12 would be dismantled & may would be tried for treason.
Allen Dulles ran the CIA. He was behind burning a lot of evidence that implicated Nazi infiltration. He was worried about JFK's request so he wrote a letter authorizing JFK to be killed if he was ever to be dubbed to be a problem. This order was written & partially burned during an attempt to destroy all evidence implicating the CIA but luckily the paper survived. This order to kill JFK if things got to hot was called "Operation Environment". Here is what the letter said:
“When conditions become non-conducive for growth in our environment and Washington cannot be influenced any further, the weather is lacking any precipitation … it should be wet.”
Should be wet is a code to kill someone. Wet refers to the blood splatter often accompanied with murder.
Here is the letter:
JFK kept pushing to get the files so high level people in the CIA decided to kill him but they were also backed by many other evil people including the 4th Reich, the Mafia, & the bankers since JFK had made his own US dollar called the US Note. All these evil groups were unhappy with JFK's benevolent actions so they had him killed.
I don't know what happened from JFK's death to modern days yet but I do know that Reagain's MK Ultra slave & other slaves have reported of seeing shape shifting Reptilians during Satanic Rituals shift back and forth from famous people like Hillary Clinton, Queen Elizabeth, & even the President of Mexico Miguel de Leon during the Reagan era. There is also a Nazi Socialist & Zionist Communist infiltration of America so basically these dark groups have been busy backstabbing the entire 7 billion 99% group of the world behind the cover of secrecy. Whenever we want to know what they are doing, they say it would hurt "national security" but they really mean they don't want us to learn about their secrets.
Transparency is very beneficial for the 99% cause & things are getting more transparency by the day. Imagine how the people of America & the world will react knowing the Nazis survived & have infiltrated America.
Also, the new headquarters to the 4th Reich is Buenos Aires, Argentina. That is where Hitler ended up with other high level Nazis. They first went to Colombia but then moved to Argentina.
The Reptilians also had tech that can make people younger so it is said that many of these Nazis were kept young & are still alive today. It even hints at this in the Illuminati card here:
So we have Nazis infiltrating from the South & Zionist Communists who have been infiltrating from the East. Both these groups have allied against the masses. They have been hiding in plain site which is how they survived so long. They are in our politics, Hollywood, music, upper class private sector, and in the religious hierarchy of all our religions. Their 2 main weapons that give them power over us are Babylonian Money Magic & Secrecy. If we can fix both of these problems by not using money anymore & moving to indirect trade & demanding total transparency in all businesses & Gov worldwide, they won't be able to function & we can move onto world peace. The businesses of the world & government would have to be shared by all with our homes/cars/boats/stuff-inside would be our private property. That is the only way to make it work. They live on secrecy & through the monopolization of money. They also brainwash the masses with the TV but if we share all businesses transparently, we can all put stuff on the TV that will benefit the masses instead of brainwashing us.
I have also dug into some amazing channeled material that says these maniacs are on the brink of destroying the planet so unless we save the world, we can expect them to kill most of humanity & then the survivors would have to start again but we still have time on the clock and the ability to put a stop to all this. Remember, they need us. We don't need them. We need to stop consenting to all this. One day, everyone needs to walk off the plantation together (off the corporate job) & stop paying taxes & stop using their evil hospitals & stop watching TV & stop eating their poisonous foods (switch to healthy) & stop using their fluoride, ect.... We just need to totally disconnect from these madmen asap & create our own humane system. There is no need to fight with them or anything. We just move into our own thing. It has to be done so everyone needs to keep thinking about new ideas to push this forward. If we don't push our Golden Age into fruition, they will try to push their NWO forward which would be hell on Earth so this is pretty important.
I'm sure the 2nd half of this book has important info too. I highly recommend it. It is full of knowledge & the author rely presents a lot of evidence behind his claims.
I forgot to mention that a frozen over 55,000 year old civilization of people with trees & lakes, ect.. was found under Antarctica recently. They had elongated head like in the image below:
This race was just a less evolved version of humans as all are from the past. Their bodies were also off shape but I'm not sure how exactly.
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The Hater’s Guide to the 2018 FIFA World Cup (Part 2)

I know I'm ahead of the promised Friday release of this article, but between work and personal obligations tomorrow, I likely wouldn't have the time and/or energy to post this at the promised time. So here it is a bit early! I've been blown away by the response to the first part of this Hater's Guide, so I hope you enjoy this 2nd part!
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And now, our feature presentation.
As promised, here’s the second half of my picks for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. We’ve only covered the first 16 teams in Groups A through D so far, so let’s take a gander at the other 16 contestants.
KNOCKOUT ROUND PICKS SO FAR: Uruguay, Egypt, Portugal, Spain, France, Peru, Argentina, Iceland
Group E: Group of Death? Brazil Always a favorite to make noise, if not win the whole thing, the Seleçao seem to have mentally recovered from the thrashing the Germans gave them four years ago. Some of the flotsam from that team has been cleared away (David Luiz, anyone?), leaving gobs of attacking talent, but also a more cohesive defensive unit.
However, despite their newfound defensive shape, they’re still a bit suspect in that department, I think. When questions are asked of this back line, how will the Brazilians respond? And how will Thiago Silva’s legs hold up?
One thing you can bet your bottom dollar on is that this team will score. They will score in bunches. How can you not with attacking talent like Neymar, Coutinho, Willian, and Bobby Firmino? Brazil could sleepwalk through the group and top it.
Costa Rica This might’ve been the spot reserved for USA since they always get fucked by FIFA in World Cup draws. But this time around, it’s Los Ticos that have to contend with the consensus Group of Death in this tourney.
The Costa Ricans are solid and experienced defensively, but they haven’t dealt with the firepower of Brazil too often. And where the fuck are all the goals?! Literally nobody selected for the World Cup has more than four—FUCKING FOUR—goals in their international career. The midfield and striking corps are very young as well, so this will be crucial big game experience for them. The Costa Ricans are not in “win now” mode. However, given Switzerland’s penchant for disappointment and the age of their squad as well, I think the second spot is Los Ticos’ for the taking. Why couldn’t USA beat these guys again?
Serbia Ho-ho, you guys are FUCKED. You got the benefit of a comically weak group in UEFA qualifying and your squad was formed shortly after the Cambrian Explosion. Now you’re facing quality, some of it from your own confederation. There’s no hope for you.
The Serbs have an odd mix of veterans and youth. As the American World War II song went, “they’re either too young or too old.” Defensively disciplined, but lacking in offense (like so many teams, as we’re seeing), only a sinkhole opening up beneath the hotels of the other sides in this group will allow you to advance.
Switzerland World Cup disappointment is nothing new to the Swiss. Brazil looked like their best chance to date to get out of the Round of 16. They did not. Now most of the squad is four years older, and the offense is still limited.
The offense runs through and only through Xherdan Shaquiri and Haris Seferovic. Stephan Lichsteiner still captains the squad and runs the defense, but this will be his last tango at the World Cup. Given how he and the rest of the team are chronic underachievers in this competition, I expect them to capitulate as usual.
Group F: Minefield Germany Here’s a horror story. Germany tea bagged Brazil 7-1 on their home turf in the semifinals in 2014.
I’m not done.
Most of that team is back.
All of the key players are still in their prime, with such players as Mesut Özil, Marco Reus, Thomas Müeller, Mats Hummels, and Jerome Boateng (if he’s healthy), and they still have one of the best keepers in the world in Manuel Neuer. Even their younger players have experience on the big stage because Germany has returned to being a footballing factory. Pretty much the only one that was lost was Miroslav Klose, and he was 38 in Brazil to start with.
The prohibitive favorite to repeat for a reason, these guys are ruthless. They do not know pain, they do not know fear. They are as intimidating as the Uruk-Hai that took Helm’s Deep.
South Korea I had the unique opportunity to see this team live late last year, and even though it was a friendly against Serbia, this team handily beat them and shockingly defeated Colombia to the country’s delight. These guys are fighters. They will not be the warm and fuzzy story (aided by ample home cooking) that the 2002 squad was, playing in front of the home fans.
This team is more than just Son Hyung-min. Ki Sung-yueng and Lee Jae-sun are the leaders on this team, and are creative lads on their own. Make no mistake: Son will carry this squad on offense. But the Taeguk Warriors will have plenty of moments where they simply outwork the other sides they play against. And I think they’ve got a good shot at that second spot. In fact, I think they’ll take it.
Mexico As a supporter of a confederation rival, fuck these guys. Fuck their diving, fuck their whining, fuck their ref-working, and fuck their supporters’ “our shit don’t stink” attitude. Arjen Robben’s dive and Klaas-Jan Huntelaar’s subsequent penalty conversion four years ago was karmic fucking justice.
That being said, this side—which arrogantly thinks their primary competition are sides in Europe, by the way—are old and have a penchant for a disappearing act. Players who were supposed to terrorize their CONCACAF brethren and give opposing teams fits for years have somehow turned into big balls of nothing. Giovanni dos Santos? Carlos Vela? Oribe Peralta? All guys that only show up when they feel like it. Also, what about that Great Wall of Guillermo (Ochoa)? Oh yeah, he similarly has disappeared since the 2014 World Cup. Manager Juan Carlos Osorio is also experimenting a bit too much with the squad ahead of a major tournament. Now where have I heard that before?
Even if you do make it to the Round of 16, I can’t see this team going much of anywhere beyond that. You’re fucked. P.S. Why the fuck is geriatric Rafa Marquez still on this squad?
Sweden Well, well, well. NOW you return to the World Cup after you totally waste the career of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the single best player you’ve ever had. He might’ve been able to help you at this point because this squad can’t seem to score. Four goals total in your last seven games? Good god, you’re making the entire sport look like a slog again!
I have no expectations for the Tre Kronor. As a matter of fact, I think they’re gonna pull a USA ’98 and score only one goal in group stage. It’ll be a miracle if they even get a draw out of this group.
That said, please embarrass Mexico, guys.
Group G: How Will England Blow It This Time? Belgium I’d have more faith in this squad, but there’s one reason I can’t get excited: Roberto Martinez. This guy took a dream situation at Everton and turned it into a goddamn nightmare. Expect his inept managing to squander even more of this golden generation that the Belgians are currently enjoying.
There’s plenty of great talent here, from Marouane Fellatio—I mean—Fellaini, Nacer Chadli, Kevin DeBruyne, Romelu Lukaku, and Christian Benteke. But the World Cup is where tactics and managing can win or lose games, and every decision is amplified even further.
You guys have put Belgium back on the map and given it levels of popularity not seen since Jean-Claude Van Damme, and you’re gonna crash out in the Round of 16 again—if you make it that far—because of your lolcow manager. You don’t have a USA squad to pick on this time. You’re gonna continue to waste this golden generation, and you make me fucking sick for doing so. You’re pathetic.
England Sam Allardyce getting caught in that scandal was the best thing to ever happen to the Three Lions. Gareth Southgate has restored some measure of belief to the English supporter’s groups due to his fixation on youth and a desire to start somewhat fresh after they and living corpse Roy Hodgson were pantsed in front of an international television audience—AGAIN—at Euro 2016.
World class lolcow and known Wold Cup boat anchor Wayne Rooney is gone, and the team is lean and mean in his place. There’s gobs of talent here, but can they play as a cohesive unit, which has been their Achilles’ heel for so long? Don’t be surprised if we see Southgate not even start his most-capped defender in Gary Cahill, maybe in favor of the uncapped Trent Alexander-Arnold? Also, Harry Kane is pretty good at soccer. Thought that was worth mentioning.
With how weak this group is, anything other than tops will be a bit of a shock. But remember: this is England we’re talking about. You specialize in finding new ways to kick your fans in the dick at every tournament. Two years ago, it was Iceland who administered podiatric trauma to the English groin region. The suspense is killing me as to how it’ll happen this time. I’ll have popcorn at the ready.
Panama The Soccer United Marketing inmates were running the USMNT asylum, and Panama benefited from this with their first-ever World Cup appearance.
If Serbia’s team was founded just after the Cambrian Explosion, then the Panamanian squad was formed shortly after the Earth cooled. As such, there’s a lot of international experience. But that is mostly against fellow CONCACAF rivals, which means they don’t have the big-game experience against European and African sides needed to go anywhere in this tournament. Possibly in a taste of what’s to come, they got ass-blasted in a friendly against Switzerland 6-0 in Lucerne.
Four key players: Jaime Penedo, Gabriel Gomez, Blas Perez, and Luis Tejeda are all 34 or older. These are the guys that run the show for Los Canaleros. Heavy legs will be one problem in this tournament, and a lack of quality will be the other. Don’t expect anything, Panama. Just enjoy the ride.
Tunisia In making their first World Cup since 2006, the Tunisians would have been my pick for the African Cinderella story. Then the World Cup draw happened. I think there’s still hope for the Tunisians, though. They’ve been performing in their friendlies against other World Cup sides like Portugal, Iran and Costa Rica. What makes this team potentially surprising is that not only are so many of their players in their prime, they’re playing with belief, and they’re playing for each other. If they were in a weaker group like, say, Group A or even Group H, I think they’d have a shot at the Round of 16.
But not in this group. They’ll give sides trouble, and they might even beat England, who always seem to play down to African sides. Colonial habits die hard, I guess. Good luck, Tunisia. You’re gonna need it.
Group H: Coffee, Sushi, Paczki, and Thiéboudienne Colombia A side that is fun to watch, and simultaneously infuriating. James Rodriguez has fallen off a cliff since his first season at Real Madrid, and Radamel Falcao hasn’t been himself since he first left Monaco and suffered a knee injury shortly thereafter.
This is likely Los Cafeteros last shot with their current core, but it’s unlikely they’ll make much noise in this tournament. Their best shot was four years ago in Brazil, when they were undone by home cooking and a lack of physical restraint against the hosts. Because this group is so weak, they’ll get into the knockout rounds. It’s anyone’s guess from there.
Japan Samurai Blue puzzles me. They either look like world-beaters, the class of Asia, or they’re completely punchless. The Japanese are possibly the oldest team in the tournament, and this could be our last chance to enjoy the company of guys like Shinji Okazaki, Keisuke Honda, and Makoto Hasebe.
Only five players on this team are under the age of 25, which means heavy legs will be a problem, and fast. Also, unlike their rivals in South Korea, they haven’t had any hot young talent come up in a while, so this might be the last time we see Japan on the international stage for a little bit.
If this team plays inspired soccer like they are known to at times, they will be dangerous. If they don’t and play soccer as staid and organized as their social hierarchy, this team will finish at or near the cellar. I’m picking the latter.
Senegal I’ve learned my lesson. Every time I pick Senegal to make some noise in the World Cup like they did in 2002, I get set up for disappointment. Not this time, guys.
They may have a world-class striker in Sadio Mane, but their smattering of talent that plays in some pretty competitive leagues all over Europe is usually not enough when they are put together as a whole. And that’s what makes me sad about Senegal: clearly, they have talent. They have quality. But they can’t do it all at once for the national team, for one reason or another.
And that, my friends, is how I lost my faith in Senegal. You guys make me sick.
That said, watch them make a miracle run to the quarterfinals. Book it, Vince.
Poland You guys lost to Nigeria in a friendly in March? AND Mexico? What the fuck is the matter with you? Way to make that 5th-place finish in Euro 2016 look like a fluke, you assholes. That’s what I get for getting my hopes up again.
There’s a lot to like about the Poles, and Robert Lewandowski is easily the best striker they’ve ever had. But with those pre-World Cup friendlies being the disasters they were, I can’t see this team doing anything in an admittedly weak group. They have no excuse to not get into the knockout rounds.
Television Snow
You want predictions? Bitch, this entire Reddit is where predictions go to die. I’ll make them anyway, though. The following are my 16 teams (with group positions) that will make it to the knockout rounds.
Uruguay (A1), Egypt (A2), Spain (B1), Portugal (B2), France (C1), Peru (C2), Argentina (D1), Iceland (D2), Brazil (E1), Costa Rica (E2), Germany (F1), South Korea (F2), England (G1), Belgium (G2), Senegal (H1), Colombia (H2).
I don’t see the same level of quality in this tournament that I did four years ago. We had generational talents at or in their prime seemingly all across the spectrum in Brazil, but very few teams seem to be organized or willing enough to make the needed youth movements. Squads like Spain, Japan, Colombia, and Mexico come to mind.
That’s where the Germans come in. I had them winning in 2014 simply because I felt they were the best-balanced team, but little did I know how ruthless they would be. Their team setup is perfect. The project the German football federation enacted ahead of the 2006 World Cup has borne the best possible fruit: a team of efficient professionals that have a mean streak and a killer instinct.
With most of the world champion squad returning from Brazil, an eagerness to avenge their semifinal exit in the European Championships two years ago, and with just how ruthlessly efficient and focused this team always seems to be, expect Operation Barbarossa: Fußball Edition to succeed.
They’ll defeat Brazil to do it. The national trauma will intensify as Brazil fails to gain revenge for the Maracana Massacre. Cachaça shortages will abound as Die Nationalmannschaft salt the earth, slaughter everyone, and turn the livestock into bratwurst. They’ll do to you what you’re doing to the Amazon rainforest.
Have a nice day.
Thanks for reading! Check out my other soccer articles here! And here! Also here!
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[Table] IAmA: IAm Sheila Norman-Culp, leader of the AP “Dirty Game” investigation into match-fixing in soccer. AMA

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Date: 2013-02-20
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Questions Answers
Did you see that ludicrous display last night? I assume u are talking re Arsenal. yes, yes yes. Not as gut-slamming bad as Saturday's disaster against Blackburn, but no fun for sure.
What was the most surprising facet of the story that you discovered? I was shocked at the Amazonian river of money that sports betting generates... the Interpol chief Ron Noble says several billion euros a year, an ex-FIFA official has said up to $500 billion a year. BILLION...! if you are a criminal mastermind, all you have to do is use some fixed games to deliver a tiny sliver of that and you will be wealthier than you ever imagined. That's about the yearly GNP of Switzerland, no slouch economy.
This is the crazy thing to me, how many people are betting on what are ultimately not high level events. I would like to think that high levels of betting on one side of a small matchup could be observed and regulated. Until lately, no one thought to look for match-fixing in the soccer wilderness. but extremely low level games in Finland, Norway and Canada that were fixed proved that theory wrong. for fixers, best thing is virgin territory not already claimed by other fixers...
Which mobs were most involved? Turkish? Russian? Romanian? Prolly the shorter list would be what mobs DON'T want to get involved with match-fixing... AP talked to Turkish commentators who said fixing allegations have cropped up every year for at least 40 years, and even Turkish prosecutors in court documents noted that mobs had infiltrated Turkish soccer since at least 1980... As for Russia, one illegal Asian betting den that an AP reporter visited wouldn't even touch bets for Russia's 2nd division (or Greece's for that matter). Even illegal sites know when to run! Italy's match-fixing has produced over $2.6 billion for the Camorra and the Mafia. And since the vast majority of sports betting money originates in Asia, Asian crime gangs are said to be intimately involved in fixing games.
Where in Asia is the money coming from? It's coming both from billions of small bettors (betting is a way of life i many Asian countries) and from Asian crime gangs who are recycling dirty money to launder it.
How is the research going on the dinamo zagreb - olimpique game, where olimpique scored just enough goals to kick Ajax out of the champions league? Ah yes, where a zagreb player winked on a YouTube clip. plenty of suspicions, Ajax started howling immediately, no good evidence ever emerged. was about the same time in which Croatian first league (where dinamo played) was riddled with match-fixing (see our story about Croatia Seveste player Mario Cizmek) but dinamo never implicated in those trials.
To borrow from Grantland's Brian Phillips, "How #*%!ed is the beautiful game?" It's more &&#$ than top officials want to publicly admit. There are large areas of the world where football has been not only infiltrated by criminals but is being run by criminals. Last year in China, two ex-chiefs of its FA (football association for American fans) got 10 1/2 years in prison for corruption. In 2011, the national TV channel in China REFUSED to broadcast matches from the Chinese League due to widespread match-fixing. I can't imagine the reax here in London if Sky or the BBC refused to broadcast Premier League games...
What is the highest level that you believe some form of match fixing has taken place? European competition? WC qualifying? Where is match fixing most prevalent? Well, our FIFA correspondent Graham Dunbar says that depends if you include the 1982 World Cup West Germany-Austria game, which appeared to be a deal with the teams. FIFA changed its rules after that so games at the end of rounds start simultaneously. More recently you have the 2010 WC qualifier between Liechtenstein and Finland ... and Latam types will always debate whether the WC 1978 Argentina 6, peru 0 was fixed, sent host Argentina into final...
So...Juventus. As a fan, I just have to know. How involved are they in match fixing? They're always surrounding by rumors of it. Hmmm. where to start? well, going way back, juventus reputedly bough the ref in the 193 European Cup semifinal, according to one of our top football guys... and they were pretty front and center in Italy's 2006 match-fixing scandal, where they were regulated to Serie B (2nd division), got 9 points deducted, got hit by a massive fine, got stripped of their 2006-07 league titles, got tossed out of the Champions League for a year. Their club president at the time was fined and banned from the sport for five years. Their current coach, Antonio Conte, just got back in December from a 4-month FIFA ban for a separate match-fixing allegation. As Premier Mario Monti said, maybe Italian football should just shut down for a few years to get rid of that corruption thing...
I have to ask. Have you or anyone in your agency been approached or threatened as a result of your investigations? Gotta give kudos here to Chris Brummett, our Vietnam bureau chief, who visited a Wild West betting boomtown on the border of Cambodia. Going around illegal Asian betting dens, talking with bettors about fixed matches, looking for hints of Asian triad involvement. Not a place that you could take TV cameras or where bettors would let u take a picture, that's for sure. And when I was filming a TV segment at a Zagreb stadium with a player convicted of match-fixing, all of a sudden we saw that a photog with a long lens was zooming in on us. The guy came over to see what we were doing, I made sure not to speak a word of English and our photographer Darko talked to him. After that, Darko said "it's time to go." When a photog who just got back from Syria says its time to go, u go.
Do you think that this type of match fixing also extends into American sports such as Major League Baseball or the National Football League? I think of a game like the Super Bowl with all the money bet on it and I can't help but wonder if games are often fixed or the outcome affected artificially. Super Bowl betting is big in the US but is tiny in relation to global soccer betting. And the Super Bowl has one big thing that keeps it from being fixed -- very high player salaries. Players in countries like Croatia are match-fixing sometimes for as little as 2500 euros ($3300). Major league baseball salaries and NFL salaries are too high -- and you need to involve too many players to ensure a rock-solid fix. In soccer, the goalie alone has enough influence to fix a game by himself.
Where do the criminal gangs get the action on? Betfair? For a blow-by-blow account of how it all goes down, check out these links: Player who rues getting involved in match-fixing: Link to Unwritten rules of match-fixing: Link to
How exactly does it work? The players just play terribly when instructed? The criminals have money on the over? In terms of the betting, there's about five-six levels of betting in Asia, which leads from local illegal betting shops that deal in cash to next level, regional betting houses, still in cash, to next level, super betting sites, to online betting sites that take credit cards and are openly operating. Asian betting sites don't know their customers, so its easier to disguise large wagers as many small ones. European betting sites know their customers via credit cards, but criminals can use fake credit cards. anyone who knows about a fixed game can bet on whichever betting site offers the odds
Where are most of these criminal organizations based? What country? Are international matches ever fixed(England vs San Marino or something) or just club matches? Actually 'friendlies' between two nations are a prime target for fixers, because football associations can hire agencies (some of which later turn out to be fronts for fixers) to arrange the games and give a cut of the proceeds (or even bribes) to corrupt FA officials Just imagine, in a friendly you can get world-class talent for free and they can generate gobs of TV revenues. some suspect friendlies in recent times: Nigeria-Argentina 2011, one or more South Africa friendlies right before the World Cup, Bolivia-Latvia 2011, Bulgaria-Estonia 2011, several Latam games involving Venezuela and Bolivia. These are all men's games, so far no whiff of suspicion among women's friendlies.
Is there any suspicion of fixing in women's soccer in the past Olympics? It has bothered a lot of people the way the gold medal game finished. It didn't make any sense at all. Edit: I did mean semi final. My bad. No, so far no reports of match-fixing in any women's games. in fact, some of the bettors AP interviewed in the illegal Cambodian den were at the time betting on live women's U-20 game between New Zealand and Japan just because they felt it was not fixed.
Has there been any instances when you had suspicion BEFORE a match? What do you think about the recent EUROPOL expose about the 380 european matches? What does only 1 english match (liverpool v debrecen)(albeit english team not involved) say about how things are done in uk v thing elsewhere.what is it that they are doing right/others doing wrong? Me and another AP reporter have visited a betting monitoring site that runs 31,000 games thru computer models to see if they may be fixed. Companies like that can often see if games are suspicious up to two days before a match _ ie they know if XXX amount bet on a Italian league game is normal or way off. They also keep tabs on 110,000 players, teams, refs and officials and give them match-fixing credit scores... they have seen where a suspicious player changes teams and infects a previously untouched team with his knowlege of fixing... Only one match in England reflects high premier league salaries that protect the players and the game. But bet monitors do have one person on their top 20 'to watch' match-fixing suspicions list that lives in the UK.
What is the best part about your job? The sheer variety. I mean there are some things we can plan for _ we know when the 2012 London Olympics will start _ but you never know each day what will happen. Will an Icelandic volcano erupt and blow the travel plans of 10 million people to bits? Or maybe a meteor will hit Russia? i am constantly amazed.
How has the series been received by soccefootball officials? It seems to expose some dirty laundry and gotten news and TV pickups across the globe. Yes, we were very happy with the wide range of media that picked up the stories _ everything from papers in Thailand to ESPN and Sports Illustrated to non-sports outlets like Huffpost and
Which team do you support and who is your favorite player? Well, i live and work now in north London, so i would be crucified if I didnt keep up with Arsenal (condolences will be accepted here today). Favorite player, hmm. got two. Fernando Torres because i was living in Zurich during Euro 2008 (he was electric then) and he looks just like my hubby did years ago with his freckles; Robin van Persie now because the man just dances on the field, a joy to watch.
Fernando Torres is my favorite too, and believe me he will be electric again! and another question, what is the most memorable match you have ever watched live at a stadium? At a family level, I brought my ten-year-old daughter and her soccer team to see the American women play at Giants stadium in NJ when the US hosted the Women's World Cup in 1999... Mia Hamm and her buddies really inspired a generation.
Do you see any problem/conflict with betting companies (such as Bwin) being significant sponsors of the game? Betting companies are always going to advertise next to matches, its the smart operating model for their business. but it is interesting how they can be in severe denial about match-fixing. I went to a London betting conference in Nov, and a top representative from Ladbrokes insisted to me that 'maybe 5-6' games were fixed a year. he claimed that some betting monitoring companies have an incentive to say there are hundreds of possibly fixed games a year just so they would get contracts from FIFA, UEFA, national leagues. On the other hand, his own industry has a HUGE interest in not talking about fixed games -- who is going to bet if they think things are fixed? he did me a big favor though - AP reporters could not get into the monitoring sites until we reported his ludicrous comment to them.
How does it start? Does someone from the criminal organization approach a player in a shady alley? Do players that fix games do so repeatedly? Do multiple players on a team need to be bought to pull off the fix? And finally, how do the criminal organizations actually make money off fixed games? Presumably by placing the bets they've arranged, but don't the people taking their bets get suspicious? What i'm going to do is give u some link to our stories that explain all this. ironically, match-fixers often groom players just like pedophiles groom targets, according to a major 2012 study on sports corruption. Players can be seduced into fixing by other coaches or players or agents. Or they can be ordered to fix by their corrupt soccer club bosses. Or they can have no idea a game is fixed because the refs were bought off instead. so many ways to match-fix...!
How in the world would FIFA (or possibly another organization) go about fixing this or at least starting to fix it? Is the problem already too deep that anything other than a complete scrub of all teams and parties involved would fail? And could the sport even survive something like that or would it be best for the game if everyone just operated like business as usual? FIFA's latest anti-match-fixing project is to educate players and refs about the problem. A noble idea, for sure, one that no one can find fault with. but it's kinda like warning your kids not to play with matches when your kitchen is already on fire and that may burn down your whole house. Time to get out the big firehose. Let's not forget how doping has driven sponsors and TV revenues away from cycling or even track. And soccer authorities also have another problem -- their own officials may be the ones driving the fixing. A major sports corruption report last year even gave that a label "chairman-to-chairman" fixing. in turkey last year, 93 people went on trial for match-fixing, and only 14 were players. I think the best model to emulate is germany's, its FA has a omsbudman where players, refs, anyone can call to report fixing worries anonymously.
Is it anyway connected to the fixed cricket games and why is this not getting as much coverage considering soccer is a much larger sport? And do you think the Ireland v France world cup 2010 qualifier was fixed, where Thiery Henry blatantly hand-balled to knock Ireland out of the competition? That was one darn obvious handball but absolutely no suggestion of fixing in that. as we say in our Dirty Game series, referees and players can perform poorly for all sorts of legitimate reasons. Gotta say, American fans could never stomach bad ref calls like that, that's why they love NFL instant replay. the concept that such a bad call could knock a team out... it's why the NFL had to end its referee lockout...
It's amazing how deep seeded the corruption is in the sport. Do you know how much money was made globally from the match fixing (an estimate)?? FIFA has estimated between $5 billion and $15 billion a year. not chump change.
I think it's more spot-fixing than match-fixing, right? Or at least the higher up the leagues go, the more it deviates towards spot rather than match. If you got any knowlege of this, let FIFA/UEFA/the national leagues know. AP took a deep dive into fixing in Croatia's first division, (let me tell u google translator is a mess with croatian court transcripts) and found both match and spot fixing in the same games. one sports expert, David Forrest of University of Salford, says that's a great way for gangs to increase revenues, you get to place two-three-four bets on the same fixed game.
Do you think that the punishment for participants should be more severe the further up the ladder the investigation goes? That is, should the first-year first-teamer found to have been involved be given less of a penalty than the national team star? Or should a message be sent with uniform penalties for even the least involvement? Hmm. it's kinda like doping in that you need zero tolerance. That said, its clear that match-fixers target players like lions on the savannah, picking off the young (easy to manipulate) the old (nearing the end of their employment, fearing what's next) and the weak (those with betting problems or financial difficulties. Young players lured into fixing by older players should get lesser sentences if it's found that they were forced or pressured into it. Older players (or refs hitting age limits) should get harsher penalties because they absolutely knew what they were doing. national stars who fix bring shame upon an entire nation but the fixing penalities should be the same no matter what the league.
Do you feel like, historically, there has been more corruption in Italian leagues, or is it more a matter of the Italian investigations being more frequent and successful in revealing the corruption and making cases stick? There's no question that Italy has had repeated, major match-fixing instances at least since 2005. And each case seems to bring new amazing allegations. My all time favorite is the goalie who wanted to fix a game, so he drugs the water bottles of his teammates to play poorly. they stink, lose the game, and one even crashes his car afterward. Since Italy takes drunk driving quite seriously, the driver gets a blood test which shows he is full of sedatives, and the whole fixing operation is unveiled. can't make this up. I give plenty of kudos to Italian prosecutor Roberto Di Martino but the country has had plenty of corruption issues in all walks of life ... , so i dont think we can just credit good prosecutors for us hearing about italian match-fixing
At what point do you as an organisation decide that you will look into that matter. How did this all start - or better yet, what event triggered this investigation? We noticed that AP was doing about a dozen match-fixing spot stories around the world a month... but it was country by country. This trial, that arrest, this investigation. It was time to look at the whole of the sport, something that fits an international news agency better than a local or national paper. I had been interested in match-fixing since i covered FIFA for AP in 2007-2008 and did a story when they first set up their EWS monitoring site. got promoted to London, distracted by volcanos and a wonderful London Olympics, but began interviewing people last june.
Glad to oblige blatter? justkidding. What i should have said yesterday -- this AMA is about match-fixing, not Blatter. Blatter is such a vast topic that he needs a whole 'nuther forum. Maybe ask him to come on himself.
How do you stop match fixing? Whoever figures that out gets a nobel peace prize.
Do you have any knowledge of match fixing in Latin America? Specifically Libertadores Cup and Brazilian and Argentinian national leagues? Bolivia and Venezuela have had several suspicious friendlies, Guatemala had 3 players banned in recent months for fixing.
What do you have to say about one of the most outrageous things that happened in the last decade: Lyon 7-1 Zagreb leaving Ajax out of CL? Everyone seems to have forgotten about that thing and no one ever really talked or investigate that game further. That is certainly the one game that Europeans came away thinking must be fixed. it would be a great subject for a magzine piece. maybe when everyone in that game has retired, more might come out.
Which league do you believe to be the most corrupt? Even if it isn't one you've investigated. Impossible to say. too many candidates.
My dad used to bet on soccer matches with his buddies frequently, and pointed out how he would know if a match is fixed or not depending on the players' reactions during a penalty kick. Apparently, whenever a player looks backwards before taking a penalty, he is always looking for a signal as to whether or not he is allowed to make the goal. Is there any merit to this conspiracy theory that my dad and his friends developed? Wild theory, too bad it's prolly not true -- they must have been drinking pretty heavily! If a game is fixed by players, they know beforehand and they know exactly what marks they need to hit: X-X score at halftime, X-X final result, X goal differential. No need to look over their shoulder, they already know if they should make it or not. If the game is fixed by club officials, they have already told their players what to do. If the game is fixed by referees, often players don't even know. They might think it's a ridiculous penalty call but they are not going to hurt their stats, they are going to try to make the penalty.
Who's going to win the European Cup? Going to leave all game analysis to commentators and Match of the Day boys. I'm just all about corruption.
Are there times when two different groups try to fix a match with conflicting goals? This was a significant problem in Asia, and its a terrible business model when two crime gangs are trying to fix the same game. That propeled at least Asian gangs to seek out more European games, which were considered several years ago to be much cleaner. One monitor told me about a match in which his company's spotters at the game saw thugs from two different crime gangs shouting with the ref at halftime. Only one side won. (think the ref in that case had a death wish or was just blinded by greed)
What is the most common betting market on fixed games? A straight win? or something like over 2.5 goals? Or even corners or number of cards? Do you bet on any games? I don't bet on sports, not after seeing all this...! The most common bets on fixed games are four things: final score, half-time score, total number of scores and score differential. who is taking the corner doesnt bring in enough money...
Where does the actual money the gangs win come from? Is straight from the betting agencies pockets? David Forrest, the UK economist who specializes in sports betting, tells us that fixed sports betting is a fabulous way to launder money. You take cash from drug or trafficking operations, you bet on fixed games, not only do u make a profit but dirty money comes back clean. He says some crime gangs are trying to buy soccer clubs just to launder money through them.
Was the Qatar bid for hosting the 2022 world cup involved in bribery of any kind? Sri, this AMA is on match-fixing. The FIFA decision to give the 2018 and 2022 World Cups to Russia and Qatar respectively is a whole separate (and vast) discussion.
Did your investigation have any overlap with Declan Hill's investigations in the past? Declan is a pioneer, kudos to him. Suggest everyone interested in this topic read his book "The Fix: Organized Crime and Soccer"
a comment: Kudos to you and your team for really doing some real investigative journalism. Too much TMZ-style or reactive news these days so it's refreshing to see some real shit. Second my question: I saw the amount of profit gained from this scheme was a seemingly paltry $11m. In 2012, $94m was bet on the Super Bowl alone. Is the $11m as truly insignificant as it appears? What percentage of the pie is legitimate vs illegitimate? You maybe are just looking at one Italian match-fixing investigation. Multiply that by investigations in 50 nations last year, add to it all the bribe money that is linked to organizing friendlies that can generate big TV revenue... the point about match-fixing is not illegal or legal betting. It is tainting all betting with a fix. European betting agencies pride themselves on their legality, but anyone can be undermined by a fix. In asia, illegal gambling dens thrive because gambling in an ingrained cultural habit that is going to occur even if govts ban it.
Does this only happen with football? are there stories of match fixing happening in the European basketball, volleyball, handball, water polo leagues? All sports can be vulnerable to match-fixing, especially if there is betting on them. add tennis, cricket, horse racing to that mix.
I don't really understand soccer but how and what makes a game suspicious? Huge amounts of late bets on an obscure game. In-game live betting in which lots of bettors put money on another goal and the referee orders a penalty for an unfathomable reason. Games in which all scoring is due to penalty kicks. Games in which scoring is so high that it looks more like baseball. Games in which many goals are disqualified for offsides. so many options i just cant list them all
Does anyone know if Domenico Cricito is still being investigated or if they've finished with him? Cricito, an Italian defender who plays for the St. Petersburg club Zenit, was cleared, not charged with any match-fixing. He has said that he's trying not to be angry but still is about how he was dropped from the Italian team playing in Euro 2012 due to allegations that turned out to be unproven.
How are investigations going in regard to serie a? i know the mafias in Italy have a lot of control over players and referees. Big break on Thursday (feb 21, day after this AMA). a top suspected fixer was arrested by Italian police, Admir Sulijic. he reportedly has links to singapore money man Dan Tan. --- Big break on Friday, Dan Tan being interviewed by Singapore police!!!
Is there a chance Chelsea has been involved with match fixing please say no? I'm such a cynic that I can't say 'No' about any team. To paraphrase Donald Rumsfeld, that's a 'known unknown' -- we know there are some things we do not know. that applies to all teams, not just Chelsea.
Have there been any murders or serious crimes committed in the name of covering up max fixing? In Bulgaria, over a dozen soccer officials have been slain over the last decade. and the crime gangs there don't even pretend to make it look like an accident, they just gun people down in the street.
Due to the nature of your work, do you ever feel in danger? Our medical writer tells us that sitting at a computer for hours on end is the most deadly thing for reporters. if she's right, we are all doomed.
Which top leagues would you say are the least corrupt? Certainly the premier league, due to the players' huge salaries.
Why do FIFA or UEFA never step in to take action on the obviously corrupt English FA, more specifically, Referee's decisions going heavily in the way of a certain Alex Ferguson? There is plenty of evidence, but you just leave them to get away with it. Why? Gotta say, FIFA and UEFA are clearly not fans of the English FA and are certainly not favoring them in any way re refereeing decisions.
I like how this question is dodged. Glad to oblige.
Please tell me the Celtic v Barcelona game wasn't fixed! I have to be sure... Hey even amazing teams lose sometimes! Plus this doesnt match the typical M.O. of the most successful match-fixers. When great teams lose, it always raises more suspicions among bet monitoring companies than when bad teams lose (our reporters visited some secret betting monitoring sites). A convicted midfielder who talked to us about match-fixing says it's always better to simply have bad teams lose once again -- criminals just pre-determine HOW MUCH that team will lose by and play those odds.
Whoever figures that out gets a nobel peace prize. Sri don't mean to be flippant. You go for zero tolerance, you establish anti-match-fixing officials in every national league, you teach players and refs and soccer officials how to recognize approaches by fixers, you increase criminal penalities for fixing, you don't stop investigating serious allegations just because a referee has retired 'from the football family,' (FIFA) you protect whistleblowers better. Italian defender Simone Farina told police about being approached by a fellow player to fix, and that effectively ended his playing career and made him a pariah in italy...happily months and months later Aston Villa made him a 'community coach'
No question, but thanks for doing what you do. This kind of high quality investigative journalism is what the free press is all about. Very kind to hear. are we related? jk. hope you got a chance to read, watch or hear all the eight Dirty Game stories, three sidebars, online video, broadcast video, radio reports, etc.
What's amazing is how ESPN hasn't said a word about this yet. Because they'd rather show more Tim Tebow praying coverage, or Mark Sanchez picking his asshole coverage, or LeBron James changing shampoo types coverage, or Erin Andrews trimming her fingernails coverage. ESPN online did pick up the AP Dirty Game story... and they did a video piece after Europol cited 680 suspicious games. but on that video piece they got an Italian soccer commentator who thought this was being overblown...
Could you please investigate the NBA now pls. Hmm. I saw an NBA rep at the London conference on sports betting. the major difference, obviously, is the huge number of scores in basketball and low number of scores in soccer. 1-0 wins a soccer game, but you need what, 35-50 scores to win an NBA game? So many more scoring variables in the NBA and such high salaries. I would think college ball (no salaries) would be much much more vulnerable to spread fixing.
I am Sheila Norman-Culp, AP’s Assistant Editor for Europe, who led the AP's “Dirty Game” multiformat team that investigated match-fixing in football. FTFY. Ahh, you say football, i say tomato. Let's call a truce. Otherwise Americans in this chat will start talking about Alabama
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