23 of the Best Financial Affiliate Programs for Bloggers

A case for Buckets budget software

Check out Buckets here.
Starting off with, I'm in no way affiliated with Buckets as anything aside of user and regular bug reporter. I simply think it is an amazing application.
I used to be an avid user of YNAB 4 but after moving to full time Linux, I had to find an alternative. For me, I refuse to use an online based application/option (nYNAB, Mint, Google Docs, etc). I'm frankly not comfortable uploading my financial spending data/habits online.
In comes Buckets. I love it. Below, I've listed some (personally) top pros and cons. I hope you'll consider giving it a try.



As we enter the new year, check it out! Maybe itll be as invaluable to your family as it is to mine.
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I am 30 years old, make ~82,000k per year and work in higher ed

Posting this one day early since I'm flying out of town early tomorrow!
Section One: Assets and Debt
Retirement Balance: $2600 (Retirement planning has been a sob story up until about THIS WEEK when I was eligible for retirement benefits at my new work, so bear with me as I get this under control.)
Equity: $86,000 (My grandparents graciously provided the $$ for the down payment on my home. I’ve owned it for 5 years.)
HYSA savings account balance: $10,200
Checking account balance: $15,000 - $20,000
Investment account balance: $48,000 ($25k of it is leftover from my grandparents, the rest is my contributions & growth)
Credit card debt: N/A
Student loan debt: My parents graciously paid for my college education. I went to a state school and waited a few years before attending to get in-state tuition.
Car Loan: $12,300 - Paid off $4k of this balance since I last posted a MD mid-July! My goal is to pay this off by October 2020.
Section Two: Income
Main Job Monthly Take Home: $3540 (Some months it’s $5310 because of the triple pay period)
Side Gig Monthly Take Home $200 - $700 - I am a deejay
Any Other Monthly Income Here: My boyfriend K pays me for $630 - $750 for $500 of the mortgage and half the utilities. Since I own the assets I consider it income.
Section Three: Expenses
Mortgage: $1105
Retirement contribution: $320 every paycheck, so $640 - $960 every month with company match.
Savings contribution: $500 and then whatever is left over I transfer out to my car payment. After doing a bunch of math I decided I’d be able to save more sooner and faster if I can get this payment out of the way.
Investment contribution: $0 for now due to above. My investment account is doing ok for now and would rather contribute to getting my car paid off ASAP.
Car Payment: $321 but I pay $400 at least every month plus whatever else I'm able to.
Car Insurance: $110
Donations: $30 - I donate to my high school, a human rights organization, a local non profit music venue, and a local harm reduction program
Electric: $120 - $350
Water / Trash: $65
Wifi: $75
Cell Phone: $0 my sister who is a doctor and is married still has her plan on my parents too so I’m in no hurry to cut the cord
Netflix: $14
Hulu: $6
Massage Envy: $65 (getting rid of this soon)
Pure Barre Unlimited: $149 (covered by my family for the next two months. It was my birthday present!)
Health Insurance: $110 (rest covered by employer)
Dental: $4 (rest covered by employer)
FSA: $42
iTunes: $3
Spotify: $0 - On K’s plan.
Business Gmail: $6
Termite Treatment: $500
NBA League Pass: $50 for my share
Car Registration: $400
Web hosting: $55
Instacart: $50 for my share
Amazon Prime: $25 for my share
8:10 AM - Wake up and scramble to get ready. I have a 9:00 today and I already know I’m going to be late. Spray my crazy hair down from sleeping with wet hair last night, pull on jeans, a striped top, and black cut out booties. Slap lotion and foundation on my face, chapstick, nude lipstick and I’m out the door with homemade cold brew and a slice of toast.
9:02 AM - Only 2 minutes late for the meeting! This one is a weekly touch base with one of our agencies. I’ll label them as Agency 1 from now on. It takes a whole ten minutes.
9:30 AM - It feels like Monday for some reason. Yuck. Browse reddit for a while and pretend to work. Nearby coworkers have snacks out. I take some Terra chips and a couple TJ brand pumpkin spice Oreos.
10:30 AM - Meet with coworker about data sources in Google Analytics. Help her pie out which accounts to look at and campaign titles so she can update a chart for leadership.
11:30 AM - A pal posts on instagram that she’s offering tarot readings for $10 because she’s super broke. We chat back and forth because she doesn’t want to charge me. We settle on $7 and she does a past / present / future read on my self-care and health. I get the world, the emperor, and the king of swords - this symbolizes my coming full circle with my self-care and health and the emperor and king of swords represent a more outward and masculine approach to it. Long story short, she’s right. I’ve focused on making better food choices over the past 6 months and am ready, for the first time in my life, to commit to exercise. God bless my friend. $7
12:30 PM - Grab my salad from the fridge. I packed it yesterday but ended up eating out with a coworker who is in town from CA. Boring salad today - power greens, cucumber, tomato, seed mix, kalamata olives, carrots, red onion, and oil and vinegar.
2:00 PM - Take a break from data entry and walk to CVS to grab more seltzer for my office stash. Polar is on sale so I grab a 12 pack of raspberry lime. $5.08
3:30 PM - Meetings for the rest of the day. One is about proprietary models our analytics team is developing for audience targeting with Agency 1. The other is an internal update with our CMO regarding campaigns we’ll be pushing into Utah & Colorado with Agency 1. I am assigned a task for this which I complete shortly after the meeting.
5:15 PM - Chat with my mom on my way home from work. Make flyer for deejay gig next week while snacking on tortilla chips & hummus, watch TV while I scroll through Pinterest looking for quinoa recipes to send to my mom.
7:00 PM - K (boyfriend) comes home from work and we’ve planned on hanging out. Over the past month, we’ve been making our way through The Wire and tonight is no different. We have three episodes left of season 3 so we plow through them. I make pasta at some point to share.
10:45 PM - I am so sore from attending my first Pure Barre class yesterday. I do some stretches in between reading Tan France’s autobiography before heading to bed.
8:00 AM - I’m still so sore. Roll out of bed, dry shampoo hair, toss on a Ralph Lauren polo dress and Coach loafers. All the ingredients I bought for my salad have to be photographed first for my blog which means I can’t actually pack lunch today. I browse the kitchen and find a frozen Daiya burrito. Pack some chips and salsa to go with it. Out the door with cold brew and toast.
8:45 AM - Arrive at work, put on house music to prep for my set on Saturday, and work on data entry for a long term project.
12:00 PM - Eat Daiya burrito and chips and salsa. The gluten-free tortillas they use with these burritos are not very good.
1:00 PM - Attend my only meeting today covering SEO with Agency 2 - this isn’t really my area of expertise, but I need to listen to the team to know what’s going on for my own efforts. Get access to the master keyword list for the product we all work on. At some point I’ll compare this to paid efforts (my domain), but I set it aside for now.
2:30 PM - Hang out outside for a few minutes and try to get through Naturally Tan before book club tonight.
4:45 PM - Leave a few minutes early to try to get downtown before 6:00.
6:00 PM - Arrive at State 48 Brewing Co. The ladies of book club are already settled and talking about the book. I order a sour beer and realize I’m starving. Peruse the menu and don’t see anything that looks obviously vegan so I just go with fries. We chat about the book – Tan is my favorite of the Fab 5 and while I didn’t love the book to pieces, I still adore him! $12.86
7:30 PM - Drive home. I’m not sure if I’m feeling super tired due to the fried food and carbs or if it’s because I didn’t get a tiny break after work. I curl up on the couch with the dog and scroll through my phone and sort of watch My Strange Addiction. The lady who is married to a circus ride is unhinged.
9:00 PM - My energy is back, and I wanted to try to do a barre video tonight so I attempt. K calls me 15 minutes in and I give up. I can tell my muscles aren’t ready yet.
10:30 PM - K arrives home from the show he was working. We try to start season 4 of The Wire but he isn’t feeling it. I tell him I need to go to bed anyways, so we relocate and I fall asleep.
7:45 AM - Roll out of bed and hop in the shower. Today’s outfit is jeans, a white shirt, and Coach loafers. I always feel really basic in this outfit, but every time I wear it people tell me I should wear more white. Pour cold brew, make toast. There is nothing here for me to bring for lunch today unless I want to suffer through another gross Daiya burrito, so I head out empty handed. Listen to Food Blogger Pro Podcast en route.
9:15 AM - Boss strolls into the office I share with another colleague. She shuts the door and confides in us about her son (She usually refers to him as “the little guy” which I adore) who is approaching the “terrible two” phase. We spend 45 minutes making Friday conversation. My department is pretty chill most Fridays and this is the first one in a while that I actually feel that for my team.
12:00 PM - Make it through a meeting to run through publisher lists with Agency 1. We feel relieved to get clarification as we were very worried about it initially.
12:10 PM - I can’t focus in this room any longer so I decide to take my laptop to lunch so I can at least get something done today. I hop over to Shady Park and get a vegan noodle bowl and a seltzer. They give a 10% for folks affiliated with the org I work for, so that helps! $10.76
3:00 PM - Agency 2 gets back to me with something I’ve been waiting on. I spend the rest of the afternoon drafting my rebuttal and send it to my boss to review on Monday.
4:00 PM - Make light conversation with coworkers for the last hour of work and walk home.
6:00 PM - Snack on tortilla chips and hummus, work on some miscellaneous blog things while K watches The Jump. He eventually falls asleep and I sneak off to the bedroom and get in a Pure Barre video. Take a birdbath after and snack on pistachios.
8:00 PM - Drink wine while we watch The Wire. Eventually, we relocate to the bedroom and K leaves me there cause I fall asleep.
8:00 AM - Check the weather and it’s 75 degrees! Find K sleeping on the couch. Wake him up to relocate. Make some toast and harness the dog and we walk together to Cartel. I order a small cold brew, and we find a spot in the corner to hang out in for a while. I see a handful of acquaintances, and I leave before we overstay our welcome – my dog is very uhhh excitable. $4
10:15 AM - Arrive home and shower. Find K and give him some cuddles. He tells me he fell asleep very late last night so I let him be. I clean the kitchen only to make a mess of it again right after. I have a grilled butternut squash recipe I need to shoot for my blog today, so I lay out all of the ingredients and get to work.
12:15 PM - Finish photographing, sit down and eat some salad. It’s SO good - it has arugula, grilled butternut squash (duh), shallots, pomegranate, almonds riced tempeh (my new creation!), and an oil-free apple cider vinaigrette. I am thrilled to be eating this salad all next week for lunch. After some light social media scrolling, I see a donut shop just south of me made vegan donuts for the first time! Pack away my ingredients for salads next week and do as much cleaning as I can in the kitchen.
1:30 PM - K and I run to Target. We’re all out of kitchen trash bags and it’s driving me crazy. I pick up the trash bags, hummus, almond cream cheese, maple Oreos (splurge!), and Wheat Thins. $24.03
2:15 PM - The donut shop only has a few left of the vegan donuts but I manage to get a glazed and a chocolate frosted. I also buy K a long john. $3.21
2:30 PM - K is hungry and didn’t want salad so we stop at Chioptle for him.
3:00 PM - Home again! Unload Target stuff, watch an episode of The Wire.
5:00 PM - Start working again on my set for tonight. I buy all the tracks and import them into Serato to be tagged. (Sidenote: I don’t normally spend this much on digital music but I’ve never played this genre before, so every time that happens I spend more than I normally would on my sets, so I can build out my library.) $106.42
8:30 PM - K leaves to shoot a show tonight and I get ready for my event. I forget how heavy my gear is. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done this... I wish I had CDJs instead sometimes. My case is 120 pounds! Stop at Starbucks on the way for my pre-show tea, a ritual I cannot shake $3.19
9:10 PM - Arrive at the venue. It’s a cool bar / club in uptown Phoenix that my friends recently purchased. They help me load in my gear and we do a soundcheck. I brought a monitor just in case, but it doesn’t appear I’ll need it. It’s loud AF in here!
9:30 PM - Drink White Claw and chat with some friends pre-set. I get free drinks tonight since I'm playing.
10:00 PM - Start the party! I spend about 30 minutes playing slower house stuff before getting into the hits. Bizarre Inc. brings everyone to the front around 10:45 and from there, we’ve got a dancefloor ladies & gentlemen! Drink more White Claw but put a hard stop to drinking at 11:00, so I’m more than good to drive by 2:30.
11:30 PM - There is a couple making out to Pump Up The Jam.
12:30 AM - The owner of the bar drops off my check ($200 - so I still made money after buying the tracks!) as she’s on her way out for the night. She says it’s the best deejay night they’ve had so far since they bought the bar at the beginning of the month and that they want me to do it again!
1:45 AM - Start to wind down the room and also realize I’m so so sleepy.
2:00 AM - Cut my set chat with the few remaining friends that stuck around ‘til the end. Force one of them to help me load my coffin into my car.
2:45 AM - Arrive home & unload. Find K sleeping on the couch. Drink water and change into PJs. Zone out on phone for 20 minutes before waking him up to come to bed.
3:15 AM - zZZZzzzZZzZ
8:00 AM - Wake up and drink a lot of water. Yell at the dog to come inside because she’s barking.
10:45 AM - Up at ‘em, but a little too late to go to Pure Barre. Maybe I’ll do a video later today instead…
12:00 PM - Run to Cartel to get coffee and then to Chompies to get bagels. K treats for both. We take the bagels back home and toast them. I spread almond cream cheese on mine. We start an episode of The Wire while we eat but realize that we’d rather do productive things instead.
2:00 PM - Import photos I took yesterday and get to editing. Make it through selecting, cropping, editing, and make versions for social channels. I find this part of the blogging experience “most draining,” and break shortly after to take a stab at a marco-friendly red curry. It turns out just okay. I think I need to find a different curry paste.
5:30 PM - Run back to the bar I deejayed at last night to grab my laptop charger. I chat with the bar owner who wants to add me to more events in the future. I’m so excited to be in on this place as they start to build out their event calendar.
7:30 PM - Stop by Total Wine to pick up fancy sodas enroute to my friends’ house. I am trying to be a better guest lately by bringing a gift or something to share for every home I’m invited to. Tonight it’s me and another couple as guests. The other guest friends bring pizza to share. I try to pay them for my pie, but they decline. $7.12
11:20 PM - I stay way later than I originally anticipated. I think I really must’ve needed this small group friend time. My spirits are super high when I leave.
11:30 PM - Arrive home. Watch an episode of The Wire with K and fall asleep.
7:30 AM - Gooooooood morning! Wake up and hop in the shower. Pull cold brew bags out of the stash I made Friday evening, pack a butternut squash salad, and toast half a whole wheat everything bagel for breakfast with almond cream cheese.
9:00 AM - Attend a meeting with Agencies 1 & 2 together to run through assets needed for the pilot campaigns we’re putting together with Agency 1. Agency 2 always makes things super difficult, but this conversation goes pretty well.
10:00 AM - Talk to my boss about the German 80s music scene for almost an hour. Turns out we were all listening to the same things regardless of location (Granted I was born in 89, I listen to a lot of 80s music).
12:00 PM - Sign up for a Pure Barre class today at 6:30. I’m super hungry already, so I grab my salad & a seltzer. Browse through Reddit while I eat.
1:00 PM - Take a quick walk to Tempe Town Lake. It starts to drizzle the second I arrive so I head back before the rain comes full force.
4:00 PM - My stomach hurts so much from all the carbs I ate this week / weekend. I am not normally this bread-forward. Ouch!
5:30 PM - Arrive home & torture myself with again with a piece of leftover pizza. Put on my barre gear and head to class.
7:20 PM - I did it! I can already tell I’m getting stronger from the two weeks of videos, plus the foundations class I took last week. Drive home and immediately hop in the shower.
8:00 PM - Heat the rest of the pizza from last night and pour myself a glass of wine. Watch two episodes of The Wire with K then we switch to Between Two Ferns on Youtube. I doze off and once I’m asleep he switches to video games. I’m woken up only a short while later to transition to the bedroom.
10:45 PM - Get some cuddles in with K before falling asleep again.
8:00 AM - My boss is out of town and my muscles are sore. I enjoy an extra fifteen minutes in bed. It’s still kind of wet outside so I put on a flannel dress and Rothys. Pack butternut squash salad and head out with cold brew and the last whole wheat everything bagel half and almond cream cheese.
9:00 AM - Arrive at work. Officemate talks to me for a very long time about her HOA problems and how she’s quitting the board to make room for other priorities. She’s a nice lady and all but sometimes she overshares and I have a hard time with it because I feel like she’s just talking at me and doesn’t want to know me very well in return.
10:00 AM - Weekly status call with Agency 1. Lasts for 10 minutes. Look at my car insurance and see that it’s going up by $121/6 months. I hardly drive my car and I’m already paying more than most because USAA has great service. They’ve been amazing with my house, but (KNOCK ON WOOD) I’ve never been in an accident in my 14 years of driving nor have I received any tickets beyond parking fines, so I think I’ll take my chances with a less customer oriented company. I fill out a quick quote on Geico and discover I can save $67 per month if I switch and the coverage options are basically the same. WHAT!? I text my mom immediately to get a second vote. 15 minutes could save me 75% on car insurance!!!??? Man fuck USAA.
11:00 AM - I need to have a productive day with data entry, so I can make a dent in an ongoing analysis of Agency 2’s Google Ads work. Spoiler: they are not that great at SEM. The work is so dry, but I make a goal to match up 200 keywords in hopes that it will keep me on task.
11:30 AM - I’m starving already. Officemate brought some cashew, seeds, and dried berry trail mix last week to share with our team in case anyone gets the rumblies, but made me hold onto it because she’ll just eat the whole thing. I break it out and dig in. The dried blueberries are a nice surprise!
12:30 PM - Mom texts back and says switching seems like a no brainer. I call to cancel my policy and USAA also agrees I’m making a good choice. Message K to tell him the good news. Since he also has Geico we’re going to see about bundling his auto and my auto to see if we can save even more.
12:35 PM - Grab salad and mango limeade seltzer. Eat while I plow through more keywords.
2:15 PM - Call into a meeting that I guess isn’t happening because everyone is out of town but non one mentioned that fact to me. Make it to my “mini goal” for the day for keywords. Check my progress and I’m about halfway done. If I’m able to do 200-300 per day I will be done in one week! Reward myself by walking to the lake.
3:00 PM - Grab a seltzer and work on a response to Agency 2 in regards to parameters for SEM discussions. We can’t see the Google Ads Account - just GA 360 so, we’re outlining the basics to establish what kinds of discussions we can have based on what our organization can see moving forward.
4:15 PM - Finish my work for the day and decide to work on Pinterest image descriptions. I finish four posts, pack up my things and head home.
5:15 PM - My pal T meets me at my house to deliver my belated bday present. We facetime our other friend S for about an hour. We all used to work together and are super close. T & I sip on Bon & Viv hard seltzers and wheat thins and hummus.
6:30 PM - We hang up with S and T hits the road. I work on formatting content for my blog, then K and I watch an episode of The Wire.
7:45 PM - It’s Taco Tuesday. K initially asks me to go alone, but I get sappy and make him come along. I drive us to the closest Del Taco and we load up on Beyond Meat tacos. He pays.
8:15 PM - We watch two more episodes of The Wire against my better judgement. It’s so good!
10:15 PM - I finish formatting the last part of my blog post and publish it. I’ll post all the social content tomorrow. There’s no point it putting it out this late.
10:45 PM - K convinces me to watch one more episode of The Wire in bed. I surprise myself and stay awake through the entire episode.
Food & Drink: $70.25
Entertainment: $7
Home & Health: $0
Clothing & Beauty: $0
Transport: $0
Other: $106.42
TOTAL: $183.67
Reflection: This week was abnormally low. I went to NYC & had a pretty expensive birthday at the beginning of September, so I’m trying to keep all of my daily spending at a minimum for the rest of the month. I just joined YNAB under when someone in this group mentioned you get it for free if you’re a student (TY to that person!) I already see the value and am excited to see my savings grow now that I have a better system for budgeting. Thanks for reading everyone :)
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Compilation of student discounts/ freebies

Several years into uni, still discovering new ones:
1. Qpay Swipe: discovered through Reddit, kudos to u/akkatracker
Use my referral code 7YEXK when signing up to skip the queue
original post
2. AIA Vitality: (free via Rest Super) not just for students

3. Student Edge: pretty standard, discounts for certain stores.
4. UniDays: discounts for certain stores, generates a unique discount code.
5. Groupon: not student only, but worth mentioning as many people I know have still never used it. Basically you prepay for certain experiences or meals at discounted prices.

6. Cashrewards: essentially cashback when shopping on certain sites, not only for students.
7. Shopback: same with Cashrewards

Apps/ Programs 
8. Notion.so: productivity or note-taking app, kind of like OneNote but with much more functionality and aesthetics.
9. Free Discounted Windows:
10. Office 365:
11. Symantec Endpoint Protection:

Budgeting tools: 
12. Pocketbook: free for public but worth mentioning
13. YNAB (You Need A Budget): free to students for one year, 10% discount for a year, then normal rates.

edit: Windows may no longer be free for all students (certain faculties only), but at a discounted price
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I strongly recommend You Need A Budget

Hey all. I used to try and do my best to budget basically mentally. Super hard and easy to get away from you. I also had overdraft protection (total scam) and almost every paycheck would once or twice get hit with an overdraft fee. That's literally throwing money in the fucking trash.
So I looked around and started using You Need A Budget. It has made my life so much easier. I've used it for about 2 years now and not once since I began using it have I been unexpectedly out of money.
I do recommend getting the legacy version of the program/app though. The new one actively monitors your account like Mint and auto sorts your budget but I prefer the older one (YNAB 4 I believe) because you get hands on with your budget and really see where the money is going.
I'm happy to answer questions or concerns as I had a bit of a hard time using it at first myself.
Just to be clear I'm not at all even remotely affiliated with the company of YNAB. Just a very happy customer.
Edit: I should have scrolled down a bit further before posting this :(
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affiliate program. Although those points are. useful, the most essential point to keep in mind is your. judgment. Utilizing your finest judgment is the easiest means to choose. an active affiliate program. Ynab Affiliate Program. To your success,. P.S. If thoroughly chosen, you can quickly make a full time. living simply with affiliate programs. You Need a Budget combines easy software with Four Simple Rules to help you quickly gain control of your money, get out of debt, and save more money faster! YNAB. Personal Budgeting Software for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android The 4Checks.com affiliate program allows you to earn 25% commissions when you link your customers to our hundreds of check designs online. Then you need to get better friends—just kidding!—but you won’t get any free time unless they subscribe. But for every friend, family member or frenemy who subscribes through your referral link, you will each get an additional free month of YNAB. Keep up the good work sharing YNAB—the sign-up is half the battle! YNAB. YNAB is a personal budgeting software system that’s perfect for helping your readers get out of debt and in control of their financial health. The program is also a great affiliate option for bloggers as they offer $6 per referral. Travelex. Travelex is the perfect tip if you’re blogging about budgeting travel or just for travelers in

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