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Horse Racing Is a Mind And Thought Type Of Game!

I look at horse racing as a mind and thought game that can be very profitable but you must learn to think, learn and then process that information. A lot of factors that one person may think is useless and /or too hard to learn is another person's gold mine. Why? Because the person that use that information successfully spent hours, days, weeks, months and even years developing that tool to where it benefits him the most. If you are looking for a quick tool to become successful, you are simply wasting your time!
If you hope to find an expert and use their information without really trying to understand how they are reaching that conclusion, you will end up broke, confused, and frustrated. There has been hundreds of times throughout the years that I felt that way and it would have been easy to walk away and never looked back. Actually, the only reason I did not do just that was because within the first few times that I went to the track and bet, I always believed there was a way to turn a profit but I simply had to find the way that worked best for me and the way I think.
If you are the type that loves to play every race, then it will be most beneficial to learn all aspects of the racing game including pace/speed, breeding, trainers, jockeys, owners, track tendencies, drainage systems at each track, bias along with when and even why, and even the crowd's tendency and what they often tend to bet. Each race often will run differently than the race before mostly due to the changing of class and conditions, but also due to the different make up each race presents. You will need to be flexible and understand each track's tendencies to even have a small shot at making money on any day, much less the long run.
Why do you believe most experts tends to promote speed in their picks? I believe they do because that horse has less probability to encounter trouble than others and also because it has always been public perception that speed dominates. As a person who has always been good at math, I have sliced and diced both early fractions and even final times down to feet and yards a horse jumps per second. This, like using pace as the deciding factor led to a few winners but more often led to throwing away tickets race after race. I realize this works for some handicappers(at least in their minds) and I will always encourage you to do what works best for you as an individual. Through the years, I have kept records of most of my bets and what type of races were my strong suit as well as which one I had problems with.
What is the most important aspect of handicapping? I would have to say getting to know each and every trainer and knowing as much about each as to what are their strong points and where they often struggle. Almost all trainers have strengths and weaknesses and knowing when and why to avoid them in certain situations will not only save you money but can often lead you to a winner you might not otherwise even consider. But also knowing when you are playing into their strengths will increase your chances of having success on the track.
I know most of you also like to follow jockeys, which can be a good way to figure out who the good trainers are(to an extent). The best jockeys have jockey agents who spends a bulk of their time getting to know each and every trainer. They often get inside information that is not available to most racing fans, including me, but it gives them a chance to make informed choices for their jockeys. That said, even the best of jockeys makes riding mistakes that screws up the best laid plans a trainer can devise. But because they win 20% of the time, their mistakes are quickly forgotten about where as a jockey that wins around around 10%, that same mistake will follow him around for months and will eventually affect the way he rides(until he gets his confidence back).
Pedigree is the angle I have found to be most useful as far as horses are concerned. But pedigree involves going back and learning what each sire and even his family has done on the track and either remembering and/or recording their top distance, the type of surface they perform the best on. Knowing if a horse has a full sibling or close relative running usually means nothing in terms of racing ability but can often give clues of which sire or family to watch. Each horse is born with his own abilities and it takes a good trainer and a lot of patience to bring that ability to the front.
Otherwise, the way I look at it, is a horse can not win without good breeding and proper training, a trainer can not win without a good horse and proper training, and a jockey can not win with an off form horse and/or bad decisions, regardless of the trainer. But when I feel all things are equal, I will take pedigree over pace and speed figures every time because more than 200 years of bloodlines that has produced over and over is hard to fault.
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About Exacta Bet

About Exacta Bet
The Exacta Bet is the best place to start learning about betting. It belongs from the category of Exotic Bets. Through betting you can win big amount while investing a little one. The exacta bet will place, when you choose your front two finishers in the race in exact order. Exacta bet can be placed on famous horse racing events like Kentucky Derby, The Preakness Stakes, These are some well known championships and best place to bet on breeders cup!
The making of Exacta Bet
You can place your exacta bet on race track or also as OTB (Off-track Betting) via online betting sites and also see every update on those sites. The minimum stake value for an exacta bet is $1 and $2 on some race tracks. Betting online is completely legal in some countries i.e. you just need ensure your safest place and bet placing website. There are unlimited bet winning in exacta. For example if you place a bet of $2 and your exacta is correct you will be pay off multiple times. There can be seen different exacta pay off for different Championships. Nyquist, Exaggerator and The Kentucky Derby Exacta pay off just $30.60 for each successful $2 bet. On the other hand, an exacta bet from 2009 Kentucky Derby pays off unto $2074. So, we can’t determine the exact value, it’s all depends on number of bets.
Breeders Cup
Straight Exacta Bet
Straight exacta bet is same as exacta. A bet is placed on two horses in their exact finishing order as defined above. For example, straight exact bet of $2 is placed then it looks as: $2 Exacta (1-5) which states that $2 exacta bet is placed for #1 to finish first (win) and #5 for second (place). It can also be understood by win and place like combination of both.
Exacta Box Bet
For exacta you need to select two horses 1st and 2nd in exact order of their finishing but in box exacta you just need to select your horses order does not matter it may be 1st and 2nd or its vice-versa. And box exacta also allows you to select more than two finishers. For example if you select 4 runners, then any two of need to finish in any order and there will be twenty-four possible outcomes which will cost you total $24 in $1 boxed exacta.
For example, if you bet on #2 and #7 to finish 1st (Win) and 2nd (Place), then their order does not matter in exacta box but cost of you bet will be $4. If you also think that number 8 is also good and can be 1st or 2nd finisher then, you are allowed to add third horse in box exacta, your bet look as Exacta 2-7-8 and your probability of bet winning will be increased. There will be total 6 possible outcomes which are 2-7, 2-8, 7-2, 7-8, 8-2 and 8-7 which cost you total $6. I would like to define simple mathematical formula for this confusion which is Factorial of Number of Horses like there are 3 numbers of horses in exacta box then it will be (3! = 3*2*1= 6).
Exacta Payout
Exacta will pay you on the basis of total no. of betting. It contains like a simple Collection and distribution among total number of wager and bet winners.
For a particular race a total of 1000 $2 Exacta tickets are purchased for a race. Then from the prize pool the income generated. So the prize poll has $4,000 due to the multiplication of 2,000 x $2. The 50 tickets which were sold have the perfect finishing order of the first two horses. Every successful winning ticket gain equal share of the prize pool. At the end, if we divide the total money of prize pool by total wins then every winning ticket recovered $80. For example - $4,000 / 50 = $80
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Off Track Betting spots

I’ve also asked in horseracing but this might be a good place to ask too.
Back in the day when the NYC OTB was open I used to go with my dad and grandfather and I really enjoyed the experience. I have a Tvg (online horse betting) account but betting alone at home isn’t even close to the same experience, and I don’t really like hauling myself all the way out to aqueduct for simulcasting or racing. I have a small handful of friends who also like betting on races so when we get a chance we meet at someone’s apartment for the afternoon and handicap together, then bet on Tvg. Does anyone know any places in Nyc where horseplayers congregate so I can share the misery and joy and desperation of gambling on this incredible sport with others? I know that Reservoir on University Place sometimes plays horse racing on the tv during the day but as far as I can tell only when the owner is there.
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One Betting Angle That Has Proven Fruitful For Many Years.

Over the years, I have picked up quite a few angles that has proven to be successful at most racetracks. But these angles are mostly for handicappers that would like to collect pay-offs in chunks whether than a dollar or two at a time. Some of these angles you may not agree with but I can definitely say they have worked for me over and over again.
Angle #1) This angle has probably been the best of them all, but it usually takes a little tweaking every year or two. When I first started betting, OTB or online betting have yet to be introduced. However, since I was betting at tracks where I had to attend, I notice that all my serious winnings were coming on the same week of every month. So after a couple of years, I started charting which Saturday the favorites were winning, which Saturday the 2nd favorite were winning the most races, etc. I found without fail that the post time favorite was winning the last Saturday of the month(often at less than even money), the 2nd favorite would outfinish the favorite consistently the first Saturday of the month, The favorite would either beat or run second to a horse usually under 10-1 the second Saturday of the month. The third Saturday of the month, however, were bombs away. Horses were winning almost every race ranging in odds from 10-1 to 70-1 and the two favorites were rarely within sniffing distance of running 3rd, much less keying an exacta or tri.
When the OTB's started simulcasting and I have the option to bet many tracks on any given day, I also started charting the results for all the tracks I played and noticed each track was following this method but on different weekends.
Tracks on the first Saturday that ran longshots includes Gulfstream Park, Calder(now Gulfstream West), Tampa Bay, Remington Park, Churchill Downs, Ellis Park, Rockingham Park, Philadelphia Park are some of the ones I remembered.
Tracks that ran longshots on the second Saturday includes Santa Anita Park, Hollywood Park, Golden Gate Fields, Bay Meadows, Emerald Downs, Charles Town, Monmouth Park, Fairgrounds, Arlington Park, Lone Star Park, Los Alamitos, Turf Paradise, Mountaineer Park, Woodbine, are the ones I can remember.
Tracks that ran longshots on third Saturdays included Louisiana Downs, Delta Downs, Evangeline Downs, Sam Houston Race Park, Retama Park, Balmoral Park(Harness), Penn National, Indiana Downs, Hoosier Park, Sunland Park, Ruidoso Park are the ones I remember.
Tracks that ran longshots on the fourth week included Belmont Park, Zia Park, The Meadowlands(Thoroughbreds), are the only ones I can remember though I know there were several more.
Just a word of caution though. Most tracks will attempt to switch up the weekends every year or two to keep you guessing. I have seen some tracks split the card and run favorites for the first half of a card followed by longshots the last half of a card and vice versa but then they will do this a couple of Saturdays a month.
Also, this works on every day of the week the tracks are running but the longshots(over 8-1)will fall on different days every week. This is why it is important for you to keep your own records for every day of the week you wish to bet.
Now when I bet a longshot on a week that my charts tell me he should not win, I am not surprise when he does not pick up his feet. However, the same goes true for a favorite. I used to be perplex when I saw a favorite that should easily win a race not even make an attempt during the race. Also this does not mean that I make money every time a longshot wins. I still have to find and bet the horse I think will win which is still the hardest part. It just helps to increase your confidence on the ability of your horse's hidden form. The more confident you are, the more likely you will begin to pull it off more often!!!
I have a few more angles on horses running lines that I think will prove helpful and I will post them in the next couple of days when I get some free time. All my angles have come from years of learning and playing horses, but the big paydays are the only reason I keep playing the horses.
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Official "Where do I bet on the Kentucky Derby" post

Welcome to all of our new subscribers. It is at this time of year that our subscriptions increase quite a bit, and one of the more common question that gets asked is "Who should I bet on?"
The other question that is asked is "Where can I bet on the horse(s) that I want to bet on?"
This guide is then for you.
Understand that the guide below is not all inclusive, and is geared toward the US.
Also, I am not an attorney, I cannot give you legal advice on if you should bet or not bet or if it is legal in your jurisdiction, and none of the links below are referral links, and I do not receive any compensation for providing these links.
In the United States, there are roughly four ways to place a bet on a horse race.
Online Wagering Locations :




Here's a table to give you an idea of what's available in your state.
California ✔*
Colorado ✔*
Delaware ✔*
Georgia ✔*
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia
  • OTB Locations sourced from OTB.US
  • For most on-line betting sites, the State Restrictions are based on the State you are currently located in (logged in from), not your State of residence. Please choose the state you are currently located in, from the list on the left, to see restrictions for that state.
✔* - This state does allow online wagering, but some tracks are excluded
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How to Win Money on Horses Betting the Daily Double Off-Track Betting : Key & Box Bets in OTB BataviaBets.com - Western Regional Off-Track Betting Advance Deposit Wagering

The complete guide to off track betting in the USA plus the Top 3 online betting sites with OTB in 2020. Includes a 100% risk free bet up to $300 at TVG! OffTrackBetting.com is US-Based, Legal, Licensed and Regulated - JOIN OTB U.S. Legal Online Horse Betting. OffTrackBetting.com is a fully licensed, regulated and U.S. based ADW (Advanced Deposit Wagering) website, offering legal online wagering on Horse Racing & Greyhound Racing.OTB strives to offer the very best in secure, pari-mutuel action on Thoroughbred, Harness and Quarter Horse racing. If you believe gambling is a problem for you or someone you care about call 1-877-8-HOPENY (1-877-846-7369) Click Here for more details on Capital OTB’s Voluntary Exclusion Program. Open an OTB account, wager $300 on horse racing or greyhound races and we'll deposit $100 into your account. Earn Daily OTB Cash Rewards. Make cash back - win or lose! OTB offers an industry leading cash rewards program on many Thoroughbred, Harness and Greyhound racetracks. Bet Horse Racing Online. Bet horse racing from the best Thoroughbred Best Horse Racing Betting Sites Online. Find The Official OTB Website Using Your Mobile Device. Those that enjoy off-track betting or OTB in the US will better embrace the game only if they know its history. In fact, the game was introduced the US market about 40 years ago with the State of Nevada.

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How to Win Money on Horses Betting the Daily Double

Online horse racing betting - Horse betting site Online horse betting: thoroughbred and harness for horse racing, betting over 75 tracks to select from plus odds for all major horse race betting. If you'd like to bet on the ponies at Potawatomi Hotel & Casino, it's as easy as 1, 2, 3! Check out this quick little intro to the off-track-betting terminals in our OTB room and feel better ... How to win lots of money betting horse racing - Duration: 9:41. Weekend Handicapper 66,605 views. 9:41. How to Read Past Performances in Horse Racing Part 1 - Duration: 19:20. Odds on horse races change from race to race. Learn about off-track betting and general betting odds in this free OTB video from a mutual teller. Expert: Jason Lee Hardin Bio: Jason Lee Hardin has ... Online horse racing betting - Horse betting site Online horse betting: thoroughbred and harness for horse racing, betting over 75 tracks to select from plus odds for all major horse race betting.