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[PSA] Flux's guide to CS:GO trading and how to do other things good too.

Hello /globaloffensivetrade,
While I am fairly new to the cs:go trading scene, I have a fair amount of past experience TF2 trading, as well as a few other games, and thus have learnt through a bit of luck and experience how to make profit. I get asked questions multiple times a day about some of these trading basics, and you guys seemed quite keen, so I've decided to write this guide. I spent a lot of time and effort on this, so I would appreciate your feedback and feel free to point out any obvious mistakes. If nothing else, read the bolded and italicised parts.
About me:
I've been trading in cs:go for about 3-4 months now, and used to trade heavily in TF2 before cashing out my money and investing it into csgo. I've probably put in around ~$1500 from that and have cashed out about $15000, and still have a [fairly decent inventory](#). Before we get to the part on how I did this, we need to start from the beginning.
When starting to trade, it is a good idea to have an idea what you want. Whether you want to get a particular skin or knife, or earn a living, or just have fun will direct how you might want to trade. I personally trade for fun, but as it turns out making a profit can be quite fun. There is already a good guide to the basics of trading here, and I will try not to reiterate this, but instead explain some more practical details. I recommend you read this if you are completely new to csgo/trading.
Some 'tools' of the trade:
These are sites or tools which are handy to bookmark, check regularly or use.
Trading sites:
Everybody knows Csgo lounge or Csgl, and that it can be quite the hive of scumbag and villany, however due to its high traffic flow, is probably one of the best media to trade.
(Will add more here if I discover more good trading sites)
Pricing Sites:
For most items that the average trader deals with, the price can be looked up quite well at Now it is important to know that this is the 'market price' and is not the same as its cash value. When dealing with the steam marketplace, keys take a value of $2.5 USD, and thus the price of skins in keys is their market price / 2.5. Keys are the primary currency of csgo trading and are known as 'pure' offers. Cash value of items is their key value x $1.8-1.9. Offering a 5 key skin is not the same as offering 5 keys as a 5 dollar note isn't the same as 5 dollars worth of groceries. Other sites such as csgo stash also has similar information.
Pricing for items above market price requires some knowledge and experience. People such as elowynoceania have setup a steam group to price check some of these items and has also written a rough price list found here. A handful of people on this subreddit are also experience in price checking (and I will add a list here of any who are willing; send me a message).
Price checkers (with specialty):
**It seems that most people I've listed have stopped price checking. If you are willing to help, please pm me with your steamURL and/or specialty with regards to price checking.
Pricing for knives and skins can vary on their look, even skins of the same type with the same condition may be worth very different. And somewhat strangely, prices of identically looking skins/knives can be very different if they have different conditions.
Browser extensions:
This list was compiled by etherfast here, but I'll copy paste it for convenience. These are incredibly helpful and have streamlined my trading experience, saving me a lot of time and effort.
While I get these two nice weeks off, I thought about putting some time into helping you guys improve your trading experience.
Before I make my list, I want to stress this out that these are mostly for Chrome users. If you have no reason not to switch to Chrome, you should do it. Some of the extensions have Firefox versions as well, but not all of them.
1. Enhanced Steam
This is a nice extension that isn't necessarily related to trading, but it enhances your Steam experience. This is by far the most complex Steam extension, and the list of features is endless
2. Lounge Companion (Dota 2 & CS:GO) No longer allowed on csgl
This will make your CSGL experience better, by allowing you to price check items on the fly and helping you bet easier.
3. Reddit Enhancement Suite
This is well known and it will improve your Reddit Experience and once you try it, you won't be able to live without it. Once again, the features are endless.
4. Reddit Trading Flair Linker Enhanced
This extends people's flairs when you browse the subreddit. It's really nice because it gives you a clickable Steam link, points out any privacy/VAC Bans/Trade bans and tells you if the person is online or playing anything.
5. Steam Community SteamRep Integration
This will highlight profiles banned on SteamRep for you. It doesn't take into account the pending reports, so you might want to do that check yourself. But when that box turns red, you know it's a good warning sign.
6. Steam item search between friends.
This helps you find that specific friend of yours that has that nice Bayonet you want. It loads all of your friends' inventories locally and it makes them searchable. It takes a bit of time to preload, but it's a good alternative to searching through inventories yourself.
7. Decline Unavailable Trade Offers (credit to hohchu, and more)
This helps you dismiss that annoying green envelope that sticks to you when a trade offer is unavailable.
How to start trading?
Now you've bookmarked all those sites I've linked, and read the guides and downloaded all the plugins, what now? Well first in any business, you need to invest something in order to make something, there is no two ways about it. A decent investment (at least $100) will allow you to start trading decently. I recommend the best route to do this is by buying keys off people who are reputable on this subreddit, who sell for around $1.8-2. This is best done via paypal, and will be initially a slow, difficult process as you will have no reputation or rep at this point. You may even want to buy keys off the steam store, however note that these may not be immediately tradeable depending on your payment method. Once you have the keys, look around on the subreddit, csgl, play the game and generally immerse yourself in the community. This will give you some idea of what things are valuable and demanded. Skins which look nice are generally worth more than skins that aren't as nice. Betting skins, such as the AK Redline FT, AWP Asiimov FT, etc tend to be easier to sell just before a tournament, and easier to buy just after.
Once you have a good grasp of what is valued, start making a few trades. Add or message people and offer your keys on their items, and then if they say yes, try selling it for a bit more and voila you have just made your first bit of profit. Now I will go much further in depth later on, but this is the gist of it.
How to gain reputation?
It can be very difficult to gain rep as a beginning trader. There is the catch-22 where people won't sell you things for cash because you don't have rep, and thus you can't get any rep. However, it is very possible to get rep if you present yourself right.
Firstly it helps to have a decently set up steam account. Private profiles are strongly discouraged and most people won't even add you. Private inventories may also be an issue to people. Having an older account and/or a steam level above 2-3 will also make things a bit smoother, as people realise you have invested some time/effort/money into your steam account. As an example I will use my profile. I have a prominently displayed 6 year of service badge. I am level 33, which means I have invested a fair amount of money into my steam account, and I have a lot of hours of a variety of games as well as a lot of +rep comments on my profile. It may even be good to put the country you are from on your profile, given that eastern european accounts have a relatively high rate of scammers, and some people will be more comfortable trading you if you are in their country. Now on the flipside, lacking these things may lead to suspicion of being a possible scammer.
Secondly, being a generally mature and polite person will build more trust with anybody dealing with you. Being aggressive, abusive or seeming illiterate are red flags which may suggest that you are not a trustworthy person. I personally refuse to accept accidental trade offers which they have put none of my items in, and constantly strive to be an honest trader and to not take advantage of people. Now, these things aren't necessary, but being this kind of person will generally help you overall in trading as well as life.
To get meaningful rep for cash trades, you need to setup a thread that isn't your profile, as your profile is not monitored by anybody but yourself. Accusations of scamming can be deleted and +reps can be faked by friends on your profile. So set up a thread here on the steam group: CS:GO Rep. Feel free to copy my setup here but insert your own information which can be found by searching your steamURL on steamrep. Once you've done that, make sure you get the people you trade with to leave a message regarding the trade on your thread, so keep that link handy (I have mine linked on my steam profile).
Now probably the easiest way to do this is to buy a few keys off the steam market, and then sell them to people who have a lot of rep. You will lose some money initially, but you will gain some all-important rep, and will soon be able to buy keys for cash. Doing multiple small transactions is the best way to build rep initially. Selling a few keys here and there, and buying a few will start to fill out your thread.
How to screen people as potential scammers?
There is already a very helpful guide on how to avoid common scams here and here. The most definitive way to tell somebody is a scammer, is if they've done it before and been reported for it. Before doing ANY trade, search their steamURL in A person who is a scammer will have a red outline and it will say 'banned' and will explain why. People who have an orange border with 'x number of reports filed' are generally scammers as well, and I strongly suggest you do NOT trade with either of these types of people.
For people who are scammers-to-be, red flags include:
  • Impersonating another account
  • Low amount of hours/few games
  • New steam account/low steam level
  • Private profile
  • Private inventory/not valuable
  • Not many comments
  • Russian, Romanian or even Italian, or named laska (sounds racist, but the majority of scammers I've met were either of these)
1:58 AM - laskerZ: razizt guide 0/10
1:59 AM - Horrorshow Flux: hahaha
1:59 AM - laskerZ: I'm hugely offended by it. As an Eastern-European, I DEMAND IT TO BE REMOVED
  • Young, immature (<15 years old) - don't really understand the results of their actions
  • Overly keen, impatient to receive your item, offer to pay more than your buyout
  • Know a lot about how cash trading works without having any rep (though some people may have experience in ebay trades, etc and can be trusted)
  • Suspicious in any way (if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is)
Basically if they don't have much to lose, often they will be more likely to scam. People with established names and profiles and inventories have much more to lose and so can be more trustworthy. If I were ever to scam, my lost reputation would be more costly in the long run than any single deal, not that is my only reason I don't scam, just to mention another, I'm not an asshole.
How to cash trade?
Typically paypal is used in most cash trades, being the most convenient generally. Skrill or BTC (bitcoin) can also be used, but I don't personally have much experience in either of these. Typically how trades are done is the buyer will send a money payment as family and friends and pay any fees to the seller, and once the money is confirmed to be received, the seller will send a trade. This method is still possible to be chargebacked, do not listen to anybody who tells you otherwise. Note some countries don't have this option. A middleman can be used, who can be found here, and will hold on to the item before the buyer pays, and will only trade to the buyer once they confirm the seller has received the money. This prevents direct scams, but offers no protection for chargebacks. Chargebacks are the main reason I require people to have rep before dealing in cash with them.
How to setup a neat table for a reddit post?
Easy, just copy what I've done here:
|Type|Skin|Wear|Comment/Screenshots|Current Offer|Buyout|
|Knife|Butterfly Night|FT|Clean looking|None|95k
Now for the big buck item: How to make profit?
The secret to profit is high volume, small profit trades. I will outline how my strategy works below, but it is not necessary to read to make profit, skimming the paragraphs and reading the TL;DR at the bottom should be sufficient. The classic 'buy low, sell high' advice is only partially true. I see so many people trying to sell high and never getting any trades. It really should be 'buy low, sell market'.
Buying items:
It is important to understand a sellers' psychology, in order to understand how to get good deals. First of all you have to buy an item. You do this by exposing yourself to the market as long as possible to find good deals. Post on multiple cs:go/reddit trades, frequently browsing the new section. If you are to offer on a trade, if you are paying pure keys, feel free to offer a little bit less than market price or their buyout (yet still reasonable), so there is a profit margin for you. If you do it in the right manner, more often than not, people are often flexible enough to accept their price, since a reasonable guy with a reasonable price is a good person to trade with. If you offer skins, people more often than not will not value skin offers as highly as keys (though there are exceptions).
Selling items for a profit:
Note that this is more of an explanation of maximum profit, and is a little bit unnecessary to actually profit.
When selling an item you need to understand buyer's psychology and some basic statistics (OH NO THE HORROR!). They want to do either of two things with the item: Use it it or sell it, roughly I'd say the proportions respectively of these people are 1:4. When I say they want to use the item, I mean usually they want to play with it. Thus they are willing to pay full price (FP) or a little bit more (FP + 1 arbitrary unit). The arbitrary unit (AU) can be anything; a dollar, a key, etc and is tied to the value of the item, often around 5%. It is basically your profit margin for most items. Occasionally users will be willing to pay slightly higher than full price, but it isn't enough to rely on the small proportion who do for most of your profits.
Then there are those looking for a profit. Thus they will often be paying a low price (FP - 2 ~ FP - 1). If you have bought it for fairly cheap (=< FP - 2) then you can easily flip it to these people for FP - 1 for at least an AU profit. What price you bought it for may determine whether or not you sell to a specific type of buyer. If you paid full price (FP) then you price your item at > FP + 1 and search for the small proportion of people who are willing to pay more. I have found that the mean price of items if you pay keys is FP - 1, with a standard deviation of 1 AU. I found it optimal to focus on buying items at the price of FP - 1 ~ FP - 2. Thus at the highest range of your buying, you make a profit from 20% of the population, and at the lower end you make it from almost 100% of the population. Of course these numbers are highly speculative.
Here's a graphical explanation for what I am saying. This graph represents roughly the market for items. I am suggesting that you buy at FP - 1 and Sell at FP for maximal consistent profit, as in this picture, where the pink is your sweet sweet profit, basically the crux of my entire guide, not only this is profitable, it is very stable and consistent and safe profits (with the notable exception of new items, which don't have a fixed FP).
TLDR; Buy highly demanded items for under the market price, and sell for market price or slightly below for maximum profit/time.
Cutting your losses/How to get unstuck as a trader?
Sometimes you will find yourself with an item which should be worth x, but you aren't getting offers near it. Maybe you got ripped off, or it has suddenly dropped in price. This is when you cut your losses. Moping over your loss won't help you earn more and will keep you stuck at your current value. Don't be too attached to your items, unless you have already gotten your 'dream knife', so why would you even be reading this :P?
Profit is based exponentially on what you have, i.e. the more you have, the more you profit you make. Thus it is often better to quickly sell some items in order to increase your total currency value (even at a loss of your theoretical currency/market value) as having currency allows you to make more profit than that damn StatTrak Butterfly Boreal Forest FT. You should try and sell at FP - 2, or sell it on the market.
The potential future profit will eventually cover the losses incurred by this trade. This ensures a smooth flow of items in and out of your inventory, allowing for maximum profit.
Selling Strategies:
Generally skins are easier to sell, but have smaller profit margins, and knives are more profitable, but move a lot slower. Hence I will explain how I sell items, and recommend you do the same. Basically lets say you have some skins and knives. What your goal should be, if you want to make profit, is to eventually convert all these skins and knives into currency like keys or cash. How you do this is to downgrade. Downgrading is trading for slightly less desirable/valuable items alongside currency.
What would be optimal is that someone will offer your buyout in keys, however this rarely happens (and is often leading to a scam attempt), so you need to take a relatively big item, and break it down into smallemore liquid bits. When you are offered items, take an offer that is similar in value if it has highly liquid items (such as betting skins, keys, vanilla knives, cheap 'entry level' knives around ~20-30k) over an 'overpay' offer of something that is hard to sell (stat-trak low tier knives, battle-scarred high tier knives, case hardeneds). It is often easier to sell two low-mid tier knives than one high tier knife.
People who trade at a lower level, I suggest you upgrade, like trade two $1.25 skins for $2.50 one, as then you can trade for a key and possibly buy a $3 item, etc. The way I actually see it is like nuclear fusion/fission, just an analogy for you physics and chem nerds :3. Elements which are heavy release energy when split by fission (trade expensive items into multiple cheaper items), and elemental which are light, gain energy by fusion (trade a few cheap items into a reasonable item).
When trading an item with a high variance in price, you want to be moving towards either end. I'll give an example. A Karambit Fade FN with 60% purple/40% pink goes for around 250k. This is highly demanded as it's the cheapest you can get of the item. A Kara Fade with 90% Pink/10% yellow goes for ~500 keys and is also highly demanded as it's the best you can get. So if you had a Kara Fade 80/15/5 (~320k), you would want to downgrade to a 60/40 + 70 keys and if you had a 90/7/3 (~450k) you would want to upgrade to a 90/10. This concept mainly applies for fades, but can also be used in other patterns.
Damn I just wrote that in one sitting, start to finish. If only I had the motivation for my uni work. Feel free to share this guide with your friends and fellow traders.
Horrorshow Flux
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[PSA] Updated - An Advanced Guide in the World of Trading

This is quite long, so if you find it easier feel free to read the guide here


Hey guys, my name is Transfer also know as the_only_luke. After a long long time of gathering information I have finally decided it is time to release my new guide - a more in depth guide on how to trade in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
Hopefully I will cover every possible aspect of the trading life, from entrepreneurial skills all the way on how not to get scammed. I will post my recommendations and simple ways in order to become a successful trader.

A little about me

My name is Luke and I have been trading for over 1 year. I have managed to turn over an enormous profit and continuing to do so . I'm 18 year of age and live in the UK. After a couple of weeks of playing CS:GO I quite liked it and bought my very first skin, an AK-47 Redline FT. I had no intention in trading it or making tons of profit (or even knew i could trade), I just wanted it to have a cooler ak.
My friend introduced me to a betting site called csgolounge, that I found out (after a couple days) that you can trade on it. My first post was just a joke really, it was my ak redline for any m4 asiimov (BS/WW/FT). I then waited for over a week and eventually traded it for a m4 asiimov ww then traded the m4 for a gut safari mesh and traded all the way up to where I am now (feel free to check out my inv).
I have previously made a basic guide on how to trade but finally I have got around to writing an in depth one.
Some of you may know me for the team wallpapers I made on reddit:
If you have any questions feel free to comment below. If you would like to speak to me personally feel free to add me on steam (be sure to comment on my profile before adding me).

What is an Entrepreneur?

Let us begin with a definition "An entrepreneur is a person who sets up a business, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit"
Some people think of entrepreneurs as people who are willing to take risks that other people are not. Others define them as people who start and build successful businesses.
Taking the first of the two, the risk would be the money invested or the items that you have traded for. Taking the second of the two, success is measured by profit.
Regardless of how you define an "entrepreneur," one thing is certain: becoming a successful entrepreneur isn't easy... and hopefully this guide will help increase your chances of success.

Entrepreneurial Skills

I am able to identify the skills I believe are necessary in order to become successful. You may not need all these skills, however the more you have probably the easier it will be to turn over a profit.

Setting a Goal

Before entering the trading scene it would be a good idea to determine your goal. A goal is something that you hope to achieve by the end of trading. It could be a specific item or loadout, make money, or to just have fun and meet new people. No option is wrong, and no option is the best; it just comes down to you.

Common Websites


First things first, we are going to need to determine an investment. An investment is an item that is purchased with the hope that it will generate income or appreciate in the future. In an economic sense, an investment is the purchase of goods that are not consumed today but are used in the future to create wealth. In finance, an investment is a monetary asset purchased with the idea that the asset will provide income in the future or appreciate and be sold at a higher price. Obviously the more money you invest the easier it will to generate a reasonable profit.
If you are one of few people who were lucky to unbox something worth a lot then you can skip this step.
Once you have decided how much you want to invest you will need to decide what you will buy with the money. You can buy keys for $2.1 from people using paypal, or you can just decide to buy a starting skin/knife.

Useful Definitions


Buying - A good way to begin making profit it to buy items at quicksell prices. Quicksell means buying something for less than it's market value. Try to avoid paying the market price for any item unless it is a particular pattern on a knife. Don’t be impatient and keep your cool. If a seller won’t negotiate, shop around for other sellers of the same items. Usually people will quicksell items if your offering in pure keys. To determine the price of an item in keys simply divide it's market value by the price of keys in currency. For example, if an AWP Asiimov FT costs £28 and keys cost £1.7 then the market price of an AWP would be 16.5 Keys.
Selling - Try to sell your items around 1-5 keys more than you bought it for. Remember, if you attempt to sell for too much then you’re less likely to attract a buyer, especially if there’s a lot of the items you’re selling. If you struggle to sell an item reduce the selling price gradually down.


CS:GO Lounge is undeniably the most popular source for trading & betting.
Setting Up
First things first, we are going to have to log in. Csgolounge uses your steam login in order to gather your steamid, trade url, and current skins. To log in simply the "sign in through steam" button
To check that you are logging into the correct website & not a phishing link, just look up at the url and if it begins with HTTPS and/or contains a little padlock icon then you will be signing in securely through steam. like so
Once logged in, we will need to connect our "Steam Trade URL". We can do this by going to the "My Profile" tab and pressing "Steam Trade URL".
We then need to copy & paste our Trade URL into the designated section and press "Add URL"
Let's Begin Trading
Now that we have logged in it's time to begin trading. First we will need to choose an item we want to trade and then find items we want. We can do this simply by searching for items worth a little more than the market price of the item we want to trade. In this tutorial I will be trading my USP-S Orion FN ST.
To quickly check the value of an item I would recommend Steam Inventory Helper. It allows you to check the price of your item, or anyone else's directly from the inventory section.
Looking at the USP we can see it is worth £49.86 and I have used a Key worth £1.70 as a vector. A vector shows how much an item is worth in terms of another. By pressing the price, Steam Inventory Helper will link you to the item's steam market page. Here we can view the Sales Graph in order to determine whether or not our item is stable. Taking a look at the graph we can see that our item has a steady price ranging between £45-£50. It is worth noting that stattrak items, and BS/WW items usually have an unstable price due to their demand being lower than their better wears.
We then have to find items that we would like to trade our USP for. We can do this by ordering the csgo market by the lowest price and finding the USP in the list. An easy way to change the page is to edit the url. Simply change the "1" in "p1" to a higher number.
Once we have found the USP we just need to simply pick items worth a slightly higher amount
Now that we have found the items we want, we can head back over to csgolounge. By pressing the "Add Trade" tab we can now select our item and use the search bar on the right to find the items we want.
As you can see I have added a description to my trade. I have stated my B/O. Different people have different ways to determine their B/O, I tend to look at the market price and take a key or two away.
In order to see the price of the items, I am using an add on called Lounge Destroyer
Remember to bump your trades every 30 minutes or donate to csgolounge to unlock autobump (recommended)
Now that we have posted our trade(s) we can search for the items we want an offer people our item.
Simply press the "Search" tab and select an item you are looking for, then press search and you will find people looking to trade their item. For a more specific search you can also add your item to find people looking to trade for your item.


There is a lot of miscommunication with the term "quickselling" and hopefully I will try to clear it up. Most people believe a quicksell is determined by how low an item is priced below market price, usually believed to be 85%. If i reduce the price of an item enough so that demand will rise, then I am quickselling. You don't need to make something 85% to be a quicksell, aslong as it is below the price that the usual consumer is usually willing to pay then it will sell very fast. A good example is the AWP Asiimov FT, a very popular weapon. The AWP costs £29 and keys cost £1.7 then the market price of an AWP would be 16.5 Keys, however the usual asking price is 16k since that is the price the consumers are willing to pay. If someone were to sell the AWP for any lower then it will more than likely sell instantly.
Search up Price Elasticity if you want some more details.


When trading don't get attached to an item, always make profit. Constantly check market for fluctuations in prices that you can take advantage of. Patience, patience & more patience don't worry about having the same item for almost a week, good things come to those who wait. What really makes or breaks a trader is how long he is willing to wait for a deal. Some items may take time to sell, and that’s the hard truth.


"Your reputation is vital for trading. Maybe not so much when you’re starting up but an absolute necessity when trading for higher value items. Don’t be afraid to ask for ‘+rep’ when you’ve completed a trade. Bear this in mind for the future if you’re starting out. Experienced traders will know this only too well. Be polite with fellow traders and stay on good terms regardless of the outcome of your trade. You never know if might meet the trader again and good friends are a major advantage when it comes to trading. Build up your reputation on your Steam Profile page comment section." copied from this tf2 guide

Common Scams & How to Stay Safe

A scam is when a Steam user convinces another user to make a deal (trade, gift or market transaction) under false pretenses. Scams usually involve deception in order to convince a user that they are getting a good or fair deal when in fact they are not. For more information on scams read the Steam Scam FAQ
The most Common Scams are:
Easiest Ways to Avoid Getting Scammed
You can check if someone is a marked scammer on SteamREP

Stay Safe

How to avoid Phishing Bots
When someone adds you you should check their profile is private, or if they have CSGO installed. If the profile is private, level between 0 to 3, or if it doesn't have CSGO, they are most probably a bot trying to steal your items and you should ignore/block it. These bots will usually send phishing links or try to get you to play in a tournament with them.
Steam Inventory Helper has an awesome feature to ignore/block invites below a certain level
Voice Comm Software / Join Our Tournament Team (Malware)
A user convinces you to install malware hidden in a voice communication, anti-cheat, or other type of software by claiming that they need you to install it so that you can play in a tournament.
Fake Steam Website (Malware)
A user wants to trade with you or wants you to be on their competitive team and sends you a link to a website that looks just like Steam. After you log in (providing the hijacker with your login name and password), you are either prompted to install malware disguised as a Steam update or malware is automatically installed onto your computer. Like previously stated, to check that you are logging into the correct website & not a phishing link, just look up at the url and if it begins with HTTPS and/or contains a little padlock icon then you will be signing in securely through steam. like so
Paypal/Steam Wallet Scams
Bots offer "Steam Wallet" funds for your items via a trade offer. There is no possible way to transfer Steam Wallet Money between users and this is 100% a scam.
Secure your Steam Account
"Ensure you have a strong complicated password securing your Steam Account and ensure it’s Steam Guard Enabled. Check your Steam Account Settings. An additional safeguard is to use an alternate email account from your day to day personal email. Create a new email account if necessary for use with your Steam Account and keep it private. Don’t use your real name or your gaming nickname for this account and again ensure you use a strong complicated password. Do not make this email address public especially within your Steam Profile or other gaming forums. In many cases hackers gain access to the email account associated with the Steam Account to change the account password so keeping your email account secret and secure is vitally important." copied from this tf2 guide
If you suspect there is a problem with your Steam account contact Steam Support immediately.

High Tier Items & Float Values

Determining the value of an item worth more than the market max ($400) can be tricky and time consuming. Here are common ways you can determine the value of your item:
High Tier Knives tend to have special Patterns that can change the value drastically. A very useful guide would be this one created by titaniumsack

Float Values

The Float Value is a number, mostly in decimals but sometimes in percentages. This number is from 0-1 / 0%-100%. This number tells you how good your weapon looks, if it has many scratches or not.
Float Wear
0.45 – 1.00 Battle-Scarred
0.37 – 0.45 Well-Worn
0.15 – 0.37 Field Tested
0.07 – 0.15 Minimal Wear
0.00 – 0.07 Factory New
The closer to 0 the better.
A really useful website used by almost every single trader is csgoexchange. If used correctly you will be able to determine the float and phase of an item. You are also able to see previous owners of an item and locate specific float skins.


In order to advertise your item, you will need to take screenshots. Screenshots enable a buyer to see what the item looks like ingame.
A growing fashion is the use of 4k Screenshots to show more detail in the images.
You can take 4k screenshots with an Nvidia GPU by following these steps:
You can take 4k screenshots with an AMD GPU by following these steps:
And simply copy-paste the images onto photoshop or any other photo editing software and mess around with the lighting, vibrance, blur etc. Asofnowyoudie made an awesome guide how to work with photoshop here
If you enjoyed the Guide then feel free to give it a Thumbs Up, Favourite & Share it with your friends. If you think I have missed anything, feel free to comment and I will try to add it in.
Comes to just under 3,500 words sooo yeah if you read it all, give yourself a pat on the back.
EDIT: added more information about scam attemps
EDIT 2: WOW, reddit gold?!?! What can I do with this stuff :O
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[PSA] Pocket trading guide

This is a guide for both new and experienced traders alike. It will probably be more useful to newer traders as a reference point on where to start. This guide will not give specific price guidelines, but will give good pointers to make your own trading system.
So without further ado, lets get started:
1. Introduction
2. Resources (tools of trade). Manners
3. Trading- ways to make profit and little bit of math
4. Security-IMPORTANT
5. Extras-Dates to anticipate. Investing. Betting. Tiers
6. Final words
1. Introduction
If you want to start trading as a hobby, you are at the right place. If you want to make a living off it, well, I have to tell you few things-a very low amount of people make enough to make a living and it's very hard. Don't let that stop if you are determined, I am just saying:you've been warned.
Second point I want to bring up is-invest atleast 5$. Getting profit in trading is exponential-the more you have, the more you will profit. % of profit is somewhat constant on average.
Unfortunately, this also means that the less you have, the less you will profit. So if you start with 50 cents, you will be lucky to have a dollar in 2 weeks. And you could've probably earned 20$ at minimal wage in the time you've spend trading.
Also: no trader will tell you exactly what to buy. All traders, in one way or another, are a direct competition to each other. They might offer advice etc., but they won't tell you to "buy x item, it is bringing me good profit".
Last point-invest time in trading. At first, you will probably spend more time to familiarize yourself with the prices, but half an hour of intensive trading a day is enough later on. Maybe an hour on more important dates.
2. Resources (tools of trade). Manners
There are several sites you will want to bookmark and the start of your trading adventure to help you trade.
  1. This subreddit, obviously.
  2. -biggest trading site there is for CS:GO items, you will spend a lot of time here.
  3. -you can track item prices here, sorted by days, average etc. Also, it can track your inventory value (for free).
  4. -this site is useful for tracking quantities of items, supply and demand. Like steamanalyst, it also has neat graphs.
  5. -this site has the all the items there are in game. It is also updated really fast. You will want to look here to see which item is in which collection and what items are there. Exceptionally useful when learning.
  6. -another place you will spend a lot of time. Steam community market, the place where you convert items to Steam wallet and vice-versa.
  7. -this site is useful for instantly finding the float value of your weapons. This usually correlates to how "clean" your weapon is.
Now onto manners:
  • be polite-never insult people. If someone is being rude and you don't want to trade with him-add nickname "rude" and block communication+remove from friends
  • don't beg-self explanatory-no one wants to deal with beggars
  • never say "I'm sorry"-it's a sign of weakness, and saying that automatically makes you lose any leverage you had in haggling for item price. Say something neutral if you truly were a dick-"My apologizes", "I didn't see it" etc.
  • be ruthless-add 50 traders at the time on lounge. Is he asking for 6 keys, but you are offering 5? Go ahead, add him and offer him. The worst you can do is waste a bit of time. You "smell blood" and willingness to haggle down? Go ahead. But remember-DO NOT BE RUDE AND PUSHY. Do not lowball like a maniac-you will lose respect
3. Trading- ways to make profit and little bit of math
So you have 2-3 keys and want to trade? Good.
There are 2 most obvious way to profit:
1. Buy keys from steam market. Buy items for 80-84% of their market price, from people that don't want to wait for 7 day market ban. Sell on market. Profit. There are plenty of such deals, more so on lounge (in my experience). Just don't create quickbuy threads here. It's ok on lounge everybodyDoesIt
2. Buy keys on market. Buy an item for say X keys, sell for X keys+some adds. Rinse and repeat.
Both ways will net you in average 5-10% profit. This emphasizes my point-if you are to go by the first strategy and start with 50 cents-you would get 5 cents of profit weekly. Now if you were to start with 20, that's 2$ a week. 50$-5$. You get what I'm saying.
Now, just because I said that your average profit will be 5-10%, that doesn't mean you can't increase it. Every 5th-6th trade in my experience will be more than 10% profit. Sometimes you will get 50% profit! And sometimes 3%.
If you started trading, you should've expected this. If you don't want to "waste time" setting up some basic, and I do mean basic excel sheets, doing some simple calculations (+,-,/,*,%)-leave.
Ok, I see you are still here. What you want to do for starters, is setup a simple excel sheet:
Price of keys you paid for.
Number of keys <> market price to break even. This means if you pay e.g. 5 keys at 2.35$ a key, you would have to sell that item for minimum of 13.50$ on market to break even or profit. How do you get this?
price of keys * number of keys you are paying for the item / 0.87 (steam tax)
Lets say you are getting started. You want to buy an item for 5 keys and sell on market for profit. Except you don't know the price of any item.
What do you do? You put in the following search parameters on Steam community market:
  • Game: CS:GO
  • Guns-Pistols, Rifles, SMG's, Sniper rifles. You don't want to select Shotguns and Machineguns, as they are particularly hard to sell
  • Normal and ST items-this is to filter souvenirs
  • sort the price by ascending
  • click the adress bar, press right arrow until you come to the end. You will notice a part saying "p=1". This is your page number. Enter a number, say 120, to get you to page 120. Look up the price, and then reduce or increase the page number until you get to items worth 5 keys.
NOTE: You HAVE care about the quantity of the item. Items with <50 means that they will take ages to sell, and that their price is extremely variable-meaning you are gambling. You don't want to do that. E.g. I bought a Desert eagle in FN condition, but the skin was so obscure that noone bought any during the weekend.
Trading is a 0-loss art. Meaning you don't want to lose money on any trade, except in 2, maybe 3 conditions:
  • you are upgrading. E.g. you are paying 2 with 2 of those obscure pistols for a AWP Asiimov, and losing 5% of your money for an extremely "sellable" skin-it's worth it
  • you are cutting losses-trading is fairly safe, but sometimes the prices will change unexpectedly and you will have to cut your losses. DO NOT "save the item" because it "might" go up. Every second you are holding onto your item, you are not making money. It might take months for you to break even
4. Security-IMPORTANT
READ THE SIDEBAR OF THIS REDDIT. READ IT AGAIN. AND AGAIN. This is your guide to survival. You DO NOT want to go through steam support to get your items back.
AGAIN. Read the guidelines. Lose 30 minutes of your life, so you don't have to lose 3 hours of your life later on trying to recover your lost items.
Never click on links. Do not "borrow an item to a friend". Do not "sell your item on market for a lot more than it's worth". If an offer is too good to be true-IT IS in 99.9% of cases.
5. Extras-Dates to anticipate. Investing. Betting. Tiers
Market is for the most part fairly stable. That means, daily fluctuations aside, that an AWP Asiimov is worth 60$ most of the time, or around that price.
However, there are some predictable dates when the market gets "unpredictable", and there are some unpredictable dates.
Predictable ones:
  • operations. Usually 1 month or so after the current one ends. Next operation on the date of me writing this (10.05.2015.) should come any week now-maybe even next week. Prices drop for most items when the operation hits. Why? People want to sell their items to buy operation pass.
  • tournaments. Less obvious-people buy skins to bet with before major tournaments-do note that due to market restriction, this happens 7 days BEFORE the tournament (the price rise), NOT at the beginning of the tournament. Also, prices tend to fall after the tournament (people selling winnings, lesser demand).
  • other-read the Steam subreddit. Read Global offensive subreddit. Valve might make some decisions, which directly impact prices, and you have to know these to be able to react. Most recent example is the 7 day sell ban-before you could buy an item on Steam market and sell immediately (but not trade for 7 days). Now you can't sell for 7 days either
Unpredictable ones:
  • Valve usually patches the game on Thursday. This means, that if you are concerned for the price of an item-you stay up late (if you are European) to be able to react quickly to the unpredictable update. Most recent example includes adding ability to trade up Stattrak weapons which increased the prices of lower tier ST weapons by 100-200%.
  • other-these you cannot predict. Probably no one can. Most recent example includes setting the $ to indonesian rupia exchange 100 times lower than it really is, making Indonesian rupia 100x more valuable than the american dollar.
All investments are speculative. The only "true" investment is M4A4 Howl, being the only truly discontinued skin in the game.
Other investments include, but are not limited to:
  • old cases being discontinued (the most recent example being OP Vanguard)-but be careful! Newer cases which have quantities of over 400 thousand will take A LOT of time to rise in price
  • weapons for older cases which drop very rarely-they are effectively discontinued like the Howl, but CAN come back in newer operations as drops unlike Howl. Example is Desert Eagle Blaze that as a result tanked from 60$ to around 20$.
Betting is really unsafe. It requires A LOT of learning, watching and a good gut. It is probably 5x more time consuming than trading and if you spend 5 hours a day, that still doesn't guarantee profit.
Why would you want to bet? While in trading your profit is 5-10% in average, by betting you can easily have profit of more than 20%.
There are 2 main tiers of trading. Below knife and knife trading. That doesn't mean knife trading starts at 30$, the cost of cheapest knife. That means that profit margins are bigger in knife trading, due to items being unlisted on market most of the time, and only very informed people know the prices-because price guidelines are banned.
If you are starting, stick to "below knife" tier.
If you are feeling ballsy and want to invest 100$ to start knife trading, do an EXTENSIVE research.
6. Final words
That was the guide. I hope you've learned something from it. I mentioned that no trader gives advice on exactly which item to buy, but I will give you this tip: An operation is coming soon, likely next week. Key prices are expected to fall, so buy a few when it hits. You should make some money atleast.
Thank you for your time.
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