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The Punters Club: Grand Final Results & Moving Forward

Gday everyone and welcome to the last league based punters club of the year.
First of all a big thank you to everyone who contributed, big or small, throughout the year.
I was looking for some feedback going forward. Did you find the info helpful, easy to understand and accessible? What things would you like to see improved/changed? What things could we add?
Also, during the off season would many be interested in certain punter info on other sports big events (Melb cup, RWC final etc)? This of course only if the mods are happy as well.
Also next year, I would like to get some help, similar to the big hits, just with getting the thread up on Thursdays etc, as I found myself doing it at work/dinner sometimes and it would be good if we had a rotation, as well as posting info in the game day match threads. If you are keen just let me know below.
A special mention to Jester_Fleshwound for suggesting the bet of the year, Korbin Sims AT at $17-21 against the Broncos was something which started our little punter of the week award, which I somehow bradbury-d of you.
Once again, a big thank you everyone, I really hope the info helped and it can continue in 2016.
Ciao sheilas
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[1:00:38 AM] ICECOLD: u know [1:00:44 AM] ICECOLD: the aboriginals only invented 3 kinds of sticks [1:00:45 AM] ICECOLD: spear [1:00:47 AM] ICECOLD: boomerang [1:00:49 AM] ICECOLD: and digeridoo [1:00:54 AM] Panic: have u heard of digeridoo techno [1:00:54 AM] ICECOLD: in 40000 years [1:00:56 AM] Panic: it sounds fukin ice cold [1:00:58 AM] ICECOLD: ya [1:01:00 AM] Panic: ya abos suk [1:01:13 AM] Panic: [1:01:14 AM] Panic: dde [1:01:15 AM] Panic: dude [1:01:16 AM] Panic: listen to this [1:01:17 AM] Panic: its like [1:01:21 AM] Panic: the most ice cold abo techno [1:01:23 AM] ICECOLD: we were in csgo one time and i was talking about how aboriginals sucked and everyone was laughing [1:01:29 AM] Panic: ya lol [1:01:35 AM] Panic: dude listen to this sik ass beat [1:01:38 AM] Panic: its fukin ice cold [1:01:48 AM] ICECOLD: i hate shit like this i used to listen to it when i hung out with hippies [1:01:52 AM] ICECOLD: i have almost all bad memories of back then [1:01:58 AM] Panic: do u hate abo techno [1:02:05 AM] Panic: its like [1:02:05 AM] ICECOLD: ya [1:02:08 AM] ICECOLD: unless its live [1:02:10 AM] Panic: nigger techno [1:02:15 AM] ICECOLD: in some cunt is playing it live on the side of the road its ice cold [1:02:35 AM] Panic: on sunday when i went to go party [1:02:45 AM] Panic: i walked through a train tunnel and i saw abo sitting down with a sign and cup with coins in it [1:02:48 AM] Panic: i was gona give him 20 cents [1:02:51 AM] Panic: but when i walked up to him [1:02:56 AM] Panic: he smelled like shit and i walked away [1:02:58 AM] Panic: suk shit homo [1:04:22 AM] ICECOLD: you know abos are so shit [1:04:29 AM] ICECOLD: by the time white cunts arrived in australia [1:04:36 AM] ICECOLD: they still hadnt invented the fucking wheel [1:04:37 AM] ICECOLD: hahahahahaha [1:04:44 AM] Panic: ya when i was a kid they told me to be nice to them and for some time i genuinely felt sorry cus they got fukin iced [1:04:46 AM] ICECOLD: if this was a game of civilization they would have been fuckin iced [1:04:49 AM] Panic: but then later i realised they suk lol [1:04:50 AM] Panic: dude [1:04:55 AM] Panic: abos are like that one time when i was in civ 2 [1:04:57 AM] Panic: and i reached year 1900 [1:04:59 AM] Panic: and i still ahd archers [1:05:04 AM] ICECOLD: ya hahahahaha [1:07:22 AM] Panic: [1:08:34 AM] ICECOLD: hahaaha dude [1:08:38 AM] Panic: ya [1:08:41 AM] ICECOLD: go to encyclopedia dramatica [1:08:44 AM] ICECOLD: and look up aboriginals [1:08:49 AM] ICECOLD: its the funniest article ever written [1:08:49 AM] Panic: link me [1:08:54 AM] Panic: i bet this is gona be fukin hialrious [1:08:55 AM] ICECOLD: nah steam will remove the link [1:09:03 AM] Panic: hahahaha [1:09:05 AM] Panic: niggers of australia [1:09:23 AM] Panic: black cunts [1:09:23 AM] Panic: haha [1:09:52 AM] ICECOLD: Hobbies of the Abo's tend to include:
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1:43 AM - Panic: ya thats it 1:46 AM - N7jpicard: haha 1:46 AM - N7jpicard: just read it 1:46 AM - N7jpicard: thats fucked 1:46 AM - Panic: its funy caus 1:46 AM - Panic: its actually true 1:46 AM - Panic: and wat we say is wat everyone thinks but dont wanna say it lol 1:46 AM - Panic: abos actualy are fukin shit 1:46 AM - Panic: hahaha they suk star trek should do an episode on them 1:47 AM - N7jpicard: abos at time of discovery 1:47 AM - N7jpicard: were the most prewarpped tribal race 1:47 AM - N7jpicard: they were centries away still from any progression 1:47 AM - N7jpicard: they have no common tounge 1:47 AM - N7jpicard: they didnt have "LAND" 1:47 AM - Panic: ya they teach u to feel sorry for them in schools but its their fault for bein fukin shit lol 1:47 AM - Panic: its part of human history to conquer others 1:47 AM - N7jpicard: so the bullshit of this is WANGSHIZZLE land 1:47 AM - Panic: and ice the fuk out of them 1:47 AM - N7jpicard: is hore shit 1:48 AM - N7jpicard: abos never had land or terrtory 1:48 AM - N7jpicard: they fed off land n moved around 1:48 AM - N7jpicard: just like how they got here 1:48 AM - N7jpicard: they island hopped 1:48 AM - N7jpicard: they arnt even fucking natives to here etiher 1:48 AM - Panic: i like how by the time white cunts discovered australia 1:48 AM - Panic: they had ships and knew how to build cool shit 1:48 AM - Panic: and abos just had sticks lol 1:49 AM - N7jpicard: they were away from everyone 1:49 AM - N7jpicard: had no need to ever advance in tech 1:49 AM - N7jpicard: funny thing is indains were natives 1:49 AM - Panic: ya thats why abos are shit lol 1:49 AM - Panic: hitler wud have euthenized tho cunts 1:49 AM - N7jpicard: but were far more advanced in some respects then mr white man 1:49 AM - N7jpicard: medical 1:49 AM - N7jpicard: for one 1:49 AM - N7jpicard: and war tactics 1:49 AM - Panic: its like playing a historical rts game where ur vsing an easy bot and u get to the digital age and u got helicopters and tanks 1:50 AM - Panic: and they got archers still 1:50 AM - N7jpicard: indians had sticks 1:50 AM - N7jpicard: yanks had muskets 1:50 AM - N7jpicard: n guns 1:50 AM - Panic: indians were way better than abos 1:50 AM - N7jpicard: but indains won the war 1:50 AM - Panic: they were pros at warfare 1:50 AM - N7jpicard: yep 1:50 AM - Panic: abos just charge at u with a stick 1:50 AM - N7jpicard: they chrage at u with ab ong 1:50 AM - N7jpicard: haha 1:50 AM - Panic: america had to invent the .45acp cus the standard nine wasnt ice cold enough to ice those cunts 1:50 AM - Panic: they needed bigger swords 1:50 AM - Panic: tahts how ice cold indians were 1:51 AM - Panic: i rekon 1:51 AM - Panic: we shud stop giving abos welfare 1:51 AM - Panic: fuk thos cunts lol who cares 1:51 AM - Panic: and stop doing that gay abo pledge in australian schools 1:55 AM - N7jpicard: haha yeha thats fucking dumb 1:56 AM - N7jpicard: fucking we thank the widjigrub people 1:56 AM - N7jpicard: for there land we now are on 1:56 AM - N7jpicard: get fucked 1:56 AM - Panic: tyeres like 500 diferent tribes 1:56 AM - Panic: and all of them speak diferent niger languages in abo 1:56 AM - Panic: thats a shit language if theres like more than 1 1:56 AM - N7jpicard: there is no such thing 1:56 AM - N7jpicard: as abo launcage 1:56 AM - N7jpicard: cause they never had one 1:56 AM - N7jpicard: true story 1:57 AM - Panic: well watever system they had to interpret noises fromeachother 1:57 AM - N7jpicard: a tribe couldnt talk to the other tribe 1:57 AM - N7jpicard: that lived up the road 1:57 AM - N7jpicard: sorta like when i go to melb 1:57 AM - N7jpicard: n theres gooks n chinks 1:57 AM - N7jpicard: n i cant talk to them 1:57 AM - Panic: ya i have no idea how abos even comunicated to diferent tribes 1:57 AM - N7jpicard: they didnt 1:57 AM - N7jpicard: they would grunt n show food n offer it 1:58 AM - N7jpicard: so they left each other alone 1:58 AM - N7jpicard: or they would rape them with sticks 1:58 AM - Panic: i reckon maybe they did hav some basic form of comunication but it probably never evolved past the stage of actual conversation 1:59 AM - Panic: i bet the tribe leader probably said ooga booga and waved a stick at the stars and thats how the dreamtime was invented 2:00 AM - N7jpicard: i actually hate living here 2:00 AM - N7jpicard: if you wear a flag around u 2:00 AM - N7jpicard: ur a bogan 2:00 AM - N7jpicard: u live in usa and do the same thing 2:00 AM - N7jpicard: your a proud patriot 2:00 AM - N7jpicard: fuck this place 2:00 AM - Panic: ya we're livin in an age where other ur honoured for ur race, ethnicity and orientation 2:00 AM - Panic: its like 2:00 AM - N7jpicard: australia has lost what it means to be aussie 2:00 AM - Panic: the sjw dark ages now 2:01 AM - N7jpicard: like being an anzac 2:01 AM - N7jpicard: used to mean something 2:01 AM - N7jpicard: now these days if ur military ur scum 2:01 AM - Panic: ya one time durin school assembaly i talked during anzac speech and my teacher iced the fuk out of my in front of whole class and i was cryin n shit 2:01 AM - Panic: i never talked during anzac again i behaved good 2:01 AM - N7jpicard: lol 2:01 AM - Panic: just make sure u remember 2:02 AM - N7jpicard: i wanna move to usa 2:02 AM - Panic: everytime u say to urself taht ur life is shit 2:02 AM - Panic: just remember 2:02 AM - Panic: at least ur not a nigger
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Betting on the Melbourne Cup. The Melbourne Cup is a two-mile (3200-metre) handicap run at Flemington in Melbourne on the first Tuesday of each November. But in Australia it is far more than that. It is “the race that stops a nation’’, and Cup day is the one day of the year in this gambling-mad country when, punter or not, almost everyone Bet on Melbourne Cup . Grade: Three-year-olds and up Distance: 2 miles (16 furlongs, 3200 meters) Track: Turf Purse: $6,200,000 AUS The Melbourne Cup is Australia's major thoroughbred horse race. Marketed as "the race that stops a nation", it is a 3,200 metre race for three-year-olds and over. Melbourne Cup betting is the only thing more interesting than the Melbourne Cup itself. Every year thousands and thousands of punters from all over the world try their luck for the annual race held on the first Tuesday in November. The 2020 Melbourne Cup field & betting odds brought to you by TAB. Updated information on this year’s Melbourne Cup including live betting odds, nominations and final field, expert tipping and comprehensive Melbourne Cup form guide. This year’s Melbourne Cup will be held on Tuesday the 3rd of November at Flemington. Page Links Melbourne Cup Betting Odds Past Results History Statistics More Melbourne Cup Guides THE Melbourne Cup is the pinnacle of racing in Australia and one of the most popular race for punters around the world. Considered to be “the race that stops a nation” the Melbourne Cup is held on the first Tuesday of […]

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The Melbourne Cup 2019 is a tough race to predict with a number of chances in the race. editor Todd Davey is joined by racing expert Justin Darcy to deliver betting tips and anaylsis ... Before you place a bet on “The Race that Stops a Nation”, join Dr Turf, Mick Sharkie, Declan Schuster and Matty Campbell as they preview the the 2018 Melbourne Cup and give their picks for the ... Bet 365 - Prince of Arran - Melbourne Cup 2019 Australia ... I worked with Crater Studio to deliver some parallax motion graphics for this online spot ahead of the 2019 Melbourne Cup. Client ... Australian horse racing expert Shane Anderson takes you through the races of the Melbourne Cup 2019 in our in-depth preview. Who is your Melbourne Cup 2019 favourite? Share your own betting tips ... 2019 Bet 365 Geelong Cup won by Prince of Arran - Duration: 3:08. Horse Racing 11 37,805 views. 3:08. 2018 Lexus Melbourne Cup - (Full Race) (November 6, 2018) - Duration: 3:57.